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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 400  NBC  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-4:29pm CDT

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today... including reaction from the candidates ?themselves?:clinton, (d) presidential candidate) we had a great, great time last night. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) it was a fascinating period of time and i think we did very well. the two clashed on everything from job creation, race relations... and "birtherism." an immediate poll gave the edge to clinton. the cnn-orc poll has her winning by 62- percent versus his 27-percent, although the respondents already skewed more democratic than the general populati it will be several days before the impact on the campaign becomes evident. last night's presidential debate sparked all kinds of discussion among voters. pete zervakis explains what they were saying today... and online last night. as hillary clinton and donald trump sparred - verbally - on stage last night. not all voters i didn't much appreciate the arguments what i was looking for was a debate anything you heard you really didn't like? attacksother say
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one another. it was good to hear both sidesthe website google says hillary clinton led in data collected for online searches last night. roughly 60 percent of searches about one of the two candidates during the debate were for clinton. 40 percent were for trumpbefore the debate... trump was the more searched candidate in 33 states - including wisconsin. but after the debate... hillary led the category of google searches in all 50. i think this is an how much social media has changed us politicssearches don't necessarily equal support. but professor mordecai lee - a former democratic lawmaker - says the stats show voters taking an initiative to look for more information. people were saying im not going to wait for the news analysts, im not going to wait for the pundits, i don't need those third parties to tell me what went well or what didn't im going to find out independely on my own pete zervakis.... today's tmj4. donald trump will campaign in
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at the waukesha county expo center. it starts at six p-m. doors open at three. hillary clinton's daughter.. chelsea will hold a campaign event for her mother on friday. details about what time and where that will be held haven't been released. hillary clinton has yet to visit wisconsin since losing the april primary. today is national voter registration day -- and the state of wisconsin wants to make sure everyone .eligible to vote, is registered. the wisconsin elections co million postcards to unregistered adults -- as a reminder to register to vote.. storm team 4 now....and a brisk fall day outside.let's get our first look at our weather.meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the forecast.... the cloud cover has been increasing all day as a very slow moving area of low pressure slowly drifts southward, this will bring off
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afternoon through wednesday. lows will dip into the 40s across southeastern wisconsin and it will still be a bit breezy tonight. a new source of student loan help in wisconsin. of student a new source breezy it will still be a bit
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a new source of student loan help in wisconsin. u-w credit union is expanding its membership eligibility to include all current ?and? former college students who live in wisconsin. until now it's served only students in the u-w system. governor walker says the move will help more students get low-interest loans and refinance debt. u-w credit union offers interest rates ranging from 2-point-2 percent 6- uw-madison chancellor rebecca blank will ask the university's governing board to raise tuition for out-of- state and professional students. the wisconsin state journal reports that blank also told faculty that the flagship school in madison will distribute nine-million dollars in raises and bonuses to faculty and academic staff. blank says the university needs to stabilize its financial basis as state funding declines. a "recall alert" on a popular
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voluntarily recalling more than 132-thousand pounds of chicken nuggets. the company received reports of "hard, white plastic" was found in some of them. the 5-pound bags of fully cooked panko chicken nuggets were sold at costco stores nationwide. no injuries have been caught on camera: a wild chase through a motel parking lot. carole meekins is in the newsroom with a story new on live at 5... thanks courtny and charles. the chase happened in glendale early this morning, where one of our standing by. what led to this dramatic scene and how it all, why you could be fined for ?talking? on your cell phone while driving. wisconsin's new rule for the road. that's coming up on live at 5... a popular retailer gives credit for its comeback to ... millennials. that's just ahead. and the offers are everywhere. so how do you know which credit card to choose? some
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. gold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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4 your money this afternoon.... here's a look now at the markets at the close of business today.... more money headlines now.... disney is reportedly interested in buying twitter. bloomberg reports disney is working with a financial advisor to make a twitter is reportedly seeking an acquisition deal worth about thirty billion dollars. microsoft is also reportedly in the running to make a highway gas mileage estimates for about one-third of all new vehicles sold in the u.s. will fall by one mile per gallon. that's because the government has changed the way it calculates the numbers on the window sticker. the change begins with the 2017 model year. it comes largely because people are loading up cars
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heated seats that use electricity and create drag on engines. millennials are fueling sales growth at j.c. penney. cnbc reports the retailer has detailed plans for its fall men's apparel lineup, which, quote, "caters to millennial guys." it includes the addition of russell simmons' argyleculture collection, and an expansion of the ecko and michael strahan labels. penny's is also trying to appeal to what the company calls "the modern american mom," which makes up 45 percent of sales. credit card credit card offers seem to be are on t-v -- the internet -- even in your mailbox.but which one is the best one for you and your family? mary moloney has tips to help you pick your credit cards: celebrities question.."what's in your wallet?"make us laugh "you're probably going to want to find a way to stand out to your boss. here's my suggestion. fake glasses. yup.
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years."and sometimes can be pretty intense"the way i see it, you have two choices, the easy way or the hard way?"when endorsing credit cards.but when it's time for you to pick out a card -- the celeb's opinion isn't always the best one.remember the now-defunct kardashian kard?!instead -- check your credit.the better the score -- the better the perks.don't pay for your credit score.every year -- you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report from one of the three major's the law. determine need.nerd wallet identifies three types of cards.ones that improve you money on interest.or earn rewards. look at your spending habits -- and pick the type of card that's right for you.then do your research.find a card with a low annual percentage rate -- or apr.also check to see if there are any annual fees. nerdwallet offers a card comparison tool -- or search online to find for the best offers for you.for consumer
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storm team 4 now....two words: sweatshirt weather. one more word now: umbrella. jesse ritka joins us with the forecast. while wednesday will not be a washout you will want to keep the umbrella close as moisture continues to wrap around the low, generally a tenth to a quarter inch of rain is expected by wednesday night. highs will just to 60 degrees and it will feel even colder with the gloomy skies and the strong wind from the nne at 10-20mph.thursday will look better with partly cloudy skies but it will still be cool for this time of the year with highs in the mid-60s. the wind continues to stay strong at 15-20mph from the nne but some gusts may top 30mph so watch those trash cans on the curb! the wind
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for some afternoon showers as the same area of low pressure will be stuck just to our southeast, creating the chance for some wrap around showers with some lake enhancement possible.the weekend looks partly cloudy with highs in the mid to upper 60s but there is a chance for some isolated
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time now for ask the expert.... thanks to better nutrition, veterinary and home care... cats are living what, if anything, do we do differently when they reach those senior years?joining us live this afternoon...dr. kathleen heinrich from the silver spring animal wellness
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got a question for our experts? email them at ask the expert at today's tmj4 dot com. you can also leave a voicemail. the number is being urged to eat ugly apples. coming up at 4:30... boys on this soccer team take a stand... defending their female teammates; who were told to sit out during competition. that's new at need help with a consumer problem? our "call for action" volunteers are ready! call 414-967-5495. or request help online. just click on the icon, on the front page of tmj
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the tropical dome at mitchell park is back open. the county says work installing safety netting to catch falling concrete wrapped up friday. the same work is underway in the desert dome. a grand reopening event for all three mitchell park domes is planned for early december. the weekend looks partly cloudy wit to upper 60s but there is a chance for some isolated shower activity both days. we'll see more sunshine to start out next week with the mercury climbing closer to 70 degrees.
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just a moment...including an imposing intruder who made himself at home in a
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"look at this":a night-time visitor makes himself at home in a california hot tub. you can see this bear checking things out... then making his way to the tub. after a minute or so, he wandered over to the
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request for you: eat ugly apples.door creek orchard in cottage grove is dealing with the results of a damaging spring freeze. the owner says the freeze affected the way the apples formed, but not their taste: the orchard lost about 30 to 40 percent of its crop because of the freeze. thanks for joining us today at four.there's more news
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now at 4:30 - a live picture from chopper 4, flying high over waukesha this afternoon.... on this cool, overcast tuesday..((ad lib)) definitely a light sweater or light jacket day outside today. time to see what we're looking at for this evening.. meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the weather.... the cloud cover has been increasing all day as a very slow moving area of low pressure slowly drifts southward, this will bring off and on chance for showers this
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lows will dip into the 40s across southeastern wisconsin and it will still be a bit


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