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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:29pm CDT

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concrete. >> i was having my coffee and i heard the noise. >> he knew immediately what happened to the toddler that lives 2 stories above him. >> he saw the child lying on the floor, crying. >> we are lucky he didn't hit the air conditioning. >> the child had no serious injuries or no broken bones. charges may be coming their way soon. the parents may be not so ky office. this isn't the first time that the police have been called out to check on the toddler. >> he was found outside in a storm at 5 in the morning. this was last week on the 21. >> i heard them yelling out and yelling and screaming. >> neighbors who didn't want to go on camera, the little boy who is 2 years old likes to get out.
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latches on them. and the parents should have learned their lesson by now. >> it is three floors up. >> since the toddler's parents haven't been charged we can't release their names. the police were out here this morning. thank you very much. >> two teenagers are recovering after they were attacked by two pitbulls. this happened in brown deer yesterday aftern t officers and one was shot and killed and the other was put down. they plan to release the video of the dog attack. >> and a semi carrying thousands of pounds of stones crashed today. where splits off of --
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today. grab an umbrella. >> it is raining outside. >> the rain is pushing in from the east, there's where the tower cam is turned over lake michigan. you can see the deck setting right off shore. a couple of little bit breaks and it is widely scattered. 62 degrees and dew point way up 59. and winds brisk up to 19. couple of showers pushing onshore, and into washington counties and the east there are many more rain showers out there as we pull out, lower michigan is covered by rain, northern ohio and northern indiana. all of that is moving our direction. by 9 o'clock, scattered showers and heavy rainfall to the north. and the heavy showers roll through 9-1 in the morning. and lingering shower left over in the morning.
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activities are, light rain, 60, and moderate rain in spots and 58 degrees at 10 o'clock. >> the weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> wthanks. >> a warning to the north side of milwaukee. there have been burglars in the neighborhoods. they are asking maybes to look out >> there is a vigil tonight for a 19-year-old who was shot and killed. a security guard found her body in a parking lot of a glenn dale hospital. >> decision 2016, hillary clinton's daughter was here campaigning for her mother. >> this is which he will clinton's -- chelsea's first trip.
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chelsea takes the stage saying this is the most important election of my lifetime. >> this is a first election i'm voting in as a parent. >> are we going to final raise the minimum wage and get to equal pay for equal work? >> following up with hot topics and affordable college and healthcare, and showing the contrast of hillary clinton and donald trump. >> she comes across, ambition, very proud of her mother. >> not all side the clinton. i wish i was supporting neither. i'm disgusted for 330 million people, they are down to these two. >> it is a major battle ground state. hillary clinton has yet to campaign since they won to
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the bigger states that is going to lock it up for her. >> there was silent protesters police say it was a peaceful rally, with no one being removed from the event. >> ben, thanks. >> we are learning one of donald trump's sons will be campaigning on his father's behalf in brookfield. >> hillary clinton is spending the day in florida where she has two >> donald trump is in michigan. donald trump is accusing the fbi of giving immunity. >> and hillary clinton is saying that donald trump has done business with cuba. >> -- got his second in two days.
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principles but to those americans. >>r forme fox news achor is toying with the idea of running for office. her husband says she should come back and run for office. her friends thinks she should return to tv news. >> on the latest on the coverage, visit our website. battle ground, and grid iron. >> one of tonight's match up, the green field against the greyhounds. >> we are live from the football field. >> there seems to be a trend here each week. or maybe i'm following the undefeated team. it is green field visiting shore wood. they are 4-0, 5-1 overall.
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rising. whoever wins, they win the woodland east conference. that means they win a spot in the championship game. >> last year they won not only the conference, but the woodland championship game. they tied for fourth the last two years. they have turned a corner hoping to turn one more tonight. i will have the highlights tonight at 10, and all of the other high school h during friday football frenzy. >>. >> you are always having the fun. >> stay dry. >> the lowest of crooks, target a wisconsin grandmother. it is a hot topic in congress.
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for a congressionalea green bay area. one of his claims is being put through the truth meter. >> it is a hot battle for congress. >> tom, and mike, a republican, each launching attack adds for the plans for hfrd-ads for social securities. >> costing seniors 95 million
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budget, that included tax cuts. saying that he is in favor of higher taxes. >> it is a massive document, dozens and dozens and hundreds of items, opposing the budget doesn't mean you oppose everything in it. >> it was to cut taxes on social security, not increase them. when there was a vote, nelson voted for the tax cut. on voted on higher taxes. >> they found no evidence, he supported the tax cut in question when it was held up for single vote. we rated this claim false. for more claims on the team, that this team has put to the test, go to our website: >> robbing a bank is never a good idea. why it is worse to do so inour
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almost sunrise, russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. gy for whatever you're trying to master. >> more local news,ewsep
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a suspect in a bank robbery. that he robbed ahase bank. one o childhood fri was at the ban athe time. call the police if you have any information. a former badgers running back has reported to il. he pleaded guilty to domestic violence. a judge ordered him to 2, 30 day sentences. >> a grandmother -- reached out and to help her grandson. he said he needed bail money. she gave out her credit card and 6000 dollars was taken from her account. >> and the 15 day run, showing this weekend following two veterans from milwaukee that
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california trying to heal their wounds from war. >> we met anthony, a day before he and tom went out for a journey of a lifetime. they set out for the war memorial. their destination, 2700 miles away, in california. >> wisconsin, was the worst. it was hot and humid. and their feet >> three blocks from here, he said i have a blister. >> a film crew followed them. >> they were something new every hour. >> this was an internal journey. our goal is to heal ourselves from our time at war. i wanted to be a better dad, better husband, better person, i needed to do something to try to get that back.
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angry, you are resisting what you are doing. you center to get better. you have to get better. the people they meet, and tracking what is going on inside of them. that was a challenge. that was, you know, we were always facing. >> [cheering.] >> the walk took five months. >> when i put my hand on the end of the trail, route 66 sign. i felt a sense of accomplishment. and more to do. >> their journey is just beginning. >> there has to be a time when we stop fighting. almost sunrise will be showing tomorrow night and sunday night. the cast is crew will be there to take questions. you can check out the milwaukee
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>> are you going? >> i'm going to try for sunday. >> we are one month from halloween. the hill has eyes opens tomorrow in franklin. you can walk the 45 acre haunted trail. it runs through november 1. >> will it rain on the trail-goers. >> john is here to tell us. i can't get into the pay to scare me. >> it would work. the weekend looking little bit soggy to start. especially tonight and into early in the morning, and midday tomorrow. then the showers get more isolated. >> 61 degrees on saturday. little bit breezy, and then not bad on sunday. could see a morning sprinkle, isolated showers, 66 degrees. partly cloudy skies. and september ending today. the monthly average, it has been a warm month, 68.8 degrees,
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today. we add in today's date, it may be 4 or 5th. normal rainfall at 3.9 rainfall. >> 59 in berling ton. and water town, and port washington is the warm spot at 66. winds speeds out of the northeast at 18. >> bi >> here's the rain pushing in once again out of lake michigan and lower michigan. you can see those showers dissipating little bit. raining in sheboygan county. a lot more rain coming tonight and in the morning. >> everything wrapping around a low pressure system that the north of louisville, kentucky. how much rain? we could see half a rain and north.
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an inch everyone else. >> the rain is staying out to the south and east, pushing in the showers throughout the weekend. and by saturday night, couple of showers and the low pushes out of the picture. tonight, scattered showers, you will need the umbrella, 65 degrees and showers, on and off throughout the and little bit better sunday. we are back up to 66 and partly cloudy skies and look how nice it gets next week. partly cloudy and 68 monday, sunny and partly cloudy skies on tuesday and into the end of the week, partly cloudy skies, 70s. and showers could return on thursday, 70. >> and a nice mild week, and sunshine on friday. >> should take next week off.
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next in sports, badgers head coacheels hisootball team is >> and here's what is on tviday night.
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>> wisconsin badgers is looking to push their record taking unbeat as they take on the wolverines in ann arbor. >> i think that this group has had confidence in every game. you know, and i think that any time that's is hard one. any time you go through something you hope to grow from it. and that growth should give you
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about who you be, i don't i think -- that doesn't matter. the houston texas made it official with a news that jj watt will miss the rest of the season after having his second back surgery. he tried to come back too soon from the first one. he had 8 tackles through the first three games before getting hurt. >> the americans started this europe since 1978. they set the tone, and looking to follow. they won a match. a birdie putt on the second hole and the americans never trailed the rest of the way. this is the best highlights the fans started to heckle the pros, as they were practicing their fans on the green. the fans said that he could make those putts.
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green and put a one hundred bill on the ground and see if he could make the putt. get in the hole! >>. [ applause ] [cheering.] [cheering.] now that is one happy fan who nailed t pros and he did a lot of
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newscast, take your umbrella. scattered showers right through 10 o'clock. it could get heavier tonight , p to 11 o'clock tonight. >> have fun if you are heading out for the fish fry or football
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good evening, welcome to the now milwaukee... i'm shannon sims, steve chamraz has the day off... a soggy start to


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