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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  September 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CDT

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good morning today's perfect spot to watch football this season. and an old fashion wad skinny twist. and a beer lover's paradise. >> local stops that let you drink while you shop next on the morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ? good morning everyone denise filling in for molly today. how are you? >> i'm good. glad to be here. glad i made it i got the text from kim this morning at like 7:00. my first thought was can i do
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>> the older you get the harder it is to wrap the package. >> you did a good job. you always do a great job. i have a serious question how do you choose the fattest line in the -- fastest line in the supermarket? >> don't you hate it when there is lines. my theory is you look to see who has their stuff on the belt and go toward that one. >> all right. here's what the new york times say. choose the shopper with the fullest cart not the line with several peopit in the cart. >> oh, really? >> yes. this say because, it comes down to a few things. there is a science behind it. when someone is checking it out it takes an average of 40 seconds to say hello, check out and say goodbye. if you have a person with a few things in their cart it will take an average of a minute longer than one person with lots of stuff in their cart. >> also people are taking the time to pay. pulling out their credit cards,
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coupons. that makes sense now. >> they say also go left. most of us are right handed and we tend to veer towards the right naturally. if you want to speed it up cheese the female cashiers they tend to be quicker. also face all of the labels towards the cashier if you want it to go quickly. if you are buying clothes take the hangars off before you get up there. don't you bag the bag boy is busy. you are like i will do it myself? >> i just get upset when i have to do the self-ones and i don't want to. >> because everything else is run. >> it's inevitable i mess that up. >> you want to know an easy way to improve your life? take a class. especially adult. adult learners who take a class go back to school for something or take a class whether singing or art or a craft something like that they tend to be happier.
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with their lives and improved mental and physical health. classes in singing, crafts, creative writing they boost well being. >> would you take a class? >> right now i'm looking to take a class at the conservatory of music for choir, but i have to audition. >> because you're a singer. >> i have taken class there is before, but i loved it. how about you? >> i think i would like to do some sort of ceramics. >> like pottery? >> i never used t wheel. like the movie ghost. [laughter] >> here's something our boss did a class in tosa it was a glass blowing class. >> that would be so cool. >> got to check it out. that's our soundoff if you were to take a class to learn something new what would it be it will help improve your life. >> the other things that improve your life are cocktails. last week we showed you how to make the perfect old fashioned yes we did. today we're going to teach you
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that's right. this week david yates from camp bar in tosa is here with the newest member of the old fashioned bar the skinny old fashioned. you brought other members as well. >> good to see you. how are you? and welcome. a smiling face here today. >> a face that really likes old fashions that's for sure. >> this one is a little different. there is no added sugar in it and the alcohol content is lower about half. >> ion >> so it's half? >> i know you don't like that. >> but most people would love that. but you can drink twice as many and get just as drunk. >> so it lasts a little longer you got more time in there. thirsty thursday is today. >> things are on special. as always, paul says there is something on special. >> there is something special. i rarely believe i paul, but i will believe you today $4 rails. these are your fancy cherries. >> yeah i brought those in i
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>> those are bright. >> all you have to do is ask there is no additional cost. just ask. >> they are like $10 a cherry. they are delicious. >> they are like candy in your mouth. >> they are like you well worth it so. >> thank you brad. >> i feel like i'm the third wheel here. >> he is a married man just got married last weekend. >> i'm married now back off. >> happily married. what have we got the half slice of orange. >> some bitters notice i'm not putting any sugar cube in there. no sugar cube. i was kind of skeptical because i'm not a big fan of diet sodas or things of that nature. when paul came up with this idea i was like, we use kessler light whiskey. it's the same amount of alcohol half the proof.
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you can enjoy them without getting drunk. >> okay. >> i got to watch my language on tv i really do. i'm using diet 7 up. >> are these for tiff and i to test. >> yeah those are for tiff and you to test. >> shaken not stirred. >> all right. >> all right brad. >> all right. there cheers. >> we're going to see if it tastes light. >> oh, no. >> oh, i had >> i like this better. >> you would never know there is diet 7 up in there or no sugar. if you're watching your waist because we're coming into the winter months, you know you want to hibernate. >> also want to say you were at the packers kickoff party. >> yeah. >> we're doing one on the 16th in tosa. we're calling it favre tober fest. >> here's how you take advantage you go into camp, they have thirsty thursdays stop in for $4
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thirsty thursdays. north avenue and 68th street in tosa. camp bar can you go in for favre tober. >> 66th street. >> sorry. >> don't go to 68th street. >> will these guys be there? >> no these are my friends from shorewood. i live around the corner. >> they look sweet, but they are not that sweet in real life. >> you have a few of these have a staring contest with them and >> it was great meeting you. >> we have a lot more coming up on today as show including a tax day program for those with low or middle incomes. and this place where beer is everything. how to get the freshest beer and home and they'll even let you have a pint while you shop. rotisserie meats and a wine list easy to navigate. we'll tell you about a brand-new restaurant opening in the heart of tosa as our tour of tosa
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welcome back to the morning blend where we're continuing a tour of tosa. whether you are looking for a casual rendezvous or celebrating a special occasion wauwatosa has a new spot with amazing food,
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fountain. >> zach espinosa is the executive chef at cafe grace. good to have you here. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> cafe grace where is it and tell us about it? >> we're located in the mayfair collection. it's just right off of bureau lie by the freeway. super easy to get to. if you are shopping, come on over. >> right. >> when did you open is this new? >> it's newer yes. we opened in middle july. it's just been amazing. it's the middle of july it's been great. >> good from the public it's going really well. >> you brought an example of what you have to drink and what you have to eat. >> nothing rounds out a good meal like good wine or the start of a good wine like a beautiful cocktail. >> let's start with this because you have an absence fountain. >> yes. >> we were talking about the fact that absence at one point was illegal. because it has these thought to
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>> it was that, it is like when you cook with alcohol or wine, the alcohol cooks off. so this is, you know like i said a byproduct of the distillation that for some people sought after quality for some not so much. it's gone. so what we feature at cafe grace is a beautiful great lakes distillery. it is local really cool they are trying to help bring this revival back. >> what do >> right up here we fill with ice water. as can you see there is the absence spoon with the sugar cube. so you just kind of open the valve and it trickles down over the sugar cube dissolving it. >> the water does? >> yeah it's just absence and water. >> as the cold water hits the booze it creates a milky beautiful look. >> it's like a sipper drink?
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>> you don't just down it. >> so you're the executive chef you come up with pretty phenomenal items. talk through a couple things you brought here today. >> right here, things that are very near and dear to my heart, raw bar. we have a cool raw bar where we have oysters. fresh maine lobsters, i love raw food so for me this is right up my alley. >> raw oysters in there. >> w of equipment. one of them is a huge wood stone rotisserie oven. in the mornings and afternoons you feel like the meat is dancing. >> nice. >> all of the veg guess on the rotisserie as well. >> is this cauliflower? >> it is. it spins and a beautiful mushroom sauce as well. >> that there is that curried
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>> yes this gets to 11 or 1200-degrees if we don't pay attention to it. we usually let it get really hot. the amount of char flavor you get instantaneously is out of control. we use it really a beautiful all natural hard wood charcoal so you impart these great smoky hard wood flavors and the beautiful thing for us it doesn't take forever to cook and for the guest you aren't sitting like where is my wheldon. >> is >> yes. >> this one. >> yeah. >> we're looking at the pate. >> the end one is the pate. chicken liver pate. it has a cherry sweet and sour beautiful sticky glaze to cut through the richness. >> what would you think your inspiration for your restaurant and all of this? just trying to do a little more modern plays on classic french
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french food is, well thought out technique driven food, but we want to have a little fun when we're doing it. >> it's kind of fancy food is it expensive? >> it's not too bad. i would say average check you can probably get in and out for maybe depending how thirsty you are what you drink all in we have a three course tasting menu that is usually hovering around $35, $30. >> great. >> if you are extra thirsty maybe a little more. dependinon there for i would say it would be easy for a couple of two to go have a great night for easily under $100 and be blown away. >> that's wonderful. what a nice night out or date with the girls to try this. i think it's wonderful. you have a morning blend special as well. people come in and mention the morning blend you can get a free dessert through the end of november. how nice is that? what is your favorite dessert on the menu? >> it has to be the citrus tart.
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good. >> the citrus start it's free through the end of november if you mention the morning blend. right by the mayfair collection there. cafe grace stop in and say hi to zach the executive chef. great stuff thanks for being here. if you feel frustrated by doing your taxes we'll tell you about a program that may be able to help you. up next a beer lover's paradise. the perfect way to get the freshest brew wherever you go. f more morning blend and why wouldn't you as molly would say, check this out at >> changes lives. ?happy music? [bus honks] >> changes lives. [laughter] mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original is the perfect protein pick-me-up and it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while.
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?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] mom avo: on soccer saturday, i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat.
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lunchmeat keeps her going and our little moments together keep me going. to make more than a sandwich. welcome back our tour of tosa continues with the wisconsin favorite, beer. this isn't a liquor store or a tiny corner of your grocery store. this is a store dedicated to just beer. whether you like brew out of a bottle, a can or fresh out of the tap they have it all. >> they have it all. we're talking about the malt shop in wauwatosa. the owner is here with more good morning pat. >> good morning how are you guys? >> good morning. >> we're not talking about ice cream here? >> no a malt shop. >> i'm thinking ice cream.
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>> it's a beer store dedicated to beer. we have 1200 different styles of beers on the shelves. we call ourselves the premier bottle shop. the front half is bottle shop, the back half is the bar. they are constantly rotating so there is a different beer on every six weeks. >> so you have the bottles in front where you can shop. >> that's another thing all of the bottles are available as a stand alone single. so you can go in and buy five different beers or build your own six-pack. >> iik oftentimes especially when you are trying something new you want to get a variety back. you want to try these different flavors or you see something you have heard of before. we're showing these here you have three different sizes this is new to disease explain what a growler is. >> i have seen the bottles i didn't really know what is a growler was. >> it's any container you can take elsewhere. you fill it with draft beer and you can take it to tailgates. you can take it home to a
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thing about it is, it's reusable. so, you are cutting down on packaging and being green. >> i love that. so a lot of people they have seen growlers before or gotten one at some brewery that opened up and they have one at home can they bring one they have or do they have to buy this one specific? >> no we'll fill any growler as long as it is a standard side, we have 64, 32 and 16. at our store they are all the same price. that way when you buy one you our logo on it we'll swap it out. the good thing is if you buy 64 today, and it's just going to be you and home you can trade it in for a 32 tomorrow there is no cost. >> oh, very good. okay. >> you said it is resealable. once you pour it out of the draft, how long does that last in the bottle? >> we talk about two different things in beer, one is lasting one is staying fresh.
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one actually was poured three days ago. >> did you hear that and it's been opened. >> ten days ago. you can actually still get nice cash n-- carbonation on it. >> you filled it kind of full. >> yeah. >> well you don't have to drink the whole thing. >> i'm thirsty. >> just a little sample. >> that's good. >> it's ten days old. we poured it ten days ago just for this segment. these this one is a seasonal beer. a little darker. it's a seasonal for the fall. >> cheers. >> it's an imperial red. >> that's good too. >> those are really sweet. >> how long are these all lasting? you said this is opened ten days ago. >> typically it could last a
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refrigerator as long as it is unopened. as soon as it is opened the beer starts to go flat. it's like opening a can of beer. >> now that we have opened it you got to drink it quick. >> correct. >> now that we opened it. [laughter] >> this is even darker this is an imperial stout. >> is that chocolaty? i love chocolate beer. >> i like that one a lot. yup. really good. >> uh-huh. >> okay so what do you like between you know something off draft or getting it in a bottle? >> there is different beers taste better on draft. the majority of beers taste better on draft. only because of the way they are handled. bottled beers are pasteurized for the most part. because that pasturization there is a little changing of the flavors. it impacts the flavor. also the way the distributors handle it. the way the retailers handle it because it is pasteurized they know they can last longer it tends to be a little older.
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>> yeah. >> you are leaning towards the draft? >> i like ipa's and they have a lot of hops. hops dissipate very quickly. so the fresher the beer the better. >> i like draft better than bottle myself how about you? >> why say so. i like the freshman of a bottle -- freshness of a bottle. >> there are styles that are better in bottles just because they are bottle conditioned or lend themselves to aging. you can put them down for a year or two when they come back they change and alter in little different most times better. >> i feel like when people come into your store they get caught talking to you forever? >> they do. >> you're so interesting. >> it's a great opportunity for people who love beer because everybody at the store talks beer. >> yes. >> we get the nerdiest beer nerds and we get the novices. >> they just they are in there because they want to try something different. >> you can sample in your store too? >> we give everybody two free samples. >> okay.
9:25 am
put in the growler is what you want. >> my favorite is the red one. what was that one? >> that is actually when people come in and say what is your favorite that's the one i say too it is a seasonal. >> these are good. people got to stop in. you can learn a ton of stuff from pat and get your own growler. fill a growler and helped ay retire. this is a big fundraiser you are doing right now. it's fundraising for police. 25% of all sales today off of growler will help them get a new police dog because addie is getting old. >> i wanted to give back, they said she wanted an opportunity to get a new dog so like as you mentioned $25 and if they mention morning blend, they can get the growler the bottle itself for free. >> what? >> just giving it away.
9:26 am
growler stop in and mention the morning blend drink some good beer. go to the malt shoppe in tosa. malt shoppe on north mayfair road next to honey baked ham. >> cheers. love it. up next a free program that helps people file their taxes volunteers are needed. how you can get involved. still ahead fashion for your home. we'll show you some of the latest trends in sign your house is out of style. hmm. >> stay tuned to find out what
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come can do it!
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welcome back. the aarp has an incredible program that helps people file their taxes for free. last year aloneun more than 75,000 people receive funds that added up to more than $30 million. the program needs your help to stay successful. you will be surprised at the three simple things you need to be able to do in order to volunteer. we'll tell you those in a second. mariann muzzi is with aarp and pete mcguire i is with the tax d program. people are going to be so interested in this. the fact you can get your taxes
9:30 am
what to do and make sure you're doing it right is so important. explain a little bit pete about what the aarp foundation tax aid program is? >> the tax aid program this is an nbc news special report. here's matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> it's 10:30 here on the east coast, 7:30 out west. this is an nbc news special report. there's a chaotic scene unfolding right now in hoboken, new jersey. a new jersey transit train crashing into the terminal there. at least three people confirmed dead, more than 100 others injured. we're told that a number of them are critically injured. >> this of course happened at the height of rush hour earlier this morning. we're already seeing images of terrible destruction. witnesses are speaking out this morning and sharing stories of chaos and panic.
9:31 am
it was a little crowded. there wasn't enough space for everyone to get into the first car, so fortunately i was stuck in the middle. myself and about six other people were in between the cars. we approached the station, and the train just felt like it never stopped. it didn't slow down. it didn't -- it didn't brake. i mean, i don't know for sure if it didn't brake or what was happening. so as soon ae kept going, there was -- the lights shut off. people started yelling. and the people that were standing in between on the other side, on the second -- in the second car, getting ready to come out of that door, were thrown on to our side. a young lady actually that was thrown from that, her legs caught between the doors just as soon as it was about to make that full stop. but we were able to pull her up
9:32 am
in front of me was helping other people, but he had a gash in his forehead. he hadn't known he was bleeding. i didn't fall, fortunately, because there were people in front of me. >> you can hear the fear in her voice. one of the survivors. at least three dead, 100 injured in this train crash this morning. >> and that view from above gives you a really good idea of what this situation is. this isn't a through station. this is a terminal. these tracks come to an end at that specific point in hoboken. ifra stop, it goes off the end of the track, in this case right into the terminal building. >> while we're already hearing these differing accounts of how much, if any, the train had slowed, let's go to our correspondent rehema ellis, our correspondent. what are you hearing? >> good morning. we're standing in what police are calling a staging area. i can see the waiting room of the terminal where that train crashed into.
9:33 am
everywhere, emergency first responders are all around, trying to secure this area in terms of getting the injured away from the area. as you've pointed out, witnesses, some of them, passengers on this train were able to walk away, others were not. i spoke to one woman in the third car of the train. she said it happened really fast. she said everybody in the third car was jolted. some people were standing because they were about to get off the train. and she people were bleeding and shaking and crying. and she said she was able to brace herself because she was still sitting, so she put her hands on the backseat of the seat in front of her, and she was jolted in place. she was able to walk away from this. her concern, she said, is that so many other people may not have been able to walk away. the first thing she did when she got out of the car, she said she called her loved ones to let
9:34 am
but she is terribly shaken and grateful for the fact she was able to walk away from this, savannah. as she pointed out, so many others were not. we are still waiting for a press briefing here. we're told a short time from now, officials will give us more information on the extent of this accident. we don't know how fast the train was going, but we do know that it was approaching this terminal because this is the last stop, as matt was saying. this is where people are to get off. some of them were standing, and that made it even worse. this young woman said she felt that the people who were in the front car -- remember, she was in the third car. she felt that people in the front car may have taken the biggest of the burden in terms of the injuries. savannah? >> and there may have been people on the platform as well right there. rehema, thank you very much. >> tom costello going to look at the investigation side. obviously first they take care of the injured, then figure out
9:35 am
i guess the priority, if the engineer survived the impact, would be to talk to that person. >> that's absolutely right. what was he or she doing? were they paying attention? what did they see? was the equipment operating normally? i got to tell you, i've ridden this train many times. i used to live in new jersey and took that train into manhattan. to come in that fast into hoboken station i find to be rather strange because normally you crawl into hoboken station. it's a very slow snail's pace. so why was this train traveling so fast that it literally rammed right into the station and caused such terrible structural damage and of course so many people injured and potentially killed. we do also know that this line on new jersey transit does not have that automatic braking system called positive train control. that's been a big issue, as you know, for the last dozen years or so following major train crashes, really, from california to new york. but on the new jersey transit
9:36 am
positive train control. so clearly this will probably ramp up the discussion about whether that should have been in place. but you have to wonder, why would the engineer be realizing as he or she was coming into that station and having presumably done this many times before, that you've got to slow down. there are many warning signs and speed signs. >> and by the way, nobody on the platform that we've heard from -- we heard from a witness a second ago -- said there was any horn bng >> as matt points out, the priority would be to speak to the engineer, if that is possible. also, these trains have what is referred to as a black box, don't they, tom? >> they absolutely do. on many of these trains -- now, i cannot speak to specifically what equipment was on this particular train. but many trains do have the equivalent of a black box that allow them to immediately know the speed, whether there were any brakes applied, what the speed was coming out or going
9:37 am
important. >> all right. tom costello, as always, thank you very much. the ntsb has officially launched a go team to get to that scene. >> so once again, a chaotic scene in hoboken, new jersey, across the river from new york city. three dead, perhaps as many as a hundred injured. we'll return you to welcome back. the aarp has an incredible program that helps people file their taxes for free. last year alone volunteers at sites all over the state held funds that added up to more than $30 million. the program needs your help to stay successful. you will be surprised at the three simple things you need to be able to do in order to volunteer. we'll tell you those in a second. mariann muzzi is with aarp and pete mcguire i is with the tax d program. people are going to be so interested in this. the fact you can get your taxes done for free, you can learn
9:38 am
doing it right is so important. explain a little bit pete about what the aarp foundation tax aid program is? >> the tax aid program here in wisconsin as you mentioned helps over 75,000 people last year and generated a lot of funds for the individuals that came from the federal government as well as from the state of wisconsin. >> uh-huh. >> we have over 900 volunteers spread around the state of wisconsin with probably about 400 in your viewing area. >> okay. >> in the southeast wisconsin area, and have over 100 locations in many communities around the state of wisconsin. what we're looking for, and we kind of always looking for is, additional volunteers. even though we have over 900, there are many more people that we could serve if we had additional volunteers. so, this is, the time of year when we're looking for them, even though the tax season doesn't start until february 1,
9:39 am
in november and people need to be trained and certified in order to do other peoples taxes. >> that's what the volunteer does then they apply go through a training process and help other people do their taxes. >> right. >> okay so who do you serve with assistance through the tax aid program? who is coming to you to get their taxes done? >> we serve anybody that we can. we can serve about 95% of people that file individual taxes. there are a few exceptions that are bd provides. we target people who are of low and middle income, and that are basically over 50. but if anybody that walks in, we wind up doing grandchildren that have summer jobs we wind up doing students. we wind up doing anybody that we can do we will do. we won't turn anybody away for age or income. >> that's great. i think when it comes to taxes
9:40 am
you can do. i feel like people leave so much money on the table when you just don't know the ins and outs of taxes. who are the volunteers the people that you're looking for what kind of person would be good to volunteer? >> we have a lot of retiree who is are volunteers. they come from many, many backgrounds. there is no you don't need a financial background or anything else. we have people that have been stay at home moms to cpa's. we also have a number of ud students from the university of milwaukee, university of wisconsin milwaukee and the university of madison who also volunteer and work in our program. so, you need a couple of things though. you need the three things you need, you need a kind of basic understanding with taxes. we can teach you the ins and outs and that you need to know to work with people, but you have to have a basic understanding of how a tax form works. you need a basic understanding
9:41 am
and we use search engine programs et cetera to find information when needed. you need to have a desire to work with and help people. it's a very rewarding program. many of our clients wind up being so grateful for our help and our assistance, that the gratitude comes out immediately. it's an instant reward for the volunteer. >> it's such a tedious thing taxes so what do you love about the tax aid program and what kind of impact are you seeing on people? >> what we really see it's a benefit for the volunteers as well as the general public. the volunteers work as teams in locations as pete said all over the viewing area and the state and the country. so what i witnessed is that the real team spirit, there are groups people overseeing everyone's taxes, supporting each other and then the clients that come in off the street and
9:42 am
taxes are done professionally, they are getting the maximum refund and that's due to them and it's free of charge. >> i love that. >> isn't that wonderful? >> it really is. i think it's a big gift you are giving people to help them out like that and i know right now you need volunteers and the way to do that is to sign up. you've got to go to the website for aarp to do that. volunteers are needed right now training is going on at the moment that's how you can get involved so you are ready for tax season to help p aarp .org/tax aid is where you can go to register to become a volunteer. thanks for being here guys. >> thank you. this is not your average sports bar. we'll show you the perfect place to watch the green and gold and grab a great bite to eat. up next decorating for every budget. how to keep your home up to date and the one thing that is a tell tale sign you need a new look in
9:43 am
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welcome back. there are many accessories that make a home look beautiful including your blinds, shades and curtains. if your window coverings have a cord, that is a sign it's time for a upgrade. joining me now is zan anheuser with bazaar home decorative to make sure your home is safe and in fashion. welcome back zan. >> good morning. >> good morning to you.
9:46 am
think about what do you need to know how do you foe know if yoe in fashion, if you have a cord you're out of fashion. >> yes everything here has no cord. this is no child safety hazards in your home. especially if you have little kids you want to make sure that is all gone. you don't know what they are going to get into. >> and they will get into anything. you have an 18 month old what is his name? >> rory james. >> good morning rory hi rory. i'm sure as you decorate your new home you make everything safe. october is child safety month. it's an important message. >> we always like to have free cordless upgrades to allow people to go from a corded shade to standard at no additional charge. >> you brought three different shades today. >> three different shades.
9:47 am
especially bedrooms. bathrooms you're able to lower and raise the shade. very easy operation even on larger operations also good for efficiency. >> is that why people like them in the bathroom and things like that? >> yes it still allows the light to come in, but easy to use and maintain. >> unlike your traditional spring roller shade this is from hunter douglas. this is the screen shade where you can see through it. >> yeah you can see my hand where something is behind it. >> the best part you you don't have to spring it. hopefully it goes all the way up. >> everybody had those vinyl things where it wraps up real fast. >> we mentioned roller shade, a customer is like i don't want that that's what they think of, but it's come a long way. especially with the hunter douglas shades. >> can you make these so they are not see through? >> yes. we have roller shade patterns with textures or patterns. >> those are pretty. yeah hold that there that's
9:48 am
the look? is it a solid is it something that is texturized? >> it all depends on the room. definitely having texture on the fabric is what a room is looking for. >> i think it's a soft pretty look and it look i looks very mn too. very clean lines. >> simple so you don't get, you ve shades. >> this guy looks fancy. >> everyone likes wood blinds. >> beautiful look at that. >> tilts it open and closed then there is no cords. the advantage of doing a cordless operation is even on larger windows up to 84 inches wide you can do a cordless system where you push and pull the bottom off. you're not trying to futz with the big heavy shade and trying to lift that up so you can have the window open. >> that is so pretty. that wood look really adds a
9:49 am
functionality being able to open it as as much as you want. we also have paints, stains and darker stains. >> i have a wood blind in my bedroom. it is one of the things i like. i think it adds a lot of warmth. a lot of people have the roman shades, but i love this look in the bathroom. for you guys what is one of the reasons people choose bazaar? is it your expertise? >> it's our expertise. we have been since 196 #. 1969. we also offer a 7 year warranty. wherever you buy a blind or shade from us it breaks bring it back we fix it right in the store. and we're offering a 100% price match guarantee. bring the quote back to us we'll match that. >> that's wonderful. the fact is that quality isn't always expensive. you can get really great stuff to fit any budget. >> absolutely.
9:50 am
premium cellular shade to a fully motorized silhouette shades. we can do anything whatever your budget we have something to help you out. >> i have gone in some of the parade of home tours and the motorized shades sometimes it's not just a luxury, but a necessity for some of the higher windows. >> higher windows, windows you can't reach behind the sofa or kitchen sink. or you have a lot of windows in the room you have to operate eight er treatments press a button it's all done. >> you also have energy efficient winter shades. >> cellular shades are the best way to go. >> sometimes i see they have the silver stuff inside. are those the more energy efficient? >> they are, but also room darkens so the shade is down. we typically don't like to do those in living rooms and bathrooms. when the shade is down it's going to be dark in the room. >> i need lots of light. i'm one of those people the more
9:51 am
people can come in and check out your showroom. it's big you have tons of stuff to look at and see how it looks in different spaces right? >> we have over 125 operating shades in the display room. whatever you are looking for we have it on display. you can touch it and feel it and narrow down what you are looking for. >> that's great. people can get out you have great morning blend special for this safety month. it is free cordless upgrades and installation special 95ednl mention that you saw bazaar on the morning blend get that free cordless upgrade. be safe october is child safety month it's a great way to upgrade your home as well. here's how can you find bazaar right on watertown road. the phone number on the screen or visit online at bazaar thanks zan. thanks rory. hi rory. >> bye bud. it is bar food taken to a new level.
9:52 am
wings, but after the break some of the unexpected dishes at this unique sports bar. stay tuned. my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis made a simple trip to the grocery store anything but simple. my dermatologist about humira. he explained that humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms. in clinical trials, most adults taking humira were clear or almost clear, and many saw 75% and even 90% clearance in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened;
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before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask about humira, the #1 prescribed biologic by dermatologists.
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9:55 am
blend. today a perfect place to watch the packers game, eat some great food and enjoy a f fun time with family and friends. abv social is delicious. robert jude is the manager there and is here with more on the grand opening. congratulations. how is it going? >> it's great. we have a good group of people that put this place together for us. we're verli in the m mayfair collecti. it's a great sports bar we have. we do packer games, badger games anything that you can think of sports related we have it. >> that's cool. >> you do baseball games? basketball games. >> we have the sunday ticket we also have the college package so you can watch every college game and every nfl game. >> how many tv screens do you have? quick quick.
9:56 am
so 14 total. >> the that's exciting. when you have the packers game a lot of times you have expackers there. >> actually the first game was september 11 we had a brett favre em p impersonator there. some of our staff ran out there and grabbed him and was hugging him thought it was really him. >> so you fooled people? >> we got them. it was something fun we did. it is fun and exciting. too? >> leroy butler actually stopped in. he actually signed a ball for us right here. >> we turn it to the signature. >> we love leroy. >> yeah leroy signed it right there. >> that's nice what are you going to do with that? just put it on display. make people leap for it? >> yeah make them grab for it. let's talk about some of the items on the menu too. some of the food is really
9:57 am
bar burgers and fries. we have chinese chicken wings. we have guacomole. we have aloha burger. we also have the soul ribs which are by far my favorite. >> soul ribs. >> what makes them soul? >> this is korean barbecue it's one of my favorite. >> are they a le and have a nicely char. we have steak a sandwiches and nachos. we have our own chef as well. and the mayfair collection with the other restaurants we have there we have our own pastry chef so all of our desserts are made from scratch. >> that's fantastic. i like going to a great bar to watch the game, but sometimes i want tastier food.
9:58 am
you also have cool games. this is giant jenga. >> we have this on our outdoor deck. >> should we play? >> you got to go from the inside. do it. >> oh, you need more. >> you're just going to tip over the bottle. >> we need a little more than that right? >> giant jenga outside. we have a 6'0" outdoor grass. we play corn hole and giant je hole league. now we're switching it to inside. we have dart league starting. a little bit of everything. >> fun and games. >> tell us about the booze you brought. >> the booze i have this is about 16 whiskeys in house. this is one we have in arrestant ourrestaurant. we have our own specific barrel.
9:59 am
>> i have not had that. >> that's one we have stuff thanks to the people that have allocated items for that. >> my husband loves whiskey we need to stop by and drink some whiskey and play some jenga. >> that's a great time to do it during the game do a little whiskey tasting and have some fun. is some of that food pretty >> we're between 20, 25, $26 check average we have. depending on how much of this you have.?? [laughter] >> right it always depends on that. >> it is up to you. how much you want your check to be. >> how about the beers don't you have like 24 drafts? >> 24 beers on tap. they rotate fairly often. we have a great beer manager that takes care of us very well. and it rotates probably every two, three days. >> different kinds of beer?
10:00 am
different vendors. we have a lot of local beers that we have we carry and switch. it probably changes i say we change our menus probably two, three times a week. >> you have a nice brunch too right? >> we have brunch. if you come watch the packer game you can get brunch from 10:00 to 3:00 every sunday as well. >> will people see you there? >> i will be there every sunday. >> every sunday stop in and say hi to robert. abv socia you can get a free draft beer and popcorn appetizer there you go. >> that's nice. >> it's a house draft beer. there you go. stop in and mention the morning blend. through the end of november you have a whole couple months to do it. abv social on burleigh street. abv do you post what you are doing for the packer game? >> we do. we also have a big game coming up on saturday.


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