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tv   Today  NBC  September 29, 2016 7:00am-8:32am CDT

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the 14-year-old suspect in that teng elementary school shooting inouth carolce the teenager nowng lked to
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a jge issued this verdict. >> the defdant is found not guilty. >> reopening old wounds with a murderer just set free or was an innocent man falsely accused? andaceral star tim tebhe is sdmber 2016. morning. wee break newss a motive in sth cina whe a
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elementa school playground where two students, one of them six years old and a teacher were wounded. gabe gutierrezs there. goodorningoyou. >> reporter: good morning. overnight thepeed s gunm was questioned at length and we are hearing incredie stories fifighter w took tpen teachers hiro building. this morning a desperate search for a motive after shots rang out atenforcement, possible shooting. >> reporter: at townville elementary a 14-year-old opened fire wounding two students a a teacher before an unarmed volunteer firefighter stepped in and tackled him. >> we had a gun on the play playground. ev him. try to keep
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the superintendent says one class was at recess. a teacher was hit in the shoulder. she and other employees rushed students inside and locked the doors. >> courage. i mean, these teachers and staff they put their lives on the line to protect them. >> reporter: this morning 6-year-old jacob hall is in critical condition after being shot in the leg. a teacher and another student wounded have been treated and released. this community shaken as terrified parents scrambled to pick up their kids. >> she just told me they went to the bathroom and she was glad
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i don't even want her to go to school now. >> reporter: police have not identified the 14-year-old suspected gunman. it's unclear what connection, if any, he had to the school. now, classes here remain cancelled for the rest of the week and authorities are crediting active shooter drills they had practiced beforehand with safing lives. >> wow, gabe, gutierrez, thank you very much. let us turn to politics, the race for t just 40 days before the election. hillary clinton will spend her day in iowa. >> donald trump has a rally planned in new hampshire. this is his fifth visit to that state as republican nominee. clinton was there on wednesday. >> and our poll has clinton emerging as the winner of the first debate. 52% of likely voters said she won. 21% going with trump. 26% saying neither candidate won.
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peter alexander begins our decision 2016 coverage. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. there are conflicting opinions within the trump campaign this morning about whether he needs a reset before the second debate. but the fact that he's lashing out at bill and hillary clinton, also new this morning for the leading third party candidate, another major blunder. donald trump again attacking ar stamina referring to this moment at the 9/11 ceremony earlier this month. >> all those days off and then she can't even make it to her car. isn't it tough? >> reporter: later on fox news clarifying a pivot tall moment from the debate about whether he paid federal taxes. >> they showed he didn't pay any medical income tax. >> that makes me smart. a lot of people thinking that's the kind of thinking i want
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>> reporter: one calling his performance a disaster, another insisting he's finally going to do mock debates and may even get professional coaching. trump himself remains unphased telling nbc it's hard to be unhappy when we're doing so well. clinton getting support from bernie sanders. >> it is imperative that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> the next 40 days will determine the next 40 >> reporter: clinton hoping to energize millennials who remain largely luke warm about her. third party candidates come baning for 22%. both president obama and the first lady offering this warning. >> the stakes are far too high to take that chance. too high. remember, it's not about voting for the perfect candidate. >> if you don't vote, that's a
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candidate who's got no chance to win, that's a vote for trump. >> reporter: meantime third party candidate gary johnson in the spotlight once again this morning for all the wrong reasons. after struggling to name a foreign leader he admires during a town hall on msnbc. >> who's your favorite foreign leader. >> who's my favorite -- >> name one foreign leader that you respect and look up to. i'm talking about you've got to do this. anywhere, any continent. canada, asia, south america, name a foreign leader that you respect. >> i guess i'm having an aleppo moment in the former president of mexico. >> anybody in the world you like. anybody. pick any leader. >> the former president of mexico. >> which one? >> i'm having a brain -- i'm having a brain freeze.
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leader? >> okay. fine. >> reporter: merkel of course the german chancellor. also the arizona republic is reporting that it's receiving death threats and countless prescription cancellations. the first time the paper has supported a democrat for president in 126 years. >> all right. thank you. >> let's bring inve been crunching the new numbers from the poll we have. 52% think hillary won but there's an important group that swung for her and maybe was decisive. >> so the overall number we know about but we talk about key voting blocks. one is white women with college degrees. this is a group republicans are traditionally competitive with. donald trump's been running behind hillary clinton, so think of that as the group he had to win over. what did they think of the debate? 66% of them said hillary clinton
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trump. this is the group he's got to make inroads and he got clobbered with them. >> there has to be a reason there and i know we talked a lot about donald trump's personality and his temperament when that group was asked about those two key features, what did they say. >> yeah, that question of temperament, it has haunted donald trump. so break this down. republican women said in the debate they were fine with donald trump's temperament but independent women, four out of every five saying donald trump doesn't have after watching that debate the temperament to be president. independents, these could be fatal numbers sometimes politically. >> and obviously we know where he has work cut out for him. hillary clinton's got her work cut out too with young voters. >> back in new hampshire yesterday. why does she bring bernie sanders to appeal to millennial voters? remember this. in the primaries voters under 30
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group and by far hillary clinton's weakest group. this was across all democratic primaries. he clobbered her 21 to 78 so if you're hillary clinton and you want to reach young voters, the best weapon the senior citizen. >> will the interesting thing from the poll even if one thought one side or the other won, many said it didn't change their minds. >> that's right. we'll see if this even moves the numbers. >> steve, thank you. > to nicole wallace about that critical mom vote. she talked to som we'll see whether or noty'll de that elecon. >> let's talk now about aajor defeat for the curre president. for the fst time conasgress voted to override one o a bill that allows 9/11 families an, gooingoomog. th ve in both hse w
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warnings that it could lead to a national security threat for u.s. personal deployed overseas. this morning victims and families are touting a major victory. both the senate and the house rebuking president obama. overriding his veto of a bill that allows victims to sue the government of aud arabia over the 2001 terror attacks. >> it's about the truth, accountability and justice. those are the three things weave been fighting for for over a >> reporter: watching from the galleries, terry, who lost her husband tom in the world trade center. just three days after the birth of their son. she and other families insisting for years that the saudis provided financial support to the terrorists and now hope to bring saudi officials before a u.s. judge. despite the 9/11 commission finding no prove that the saudi government was involved. on wednesday president obama
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troops and diplomats to unforeseen legal retaliation overseas. >> sometimes you have to do what's hard and frankly, i wh congress he had done what's hard. >> reporter: his argument echoed by america's top spy. >>eign governments are going to start to pass similar type of legislation that is going to haul the united states into courts overseas for the most frivolous of charges and allegations. >> reporter: the new york to saying it only allows foreign governments to be sued, not @?x? >> the chi argent is not strong. in fact, it's flimsy. >> reporter: the administration is also facingppitio fm hillary clinton and donald trump. the twos finding common ground in support of a legislation. still, theetoverride pinning the families of 9/11 victims against the white house.
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most embarrassing thing the senate has done since 1983. osements critized by terry. >> this was congress at its this is democracy at its best. >> reporter: in hi comments josh ernest was referring to a 1983 veto override of a bill that ronald reagan opposed during his first term 33 years ago. yesterday's veto override is a stinging defeat for mr. obama especially because iam democrats including hillary clinton. >> all right. andrea mitchell at the white house. thank you. the 'em battled ceo of wells rgosin on?? capitol hill abouthose millions ofounts opened without customer knowledge or consent. >> reporter: good morning. that is exactlygh well fargs ceo is speaking for the first time today here ol
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potentially could have been violated here. our business in government is to make sure that not just the bank but the individuals who are responsible are held accountable to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: the state treasurer suspending government business with wells fargo. >> how can my office continue to entrust the public's money to an organization that has shown such
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a salary. >> a lot of his comp, he an' l answers and so, ho did this happen? >> repter: the ceo is nedng st but he's a in the drama. th chairman of the house financial services committee, he
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fargo and he is slated t ld >> allright. than fan joinedi arlins players wednesday for an emotional od-bo fernandez. itd bng accident. teammate surrounded the hearse wearing white t-shirts reading rip in honor of fallen st si a thenno viewing. teammate said of fernandez quote, he wa sometngspecial. aersonaha cannot be replaced. imetime, t at tng east nfort few i t w t
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that same area isitet rain toda. their faggingnd getting se rain downn north carolina right now andn , wve g fsh flood emergencies in parts of centl north carolina. as we go to the radar, you can see just exactly what's going on. down i fayetteville.ood warnings we've got flash flood w million people now. this is a long lasting duration. we'v thispp level low, tons o n the atlantic so we'll have consecutive days of heavyll's e parts of western and northern virginia, west virginia and stretching into the northeast. wes goingo be rea soaker. need then rai in the
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tropical storm matthew. >> why are you looking at me >> is its middle name todd also? >> yes, it is. all right. al, thank you. just ahead, we will talk about a murder case that has ripped the small town apart. we'll take you inside a dramatic day in court. then passengers behaving badly. a disturbing ride in air rag
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gotter...r..e slow downs on 894 nortou near naonal
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though it's kind of dreary h in the northeast and going to be for a major portion of the next week or so. >> i think we were describing it as blah a. little bit blah. let's go to the headlines overnight. an arrest was made in a frightening kidnapping in los angeles. you see a man driving the victim out of a store and shoving her into a car. she escaped a few hours later. police were able to catch up with the suspect. they took him into custody late last night. >> mourners are paying respect
7:31 am
simone perez. this morning his body is lying in state outside israel's parliament building t. funeral is tomorrow in jerusalem. president obama will lead the u.s. delegation. >> our first nbc news survey monkey poll since monday's debate is out this moveng. ear are the results. 52% of likely voters said hillary clinton won the ght. 21% said trump, 26% said neither candidate won. >> that brings us to today's campaign moment t. lon almost over. "saturday night live" is coming this coming weekend after a recent cast shakeup, the crew is finally revealing who is going to play donald trump. that's right, alec baldwin will take on donald trump opposite
7:32 am
clinton. >> now, to a verdict in a murder case that has attracted national headlines. the college soccer coach on trial. craig mel zin, good morning to you. >> good morning, "dateline" has been covering this story for years. he was strategied in 2011. her ex-boyfriend was eventually charged with a crime sent a small town into a stail tailspin. it influenced the local election. but mick hillary t. man accused of that crime was acquitted wednesday in an emotional courtroom t. tension in the courtroom undeniable. >> the defendant, arnold nicholas hillary is found not guilty. >> a judge acquiting him of second degree murder in the 2011 strangulation of garrett philips. >> he was exxon rated t.
7:33 am
>> relief for the accused. but the boy's relatives inconsolable. after the verdict, they turned off audio in the courtroom. according to witnesses, garrett's uncle was heard shouting, karma will get you. hillary's ex-girlfriend and mother in tears. >> they're devastated, obviously, extremely upset. >> at the time of the killing, hillary was the head soccer coach at clarkson university. he met cyrus whilehe working as a bartender. both single pavents, they dated. she maintained hillary killed her son saying she blamed him for the breakup? >> for whatever reason he did not like my son. he was a problem for him. >> >> reporter: hillary was not charged until three years later. observers say was a key factor in the local election for
7:34 am
told myself justice for garrett's son is a good thing. >> kid, i need justice. >> reporter: at the trial, prosecutors played security video showing what they say is garrett riding on his rip stick with hillary waiting nearby, turning on his headlights, allegedly following garrett home. hillary always maintained his innocence, he says he was at the school to watch a soccer game and did not follow with her at the time of the murder. no physical evidence like dna or fingerprints connected him to the crime t. judge's verdict, not guilty. >> and they have been, don't get me wrong, but the fight is my family and i have been living underneath this cloud and the focus right now is to start putting this in the rear view mirror and try to reestablish
7:35 am
reverse, hillary filed a civil rights lawsuit against him and the police department. hillary was deposed in a civil suit twoears after the murder and the prosecution used that deposition in the criminal trial against him. it didn't work t. civil case is still pending. >> a fascinating story, craig. as you mentioned, "dateline" has been covering a. schedule called "the accused." >> let's take a turn with mr. roker with a check of the weather. >> that's right. it's a rare time where you can talk about tropical storm mathew. as you can see right now. >> the haboob. >> that's right. south of southeast of san juan, puerto rico. mathew's moving west at 16 miles
7:36 am
on into week. it heads up towards cuba by tuesday morning as a category 1 storm and then after that, all bets are off, we have to confront to watch this. the rest of the country, gully watchers, the west coast looks fantastic. airport delays will be a big problem. boston, new york city, philadelphia, washington, d.c.
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. >> a lot of weather going on, because of the weather channel. >> al, thank you. coming up, why right now the slimmest you'll be all year long. >> enjoy it. but first, so much for flying the friendly skies. why incidents of air rage are on the rise, right after this. before taking his team to state for the first time... gilman: go get it, marcus. go get it. gilman used his cash rewards credit card from bank of america to earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time. at places like the batting cages. ?? [ crowd cheers ] 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. which helped him give his players something extra. the cash rewards credit card from bank of america.
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7:42 am
passengers. pilots say passengers get violent not only on the ground but at altitude. >> hey, ho. >> reporter: from an on board fight at lax to a drunk passenger assaulting a flight attendant in charlotte. >> sit down, sit down. enough. put your hand up! >> reporter: to a s.w.a.t. raid in toronto. >> hand up, hand up! >> reporter: to airport after airport after airport. >> i'll get it for you. >> reporter: bad become a serious problem. an international airlines groups reporting 1500 in 2015, nearly 11,000 cases world wide, one for every 1200 flights cussing, screaming, spiting. even urinating and refusing to obey flight attendants. 11% of cases got physical last year. nearly a quarter involved drugs or alcohol.
7:43 am
single day when we go to work. it's also become a bigger part of our job, there are fewer of us on board. >> part of the problem, more passengers, less space. just like a ski resort, the effects of alcohol are magnified at altitude. >> i don't think people are really aware of that one drink is going to clobber them twice as bad. >> reporter: at 35,000 feet the stakes for everyone on board are very high. >> normally i tell the lead flight attendant, you into ed to inform them down and comply or we will divert and we will press champblgs. >> reporter: the penalty for interfering with a flight crew up to $25,000 in fines and 20 years in prison. >> sit down. sit down! >> reporter: and the shame of making national tv. we talked about that fine, up to $25,000. 20 years in prison. >> that seems to have helped in decreasing the level of air rage
7:44 am
in the united states air rage peaked about four years ago. listen to this, we have a serious incident every three days or so. meanwhile, globally, this was a global survey the situation the incidents are on the rise. guys, back to you. >> tom, thanks for clearing that up. coming up, miley cyrus, talk show host with music superstar had to say about taking over for ellen. >> okay. and carson has the swing that might just be fueling a ne awards are great.
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>> they say, cominup, dead inside their luxury resort of what investigators a saying this morning about the mysterious deaths. and as good as it gets a. new report says that right now the lightest you will be all year,hy? we should enjoy i ile it sts. and ts oth know w y arele??? tofseo talk about his highly and a whole
8:01 am
>> i have been watching the "today" show since the beginning and i'minal on the odsh. >> it's great to be in the big apple. >> teachers from ohio. we love"t >> mom station. >> all the way from tennessee! >> it's 8:00 on "today." gooding, everybody, , stember 2. all right.feing like fall.ite t. by t , top 4
8:02 am
number 20 on the countdown. >> i train." worry going to talk to him ility that. >> i can't wait. >> a super nice guy. >> super easy to make dinners. it's as easy as >> first, the top story in the morning, here is the "new day." >> reporter: i'm kristen welker at the airport in west chester. hillary clinton will depart from here and head to iowa later today, the latest survey monkey online poll shows 52% of likely voters say secretary clinton won the debate this morning, trump remains defiant. donald trump sharpening his attacks against hillary clinton
8:03 am
wednesday. >> etching you need to know about hillary clinton can be understood with that simple phrase -- follow the money! >> reporter: some newest allegations aimed at regaining momentum after a rocky debate monday that one trump source called a disaster. his aides now pushing for more traditional proep racing. on fox news, trump trying to change the narrative. >> i really love the experience. i had a great time. i think you scientific i won the debate. >> reporter: our latest online poll shows clinton won the debate and 27% of women say their opinion of trump actually got worse. those opinions fueled by his criticism of elisa machado for gaining weighing. trump doubling down. >> i saved her job. because they wanted to fire her for putting on so much weight.
8:04 am
universe president and this morning, "vanity fair" is reviveing more controversial comments. a 2013 tv interview in which trump criticizes a then pregnant kim kardashian. >> she's got an little bit large. i don't think you should dress like you weigh 126 pound. >> reporter: they unleash a full court press. mobilizing young voters in new hampshire by bernie sanders. >> reporter: i am asking all you to think big, not small in there bernie's campaign ennereyesed so many young people. >> reporter: michelle obama in pennsylvania getting personal about trump's birtherrism conspiracy theory regarding president obama. >> hurtful, deceitful questions deliberately designed to undermine his presidency. >> reporter: now the trump team this morning signaling that they are going to increase their
8:05 am
trump heads to new hampshire later today. secretary clinton will try to energize her core supporters by talking about women and families when she heads to iowa. >> kristen, thank you very much. the vacation of a lifetime has ended in tragedy for two american sisters. their stunned family in minnesota didn't know what happened. lucie cavanaugh is following this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning this is a destination most of us will they had their royal honeymoon with will and kate. it's a tragedy that's left one minnesota family desperate for answers. it was supposed to be a dream vacation to a tropical paradise. just 900 miles off africa's east coast. staying at a $2,000 a night villa nestled in the hills.
8:06 am
on her facebook page best place ever. six days later, she and her 42-year-old sister robin were found dead a. spokesmanor f the hotel group told nbc news the pair was discovered when an employee of the hotel tried to wake them t. cause of death, still unknown t. minister of tourism telling us this morning. >> as the minister of tourism, we get sensitive when anything like this hams. people come on holiday not to lose mourning two lives. her to brother telling our nbc affiliate that the family is still very much in shock. they're working with the embassy and local authorities to find out what in the world happened. the sisters, no strangers to adventure, remembered as kind, generous, loving, and incredibly compassionate. and, guy, we know that the mother and brother are now in the space shuttle. the american embassy is
8:07 am
authorities. everyone isaiti now w for results of a jt what happened to these two women.san. >> all right, lucie cavaun lo thanks very much. >> back ing 14-year-old boy they seah for a motive in a south carolina schooleenas armed with a handgun and kild his
8:08 am
he was a white house correspondent during the clinton and bush administrations and on 9/11 mik was the first at the scene to report that the pentagon had been attacked. it was there that he was recently honored with the defense department's exceptional public service award for setting a standard on journalistic excellence and on wednesday night, our colleagues celebrated him at our washington, d.c. bureau, mik, we love you, congratulation andd without you. enjoy that retirement. so well deserved. coming up, walking a mile or more for a flight. why those terminal walks are getting longer and longer. >> the crucial mom vote that may decide the presidential race. this morning, how women really feel ability donald trump and hillary clinton. >> one of the stars of the >> one of the stars of the highly people always say let's just get a sandwich or something. you don't just learn how to drive...
8:09 am
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we are back now.
8:12 am
>> the words came out there. >> so excited for trending >> are ying is? we ou s t t. we wl weigl we probay will be. now it's holiday time.
8:13 am
on the show yesterday, savannah was outraged. right.ab t usa today's list of this most thated her out guacomole. >> we love it. >> the folks at usa today were apparently watching and listening so what they did this morning. they put out a list of the most underrat foods. t's ifhamakes an attack h es.lishns >> a good hard bled egg.ed eggs. dip iin salt. en store. >> that's a staple. yeah. >> the is something else on
8:14 am
how about a klondike bar. >> what would doke b f? >> i eat 50 tse aea >> oh the original, baby. >> on me. >> oh my gosh. >> they have a proprietary taste to them, it's not just any chocolate. >> proprietary taste. >> special to klondike. >> a good ice cream sandwich that has a crunch. >> yeah. ice cream was one of the overrated. it's not overrauted. >> ihuge temptto u actly. uerp@ >> prada shoe, uer redrpts, yo and longer to get tthe
8:15 am
it's really ue. all these suspicion, why am i o the county line. >> it's right on the line. >> most of the reason is bigger airplanes, they need more space. >> they need to sell more stuff. more stores. >> that is a big part of it. what they decided to do is have mopa whatever, restaurants. >> i was in detroit last week. i love detroit. but i entered gate 21 i think. it must have been a half mile to the baggage claim. >> then you got to get on a train. >> and a lot of airplanes get rid of those people movers the moving walkways to put more stuff, more restaurants and stores and things. but i do like how you can get a pedicure at the airport if you have to. >> you can get a blowout in some
8:16 am
those are great. >> what would do you for a klondike bar? >> i love them. >> kim kardashian got attacked by a notorious celebrity prankster. she was walking down the street in paris when the man in white slipped back and rushed her t. guards immediately pounced on him. it looked like he was going to tackle her. he has done this to kim before. she is filing mp and actually lifted her off the ground. he has done this to a ton of celebrities, after brad pitt in 2014, he was sentenced to three years probation and ordered to undergo. >> it's assault? >> yes. >> can we make a deal? let's not put him on anymore? >> good.
8:17 am
for throwback thursday, al, this one celebrating his 26th anniversary. ? freedom ? ? freedom ? >> the whole record is under rated. >> george michael's "freedom" came out in october of 1990. remember this video. cindy crawford was in it. you see. >> it was live. >> yes. >> i can't read the teleprompter. well, it's for the anniversary a next generation of models. the next gen of models. adriana lima. they take to the streets of new o york during fashion week. great song. >> that whole record is awesome. >> i didn't know there was a video and i knew the song. i didn't know. >> you knew the song? >> finally, you may have noticed
8:18 am
miley cyrus is. ellen a little under the weather, miley stepping in to fill ellen's dancing shoes. >> has that ever happened? >> i know you all came to see ellen. i am going to do my best to make you happy. i am dressed like her. i smell like her. actually before i came out here, i actually kissed a girl. i admit, i'm a little bit nervous, because i've never hosted a show with my clothes on before so this is so weird. >> there you go, as if miley wasn'ty "the voice" she is guest hosting. no shortage of chatter. >> talent. >> which is great. yeah great personality. >> carson, thank you so much. can you return to the teleprompter by the way. let's get a check of the weather.
8:19 am
down in fayetteville, north carolina. take a look. they got flash flood warnings in effect. a flash flood emergency. some areas have picked up 12 inches of rain overnight and as you can see, it has turned streams into raging rivers. it is going to continue. here's the latest. 12 million people at risk for flooding from north carolina all way up into pennsylvania. you can see on the radar the heaviest precipitation between wilmington and fayetteville. we are seeing moisture making it way up into pennsylvania. bulls eye for this, the heaviest rain going forward is going to be in western virginia, west virginia to the west of washington, d.c. we're worried about ellicott city as well where they have that flooding in july. for today as we said, heavy rain, plus a lot of gusty winds. it will be raw today.
8:20 am
radford in ellicott, maryland. what's the latest there? >> reporter: well, al, we're in the middle of a flash flood watch here in the baltimore and d.c. area. we're expecting to see up to five inches of rain in the next 24 hours. this is a part of a larger system that as you mentioned has hit north carolina and virginia. can you hear the emergency services crews here behind me at ellicott city, maryland. they're cleaning up, sandbagging, trying to prepare this city and prevent what happened two months ago almost to the day when two were killed, hundreds more rescued. that's when six inches of rain struck in two hours. that's why emergency services are here trying to keep these people safe as they hit the roads today, al. >> thank you. again, still reeling from that flooding. so this is going to be a very touch and go situation. of course, we will keep you posted during the day on msnbc and "nightly news" tonight. that what's going onround the country. here's what's happening in your
8:21 am
i wonder why savannah and hoda are sitting on the couch? >> do you think it's because i look particularly good in my suit. maybe not. the book turned into a blockbuster in "the girl on the a with couple e she watcheon her daily commute. this guy right here, justin in a sto where nothing is rlly as it seals. >> she said you yelled at her.
8:22 am
she hit me. >> you are drunk. , m. >> my wife is scared of you. >> of what? >> i don't know if that's a joke or not. let's start with child abduction. >> that's not how hap >> you and i know what you are capable of. >> hey, justin, how are you? >> i'm great, thank you. >> we we have mutual friends that tell me you are anything but creepy. you are a really nice guy. i'm glad. >> yeah. >> and yetkeep readi you, everybody res howell playrk that creepi s orot of crpsimes i s th i guess it means i'm doing my job. >> i like how you end on and up note. which is good. >> kind of creepy.
8:23 am
it's wildly popular. that doesn't always mean tha the book transs with el to the big screen. why do you think this one does? >> well, i think it does only because it was very faithfully adapted. the direction is fantastic and we were really mobbed up with a lot of very, very good actors. so you know, we can only hope we do service to the book and sort of honor what the author had in mind. >> without, i know there is a lot we want to be careful about in terms of not spoiling something. give the basics of the story line in your opinion. >> essentially, the story about a woman named rachel who rides the train. she's in a slightly depressive state, drinking too much and she projects on to other people that she looks out the train window, what we all kind of do in life. she builds this sort of fantasy life around this couple and then
8:24 am
these sort of players are around >> i rem dro my dad t assume y knowh's beautifully painted ors. >> yea eius laundry isangiut bac >> you syo
8:25 am
strangle him. but in terms of what he can do as an actor, he can be much bigger than he is in terms of notoriety. the reason he's not is by design. it's his choice. is that true? >> i don't know if it's true. i, i think, you know, i've made decision again based on what is going to make me happy. so i never had any particularly, particular interest in doing things that will advance me to
8:26 am
i want. if it's right in acting. >> you do it so well. justin, always good to see you.
8:27 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
8:28 am
8:30 am
>> we are back now at 8:30 on a thursday morning the 29th of september, 2016. a little earlier in our program, al talked aboom way. you know what, it is just about here. i feel a sprinkle. >> we have weather sensitive hair, the two of us. >> we do. al will catch up with a legend, dig van dyke. >> i love this man, secrets of a remarkable career. let me tell you, he is still as funny and as limber. just a great guy. and he's got some news about the mary pop pins remake.
8:31 am
this is the day to cozy up with a reading book. your fall lined up. >> something easier to make at home. you have to try this chicken and broccoli recipe for yourself. that is coming up. >> first, mr. roker,heck c the weather. >> where is general tsao? god, i love that chicken. let's see wt's g. tomorrow, a washout in the northeast and great lakes. wet weather in the southwest. well. we are also looking saturda at more rain in the northeast, great lakes as well. new england, we need it especiallyther wet weather in the western plai. sunday! sunday!
8:32 am
?/ the weather you need. check out teather channel on rihanksery ther channels. much. we ll t about aup of voters that could decide the presidential elecon. we are talking about women. lly cl n fighting for them, especially moms, who may have been watching mony'sebat >> our new poll shows nearly 30% of women say their opinion ch. and
8:33 am
frorth carolina, thanging t withellow mo l hea abo noif movie srs, . talk we run ou ou w pick esiden. if the caateshi w f t t win, they're goingve toin over this group of wake county, north cin as the ded say, i g points forot infit about chelsen
8:34 am
up,ut he might as well have. >> what do you think of the wrath that hillary clinton has by playing by h o set of rules. >> everybody should be held to the same set of standard. i find the e-mail thing is vy shady. e tends to play little shell game here and there. so that causes pulse warming. >> i'm not sure i trust her. >> if one of the candidates sat bench fstaid mustald trump on win your thehis he says about arhtmo i buy m own surae, h e wip everyingnn i her. >> do yothinesidont? 'mot sur it's like
8:35 am
if she sat dn the g u until i have your vote. what wou you need to hear from her in. day basis. on an every ne wi,right?e los tt go totn electionin i whoen b making a ge will mak itn booth. like, last minuteull the trigger. >> wow! >> interesting conversation. >> they were so lovely. they let me io t home. i nevere done this before, gone out and do you know cold pack annual, right. and i texted everyone i knew in television for their advice, i almost threw up in the toilet. now she knows. the most interesting thing is after our exercise walk, we went
8:36 am
do youeel after watching the debate with your children, that affected them having their kids in the room. could anything happen that could move you back towards donald trump's camp? they sai if m information comes layout from wikileaks or e go back the other wa that's why they said they will wait until election day. >> campaigns don't like undecided rs. >> they don't like them. they nd them.they eed these moms reat. job, >> weot a kndike b issues, use . >> i didn't sheee t almost throwing upe bam bathroom story. >next,l goes one on one with a liv legend, dig van
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
zblmpbls back now with more of our special series "today's living ledge ends." this morning dig van dyke. >> dig van dyke. come on, i got a chance to learn a few moves and talk about his iconic career that spans more than 50 years. >> da da da da, da da da da. >> it's been more than five decades van dyke sang in classics like "bye-bye birdie." ? why look so awfully tragic ? ? put on a happy face. >> in chitty chitty bang been and the magical world of mary pop pins. >> tell me about mary poppins. >> there was something image cal going onful we all felt it. each day, we were reviewing it.
8:40 am
going to be good. >> but it's still over 50 years, it's still image cal today. >> walt, he was computer generated, he wasn't around for. that he would have gone crazy. they're remaking mary poppins. >> yes. >> how do you feel about that? >> people traditionally aren't very good. i said, without walt disney and the sherman the music, i have some doubts. i talked to the director. they said, it will be an homage. i think they want me to come in at the end as the old banker and sing a little song and do a little dance. which i'd love to do. >> oh my gosh. >> judy and meryl streep is in it. >> in this body of work that you
8:41 am
proud of? >> dick van dyke. >> nominated 25 times for prime time emmy awards. the 1960s telecom sit-com starred dick van dyke and mary tyler moore. >> don't you think it's time we get him a new home? >> not in front o.d-u-c-k. >> it was the most creative i just haysletted to see it go. >> do you sometimes marvel at the things that have you been in. >> oh, yeah. sometimes i don't believe it. >> you look back on 90 years. are there any regrets? >> well, i had a period of like i got stuck on the booze and i hated that. i got through it all right. i just one day it didn't taste good aerial and it went away. >> you have been very opened. you seemed somewhat fearless.
8:42 am
self surveys showed that old people are happier than at any other age and i think partly wisdom, you know, and peer pressure doesn't mean anything anymore. >> what do you attribute your secret to longevity? >> i'm married to someone less than half my avenl everyone said it wouldn't work. but it's just delightful. she keeps me young and i keep continuing and we go like that and the secret is down. you got to keep moving. ouch. that's pretty good for a 90-year-old. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> oh, he goes to the gym every day unbelievable. he has this new passion project. acapella quartet called the fantastics. he says, every day you got to move. keep moving. >> incredible.
8:43 am
dyke we've loved all these years. >> i did not want to leave. >> really cool. >> coming up next, we will dig into a great prop of reads for fall, great for a day like this. ?happy music? [bus honks] mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so, snack time is now us time. we pull out buddig original and get rolling.
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this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer. >> and good morning, everyone. i am matt lauer with this nbc news special report. i want to show you a chaotic scene that's unfolding right now in hoboken, new jersey, just about two miles from where we are. a packed commuter train has crashed, as you can see, into a rail station there. you're looking at live pictures from the scene. no specific word on injuries. however, we have heard there are multiple injuries at the scene. part of the building, as you can see, has collapsed. there's severe damage. federal investigators are being
8:46 am
i've got rahama ellis joining us from the scene. what are you seeing? >> what i can tell you is there are emergency vehicles all throughout this area. many of the streets have been blocked. so i've literally been running through the streets, trying to get up to the scene. as you pointed out, what happened this morning shortly around the 9:00 hour, just beyond the height of the rush hour, a train coming into the station. witnesses say the train simply did not stop. it kept going and ran into the area, where the passengers would be standing, waiting to get on this train. as you point out, it caused mass chaos. there are reports of mass casualties, but we don't know the extent of the injuries at this moment. this has been called a massive casualty incident. there are emergency crews all throughout the area. roads have been blocked. i am right now trying to get exactly on to the site so i can
8:47 am
once again, shortly after the 9:00 hour, just beyond the height of the rush hour, a train coming into the train station simply did not stop. it kept going. we don't know at this point what the speeds of train was. all of those details will come out as this incident is unfolding. emergency crews are on scene trying to get passengers who i have maybe injured, get them help, and to assess exactly what happened here and the extent of the injuries and the damage. >> and i just want to say, i'm many tracks come to an end. so it is truly a terminal. when you say that train didn't come to a stop, it would have had nowhere else to go but off the end of the track and right into that terminal building. >> matt, that seems to be exactly, precisely the case here. i'm not exactly on the scene, so i'm making my way to it, but what i can see is chaotic. people have been forced to not
8:48 am
i was forced to park my car and run as fast as i can into the area. but you're right. it's an area where the trains, they converge here coming into the train station. it's a new jersey transit commuter train. it's above ground. the train just didn't stop and plowed right into that passenger terminal. >> and obviously traveling at a pretty high rate of speed based on the damage we're seeing. i want to bring in tom costello. he cs tom, i guess the first thing that happens is the fra and the ntsb, they send teams there quickly. >> yeah, that's correct. obviously the immediate concern is evacuating all of the injured, treating the injured, and then trying to determine what happened. this will become a federal railroad investigation, as you suggested, and the ntsb, in coordination with the federal railroad administration. one big concern here, matt, is going to be did the train and did the system have positive
8:49 am
our initial suggestion from a federal authority is there is no positive train control on this particular track. you may recall from the philadelphia train crash you and i covered 18 months ago, that particular incident occurred when there was no positive train control on a stretch of track, and the train derailed going at an excessive speed around a curve. positive train control is essentially an automatic braking system. it brakes the train if the engineer fails to do so as the train approaches some sort of an immediate stop zone or slow down zone. in philadelphia, we had 200-plus injured and eight dead. we are hoping that we don't have anywhere near that kind of scenario here, but the immediate concern that federal railroad authorities have had for years is the slow rollout of this positive train control automatic braking system, why have various jurisdictions and authorities been slow to put it into effect
8:50 am
lives, and at this early indication from federal authorities, there's no positive train control on this stretch of track. >> and we don't know how many injuries have resulted from this crash, but keep in mind there would be people on that train and there would have been people standing near that platform. this could be mechanical error, it could be human error, it could be something else. too early to rule out anything, including a potential deliberate act. again, the investigation will come after the rescue operations take place to find out who may
8:52 am
the people do this, they don't burn the garlic. >> that's right. you want to add garlic here. olive oil. you don't to have this. you don't want to brown the garlic. that will make it really bitter. once you get this going, you add
8:53 am
in aromatics like green onion, this is where the flavor comes from. also, this is how you get your house smelling really good, man that is going down in the kitchen today. >> that's right. >> people will say, man, are you killing it in there. >> we have a tasting table downstairs t. tasters are getting ready. >> then we are going to add in some cooked brown rice. >> d there something to substitute? >> you can use rice or kinwa. check it out. add a little of this. thank you for helping me out. >> that will absorb the flavors already in the pan? >> now we will add in the hero of the dish this five spice blend. >> al mentioned. how would you describe the taste of this?
8:54 am
cinnamon clove fennell and black pepper. give that a quick stir there. then we will add in low sodium tamari. >> tamarzy what? >> it's almost like a sy sauce, it's less suesy, if you have an allergy, this the perfect for you. >> how long will this cook? >> it will took for about a good three minutes. once you do that, we will add in our chicken. once you get the chicken this is where all the magic happens, if you find that your skillet is drying out this dish, decrease the heat a little bit. this should cook for about five-to-seven minutes. can't you smell it right now? >> yes, we will turn this down a bit. we put the broccoli in. how we doing downstairs? >> we were discussing this. >> very aromatic.
8:55 am
this is a better boring dish. >> from start to finish how long will it take at home? >> 30 minutes, you have this delicious meal. will you garnish with a little sesame seed and some green onions. >> perfect. >> how is it? >> it is delicious. it is really good. >> chicken and broccoli. it's about $3 bucks a meal and comes with less than 300 calories, 30 grams of pr take this for lunch. saim save some money for the fall. >> everyone get the recipe on
8:58 am
check of the weather.. milwaukee county executive chris abele may be asking car owners to pay more for others to ride the bus. abele will be joined by transit advocates to announce save transit plan. it's a cornerstone of the upcoming 2017 budget. in it... abele is expected to float the idea of a wheel tax for car owners in milwaukee. he's looking for a way to bring in more money to fund public transit and infrastructure projects. able expected to reveal his entire 2017 budget plan next week.
9:00 am
good morning today's perfect spot to watch football this season. and an old fashion wad skinny twist. and a beer lover's paradise. >> local stops that let you drink while you shop next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? good morning everyone denise filling in for molly today. how are you? >> i'm good. glad to be here. glad i made it i got the text from kim this morning at like 7:00. my first thought was can i do


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