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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  October 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:23pm CDT

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noon -- ten year old boy found safe this morning after he went missing yesterday afternoon in waukesha county. andrew ook-um ran off around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. police searched through the night... and hundreds of volunteers joined the effort early this morning. ann sterling is live with the latest on andrew's safe
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we found him. tears and hugs from andrew oonk-um's family seconds after he is found. this picture posted on facebook shows the 10 year old being carried out of a cornfield on a police officers shoulders. but 2 teens who left waukesha west high school this morning to join the search say they found the
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laughing and running with us. so i'm glad he's alright. hundreds of volunteers and police searched thru out the night. a black hawk helicopter and horse team joined the search this am. what did his mom say? thank you she was pretty short because gth in the ambulance right away and his dad seemed happy. ? new information on the the deadly shooting of a four year old boy.police tells us theliev himself.the shooting happened inside a home, near 15th and north, on iday.we're also told the child's mother was arrested for leaving a m ar within reach of a child.she has be released and ordered
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d-a's office next week to face poible charges. the john doe investation mppears toover. lk's the u-s supreme court rejected an appeala lower cours decision that shut down the probe. prosecutors launched the investigation four years ago... saying walker's campaign legally coordinated with outside groups during the 2012 recall election. the wisconsin supreme court ruled the actions of conservative groups and the campaign were legal... and ordered the investigation halted. the high court's decision not the appeal... means that ruling stands... and the investigation must remain closed. organizations across our area are getting their chance to tell city officials how ?they think crime in milwaukee can be reduced. pete zervakis is live at city hall with details.
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coalition. they weighed in on milwaukee's crime problem. some themes we heard: a desire for stronger police community relations... and the need for more resources in milwaukee's poorest neighborhoods. we have grave concerns about the increase in police positions included in this proposal without the same level of funding addressing the needs of the central city of milwaukee you shouldn't have to live in fear but that's the times that hunter liv near 13th and atkinson... where a man was found shot dead early sunday morning. she wants to see strict enforcement of curfews for youth in milwaukee. granderson- hunter wants parents and police to work together to make sure kids aren't out on the street after dark. pz tmj4 aldermen will also hold a series of meetings on
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input from the general public on reducing crime. they'll be held throughout the city. the first one is this saturday at 9:30 at marshall high storm team 4 now-- after a dreary last few days-- we finally see the sun again. taking a live look outside. meteorologist brian gotter is here with the forecast. weekend, this morning started off with patchy dense fog in areas north and west of milwaukee. it is also chilly this morning with lows in the 40s and lower 50s. the fog burned off, and we finally get to enjoy some sunshine with highs in the upper 60s. tonight is clear and cool and cool once again with patchy
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chris abels plan to charge ut milwaukee county residents 60- bucks a car... ...and whether the county board is going to go along with it.abele is presenting his 2017 budget to supervisors in a speech this afternoon. he's already detail 6 vehicle, wheel tax as part of his transportation plan. for all county residents that would be tacked onto the 75 dollar state registration fee... ...and in the city of milwaukee... residents already pay an additional 20 dollar wheel tax... so they would need to come up with 155 dollars per car every year. decision 2016 nowthis week vermont senator and former democratic candidate bernie sanders will be in wisconsin campaigning for hilary clinton. sanders has rallies scheduled
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green bay. he'll also be encouraging people to get out and vote early. for the trump campaign... donald's oldest son, donald junior, will also be in wisconsin this week.the republican party of milwaukee county says he'll be holding a roundtable discussion at the embassy suites in brookfield. doors open at 7-30 in the morning. tomorrow night, vice presidential nominees senator tim kaine and governor mike pence will square off in their first and only's being held at longwood university in virginia. you can watch it right here p-m. a lot of us get our food from the supermarket. but a growing trend has folks getting in touch with the source...chris gothner reports on
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still ahead... snow and rain. one part of our country already seeing winter .he carribean is pounded by a hurricane. then... ready to launch. a new satellite plans to help track weather events like never before. when it's expected to go online... and why this technology is so much better than anything being used right now. ?happy music? [bus honks] mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original
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and it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while.
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mom avo: on soccer saturday, i br coing aer full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat. the surprisingly- affordable, deli-quality lunchmeat keeps her going and our little moments together keep me going. to make more than a sandwich. fall may have just started but northern california is getting a reminder that coming with it's first snow of the season.sticking on trees, branches and the groundthis dusting of snow is covering the sierra's highest elevations. crews are already preparing to clear roads for when the winter season kicks into full gear.the early october storm is a treat for some travelers... "it's just amazing, it's just amazing, first snow of the season, can't beat that."the
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down part of the highway sund eveni. hurricane matthew - packing 130-mile-per-hour winds -- is jamaicthe stm has alady d caused flding in jamaica. mais atthew violent category four hurricane.. washing away roads.. homes and bridges.some jamaicans, though, are ignoring pleas from authorities to leave the threatened coast. "i just feel like to stay here, i thing i'm safe over here. i am from here so die here. well, i stayed ivan and (inaudible),so i'll stay for he eastn cuba... also bracing for a direct hit. more than half million people in mattw's path.hurricane warnings are up for jamaica, haiti, and parts of cuba meteorologist brian gotter joins us now with a look at
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after a dreary, rainy and cool weekend, this morning started off with patchy dense fog in areas north and west of this morning with lows in the 40s and lower 50s. the fog burned off, and we finally get to enjoy some sunshine with highs in the upper 60s. tonight is clear and cool and cool once again with patchy fog and lows in the mid 50s.
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70s. the humidity returns on wednesday along with highs in the lower 70s, and scattered showers in the afternoon. thursday remains warm and humid with highs in the lower 70s and t'showers likely. the cold front moves through thursday struggles to get out of the
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satellite images and data are vital for weather forecasting. and scientists are preparing to launch a new "super- satellite"ian oliver gives us a look at this modern marvel named the "goes-r." it's so sophiscated. it's confined to a sterile room!
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geostationary operational environmental satellite or ''goes.''and it's going to change how we observe our atmosphere."for the first time in 40 years, we are introducing a full new end to end introductions of new technology. it's a real game changer for the the last goes satellite in 2010, loaded with technology from the late 2000s. "if you think about how much has changed just in your smartphone alone, that we have these and 10 years ago we didn't. now with goes-r, the evolution of this satellite and its technology, it's leaps and bounds ah" rocket will launch goes-r into orbit more than 22,000 miles above we had to head into the clean room to get a look at it before the satellite leaves earth in early november."we're also flying a lightning mapper for the first time. a lightning mapper is basically a giant camera that's taking an image 200 times per second so that we can see the entire lightning field across the united states."this is a big upgrade over the ground-based detection methods we currently use, allowing us to see
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that means for like a tornado or a hurricane the lightning activity increases as an early sign of a change in that event."goes-r will also help meteorologists make more accurate tropical forecasts. "when we can now say for that hurricane, i can watch it every 30 seconds with that fine resolution and now with the lightning, they'll be able to much more precisely know not only where it's going, but what intensity levels that it's going to have."that's one small step for man, one giant leap the launch is planned for november.when "goes-r" and its sister satellite come online, the two will produce more data in six months, than all of our weather satellites over the last 30 years.. combined! coming up... coming up... moving tribute. the vigil in the fox valley to support and -- house hunting. how ce. someone's home ended up
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neighbors were so upset about
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october marks thart of "domestic violence awareness month." tonight harbor house in appleton will host it's annual "lighting the path to healing" vigil. e event gives people an opportunity to honor and remember those who've lost their lives to domestic violence. it also features a live speaker... music and candle light ceremony. the national fire prevention week gets underway next week-- but the neenah-menasha fire rescue is starting early.this week-- they'll be going to area schools to discuss fire prevention with students. there will also be a smoke
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can do at home... anbring back for a chance to win a morning with the firefigh. more news nowit was a close call for spectators at a coffee and cars show in houston over the happened as the driver of a mustang was leaving the event. he hit the gas spinning out, just missing a crowd of dozens along the curb of the street.fortunately he didn't hurt anyone.witnesses say if it wasn't for the curb car, the incident could have been far more harmful. an out of control car slams into the side of a retirement home in florida. the crash happened yesterday morning. the vehicle made it three- quarters of the way into the one in the home was hurt... but one person inside the vehicle was taken to the hospital. some texas residents woke up frustrated this weekend to find a house blocking their street.the house was set to be moved friday... but it got stuck on trees and power-
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weekend. residents say they aren't sure why anyone would move the house in thefirst place. outside the city." "well leave it where it is, fix it up, and make it nice, rather than taking it outside the city." the company responsible for the move plans on having the house moved out of the area by this evening. coming up... new nbc drama.a sneak peak at the new show "timeless" and when it will premiere here on today's tmj4. and saving yourself stress.. the airports experts say yo holiday travel season.
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if you're traveling this holiy ... save yourself the stress by avoiding those busy airports. smart travel dot com has ranked the ten worst airports in the u-s for thanksgiving flights and alternatives to use instead.topping the list
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international... which is busy pretty much any time of the year...experts suggest using milwaukee international... or rockford airport instead. nbc rolls out a new drama that premieres tonight following "the voice"."timeless", as the title hints, is a time travel drama.mark barger previews the series, which mixes history with adventure. nats "you're telling me this guy actually went back in time for real to the hindenberg?" it's up to a whip-smart historian....a scientist and a catchthat guy.... the new drama "timeless".(sot abigail spr / "t "ty are just mere mortals who are throwntohis epic adventure to save the world. whogets asked to do that?" "wnats ll this o the at" the trio'sforced to use a second hd time machine for the na "mi wanna hold on"bee the bad guy's hijacked the newest one.?s and while .. nats "you need to understand who and what you're dealing with"they have to be careful not to change history.(sot
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little thing we do affect the future? and sometimes, it affects itgreatly, and sometimes it affects it in the most minimaway possible."nats for "timeless"' premiere, producerre-created the 1937 crash of the hindenberg.(sot abigail spencer / "timeless" :57-1:03rik and shawn said, definitely, you will never be red if you do this. and yup, it's happening."future adventures include a visit to ford's theater the night presenlincolnwas shot.(sot matt lanter / "timeless" 1:07-1;14)"it's a genre show based on time travel, but really it's the core of h in the past.....nats "my favorite would be a moon landing"will give "timeless" a ht future.nbc news. halloweeis just fweeks events happening acro ?- heassoutrn scsisome of the events include "halloween haunts" at wehr nature ce nter in whnall park on oober 13
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"ghosts undeglast th mitchell park domes on the 28th.for times and ticket prices-- head to our websit tmj4 dot com live at 0 is waiting for answers. where the investigation stanmassive firea dozens of school buses. also... back in session. the fo on the justices e court is return for the fall term.
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thanks for joining us this ternoon. i'm ncviano. if you're just joining us-- your ories ok at ten ye old andrew ook-um found safethis morning after he went missing yesterday afteoon inwaukesha county. police seared thugthe volunteers joinedhe effort early thisor. he was found in said he's donehis fore en gets angry. but they've always been able to find new informion on the the deadly shooting of a fourea old y.poce himself.happened ith shot dewe're also told the child's mother was ?m


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