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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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? ? tonight's the night. head-to-head for the first time. a television audience of 100 million or more expected. the most important event of the election yet. arnold palmer "the golf" has died. we have reaction from president obama and more. the curfew lifted but protests persist in charlotte where a new possible call to action may be happening today. the latest on a shocking death of one of baseball's bright stars and his fight to become a u.s. citizen. and a man risks his life to save a distressed dear. "early today" starts right now.
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woods. >> golfing legend arnold palmer has died from complications of heart problems at the age of 87. 62 pga titles. he reignited the sport in the 1960s as well as his following called arny's army. a well known ambassador and well known for his signature drink, the arnold palmer. >> the out 4ing just incredible. tiger w friendship, counsel and a lot of laughs. writing it's hard to imagine golf without you or anyone more important to the game. nicholas posting, he was more than a golfer, he was an >> and president obama tweeted a very personal photo of himself putting the oval office, writing here's to the king who's as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others.
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>> reporter: arnold palmer grew up the son of a green's keeper turned head golf professional in pennsylvania. his hollywood good looks and powerful yet unorthodox swing made him a golf superstar. fans crowded the fairways in droves and came to be known as arny's army. many who couldn't watch him on the course in person did so in their living rooms during the 1950s and '60s. it is today. his popularity grew. companies wanted him pitching their products. >> arny, they said, you'll like it, the tractor will like it. same pen zoel. >> reporter: nicknamed "the king" he became famous for his shot making. saying quote you must play boldly to win." and win he did.
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victories, including the champions tour. a venture he helped to jump start in 1980. palmer stopped playing the champions tour in 2006 but remained a vital part of the game. golf equipment and clothing lines. he designed more than 200 courses around the world and in 2012, he was awarded the congressional gold medal, recognizing his contributions a golfer and philanthropist. arnold palmer will be remembered as one of the greatest players to ever pick up a club. a blue collar guy from a small steel town who transcended his sport, becoming a hero to so many. curt gregory, nbc news. today marks perhaps the single most important day in the presidential campaign. hours from now, both presidential nominees will
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general election debate. with nbc's lester holt cross examining both trump and clinton on some of the most important questions facing the next free leader of the world. and both trump and clinton made their best efforts to seem presidential, each holding meetings with israel's benjamin netanyahu. this came as the clinton camp held a third late-night debate preparation and they did everything to manage expectations ahead of the big night. >> i know this about hillary clinton, when the lights are bright like they are now, she brings the a-plus game to the table. >> i can understand why the clinton camp is very nervous because donald trump's got great presence, stater, he's a brilliant debater. >> he can't lie on the debate
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debating. >> and donald trump threat that he could invite jennifer flowers to the debate. that's the woman who claimed in the early '90s to have had a long-running affair with president, bill clinton, putting his 1992 presidential campaign in trouble. this was in response to a tweet by mark cuban. he posted quote just got a front row seat to watch hillary clinton at the humbling at hofstra monday. it's on. and donald trump wrote, perhaps i will put jennifer flowers right along side him. well, now trump advs are doing their best to quell re thaports flowers would be his guest at the debate. >> we have not invited her formally and don't expect her to be there as a guest of the trump
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hillary clinton and her campaign inviting some celebrity basketball team owner. jennifer flowers will not be attending the debate tomorrow. >> her office also confirmed her attendance. it the latest in a psychological war betwn both candidates out of tonight's square off. and they say clinton is the odds on favorite, with 47% of respondents saying clinton will clinch it, while trump -- that same poll now has clinton with just a 2% lead over trump nationally. it could be one of the most highly consequential debates. the most watched was in 1980 when carter and regan went face to face in front of some 80 million viewers. and the uner up was between
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clinton and perot. protests in charlotte are expected to continue today over the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott. charlotte's mayor lifted the curfew after a weekend of protests that remained peaceful, but still rife with tensions. hundreds of the nfl game taking a knee outside the bank of america stadium as the star spangled banner played. on the field, panthers safety raised his fist in support and cam newton wore a martin luther king justice t-shirt during the pregame warm up. this follows the partial release of police dash and body cam
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scott's life and his confrontation. and charlotte's police chief insists they reacted appropriately. >> if laws were violated, i would be taking different action. >> meanwhile the scott family is still raising questions about his death and the relevance of finding marijuana in his possession. >> how does the combination of marijuana and a gun constitute aggravated hopes of renewing a ceasefire in syria has all but dissipated in the face of another meeting. and the u.n. convened an emergency session that ended with a clash between russia and three western powers. >> what russia is sponsoring and doing is not counterterrorism, it is barberism. >> ambassadors for the u.s.,
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protest syria's ambassador, and 26 civilians were killed in government air strikes. so far rurussia's ambassador offered no information. just ahead, new details surrounding the boating accident and shocking death of a rising star of major league baseball. and flood threats. >> how about the poor people in iowa. the weather was pretty nice most of the weekend but the ceder river, this is some of the pictures. you can see how high the water continues to be. and there were homes that had to deal with water problems all weekend long. and san antonio to corps christy. and a flood watch expiring. we shouldn't see rivers too bad. this afternoon we'll watch this cold front from new york to
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west virginia withd thunderstor florida to the carolinas. and that dangerous flooding in iowa didn't stop one from risking his life to save a near a bridge. but it was struggling, as you can see to keep its head above water. the man took a tether down in the water, attached it to the deer and rescued it and released it to the forest later the day. i laugh, i sneeze... there goes my sensitive bladder. sound familiar? then you'll love this. incredible protection in a pad this thin.
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roll toilet paper, but someone decided to set the toilet paper on fire. a hort culture professor says the extent of damage to the tree may not be known for days or weeks to come. they charged this man with desecration of a vennerable object. leading the news, miami marlins pitcher, jose fernandez accident. he was 24 years old. he first came to the u.s. after defecting from cuba in 2008. after three failed attempts, he became a u.s. citizen just last year. the u.s. coast guard says fernandez was one of three people killed in the early sunday morning accident, after a 32-foot boat crashed into a jetty off miami beach. there's no indication of alcohol or illegal drugs involved,
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factor. he 1 arer the national league rookie of the year award in 2014. he was known as a pitching fenom. and was having his best season statistically of his young career. yesterday. a highly emotional team manager paid tribute to fernandez. >> when i think about jose, it's going to be thinking of that little kid. i see such a little him -- >> tough to watch. jose fernandez, dead at 24. the man suspected of killing five people at a washington state mall shooting, they police described as zombie like is expected to appear in court today as he faces up to five counts of first degree murder.
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permanent legal resident was caught after more than a 20-hour man minute. he was arrested southwest of where the shooting occurred and has a criminal record that includes three assault charges and a drunken record arrest. coming up on "today," jeff rossen reports on hidden dangers that could potentially harm your children at school. . here you go. and here you go. buy any five mccaf? beverages and you get one for free when you use the mcdonald's app. here you go. enjoy a mccaf? moment. now come in and try our pumpkin spice latte. ? ? nivea in-shower body lotion after washing apply
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do it again. >> at the movies, "the magnificent seven" grossing $35 million. and "storks" with 21 million and "sully" 13 million in a third week. stocks are kicking off in the red overseas. and they're keeping a close eye of tonight's debate. good morning, nancy. >> reporter: good morning to you. and that's right investors will have to stay up quite late to watch that debate because some are saying the outcome of the u.s. presidential election will be the main factor when it comes to determining the performance of markets for the rest of the year. and mayoral lynch are saying so
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at the polls narrowing. if donald trump has a good performance in the debate, we might see a rush in the safe haven assets, japanese yen and gold. elsewhere, in the world of tech, if you are among one of the 150 million users who use snapchat, they are revealing new sunglasses that can record 10 seconds of video that hooks stra so you have video now that perceives what the eyesees. $130 from the glasses expected sometime this fall, just in time for christmas. elsewhere, you may have noticed that the price of gas is ticking up slightly. surveys show that the price of gas has risen about 4 cents to an average of about $2.25 a gallon. it is still well below where we were a year ago.
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is a cookie like this one. she arguably has more raisins than average. there's probably 10. but we all need to remember that when it comes to donald trump, this is the amount of raisins that he represents. the man is a fubben raisen monsoon. he is epicly compromised. president obama is hosting his own festival, south by southwest lawn. it will include music from the luminee, rs and the kids from "netflix and stranger things" it will be streamed live at white house.guv october third. the british royal family touched down in canada and
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good morning. i''s what's coming up on "live at daybreak"...just over a month until the presidential eleciton... but here in milwuakee polls are opening up early... how you can cast your vote this morning. also... we're going to get a first look at next year's city budget.where all the funds are going... and the multi million
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with storm team 4


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