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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  September 21, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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now at noon -- wet wednesday-- rain fell across southeastern we're not done with the wet weather yet. a flash flood watch is in effect for fond du lac, sheboygan and dodge counties. meteorologist brian gotter in the weather center keeping an eye on the radar and tells us when the rain will pick back
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milwaukee's air and water show is returning thanks to a sponsorship deal announced this morning. the show was postponed last summer because of a lack of money. pete zervakis explains how it's been revived. a donation from wsb means the aws will again draw some 400- thousand people here to milwaukee's lake front the announcement came this morning downtown. because waterstone bank saved the aws we can continue with our mission military... and providing free entertainment on the lakefront. it wasn't possible last year ... due to scheduling conflicts and a lack of money. of course everyone missed the show this year - it wasn't possible the amount of the sponsorship won't be made public. donations are still being taken. and when the show returns... the u-s navy's blue angels will be the headline performers. one added aws? organizers say it's the showcasing of military tech. on the lakefront, pz, tmj4 the air and water show will be
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15 and 16 will be july 15 and 16 today is international day of milwaukee-- a peace march and rally is planned for today down by city hall. nearly two organizations are sponsoring the event including coalition for peace. the march will start at 5-30 at city hall... with the rally taking place shortly after. milwaukee's health department is taking a more aggressive approach... to fight crime. reggie moore is the new director of the department of violence prevention.just five months on the job, he's been ta assaults, shootings and murders. he's starting by looking at what's worked in other parts of the of them is to create "safe zones." basically that involves hiring folks in the neighborhood to basically descalate or intervene in conflicts that result in agravated assault 19 a non fatal shooting or a homicideanother initiative just started is called "beyond the bell"is bringing more than 40 organizations in our area to work together to create after school programs for
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substances board just banned the powerful drug known as pink or pinky.the synthetic opiod will become illegal in november,it was first used in the 1970's as a painkiller. it's eight times more powerful than morphine and has been linked to at least 50 deaths nationwide. wisconsin is one of 20 other states suing the u-s department of labor over a new rule that would make higher earning workers eligible for overtime pay. the measure would shrink the so-called "white collar pt more than double the salary threshold under which employers must pay overtime to their workers.some argue the rule would burden private and public sectors and would drain state budgets. senate democrats are demanding the state legislature convene immediately... to approve upgrades at wisconsin's largest veterans home. the push to look into conditions at the home in "king" has intensified since reports about substandard care.. medical errors and staffing shortages. the legislature's audit committee plans to hold a hearing today to consider
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improvements-- like fire alarm and electrical system upgrades-- new flooring and room renovations. the madison city council has rejected a plan that would have banned people from sleeping on downtown sidewalks during certain hours. opponents say the proposal from mayor paul soglin was pushing the homeless out of the area while failing to provide any alternatives. supporters say allowing people to sleep in the central business district impedes the vitality of the area and creates safety and health problems. we will see how people in wisconsin presidential candidates when the new marquette university law school poll comes out this afternoon.the poll also measures the state of the senate race between russ feingold and senator ron johnson on live at 12:30-- we'll look at some of the results as they come in. dane county will partner with u-w-madison to study the impact of the state's voter i-d law. dane county clerk scott mcdonell said he proposed the study because he wants to know who needs additional support and education about the requirement. the study will
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november's election, asking if voter i-d played a role in keeping them from the polls. the study will cost 44- thousand dollars. a green bay alderman is asking for a special city council meeting to discuss removing mayor jim schmitt from office....over his alleged campaign finance violations. alderman guy zima added a petition at last night's city council meeting... to gather signatures from his fellow council members for a special meeting. he says the council can remove schmitt from office with a three-quarters amount of cowardice." "for heaven's sake, this man should step down or be removed by the council and i just put it in play. i don't know, there seems to be a certain amount of cowardice." if they do remove mayor schmitt from office... alderman thomas de wane would become the interim mayor. a special meeting would take place after october 5-th... which is when schmitt is scheduled to appear in court to face three misdemeanor charges.
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from space. what the international space station captured more than 200 miles above earth. then...we are as americans." this is a story that helps us better understand who we are as americans." the national african american museum opens up this weekend-- the number of artifacts on display and the different exhibits you can explore. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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arson is the cause of a fire that destroyed an abandoned school in brown county.the old lincoln school in rockland.. was engulfed in flames.. when crews arrived to fight the blaze.. on september fifth. the building had no electrical or heat sources.. before it went up. investigators are still looking for the person who started it. check this out-- a view of thunderstorms from space! the international space station took this photo on sunday about 2-hundred-50 miles above earth. lightning can be seen flashing brightly inside the clouds. a russian also seen in the photo. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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new treasures of american history are now on display in the nation's capital.the long- awaited smithsonian "national museum of african american history and culture" opens to the public this weekend. tracie potts goes behind the scenes to show us how the museum mirrors the story it tells. 13 years after congress approved it-- the national museum of african american history and culture opens this weekend. "white, black, latino
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been here 200 years or got here 20 minutes ago, this is a story that helps us better understand who we are as americans." there are americans." there are nearly 4- thousand artifacts here... some dating back to the 18th century...through slavery... segregation... and civil rights - then... and now. one exhibit chronicles the tuskeegee airmen - the nation's first black military aviators. "at a time when they weren't expected to be anything - they were more than anyone imagined." harriet tubman's hymn book - ra armstrong's trumpet - and muhammad ali's boxing gloves are on display. plus many pioneers you may not know:"the pacific parachute company was the first - if not the only - war production plant that was owned and operated by african americans during world war ii." henry boyd bought his freedom and built a furniture factory - only to close after nearly 30 years because people repeatedly tried to burn it down. "we in many instances
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inspiration - those stories of determination - those stories of courage."some of america's forgotten stories -- now with their own place in history. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. the museum cost 540 million dollars. crews broke ground on the site in february 2012.the smithsonian african american museum is located on the national mall - specifically - on constitution avenue, in washington, dc. coming up... booster seat safety.why evenflo is children seats and the number of complaints the company has already received. and -- price check. why some amazon shoppers might not be getting
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a recall alert this afternoon-- evenflo is recalling nearly 30- thousand booster seats because children can loosen the harness without an adult's knowledge.the recall covers certain evolve 3-in-1 seats. evenflo says there have been no reports of injuries, but the company has received 27 complaints that children have been able to loosen the harnesses.
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national highway traffic safety administration will be hosting a twitter chat to answer your questions.from two until three this afternoon--- the n-h-t-s-a will answer questions such as how to pick out the right car seat and how to install it can find the conversation on twitter by using the hashtag "the right seat" investors say it's time for volkswagen to pay up for cheating.they want just over 9 billion dollars in damages for the losses they sustained as a result of the automaker's massive diesel emissions da volkswagen admitted fitting as many as 11 million diesel vehicles worldwide with software that could cheat emissions has already agreed to pay 15-point-3 billion in civil penalties to compensate owners of its u-s diesel cars, including an agreement to fix or buy back the cars. samsung says 500-thousand replacement galaxy note 7 phones have been shipped to u-s stores, and they're available to customers today. the company has recalled
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malfunction which can cause the battery to overheat, catch fire and even is rolling out a software update to prompt users to turn off and replace their phones every time they turn it on or charge it. apple has received several complaints that the i-phone 7 and the i-phone 7 plus are making a strange hissing or buzzing sound.people say they've been hearing the sound when using certain apps. i-phone users have begun posting videos on social media of their phones making the has not yet responded and it unclear how widespread the issue is. you may not be seeing the true price of products on investigation by non-profit news group ?pro-publica? finds amazon's price comparison tool works for prime members and people who order more than 49- dollars of items to get free shipping.for everyone else, it doesn't necessarily result in the lowest prices coming up first, making it harder to find the best deals. macy's plans to hire seasonal associates to fill 83-thousand
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and bloomingdale's stores nationwide.they also announced their first national hiring day, which will take place on september 30th. move over facebook-- google now has its own messaging app called "allo."the app "allo." the app includes group messaging and the ability to add photos to your messages. google says "allo" can also learn from your conversations d say.over time, it can even learn to mimic your speech style. coming up... no olympics. the city that's withdrawing its bid to host the 2024 summer games and why it's pulling out. and the best of the best. the wisconsin tree that will
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. s out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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traditional during presidential elections to hold off on reporting final results until we've all voted.but a silicon valley startup called "votecastr" wants to shake things up on election night .. giving you updated vote information, in real time.some fear giving people the live results might discourage them from voting.. "if information exists, and people have access to it, no reason voters, news consumers ld company argues getting voters real time results-- will get people more interested in the election process. the olympic and paralympic flags were raised in tokyo today-- as the japanese capital began its countdown to the 2020 summer games.the tokyo games have been hit by a series of issues.they include the scrapping of plans for the main stadium-- which led to delays in construction and plagiarism allegations-- which forced organizers to ditch the original logo for the games.
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mayor is withdrawing the city's backing for a bid to host the 2024 olympic games in the italian capital.the mayor's anti-establishment five-star movement, which took control of rome back in june, had always expressed doubts about staging the sporting event, saying the heavily indebted city could not afford the investment needed. a piece of wisconsin is heading to the white house for christmas.a tree farm in oconto will cut and deliver the special spruce this year, after winning a national contest.three their way to whispering pines tree farm to choose from one of three was too big ... one too small. the winning tree was just right. "it's a great honor. it's like winning the super bowl. it's a gold medal at the olympics for tree farmers. it doesn't get any better."the tree will be cut down the day after thanksgiving, and be displayed in the blue room of
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live at 12:30 is up next-- local restaurant expanding. where sobelmans pub and grill is opening a new burger joint. also... safe to eat?what chipotle is now doing to try to win back costumers after
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. and i'm bridget shanahan.if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top storto a transgender student was back in school today in kenosha with the court's permission to use bathrooms consistent with his gender identity. a judge ruled kenosha schools must allow ash whitaker to use the boys bathroom. ash was born a girl... but identifies as male. the tremper high senior has gone to court with accusations the school district discriminated against him. wisconsin's controlled substances board just banned the powerful drug known as pink or pinky.the synthetic opiod will become illegal in


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