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tv   Early Today  NBC  September 28, 2016 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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? breaking news overnight. shimon peres has died. details ahead. the beauty queen speaks out. clinton hits the road. >> one down, two to go. after a week of demonstrations in charlotte, a 9-year-old captures a nation's attention. >> we are black people and we didn't ask to feel like this. we just have to protest because you're treating us wrong. and there's no crying in baseball, unless you happen to lose the engagement ring.
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i'm frances rivera. >> and sad news overnight out of israel. shimon peres was one of the founding fathers of that country and became a statesman for peace and recognized and respected so much around the world. >> and we'll delve on that a little bit later. former miss universe winner is clinton name checked her and sets the record straight on donald trump. >> you have said he bullied you. he called you miss piggy. what were the names that he called you? >> miss house keeping -- >> all to your face? >> yes, all the time. that was really normal for him in that moment.
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feel? >> well, you know when you growing up, when you are the most beautiful woman in the world that was horrible for me. >> you can catch her full interview later this morning on "today." and it came after hillary clinton's brutal attack against trump when an estimated 84 million viewers watched as she rattled >> and that was seemingly trump's mo, brushing off any criticisms of his debate
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microphones and a host of other issues while claiming a win. >> i watched her very carefully and i was holding back. i didn't want to do anything to embarrass her. but i watched her and she was stuck in the past. for 90 minutes on issue after issue. hillary clinton defended the terrible status quo. >> and new this morning, the washingtonos retooling within the trump campaign may be in order but there was good news for trump. after the campaign brought in an $18 million fund raising hall in the 24 hours following the debate. and clinton shined bright, wearing her debate victory on her sleeve as she campaigned. >> thank you. >> what about his stamina? >> anybody complains bute
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>> and today, clinton is capitalizing on trump's missteps with senator john warren expected to endorse her today while also receiving an endorsement from the arizona public. the first in its 126 year history. and michelle obama will be campaigning in the important state pennsylvania. and she's out with a new ad for >> our children watch everything we do and the person we elect as president has the power toshape their lives for years to come. she's spent her entire life deserving every child deserves a chance to succeed. >> clinton is joined by another headlining surrogate with senator, bernie sanders. and the first lady makes several appearances throughout
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illinois, iowa and wisconsin. and the federal government teeters on the edge of another shut down. after a bill intended to avoid a shutering of the federal government failed to get enough votes for passage. feels like we're back in this position we were in last year. how likely is it the government will shut down? failed to pass on the procedural notion. in years past, it's been the republicans that have used this tactic to get what they want and democrats want $220 million for flint, michigan to help with the tainted led in the water crisis there. republicans do not want that in the bill. they would like to see that in a separate bill. and already in this $1.5 billion
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u.s. and flood relief for those in louisiana and other states. the democrats say the flint, michigan provision should go under the flood relief provision in this bill. mitch mcconnell said he might remove the flood provision altogether to keep the government funded through october 9th. so, there still is hope this may not shut the government down. full speed ahead with the presidential race but we'll see developing overnight, a 30-year-old african-american male is died following a police involved shootsing. the incident happened when a black man behaving iratically was confronted only to be tased and shot and killed when he refused their instructions. the police chief said he quickly grabbed an item and waved it in front of the it officer's faces
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shooting stance. he appeared to be behaving strangely when a woman, presumably his sister, called police. that woman told our affiliate the suspect is mentally challenged and was having a seizure and didn't understand police commands. >> i didn't call the police officers to come and kill my brother. >> neither of the however one witness recorded the incident on her cell phone. she willingly provided the video as incident. both officers involved have been put on administrative leave. as summer gives way to fall, california's historic wild fire season showing no signs of slowing down.
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burned 2 2250 acres. about 300 more homes are threatened. and the marsh's fire has destroyed 930 acres and is zero persentd contained. one firefighter was injured. and parts of highway 49 are closed with no reopen. so far, 58 wild fires in california this year, burning more than 5,000 acres. the charlotte police head quarters are back in full force this morning after a suspicious package found inside the building caused a bomb scare. it was evacuated for three hours before they could remove it with a robot.
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remote location. and with today marking a full week since the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott, emotions still raw. amid protests, one 9-year-old girl has captured the world's attention with her emotional plea with city oofficials. >> we are black people and we didn't ask to feel like this. we have to protest because you all are treating we need to. we have rights. our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't even see them anymore. they're saying we have to go to their grave yards and bury them. >> powerful messengerer, dianna's testimony was made before a city counsel meeting calling for changes in police and community relations. >> so much more powerful when it comes from a small child.
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and one of the world's greatest visionary says mars can be a reality. and bill karins with a flood watch. what's happening? >> this was incredible all day. that's supposed to be a road. there were fatalities in taiwan as the storm went through the country also and there will be drying out as the storm has now weakened. storm through the great lakes is going to kick up t showers and thunderstorms in the virginias and the carolinas. this is where the heavy rain threat will be starting today and through friday morning. as much as seven inches of rain focussed around our nation's
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in the southeast. and check this out this morning. some folks in the phoenix area doing a little dust clean up. they warn drivers use caution when they drove through that. visibility reduced down to less than a quarter mile in some areas. ? ? ? ? geico motorcycle,
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former israel president and prime minister, shiron peres has died. >> president obama said peres changed the course of human history. his funeral will be held friday. fletcher take as look back at his incredible life. >> reporter: shimon peres twice prime minister of is years as president he was a man of vision, relentless energy and always the optimist. >> it was a marvelous opportunity to arrive at great decisions. >> he was born in poland and came to palestinian age 11. before he was 30, he became deputy minister of defense and was in politics ever since.
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settlements in the west bank, he did an about turn when he came to believe they could become an obstacle to peace. so, the man led the army of israel military, also led secret talks with the palestinians that ended in the oslo peace agreement, that earned him a nobel peace pze shared. >> we want to thank you for all the seeds you've planted. >> reporter: the man who never rested finally passed away. nbc news, tel aviv. >> shimon peres dead at 93. when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need. ?? thanks to customers like you,
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te. to learn more, visit, and... bring it. bring it to the ballot. bring it to the ballot! before the debate, politico analyzed a week's worth of trump's speeches and averaged a which is damming, but you can use the trump lies to tell if your microwave popcorn is done. >> i think cnn i won every poll easily. i won cbs. >> yeah, that's impressive. except for the fact that cbs did not conduct a post-debate poll.
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he's so funny, colbert. comedy has a new king. and the highest paid comedians. seinfeld had been number one on the list but don't feel bad for him, he's still bringing in $43 million. and amy schumer being the first and only woman to grace the list. dave chappell and iglacious all raking in millions of dollars. >> even though they're famous, we haven't heard of some of the other -- >> i guess they make more money on comedy tours than shows we see. and katy perry encouraging voters to get out to the polls on election day. she puts her own unique spin on the tsa. >> i briefly scanned the
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its innovative cap has a 2x wider spray that kills 99.9% of bacteria. max cover is another great way to lysol that. wall street is paying a attention to princess and superheroes today. cnbc's karen cho has all the >> let me tell you first up about the news from aljeeria. we were hoping for news of a produksz freeze but there's virtually no chance of that happening. and the latest twist in the wells fargo bank account scandal is claw backs and the ceo has profited round $50 million in bonuses and carry tollstead
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bonuses. and it's scarally good for big business, and on average, americans spend $83 on costumes, decorations and candy. this year after an 11-year reign by princesses, superheroes have it. as you stock up on supergirl and the villain, harley quin. i always fancied myself as supergirl. i bet your kids are getting ready for halloween. are they excited? >> it's all about wonderwoman and supergirl. >> all right, you're watching "early today." little dakota's nose was quivering in fear.
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good morning. i'm.. susan kim here's what's coming up on "live at daybreak"... battleground wisconsin.donald trump coming to waukesha today. what he can expect when he rolls into town .also... the fight for fifteen. milwaukee county's plan to
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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off with a check on the weather... with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday was a fall day with clouds, wind, temps near 60, and scattered late afternoon showers. the showers lingered into the evening, and it is cloudy and chilly this morning with lows in the upper 40s and


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