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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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you're you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. kim. and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... after morning downpours, yesterday was a dreary and very humid 80, and scattered late afternoon t'showers. there is a flash flood watch in effect until 7pm today for areas
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for more scattered downpours throughout muggy highs near 80. scattered downpours continue tonight with lows in the mid 60s. incident freelight traffic damp roads speeds are at or above posted brewers versus pirates at 7:10 miller park tonight breaking news right now in charlotte...the national just arrived after the governor declares a state of emergency. another violent night there --
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support this morning.overnight fires burning in the street, and tear gas deployed on protestors. bank of america in charlotte told thousands of employees to stay home today. this comes after several store fronts were shattered and reports of looting.there are reports of at least 7 people being injured at last check. the violence continued to build after a black police officer shot and killed a black man, 43-year-old keith scott.officers saying he had a gun but witnesses saying it was this tweet. this is from the n-b-c affiliate in charlotte -- it's a picture from a witness after scott was killed -- and if you look in the foreground you can see what appears to be a gun. charlotte police refusing to release body cam and dash cam video until the investigation into the shooting is a little boy is in the hospital in serious condition after he was accidently shot. neighbors say 9 year old julian clark was shot by his 6
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milwaukee police it happened around 4 yesterday afternoon. they are not sure yet how the children got a hold of a gun.a woman was taken from the home last night in handcuffs but so far no one is facing any charges from the milwaukee county medical examiner will do an autopsy today -- on an infant who died in west allis.officials confirm they were called out to 84th and orchard last night. no word on how the child a 57-year-old fa charges for breaking into the beans and barley restaurant on milwaukee's east side.officers say they found two large windows and a door smashed wednesday morning once inside, they discovered the man with stolen merchandise and arrested him.the business was closed for a few hours while workers cleaned up glass. the kenosha unified school district is in the process of filing an appeal against a federal judge's ruling to allow a transgender student to use the boy's bathroom. as of now, the ruling only allows
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bathroom he uses, but some feel this decision could impact transgender students statewide. on tuesday, a federal judge blocked the kenosha unified school district from barring ash whitaker from using the boy's bathroom. whitaker was born female but identifies as a male. happening today: city leaders will gather to tout a funding boost for fighting violence in milwaukee. pete zervakis is live at the zeidler municipal building in downtown milwaukee with a look ahead. mayor and other city leaders will announce milwaukee is one of eight cities across the country to get violence prevention grant money... through the resiliency in communities after stress and trauma program. the money comes cfrom the substance abuse and mental health services administration. to have a chance at receiving the funding... milwaukee had to show it's experienced civil unrest - like mass protests - within the past two years. it applied for the grant back in
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summer's riot in sherman park. a news release from the city doesn't specify how much money milwaukee is getting. but the program's website indicates the max. available to each community receiving grant money is one million the funding will be put towards efforts to improve public safety and strengthen milwaukee's troubled neighborhoods. live...pz... tmj4 coming up: getting gril the head-- of the epi pen maker takes heat on capitol hill-- for the sky high prices--how much ?she says the company makes on the life- saving medication.what's in your water: the dangerous chemical-- found in ?some water sources affection millions of people across the u-s:more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4 is next. and we're keeping an eye on another round of rain-- that's headed our way. storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter is back after the break-- to map
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after morning downpours, yesterday was a dreary and very humid day with highs near 80, and scattered late afternoon t'showers. there is
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until 7pm today for areas north and west of milwaukee for more scattered downpours throughout the day with muggy highs near 80. scattered downpours continue tonight with lows in the mid 60s. a tough day on capital hill for mylan c-e-o heather bresch. she took questions from federal lawmakers about the dramatic increase in the cost of the epipen.prices of the emergency medical device have
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bresch says the company has found a balance between the price of the drug and accessibility... by offering a generic epipen. you cut the price in half. do not do that. do not do that to me. don't try to convince me that you're doing us a favor here. you are not doing a favor by that. you could have dropped the price of epipens just as well. instead, you said no we're going to make a generic.bresch argues the company on each epipen. a new national poll has hillary clinton leading donald trump by six points...a four-way matchup shows clinton has support from 43 percent of likely voters, while trump has 37 percent, in the nbc-wall street journal poll. libertarian party nominee gary johnson is at nine percent and the green party's jill stein is at three percent. in a two-way matchup, clinton leads trump by seven points, 48 to
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independent advocacy group found hundreds of millions of americans are drinking tap water containing dangerous levels of chromium-6.the carcinogenic chemical is featured in the 2000 movie "erin brockovich," starring julia roberts. the new analysis found the tap water of 2-hundred- 18 million americans contains levels of the chemical.the e-p-a did not directly address the report, but a representative said the agency is working on a health assessment of chromium-6 that will be released for public comment in 2017. blue bell is recalling two flavors of ice cream over listeria concerns.the voluntary recall is in place for packages of "chocolate chip cookie dough" and "cookie two step."the bacteria can be deadly for the young, sick or elderly far no illnesses have been reported. last year, a listeria outbreak forced the company to stop production and issue a massive recall for all its coming up on live at daybreak
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facebook... google is launching a new app. the splash it's hoping to make in the world of social media. then -- another sighting of one of those creepy clowns. teens caught the clown on video... who police say might
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you're taking a live look at our storm team 4 max radar this morning. lots of colors-- lighting up our map this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist brian gotter-- has a detailed look at when this stuff will head our way... next. a big day of clean up in virginia today... after heavy rains flooded homes and left drivers stranded. in some areas....people saw almost 10 inched of rain.the water was so high in norfolk... people had to leave their cars in wasit deep water. the oo and delays. closer to home in trempleau county.... residents saw more than 4 inches of rain in just a couple of hours. yesterday's rain caused river banks to overflow... and washed out roads.the area is already recovering from heavy rain fall and massive flooding from earlier this breaking news right now...i-94 shut down in minneapolis because of heavy rain and
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let's get a closer look at this map from the minnesota d-o-t -- closures all over the state.some of these are because of construction but many of them are because of the flooding there. when you get a look at this video, you can see why those roads are being shut down -- this is from maple grove, minnesota -- about 15 miles from minneapolis. drivers stranded and business swamped.some drivers actually pushing their cars through the flooding.the sheriff's office there says they calls of severe flooding at many intersections and residential basements late wednesday night. and it's not over yet -- several rounds of heavy rainfall are expected there this's the same storm system coming our way -- meteorologist brian gotter is watching it right now, brian? after morning downpours, yesterday was a dreary and very humid day with highs near
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afternoon t'showers. there is a flash flood watch in effect until 7pm today for areas north and west of milwaukee for more scattered downpours throughout the day with muggy highs downpours continue tonight with lows in the mid 60s.the best chance for rain on friday is before noon, but a few pop up showers are possible through the afternoon. it will
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humid with highs in the upper 60s. saturday morning has a few isolated showers, then it is partly cloudy and comfortable with highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s. sunday is partly cloudy and seasonal with lows in the lower 70s with scattered afternoon showers. incident freelight traffic incident free
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incident freelight traffic damp roads speeds are at or above posted brewers versus tonight move over now has its own messaging app.
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for download."allo" includes group messaging and the ability to add photos to your says the app can also learn from your conversations and suggests things for you to say. over time, google allo can even learn to mimic your speech style. the app is available for download on android and apple this election, you can also debates on twitter. users will soon be able to watch the debates in real-time right through the's part of a deal between twitter and bloomberg television. many other networks will be using facebook liveo stream the debates.earlier this weekacebook announced a live streaming partnership with abc new rerports of people dressed as clowns trying to lure and scare kids have now reached northern georgia.that's where two girls allege a clown tried to chase them down.... and
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this is snapchat video of the clown standing right outside of the home of one of the girls. the video shows the clown carrying what the girls told police is a knife. police say they're taking the latest sighting seriously... but believe the clown may be a kid trying to scare people around the neighborhood. you may remember a "creepy clown" showed up in green bay, but it was a stunt to promote a he's been a mayor, congressman and a presidential candidate... next... senator bernie sanders will add young adult nonfiction resume. sanders' next book, "our revolution" is being adapted for teenagers... in hopes of encouraging them to become engaged in public service. the book is expected to hit the shelves in it appears that kevin garnett's nba career might be nearing an end.e-s-p-n is reporting that garnett and the minnesota timberwolves are in talks about a contract buyout. garnett missed the last 37 games of last season and has one more year left on a contract he signed with the
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hall of famer ranks 17th on the nba's all-time scoring list and ninth in career still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:where you can 'tip a stein' to oktoberfest this afternoon also-- christmas in september the big announcement coming
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everyone is a little german today in mequon. people are celebrating the german culture by "tipping the stein" residents of newcastle place will celebrate oktoberfest with the community later today food... german music and dance! the festivities run from 4 to it's em milwaukee repertory theater is all about the holidays. later this morning, the rep will announce this year's celebrity cameos for 'a christmas carol' at the pabst theater. last year, vince wowed the crowd
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much more is happening at six-- on live at daybreak. including... heated debate.why black cat alley on the east side -- is already sparking debate on social media. also... kohl's set to host a shopping spree.the charity that will benefit from the
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breaking at six-- massive data breach: the internet giant-- dealing with a possible hack attack that left ?hundreds of millions of people vunerable and what ?you should do to protect yourself now. plus: controversial street art: the mural sparking ?criticism on social media-- and why the artist says the message-- might be getting lost. and it's dry in some spots
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wisconsin later today-- the areas ?still under a flash flood watch this morning... brian gotter has that right now. after morning downpours, yesterday was a dreary and very humid day with highs near 80, and scattered late afternoon t'showers. there is a flash flood watch in effect until 7pm today for areas north and west of milwaukee for more scattered downpours throughout the day with muggy highs near 80. downpours continue tonight


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