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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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veronica macias is live in sherman park with how one victim's family and the aclu think withholding these videos is harmful. the aclu says withholding video can make matters worse - the father of jay anderson agrees. his son was killed three months ago by an officer wauwautosa. he believes showing it now would only spark more unrest. 134855 the way my son was shot. that don't shown right now it really don't. 134801 this summer jay anderson sr's son jay anderson was sitting inside his car at madison park in wauwautosa. his dad says the 25 year-old was drunk and had pulled over to sleep it off. 135251 when the officer drove up on him he was asleep and he knocked on the window then if that officer saw a gun then and there - he should have called backup 135303he says this past
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a's office told him a 20- second clip showed the moment in which his son is seen being order put his hands upnly anderson says his inebriated son kept reaching down. 135419 even though his fire arm was there - i think he was going for his telephone 135423 anderson believes showing the video at this point will only spark more unrest in milwaukee. the executive director of aclu here in milwaukee believes no time should be wasted in releasing video after key witness accots ultimately these videos from police officer involved shootings killings are going to be released . so it's better to release them earlier rather then later 124630 anderson sr tells me he wishes there was more video other than the 20 second clip from the police body camera. i called the district attorney office...but they did not return my call veronica
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a 30-year-old woman is arrested, accused of leaving a loaded gun near a child. her arrest comes after a 9- year- old boy was accidentaly shot by his younger brother yesterday near 20th and center. police say the case will go to the district attorney's office for formal charges in the next few days.the injured boy's family says the child underwent surgery, is doing better and recovering at the hospital. a wisconsin national headlines for planning to end her life.. has died.14- year- old jerika bolen suffered from a painful disease that prevented her from using her muscles. last month, after at least 30 operations, she stopped the medical treatments.she was in hospice care in sheboygan falls another step in the battle against painkiller abuse in wisconsin. governor walker signed an executive order that creates a task force to fight opiod abuse of pain relievers. the event held at a milwaukee walgreen's. the pharmacy giant
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program. customers can drop off unused medication by placing them in a disposal kiosk: (("so just make it a practice. everytime you come in to pick something up, bring something to drop off if you've got some in your medicine cabinet at home, because doing that could save the life of someone you love."))walgreens has disposal bins in 18 of its pharmacies in wisconsin, including several in our area. embattled health and human services director hector colon will keep his job. today, the milwaukee but colon did not get a full four- year term. instead, the board approved a two- year term. during today's board meeting, colon was criticized for what some call a lack of ?transparency?. two people are dead in the crash of a car and a milwaukee public works truck. it happened this morning at 76th and sheridan on the northwest side. both of those killed were in the car. no one in the truck was hurt. police are investigation what caused the accident. a second crash, around that
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person seriously hurt. it happened when a car collided with a box truck near teutonia and good hope. no word on what led to that crash. "storm team 4".. one person is now dead after torrential rains in western wisconsin. the victim is a man who died after a mudslide pushed his home onto a state highway in vernon county. the victim's body was found not far from his home. look at this scene from vernon county, where a road opened up and swallowed what looks to be an s-u-v. luckily, no injuries repo. football season is always big in kenosha--- but the start of this season is arguably bigger than ever.that's because bradford high school is unveiling it's new stadium for tomorrow night's home opener. that's where ben jordan is tonight. ben? a lot of hype here today at bradford's new stadium -- this is the first time they've ever had a football stadium of their own. if you take a look
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on right now, that's followed by varsity football. this athletic field has been years in the making and will host track and field, soccer and football. the stadium seats about 3100 people but tonight, they're expecting standing room only crowds. sheri vaccaro - bradford fan 55:05 this has been a long time coming. it's just exciting for all the past and tenuta - indian trail academy fan 56:45 it's the field, and the clubhouse and the track
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off to the big house after a fatal car wash shootout--- the violent story is straight ahead.brad pitt, questioned by authorities, because of an incident involving one of his children.more fallout and details in the brangelina breakup. and a massive security breach at yahoo... affecting hundreds
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade.
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breaking news now: chopper 4 flying over a very serious accident in dodge county. this is at hwy a-y and hwy y near mayville.((ad lib))no sure of injuries right now... more news now:sentencing in denver for a gang member, convicted in a shootout at a car wash. surveillance video shows dedric mayfield opening fire on a group of rival gang members... it happened just steps away from two young ?children?. the shootout left two gang members dead. mayfield was sentenced to five years in prison. he did ?not? fire the fatal shots. take a look at this: a woman
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dollar store in lawrence, massachusetts.... passing out with her two-year-old daughter right next to her. security video shows the girl screaming and tugging at her mother's limp body. the little girl is safe in protective custody. police plan to charge her mother with child endangerment. a massive security breakdown at yahoo.hackers stole personal information from 500 million of its user accounts.. the breach dates back to 2014. the stolen data includes names, email addresses, telephone numbers, birth, hashed passwords and security questions--yahoo is recommending you change your password if you have not done it since 2014. some of the nation's largest "for-profit" colleges are seeing ?steep? declines in enrollment. the drop comes amid growing competition, new regulation and government pressure, all factors in this month's collapse of i-t-t technical instutute. the "university of phoenix" and "devry" both reported a more- than 20-percent drop this year in their latest corporate filings.
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about an incident involving one of his children.people magazine reported that the incident took place on september 14th on the couple's private plane. pitt's wife, angelina jolie, filed for divorce monday citing ?irreconcilable? differences. september 15th is listed as the date of their separation. jolie is seeking custody of their six children. president obama paid tribute to film legend mel brooks, record producer berry gordy and many others at the white house today. it was for the humanities award ceremony-- morgan freem and jazz musician wynton marsalis were among those honored a toddler hurt while in his bunk bed on milwaukee's northwest side. charles benson is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.the injury occured after the two year old became wedged in between the wall and the top bunk.. tonight. the warning for parents about these kinds of beds..that's coming up new on live at 6.
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police found found themselves tracking a potentially dangerous suspect: a big ole bear. they followed him as he made his way through downtown anchorage. eventually, authorities were able to safely capture him and release him back into the wild. can't decide whether you want the burger or hot dog? no worries. here comes the "ham-dog"... a new innovation that merges both into one. the first "ham-dog" was nveiled in australia. its creator hopes to launch it next year... in the u-s. time for weather--it is officially ?fall?.chief meteorologist john malan joins us with our storm team forecast... john, the dog and i think it's still a bit steamy for fall. with heavier rains staying west, we can expect just a couple passing showers the
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remain cloudy tonight and some patchy fog will likely develop in areas seeing their fair share of recent rain. only widely scattered showers and thunderstorms are expected in southeastern wisconsin tonight. tonight will for late september standards, with lows and dewpoints in the 60s.with the main frontal boundary sagging south on friday, we'll have a better chance of seeing some showers and thunderstorms again. friday will also be cooler
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the northeast, off of lake michigan. highs on friday will struggle to reach 70 degrees. additional rain will probably be around a quarter of an inch. the first half of the weekend is looking have partly cloudy skies on saturday with highs in the lower 70s. a cold front approaches sunday, bringing a good chance for showers and
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key cog in their offense saturday against michigan
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packers defensive tackle brian price got a promotion today.. he was moved from the practice squad to the active roster while cornerback robertson daniel has been signed to the squad. the packers defense just two weeks in but already find themselves top in the league in run defense.and against the lions sunday they get a break after ameer abdullah was placed on i-r yesterday after undergoing foot surgery.but they'll have thir eye on
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anquan boldin... who's in his first year with the lions. ((4:53 anquan excellent player obviously long time in this league predominantly playing the slot and i think he's been very productive in there. just his instincts of knowing where the holes are. he's a powerful player as far as releases and creating separation at the breaking point so physical football player.)) ((they have really good players. it's almost some times just a simple as that. they've got really nice players on the defeiv their safeties are really good tacklers. so it's tough to get out on them in the run game. a couple of runs have broken here or there. but for the most part those guys have done a great job of swallowing up the run game.)) badgers kicker rafael gaglianone... out of saturday's game against eighth ranked michigan state with a back injury.
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of his eight field goals so far this season... including the game-winning kick agianst l-s-u.andrew endicott will replace gaglianone.endicott has never attempted a field goal at wisconsin yesterday we learned bucks guard khris middleton will miss six months with a hamstring the bucks traded guard tyler ennis for houston's michael beasley. beasley was the second overall pick in the 2008 draft.he has spent time in miami... minnesota... phoenix and most recently in 20 games for the rockets beasley averaged nearly 13 points and almost five rebounds per and the brewers trying to avoid the series sweep against the pirates tonight.that's
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nobody won last night's "badger five" drawing. tonight's jacpot is 53- thousand-dollars. coming up on "the now milwaukee" at 6:30:the 2016 milwaukee film festival begins its two-week run tonight. during the festival, more than
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want to get your tickets early. here's tonight's prime-time lineup: "superstore" kicks things off at 7; that's followed by "the good place" at 7:30. "chicago med" is at 8. "the blacklist" at 9. then, of course, it's live at ten.
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breaking news tonight. charges filed against the oklahoma police officer involved in a deadly shooting caught on camera. and tonight, charlotte, north carolina, under a state of emergency as violent protests erupt over a separate shooting there. hack 500 million yahoo accounts impacted in the largest data breach in history. plus, stolen e-mails rocking the white house. the first lady's own passport apparently leaked. terror tape. exclusive new video showing the suspect placing a bomb in new york, and what nbc news has learned about how much the government may have known about him before the attack. and the letter to the president from a 6-year-old, striking a chord across the


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