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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  September 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:31pm CDT

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>> being over there knowing she's 15 feet away. >> the street looks like a war zone. >> firefighters rescued lydia, she suffered from smoke inhalation but was put on a ventilator. an answer to prayer while they are left salvaging can from their home. the church is doing what they can to help. >> investigators told the family a dehumidifier explode and that's what caused the fire. for information about helping
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a unique weather event. at one point this evening storms were coming in off the lake, forming odd-looking clouds. most rain gone for now though it is still cool outside. john require was a great shot, the roll clouds that roll ahead of the cold downdraft of those thunderstorms thatt michigan. we had rain coming in off lake michigan. let's get closer form you. we see they are mostly gone. but there are isolated showers left that could roll in here. all of the rain concentrated to those few counties. 61 in milwaukee. 54 whitewater. cooler out to the west where the skies are clear. clouds along the lake.
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lake water temperatures keeping us warm. a nice day tomorrow. but that low pressure system isn't done with us yet. it will come back at us, i will talk about that coming up. >> reporter: an elementary school student remains in critical condition after being shot by a teen in south carolina. investigators say he opened fire own father. another student and teacher were also shot, but they already left the hospital. protesters have take to the streets in stornl california after a police officer shot and killed an unarmed blackman in a san diego suburb. police from saying he was sporting an selecttronnic smoking device when he was shot by a police officer.
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from his pocket in a shooting stance. the coverage from the current milwaukee county sheriff. donald trump brought out heavy hitters tonight. >> reporter: sheriff david clarke got the crowd going before trump took the stage. charles? >> reporter: donald trump trying to find his footing in republican friendly waukesha county where he stumbled badly during the presidential primary. donald trump getting reenforce from the tommy thompson. >> it's time to get on the trump train. it's moving. >> advocate sheriff clark. >> donald trump understands us web understands you, and we understand him. >> trump needs to run up the
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a chance of winning wisconsin. >> i'm not owned or controlled by anybody. my loyalty toys you and nobody else. >> reporter: trump went after hillary clinton by appealing to african-american * voters in a crowd and county that's predominantly white. >> i don't think african-americans are going come out and vote for clinton. they are too smart and they know they are being used. >> reporter: new york city's demo trump's policies will play in black community. >> he made it clear he wants to build one wall and he has to put policies that will build a wall between police and community. >> reporter: but this independent voter is still on the fence. >> i'm feeling more positive he will make a better change. i'm a little concerned that he's not as polished.
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here tonight. governor walker web's in iowa for gop fundraising. we are live in waukesha county, charles benson,tmj4. >> reporter: there were people over posing and supporting the republican nominee. >> reporter: hillary clinton's for her mom in green bay. for all things politics head to our website. new at 10:00. congress cleared a bill late tonight that will funds the government in avoiding a shutdown weeks before the election. the final bill includes more than a billion for battling zika. and $7 million to fight opioid addiction.
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out to. >> townhall meeting. a main topic was the mayor's budget proposal. a memorial has been removed from the sherman park neighborhood. that set off nights of violence and protests in the neighborhood. neighbors have been come plain being the large groups gathering at the memorial causing disturbances. a fight over a fence near sherman park is over it has been dismissed. report * closing arguments for the trial against one of the men accused of opening fire on the wrong home, killing an incident little girl. the driver of the getaway car took the stand to testify
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of a plea deal. >> reporter: a well-known milwaukee chef died after a battle with cancer. he was famous for his barbeque at summerfest. ricky has more on his legacy. >> reporter: his children say people refer to him as gus' kids. but that's a title they are proud to hold. >> he kept all of his membershi migrant farm worker to an educated chef. he kept these tattered cards in this wallet showing his college degrees. >> that was a hot one for them, education. go to school, go to school. he told all of us that. >> veronica and their sister remember their father strongly as a strong southern gentleman who taught them to work hard and help others.
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themselves. >> he was diagnosed in 2012. his daughters say he firmly believed food could bridge any divide. >> he looked at it as an opportunity for people who were rich or poor or with jobs or without jobs, black or white, from anywhere in the city to come together and sit down and break bread together to build community together. >> thrgh catering work and volunteering. his daughter says many people saw him as a father, and they were proud to call him dad. >> he loved milwaukee and he loved all of its people. >> his family is holding a private funeral friday. they ask donations made in his honor go to the american cancer society or any charity that
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>> reporter: a culinary arts program, entre to excellence featured food and wine prepared by an award-winning culinary staff. >> as the arts have disappeared from the schools, this is actually a solution that offers them a creative outlet. they are really engaged and excited about fire even more. >> the goal of the culinary program is two-fold. to fill the need for skilled labor in the restaurant scene along with possible future careers. >> cars with a dangerous defect and local drivers who want answers. >> reporter: why a car company says there is nothing wrong. >> a taste of the east comes to
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>> reporter: a deer is hit by a car then wants tree vehicle.
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>> reporter: a police officer was on his way to a call when the car in front of him stopped and tried to fight off a deer that tried to get in her car.
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>> reporter: we were able to get a sneak peek. 40 cultural lantern displays. they will run through october 30. you are driving on the road and suddenly it's like a bomb went off. >> reporter: a married couple from franklin had no warning before their sunroof shattered. we found out this was happening across the country, and federal regulators are now involved. they were driving down the road when -- >> all of a sudden, pow. >> the noise was the sunroof on their pathfinder exploding.
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everywhere. >> when i got out, the service guy -- i ripped my shirt off and shook it out. >> glass was everywhere. >> reporter: the walls say there was no impact. the glass just spontaneously shattered. it's not as uncommon as you might think. federal safety regulators are looking into hundreds of the highway traffic safety administration is looking into sunroof shatterings on kia sorrento. the kia investigation is looking at whether there is an unreasonable risk to safety.
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out the car. to be safe, they turned in the vehicle and rolled into a lease on a newer pathfinder. >> it's important for her to have a car that she trusts. >> the sunroof was not covered under the wall's warranty. ni d roof before they decided they wanted another car. >> reporter: nissan says it's pleased with the performance of its vehicles with large sunroofs. it will order a recall fit find an unreasonable risk to safety. we have all that information on
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>> reporter: thank you, courtny. >> the light display at the botanical gardens. >> not too cold. nowhere near cold outside john malan. john: this has been one of the warmest on record. today's high 62 degrees. nowhere near the average of if the month ended today we would tie for the warmest september on record. right now we are 5.8 degrees above normal. winds off the lake. 59 kenosha. 54 just about everywhere. west bend, beaver dam. and also out in watertown. look at the wind speeds continuing with the
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17-mile-per-hour in milwaukee. 18-mile-per-hour in racine. right away from the lake in our inland community, we'll take you back and show you double areas of rain coming in from essentially the east. as i pull it very, very close and stop the radar, you will see one shower in southern kenosha county. look at the clouds as i put those in here. they south. everyone else clear skies right now. those showers, some of those showers, we had reports of waterspouts. those low pressure systems causing everything in the northeast wind continues to drift to the south. as it does so we see the sunshine early tomorrow. then the low starts to retrograde. it brings the clouds back. by friday morning we bring showers back.
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our weather and brings in scattered showers. partly cloudy skies, an evening showers starting to push out of the area. winds 5 degrees -- 56 degrees. tomorrow windy and seasonal temperatures with a high right where we should be. still breezy with scattered showers into the m. partly to mostly cloudy sunday. we warm to 65 degrees. monday more sunshine and we'll start to warm up. the winds are going to go south-southwest, and we'll see temperatures back in the 70s by tuesday. and wednesday. crazy weather.
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>> knock, knock, who's there. interesting way the young buck st russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs.
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came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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report * 8th rank mitchell began state and the badgers. as the stakes rise, the room for
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>> one of the big things was there was a couple situations where we were able to conve and that helped us out. but we have to do better on first and second down. >> he couldn't be out -- he could miss the season. milwaukee native on injured reserve staff jiewring his back. what's next for the texans. learning how tomro watt. watt hasn't missed an nfl game in his career. he missed all of training camp this summer while he recovered from the surgery. >> we are not sure when the back injury recurred it's flared up to a point where he can't play right now.
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recovered the next time he steps on the football field. >> giannis wanted to tell a j on media day. >> i i have a joke. >> knock knock. obama, obama who ? obama report * i think i'm only one who laughed at that joke >> reporter: he's the fourth
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>> reporter: tonight texas native jason anderson in coal hamilton. one run. johnson with the shot. he's one home run shy in major
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the first hit in 23 at bat. it was in the form of a 2-1 homer. the brewers regain the lead. the former brewer carlos gomez to break the tie. the brewers lose 8-5. in my first i truck out. but on the second i but when your name is tim tebow you don't need two tries. on his first at-bat since high school, he hit a home run.
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center ithe heart ofk ciorit's "th tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- sting,


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