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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  September 20, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm CDT

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early voting in milwaukee starts monday. pete zervakis explains what you need to know. you don't need an excuse vote absentee in wisconsin. you can cast an early ballot in person... or request one through the mail. early voting locations in milwaukee are: the zeidler building... forest home library... and midtown center. alderman bob bauman is calling for three more. this morning at common council... he proposed additional absentee voting sites at uw- milwaukee... and marquette. we ultimately have this power. let's use it in an area that's perhaps one of the most critical we have to deal with every four years but some council members want any additional polling places more spread out across the city. others worried about how much the extra voting locations would cost... and who would staff them. why should the city put itself at risk in doing something we might not have the confidence to do?early voting in milwaukee runs through
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today's tmj4 the council voted against expanding in-person absentee voting to u-w milwaukee and m-a-t-c for two weeks prior to the november 8th election.for information on early voting hours - head to a new n-b-c survey monkey poll shows hillary clinton ahead of donald trump.clinton has 49 percent of support among registered to trump's 43-percent. these numbers come from a national sample of 13-thousand-230 registered voters. the margin of error is just over one- percent. we are just six days away from the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. nbc's lester holt will be the moderator. topics are expected to include america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. you can see it here
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monday. milwaukee police are investigating after a man is found dead inside a vehicle. officers found the man with a gunshot wound to his chest near 24th and atkinson around 12:30 this afternoon. no other details have been released. more local news.. the uplifting black liberation and community group is demanding district attorney john chisholm to hold officers accountable in the shooting deaths of sylville smith and jay anderson. the group is asking members of the community to e-mail and decision is announced in both cases. milwaukee police are searching for a man armed with a gun who robbed a subway.surveillance video shows the suspect standing at the register waving the gun demanding cash. detectives say the suspect snatched cash from the register then jumped over the counter and out the door. if you have information.. call milwaukee police. big worries on the great lakes for boaters and swimmers. the
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to be the worst year for drowings in the great lakes since 20-10.last year there were 55 drownings.. and this year there have been 79. lake michigan has accounted for half of the drownings since 20-10. storm team 4 is almost a 180-degree difference from yesterday. but.. could moren steele joins us to tell us when next round of showers. after an exceptional day of sunshine and warm temperatures, some big changes are on the way. high pressure gave us a break from yesterday's rain but it won't be strong enough to keep the
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conditions at bay. a trough of low pressure will develop overhead tonight and linger for several days with several twists in the atmosphere expected to roll through with and abundance of several wisconsin healthcare systems are among the first in the country to adopt the ascension name. columbia saint mary's, wheaton franciscan healthcare and ministry health care will now have the ascension name attached to them. imagine if keeping your job, relied on a vote by others. george mallet is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... shannon, charles--- that's the tenuous reality for milwaukee county's director of health and human services .. tonight. why some are saying it's time for hector colon to go.that's
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packers extra.. tonight is another chance to get up close and personal with ?pack? on packers live with larry mccarrenpackers live will air right here at 6:30. this week's guest is defensive end datone jones. . all this is leading up to the packers home opener this sunday against the detroit lions. the pack will look to rebound after a loss to the minnesota vikings this past sunday night. still ahead ahead on live at 4.. how scammers are preying on people struggling to make their student loan money out the tailpipe.. why triple-a says some of us are throwing away money at the gas
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here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines now....a rise in student loan defaults has opened up the doors for scammers.a new report shows companies are charging up to 612- dollars to sign up for government debt relief plans people can do for free. experts say companies use postcards, ads and e-mails to try to lure people in. warranty service "square trade" is putting the durability of the new iphone-7 and samsung galaxy note 7 to the test. both devices surivied their water resistance claims.. but when dropped on the sidewalk.. the sidewalk won. both shattered when landing face-down. triple-a says people are wasting money on premium gas if their vehicle is designed to run on regular gas. new research shows premium gas has
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16-and-a-half million drivers spent more than two-billion dollars on premium gas in the last time now for call 4 action. here's a heads up about some potential contractor scams.if you get a knock at your door or unsolicited visit by a contractor, watch out. you could be targeted by a scam. karen stiles of our call for action office joins us in the newsroom with more information. what are these scammers up when the such as spring and fall, we tend to get more complaints from consumers who tell us that they received an unsolicited visit from a contractor that sounded legitimate at first, but led to scams some of the scams include contractors telling consumers that they have an urgent problem with their home that needs to be repaired right away. and, because the contractor just happens to be in the neighborhood, they offer to fix the problem on the spot at a good price. the other scam involves a phony
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look over some work that is going to be done on another property. but, while this scammer distracts the consumer outside, another scammer gets into the home to steal valuables. what can people do to protect themselves from falling victim to one of these scams? trust your gut instinct and check things out. keep doors locked at all times, and talk to the potential scammer through a lo d if you go outside, make sure to lock the doors to your house and garage. do not sign any paperwork, nor provide any personal information, including homeowners' insurance. and do not pay nor agree to any work being done until you can check things out with a reputable source. what should you do if one of these potential scammers shows up at your home and you are not sure if things are legitimate? ask them to leave information outside of your door. check
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organizations. . if you feel unsafe or something seems suspicious, contact police. and, speak up and look out for others. your information could prevent others from falling victim to one of these scams. charles and shannon? need help with a consumer problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495. or request help online. just click on the icon, on the front page of tmj four dot com. storm team 4 now.... humid today than it was yesterday.. astronomical fall is just days away.. but it doesn't really feel like it. meteorologist scott steele is here to tell us what kind of temperatures we should expect the rest of the week. after an exceptional day of sunshine and warm temperatures, some big changes are on the way. high pressure
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yesterday's rain but it won't be strong enough to keep the next stretch of unsettled conditions at bay. a trough of low pressure will develop overhead tonight and linger for several days with several twists in the atmosphere expected to roll through and abundance of energy and moisture available for some heavy rains and storng storms, particularly early tomorrow morning and tomorrow night. we'll feel all that moisture with sticky conditions
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back through the 60s to near 70 degrees. the unsettled weather will remain will us through at least the end of the work week as a frontal boundary stalls in our region. time f ask the expert.... time now for
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time now for ask the expert.... today we're talking about what you should do if you ever find a wild animal who's in afternoon... is vice president of communications for the wisconsin humane society
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a
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967-5253. still ahead.. how you can sit back and enjoy america's pastime while donating to charity.coming up at 4:30... new developments in the bombings in new york and new jersey.. was the government warned about the alleged
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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has shut down two lanes of i-43 south at national. traffic is backed up in that area. no word on injuries. another crash on i-94 and county road t-t has blocked a ramp and is also backing up traffic. after an exceptional day of
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temperatures, some big changes are on the way. high pressure gave us a break from yesterday's rain but it won't be strong enough to keep the next stretch of unsettled conditions at bay. a trough of low pressure will develop overhead tonight and for several days with several twists in the atmosphere expected to roll through still ahead.. why officers are facing criticism following the shooting death of an unarmed man in what the c-e-o of wells fargo is saying today following a scandal that's causing big
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the milwaukee brewers play their final home game of the season sunday and you can go while helping's the brewers "give fans can get tickets for 10 dollars.. and a minimum 10 dollar donation. the macc fund is one charity that will benefit. e-w scripps.. the company that owns today's t-m-j-4 are media partners for the event. there's a link on our website for more milwaukee is taking center stage for some of the best up and coming films this year. filmmakers and actors are coming to the city for the eighth annual milwaukee film festival which kicks off thursday. you can buy tickets online, over the phone or at
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office. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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