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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  September 22, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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now at noon -- state of emergency in charlotte, north carolina-- after another night of violent protests. protests lead to gunfireall in response to tuesday's police shooting of an african american man. dozens arrested as the violence escalated and several people injured-- including officers.sarah rosario has the latest on the investigation, and the public outcry leading to last night's encounter. a city on edge for a second night. demonstrators in charlotte clashed with police
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grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowd. protesters tossing canisters back at the officers. "we can't get in there right now, it's out of control" hundreds taking to the streets with signs, protesting the death of 43-year-old keith scott, killed tuesday by police. "there has to be a sense of accountability on all sides."overnight loud booms s nt demonstrators running for cover. at least one person critically wounded. "i don't know they just shot somebody and he was waiting there and there was blood and then there's bloodo he's alive or if he's dead." authorities are investigating who shot the victim allegations one of our officers may have been involved.. the violence continue with several people injured including officers ... the city now under a state of emergency. the national guard rolled in early this morning to assist in keeping order on the streets.police justified tuesday's shooting saying scott ignored officers' commands drop his weapon" the video does not give me
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confirm that a person is pointing a gun. i did not see that in the video that i have reviewed. what i can tell you though is when taken in the totality is all the other evidence it supports what we have heard and gave about the circumstances what happened." businesses in downtown charlotte are accessing the damage and will begin cleaning up from the days of looting and charlotte, sarah rosario, nbc news. new at noon.two cars end up under trucks in separate accidents this morning.this accident near 76th and sheridan killed one person and landed another in the hospital. chopper four captured the wreckage near 76th and sheridan.according to milwaukee police, the car ran into this department of public works truck.the 20-year-old female passenger was killed. chopper four also caught this accident at teutonia and good hope -- this car ended up pinned under a truck -- the
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threatening but are serious. after morning downpours, yesterday was a dreary and very humid day with highs near 80, and scattered late afternoon t'showers. there is a flash flood watch in effect until 7pm today for areas north and west of milwaukee throughout the day with muggy highs near 80. scattered downpours continue tonight with lows in the mid 60s.the best chance for rain on friday is before noon, but a few pop up showers are possible through the afternoon. it will be cooler, breezy and less humid with highs in the upper 60s. saturday morning has a few isolated showers, then it is partly cloudy and comfortable with highs in the upper 60s and lower 70s. sunday is partly cloudy and
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afternoon showers. it's a soggy start to the fall season in parts of wisconsin.a home in vernon county is destroyed because of a mudslide following another night of heavy rains and western wisconsin-- flooding has made some roads impassable. several schools closed today while others delayed the start of delayed the start of classes. the national weather service issued a flood warning. emergency management officials advised against travel in clark county where more than 60 roads are closed. a line of storms has dumped heavy rains across minnesota, leaving businesses swamped and drivers maple grove-- so much water covered the roads - that people had to "push" their cars through it. and check this out-- severe flooding left cars submerged in minneapolis. decision 2016 coverage now wisconsin is looking less and less like a battleground state in the race for president, even as polls show it to be tight. republican donald trump has not campaigned in
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not been to the state since the april primary. neither side is spending money on campaign ads in the badger state yet. governor scott walker's approval rating remains the same, but is still lower than president obama's and fellow wisconsin republican and house speaker paul ryan.according to a new marquette university law school poll-- walker's aprroval rating is at 43-percent.president obama's is at 54-percent and speaker ryan is coming in at 47-percent.walker's approval has been around 40-percent ever since his failed run for pr the legislature's audit committee has approved a sweeping review of conditions at a veterans nursing home. the push to look into conditions at the wisconsin veterans home at king has intensified since the capital times published a story in august raising questions about substandard care and staffing shortages. the committee voted unanimously wednesday to order the state auditor to analyze complaints about care; compliance with regulations, staffing levels and revenue trends. a new report out on the
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country.the learning policy institute report found that a combination of low salaries, tough political environments and accountability measures are contributing to the teacher's causing some classrooms to be led by instructors with little experience.a standard university professor says in the last year-- the u-s was short about 60-thousand teachers. the department of workforce development reports unemployment in wisconsin dropped in most of the state's largest cities from july to august.right now the unemployment rate is 4- percent for wisconsin.that remains less than the national average of 4-point-9 percent. nationally-- the number of people applying for unemployment benefits fell last week to the lowest level since july.weekly claims have come in below 300-thousand for 81 straight weeks, longest such streak since 19-70.the u-s job market has been solid despite lackluster economic growth. more local news now a little boy is in the hospital in serious condition after he was accidently shot.neighbors say
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milwaukee police say it happened around 4 yesterday afternoon.they are not sure yet how the children got a hold of a gun.a woman was taken from the home last night in handcuffs but so far no one is facing any charges. waukesha police need your help finding an armed robbery suspect.investigators say this man entered a p-d-q gas station just before noon yesterday.he pulled out a gun, demanded money and made off with an unknown amount of cash. experts from u-w milwaukee will update us on the spread of the zika virus. presentation is tomorrow at 2:30 in mitchell hall and is free and open to the public. more than 40 counties and territories in the americas have experienced outbreaks of the mosquito transmitted virus. the north shore health department will not be offering nasal mist for this year's flu season.the department is following c-d-c guidelines saying the spray vaccine should not be used. federal and state health officials say the shot is more effective.north shore health services seven communities including shorewood and glendale. kohl's in brookfield hosted a
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all to benefit 60 people running in the komen southeast wisconsin race for the cure. the retailer will pick up the tab for the runner's footwear, clothes and everything else they need to gear up for the race. the risk of breast cancer" "so kohls is a proud supporter of susan g komen and the fight against breast cancer. since 2010 we donated $6.5 million to komen to help educate women about the risk of breast cancer"the susan g. komen southeast wisconsin race for the cure is this sunday along the milwaukee lakefront. you can still register for 800-thousand dollars. still ahead... contamined tap water.what's been found in millions of american's water and when a health assessment will be released to the public. then... major development.the plans for wisconsin dells and how it will help boost the economy in the popular tourist town. and... need help with a consumer problem?our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495... or request help online. just click on the icon... on the
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. he wants to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, costing seniors thousands out-of-pocket. don't let ron johnson turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors. not for wisconsin. today marks the first day of autumn.meteorological fall started the first of the month. as brian gotter tells us it's not time to bust out the flannel just yet, but how about the umbrella. meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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after two years in the making-- a major development will reshape part of the wisconsin dells.while it will serve the tourism industry in the dells- it will also provide services for residents of the delozier explains. good, good, we stay very busy. inside thompson's full bloom - business is not the only thing growing.we grow them all from seed or from cuttings.but soon - just up the hill from maria rosholts shop the economy of wisconsin dells will grow as a lot of great things going on in the dells.while the west end of broadway bustles with activity it stands in contrast to just up the street to the east.but we also recognized that there was
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residents that live not only in the city but surrounding our city.that will soon happen on this eleven acres where the indian trail motel now sits. gateway development from chicago is purchasing this property with plans to build a 42 thousand square foot grocery store and 20 thousand square feet of retail space.a key too is a plan to build 150 multi-family apartments on the property. while tourism is important to the dells - this project serves a greater purpose.obviously it grocery store and a retail area can definitely take advantage of our tourism but this is really a strong foundation to remind people that the dells is also a great place to live.the city has long identified added housing as a need to serve both seniors and the dells work force.a project better than two years in the making - they are ready to move forward.once completed - the economic impact of the project will grow.something maria rosholt knows something about.having more year round businesses
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year round versus just the summer season. to expedite the project the city has already looked at permitting and the infrastructure process.the developer will need to present the proposal to the city for approval. coming up... outrage over china's great wall. why a restoration job on the popular tourist spot has many people fuming. and -- waiting longer. why c-v-s delayed its curbside pickup program and when they
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some are calling it the world's worst restoration. the great wall with cement. officials ordered a 700- year-old stretch to be covered with a smooth... white cement trail.they were hoping to restore decaying parts.the repair work took place in 2014. but photos of the job were recently posted and have drawn some outrage. a new report from an independent advocacy group found hundreds of millions of americans are drinking tap water containing dangerous levels of chromium-6.the chemical is featured in the 2000 movie "erin brockovich."
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water of 2-hundred- 18 million americans contains high levels of the chemical.the e-p-a did not directly address the report, but a representative said the agency is working on a health assessment that will be released for public comment in 2017. yahoo is expected to confirm a massive data breach that recode reports exposed 200 million user accounts..this summer, yahoo said it was investigating an incident in which hackers claim to have accessed user names, passwords and personal information, and were selling them online. nearly five billion dollar sale of yahoo's core internet business to verizon. c-v-s hits a snag in its plans to launch curbside pickup.the pharmacy chain is delaying the program, which was set to begin nationwide today, until next lets customers order items online and pick them up outside stores in an hour.a spokesperson says so many people tried to use the app during the soft launch phase that orders became backlogged, slowing the system.
12:22 pm's first self-lacing shoes have an official release date.the hyperadapt one-point-zero will be available at select nike retail locations on november 28th.according to nike's p-r director, shoppers will have to arrange "appointments to experience and purchase" the footwear.still no word on how much they'll cost. coming up... popular up... coming up... popular campus. the university that's seeing record enrollment in the badger state. and getting into the holiday spirit.the celebrity guests who will make cameo's in this year's 'a christmas carol.'
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a grand opening today in the burnham park neighborhood. el se?orial mexican restaurant just open its doors for the first time. the owners invested nearly 6-hundred-50 thousand dollars to expand into the neighborhood. they expect the new location will bring in more than 20 new jobs to the community. another record enrollment at u-w whitewater.preliminary figures show more than 12-
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the fall semester-- which includes the largest first- year class in the university's history with more than 22- hundred new students.u-w system will release the official enrollment numbers next month.this is the 7th time in eight years the university has record enrollment numbers. the milwaukee rep announced today the celebrity guests who will make cameo's in this year's 'a christmas carol.' seven local celebrities will walk on during t ballpark pup, our colleague, jane matenaer from newsradio 620 wtmj... and our own susan kim. here's some video from my epic cameo last year. i was among those who got the unique opportunity to walk on during this holiday classic. if you want to see susan... she's offering a great deal. on monday, you can save 25 percent off tickets to
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code, winter. live at 12:30 is up next-- opioid epidemic. the program governor walker launched today to help prevent overdoses in the badger state. also... grilled on capitol hill.the answers congress are demanding from the ceo of the company that makes life saving
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thanks for thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. and i'm bridget shanahan.if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. wisconsin is looking less and less like a battleground state in the race for president, even as tight. republican donald trump has not campaigned in wisconsin in over a month and democrat hillary clinton has not been to the state since the april primary. neither side is spending money on campaign ads in the badger state yet. an accident near 76th and sheridan killed one person and landed another in the hospital. chopper four captured the wreckage near 76th and sheridan.according to milwaukee police, the car ran into this department of public works truck.the 20-year-old


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