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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  September 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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>> announcer: right now, from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4, live at 5:00. >> in is a live picture from u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. the green bay packers play the first regular season game in the tonight, on sunday night football, right here on today's tmj4. good afternoon, i'm katie crowther. it's a north division rivalry game tonight and a rematch of last year's north division championship game. we have pregame coverage for you throughout the next hour. we'll start with lance allan live at u.s. bank stadium. hey, lance. >> reporter: hey, katie, we can tell inside the new u.s. bank stadium, it is going to be loud like a jet taking off. they've done audio checks, you
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think. it will add to the rivalry. packers and vikings fighting over the same piece of of real estate in the nfc north, and, yes, last season got us to this point today. >> reporter: the minnesota vikings are 7 and 2 and trying to prove they're the new sheriff in the nfc north as they take on the four-time defending nfc champion packers. in the final game at the vikings temporary home, james jones broke out the hoodie, a legend was born as the prove they weren't dead in the nfc north race. >> there's no new sheriff in the nfc north, at least not yet. >> the battle for division supremacy came to the final game of the regular season, and the packers string of four consecutive crowns ended 20-13. >> and the minnesota vikings have won the nfc north division champion. >> it gives minnesota some swagger. >> i guess maybe the only thing
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able to kind of of play with the big boys a little bit. >> and aaron rodgers some ammunition as the vikings will celebrate opening a new stadium. >> and we're going to their place, it's opening up, put up the banner for winning the division game, and we got to with stand the... >> you can always tell putting up the banner, a little hidden meaning that we have to knock off the vikings in order to get the n cornerback sam shields ruled out for the packers yesterday, but the vikings also without their star cornerback xavier rhodes. means trey williams will start in his place. we obviously have elise menaker here, as well. she's at a different point in the stadium. elise, take it away. >> reporter: yes, hi, lance, not too far down the sideline.
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aaron rodgers and jordy nelson continue to rebuild that relationship. when you take a look at last week's numbers in game one against the jaguars, are jordy nelson had six catches, and his first touchdown in a year. we get the thoughts from chris collinsworth on what he thought of the wide receiver's week one. >> i thought he started the game a little bit as the game went along. but, you could tell that aaron was almost desperate to get him back, and wanted to throw him the ball and wanted to get the timing back to where it once was. what you didn't see were the big explosive plays, and last year part of what was missing for green bay is jordy nelson had, 1,500 yards, something like that the year before. so, if he can get back to the
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going to be the huge difference in this offense. but you could tell how much aaron wanted to get him going. and they did got the touchdown and made some plays. >> reporter: of course, though, the biggest question mark of them all is not between jordy nelson and aaron rodgers, it's how are things going to go in this new and, yes, you have to admit, beautiful stadium. the banner they hang tonight won't be so beautiful. wanted to give you a quick glimpse of what the stadium looks like, a another big question mark, too, the noise. it's very quiet and soothing. it's not going to be that way during the game. that will be answered shortly. but, for now, lance, thank you for your report. and at the new u.s. bank stadium, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> football night in america kicks off right after live at 5:00, and the packers-vikings game begins at 7:30. local news now, look at this
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police pulled up in front of a car, and the driver of the blue car rams the squad car and takes off. veronica macias is live in oak creek with more on what happened. >> reporter: katie, well, that driver right now is still on the run. other agencies were alerted, told to be on the lookout for a light blue dodge charger. that license plate coming up as stolen, and right now, mpd is here recovering another stolen car. >> it was close to 10:00 this morning, and it happened within a matter of minutes. still, guests at the motel 6 on college avenue and 13th street managed to capture it on camera. the blue dodge charger rams into this oak creek squad car multiple times. officers had already broken a tinted window and ordered the driver to get out. instead, he revs the engine, manages to push the squad car out of the way and peels off. the driver of the stolen car
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phone video are the officers who had their guns drawn. guests at the motel 6 can't believe what they woke up to on a sunday morning. >> we asked them to step outside, but he refused. >> this woman says she was parked next to the charger, and police delivered the bad news, the skid marks on the grounds evidence of the tense moments she missed. >> and going back to my normal life. this is my luck to stay here. >> police attempted to pursue the vehicle after motel. however, the pursuit was called off once the suspect reached a speed of 100 miles per hour. we're waiting to hear from milwaukee police if this car was involved in a shooting or not. it is not connected at all to the earlier incident here at the motel 6. police are looking for the license plate of that blue car is 507-tyr. if you spot it you are asked to contact oak creek police.
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macias, today's tmj4. a motorcycle and a van crashed on i-43 near the cleveland overpass this afternoon. traffic was backed up for miles and for several hours. as the accident scene was cleared, and investigators worked to find out how that accident happened. the motorcycle rider is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. two ten-month-old twins are home safe after suspects stole a van that they were in. police say the twins' mother parked the van and left it running while she went inside a building near 49th and concordia. the van was found two miles away with the twins inside and unharmed. thanks to a kid who was outside playing. >> i was playing basketball, and that's when my ball hit the car of the stolen -- the stolen vehicle. and i went and looked inside and i seen some babies. >> na little hero's name is jaelyn, he ran and told his mother what he found, and she called police. police are looking for the person who stole the van.
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hospital as a precaution. security cameras were rolling as a bomb went off in manhattan last night. 29 people were injured. a second explosive device was found a few blocks away, police were able to remove it before it went off. the latest from new york city. >> it was about 8:30 on a busy saturday night, when the blast rocked new york's chelsea neighborhood. >> it's scary, it's unsettling, it's shocking t so close to me. >> 29 people were hurt, all have been released from the hospital. authorities do not believe isis is responsible, they still want to know who planted the bomb and why. >> a bomb going off is generically a terrorist activity. that's how we're going to consider it. and that's how we will prosecute it. >> less than three hours after
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blocks away by officers combing the area. that device has been removed. authorities are searching for a possible connection. >> we have two separate crime scenes. keep in mind, we're in the middle of a very complex post-blast investigation. >> hours before the blast in new york, a pipe bomb exploded in sea side park, new jersey. no one hurt, and the run cancelled. it's not clear if that blast is connected to either of the devices in new york city. this is a busy the general assembly. new york's mayor is asking new yorkers to be on the lookout. >> for all new yorkers, a central message we want to give today is be vigilant at this point in time. >> new york's governor said an additional 1,000 state troopers and members of the national guard will be deployed throughout new york city. dan sheneman, nbc news. a terrorist group has claimed responsibility for a man who stabbed several people at a mall in saint cloud, minnesota,
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an off-duty police officer shot and killed a man who had stabbed eight people. they were all treated at a hospital and released. coming up next on live at 5:00, what kids got to see when they got a chance to hike milwaukee. and we all had a chance to see beautiful blue skies today, and a continuation of great weather. your weather word is "winner." what we hope the packers do, with a great stretch of weather continuing. we're still at 73?, dew points starting to climb up a little bit. if you're
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?? > more local news now. more than 300 people had the chance to get out and explore mother nature. julia fello hiked 2.5 miles with those families as part of hike milwaukee. >> with fall colors soon to peak in our beautiful city, now is the best time to get out and see what mother nature has to offer for all of us. the urban ecology center allows you to get out with your family and explore. >> i think i'm going to see the deer. >> william has the imagination
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on the trails. >> i like the plants that were like up north. they look kind of like umbrellas, but they're smaller. >> reporter: getting this 5-year-old interested in those smaller upside down umbrellas is the goal for the center. the executive director had a lofty dream to grow the sanctuary, nearly two decades ago. >> you wouldn't have gone into this park alone as a grown man in the middle of the day, because it wasn't safe. today, you'll see a grandmother with her kidsin and touching frogs. >> the center rebuilt 40 acres of factories into nature once again. native species are coming back. we have beavers that haven't been seen on the river in 80 years. >> hike milwaukee raised money for the organization to connect milwaukee's urban students back with nature. some who have never seen this before. >> you'll hear scream, it is because they saw a turtle for the first time. >> keeping the knowledge and the
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come. >> another feature is showing off our brand-new storm chaser, keeping you safe during any storm. reporting in gordon park, julia fello, today's tmj4. >> thanks, julia. toinl tmj4 was a proud sponsor of this year's hike milwaukee, that event raised more than $24,000 for programs aimed at teaching young children to better appreciate nature. to learn more, head to fall officially week. will we have the weather to match? the forecast ahead. live to minnesota where the packers and the vikings play on sunday night football.
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?? it was the picture perfect day to get out and hike milwaukee. more than 300 people did just that with the urban ecology center. today's tmj4 was a proud sponsor of that event. the organization raised money to help connect more of milwaukee's urban students with mother nature. >> plants that are pretty obscure that most adults don't know, and they're able to point it out in nature, pretty impressive. >> we're able to pretty much access every weather graphic that we have back at the station.
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chaser made it on the trails, as well. brian niznansky showed all of it off, and showed what it can offer to keep you safe in any storm as the weather changes. speaking of weather changes, scott steele is here with the forecast. and a couple of my favorite boys. >> katie, i know the game is close. it will be on, aaron rodgers and jordy nelson have joined us for a special exclusive. actually, who is going to win? >> packers! let's do your packers forecast in minneapolis. there it is. it is going to be a pretty decent night, partly cloudy skies, an isolated storm, temperatures in the 70s. the most important thing will be that packers victory. we have been victorious weather-wise. beautiful blue skies. here's a look from the northwest to pewaukee, not a cloud to be
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ready for starry skies to continue tonight. a spectacular start to the work week tomorrow. but, it's not going to last long. strong storms could roll in as early as tomorrow evening. we're going to have to keep a close eye on that, show you that on future forecast. outside now, very pleasant sunday, 75? in waukesha, and also in west bend, even as we speak. 77? in beaver dam, also in watertown, 73, cooler near the lake in milwaukee. 72 in racine. the dew points, though, still a comfortable level of hum w the 50s. they're going to bump up tomorrow ahead of the next storm system. right now winds between 10 and 15, breezy for tomorrow. notice to the west, 83? in des moines, 85 omaha. that climb is coming in our direction. here's a look from space satellite radar combination, showing exact storm system to our northwest. high pressure down to our southeast, going to ease off to the east, giving us one more
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quick-hitter arrives tomorrow night. future forecast timing things out well. starry skies tonight. lots of sun to start tomorrow, watch what happens quickly as that cold front approaches, by tomorrow evening, the risk of strong storms. no problems tonight whatsoever. mainly clear and warm, down to 61?. for tomorrow, expect to see mostly sunny skies, breezy and very warm with our temperatures up to near 82. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day those storms to arrive in the evening to nighttime hours tomorrow night. then they get out of the way quickly by midnight. tuesday, perfect. bright blue skies, 81?. another round of storms late wednesday into thursday. and as we head toward the end of next week, expect to see the temperatures decline a little bit into the low 70s, which katie is pretty much where they should be for this time of year. boy, a one-on-one with aaron
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>> i know, and they've gotten a lot cuter. >> i think so. >> thanks, scott. nobody has won last night's badger 5 drawing. tonight's jackpot is $38,000. somebody in georgia won $246 million. wednesday's powerball jackpot is back to $40 mill on sunday night football.
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?? it's game day for the green bay pa to 2 and 0 on sunday night football. it won't be easy with the home team opening up their new billion dollar stadium. for more, we kick it out to lance allan, big game for the pack tonight. >> reporter: no doubt about it, rod. this rivalry is hot. we bring in the packers larry mccarren. you were part of a lot of those games in the dome. this place is louder. what do they do with the silent count, the hand signals?
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the packers practice culture. and i'm talking going back to otas, they work with noise all the time. the other thing, the silent count is kind of a misnomer. aaron rodgers will give j.c. tretter a signal he's ready for the ball. and at some point j.c. says, ready, go. the guys next to them can hear. not a big mystery. that's how the whole thing works. >> i fighting over the same piece of real estate. >> absolutely. and this should be as far as speed of the game and intensity of playoff-type football game. because, as you mentioned, of course, the green bay packers, everybody looks at them as a contender. and the vikings feel they are a contender. i think proof is what they did to acquire sam bradford, you give up a number 1 and a number 4 for a guy coming in for just a
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>> the final thing, it all starts and end with adrian peterson. can they do it again? >> let's hope so, lance. three-five, a carry total, both games last year, and the packers did it by being fundamentally sound, gap integrity, and all that boring stuff, and playing fast. adrian peterson is out for revenge. last week, 19 the great adrian peterson. he wants to put on a show in the opening at u.s. bank stadium. >> keep wayne on radio. >> elise, over to you. >> i always like what larry mccarren has to say, my favorite quote of the weekend came last night at the packers pep rally from jim carter. he said he was asked about what
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win. he said we have aaron rodgers, forget about it, it's over. it's done. he's like king. but i think that really describes the stark contrast. you have sam bradford, expected to make tonight the new team in the new stadium, don't count out shawn hill. you have aaron rodgers who barely needs to preseason...mike zimmer knows the key is going to be stopping aaron rodgers. >> you've had some success depending aaron rodgers. what does the key do you think, what do you have to do to not stop him, but contain him? >> i don't know how much success i've had against him. he's pretty darn good. he's smart, he's tough, he's competitive. he sees everything. he can throw from anywhere, obviously, he can scramble and get out of the pocket.
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and everybody thinks how fun it is, it is really a challenge. >> reporter: actually, we're going to get a shot right now. we just noticed sam bradford over my shoulder. he is just in shorts and a sweatshirt now. talk has been that he will be the one making the start tonight for his new team, that being the vikings. the so we will see what will happen here shortly. but, for now, rod, i'm going to toss it back to you in the studio live at u.s. stadium, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> we'll see you both in the next half hour. let's move to the nfl where the lions were hosting the titans in motown. fourth quarter, the lions up 15-10. marcus mariota is going to hit johnson. the titans beat the lions 16-15. the brewers wrapping up their series against the cubs. starting pitcher wily peralta,
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center, that scores mart?n maldonado. he smashes his 36th homerun for the season. the brewers get the win, 3-1. they take three out of four from the cubbies.
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