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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am CDT

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good morning. breaking news. chaos in charlotte. a second straight night of violent unrest. one protester shot. other demonstrators turning tables and hotel into lockdown. this morning, a state of emergency in effect as the nation guard is called in. the blast. chilling new surveillance video of the moment the bomb exploded in new york city. the fbi is searching for these two mystery men. >> ready to rumble with the first debate just four days away, our new new poll shows hillary clinton expanding her national lead over donald trump
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key battle ground states. what the campaigns are doing to prepare for the crucial showdown. and stunning allegations, reports that brad pitt is being investigated by authorities in los angeles for child abuse after an alleged incident on a private plane. the latest bomb shell in his divorce battle with angelina jolie today. thursday, september 22nd, 2016. welcome to today on a thursday and as we come on this morning, unfortunately another really hard night in charlotte. >> that is our top story. the demonstrations turned violent for a second night in a row. one person was shot in what police are describing as protester on protester violence. several officers have been injured. a number of stores vandalized. >> the situation led north
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declare a state of emergency saying he is calling in the national guard and state troopers to help restore order. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the overnight developments. hi, gabe, good morning. >> reporter: this is the nascar hall of fame. one of the buildings damaged in the chaos. what started as peaceful protests spiralled out of control in the heart of downtown charlotte, the governor now bringing in the national guard. overnight, a rampage in north carolina's largest city. >> run! run! >> reporter: demonstrators clashing for a second straight night. protesters tossing tear gas back at police. stores vandalized. dozens of arrests as the violence escalates. the omni hotel forced to lock those inside. >> demonstrators ran across a heavy police presence outside of a hotel. a shock rings out.
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now. it is out of control. >> authorities say it was civilian gunfire, not police. the wounded man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. throughout the night. four police officers were hurt. tamie leitner. >> you're seeing a female officer injured helped by paramedics in riot gear. she is unable to walk on her own. >> reporter: emotions fanned by anger on social media since the shooting of keith lamont scott on tuesday. >> we have shots fired. oneus new photo apparently showing a gun on the ground next to scott, obtained from ay eyewitness news from charlotte station wcnc. two different versions of tuesday's shooting are swirling. police say scott was armed. some eyewitnesss say he wasn't. >> he exited the vehicle armed with a handgun. >> did you see any gun on him? >> i did not. no gun. it was a book. >> no book was found at the scene. police say scott failed to follow their commands.
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threat to the officers. >> williams says he was no threat. >> i seen him getting on the of the car like the police told him to do. >> reporter: the officer who fired at scott identified as brentley vinson on paid leave as frustration boils over. >> why are you out here? >> i need the police to stop killing us. stop killing us. >> reporter: several major businesses downtown expect to be closed today hours before this violence, scott's widowad released a statement calling for peaceful protests. the mayor now says she will review personally body camera footage and dash cam footage from the incident but the police chief says it won't be released citing the ongoing investigations. the concern tonight, matt and savannah is what happens on this third night. back to you. >> a lot of people on edge there. gabe gutierrez, thank you. hillary clinton and donald trump are speaking out about the violence in charlotte. let's turn to nbc national
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>> reporter: matt and savannah, good morning, our new poll is showing hillary clinton is fortifying her lead over days before the crucial debate. how will this in charlotte impact the race? north carolina a critical background here with trump and clinton, their responses to this event, showing a clear contrast between the candidates. donald trump in an interview set to air tonight on fox news making unusual pitch to african-american voters. endorsin frisk policing to reduce violence in black communities telling fox, i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. we did it in new york. it worked incredibly well. you have to be pro active and you know, you really help people sort of change their mind automatically. the controversial practice was ruled unconstitutional in new york, critics calling it racial profiling. in the wake of two fatal
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weighing in. >> i don't know anyone who does have the answers. this is certain, too many people have lost their lives who shouldn't have. >> reporter: trump speculating about the female police officer involved in the tulsa shooting. >> did she get scared? was she chokchoking? what happened. maybe people like that, people who choke, people who do that, maybe they can't be doing what they're doing. >> the real estate mogul appearing with don king in a bl c >> every white woman should cast their vote for donald trump not for donald trump the man, but to knock out the system to help him to get their rights. you know, and be able to deal with this. >> he uttered a racial slur while introducing him. >> trump explaining why he dropped his birther crusade against president obama last week. >> i want to get on with, you
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campaign. >> and ducking a question about the washington post report that he used money from his charitable foundation to settle lawsuits. >> the foundation is really there, it sets out money, gives money to vets and it has been doing a good job. we can put that to sleep by putting out the last report. >> reporter: diving into the new numbers from the poll this morning it is clear that deep divisions remain. donald trump still trailing hillary clinton by wide margins among some key minority groups. let's show you the numbers right now. new this evidence that clinton leads among latino voters. our number has it at 71 to 18% over donald trump. she also leads among african-american voters. you can see the spread there. 81 to 7%. there are significant differences in terms of voters perceptions of the candidates. asked who has the knowledge and experience, voters give clinton a 37 point advantage but trump holds the edge on who is viewed
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forward. matt and savannah, four days until the first debate. a lot can still change. >> yeah, a lot of people will be watching. that peter alexander. thank you. let's get more on the state of the race. 47 days to go until election day. donald trump will spend his day at a national gas conference in pennsylvania. he will outline his plan for energy use. >> hillary clinton is off of the trail but chelsea clinton is targeting the female and millennial vote. >> o shows clinton is holding the 7 point lead. 48 to 41%. if you factor in the libertarian and green party candidates and make it a four way race it leads it down to 1 point. let's bring in steve karnaki. this leads to donald trump's possible path to victory. >> if donald trump will win this election. i'll show you what it would look
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everything you see in red on this map, these are all of the states that voted for mitt romney in 2012. if you're donald trump, lock them down. there are challenges here like north carolina, you have to win all of those. then, what you have in gray here, these were blue states, obama states. the best shot blue states for donald trump. start in ohio, look at this. if you average the polls together in ohio right now, trump is actually ahead of hillary clinton, so right now in ohio, he is getting what he needs. also take a look down in or there. tied in the averager poll. it is not a state where trump is winning but where he can win. take a look here. this is a bit of a surprise. a lot of talk from the trump people about pennsylvania. right now it is wisconsin, see if that will work for the third time. wisconsin, he is close. he is behind but within striking distance. closer than what people expected. he has to make up ground there but if he can get wisconsin, look how close he is starting to get here. check out maine.
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here. what is going on in maine is they do the vote by congressional district. in this rural congressional district, donald trump seems to be running away with it. look how close he is. iowa, nevada. he leads in the average. each is worth six. if you give him iowa, he hits 270. if you give nevada, he is over 270. trump at 270, clinton 268. one they do the votes by congressional district. i'm having trouble loaded it up. they do the votes by congressional district in nebraska and hillary clinton has a chance of winning one of the districts, if that were to happen, that is not supposed to happen. >> you get 269. >> i was doing 269-269, the political junkie's dream. it would go to the house of representatives. hasn't happened since 1864.
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>> we would all be saying aye-ay-ay. the presidential debate will be moderated by lester holt and you can watch it live 9 eastern, 6 pacific here on nbc. there are new developments into the investigation into the bombing attacks here in new york and new jersey. the fbi trying to find two men seen with one of the suitcases carrying one of the devices. as we surveillance video at one of the blasts. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has the latest. >> reporter: the suspect ahmed rahami remains hospitalized suffering from several gunshot wounds. authorities want him to face a judge but he has not been medically cleared to do so yet as the probe into his family deepens. this morning, the wife of bombing suspect ahmed rahami on her way back to the u.s., flying
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by federal investigators. she is not considered a suspect but law enforcement sources say a possible witness to the alleged crimes of her husband. new surveillance video shows the chaosic scene saturday in manhattan. the bomb on 23rd street exploding from inside a dumpster. a man in a wheelchair caught in the blast zone. others running for their lives. one person knocked to the ground before a man comes back to help. himself appears to be caught on tape. wheeling a suitcase down the street. inside, police say, a pressure cooker bomb that didn't go off. moments later, authorities say two men came upon the suitcase, removing the bomb, leaving it behind before walking off with the bag. the unidentified men now sought by the fbi. >> what we're seeking to do is to identify those two
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back because it may have forensic evidence of value. >> have you talked to him at all? >> no. >> reporter: today rahami's family is under the microscope. investigators say a relative took video of rahami lighting material in the backyard, a scorched lawn clearly visible. rahami's motivation for the attacks in new jersey and new york is coming into focus. after a shoot out with this bullet pierced journal on rahami. the writings, some incoherent are filled with anti-american sentiment. >> it is clear from this journal that mr. rahami was receiving inspiration from the isis spokesman. >> reporter: over the last several days, we have seen members of his family return here to the family home. it is unclear if this is where his wife will come back to. this investigation, clearly not
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>> migel almaguer. now to capitol hill in the face of the ceo who makes epipens despite outrage over sky rocketing cost, she will not further drop prices which have risen more than 400 % over the past decade. tom costello has more on a heated hearing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you may recall that under pressure, my lan pharmaceuticals recently said it would produce a generic version for $300, not 600. if that was meant congress, the ceo was sorely mistaken. it is a rare witness who can unite both republicans and democrats in anger, but the ceo of the company that makes the epipen walked into a bipartisan hearing. >> you virtually have a month -- monopoly and you used it to your advantage but at the expense of people who needed it. >> heather bresch is the
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governor. >> by introducing a generic which is unprecedented. we cut the price in half. >> it is unprecedented to raise the price $500. >> republicans and democrats demanding to know how mylan pharmaceuticals can justify a price hike from 100 to $600 in ten years. >> we've worked diligently and invested to enhance the epipen and make it more available. >> mylan says the development cost and middle men demanding a has given away 700,000 pens to schools across the country. but congress isn't buying it. >> what was your salary last year? >> about 18 million. >> 18 million. sounds like you're doing pretty well on this. >> yet another drug company, mylan, has jacked up the price of a life saving product for no discernible reason. >> reporter: at least 11 states
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schools to stock the epipen, they lobbied hard for and new york and west virginia attorney general launched criminal investigation into the company's pricing companies. back to you. >> tom costello on the story for us. thank you. now to an nbc news exclusive. chuck todd sat down with the iranian president here in new york for the u.n. general assembly. he talked about the presidential race and the potential for change in u.s. iranian relations under a new >> everything is dependant upon the conditions when we get to that point in time. >> translator: in any fashion, if the future administration of the united states wishes to continue animosity towards iran, then of course it will receive the appropriate response but if it wishes to bring an end to the
7:17 am
the right of the iranian nation where as it has trampled upon the rights in many instances in the past, then of course it will receive the appropriate response in that scenario as well. >> you can see more of chuck's interview this sunday on "meet the press". >> al is here. what has your eye this morning? >> we were talking yesterday. we saw torrential rains in parts of minnesota and my gosh, did we get it. look at this. this i is in maple grove, r minnesota, some areas swamped. this is around minneapolis, hennepin county and folks just really getting inundated as it continues. in fact, in waseca to the south of minneapolis, they've picked up 13 inches of rain. reports of roads washed out. a real mess there. and it is going to continue
7:18 am
flood threat. 8 to 12 inches already falling and we'll see more again today as this low pressure system moves across the area. rounds of storm, downpours, gusty winds, rain fall amounts anywhere from, again, another four to five inches locally with the saturated ground it will be a mess. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30
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and that is your latest weather, guys. >> all right, al. just ahead, the bomb shell related to the angelina jolie and brad pitt's divorce. >> our exclusive interview with dr. khan, wife of facebook founder mark zuckerberg. why they're giving away another $3 billion and life at home with
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back now, 7:30 on a thursday morning, 22nd of september, 2016. nice people out on the plaza. we'll get out there in just a little e. documentary emmy awards were held last night. nbc news and msnbc picked up this one for our coverage of the supreme court's landmark decision on same-sex marriage. as always, we are very proud of the people that work here and the efforts they put forward on a daily basis. here's a look at today's headlines. overnight, state of emergency was declared in charlotte after the second night of violent
7:31 am
shootings. one person was shot, several other injured during the latest round of demonstrations. north carolina's governor says the national guard is being brought in to assist local police. the pipeline in alabama shut down after a major leak was restarted late last night. the problem has led to a surge in gas prices and even shortages across the south. but, with the pipeline now re-opened, fuel supplies are expected to return to normal in a few days. and we have a new nbc in the presidential race. hillary clinton holding a seven-point lead nationally over donald trump, 48%-41%. in today's campaign moment, could we finally see an end to the most hated feud of this campaign season, the one between donald trump and ted cruz? as you will recall, cruz was booed at the republican convention in july because he defiantly refused to endorse trump, memorably saying to the crowd, vote your conscience. now trump is backing one of
7:32 am
capitol hill and cruz has tweeted his gratitude. the warm exchange just the latest sign that a cruz endorsement of trump could -- could -- be in the works. now let us turn to this divorce battle between angelina jolie and brad pitt and bombshell new allegations. natalie is out in los angeles with more on this. natalie, good morning. >> good morning to you. overnight, unconfirmed reports by both tmz and "people" magazine that brad pitt is now under investigation for alleged child a police department and the l.a. child and family services. it comes after an incident on a private plane last wednesday. they separated last thursday, and then angelina filed for divorce on monday. as we hear more now from both sides this morning about what may have gone wrong in their relationship. >> reporter: three days after angelina filed for divorce from brad pitt, the couple who for 12 years graced the covers of
7:33 am
end of their two-year marriage, amid rumors of infidelity. there have been the divorce filing was triggered by an affair between pitt and a french star. the actress issued a firm denial in a statement saying she and her partner are expecting their second child, adding, i do very much wish that angelina and brad, both whom i deeply respect, will find peace in this very t pitt and jolie also deny infidelity rumors with both saying their six children are their priorities. >> they really are very concerned about how their kids are going to fare and they want to make sure their interests are looked after. there is no disagreement there. >> reporter: the colleague of the couple tells "access hollywood" that jolie, who is asking for full physical custody, wants the children to have a relationship with their father but there are no plans for visitation right now.
7:34 am
today, a source from pitt's inner circle, he begged her to press pause, not so they could recognize but so they could prepare their children for the mass upheaval about to come. >> both would agree the marriage was in trouble and they had been working on it for some time. >> reporter: according to some in their circle, pitt was caught off-guard with the timing. others say p advanced notice and knew jolie was filing for divorce. >> it is not a question of really not knowing that this was coming, but a dispute over whether or not everybody understood when it was going to happen. >> sources close to the couple disagree on when pitt learned about the divorce filing. as to those reports of an investigation into alleged child abuse by brad pitt, a source close to him tells "people" magazine he takes the matter seriously and did not commit any
7:35 am
nbc news has reached out to brad pitt and angelina jolie's representatives but have not heard back. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by camping world. get one-stop shopping for everybody rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. well, if you like fall camping, my gosh, today, 10:21 a.m. eastern daylight time. it is going to feel not quite like fall today in new york city. ten degrees above average. atlanta, 89. 91 in mobile. dallas, 95. it will feel like over 100 degrees. this weekend, nashville, low 90s. mid 90s in jackson. houston, 80s. but here in the great lakes, it
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washington, d.c., 69. 87 in cincinnati. the national weather service outlook for fall, much of the country above normal from october to december. better chances of warm weather in the west and northwest. but as far as precipitation, because it is a near normal el nino conditions, we are talking about below normal precipitation down to the south, above normal >> don't forget, you always get
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>> al, thank you very much. coming up, president obama says he's done too much of it during his time in the white house. we'll tell you what the bleep it is. and dr. priscilla chan opening up about life with mark zuckerberg and their latest
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7:42 am
to talk about that investment and more. >> i'm there every day and mark and i work together on the weekends and on evenings. because he still has a day job. >> reporter: the latest big job facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife, dr. priscilla chan have taken on, is personal for both of them. >> can we cure, prevent or manage all diseases in our children's lifetime? >> i'm with families all the time. when we are hitting the limit of what's possible in medicine. i have to share devastating diagnosis of leukemia or that we weren't able to resuscitate a child. and that is a very concrete moment, we're at the limit of what's possible in medicine. >> this is the biohub. sounds very fancy. >> reporter: it is a multi-billion dollar investment to bring together experts in engineering and technology with
7:43 am
research. dr. cory bardman will lead the effort. >> we have an opportunity here to merge biology, medicine and creation in new ways. >> reporter: creating an atlas for researchers to use that will map every cell in the human body and an infectious disease initiative that includes a rapid response team to respond to outbreaks throughout the world. >> the commitment you and mark have made is to give away billions. >> correct. >> a lot of people would sa is it hard to part with that kind of money? >> i think what's important to us is to actually invest now to work towards a future where our children are living in a better world. max is almost 1 year now. being a parent really -- you just love that little being so much and you -- like more than you ever thought was possible. and you have so many hopes and dreams for that child.
7:44 am
work harder and invest now to make sure that the future is where it needs to be for all of our children. >> how is max? what are her tricks? what kind of baby is she? i know it is not hard to get a mom to talk about her baby. >> max is wonderful. mark and i are just over the top proud of everything she does. she could be eating. she could be spitting. she could be sleeping. she could be just smiling and we're like, isn't that special? say, that is just normal development. there is nothing special about it. but as a parent, everything is the most -- it is a miracle. >> a miracle priscilla and mark treasure having tried for years to have a baby, something they opened up about in a candid facebook post. >> sharing our experience with pregnancy was incredibly important because we realized how challenging and difficult that was. there are really dark moments
7:45 am
when we realized that we weren't and that there were other people traveling along the same road with you, i think having that -- knowing that you're not alone was incredible for us and we wanted others to know that they weren't alone either. >> reporter: these days their facebook pages speak to the occasional sighting of their beloved daughter and their social media star -- their dog your dog, beast, ruled the roost. >> correct. >> how is beast handling his new little sister? >> you know, beast is moping a little bit. but he loves her, too. he just realizes that it's not all about him anymore. >> so beast has his own facebook page which raises questions -- will max have her own facebook page? >> max will have her own facebook page but she'll need to wait until she's 13, until she
7:46 am
daughter of mark zuckerberg. >> exactly. she has to follow the rules. >> i told my daughter 23. >> she was legally required to have a facebook page. >> she's impressive. >> incredibly incestive. hard worker. she is a practicing pediatrician. also involved with a primary school in east palo alto. very accomplished in her own right, to say nothing of her husband. just ahead, why mark regretted her decision to ask her dad to rap. carson is in the orange room with big news for harry potte my mother passed 2003 in my freshman year. but she always told me i don't care what happens. i don't care if you turn out to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree. sometimes i call the house just to hear her voice. (phone ringing)
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it has only the gentlest cleansers. it just made me feel good. this is dove. you know what that means? >> harry potter? >> no. the orange room. >> j.k. rowling has given us a
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more magic up her sleeve. this morning her official fan site, pottermore is launching a new experience for you potter fanatics. head to right now to learn all about the choices you'll be making in your journey to discovering your very own patronus charm. morning. >> we were asking carson before if his kids have done the whole experience. he reminded us that they shoot "the voice." they're there every day. >> they're there all the time. they've got all the wands. >> they have to pay every time they go in. >> the wizarding world kind of moves through the sound stage of where we shoot "the voice." >> nice perk. just ahead, we're celebrating a special occasion. one month of our adorable little friend, charlie.
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, fashion with a purpose. >> i am a huge fan. like number one fan. >> i came up with one of my design a new look. just what i hoped. >> that's so good! >> and give back to a cause close to my heart. plus, it's a puppy party. our little buddy isn't so little anymore. we're celebrating charlie's first month here in studio 1a with a look back at all the fun we've had. and -- the queen is back.
8:01 am
is here debuting a brand-new song, "today," thursday, september 22nd, 2016. good morning to our friends and family in alabama! >> sacramento! >> new york city! >> we're on the "today" show! woo-hoo! >> celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary on the >> his 53rd birthday. go royals! >> i'm celebrating my 21st birthday! woo! hi! good morning. morning, everybody. 8:00 on "today." it is thursday, september 22nd. what a sweet crowd we have out on our plaza this morning. the weather is beautiful. the sun is shining.
8:02 am
absolute epic classic. >> this is duran duran. i was thinking about you when i did my throwback thursday pick going back to may of 1982 when they put this song out. it wasn't sung on u.s. charts at all. until they put out the video. >> did a lot for my heart though. good story. we're going to put on a special fashion show. this morning, how to make the outfits that you wear to work tror town. a lot to get to in this half-hour. but first, it is time for a check of the morning's top stories. it is time for the news at 8:00. i'm gabe gutierrez in charlotte, north carolina where the governor has declared a state of emergency bringing in the national guard after a second consecutive night of protests. this is the nascar hall of fame, one of the hardest hit places as peaceful protests quickly spiraled out of control.
8:03 am
charlotte as protesters clashed with police for the second night. one person shot and on life support. police cars vandalized. journalists attacked. the protests started pretty early but it was a very tense atmosphere in downtown as demonstrators ran across that heavy police presence outside this hotel. how is the frustration right among this crowd? >> because the police are standing here, not allowed to speak back to us. at least say, "we understand." >> reporter: the city on edge overflowing with outrage and grief, uniting in the name of keith scott, african-american man gunned down by police tuesday. this morning, scott's wife remembering him as a loving husband, father, brother and
8:04 am
called for peaceful protests. questions still swirling around her husband's death. >> we've got shots fired. one suspect down. >> reporter: overnight police sources confirming to nbc affiliate wcnc this witness photo shows a gun at scott's feet, parentally taken moments after the shooting. >> they were instructing the get out of the vehicle to drop the weapon. >> reporter: the picture possible claims that he was armed. >> it was no gun. it was a book. >> reporter: and this woman says she witnessed the confrontation and tells a different story. >> he walked to the back of his truck. just like this. he asked the police, what is going on, what is the problem. next thing you know, i couldn't hear what they said, but then he got shot four times. >> reporter: the officer who pulled the trigger identified as brentley vinson, now on paid leave. his actions sparking turmoil on
8:05 am
protects. the mayor saying that today she will personally review body cam and dash cam footage from the scott shooting incident. but the police chief says that video won't be released yet because of the ongoing investigation. the concern, what happens tonight. >> indeed. gabe gutierrez, thank you. the woman whose husband is charged with saturday's bombings in new york and new jersey was headed back to the u.s. overnight. officials say she traveled to the middle east before the attack. she is considered a possibl authorities say. the fbi also wants to speak with other potential witnesses. two men who found the suitcase containing an unexploded bomb on that manhattan street. they took the luggage which could hold forensic evidence leaving the device behind. meantime, new video has surfaced showing chaos just blocks away where a bomb exploded, injuring 31 people. yahoo! reportedly set to disclose a massive data breach affecting millions of users.
8:06 am
last month that he gained access to 200 million yahoo! accounts. he was offering passwords and birth dates for sale onside. confirmation of the hack could come this week. it could complicate yahoo!'s pending sale of its core internet business to verizon. coming up, we dive into the world of high fashion. i got to design a shirt and do then, my, how he's grown. we're throwing a party for charlie on his one-month anniversary here on the "today" show. and it is the holy grail of marilyn monroe memorabilia, the iconic dress she wore to sing happy birthday to president kennedy. guess what? we have it this morning. you old el paso mini taco boats have it so good today. yay! grandpa story time! we used to be all ground beef, but now anything goes in old el paso.
8:07 am
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8:09. good time for "trending." you ready? you should see this video. a pilot's unbelievable brush with death. it was captured on camera. it is going to be hard to watch for some people. happened on sunday at the national championship air races in reno, nevada. that's tom richard sitting in his aircraft on the runway. he shuts off his engine because it wasn't message failed to reach his competitors. watch from behind here. that is a plane attempting to takeoff. it comes right from behind and slices through a portion of tom's plane. impact so powerful it spun his plane around leaving tom in shock. he was able to walk away with just a hand injury. said he isn't upset over the incident, just considers himself
8:11 am
the other person is lucky to be alive. >> terrifying. as we all know, it is hard for a politician to admit a flaw, right? but president obama is acknowledging one of his vices in the latest issue of "vanity fair." "i curse more than i should and i find myself cursing more in this office than i had in my previously life." that's understandable. be more sarcastic than the public might think. i feel like i can relate to that. >> you curse a lot? >> i wouldn't say a lot. >> there's really not a good transition to this next story. let's just drive in. shall we? city of philadelphia trying
8:12 am
people from, shall we say, relieving themselves on the walls in the subway system. it is a paint that splashes any liquid back on to the person. you get the idea. you stand there, carson, you're trying to go. and everything bounces right back on you. paint is already in use in san francisco. they are trend setters out there. this video was tweeted demonstrating how the paint works using a bottle of water. watch it again. officials in the bay area say the paint's been 95% successful in discouraging potential offenders. >> okay. i love when science comes together to create something we can all benefit from. >> i'm rubber, you're glue. >> carson, you are curious. thinking through the ramifications. i'm going to start with a new song that hoda's been playing on repeat. >> savannah loves.
8:13 am
"forever country." it stars some of the biggest names in country music. ? and i will always love you ? ? i will always love you ?? >> the mashup. >> there you go. that was "take me home country road," "on the road again," and "i will always love you." they're doing that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the country music awards. speaking of country music,
8:14 am
power couple, tim mcgraw and faith hill. yesterday was faith's 49th birthday. an instagram tim posted this photo of her. >> is this an all-country edition of "popstart!"? >> almost. yeah. except we're going to make a weird transition to "dateline." congratulations are in order to our friends at "dateline." the nbc show facing a landmark celebrating 25 years on the in an upcoming issue. the issue of "people" magazine is set to hit newsstands nationwide tomorrow. >> at your party when lester played the base? >> 25 years, that's pretty awesome. part of your history as well.
8:15 am
musical hits. but maybe his teenage daughter didn't quite know all of that. on the dan patrick show she challenged her dad to rap on the fly. she ended up regret being it. >> i'm your 45-year-old father and i got to rap, you keep misbehaving i'm going to give you a slap. that's called a spanking. later on in life you're going to thank me. what i g to be good for you and if it's not your butt's going to be black and blue. >> jason's wrap sign. >> apparently that rap didn't take the direction that she expected. that's your "popstart!." >> wow. lot going on. now to our ongoing series "today's original," each of us teamed up with a company to specially create a project for charity. >> we all last month al brought
8:16 am
let's have another one. now i get a chance to do it. like a lot of you out there, i love clothes. i wanted to do something inspirational, too. i paired up with one of the coolest fashion lines around to design something that's near and dear to my heart. ?? >> reporter: so my "today original" is going to be an inspirational t-shirt, something that not only looks good but feels good. i decided to team up with a company called spiritual gangster. their whole mission is to spread positivity into the world but also really make a difference. one t-shirt at a time. spiritual gangster is the brain child of husband and wife team ian and vanessa, former yogis turned fashion entrepreneurs. >> we used to have a chain of yoga studios. i would teach yoga to hip-hop music. i was walking around class and a friend of might be goes, you're
8:17 am
>> reporter: the name became their brand. it is a slogan that inspired. >> i like to say it was a movement in disguise of a clothing company. it is really sharing what you love with others in a non-preachy way. >> reporter: profits of each sales go to a charitymakering it the perfect fit for my project. >> i am so excited. i'm about to do my pitch meeting for my t-shirt idea. hi, vanessa. it is savannah from the "today" show. i am a huge fan of spiritual gangster. like number one fan. >> no way! >> so i was thinking that maybe we could do a t-shirt together. you have this muscle tank top that i have a couple of. i really love. >> absolutely. i'm so excited to hear your idea. >> i thought our t-shirt could say "like you." it is just something that sends something positive into the world.
8:18 am
>> i love it. i love that it is about self love and confidence. >> reporter: they're mantras that vanessa and ian takes their own kids. >> would you guys wear there to school? >> reporter: all serve as inspirations for the brand. >> i always wanted to design for my daughters, here that you wouldn't buy? is there anything you wouldn't be wearing? >> good critics? >> very good critics. >> too good? >> probably a little too good. a little too rough with me. >> reporter: now i was about to see my shirt brought to life. looks great! just what i hoped. that's so good. >> reporter: using my slogan, they designed two tanks for women and two tees for little girls. can't leave out my little daughter, vail. >> you glad?
8:19 am
>> you're hire! >> reporter: even better, all profits from my shirt will go to feeding america. it feeds 46 million americans every year. >> great karma when you buy these shirts. >> yes. exactly. karma's free. >> reporter: i loved it, but would the buying public? >> i like you! >> reporter: we hit the streets to find out. >> what does it mean to you? >> like good vibes. >> like it's relatable. >> what do you think of the slogan? the idea was to send something positive into the world. >> like you. >> makes you smile. >> it's fitted. well, some people it's more tighter than others. >> reporter: so far, so good. we popped in to this boutique. she could use something. so much better. like you, too.
8:20 am
>> s.g.! >> look what we got. >> it's just your size! >> put it on, matt. we have women's and babies. or little kids. super cute and we're very -- >> so soft. >> how could we get them? >> go to and it will link youo i think it is $38 for the woman's tank and then $24 for kids. they are actually donating every single penny to charity. they are a great up and coming company. these are also available at the shop at nbc studios here at 30 rock. everybody at work, i'm going cross the street and getting us some shirts after the show.
8:21 am
>> you really didn't get anything from that story, did you? >> i think you should make some men's, too. >> maybe they will if it catches on. it is really fun. if you buy one and -- how it looks, post it and we'll use the #likeyou and try to get it going. >> we're posting already. >> it is simple expression. i agree, it is a happy feeling. >> ready for the first post? >> done. >> terrific. le got going on. a lot of wet weather making its way through the plains. we have been watching overnight and we'll continue during the day today. these strong storms that are firing up through the upper midwest where we've had anywhere from 8 to 12, 13 inches of rain. south of minneapolis that's going to continue today. we've also got a lot of warm weather from the desert southwest through the southern plains, in to the gulf coast with temperatures in the 90s. feels-like temperatures getting
8:22 am
northeast. we will see cooler weather coming as we get into the weekend but meantime we are watching flash flooding in the northern plains. heavy rains in the intermountain region, high heat and humidity through the m thank you, al. today marks one month since we welcomed little charlie into our
8:23 am
13 pounds. while learning a lot of new tricks and making some friends along the way. it's time to meet our puppy. let's have a drum roll, please! >> oh! hi! hi, buddy! >> hi, sweetie! >> we've been having so much fun getting to know him. you're a puddle of mush now. >> me >> he's very lovable, very calm. >> good boy, charlie. he's nothing. there's no response. >> he's getting used to everything that is involved with being on tv. >> this is our little boy. this week we introduced him to standing up on cue. he's also learning how to put
8:24 am
ride. >> how about this one? charlie has also been learning to swim. >> our entire professional careers we've been trying to get into "people" magazine. >> charlie is 10 weeks old for those of you who might be curious. >> little boy's all grown up. >> we all fight over him all day long. we want to hold him. so do all the celebrities that come by the studio. >> they go nuts for >> you cannot have charlie. charlie stays. >> we're here with olivia popp, charlie's. youer razor. how's the month gone? >> oh, my gosh. incredible. he's learning so much and he is so excited to come to work every day. he loves everyone here. >> what are some of the skills he's already gotten? >> yeah. his basic obedience started.
8:25 am
so -- yes. it's able to focus on me as opposed to what's going on. >> he can sit. what other things is it. >> he can sit, he can lay down, he can stand up, he can come to my left side with the cue heel. he can come to my left side with the cue side. >> he knows the backstroke, the breaststroke. >> exactly. >> pretty cool. >> he has such a nice personality. i mean not all puppies are created equal. would you a special puppy? >> well, i'm pretty biased but i think so. >> as he is now getting a little bit older the training is going to ramp up a bit. right? >> correct. the older he gets, the longer he can concentrate, the longer his attention span is and the longer his training sessions can be. because he loves it so much. >> will there be a moment you'll start to hone in or specifically train for something? >> he's really going to tell us that. whatever his strengths are will help us determine what kind of
8:26 am
>> we've had a great month with you guys. learn more at just ahead, a live performance from [ ping! ] the new iphone's finally here! and you can get it on any network. but why would you? u.s. cellular's got a great new plan, and we put towers where the other guys didn't -- you go. [ cellphone ringing ] is that you? 'cause like i said: u.s. cellular's signal is strong. so you might want to put your new iphone on silent. mother: hi, honey. it's your mother. -dude. -why is it so dark? at last, get the new iphone with a great deal -- seven gigs of data per line for just forty-nine dollars a month
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. to the north and west in wisconsin... we cannot dry out. heavy rain continues to swamp the region. just over the border near minneapolis... flooding shut down parts of i- trempleau county...
8:28 am
in just a couple of hours. river banks overflowed... and washed out roads.the area is already recovering from heavy rain fall and massive flooding from earlier in the season. governor scott walker this summer delcared eight counties under states of emergency due to flooding.
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a thursday morning. it is the 22nd day of september, 2016. that is the music in the winner idina menzel. she's going to treat us to a live performance in just a little bit. >> one of my favorites. then we've got a remarkable piece of both presidential and pop culture history. look at that. that is the dress worn by marilyn monroe when she sang happy birthday to president kennedy. it is about to hit the auction
8:31 am
fall styles you can wear to work, then you can tweak and rock out at night. how about that? but first, how many times do you get to walk out of the building on to the plaza with the fastest man alive? usain bolt is here with us in new york. after his unprecedented winning triple-triple gold. that's the third straight olympic games he's done that. it is great to have you here. been doing since rio. >> i've just been -- first of all, i went on vacation. that was the first thing. but just been trying to relax as much as possible. i'm on tour promoting right now. >> when was that great photograph of you like smiling. when you actually laid eyes on
8:32 am
it was a good photo. people were saying why were you smiling? i was just like, i was happy. >> why not smile? so the olympics, which were amazing and history setting, were one thing. but you're not done yet. you're done with the olympics but you are going to do worlds. why did you decide to do one more? >> for me, london, the atmosphere was wonderful. i was like you know what? let's do one more worlds because it is back in l great atmosphere. >> once you do retire, you are still connected to your home in jamaica. talked about wanting to build a clinic. tell us more about that. >> for me when i was growing up, the biggest problem for small athletes was getting injured. we didn't get the medical care, especially being from the rural area. i decide to build a building so it will be cheaper for younger ones, make it much easier, then they can get better care. because i have great connection.
8:33 am
quickly and get on track. >> we have had such a good time watching you run. we really have. you've been a joy, usain. congratulations. fastest man alive, usain bolt. >> we are all star struck. al is across the street with a check of the weather. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by ocean spray. enjoy the great taste of ocean spray, any time, any it's the 12th year we've been checking out the ocean spray cranberry spot. your cranberry farm is in new jersey. >> right across the river. >> what is it about this passion? you've got six generations and you've got your kids back here. seven generations of cranberry growers. what is it about cranberries? >> it is a passion for our family. our family's been doing it seven
8:34 am
way our ancestors did. it is pretty special. it comes from the heart. >> pretty cool. by the numbers, we have one ton of fresh cranberries out here. each year americans consume more than 400 million pounds of cranberry. to steve's family, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. let's show you what we've got happening as far as your weather is concerned. we are looking at your weekend ahead. you can s outlook," we've got sunshine making its way through the gulf coast. we've got some wet weather, northern new england. we are also looking at a lot of wet weather on friday back through the plains. saturday, sunshine along the eastern part of the country. though a few showers down through the south. look for heavy thunderstorms in the mid plains, sunny out west. sunday -- sunday -- we expect to see that sunshine continuing around the great lakes, but flooding rains through the gulf coast, central texas on in to the mid mississippi river
8:35 am
>> and that's your latest weather. all right, al, thank you very much. now one of the most famous renditions of "happy birthday" ever. ? happy birthday to you ? ? happy birthday mr. president ?? >> that of course, marilyn monroe performing at president
8:36 am
>> her dress that she was wearing right there is going up for auction this november. right now it is on display at the manikin contemporary museum in new jersey. >> here with more on the dress and auction, mark nolan, the executive director of julian's auctions. good morning. it is the holy grail! >> the magna carta! >> it is everything. it is fashion, it is art, it is history, it is political, it is hollywood, it is marilyn monroe, it is president kennedy, is 2,500 beads on nude gauss material. she wore nothing underneath this when she sang happy birthday, president kennedy. 15,000 people attending madison square garden, a democratic fund-raiser. mrs. kennedy wasn't there. she went actually horse riding in virginia was marilyn was singing happy birthday to her husband. >> you have this great piece of memorabilia. it comes with a story. it is political. it is pop culture. this has got to be one of your best items ever.
8:37 am
this is the most iconic item we could ever bring to the auction block. this is my wish list. it is coming true. we estimate $2 million to $3 million. it sold in 1999. has never been seen in public since then. 54 years since marilyn sang "happy birthday." sadly, she passed away a few weeks after this performance and was never seen again after this performance. this dress will sell on november . marilyn monroe items. but this of course takes center stage. this should sell for more than $5 million now. it is truly the most iconic and storied piece we'll ever bring to the auction block of marlin memorabilia. it will go to ireland, then back to julian's auctions on november 11th.
8:38 am
i have never seen him so excited about anything. anything! martin, thank you. >> thank you so much. coming up next, more fashion. nothing can compare to that, but we'll tell you about some styles you can rock all day at work, and then how to transform them into a night on the town. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ?? there's a cool, new spin on one of vorite lotto games. it's supercash! five'll get ya six. throughout september purchase a $5 or greater supercash! ticket and receive a "bonus play ticket" with two additional plays for the next drawing. only during september!
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> announcer: style" is sponsored by jcpenney's. get your penny's worth at jcpenney. we are so excited around here. this morning we are talking about styles that rock. "today" contributor jill martin is here with a day and night fashion show. jill, good morning. >> good morning. i'm all about shopping in your closet. we all have these basic items you can take to day to night in a flash.
8:41 am
office set and the nighttime office set. >> cubicle to cocktail. this is all about mixing and matching prints, staying on trend at the office, and then going out at night. this is moon and ray. you see for the office look, you pick similar colors and similar patterns and pair them together to make them office appropriate. then at night, i mean look at this. it is a printed leather skirt with this fabulous sequin top. you can mix and match textures. also if you can take their as well. the trick to this, pick like colors, then mix textures. >> if our models today look alike, it is because most of them are twins. >> i had to memorize the outfits. most of them are identical. >> ladies, thank you so much. our next trend is leather. we all love leather but sometimes that can be a challenge for a work look. >> absolutely. you can go too far. this is katherine and elizabeth.
8:42 am
might have in your closet. maybe get a blazer or a belt accessory that has a leather accent. you see on the blazer, the arms, the collar. it is a little bit of leather. this is actually faux leather which is actually totable acceptable now as well. >> i dream of wearing those pants one day. >> you will. >> not until after december. >> t hardware. pairing with lace. mixing and matching to make an outfit have a lot of interest to it. >> i like how the lace makes it kind of sweet so it balances out the leather. >> i think one thing should be festive. pick one thing. so that it is not over the top. >> our next is the white button-down, also one of my favorite faves. >> this is carly and christina.
8:43 am
people have one in their closet. if you don't, you can really get one for an inexpensive price. with this, i love during the day a lot of faux fur vests. very in just to leave it out and throw it on. love that look. then i love it as cocktail attire. it is so different. >> you need a fancy skirt, of course. >> you can invest in one, then mix and match it depending on where you are going. but i love this. then just adding a belt to finish it off. you will be unique in a white button-down because a lot of people won't wear that to a cocktail party. >> thank you, ladies. up next, the rocker's tee. our ladies are rocking out. can you handle this whole situation here? >> the cutest. >> joy and june. we'll find out the other names in just a minute. we have a sean mendez t-shirt in honor of tomorrow on june.
8:44 am
skirt, a fun purse, a rocker leather jacket. this is awesome. fun and flirty. we don't have to take it so seriously. during the day i think there is nothing sexier than jeans, a t-shirt. then camo is such a huge trend now. >> i like that she's got the chunky jewelry there, too. >> tell me about these little cuties. >> say hi to everybody. our little rock you want to say hi, josie? >> hi! >> you want to show everyone your pose. >> and quinn, you want to say anything? >> hi. >> well, thank you for joining us. i would actually like to have josie's outfit as well. that is super cute. thank you to all of our models. great job, jill. coming up next, idina menzel performing live in our studio.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. tony award winner idina menzel is ready to tell us all about her life over the last two years the best way she knows how, through music and song. >> she's got a great new "idina comes out." >> that's my headline today. >> i have a lot of secrets. >> because she knew it was wrong right in the middle of it. >> i just pushed through. >> the other side of me, whatever that is. >> personal? >> it is the other side of me. that's what it is. >> so this is personal, it is introspective. as savannah said, it is really abou the last few years.
8:48 am
>> sort of crappy. can i say that? i went through a divorce. singing at the oscars. professional, it was a lot of dynamics and a lot of stuff to right about. >> you name the album "idina." it is like here i am. >>little bit of atti my name. >> this is truly your life in music. it is the most honest record you've ever made. >> yeah. i just tried my hardest. i don't know how not to be honest unless i put my foot in my mouth. >> everybody is so excited because you are doing a recreation of "beaches." >> people are going to love or hate me for it. we had fun doing it. a lot of young people never
8:49 am
>> you are going to do a song from the new album called "idina," not "idina comes out." ladies and gentlemen, dean that menzel. i menzel. d menzel. in menzel. a menzel. ?? ?? ? ??
8:50 am
?? ?? ?? ??
8:51 am
?? ?? ??
8:52 am
?? ?? >> woo! >> idina menzel, thank you very much. we're back on a thursday morning. but first, this is "today" on
8:53 am
8:54 am
idina menzel joining us for birthdays today. how about that? >> that's fantastic. let's find out who's on the smucker's jar today. happy 100th birthday to teresa biola of wyclef, new jersey. loves to spend her day outstores. chester elmore celebrating 100
8:55 am
francisco, california. says the secret to his longevity is having a positive attitude. great idea. happy 100th birthday to mildred wheatley of belmont, new york. she worked as a bus driver, then a senior citizen bus driver, not retiring until she was 82 years old. that's all right! connie frock. a world traveler from st. claire shores, michigan. visited every state of this great country of ours and all of nevada. 100 years old. ran his first marathon when he was 80! a happy 100th birthday to catherine fisher of washington, d.c. she loves to test her luck at the casinos. i love that. you know someone turning 100 years old, go to and make sure you include a photo. >> chester. >> good solid man. you're having a boy. >> chester. good to know.
8:56 am
baby. >> here's a good name -- idina. >> idina, coming out. with something. i don't know what it is. >> your album is coming out tomorrow? >> yes.
8:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside
8:58 am
check of the weather.. caught stealing from children... the former p-t-o presdident of a school in waukesha will be sentenced today. jaime cutts faces up to 10 years in prison 2 thousand dollars in fines for taking more than 14-thosuand dollars from the p-t-o at hawthorn elementary. cutts has paid almost 5-thosuand dollars back from the money she stole. the komen race for the cure coming up this weekend in milwaukee... and some cancer survivors who are participating in the run... ...are getting a boost from kohls. kohl's in brookfield is hosting a shopping spree for 60 survivors taking part in the event. the retailer will pick up the tab for the runner's footwear, clothes and everything else they need to
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning today a root beer float with an adult twist. yum right? we're going to tell you about a party tonight celebrating the best of milwaukee. and a live performance from a local band with a positive message next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? i think today is the first day of fall. today is what the 23rd? 22nd. yesterday was the day that song specifically referenced is that right? >> 21st.


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