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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2016 2:37am-3:30am CDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. hope you had a lovely weekend. it's fun day monday. it's september 19th and we're happy you're with us. that is kenny chesney. there's a good reason for it. >> we'll explain in a little bit. >> in a little bit, yes. >> all right. >> we have a great show. >> can you believe who's here? if you ever read "teen beat" or "tiger beat," remember, from the '70s, a heartthrob.
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roles, remember, "beauty and the beast," the voice of the beast and it's a major milestone now with robby. we'll talk about that in a little bit. he's become an amazing director. >> he really is some. >> a sweet guy. >> and dolly parton has something new to share and getting millions of youtube hits for it. we're going to hear about that and a lot more in "today's buzz." >> big night. look at her. some of the fashion and fun at last night's emmy as bobbie's here, favorite looks and red carpet changing. >> when she flips the outfits. >> yeah. >> today there's a reason we're decked out in pirate gear. >> yes. >> today is national talk like a pirate day. >> hoda likes to talk like an egyptian. only for pirates. did i say pilots? pirates. krispy kreme provided us with pirate doughnuts. see how cute they are. >> if you go to krispy kreme
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pirate, you get a free doughnut. >> all you have to do is go -- aaargh! or, ahoy, matey, something, and you get a free one. come dressed up in three of these things, a patch, a bird, a hat. >> three items that make you look like a pirate, you get a dozen free. >> you get a dozen of them. >> free. >> glazed. >> i think that's great. right? such a deal, okay. there you have it. >> a big weekend for both of us. last friday i went out to fairway. >> yes. >> in pellum and some nice folks came to say hello and taste a little stuff. i think we have a picture. >> you were rockin' it at your "stuff" celebration. >> there i am with my cutout. nothing weirder than that. but i want to thank -- and that's my crowd. that's the only people that came. that's not true. everybody was so sweet. you know, when people have been -- especially what kills me, people come -- i've been watching you my whole life, and they look 40. you know? or -- your whole life?
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>> yes. >> and then, before that i had one -- the loveliest day. it was gorgeous out. elvis duran, and this is -- came for lunch. >> love those two. >> having so much fun. there they are. >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. we had a delicious lunch. i just love elvis, and steven is the sweetest guy in the world. >> by the way, what a beautiful -- can i just look at that beautiful setting, too? what a spectacular day for a lunch. >> it was great. it w hard to get rid of people on days like that i didn't want to get rid of them. we had a couple things. >> big trouble. >> first of all, it was joel's sister's birthday. had to be back there, if you wouldn't mind. joel's sister beth is back there. hold on. not yet with those. sister in the studio. sister beth is here. his aunt claire is here. cousin michael and michael's husband kelly. anyway, the gang's all here. >> and joel is stuck in traffic.
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>> then we ended up going to the giants game after that, and that was something really cool. so, first of all, i want to say, thank you, to kathie lee, christine and all the people. >> no, not me. >> because we were -- >> and sheila made it all happen. >> we were on the sidelines. we were decked out. here's the thing. we were decked out in saints attire, and that was not -- go through some of the pictures, if you wouldn't mind. so that is harry. >> sweetheart. >> yep, yep. great giant. >> one of the greats. >> hall of famer. >> that -- ooh. got to tell you this. archie manning texted me when i told him i was going to the game and said, i want you to show this to klg. >> uh-oh. >> there's a picture of eli. he goes i just want you to -- you don't mess with the eli. because i told him i got my saints jersey on. on the sidelines, a little boy with a 10 carved into his hair. >> oh, yeah.
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probably one of them. >> one of my favorite moments, though, was when amanda avery, one of our producers and loves the saints so much is there's and we were facetiming her mother on the sidelines and then shot this little video. >> oh, good. >> it's on a loop. >> look. >> hi. >> ah! >> and it just is on a loop. it's on a constant and total loop. >> hi! >>yo that close to the action it really is thrilling. >> yeah. >> you can't even believe it. it's like being courtside at a knicks game. the ball comes -- the guys stumble all over you. it can be hazardous but it's a life memory for sure. >> it was great. i want to say, thank you. can i tell you one of my favorite moments or the favorite memory of the whole game. we were sitting there and they put up a tribute on the big screen to frank. you could have heard a pin drop in the stadium at that moment. i looked around at everybody and i looked up at everyone looking at that big screen.
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younger and frank through the years and a recent interview. i have to kel you, kath, one of those beautiful moments i said, wow. how lucky am i to have known that man. >> well, thank you. i feel the same way. he's a beloved, beloved giant, and the fact that he was so faithful to the team. >> yeah. >> never played anywhere else. all 12 years in the pros he was -- >> beautiful. >> yeah. we've made lifetime friends, and the tishs. >> john was mad at me, too. >> yeah. >> i'm sure. >> john was like here -- i made everyone hug me. come here and hug me with my drew brees shirt and we all made out. >> kumbaya. all righty. i'm sure you weren't watching the emmys last night, too. big winners. >> yeah. "the people v. o.j. simpson" was a huge winner last night. took home nine awards, including -- i mean, they -- all the big ones. and then "game of thrones" was the other one that won all of them. >> it has now won the most emmys in television history.
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>> yeah. it was -- >> i have to watch that one of these days. >> yeah. oh, wow. lots of -- >> who's that? >> i don't know. someone kissing someone. >> all right. >> one of my favorite -- >> "game of thrones" people, i think. >> "veep" did really, really well, too. >> yes, and everybody is talking about one of the most moving moments, julia louis-dreyfus won for the fifth time and seemed to be nervous, very unusual for her. usually relaxed, who cares? on. papers were shaking and she got up and was giving a speech. she still seemed nervous and all of a sudden looked down and she -- we have the sound? >> we do. >> oh. take a look. >> i'd like to dedicate this to my father, william louis-dreyfuss, who passed away on friday. and i'm so glad he liked me, because his opinion was the one
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>> i feel the same way. don't you? >> yeah. we've all lost our fathers, and -- so grateful i had a father like i had. >> yeah. me, too. >> so we send our condolences to her. we just love her. all right. her ninth emmy overall but sixth for best actress in a comedy giving her the most wins ever beating out mary tyler moore ann candice bergen. candice bergen took herself out of the running years ago. >> that's right. i remember. >> we how many more she would have won for "murphy brown." >> you have ever watched "veep," just go back and watch a couple of episodes. i guarantee you if you don't burst out laughing at some point -- >> guilty laughing. >> so crazy. >> a shoutout. if you've got a mom who thinks they dress just right or needs a lot of help in the
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her how to wear the trends at any age. >> go to our website, hit the connect button. send us a photo of your mom. include her age -- >> if she'll let you. >> -- where the two of you live and why she needs a little help. >> my favorite thing a little later is one of those things that might help some of you -- how should we say? more mature ladies. >> and they're comfortable. >> yes, they are. did you try them? >> no. because i was scared. >> i'm going to try some. >> i will. >> and at the emmys revealing some of the behind-the-scenes secrets from your favorite shows. i can't wait. she gives great reports. we'll be right back.
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hollywood rolled out the red carpet last night at the emmy awards and after parties are still going on as we speak. >> guess who's still having fun? >> our girl, lilliana vasquez. she caught up with the who's who of tv's fabulous stars. >> i'm here on the emmy awards where the only thing hotter than the weather are the stars.
2:50 am
>> wait, wait, wait. i can't have you sweaty for the nomination. >> how does it feel? >> so amazing. >> no. the nomination. not the fan! >> so amazing. >> are you so hot? >> so hot. >> sexy. >> wonderful service, thank you so much. >> what is your red carpet routine? >> i woke up, i had a massage, ate a burger. that's what most people do. right? >> this girl knows how to do a red carpet. >> you're back! >> i'm back with my family. >> you're no stranger to these award shows. does it ever get old? >> yeah, it does. but not with him. it feels like my first time right now. i'm very excited. >> what are some of the trends that you're seeing? you guys are fashion pros here. >> a lot of color. a lot of blue. a lot of yellow. a lot of red. pops of color. metallic. >> architectural, streamlines,
2:51 am
>> i've been seeing a lot of sweaty armpits, what i've been seeing. >> i did see you on the red carpet. very nice. it's very mermaid. i was thinking, how are you going to sit in this? how can you sit? >> no. it's a standing dress. you know what? fits like a glove. it's beautiful. >> which emmy award winner would you rather live across the hall from? valerie harper, "rhoda," or jennifer aniston and "friends"? >> i'm sure jennifer is really nice but i grew up with valerie harper. >> which emmy award winning coach would you have? craig t. nelson from "coach" or kyle chandler from "lights"? >> clear eyes, full hearts. >> yes. can't move, and really cute. >> which emmy award winner would you rather have protecting this country from terrorism, kiefer sutherland in "24" or claire danes? >> claire danes and kiefer sutherland. i think they make a perfect
2:52 am
tooth? sofia? >> sofia. >> who is always early -- >> julie. >> who's most likely to play a practical joke? >> the kid -- or eric. still the kid. >> who's most likely to be hung over? >> romy. >> who has the messiest trailer? >> probably me. definitely me. >> favorite show you're watching t >> "mr. robot." >> this season i'm obsessed with "silicon valley." >> what is the last show you binge watched? >> "power." >> what is the last show that you binge watched? >> "breaking bad." i'm binge watching it now. i'm binge watching it a second time now and "game of thrones." second time through. what? come on. "the night manager." what?
2:53 am
? why, oh, why, oh why-oh ? >> i'm using this as if it's a mike. this is the mike. ? maybe i better go home ? >> oh, that was great. just trying to figure out what ralph was -- ? why oh, why oh, why-oh ? >> way to g i liked that. >> very cute. all right. she does it after every awards show. >> bobbie is here with red carpet remix. >> and how two women each dropped 150 pounds -- each. revealing weight-loss secrets, right after this. you both have a perfect driving record. perfect. no tickets, no accidents... that is until one of you clips a food truck ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company would cut you some slack, right? no, your insurance rates go through the roof. your perfect record doesn't get you anything. anything.
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fashion fun with bobbie's red carpet remix. >> while you were sitting back enjoying the emmys, "today" show editor bobbie thomas was hard at work reimagining the hottest looks from the red carpet making a few swaps, tweaks and touchups. not to put anyone down, to make it more accessible so others could wear it at home. >> totally fun. paper dolls with celebrities so just know that i love women and want to r heidi klum. >> gorgeous. >> we love her around here. when you have a body like that, it's -- it's no wonder she's known for loving her risque dresses on the carpet. not afraid to flash some skin. the only challenge that i had with this, she's so pretty. there were so many things to look at. the strap. the one shoulder. the cutout and then, of course, the thigh-high slit. i wondered if we added a little more fabric to the top what it would look like if we created a
2:58 am
almost as if the cutout became sexier? >> yes. yours. >> yeah, me, too. >> you see this sort of line. the eye flow, but she's stunning. just an idea that sometimes less is not more. >> oh, love off the shoulder. >> america ferrera. >> america ferrera, this jenny packham dress in person on video, stunning. love this, and it's this great navy sequin. now, she looks fantastic. this is an "a" for me. the a-plus would have been, because i know she's petite and i have the same issue, i wanted to see the idea of something balancing out the volume here, to help elongate. so -- >> yeah, yep. >> you see here? when you're looking for a dress and if you feel you're on the shorter side, if you have the height, this is great, but you can look for something that's a higher neckline to give you the -- >> i like the neckline. beautiful. >> very slimming. >> yellow was hot last night. right? >> yeah. >> so nice to see so much yellow. >> the color of the evening. again, both of these ladies hit
2:59 am
they're going to be on all the best dressed lists. i was just curious because taraji has such a beautiful skin tone, what the cutouts would look like with some contrast and then minnie is so tall. you see here. kind of cropping her. i wanted to see them swap dresses. >> what happened? >> thought that would be kind of fun. >> oh, i like. >> you see the contrast and cutouts. this kind of works with her darker hair and then on minnie she's classically >> you're doing -- every single one's working! >> i hope so. >> what's next? >> anna -- >> whom we love. >> she's adorable. >> christian s is an amazing designer. a gown on the runway. there's a lot of fabric here and i want to give her kudos for trying something. >> tiny, though. >> she is. i wanted to see, that this is a moment a lot of people are wearing trains and capes. but there was also the neckline
3:00 am
>> yeah. >> here on her. because you have to be a giraffe to get rid of -- >> yeah, yeah. >> i wanted to see, if we took the volume down a little around her neck and, you know -- >> yeah. >> a straighter hemline. the only reason i do this. she looked great. but if you're at home thinking i want to wear a cape or train to a special occasion, look for a classic bodice that will let the drama stay, you know, in the cape or the train. >> let's do a couple more of these. so we've got laura carmichael. right? >> and this was, fence about. it's a red carpet risktaker. >> it is, yes. >> from "downton abbey" and let me tell you she almost looks completely different than her character on the show, but this dress is actually really sweet and most people forget about the hair. so the hair a gorgeous. i think it's kind of competing. looks a little casual. because this dress is so special. it's like art. let's see the after. >> see the after. >> where by pulling the hair back, it let's this become the art, and so if you're going to
3:01 am
>> plus it was a 95-degree day, right? you want to get it off your neck. >> we have to run. >> a couple more but -- >> kerry washington, and -- >> time? >> kristen bell. >> kristen bell. >> yeah. >> all right, sweetheart. why are we talking about a show that hits theaters? because "today's buzz" is coming up. >> uh-huh! >> and join fit club. >> of course. ? with me, baby, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. ? approaching medicare eligibility? medicare options until you're sixty-five, but now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in.
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it's fun day monday, we're ready to do, wrap up the celebrity headlines in "today's buzz." >> here with all the juicy gossip in the morning on ktk radio. carolina, hello. >> good morning! >> a shocker. >> a shocker. >> at the box office. yeah. we were talking about this. we have no idea what happened, so "bridget jones's baby,"
3:05 am
waiting for it to come like the baby. no. nobody went to see it. only $8 million at the box office. a little over $8 million. >> how much did it cost to make? >> about $35 million. >> how is that possible? >> i feel there's a mistake in the calculation somehow. right? >> right. we need a recount. i think there were two different factors. competition at the box office and length of time. you know? the last time that there was a "bridget jones" movie, 2004. >> we haven't seen renee in like six years in a film. >> exactly. >> that many years -- >> i feel bad for her. i was hoping this would be like her comeback. >> a great date movie. >> patrick >> the people who did see it loved it. do you think it might be one of those that people might go, gosh, it's so good, let's go next week? >> i hope so too. "sully" surprised by coming out at the box office, number one "blair witch project" number two. >> that was a surprise. that one we've seen before, 1,000 times, incarnations. >> didn't make as much as people anticipated either.
3:06 am
>> a moment last night in the emmys looks confusing, and like and i'm sorry, trying to give his speech and got a little confused? >> one of the more awkward moments of the night. aziz ansari went onstage with his writing partner. there he is. come back up -- came back up to speak and then -- get off. then he ran back up. it was -- and he ran -- >> comedy writing. so it kind of works, right? >> it does. definitely. aziz, i'm sorry, he's such a lovable guy. he's so sweet. all he wanted to do was thank his parents, because they really were the basis of the material, behind that episode, and so -- later on he got to present an award and he did -- >> there they are. >> and you put them -- >> oh, he did an insta. a thank you. >> cute, cute. >> all right. so this is great. we love when dolly parton sings. >> anytime. >> and we love the pentatonix. >> we thought we heard every version of "jolene." but pentatonix decided to do it. they did an a cappella version with dolly parton herself.
3:07 am
? jolene, jolene, jolene, i'm begging of you, please, don't take my man ? ? jolene, jolene, jolene please, don't take him just because you can ? >> get the goose bumps, right. >> that is classic. >> we love those guys. >> they are great. >> they posted it on their youtube page. as of now over 6.9 million views and loved the arrangement with pure magic to work with them. >> i love that one. >> if you can, it was actually looked at the video sponsored by cracker barrel. but you can get it on itunes, spotify, trending all over twitter. >> don't you love at this minute to her career she's having probably the best year of her life? >> no kidding, right? >> married again after 50 years. not a person on the planet that doesn't adore dolly parton. >> she does not have an enemy in the world. love that woman.
3:08 am
night thank you to little 12-year-old grace from "america's got talent." >> grace received a surprise from her idol, miley cyrus. it was a gorgeous flower arrangement. tweeted out the video, shrieking, thank you so much! there he is right there. >> was taylor there or just the -- >> thank you so much! thank you so much! >> it's hard to believe she's only 12 years old, and she won the entire competition, and simon cowell, on her first audition said that she is the next taylor swift. so -- >> huge praise. >> yes. >> this so beautiful. >> she was so cute. >> and taylor swift isn't her only celebrity fan. katy perry, ellen degeneres, reese witherspoon all congratulated her. >> they know talent when they see it. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much. >> happy birthday to your baby. >> thank you so much. ? he's our guest ? ? he's our guest ? >> robby benson. "beauty and the beast" celebrating a big milestone with us, and when we come back, right
3:09 am
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? ever just a ? >> oh. >> decades before there was harry styles or nick jonas there was -- >> both: robby benson. a former teen idol stole hearts in the tearjerker "ice castle" and the 1981 drama "the chosen." >> but it's robby's voice that lives in movie history at the beast of the classic animated film "beauty and the beast" which is celebrating, by the way, its 25th anniversary. >> yes. >> hi, robby. great to see you. >> hi, you guys. so cool to see you. >> seem like yesterday to you? >> in a way it does.
3:13 am
and every time we get together, it's almost like we haven't left. >> yeah. >> so after 25 years, literally, we have great friends. >> were you shocked when you got cast in that role? because i know they were looking for a specific voice and when we meet you, you have a beautiful low toned voice. >> thank you. no. it's funny. i wasn't surprised. grateful. but, you know, most people think of me in, you know, in other ways. >> yeah. hardly a beast. >> but what's funny is that the beast is probably the most profound character i've ever played, because i'm typecast. >> yeah. >> i mean, that is me. and people go what, are you kidding? >> yeah. >> no. i'm sorry.
3:14 am
>> all of those things you hide from us every time you're here! [ laughter ] you were having a wonderful evening last night celebrating this and angela lansbury stood up and sang "beauty and the beast" last night. tell us about that? >> it was like watching a master class, and she absolutely controlled every moment with her talent, her soul, her spirit, the beautiful music and lyrics by al mankin and mr. ashman. it was something that i'll never forget. >> wow. >> i bet there wasn't a dry eye in the place. >> absolutely remarkable. >> to be part of something so iconic now, changed so much, didn't it, even the way disney approached it and theater adapting it and that sort of thing? >> things have changed and i've been a professor for 28 years of film. and now i have students who don't even -- they say, how do you like my film?
3:15 am
this is a video camera, you know? you didn't take -- there's a couple of years i'd love to teach you on, because you should know. yeah. >> yeah. it's hard. >> when people stop you on the street, do young parents with young kids ask you to do a line or two? what's the most asked line when it comes to this? >> unfortunately, the mom wants to hear the beast. so she loves -- the mom usually loves it when i say, "get out!" i'm sorry, guys. i'm sorry, guys. this one is much quieter. i promise, sorry. >> you like when you become the prince? >> no, no. i don't -- i wish i was the beast always, to be honest. >> what would you like to do? >> no. it's, "belle, are you happy here with me?" >> yes! >> and so -- >> wow. >> those are things -- and when you have a little child, instead
3:16 am
now you have a very happy child. it's cool. >> wow. >> you're cool, robby benson. i don't care what anybody says, we love you to pieces. >> thank you. >> the 25th anniversary, blu-ray edition of "beauty and the beast" in stores tomorrow. >> awesome. it's tale as ole as time. you lose the weight only to gain it back. >> and those determined to keep off 300 pounds between them, right after this. "it's amazing out there" means to me the wonder and the wow of weather. >> everything is amazing. >> it could be the smallest ice crystal, the biggest storm cloud. >> what does "it's amazing out there" mean to me? it means looking up and being inspired, even if it's just straight up blue skies. i mean how beautiful is that,
3:17 am
happens when the sun comes right over the ocean when it comes up in the morning. >> watching lightning streaking across the sky from one side to another. >> the role of thunder, it's just -- it's just one of the most amazing thing. >> that's what "it's amazing out there" is and what it means to you mentally and the memories you take away from that weather and how that absolutely affects our lives, our day-to-day. what's in our stores, what are we going to wear, what are we going to eat, what is everything going to cost? to me all those interact. on. that's why "it's amazing out there." >> what it means for me is it lets the world know what's happening at the weather channel. >> i think what makes the weather channel's coverage unique is that we are meteorologists. we know what is going on with the weather and that makes a tremendous difference. >> somebody just walks up to you in the field and says, thanks for being there. we're so glad that you were here to take us through it.
3:18 am
we have a drive to provide information to people to help them, help their communities, help their families stay safe. it matters so much. >> when you start linking the people side up to the weather and the science of the data, it makes a real connection and starts to drive home the importance of what we do. >> i love weather. >> i do love weather. >> i love the weather. and, you know, i love working with people who love the weather and this is it what we love to do. >> every single day is going to be something spectacular. it is truly amazing out there. if you're approaching 65, now's the time to get your ducks in a row. to learn about medicare, and the options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company.
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now to our two newest members of the joy fit club who lost a whopping 335 pounds combined. >> yeah. both struggled being overweight much of their lives, led sedentary lifestyles until that aha moment.
3:21 am
reveal their new physiques, joy bauer. >> always. every time we have these joy club segments everybody knocks the socks off of us. these women are unbelievable and will not disappoint. the first one is janice rosario, 29 years old from chicago, illinois, and she had a childhood of chips and cookies and doughnuts. by the time she was 22 years old, she weighed 334 pounds. i think a lot of people can relate to her method of dieting. she was forever an occasion dieter. so she would have something coming party, even her wedding. she could diet hard for that event. as soon as the event was over she would jump ship. >> yeah. >> uh-huh. >> this time what worked is she got rid of the diet mentality and instead just lived a healthy lifestyle. she made smart food choices and started exercising a few times each week. that woman who stepped on the scale and was 334 pounds is now down 160 pounds, and she enrolled herself in school to be a personal trainer so that she
3:22 am
>> look at janice's before picture. all right, janice, come join the joy fit club. >> 160 pounds thinner! >> what? >> good for her. >> whew! look at that muscle! [ applause ] >> wow. amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're in the weight-lifting business, is that it? >> i am. started incorporating weights with my workouts to tone up the loose skin and just change things around. >> we created that for her. she's going to show you some of her stuff. >> so -- usually i just do -- a few reps of these. >> look at you. >> those are heavy. >> those are really heavy. >> 50 pounds you're lifting? >> 25. >> 25 total. >> before she lost the weight she could not even walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for air. look what she's capable of doing now. >> how long did it take you from the time you started to right now? >> it's been about three years. next month will be two years when i started my lifestyle change. just strict doing it. >> look at you. >> thank you.
3:23 am
that's fantastic. >> okay. now we have 37-year-old erica butto from berlin, new hampshire and she grew up in a meat and potatoes family. by second grade she told me she was fitting into her mom's size 12 jeans. food was everything to her. comfort, celebration, love, friendship, entertainment. >> sure. >> so here's what happens. one day the doorbell rings, there was a package on her front door step. it's aca she opens it up. it's a digital thing. she's a blogger. somebody not realizing she had a weight issue, sent her a digital scale. took it out of the package, she stood on it. it registered 326 pounds. talk about taking something negative and turning it into a positive, she decided the scale
3:24 am
support, stepped on it every day followed a low-carb atkins died ant won an award for success on atkins and is now down 180 pounds. >> unbelievable. >> she didn't know what to wear. we decided in the spirit of ambush makeover, we gave her a little makeover from head to toe and she hasn't seen herself yet. >> you can see her before picture. erica, come on out. let's see you. >> that's her before. here she is now. >> wow! >> you look beautiful! oh, my gosh. >> wow! >> wow. >> what you -- you need to see yourself. where's that mirror. you want to see your outfit? >> she haven't seen herself yet. >> what do you say? >> oh -- i love it! >> you are gorgeous. >> looks like a new dress. >> that's exactly what it is. it's gorgeous. >> there's her scale, by the way. i won't make her stand on it. >> she doesn't have to. >> by the way, congratulations on everything. that's terrific. you must feel like a different
3:25 am
>> yes. an absolutely new person. so much healthier. much improved. >> you come out, too. janice -- >> 180 pounds down. 160 pounds down. these are superstars. >> awesome. y'all look great. all righty. our favorite things are next, but first this is "today" on nbc. why am i so devastatingly handsome, i'm in a fragrance... ne sayonara. this scarf, all that's left to remember. what! she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on! the long lasting scent of gain flings. "whatcha doin?"
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it is time for our favorite things. mine are these different styles of jeans called parker smith's skinny jeans. >> skinny?
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