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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2016 10:00am-11:40am CDT

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this morning on "today's take," gina davis. and it is freaky friday which means you can win at home. plus al whipsp dinner for all weekend. all that coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this friday morning. september 23rd. billy bush, al and tamron. and we -- it is freebie friday. rihanna is performing in central
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metallica. usher. >> you got some tickets coming up in just a little bit. but another day, another round of bombshell reports coming out of the brangelina divorce. we know the lapd is not investigating. the fbi is gathering facts and they have the option because of the airspace. anything that happens on a plane falls under their jurisdiction. but a source close to brad i spoke to this morning who i made it clear to everybody involved on his side, he doesn't want anything disparaging said abou angelina. doesn't want to talk about this in any way. i thought yesterday -- i kind of wanted to hear from brad more. >> backtrack. you said the lapd is not investigating but the fbi is. what are they saying happened? >> they are gathering facts to see if they will? >> what's being reported right now that we can -- "people" magazine is zigging in to this. >> something happened on the
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this morning said nothing physical occurred. but there was a heated -- in a closed space like that, pa heated exchange between mom and dad. child services -- an anonymous call came in. child services is ruire investigate any kind of called, whether anonymous or not. so they are at this point. >> "people" magazine, the facts from at least their editorial director, jess cagle, told nbc the fight was really between brad and angelina. then one of the kids somehow got involved in this. it was somewhat, as billy mentioned, physical because they were in a very close situation. everybody was nose to nose but in no way was there physical contact. that's what "people" magazine is saying. but your sources have been pretty solid as well. >> but brad's not allowed contact in any situation with
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not allowed contact with the child in question, and also any of the kids. so he's in isolation there. >> the other sad part, something like this, there are no -- we have no hard facts. we have -- this is this, somebody said this, somebody said this. so until there's some sort of factual statements -- >> it's an interesting position to be in because we -- right? we try to gather information. at the same time personally, deep inside, i hope there's none to gather. >> >> but i hope they can go into separate camps and work it out. unfortunately, with brad and angelina, the modern day liz and dick, it is going to be a feeding frenzy and people don't have information, you know there is a lot of sources out there that will just come up with stuff. >> people have agendas. >> look. for those of us who are parents, we have all probably had a bad day. i'm not defending anybody. a bad day that if you take it as a single moment in time, you're
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days that i know myself i was not proud of myself as a parent. and that if somebody took that and used that, they could make a case that i was not a good parent. without the perspective and context and everything else going on. that's why i hate these things. >> they were on -- i told billy this morning, they are on a small plane so you figure maybe two pilots, somebody like a flight attendant and them. clearly someone on the plane is talking and passed to authorities. authorities are not supsed to go on to "people" magazine and give information. so whether it is pubcists or people they are clearly talking. >> local authorities were on the ground to brief them in minnesota when they touched down. angelina has not commented publicly since her attory tol the associated press she was ending the marriage "forhe health of the family." her maner told e! news angelina will always do what's
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so that we .ow > the otherhing that this d, went do youhink the two candidates who are preparing e commander in chief a doing? est dfir lives monday? >> as separate as they are personally. >> donald trump planning a rally in virginia ahead of the big debate on nbc monday. hillary clinton said to be studying. the last debate between president obama and mitt romney drew around 62 millionpeople. this will be air networks but hosted by our own lester holt. what's your guess? how many people going to watch this? >> 100 million people. >> for blood sport or because we want to make an educated decision. >> i think both. i think -- what's interesting, there is a nexus i think right here of just pure interest. and people are still -- still want to make a decision.
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>> this is the first time in such a long time we've had such a stark contrast between candidates. >> that's putting it mildly. >> hillaryaid -- she said it at a fund-raiser out in the hamptons not too long ago, i never know which donald is going to show up. i think that's going to drive a lot of the ratings, too. which donald is going to show up. he was on with o'reilly on monday. he was asked if he was going to get into some of the sexual indiscretions you brought up before about the past, he goes i don't know we'll i'll see how she treats me. she treats me well -- which is almost like a veiled threat. if i'm there, i'm going she's got seven people probably playing role of donald trump. >> they said she is preparing for whatever version of donald trump shows up. >> many of them could. >> all of them could. the debate is 90 minutes long. before with the republican debates, there were 16 other people on stage. it is just two people for 90 minutes.
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heads already. mark cuban, the owner of the dallas mavericks and the certified menace -- he is the "newman" to donald trump. mark cuban tweeted out he'll be on the front row to support hillary clinton. so mark cuban is on the front row. chelsea clinton's going to be there. the wild card, we don't know if former president bill clinton will be here. >> here's the thing i do know. if there is anybody who can withstand pressure around be down the middle and cool and calm and take this thing on, it is lester holt. >> absolutely. >> and donald has already tried to disparage lester calling him a democrat. >> which he's not. >> he's not. >> it shouldn't even be brought up. the political registration of a moderator shouldn't. i think if all else fails, lester could break out his base. play them off.
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9:00 p.m., hofstra university, monday night. the world will be watching as hillary clinton and donald trump face off. right now she's ahead in the national polls, but it is a tight race. there's so much movement. we'll see what happens on monday. >> you know what's going to happen for sure. at the end of it, donald is going to say -- >> he's going to say he won. >> seven seconds after the debate, "according to the online polls, people say i won in a landslide." coming up, the world's spiciest chip. >> who's trying that? >> the world's -- not one of the spice yes, sir. the world's. >> just one. that's all it takes. >> do we dare open this up and try it? >> it says fear the reaper. >> oscar winner geena davis is here taking on the exorcist. the trailer to this is just terrifying.
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"today's take." i think this is a very bad idea. >> this is a coffin. it says "there's no turning back once you enter." >> here's the good news. the serving size is one chip and it is only ten calories. >> and spicy burns more calories. so you don't have to worry about the calories but fear reaper. >> this is made with carolina reaper peppers. >> that's t world's hottdtest pepper units. >> one is $4.99. >> i have another hour of news i have to do on msnbc.
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you're on nbc right now. >> i think we should do the whole chip. >> well, good luck with that. >> fine. fine. >> that's perfect. >> if you want to do the whole chip. >> cheers. >> three, two, one. everybody goes. come on. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. milk. tamron, milk. >> i can't be on air like this. >> we should have picked that's tasty. >> no. >> do you remember this clip? put something on. play the clip. a few soon i did manage to pas caus sweating pretty profusely. >> yeah.
10:14 am
od. >>ou sure you can't get you a towel o someg? >> no, no i'm go. buea if the right person almehings mht be different. right? >> oh. yeah u' probably right. >> sorry. you mind if you go to the men's room? >> my hands are shaking. >> all right. we got to take the next story. al, seriously, did you eat it? >> you saw me eat all right. so the highest paid actors on tv -- >> why do we h conversation >> i think i took a big bite. >> who is e numbere r? ncis's mark harmon. >> executive producer, owns the material. he gets like 48 or something. >> number four.
10:15 am
$2 million. >> number three, "big bang ry's"imon helberg. $22.5 million. number two, "big bang theory," $24 million. number one, jim parsons, $25.5 million per season. >> that's $100 million in acting fees just for "the mad men." >> chuck lorre is just forking out all kinds of money. you guys doing okay? >>'m fine. m back. >> i'm not back. >> but you're from texas. >> i wasn't born a jalapeno. guys, listen. i realize you both are being macho here.
10:16 am
you grew up on -- >> come on. you're not back. you're sweating. >> it's hot! it's spicy. >> i'm back a little after the captain here, but i'm back. he was first. >> i think i took a bigger bite. >> here's the thing. during the commercial, let's eat the whole chip. let's eat the whole chip. >> you're sweating. >> yes! hello! >> i got some news for you. >> am i wrapped in fo? do you pull a little paper tab out of me? >> i can't believe we're trying to have a conversation after eating this. all right. let's show you what's going on weather wise. wet weather in the pacific northwest, we got a storm system coming out of the rockies that's going to be bringing some more strong storms. and those strong storms will also bring trole as we get
10:17 am
weekend. 90s through the gulf coast. into the southeast. cooler weather in the northern plains. 50s. and 50s in northern new england. in fact if you look right now on our weather map, you can see showers and >> that's your latest weather. sal? >> sal! sal! sal! >> can oh!
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"freebie friday." our give-away haso> absolutely. we are hosting the global citizens festival. right down the street. the festival coming together to end extreme poverty around the world. unity together. >> thanks to live nation, we're giving out three pairs of v.i.p. tickets to the sh >> let's go this way. you'll be in the v.i.p. section with me. we're going outside. i love that this is your first "freebie friday." al, wait until you hear how the people scream. >> they scream for free stuff. this is great free stuff. global citizens festival, that's about as big a ticket as there is. >> it gets very loud in very quickly. in about five, four, three, two,
10:23 am
>> hey! what's going on! hi! how are you? >> go ahead, tamron! [ screaming ] >> okay? all right? >> what's your name. >> shawna. >> fantastic. where did you come from? >> florida. >> there you go. you got two tickets. >> hey, shawna, i just gave
10:24 am
>> you look like you're 30! you kidding? >> i gave my tickets way down here. where are you from? >> kalamazoo, michigan. >> are you ready to party? >> absolutely. >> going together? >> yes. mother/daughter weekend. >> i was going to say sisters? >> right? love you. >> sure. >> tune in to msnbc for the global citizen festival hosted by this come right here and it begins at 3:00 eastern. thanks to ticket master, we'll give you a chance to see the events live. enter to win. don't forget to like us. for official rules go to >> just ahead, geena davis brings one of your favorite scary films to tv. >> happy birthday to you!
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check of the weather..
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counties now under a state of emergency due to extreme flooding...this is in the western part of our state... where some areas got more than 7-inches. a man was killed in vernon county after a mudslide sw more than a dozen schools are closed or delayed today because of flooding. in hatfield wisconsin... high water levels and a fast
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peppers. sal is not doing as well as he was. >> i'm fine. i really am. >> tt' comedy. lookt sal. he's got iream on top of >> he's so hot he's melting the ice cream. >> good luck, sal. >> enjoy your breakfast. >> paramedics are standing by. can you believe it's been nearly 30 years since we saw oscar winner geena davis in the 1988 hit "beatle juice." or the ride ride that was "thelma & louise."
10:31 am
their own." >> now in "the exorcist," she plays a married mom of two who is convinced something strange is going on. >> there's something inside house. and i know how this sounds. but i have 400 employees under me. i'm not a crazy person. >> i'm not saying you're crazy. >> it's a >> a demon. >> it's trying to take my daughter. >> what? it's so good. >> that gets really freaky. >> can i just read this to you real quick? molly, one of our viewers said, is it me or does #geenadavis look the same as she did 80
10:32 am
in the '80s. >> that's her. >> in the '80s. it's the peppers! in the '80s. >> thank you so much for being here. okay. i'm sorry. >> this is not a remake -- >> he's off of that. >> let's just move on. >> this is not a remake. film. >> well, yeah. and we would never want to try to remake -- that's the scariest morph of all time. but it takes place in the same world. it's 40-whatever-years later and, uh-oh, it's happening again. >> do we have linda blair's character only or does it then go to other people? >> no, it doesn't have linda blair. it is all new people.
10:33 am
to now other people, it spreads around the neighborhood? >> i don't know. >> you won't tell us? >> it has to continue. >> it does have to continue, doesn't it? >> is it hard to sleep after filming some of those scenes? >> no. we just try to make it so you can't sleep. >> the demon spreads. >> it turns out not to be just about this one family but -- >> is the demon the new zombie is what i'm thinking? >> that's a good point! >> that's >> demon is the new zombie. >> there you go. >> you should get points on that. >> that's the title of a show. >> that's it. >> this is very exciting. >> what turned you on to the project? were you "exorcist" fan? a scary movie fan? a gore - >> all, all, all. >> really! >> i lovecary movies.
10:34 am
ago -- or 80. but, yeah. huge horror fan. gore. i could watch anything. >> anything. >> anything. >> nothing keeps you up at night. >> well, the original scarred me for life. yes. because i was a kid. that's the thing. everybody remembers when they saw that. nobody said, i wonder mao old i was and what i was doing. it's life scarring, basically. and we're trying to do t >> well thank you. >> back to how graceful you look and how beautiful you look, your skin is like porcelain. you were once a manikin in the window at a department store? >> yeah. when i first came to new york. i knew i wanted to be in movies. but nobody told me you should go to l.a. instead of new york. so i was like how am i supposed to get in a movie? i worked at ann taylor first. we always wore the clothes. and they had a table in the
10:35 am
plastic food. and one chair was empty. i said dare me to get in the window? they said, yeah, go. so then i just froze. and a huge crowd started to gather to see like what is everybody staring at? because i looked like one of the manikins. and then they started hiring me to do it. at other stores. >> what was your record? is how long could you hold the pose? >> i used to do about a five-hour session but i take a break every 45 minutes. >> did you ever have a little kid in the window throw a -- >> we had all kinds of stuff! all kinds of stuff, yeah. >> you ever spin your head around in the 360? >> no. no. >> will you be doing that? >> i wonder if that will happen on the show. >> i love show geena always brings us back. >> back to "the exorcist." >> you look terrific for 94 years old. geena davis, thank you. >> this poor woman's tweet.
10:36 am
>> "the exorcist" premiers tonight on fox. very scary. >> would you like to try one of the clips if is. >> no! >> yes. >> are you serious? >> someone was standing by? >> geena -- we should tell her. >> you don't have to if you don't want to. >> it is the hottest tortilla chip ever made. >> how many do i have to eat. >> just a little nibble. >> are you serious? >> where is your agent? >> you got it. go. that's it, >> that's nothing. >> hold the manikin pose. >> you're turning red. your cheeks are red. she's crying. i see the tears. >> no. not affecting me. >> all right. nothing says fall like pork tenderloin and apples. >> geena, are you okay?
10:37 am
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10:41 am
>> she had ice cream, milk, sugar. check out our snapchat pages so you can see what happened. so this morning, if you want to come upstairs and join us for a delicious dish, geena, come on up. this morning on "today food," we've paired up with our friends at buzz feed to bring you one of a kind tasty videos. what you are seeing here is the sped-up version of a seared pork tenderloin with apples and onions. we'll slow you how to make this step by step. it is a one-pan recipe. a perfect reason to use your cast iron skillet. hard apple cidercider, apples, onon.
10:42 am
tenderloin? >> your buter it generally cooks pretty lean. you're going to put your pork tenderloin in here and sear this on each side for about two minutes so it gets some nice color in it. once that's done, take it out and you're going to put that on a plate on the side. in the meantime, you're going to take some nice sliced apples. it is great apple-picking time now. it is fantastic. some garlic. some put that all into this pan. you're going to cook this, i like to let it brown a little bit. get a little hot. and then you're going to take some hard apple cider. if you don't want the hard -- >> does that mean it has alcohol in it? >> which will burn off. put a little more olive oil in there. you're going to let this cook for a while. and about 15, 20 minutes.
10:43 am
you want it to get soft. once it is that, once you get your apples, that apple juice that starts releasing its juices, it is nice and sweet, you're going to take your seared is pork tenderloin. and you're going to take it and put it in the oven. 375 for 15, 20 minutes. you don't want to cook it too long. because again, thes so it's going to dry out. you don't want to spend too much time. once it is done, you take it out of the pan. then you're going to simply slice this up. it's just a little pink. >> the hard apple cider, it becomes less hard i guess -- >> yes. the alcohol will cook off. >> because it is sweet. >> alcohol will cook off. basically you will just put this on your plate.
10:44 am
salty from the pork and the sweet from the apple. >> you can smell it. the other great part is you got this great little compote of onions, garlic and -- it's just a really lovely time. we're coming in to fall. it is perfect. for this recipe and more, one-pot wonders from tasty and "today food," check out this weekend, here's your forecast. starting with saturday, the sunshine continues in the east. temperatures start to cool off in new england. we are looking at lots of sunshine along the west coast. heavy rain from texas in to the upper midwest. sunday -- sunday -- we're looking at more heavy rain throughout texas. that will be tough for all that tailgating going on here. looking for showers and thunderstorms in the central great lakes. plenty of sunshine out west. look for wet weather through the
10:45 am
>> and that is your latest weather. up next, you put the "buff" in "buffy and the vampire." the things that i consume on a daily basis, a lot of it is very acidic. the enamel on my teeth was actually weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much. my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help fight against that erosion
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at the young age of 19, missouri native charlie weber moved to the big apple to study acting, quickly made his big mark on "buffy the vampire slayer." >> now he plays frank in "how to get away with murder."
10:50 am
it is a different looking frank right here. >> yeah. >> how did you keep this secret? the shaved head and beard? >> i just kind of went into hiding for a few months. this is the first time i've sort of been outdoors in a while. >> how does it feel? >> great. nice to be out. >> what's changed in the world since you came out? >> technology's really taken off. it is really something to see. we are in the future. >> can you believe this election we're having right now? >> yeah. i've missed all that, too. i just have no idea what's going on. h know? this show has so many twists, turns and shocks. were you surprised at what was going on with your character? >> a little. we don't learn things in advance really. we kind of just -- it is sort of off the cuff. we get scripts sort of last minute sometimes. but some of the stuff with frank i discuss with our creator so it's not been a complete shock. but it's been a lot of twists and turns.
10:51 am
annalise. >> i've apologized both as frank and charlie to viola davis. >> it is flashback friday. we've been perusing around your social media page. you have an instagram post, popping your shirt off on tv since 1999. can we show this instagram post? >> yeah. at >> oh, my. that's 17 years ago? >> i titled it charlie weber popping his shirt on tv since 1999." >> i had a shirtless scene on "murder." >> do you do push-ups like billy and al? >> tighten the pecs.
10:52 am
i did it all for the character but i am enjoying it quite a bait. it is tough to talk me out of growing it back. >> that's your instagram. i've also seen online a clip from ellen degeneres when viola davis was on with ellen. she says she doesn't want to do any more sex scenes. >> i told her i would pick up the slack for her. we're friends. >> for the show. >> for the show. >> you are taking one for the team. >> and for the sake of viola, i will step into that. i'm >> is that a little tie clip? looks like a very expensive bobby pin. >> that's old school. very nice. >> that's for you all this morning. >> great seeing you. >> good to be here. >> charlie weber, "how to get away with murder" thursday nights. >> we didn't offer charlie the hot chip. >> geena davis told me not to. i feel in geena davis gives you
10:53 am
russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business
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in businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
10:55 am
was it bad? >> would you like to try the hottest chip in the world? >> i have a show to do. >> that's what i said. "i have a show to do." they said, "try it anyway." >> your eyes are still watering. >> we got geena davis to try it. >> you did? did she like it? >> i don't know. she's dead. >> we've got
10:56 am
10:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. if you're itching to if you're if you're itching to cast your vote in novembers election... no need to wait. early voting in milwaukee starts monday. there's a couple of different voting locations you can head to... like forest home library, midtown center, and milwaukee city hall.early voting continues through saturday
10:58 am
with your municipality, each voting districts set their own
10:59 am
11:00 am
this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's friday, september 23, 2016. klg is off today. billy bush, bog double duty. >> in the hour before, tried the hottest tortilla chip, comes in a coffin box. >> because when you bite it, that's it?
11:01 am
chip in the world. scratched my eye and had tortilla in the eye. >> billy was yelling for visine, seconds before the show. >> fighting a left eye blink. if you see a lot of left eye blinking you know i'm hanging in there by a thread. >> a lot to kick off the weekend. sean mendez is here singing a song for us. >> i had breakfast with him at my house. did a "breakfast with billy." most charming guy. cooked pancakes, interested in my father's recipe. nicest guy. the giroved him. screaming through the window. >> a young girl was watching and sheasobbing away. look at her. watch this girl. watch this girl. >> shaking. >> wait. wait, wait.
11:02 am
that's it. that's it! oh, and then -- >> my name's logan. >> logan. >> look at logan. >> look at logan. look at logan. logan can't handle it. [ laughter ] >> congratulations. >> i lovhe >> logan! oh -- he's worthy of it. if i'mn'dad. >> yes. >> i'm thrilled she loves sean ndez. he's the nicest ki >> what do you like about him? >> he'son not afraid to share the bumps and bruises. he's kind. >> he's cool. a cool guy. >> a cool kid. sprouted up, start add couple years ago on vine with a six-second song, sang a bieber cover. this little dude. boom. shot up. >> wait. medics arrived. saline. >> having a heart tack. right there. what i meant was, thank you so much, jerry, for this --
11:03 am
[ laughter ] >> i'm a mess. >> jerry, you'redollhe hilus je, llyhioneder hislled "dr. ken" n the guy's got dance moves. >> they're not that good. i've seen his -- don't tell ken that. speaking of dancing? a legend, three-time emmy-winning actress and choreographer, debbie allen. never know where she'll poup, on "grey's anatomy". >> and two women starting over in careers and good friend souci suzy welch is here, how to start over again. >> one is starting a bridal salon, right? getting into the bridal salon business. which is great. got to look good.
11:04 am
you're shopping for halloween costumes already. these are emoji masks. here's mine. >> i use that all the time. better than lol. >> laughing hysterically. >> i don't know how i got this one, but, here we go. [ laughter ] >> poop! >> that's a poop one. >> you got to like poop. just goes poop. >>ed only issue with these, and i want to be honest, i don't know if you can hear me, the only issue is seeing. right? >> yeah. >> it's not >> give poop a little kiss. see a little poop kiss. you just got kissed by poop. buy this for nothing. $29, $39, all kinds of websites. >> $39, it's nothing, for a thing. >> if that's all you're wearing. wear your own brown turtleneck and you're set. what did you do yesterday? >> every now and then you walk into a perfect moment.
11:05 am
walking out, minding my own business. ? do-ta-do ? >> i see hunk heaven in front of me. chris pratt, denzel, ethan hawke. look what's happening jnd, and the film's director. isn't that crazy? >> magnificent seven? >> scared to get in the picture. smiling, over here. maybe they're notice me, then i just jumped in. i found my spot. >> you looked l sean mendez. look at you! chris pratt is one big stud. remember? can you believe "parks & rec." >> he is something, by the way. update us on brangelina. >> yeah. the latest, source close to the los angeles count ip department of children and family services told nbc news that a child abuse allegation against brad has triggered a routine investigation. anytime they get a call, whether anonymous or not they have to
11:06 am
as well a source says the fight was between brad and angelina and then one of the kids somehow got involved in this. i can tell you i spoke with someone this morning working with brader close with brad hs giving -- id two thgs. one i don't want any comments are disparang of angelina, as at mom, or anyth like at. i want to keep -- he would love very much toeep all of this as private as possible. of course, that's not happening. also, made, nothing psical occurred. >> okay. >> from his side. but you get a call, you get a call. th, y know, the fbi is gatherin imation now, haven't launched an investigat gathering information, deciding whether or not to. air sp aviation. touche d minnesota. they're not fueling up. it's a big plane. >> interesting. when you think about i kw it's utine if something happening
11:07 am
fbi has million things to do. might even be glancing in that direction. but according to "people" magazine pitt admit h was inebriated and a source close to says they have not spoken since their split. >> sad. >> it is sad for the whole thing. the kids, everything. but hopeful -- >> no one knows exactly what's -- i said earlier, we're in the news business and so we gather information, but you know, if there's not much information to about good thing. hopefully they can deep as qui as possible and no one's engaging in a, you know, let's get ahead of the story tactic here. >> i think sometimes when there is a vacuum, when no ons talking,he either story dies down or sopelah ge tossed ar. one of those weird it either goes one way or the other. reached o to botht cationf chi abuse and hav't heard b on that for thewell-being of the chilen evyones acting
11:08 am
children, what's really in their best interests, t sources close to each of them not really saying anything. that is in the best interests of the children. speaking of chris pratt a second ago. you saw him. very different. a great comment recently about late-night arguments between spouses and lovers. a lover's quarrel. he says, the old expression, don't go to bed mad? >> i'm not so sure. f don't go to bed mad might rush into the wrong resolution. might be a form of sweeping it under thecarpet. he says, go to bed mad. fine. under the covers maybe a little toe touch. the toe goes over and touches the other toe. of -- you know, a beautiful lady and says, we'll deal with this later, yeah? we're good. >> what if the lady does the old, kick toe back? >> oh, she moves it back?
11:09 am
over. you know what? lo at allhe rls. you see? we've done the kick toe. >> what i she doe't kk the toe back andind of maybe circling her toe around your toe? >> if you get the toe linkage, that's awesome,ut more people are thinking that there is a -- kick toe -- >> oh, no. [ laughter ] >> the kick toe is winning out. >> i'm going to say never had a kick t andhat uld be lying. yeah.had a few kick toes. yeah. >> all right. so you guy, kathie lee by the way going to be at the genwich fse gat evenwine and foodon she going h hertu to benefit youman's the hole in the wall gang club and she'll be at the tasting ten, 1:30 to 3:30.
11:10 am
her out of the tent. ziggy marley, old crow medicine. a great show. >> never seen that. >> never heard o them in my life. greenwich wine and food, where you go. greenwich wine and food dotcom. >> she's there. coming up, famous for saying "toot ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats...
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11:13 am
ays your house looks ugly. you're my third best friend. kids don't know how to act fake. you're losing your hair. so we're learning to be more ke t removing artificial flavors and colors from general mills cereal. a dr. turned actor who now plays a doctor on tv. >> but to many, ken, always known as the outrageous asian$e mobster mr. chow in the blockbuster buddy comedy "the hangover" when he said -- ah -- >> season two, funny sitcom. "dr. ken," based on his real
11:14 am
>> is there anything else i can do for you? >> no. i'm just trying to spend more time with my patients to make sure they don't feel short changed. >> that's og. i feel like i got correct change. >> good. then we can talk about me. a lot of stuff has been going on with me lately. my resident julie left to do a pediatric fellowship and i tried stand-up comediality the laugh factory, alert! comments. comedy, medicine, we're going to do the most good. >> not that ken's loving his own show, that's leo in mustache. >> not wearing a fake mustache, glasses thing. david, amazing actor. he's not the ype.ot for the eyebrow and -- >> mustache and nose you can bu>>ken! lj?jeong. >> k
11:15 am
>> yeah. >> one in the show. right? >> yeah. zoe appears on the third and fourthdesso playing ve's stalker, my tv son's stalker, stares at him thr awindow. i think in a who episode. good initial aing gig. >> tshow is bed o your life? >> loosely b my life. i was-life doctor worki in -- in l.a. >> what kind of doctor? a ugly one. a al-lif doctor in gener meci?ne, like g loel bas on my lifeere. >> and y weigns off on all the storyinee >> yes. has become a collaborator, even more so this ye. my tv wife tonight on the premiere joins me at the hmo. it's about working with your wife and living with her outsi of life. yeah. >> and a second season -- >> it's a mle just to get a
11:16 am
second season is an embarrass ment riches. i'm so grateful. >> what's it like now being mr. hollywood? >> not much. i just work, go home to my wife and kids. it's pretty -- i try to keep things as simple as possible. so i work and go home. >> as an actor in hollywood for years, he laid low. >> he did? >> kim jeong laid low. not out there like you think, you know, partyin >> whether or not partying or not, maybe doing it in front of his bathroom mirror, i know you got dance moves. >> yeah. geeky, dorky. >> not like him. you and i wife dance some. but i heard your wife doesn't love the way you dance? yes. alwa accused me of being a selfish dancer. we go to weddings, parties, i never dance with her. i dance at her. >> maybe for her? >> that's better.
11:17 am
>> basically, yeah. ewbeats. you can just -- if you can do this little thing like that. ip do love that. >> number one. see your number two move. >> it's more like -- like this. i don't knf you n do this. >> your last move. >> it's more of the -- more of the -- the -- >> what is the world-class choreographer watching these moves? would you want input? >> you would never want to work with me because those are the only moves i -- >> or she. >> or she. >> look around. debbie allen! [ laughter ] >> debbie allen. wow! >> wow. >> oh. >> debbie what do you think of this? >> i'm not worthy. >> put you back at the trunk, honey. i don't want to say bad, but -- debbie allen. >> go. >> isolate. isole, honey. isolate. >> copy that. copy at. >> isolate. isolate. come on easy. easy. easy. >> keep that going. >> what was that other move you did? it doesn't have any function.
11:18 am
it's more of the lateral step. >> chill him down. >> more of the white man's -- >> no. you're not a white man. >> true. >> look at this. out, out, out. >> no. >> you got to -- debbie allen one, two and one two, one, two. >> i can do that easy. so easy. i can do that. >> premieres tonight. debbie allen is sticking around to talk "grey's anatomy" and so much more! for under $50. deluxe for less. a big comeback, after this. before fibromyalgia, i was active. i was energetic. then the chronic, widespread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves.
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made to flatter only at chico's and ?? ?? lilliana, you decent? billy bush is coming in. >> you had moves downstairs. >> yes, he did. >> they came out. bit. the trend we'll see is a classic?
11:22 am
these. like an updated classic. for fall back in a huge way. talking denim jackets and every one we show you today under $50. let's start with this one. this is on megan from unique glow unders 40ds for this one and a classic fit. hits right at the hip. got a nice, little collar. medium wash, goes with everything. >> do you ever put the collar up? >> i like a pop. do you like a pop? >> >> on a girl. look. >> way cute. way cute. >> over a sweatshirt, printed shirt, ankle boots, perfect to transition into fall. >> adorable. >> when the weather gets a little colder layer your denim jackets. here we have this one. actually available at under $50. warmer, take it off. cold, cozy up.
11:23 am
turtlenet, leggings and silver flats, polished, sharp and chick. so cute. >> yep. what's going on withthis? >> this is kindfest when it comes to denim jacket whimsical patches. shows off yr personality more. you can diy this. say you have an old denim jacket, purchased one vintage. you can buy t adorable patches. these are boyn com. pin the wherever you want. on your jacket. a little ink is so cool. >> your daughter would like that. >> yeah. flashback to theny, brscouts, when you had -- earn them en. >> you did. now you design for $10. okay. then this is one of my favor looks for the season. this is denim on denim. it's huge. celebrities -- >> remember when this was a no-no? remember when they said, don't do denim on denim. >> that's right!
11:24 am
>> that's it. nothing else. >> this is a gorgeous jacket from forever 21. more of a boyfriend hit. hits lower, looser. the cool girl way of doing a denim jacket. all we did, layer it over a sweater, a great button-down and distressed denim on the jean. a bit of contrast between the jacket? and the jeans. don't have the exact same tone. >> don't have to be the same. >> talkan on that? >> yes. t' try it. >> is this one piece? >> it's one piece. there' a slip. >>f ?¬, you're in a lot of trouble. >> if not, big trouble. >> look how cute you are. you're so cute. >> look. >> and it is. do you have one? >> ihave one and love it. got it from anthropology. >> guys can pull it off at well. his concert sold out in
11:25 am
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11:28 am
13 wisconsin counties now under a state of emergency due to extreme flooding...this is in thst state... where some areas got more than 7-inches. a man was killed in vernon county after a mudslide swept his home onto a highway. more than a dozen schools are closed or d today beuse of flooding. in hatfield water levels and a fast current oat to bre thay from a dock and go over dam. the boat is one of many that were swept away after flash floodiofficials say the boats will most likely end upat the bottom of the
11:29 am
11:30 am
>> announc: second act steeyl crby our sponsor, chico's. the ultimate fit for every body. it is billy bush is hping me out today. kathie lee is off. >> changing your role often means changing your wardrobe. >> and second act styles beginning with tracy cornett. tracy's been a stay @home mom 15 years and plans on opening her
11:31 am
>> a little girl's trip, because we're celebrating this next chapter in your life. tell us about that. >> i have three kids, and it's kind of time for me to goack to work, and create, you know, part of my future. >>old me you lik tor jeans and t-shirts. how are you hoping to elevate your wardrobe? >> i want to be comfortable first but i also want the peoe who work for me and the people coming to visit know that, you know, i'm there for them, and i need to stand out a littlbi >> ready for our mini makeover? congratulations. >> thank you. >> i like that. i don't know about, t dressy. like this, though. ?? >> all right. we're going to take a look. this is is what tracy looked like before. >> which is gorgeous. >> but we would like tracy, come on out. see you with your new look.
11:32 am
>> what? wow! >> wow. >> a lot of new threads coming in. >> jill, the second act look is hot. awesome. >> okay. >> well, i understand what you're saying, but we talked about it and she want a look to get into work and feel fabulous, but also put on a pair of flats, a pair of sneakers, you can make it more casual. these are mix and match pieces. everything is from chico's and to get to work, have to look chic as well. a cape. everybody should invt a cape for fall. like a and leopard. >> love that. >> suzy -- >> congratulations. laundromat opens in two weeks? correct? >> hopefully, yes. >> now i think, you're about to become a working mother. two pieces of that. >> yes. >> i guess my career advice would be around whether or not you've talked to your kids and enlisted your kids in helping you with that transition to become a brand new thin a working mom is a brand new ing for you t. is. i'm a little nervous about
11:33 am
guilty. >> yeah. >> not being home for everything. but -- >> there's going to be a new normal. you and your kids are going to get there together, and my advice, experiment with different kinds of situations that allow you to transition from being a stay-at-home mom to a working mom. there will be some chaos and to be expected. >> which we're used to. >> hit a home run. >> you look beautiful. good luck at the laundromat. what's it ca >> tlc wash house. >> tracy l. cornett. your name. i knew t. right. >> next up, donna hayes, registered nurse opening a bridal salon with her daughter. the daughter complains when she stops by the store in her scrubs. take a. >> very exciting, next chapter in life. tell me about it. >> i'm a nurse by career and recently in march we opened up a bridal salon with my daughter kaitlyn. her passion andame becy second career.
11:34 am
herself. we said, why not do it ourselves? so now my daughter, my 19-year-old, isching me the business of how to run this bridal salon. >> you told me kaitlyn is very critical of what you wear to work? >> yes. she makes fun of everything i wear and a joke, also my three daughters of what i wear. she begged me enough to wear these flip-flops today. >> how would you like to dress? >> a little more sophisticated, like i done just roll out of bed. >> s comfortable. casual, elevated and a little on trend so we could please kaitlyn? >> exactly. this is pretty cute. ?? >> oh, donna, get over here. >> come here. come on, donna. you look awesome. tell us about that look, jill. >> home run. love. ng denim jackets are in and took the belt off. you look dorg gorgeous.
11:35 am
may already have in your closet. everything from chico's. look how we changed the look? two looks for work and her daughter approves. yes. >> looks great. >> you look great. >> all right. >> you look professional and i think that's the role you're going to play. your dauter is a creative stylist, young creative genius and your role, mom, the professional ithe house and work with vendors. you look t.hank you. >> how do you feel? like a different person in a school ? >> yes. especially makeup and hair done. my gojob,guys. apprit. >>one-two punch right there. second, fouh acts in her life is not done yet. talking tbie allen. something new and great to share with us. >> after this. >> uh-huh. ? the juliet ankle pant from chico's the ultimate fit for every body the juliet ankle pdesigned to move made to flatter
11:36 am
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11:40 am
idol these days than shawn mendes. >> a big star. yum coming world tour, new album just dropped atmidnight called "illuminate." in a matter of hour?;?s, the nur one album in countries on itunes. >> here he is, swn mendes latest single "treat you better." ?? ? i won't lie to you ? know, i know he is just not right for you ? you can tell me if i'm off but i see it o your face when y say that he's the one that you want ? and you're spending all your time in this wrong situation and anytime you want it to stop ? i know i can treat you better ?
11:41 am
and any girl like you deserves a gentleman ? tell me why are we wasting time on all your wasted crime ? when you should be with me instead ? i know i can treat you better i'top me fn he can ? the second you say that you'd like me to ? i just wanna giv you the loving at you're missing, baby, just to wake up with you ? would be everything i need and this could be so different so tell me wt you want t do ? 'cause i kw canreat you than he can ? and any girl like you deserves a gentleman ? tee whyre we wtie easting te you should beit???wh me instead?
11:42 am
better than he can??n better than can ? i know, yeah, yeah ? oh, give sign, take my hand we'll be fine i prwon'i let you down ? just know that you don't hav to promise i'll nerver let you down stick with me ? use i know i can treat you better than he can anny girl like yleman ? tell me why are we wasting time i know all on your wasted crime ?
11:43 am
instead ? i know i can treat you better, better than he can ? >> by t way, ed sheerannd hn maremaurer from the first moment you met it was love at first touch and l yowanted to do was surround them in comfort and protection that's why only pampers swaddlers
11:44 am
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11:46 am
e sleeping arrangements. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. now you can. ? ? ? ? ? ? the best moment to be happy... the one happening right now.
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11:48 am
to sit way legend. talking about debbie allen. her name etched in our collecver m since s?<
11:49 am
from an '80s tv classic. >> got lleco andere is where you sweat. >> [ ught >> yes. >> yes, you . sweat! >> honey, i'm paying. i want to tellyou. i'm still paying. or -- >> i am >> enjoying the fruits of the labor? e work. m one of god's generals, field sergeants. field. raising children, and pushing the arts, and taking a big step right now with freeze frame, stop the madness, biggest thing. >> you have a couple of thin. talk about freeze-frame in a second. can we talk about "grey's anatomy"? billy was saying, it's like a second life for "gy' >>tis.? like a brand new show. i feel i'm ecutiverodu p a
11:50 am
q see .hohtometngas wrong. wanted to take a picture. i was flattered. >> missed it the first time around. 14, 15-year-olds watching it on netflix and bingeing it. based on something so ream. a lot of television i just not truthful, or fantasy. "grey's based on t real. shonda rhimes is home base for e's doing aer wonderful tngs sothingeople can hold on to something and see themselves in. >> talk about freeze frame. you've been talking abo this since you arrived today. say it's like the purpose of life's work. that's a lot coming from you. >> it's a lot, because i feel that i have been pulled into it. iky didn't do it. it's doing me. >> yeah. >> i've talked to mothers that m lost their childr. ed topolice. a very balance portrayal. it's about -- oh, it's everything that do it's
11:51 am
>> stage production. >> spoken word and about the violence g on in america righ now. it's t abo racialdi. it's an nt it's abo the sorry that' relevant. vie to say, i am sorry that i have to keep rewriting it. you know, we wakery morning shattered to more news about senseless loss of life. >> how long have you been working on this? >> probably actively aboutive years. but in my head, probably since i moved to los angeles to do the gang violence was so -- >> interesting story line, it's not changed in your head. right? this is about -- >> yeah. e headlines have, fl like, in the last couple of years -- >> not enough has changed. right now it's critical because it's election ye a what is happening? i mean, i am supported by the center formerican progress. coalition to stop gun violence. westfield is the only corporate sponsor that i can get, thank
11:52 am
thank god for the kennedy center. part of the john f. kennedy center centennial celebration, in his name. >> how can people seehis if they're interested in freeze frame? >> they want to go to the kennedy center website, with their october 27th through the 30th. on october the 29th whoopi goldberg is coming with lee daniels and nicole hockley from. phylicia rashad and michael. eric dyson, to have aanel p discussion and raising money on that ni bbiealan?c ade andl me at the e tke to raise money. this nee gods to to chicago to orlando, to every place - >> don?ou le debbi allen's passion? every time you come here you ve a purpose. that's probably whyouo young,relevance, u keep on going. >> konoioing
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
okay. this is "wagon wheel" by old crow medicine show. i said i didn't know who they were. >> well, here they are. we know. >> okay. is it okay or not? >> time for okay or notokay, to tout pricey beauty routines? >> revealingh h products paid for high products and beauty products.
11:57 am
>> hoda, many times celebs are paid to tout things. anytime touting things to make people jealous, i don think that's oka at l. >> great. i say if you hav the money, spend it any way you want. personally, i love oil of olay regenerist. tried it? >> are you getting paid for that? >> no, sadly. >> ah, yes. there we go. >> is it okay charlie took off earl forhe weekend? >> charlie,vebody cutut earlyn a fray. >> thank you. for remi&ba fun. some f plann this ekend. >> a littl fun, oh, yeah got a big week ahead. samuel l. jackson, mandy moore, hilary duff and debbie mazer. >> plus john cena and the beautiful bellas nicky and brie.
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- in person absentee voting inches closer.. cities are outlining their hours thanks to a federal court ruling. then - on the three-month anniversary of his death.. the family of jay anderson is demanding video leasf the shooting inlving a wauwatosa police officer that killed him. and another dreary day -- tells us which weekend day will have the best weather and your full storm team forecast. i'm bridget shanahan. live at noon is next
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now at noon -- mucipalities in wisconsin for in-person absentee voting which starts monday in milwaukee. some voters in our area can cast an absentee ballot as early as monday. at's when vo bidler buding in milwaukee. before rst prential debate lwaukee voters c ?@nday night ballots at midtown center... and forest home library... starting october 10. so can you change your mind once you've voted absentee? pete


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