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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500 Sunday  NBC  September 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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enough on that line. >> it will be close. fantastic. that's huge and it's sitting up. what an advantage rory mcilroy has. >> the power at the 18th. flashed again by rory mcilroy. trying to win for the 13th time in the pga tour. . that drive had to go 360. he hit it through the fairway. if mcilroy win it is tour championship he wins it all. one more look. chappell and moore, johnson, chaering them on. mcilroy wins he takes the $10 million bonus as well. satisfies. omissions from the resum?.
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georgia. we know what's happened just about the two-hour drive or so down i-20 at augusta. not able to secure the major championship. the only one he hasn't won. right here in atlanta. the fedex cup title, the tour championship. you can sweep both of those and take care of it. chappell.
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out. it's around there. and the lie is sitting down. it's very difficult to try to draw. to chappell's ball perhaps. >> you saw the lie. it didn't look good from our vantage point. >> no. it depends. you said the ball was picked up. correct? >> yes. >> and the ball is going to have to go -- i don't know if it's close to where it was or not close to where it was. it will be dropped in the area where it was. >> that's what we were trying to determine if somebody knows where it was. they have to get it as close to the spot where the original tee shot is. >> correct. >> where it is now. he doesn't have much of an angle. he has to play up across the tree. depending where it was originally he'll have a lot to do with how much he has left in
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>> if it was picked up he's going to find that spot, estimate where it was and redrop it. as close as possible. >> you can see how the lake is possibly a factor depending on what kind of angle and where the ball was originally. >> he wanted to go ahead and place the tee there. they were going to drop the ball. >> i have interviewed. she picked it up here. threw it back. this is approximately where it was. >> okay. >> so the officials are returning the ball to approximately where it was before the girl took off with it. it looks like ryan moore is getting relief as well over there with mark russell on hand with a sprinkler head.
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>> a drop by chappell. it rolled forward. didn't look like a good lie. none of them are good. >> going to get the better lie. >> huge advantage, right? >> huge advantage. he wants to get the ball up quickly across the lake. if he can get s the ball and get it up under that's huge. >> we have two similar scenarios happening here. we have ryan moore also getting the same drop. the ball is getting closer to the hole. >> a huge break if he can get the ball. he can knock it down and turn it over right to left. >> right. >> he has tree branches ahead of him that are an issue. >> even facing it. >> it might.
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it's in play now. >> just popping it down. take a couple of hops and head down. both seem to definitely be in better shape. >> he placed it. >> that's not pretty. >> it's a knuckleball in basketball. -- baseball. >> so moore is away, roger. >> 284. there is no >> that's not a real picnic. >> the new bunker. it's definitely in play, isn't
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going, please, ryan or kevin. make something happen here. >> might be able to pull this off. >> you have to keep it there. >> mcilroy in good shape there with the tee shot. >> he got it from here. it is going on the right. turns a little bit. >> that's good now. short grass for moore. >> that'sor chance. >> especially with mcilroy down there from short range coming up with the second. chappell is next. >> he has no chance of knocking it on the green. now the question is the tree up here. getting it up over and into the
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>> do you feel good with it? >> yeah. >> just go with the wedge. >> the down slope. going over it. >> got it up left center of the fairway. yes. okay. >> moore and chappell on the short grass for the second. knocked away in good shape. even though moore and chappell can't win the fedex cup they can finish second by winning the tour championship which is a lot of money. combined with a bonus. >> what a drive.
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you can see half the ball above the surface of the grass. 213. >> needs to keep it right of the hole, not left as johnson did. >> 357 yard drive down here for rory. >> what a majestic looking shot if it's right. >> the second by >> how good is that? >> rory to sweep it all. >> dustin johnson had this day just wrapped up. sneaking in to take it away.
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just popped up. goes to the rest of the field and everybody else that stands in your way. we have seen the example the last two days for mcilroy who shot the 66 yesterday and the 64 today. thrust his name into the picture. the fedex cup. if he wins it and he's on there. he takes the fedex cup >> we saw it when he was six behind the leader. won that one. rory's game is definitely back. >> what a shot. two shots. >> you've got to give a shout out to the tee shot. >> all right. if rory you would think a birdie in. that puts pressure on chappell and moore to get these up and down for theirs.
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could watch them hit birdie putts before he has to putt his eagle putt. >> 137. >> see if he can take it right of the hole. drawing it back. >> rory has about six feet for eagle. it's not over yet. >> nope. definitely not over. rory could miss. moore could knock it in for birdie and go another hole. >> chappell not likely to get in from that distance. you never know. maybe it's down to ryan moore.
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he's won a lot of tournaments. since he was a young player. >> thinking how great the reversal is. >> way better. >> stuff it in there. >> seven, eight yards. >> got to get down >> i believe you're right. we have two outside of rory's upcoming eagle. the playoffs to bring the best in the world together on a stage like this.
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today and on this weekend. another look at this beautiful second shot by mcilroy. >> a good lie after the 357 tee shot. those are the shots. reminds me a little bit of the irish open at the k club in may. mcilroy hit his approach from 250 yards or so to within three feet of the he door on that one and a three-stroke win. fire power and then everybody else in the wake at times. >> ryan moore has almost the same putt he missed trying to make it break left in regulation. >> the one that would have won the tour championship.
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chappell will be the first to go. i believe the putt has to work to the left. how many times have we said? here's a guy who really had control of the tournament with a few to go. made a mistake really. here you are. now you're on the outside looking in. you're hoping now. >> we when chappell's caddie said jason day beats you. he's one of the best in the world. twice this year mcilroy could do it again. >> out to the right. it's quick. >> really great. >> he's very unfortunate. a guy he's playing in the playoffs shot 64, 64, like you said, roger.
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the wait will continue. >> three holes he played. >> it's been a great season for kevin chappell. by far the best of his career. when you finish runner-up so many times it just eats at you. now you would think one last man here left, brian mooar with a chance to match mcilroy who will have a chance to win theou championship in the fedex cup. just six feet away. >> so close to where it was in regulation. it would have been for a 63 if they made the same put. you should notice roger is pretty straight. >> if he misses this putt it will be just two putts from
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tour championship for the first time in the fedex cup title as well. also to keep dustin johnson's hopes alive which are pretty slim now. >> that's it! ryan moore is up to the challenge! >> that was a gutsy putt right there. >> i would say so. not able to capitalize on a similar putt in regulation. that was just poured in. mcilroy is going to have a chance for a dream-like eagle finish to win the tour championship in the fedex cup
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in his fantastic tee to green game through the years. this would be something. >> taking no time at all. it's just a right edge putt. >> who would have believed that? >> look at that. >> dustin johnson fell out of his chair wherever he was. >> that's a is what that is, folks. >> yep. >> he hasn't lost yet. >> he did get up there and stroke it, almost like he didn't want to overthink it. >> didn't even take a practice stroke. >> ryan moore dodges one.
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chappell eliminated. >> man. this close to a $10 million fedex cup bonus. one and a half million dollar tour championship win. >> hmm. all these tournaments and all these one putt. mcilroy is probably thinking the same thing. putt goes in, i'm on my way to hazeltine. >> i thought it was over. ryan moore made the putt. i think that was a shock to rory. i think he figured he'd two-putt to win. >> you have to hand it to ryan moore. how many clutch putts did he make today? all week? >> that wasn't a pretty birdie.
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paul casey, hats off to him. the other 64 on the final round sunday. back to the par five 18th they go. this pga tour season still not over. >> we all thought it was over. it's not over until it's over. >> as you look at mcilroy riding to the tee. once again tear it down with chappell out of the mix. johnson relies on moore to win it. to win it all. mcilroy has it all in his hands
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mcilroy hit a pretty good putt. might have been firming than he wanted. two great shots to get to the eagle putt. >> another example of the mcilroy fire power that can take over tournaments and put himself in position like he is now is really kind of a so-so pga tour season. >> the playoffs at billy horschel was 69th in 2014 when he won the fedex cup. mcilroy turned it on at the right time. if he's able to win he would be the first player to win four fedex cup playoff events. ryan moore won't give anything away. >> both mcilroy and moore are seven under par for the day counting the playoffs.
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tough golf course. really tough rough. here we go. second hole now. moore will go first. he'll try to get it in the short grass. he got the birdie four working through with a drop. >> the shape is to hook if you can get it to chase down to the bottom level. has. he's got to cheat a little bit out of getting distance on the ground, think. >> hit that little downhill area.
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caught up again. >> that's in real thick rough there. that's not what he had in the first playoff hole. >> again, rory has a huge advantage with his distance and with where moore is on the tee shot. >> could he possibly drive it in the same spot again. >> 357 and a perfect spot. we'll see. >> this is a line further left. i don't know on that line if he n i doubt it. >> ooh. looked like it hit a spectator. spectator again. >> that was not good for the spectator or rory. >> might have had it up in his hand now. >> rejoin steve sands. >> with kevin chappell. what do you think the difference was out there today? >> made it on 17 and 18. two holes in ten.
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got good breaks and some bad breaks the last couple of holes. it just wasn't enough today. >> for those of us watching you guys perform at a high level in a spot like this how would you describe the pressure surprised myself. proud of that. i can take that and move forward. >> one thing i was about to ask. what do you take away from an experience like this. >> probably just how hard it is. a win out here. just how good the game is. i thought with dustin johnson. looks like rory and ryan moore will have another playoff. their names have been atop the leaderboard for a good portion
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board, let's see what happens. taking away satisfying things. greens in regulation. >> hit the tee shot. bogey there. i mean, leaked a little oil in the last half hour. boy, he's a good player. he has a good future. >> continues for chappell. still in the sights for moore. mcilroy has the spring in his step again. >> i believe he thought he won
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you have to regroup from that. i'm not sure where he is. there is a tree in front of him. he has a good enough lie. he can wedge across the fair way. the player with the biggest issue is ryan moore. this is a nasty lie. >> i saw it go down. it just disappeared. can rory go at the green? >> no, no. >> they tell me when i got down to the ball it hit somebody in
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flag. >> we had a shot of it. here's another look at it. there is a guy with his hands up. looks like he has a bag, an object in his right hand. it hit that and robbed him of distance. >> might have gone up against the tree. >> at least it didn't hit the guy which is good. >> roger, you better get out of the way. >> not going to try to take on the water. he's just pitching it down to the bottom of the hill if he can. leaving himself a shot.
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a great shot. this is up as well. >> a lot of clutter there. what's he playing there? >> he's trying to go under and hit a hard hook. >> better be careful there. >> so much like a young tiger woods follow-through, wasn't it? that was a lot of talent there. >> did you see that? that was classic. >> he had the bunker. watch again. rebound. the follow-through.
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not like it was a great lie. from the right. quite a display. >> he has it between two bunkers. all kinds of things could have happened. you can see the follow-through. that's so tigeresque right there. >> it does have a similar look, doesn't it? as if to admire your latest piece of brilliance. >> now it's a big advantage for mcilroy. so much closer in. what's the yardage for ryan? >> my calculations are 227. >> wow.
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would be perfect for this. >> see if he can pull it off. don't want to miss the left. >> mm-hmm. >> drawing back. good line if it >> creeps up on the front. got a chance at birdie. had to look good in the air. that was going right at it. i guess the only thing he could do is chase it up. >> as rory walks up, along with moore we remind you sunday night football is coming your way tonight. bears and cowboys and again at halftime, u.s. ryder cup captain davis love, iii. will be making his final
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it's the halftime of sunday night football tonight. rory of course started about another ryder cup. we hear the ole has broken out here at east lake. just a little south of the competition here outside minneapolis. >> should have less pressure in the ryder cup than they are feeling now. >> while we have a moment subject, ron moore did talk with jim mccabe and talked about the ryder cup potential captains pick coming his way. davis love, iii did invite ron moore to take part in the monday practice session at hazeltine. but moore politely declined. he said, i have to take a week off after seven straight weeks so i turned it down and the
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said. i'm resigned to the fact i won't be on the team. >> i got him at 53 yards. it's just not a tough pitch. you have the bunker behind it. that's really not an issue from this distance. they landed short of the hole. let the ball take aki release a little bit. it's something he expects to get inside. eight feet, ten feet of the hole. >> that's a feel shot. it actually is interpretive. when you're nervous sometimes these aren't as easy as they normally are. just in normal play. like you say, if he wants to make it, keep the ball under the holes, the best spot to make it.


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