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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm CDT

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scott steele when it might move out. >> scott: it is going to be moving out in the next couple of hours. no watches or warnings, unlike earlier this evening when we really had rough stuff rolling through southeastern wisconsin. here's "storm team 4" max radar, just entering milwaukee county, southern ozaukee county. more mundane rainshowers going on there. heavier stuff to the west straddling 94 throughout waukesha and just in the eastern sections of jefferson county around lake and that whole area is going to be continuing to move to the east southeast. should be exiting by midnight. outside now, damp pavement in west bend and throughout washington county, there have been very heavy downpours, letting up a little bit right now. your weather word is "clearing." looks like the rain and clouds will be departing after midnight. outside now, readings in the 60s. 63 waukesha, 68 milwaukee. much cooler than earlier today when we reached the 80s.
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of sunshine by tomorrow morning. we'll let you know how long that last in your storm team 4cast coming up. >> shannon: it was a sound that many many people heard in sheboygan county during the storm. even though there was no tornado threat. >> george: seems the sirens were activated by accident. pete zervakis asked the county how it happened. >> reporter: local be officials are staying tight-li. neighbors were briefly spooked. sarah said it was 2:00 p.m. when she walked out and heard a tornado siren in the distance. >> i have a fear of being in a tornado. never been in one. i have a huge fear. oh, my gosh, is this really going to happen? she thinks it only lasted minutes. they are still talking about it tonight. >> hope it doesn't happen again. it was a weird thing. >> reporter: sheboygan county dispatch said it did activate
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according to the fire department, it happened during the thunderstorms. we asked how many sounded off, and how they were triggered, but were told by dispatch to check back tomorrow. sarah stressed to us she has no hard feelings towards sheboygan county dispatch, saying mistakes can happen to anyone. live in sheboygan, pete zervakis, today's tmj4. >> shannon: pete, thank you. >> george: afternoon storms in and around madison. reports of large golf ball-sized hail. the pellets piled up looking like an unlikely september snow in some spots. >> shannon: get all alerts exact locations sent to your mobile phone with our storm shield app. >> george: it's official, the air and water show returns to milwaukee next year. >> shannon: the event was cancelled due to a lack of funds.
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excited fans about this. >> reporter: george and shannon, this is where 400,000 people came together to watch the air and water show last time it was in town. this is an event that attracts people from all over. >> and they go back. >> reporter: this family already practicing their moves after learning milwaukee's air and water show is coming back. >> can't wait to bring the kids and family down here. >> reporter: many fans thrilled to hear the tradition will go on. >> my husband was in the air force, it is always exciting. >> reporter: it generates more than a million dollars for the city. >> i think the economy, the people, enjoy getting down to the lakefront. >> reporter: in the past, a portion of the proceeds benefitted stars and stripes honor flight, an opportunity chuck had. he was a navy pilot in world war
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engine in the world at that time, and they put it on the smallest carrier. >> reporter: they met two years ago. >> it's such an attraction, the speed involved, and the acrobatics, and so on. and it's a great show. >> reporter: this pilot's plane looked a little different. >> the torpedo bomber had 50 calibers out of the wings. >> reporter: a show thatti memories and inspires thousands. >> reporter: the show is set for july 15th and 16th. organizers say the blue angels will be back, and they'll announce more details about next year's show later on this week. reporting live along the lakefront, coreen zell, today's tmj4. >> shannon: sounds exciting. more local news, milwaukee police officer is suspended after booked into jail for driving. lisa baake is a training officer
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23 years. baake is accused of driving drunk while off duty and slamming into a police squad car. one of the officers had to be taken to the hospital. a federal judge has denied a request to dismiss a transgender student's lawsuit over bathroom use rules. a student at tremper high school, whitaker sued in july claiming the ban on using the boys' rest room w discriminatory. sentencing for a man involved in a deadly hit-and-run crash. a judge stand adam neuhaus. >> never in my life did i expect to be standing in a courtroom addressing the coward who killed my husband. a coward that didn't even stop to see if he could help, you just left him lay there to die.
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the pain i caused this family on august 23rd, 2015. >> reporter: he pled guilty in july to charges in connection with that crash. seems the sherman park fence fight continues. sheriff david clarke's request for a new judge in the case has been granted. clarke was barred from reinstalling the temporary fence that surrounded the park following the violence there. with the recent shootings involving police officers, officers unde themselves, tension has been high. tonight, city leaders and community members tried to bridge the gap for an all lives matter forum. katie crowther joins us live from city hall. >> reporter: yeah, shannon, city and county officials, the head of milwaukee's police union, a state senator, and the leader of milwaukee's nation of islam organization went head-to-head tonight in a very real and timely discussion.
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backgrounds listened. the's not about black lives versus blue lives. >> without building the communication that needs to happen, we're turning black and blue in our relationship. and we need to change that. not only are we listening, we're actively trying to pursue solutions to meet questions that our community has. how are we going to move forward of bringing black, and white, and other races together. >> reporter: focussed o community relations. >> we need cultural competency training among our police department. >> you have a right to retaliate against those who are killing you, an individual has that right, and certainly a people who are under that kind of tyranny have that kind of right. >> reporter: milwaukee police union president was there representing officers facing tough times on the job. >> should someone have the right to resist a police officer? i would say, no. every day that our officers come
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their heart hoping to effect this community with a positive, to do something good: >> reporter: and everyone who is here tonight says it's honest conversations like this among people with different views who are really just trying to understand each other, that will really spark change. reporting live from city hall, katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> shannon: a conversation we all need to have. thank you, suspect wheeled into an ambulance after a shootout with police in elizabeth, new jersey. that man now in custody after authorities named him as a suspect in saturday's bombings in new york city and in sea side park, new jersey. >> you have every reason to believe this was an act of terror. >> this morning, an image rel releaseed of ahmad khan rahami. hours later after a shootout, he had been captured.
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focus on other aspects. such as whether this individual acted alone, and what his motivations may have been. >> saturday's explosion left 29 people injured. authorities say a backpack of explosives were found at rahami's last known address in elizabeth, new jersey. rahami, a naturalized u.s. citizen from afghanistan captured as the united nations general assembly gathered in new york. president barack obama among the world leaders in town. >> president barack obama: we all have a role to play as citizens succumb to that field. there's no better example of that than the people in new york and new jersey. >> as of tonight, rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder. the big concern is the possibility of a terror cell operating in greater new york city. tonight, authorities say there is no indication of that. >> shannon: the fbi milwaukee division is urging people to remain vigilant and support
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enforcement. we talked to ann speckheart who dedicated her life to learning how terrorists think. >> we really need to be cohesive in our community and reach out to other muslims, muslims don't believe these lies, it's not part of their religion, isis is an extreme hijacking of islam... >> she is a director of the international center for the study posted on the. and you can find them in a link on our web site, new at 10:00, a racine police k9 has a new ballistics vest, thanks to an 8th grader. >> she started saving four years ago. over that time, she raised $1,000, enough to recently purchase the new protective gear for the k9 named titan.
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executive. >> how about that little girl? >> rod burks tells us about giannis antetokounmpo's new deal. >> george: how local police officers turned into party crashers to make a birthday boy's day. and a plane crashed... >> and jimmy fallon... darien: why have the latest smartphone if you can't use it wherever you go? switch to u.s. cellular for our best plan yet: 7 gigs of data per line for only $49. to share more photos at your cabin or video chat at your secret fishing spot...
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two people are dead after a plane crashed in door county. the plane went down in peninsula state park. a bicyclist discovered the crash site. a caller notified authorities about 8:30 after seeing the plane circling and hearing a crash. >> the witness that located the crash scene is where they find the fire in the woods. and and extinguished the flames. >> george: both victims are from sister bay, wisconsin. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. decision 2016, early in-person voting is under way in wisconsin. >> shannon: the first community accepting november ballots. in milwaukee, absentee voting starts a week from today.
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hallow bread. participants learned how to make their own loaves and the spiritual meaning behind each step. >> something passed down from mothers and daughters for those of years. it is so special to be doing this with the whole community. >> shannon: the event carries added be significance his rash hash na >> you could be eligible for a piece of a class action suit over moldy washing machines. if you have a whirlpool, kenmore front loading manufactured between 2001 and 2010, you may be eligible for up to $500 cash. the deadline is next month. there's a link at replacements for samsung's galaxy will be available
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after dozens reported it cashing fire while charging. you can pick the replacement where you purchased your note 7. planning to hire more than 69,000 workers for the upcoming season. the seasonal hiring started last month for 1100 stores be nationwide. ?? [sirens]. >> george: the sound of police pulling off a birthday surprise in delavan. a coup an 8-year-old was having a police-themed birthday. they gathered and wrapped them up as a package of evidence. they rolled up with lights and sirens rolling and made it a birthday this boy will never forget. >> shannon: i like stories like that. "storm team 4" now, you can't have rainbows without some rain. we caught these colors near sullivan in jefferson county. meteorologist scott steele says this afternoon showers are just
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week. >> scott: we have a lot more unsettled weather. george, shannon, great to see both of you, and all of you at home, as well. the worst of our severe weather, it's done, it was done earlier this evening. however, we got some incredible pictures into the weather center, and the newsroom. look at this. john, from madison sending in this picture of this hail stone, about golf ball-sized hail as he holds it in his palm. meantime, kelsey from middleton outside madison, she stuck a ruler in all that just 7 inches of hail in just a matter of minutes. i mean, they had a massive hail shaft right over dane county that skirted the southwestern part of our viewing area and southwestern jefferson county, linda in waukesha finds, yes, the light at the end of the tunnel. the rainbow is there. and an indication of a break in the action. well, we've seen a return to more rain rolling through the area. "storm team 4" max radar indicating this much lighter
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the showers extending all the way from northern milwaukee and southern ozaukee county south westward toward rock county and walworth county in our viewing area. as we zoom in to the north of downtown, and the east of brookfield, to the south of the falls, a little downpour going on there, pretty mundane. to the west, showers extending along 94 to the south of 94 and waukesha county from whales and extending east toward the city of from southeastern jefferson county, just about all of walworth county, around sugar creek and elk horn seeing rain shower activity. here's a look from our port washington tower cam on the northern edge of the showers seeing wet pavement. this is not going to last. things will improve in a hurry. the rumbles rolling out, a terrific tuesday with plenty of sunshine, and a slow slide in
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highs up to 87? officially in milwaukee's mitchell international. 17? above our average, 70 this time of year. 9? set in 1895. right now, 20? chillier, 20 to 25? chillier. 63 in waukesha, also in west bend, 67 in milwaukee. 58? in fargo. 57 in international falls and 55 in minot, north dakota. a cold front is slicing by, we have a narrow band of showers on the way out. high pressure pushing in, going to mean quick clearing on the way. future forecast bears that out. once we get these showers past our area overnight tonight and tomorrow look for plenty of sun.
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showers and rumbles rolling away, ending midnight, decreasing clouds overnight. near 58. tomorrow, bright blue skies, sunglasses, not the umbrella. sunny and warm with temperatures rebounding to 78?. here comes your "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, and we get more unsettled weather on the way. of the looks like early and late in the day wednesday, more showers and storms, and heavy, heavy downpours, a potential wednesday night into thursday, we'll have to keep an eye out for potentially more severe weather again temperatures then taking a slide back down into the low 70s. as we head toward the weekend, with a little more scattered precipitation a possibility. the low 70s, that's what we should expect this time of year. today, near 90 degrees, that's kind of unusual. that's what helped feed some of those severe storms. >> you got to have the rain to
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the green bay packers are already two games into their season, and they're looking for offensive rhythm led by quarterback aaron rodgers. here's elise menaker, on what went wrong last night. >> a rare bad day for aaron rodgers in the first limited to just 59 passing yards, and he would finish the game with five sacks, three fumbles, and a big interception. >> in the fourth quarter, i turned over twice. it's stuff. good environment, good opponent, we didn't play very good on offense at times. going to go back and be harsh with our critiques of ourselves, myself included, and we got to get better. >> the rhythm in the passing
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liked it to been tonight. that starts with me, anything that goes on with offense. we'll go back and we'll look at it, and we got two weeks of a lot of action to evaluate, and move forward. we will improve. >> reporter: on the contrary, sam bradford had himself quite a day in his biggest offensive weapon besides stefan dig, nine catches with 182 yards, his defense came up with big elise menaker, today's tmj4. >> coming up in our second
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the milwaukee bucks and giannis antetokounmpo reached an agreement for contract extension. he gets a four-year deal worth $100 million. averaged 16 points and 7 rebounds last season for milwaukee. the first player to record five triple doubles in one season. a press conference set tomorrow afternoon. j.s. online reporting
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houston. he replaced houston in the third quarter, and the badgers win over georgia state, three scoring drives. if you're looking for the best catch in college football over the weekend and the year, check out this catch by noah brown, who catches the ball with one hand on the back of another player for a touchdown. take a closer look. he grabs the ball with one hand, and then he brings his other hand around to hold onto football. the buckeyes won the game.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- the democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton.


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