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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000 Saturday  NBC  October 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:29pm CDT

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police say it was a fight that turned deadly. ben jordan is at the scene. >> reporter: it's been an incredibly emotional night for one family still in disbelief *. shock turning into sadness along the police line for dozens of family a 18-year-old man. maria rodriguez finding out her nephew was shot and killed. >> he was a sweet boy and smart, too. friends of the victim tell me it was about marijuana. one man was stabbed with a sword and two others were shot. >> we heard a couple guys ran
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back. >> reporter: witnesses say he ran into a convenience store where he took his last breath. >> reporter: less than a block away from where he called home. >> reporter: police did not mention if there were outstanding suspects. two of the victims were take to the hospital. one remains in serious condition. ben jordan, katie: a man accused of killing a woman in a glendale parking lot has been charged with murder. friends and family feared it would come to this. they say gardner physically abused hammond, who was the mother of his child. police continue to
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4-year-old boy. this is latest crime to match a disturbing statistic. more children here die from gunfire than fires and falls combined. >> reporter: one day after a man was convicted in the shooting of 5-year-old laila peterson. >> reporter: police are still investigating how it happened. jordan is the latest young life lost to gunfire in milwaukee county. more than 167 children have been killed since 1999. that's accord together wisconsin council on children and fament
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tao when gunmen targeted the wrong house. less than six months ago a 6-month-old was shot and killed by a straight bullet and last week a 9-year-old because shot by his 6-year-old brother who found a gun in their home. >> making sure all guns are stored safely, and to review that full report click on full story at katie: milwaukee city leaders want your input on how to reduce crime. this comes after protesting over the common council's draft of a public safety action plan. if you would like to weigh in, the first public safety hearing is monday at 9:00 a.m. at city hall. in green bay, two organizations
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relationships between the community and police ended with a vigil to remember those lost to violence. >> we don't want what's happen together rest of the country to come to green bay. the best way to make that happen is to come together and start communicating. black lives matter and all lives >> we can stay strong together based on whatever is out there. katie: they plan to make that unity walk an annual event. steady rain and dreariness kept most people inside. how long will these conditions last? scott is here with a first check of the forecast. >> it looks like the ugliness is going to last.
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rest of the weekends. good news is no solid precipitation out there across southeastern wisconsin. bad news is there is more off to the west towards southeast wisconsin. don't expect this to be terribly heavy. there may and stray shower as we head into the morning hours but not a big deal. most of the precip is done. here is a look at our downtown tower cam. notice all the cloudiness still out there, there are a few but overall it will remain gray. the weather word is ugly, damp and gray. 61 in milwaukee, independent national. the dew points close to the temperatures tells you how much moisture this the air. maybe a little bit of patchy drizzle but also some fog. be careful for slick conditions out there tonight.
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wet stuff moves out. katie: governor scott walker is asking fema to help with repair to roads and bridges across 12 counties. federal investigators will begin reviewing the area this edway. it's not long until that rain will be replaced by snow. day you can apply for the energy assistance program. it gives a one-time payment to make homes for energy efficient. donald trump's oldest son is
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embassy suites bookfield wednesday morning for a rounds table discussion. doors open at 7:30. hillary clinton is off the campaign trail but started tweeting at 3:20 this morning. and she tweeted how different she is from donald trump. this comes after donald trump tweeted very early ned morning going on the offensive against clinton. trump and clinton's running mates willqu of a national audience. tim kaine and mike pence will debate tuesday night in farmville, virginia. you can watch that debate right here on today's tmj4. coming up, a traffic headache. how milwaukee's airport stepped
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katie: drivers should expect more delays due to a long-time ramp closure. ' it thereby closed until late spring. flips a link at don't search the web, text or phone while driving. a new law makes it illegal to use your phone while driving in fines for a first offense are $40. if you get caught again tickets go up to $100. you must use hands-free or bluetooth devices. kids with autism and developmental disabilities, the goal is to ease the stress of flying by practicing every step from check-in to security to
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it won't be easy. you don't think about the anxiety. i think it's important and a great way and something to think through for kids in general. preparing them and letting them know what's going to happen will help them have a good time and enjoy what they are doing. over in franklin, it's all about the pumpkin community church is offering a special pumpkin patch to the public. still ahead. rain, rain, go away. scott finds out when sunshine and 70s return. who stepped up to help a wisconsin high school that almost had to cancel its homecoming game because of
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ti badly damaged one high school's football field. report require's homecoming week at desoto. and it's a time for school pride. >> everybody is jacked up for school pride. every locker just gathered up by all the girls. >> reporter: but for desoto, the flooding completely ruined
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homecoming game in limbo. >> i went down there and you sink up to your ankles. >> they realized how big of a deal it was. >> when mother nature strikes, several schools offer to lend a helping hand. they the kids a homecoming they will never forget. their homecoming can go on as planned. maybe that just what they thought it would be. but it's still in a nice place to play in. >> my parents said, you are playing on uwo? yeah. running out there through their stands, i can't wait. it's amazing.
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has been anything but normal. the field is a homecoming gift. where everyone in desoto to cheer about. >> it's a huge gift that we could have gotten. >> schools that play on the university field must pay a fee but in this special case the university waived it. scott, can you waive this rain? >> reporter: push it away. unfortunately no, that's not working. this pinwheel continues as the rain slides in from the east to the west. the showers we had earlier today long gone. mainly dry conditions with a few drizzle drops. the problem is as we wide within out the view, there is more where that came from. east of us, you can see more of that quote-unquote backwards
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significant energy will drop toward us as we head toward the morning hours. for the overall pattern we are seeing a diminishment of the precipitation. eventually some improvement will be on the way. here are the rainfall reports. oak creek topping the list at a third of an inch. milwaukee's mitchell international just above that. up to the 5/100 inch. here is a look from the west bend tower cam. even without rain, still damp pavement down below. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we'll see a gray day on the way tomorrow with a brief bump in temperatures coming our way by the middle of next week. our high temperatures, nothing
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63 degrees. it happened about 24 hours ago. 12:50 a.m. most of the day we were within a couple days of 50 degrees. up to the north, sheboygan at 59 degrees. the winds very light. not much of a factor when it comes to the wind. look off to the west, mh 60s across the plains. here is a wider view from space. satellite-radar combined. here is that pinwheel effect. eventually this will meander away from us. guy have been snuck this stuff for days. the high pressure will eventually bring some brief relief with sun by monday.
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with a good deal of cloudiness tomorrow, eventually getting ready for that in time for the workweek. be prepared for a few drizzle drops, patchy clouds. then tomorrow isolated shower in the morning. otherwise mostly cloudy and seasonal, back up to 64. the 7-day forecast, get ready for a climb in temperatures. we are back up to 70 degrees as we approach tuesday. look at this. 74 degrees warm wednesday. i think much of the day dry, rain approaching wednesday night into thursday. another taste of autumn reality with high temperatures maybe not even reaching 60 by next week. katie: what went wrong for the
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - today's listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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>> reporter: the badgers had their chances against the wolverines in the big house. but the home team came up with the big play in fourth quarter that turned out to be the difference. this short touchdown win put michigan up 7-0. the badgers with 98 total yards of offense in the first quarter.
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that ball is going the other way. that would help set up this play. this game is 7-3. the fourth quarter and the wolverines get a big play. the 46-yard touchdown. he snags the ball with and seals the deal for the wolverines. the badgers suffered their first loss of the scene 14-7. >> they found a way to make more plays to win this game. but i'm awful lire proud of how our kids competed and played. there were critical times when
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but i felt the kids put it all out there. you appreciate that for them. it was a heck after defensive effort by a lot of guys. and they gave us a chance. the 18-yard touchdown. he had a big day 200. the buckeyes rolled big with a 58-0 win. the tennessee and georgia game. down 31-28. look what happened. joshua donees those a hail mary pass in the end zone. the game-winning 43-yard touchdown catch. tennessee went on to win the
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game two in colorado. the crew in the final series of the season. getting a start for the crew tonight. strikes out tony walter. he ends up pitching six shutout innings. coming up, maldonado drives in perez with his infield hit. and anda going and score and try to beat the throw. it's tied up at 3:00 in this tenths inning. let's head to the link. the ryder cup, it was a big day for americans. he watches the ball, hits the green, and rolls into the cup for eagle. the americans win three out of
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5 out of 12 single matches to reclaim the ryder cup for the
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>> reporter: check out this tee shot that ended up in a very unusual inside the ropes. or is this in the bag literally? let's take another look, slow motion. it hit the ground, bounced up the guy's back. it might be lodged between his back and the pack. right in the center. impossible. >> reporter: how did that happen? you should have seen him try to
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rod: weather has been hurting, clouds and rain. you can plan things weatherwise as we go into tomorrow. a good deal cloudiness. the clouds went out or the sun. more sun by monday. katie: thanks for joining us. "saturday night live" is coming up. tomorrow. ?? good evening. from hofstra university, i'm lester holt.


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