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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  September 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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welcome back to an extended edition of live at 5:00. i'm katie crowther, thanks for joining us. this is a live picture from u.s. bank stadium in minneapolis. the green bay packers plate first regular season game against minnesota in the vikings' new stadium. you'll see that game right here on today's tmj4 tonight at 7:30. a look ahead to that game and talk with the radio voice of the green bay packers, wayne larrivee in just a moment. first stories making news today. new york police are looking for the person who set off a b manhattan last night. that blast injured 29 people. they were all treated at a hospital and released. >> a bomb exploding in new york is obviously an act of terrorism, but it's not linked to international terrorism. in other words, we find no isis connection, et cetera.
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activity. that's how we're going to consider it. and that's how we will prosecute it, also. >> katie: new york put in an extra 1,000 police officers on duty after that explosion. an islamic terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack. all the stabbing victims suffered minor injuries. they were treated at a hospital and released. closer to oak creek police pulled up in front of a car in a parking lot, and the driver of that blue car rammed right into the squad car. a viewer sent us this cell phone video this morning. you see the suspect's car backs up and speeds away. luckily the police officer was not hurt. and they are still looking for that driver. milwaukee police are looking for the person who stole a van yesterday with twin babies inside. the van was stolen near 49th and concordia. two boys playing basketball a
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van with the twins still inside. the kids are safe with their mother. and check this out. in arizona, a plane carrying four sky divers crashed in a house last night. the pilot and the sky divers all bailed out before the crash and parachuted safely to the ground. two people were inside, they were not hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what caused that plane to crash. more packers extra coverage. lance allan is live at stadium in minneapolis, lance, it looks fun out there. >> reporter: so far so good, katie. they haven't completely cranked up the noise as of yet. we have the packers radio voice wayne larrivee here. one of the things the packers defense has got to crank up is their defense on adrian pe peterson. >> when you take a look at what happened last week.
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they knew shawn hill couldn't beat them down field. bradford is capable. it will be interesting. the packers prepared for either quarterback, said they weren't that concerned about either. but sam bradford, he can get it down the field, how adept will he be? >> i think pretty good, lance. he's a veteran, he fits the system. he's got a great offensive coordinator in turner. he should be ready. again, maybe they could have sat him another gave up a first and a fourth. he's not going to sit the bench for shawn hill. >> do they have to play it straight up? >> more straight up than tennessee did a week ago. you've mentioned, last year they did a great job, longest run 11 yards, they did an excellent job, adrian peterson coming off
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voice, you're going to outshout that deejay. >> that's right. >> wayne larrivee, joining us live, from the packers radio network. >> tonight's prime time match-up announcens the brand-new banks stadium. built at a cost of $1.1 billion. and although i hate to admit it, it's pretty impressive. >> at nearly twice the dome's footprint, it seems like a glacier. there are six club levels. one features an outdoor patio and mirrored walls. another sits down on the field level next to the vikings' locker room. one of the first things you're struck with is the brightness, courtesy of natural light. the plastic roof panels diffuse light and reduce shadows, providing a good sight line to the field from virtually every
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outdoor stadium ever built is really i think one of the things that will continue to make this building unique. >> the stadium is designed to bring the outdoors in from the views of downtown to massive doors that swing wide open. >> but also when it's an overcast day, or raining or snowing, you know, the fans are going to kind of feel the elements, and that's part of the design. >> hundreds of original art works le corridors from massive murals to iconic portraits of vikings past. >> elise menaker is live with more. it's beautiful, elise. >> reporter: yes, you can't deny that. we may not like the vikings, but it is a beautiful stadium. and it's no coincidence that the packers are the first team playing the vikings in this new stadium. last night at the packers pep rally,ment mark murphy said the
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back in 2003 after the newly renovated lambeau field, the packers played the vikings, they wanted to christian this field with this rivalry. >> the vikings wanted us. and so, we're glad, we'll be happy to oblige. should be a great game. and i've been to the stadium a year ago, and then this summer. and i'm anxious to see it for a game. really pretty spectacular. we knew we were going to play at minnesota at some point. might as well be the first game, and really be something pretty significant. >> i think in 2003, we wanted a rival. you want to have an important game when you open a new stadium, or a major renovation like we had. >> reporter: and something else we're all anxious to see, we were just up on that roof. how things will go with this
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factor tonight, everyone saying obviously because of a night game, just these two teams are the factors we have to face, and the noise. it is going to be very loud. live at u.s. bank stadium, elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> katie: have fun out there, elise. the packers and the vikings each open the season with a win on the road. rod burks is here with a look ahead at tonight's match-up. >> reporter: the green bay packers are the favorites heading into the showdown. the last time they played vikings that won and a divisional crown at lambeau field 20-13. the packers are expecting another close game. >> this is a big game, the next game, also, because this is a division opponent. you got to take advantage of those division games. those type games is never going to be an easy game. those games are going to come to the last quarter, last second, it's been like that every time we play these guys. that's the fun thing about playing division games.
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out, and the best out of everyone, and going to be on prime time tv. it should be a lot of fun. >> the first divisional game, we have little magnets on doors talking about urgency, obviously this being the first divisional game. and going to be exciting, obviously, in their stadium. our goal is to go there and win. that's what we're working for this week and preparing for. and i think we'll be ready to go. >> blake will be a lot of fun for everyone. >> katie: that is for sure. a former wisconsin badger is now a minnesota vikings. we'll hear how he feels about
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welcome back to our countdown to kickoff. the packers and vikings on sunday night football right here on the packers' offensive will be looking to get into a consistent groove. a big game from aaron rodgers could also help matters out. did you know that it's been ten games since aaron rodgers last threw for over 300 yards. >> 300 yard passing games aren't the only measure of quarterback play these days, one of the indicators of an offense that's performing well. many aaron rodgers has averaged roughly one, 300-yard game for
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career. rodgers hasn't been finding that mark lately. 10 games since he last hit the 300-yard mark in a loss to detroit last november. in fact, since he last did it, there have been 68, 300-yard passing games. ben roethlisberger...what if i o it three times, even matt hassleback and moore have hit the 300-mark since a-rod last did it. the packers are hoping the return of jordy nelson, the magic we saw last week means that there's big numbers to come with rodgers head quarterback. >> maybe tonight aaron rodgers will throw for over 300 yards in a win, another quarterback that
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lance allan in minneapolis. what do you got for us? >> rod, i don't think anybody is going to confuse aaron rodgers with joel any time soon. he did emulate aaron rodgers in practice this week as he practiced. i caught up with him via skype: he played at whitnall high school, but grew up a vikings fan. >> my dad grew up in north dakota, theyon so they're vikings' fans. my whole family is vikings fans. me and my brother were vikings fans, also. pretty simple. it wasn't the popular choice in wisconsin, but we went with our dad. >> that doesn't mean all of minnesota loves him just yet. >> definitely when i do get recognized, it is because of gopher fans or badger fans who recognize me.
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pretty positive. occasionally i'll get the hey, wisconsin sucks. but that's to be expected. >> he played the part of aaron rodgers all week. >> it's good. you know, i get to work out a little bit more during the week, because you obviously don't have the demand of playing in a game. but, really, wednesday, thursday, friday, are big days where we get a lot of practice, rest. we got to make sure we put toge a for me, the defense is ready, and the offense is ready. my job is to emulate the other team's quarterback. >> he's proud to be like wisconsin quarterbacks who spent time in the nfl as backups. >> i think one thing wisconsin does well is prepare guys for an nfl-type system. so the transition isn't quite as extreme as it is maybe for some
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schools. i think we just got hard work and smart guys who do everything they can to stick around. >> and yes, as a pro, he's making money, but not to be ticket master for the game. >> not bad. i just got just my brother and one of his friends coming to the game. you know, now, if you want to get tickets, you got to pay for them. it's -- i'm not going to be quite as generous to shell out tickets like that: >> and te wisconsin connection cornerback trey williams will get the start. he played with melvin gordon. we are live at u.s. bank stadium, lance allan, today's tmj4. rod, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, lance. we'll hear from one of the broadcasters when live at 5:00
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stadium live. it is almost a dull roar in here now, just kind of starting to take off like a jet. elise menaker, we bring you in, i'm 5'11", you towered over him. >> i am wearing heels, and so i was a little taller. he is a really nice guy.
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family. >> mike definitely knows the importance of his rivalry. >> yeah, i live in michigan. so, this bowl around the great lakes, if you will, with these four teams, with the lions and the vikings and the packers and the bears, i think it's real football to a lot of us. memories that many kids grew up with. especially the way last year ended. >> reporter: i like the fact that on cue we're getting an effect of what the noise is going to be like. >> i thin game-changer. i think the fans are excited about this place. they'll be loud, plus the packers game. it will be a great atmosphere. the wonderful thing with the packers, the guy in charge on the field, aaron rodgers, has been in every loud atmosphere you can imagine, and the biggest moment. so it's not how he is going to react, it is how will they be able to communicate, which was an issue last week in jacksonville. >> how much do you believe in the chip on the shoulder?
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basically, he says we are a tough team, but we don't get enough credit for playing well in venues like this. >> to me, the two best quarterbacks, not just physically, but mentally are brady and rodgers. and they both inspire me with the ability to take that chip on their shoulder, where they were drafted, other people looking past them and constantly being inspired. and aaron is the best to taking something small and making it the cause celeb and that's part of what he is using for motivation for the guys. >> vikings are the reigning champs. they are going to drop a banner. how much will that motivate the packers? >> all that stuff is great for us from monday morning until sunday evening, in this case. and when the game starts, nothing of that stuff matters. motivation is great, once somebody gets their first one, catch, pass, all that stuff is gone, and they know it's about this year, not last year. >> kind of off track, we were
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syracuse guy, it has to warm your heart. all those guys. >> we sent all point guards to milwaukee. we look to keep doing it. this could be a break-through year. starting to look like the real thing. and there's so many good young pieces, like the minnesota team, too. of the you could end up seeing milwaukee and minnesota as two teams...i love to see them get back to being part of the national y. you got a sense of the noise in this stadium. there's a deejay playing, that's kind of the atmosphere happening now. we have more noise to come. for lance allan, i'm elise menaker, live at u.s. bank stadium.
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back one last time with this live picture from minneapolis. and the packers and vikgs >> aaron rodgers and jordy nelson join us here live. >> you guys got to rush back to minneapolis. >> are you going to win tonight? >> yes. >> the weather is going to be terrific. if you're grill out, plenty of sunshine, and temperatures in the 70s. you have a present for katie, give her the heart. >> katie: we'll be right back. >> katie: we'll be right back. see you after the game.
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tonight, in minnesota, the vikings' brand-new billion-dollar stadium, makes its regular season debut. and it's the first look at sam bradford, in vikings purple, against aaron rodgers and the rival packers. ?? ? can you feel it ? >> last season, the vikings


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