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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  September 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - taking a live look at port washington. if you're if you're heading out tonight for football or maybe the film festival, grab a jacket. meteorologist brian niznansky joins us with the weather.... cooler air has settled in this evening and it will be kind of dreary out when heading to high school football games. we'll have mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of some patchy fog. there is also a slight chance of showers or
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be in the 60s. dozens of football players will hit the field tonight for friday night football. researchers are looking for ways to make the sport safer. new smart helmets are being tested in one florida school district. erika edwards reports. (football game nats)when the matanzas pirates faced their
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coast bulldogs ... one recent friday night... it was the first time in school history -- matanzas high school beat fpc in consecutive seasons. (nats cheering..)it was also the first time... each player on the field wore special helmets that recorded blows to the head... then sent the information like a text to trainers with alert monitors on the sidelines..."if our monitor goes off, we have to step off the field."the riddell insite the severity of the impact -- as well as where it occurs on the's not designed to prevent or diagnose concussions.... it'simply an extra set of eyes that may help identify them. "when the game is going on - there's 22 guys out there, and it's very hard to pick out one specific blow, let alone, maybe multiple blows that happen on one play."17-thousand student athletes across the country are using the new technology.... including those at one of the biggest powerhouses in college
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dollars each -- the helmets are not cheap.residents of flagler county, florida paid for their helmets by voting to increase sales tax."our school board was behind it all the way to give ourselves a chance to get that data -- to have something that can be assessed from multiple angles."it's another tool that can help athletes stay in the game they love -- and watch from the sidelines when necessary.erika edwards, nbc news. riddell is expanding the data collected by the helmets... which could someday give coaches and trainers are more comprehensive view of each player. a little boy's letter to president obama has gone viral. six year old alex, of new york, wrote the president and asked him to go get the five year old boy seen in a photo that also went viral.the little boy was victim to the violence in syria, and alex wants him to have a good home. "since he wont bring toys and
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will share her big blue stripey white bunny. and i will share my bike"president obama read alex's letter at a u-n meeting this week.for now, the little boy and his family remain in syria. more local news now- in mount pleasant, a boy was hit while riding his happened around six this morning.police say the boy was wearing dark clothes and did not have a light on his bike.he's going to be okay.the driver reportedly didn't see racine county sheriff's investigators arrested a man who allegedly wanted to exchange child pornography and have sexual relations with a nine year old girl.31 year old david baker lives in cook county, illinois.investigators arrested him in racine county. milwaukee police are looking for people ages 17 to 19 who are interested in becoming a police aide.m-p-d is holding several open houses over the next few weeks where interested teens can learn
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information. the director and producer of the "beware the slender man" documentary will be in milwaukee this weekend.the documentary is screening at the milwaukee film tells the story of the two waukesha county girls accused of stabbing their friend to please the fictional character named slender man."beware the slenderman" can be seen at the oriental theatre this weekend and at the times cinema on october 5th. donald trump has his sights set on wiscosnin. and he'll be in the area next's a tonight, we hit the streets to hear what folks in waukesha have to say about trump targeting their hometown. plus, what you'll need to do if you want to see the controversial candidate in person. that's new at 6:00. there are lots of fun, family friendly events taking place this weekend including harvest's at state fair park. it's free to get in. there are lots of games, activities, music and food. harvest fair runs today through sunday and grab a leash and take your
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tomorrow from ten to six on tomorrow from ten to six on the summerfest grounds. there will be an agility course, dock diving and even a doggie dash. still ahead: order a happy meal for breakfast? it could happen.but first, wisconsin's new state record for seatbelt
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more local news now- just broke a state record with the number of people who wear their seatbelt.a record 88 percent buckle up. tatiana cash spoke with the d-o-t and state patrol on how they are working to get that to 100 percent. "it's child passenger safety week here in the state of wisconsin, and the depant of transportation is using social media to teach vp?pparen the proper way to safely secure their children into their vehicles."although seatbelt safety usage is at an all time high in wisconsin, that doesn't mean proper belting technique for certian age groups is common
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we always talk abou tthe three e's: engineering, education, and enforcement, and a big component of that is education... it's very important that we do buckle up our children, we do secure them and we do it in the correct way. "dot has links to videos that teach step by step car seinstallation, but also links to find a seasoned ust simply having a child seat in there doesn't necessarily make them any safer if it's not installed appropriately" tracy, a mother of two, agrees learning this is important becasue your kids are always watching. never get into a car and not buckle up and i think it's just engrained in their habits. when they start driving i know they will be buckling up, when they leave my driveway""child passenger safety week ends this saturday. tatiana cash, today's tmj 4." nationwide, 89 percent of people use seatbelts so wisconsin is less than one percent below the national average. up next, we'll look at the new movies hitting theaters today. but first, here's a live look from port washington.
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cooler air has settled in this evening and it will be kind of dreary out when heading to high school football games. we'll have mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of some patchy fog. there is also a slight chance of showers or
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be in the 60s. the weekend forecast isn't looking all the great, but i guess it could be worse. most of saturday should be dry, but we'll inue to see lots of clouds and showers in the forecast. with an east wind, highs will range from the upper 60s right along the lakeshore to the middle 70s inland. everyone warms
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approaching cold front bring a very good chance for showers and storms, especially in the afternoon. a very autumn-like air mass settles in behind the cold front to start the next work week.
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"the magnificent seven" is a hollywood classic. the 1960 western brought some of tinsel- town's toughest leading men together...including yule brynner, steve mcqueen, and charles bronson. remake out this week with some star-power of its own. here's raphael seth with the box office preview. natdenzel washington recruits half of a dirty dozen in "the magnificent seven." this remake of the classic western unites washington with star lord chris pratt. they create a rag-tag team of outlaws to seek revenge for a widowed woman...and protect the town of rose creek. "the magnificent seven" is rated
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deliver bundles of "toy" in "storks." the wateowhave been repurposed as delivery drones for an online megastore. but when "junior" accidentally turns on the babyer, it produces one adorable little package that must be delivered before the boss finds out. "storks" is rated pg.natmadina nalwanga becomes the big one in "queen of katwe." this is based on living in the slums of uganda. david oyelowo plays the missionary who teachers her to play chess...where the teen shows enough skill to change her whole life. "queen of katwe" is rated pg.natinternet queens live big-screen dreams in "dirty 30." grace helbig, hannah hart and mamrie hart have millions of followers on their youtube channels. they parlay that into this comedy romp about lifelong friends throwing a blowout exercise their demons over
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theaters and on-demand.that's the box office preview, raphael seth, nbc news. the queen of katwe is also showing at the milwaukee film festival and it is sold out. still ahead: happy meals for breakfast?and the most toxic levels of e-cigarette flavors. here's what's on t-v tonight: it's the now milwaukee at 6:30 followed by "superstore", "gd ple", "dateline" and
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russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. narrator: listen to ron johnson on social security: johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. narrator: as senator, johnson's been working to turn it into one. wan he to privatize social security putting benefits at risk. and he attacks medicare -- would turn it into a voucher program, turn social security into a johnson: ponzi scheme. narrator: senator johnson. not for seniors.
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more news now....uber is rolling out a new feature today... to enhance passenger safety.the new feature requires uber drivers to confirm their identities by taking a selfie before the it's using microsoft's r says
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match drivers' file photos with their real-time selfies. in london, you can walk in the fast insurance company has sponsored a "fast walking lane".it's only for people who walk faster than three miles per hour and are not using their cell phones in any way. apparently englanders have confessed to regularly experiencing "pavement rage" which is walking and getting stuck behind someone who is on their phone. flavored liquids could increase the cigarettes.researchers found plain vapor contains its share of potentially harmful ingredients, but the flavored versions contain even more. strawberry, coffee and menthol flavors were most toxic to respiratory cells. mcdonald's is going to try serving happy meals for breakfast. customers will have a choice between two mcgriddles or a new egg and cheese mcmuffin along with two sides.the test runs will be done in the tulsa, oklahoma area. if all goes well, breakfast happy meals will be
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. speeds at 70, even 80 miles- per-hour, on a city street. a heartbroken family, and a desperate plea to local drivers. live at 5:00 starts now. (("shots fired)) did you shoot
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at five, just-released video of the confrontation that led to the police shooting of an african american man... in charlotte, north carolina. the video was shot by scott's wife and it is disturbing, and while you hear the gunshots, you do not see the shooting ?itself?. the video does ?not? shed light on what happened prior to the recording, or the circumstances that led up to the shooting. nbc's jay gray is in charlotte: natafter urging police to release body an keith lamont scott shared this dramatic cell phone video of his confrontation with charlotte police - officers urging him to drop what they perceive as a weapon..(nats: "drop the gun.. drop the beep gun!")scott's wife .. approaching the scene.. telling officers her husband has a traumatic brain injury.. (nats: "he doesn't have a gun. he has a tbi. he's not going to do anything to you guys. he just took his medicine.") screaming at her husband.. (nats: "keith don't do it.
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seconds later.. the shots ring out.. nats: gun firenats: did u shoot him ? the new video - first obtained by nbc news - does not show the deadly shots as they were fired.. and doesn't answer all of the questions surrounding this emotional case..something charlotte's police chief has said repeatedly about his department's footage of the shooting.. (s/ chief kerr putney / cmpd :56 - 1:07)"i know the expectation is that tape will be the panacea, and i can tell you that that is not quite the case. /// the intent is to get it out and release it as a package so it many in this community don't want to wait..(nats: protesters "release the tape! release the tape")protesters calling for the police video.. and demanding transparency in the on-going investigation.. the march taking a turn overnight.. tense.. but peaceful.(nats: riot)after 48- hours of violence.. and chaos -- still fresh in the minds of many here.. ad the city prepares for another night of protests.(--- gray standujp ---)the national guard and state police will be on the ground here again tonight..
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- from midnight to six a-m. jay gray, nbc news, charlotte. keith scott's mother is calling on protesters to stop rioting. she' says it's made things worse for scott's family. "more local news":police in milwaukee... concerned tonight about an increase in the number of deadly accidents caused by ?speeding?. one such accident yesterday... left a young couple dead. veronica macias is live at 76th and sheridan, where that accident happened, veronica: the driver of the car was 21 years old his, his girlfriend in the passenger seat was 20. police say he was driving an estimated 70 to 80 miles an hour - and want to encourage people to slow down. open sot: 122120 i don't know if my heart's ever been this broken. 122124 (crying) keemari canady's grandmothers hold hands as they describe the beautiful granddaughter they both helped raise. keemari lost her life thursday morning when the buick century she was traveling inped down


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