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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  October 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - taking a live look from waukesha, port washington and downtown milwaukee this monday. it's been a gorgeous day following rain and storms last week and
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fall is here.. but it's not quite cool enough today.. meteorologist jesse ritka tells us when the more fall- like temperatures will be here. we finally got to see some sunshine today despite a few more clouds rolling in this afternoon, it still feels nice after a dreary weekend. some clouds will hang out tonight and as temperatures drop close to our dewpoints in the mid- 50s, we may see some patchy
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a category 4 storm.. hurricane matthew is making its way across the atlantic.matthew is already causing issues in the islands.. and later this week the major hurricane could impact the east coast. jay gray has a closer look. nats stormit is a monster storm..(sot / dr. ri national hurricane center :04 - :07)"matthew is certainly he strongest hurricane of this atlantic hurricane season." raging in the atlantic.. winds peaking at more than 150 miles an hour..taking aim at the caribbean..nats the water is already knee-deep in jamaica -- and more is on the way.. hatti... columbia and aruba are feeling the effects of matthew as well..nats cuba preps - saw/hammerand eastern cuba is likely next..more than half-a-million there are bracing for the storm..(sot / dr. rick knabb - national hurricane center :30 - :37)
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rainfall that could induce flashfloods and mudslides is an extremely grave concern." concern that shifts to the u-s east coast later this week.. (sot / dr. rick knabb - national hurricane center :42 - :49)"the potential is there and we for example can't rule out a direct hurricane impact somewhere in the state of florida later this week and points north." it's still too early for a definative track.. but not too early to prepare.. (sot / gov. rick scott - (r) florida :54 - 1:03)"if matthew directly impacted florida the destruction could be catastrophic. just think about it. we haven't something like this on the east loim unleashed by matthew - and wondering where it may go next. jay gray - nbc news. the governor of north carolina -also in the potential path of the storm- has declared a state of emergency in 66 counties.. the supreme court started its new term today with a ruling on immigration.justices rejected a request from the white house to rehear a case concerning the obama
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actions on immigration. the court remains down by one justice after antonin scalia's death in february. the future of that seat lies in the hands of the november election. six people are recovering after being shot in downtown minneapolis.police are investigating the two separate shootings.. which they believe to be gang-related. the shootings happened early this morning just minutes and blocks from each other. police have recovered a handgun from one of the scenes.. but no arrests made. more news for the trial of a georgia man charged with murder is complete. the jurors are split evenly between men and women. police say justin ross harris intentionally left his son in the back of a hot s-u-v two years ago. he has repeatedly said it was an honest accident. harris faces life in prison if convicted. police shootings sparking questions about the use of deadly force.. it's a story new on live at 6.... to get a better understanding
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second decisions, i train with police.. see how i reacted under the stress of a similar situation.. that's coming up on live at 6. look at this.. people in texas woke up frustrated to find this house blocking their street. the house was being moved when it got stufck on trees and power lines. neighbors say they aren't sure why anyone would move the house in the first place. "well leave it where it is, fix it up, and make it nice, rather than taking it outside the city."the company responsible for the move plans on having the house moved out of the area by tonight. still ahead.. clowns speaking out about people's fears.. why they say there's no reason for new information about babies who are born with zika.. what experts say the
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared.
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just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class
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clown sightings have become a craze in many parts of the country.. even here in wisconsin.ali hoxie shows us one cl speaking out over people's fear.. and they say there's nothing to be afraid of. today is the first ever clown festival for the kansas city metro but there is one thing these clowns aren't laughing about and that's scary clowns. ( ivan mendez, works as part-time clown) "i've been working very hard to be a friendly clown."ivan mendez has been dressing as a clown part time for the past six years.his passion- making children laugh- now overshadowed by reports of scary clowns on social media. (ivan mendez, works as part- time clown) "it's scary because the reason is because
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that want to kill clowns."on friday- facebook accounts with scary clown picutres sent threatening messages to junior high students at saint joseph. kck police are currently investigating a report of a creepy clown emerging from the woods.mendez and other clowns worry they will be targeted. (ivan mendez, works as part- time clown) "what happen if i am driving my car and somebody decided to because they see the car, because they see a clown driving a car 'oh it's a clown over here call the police or something like that or th me."although kansas city police have not taken reports of scary clowns- they people should pay attention to a person's actions.not what they are wearing.(capt. stacey graves, kansas city police department) "i don't think you should stereotype clowns but if you see a clown that has some type of suspicious behavior that is in a certain area that seems a little bit odd by all means call us and we will come out and check it out."(dewy bond, works as semi- professional clown) "it's heartbreaking for somebody who is really into clowning."dewy bond--clown name wolly t clown- works for with kansas city
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says scary clowns do not live by the clowning code of ethics. ( dewy bond, works as semi- professional clown) "i feel sad for you because you're destroying something that is good in this confused messed up world."as for mendez he plans to continue to make people happy?.( ivan mendez, works as clown) "that reaction when they give it back to you you know you take it home and you say oh i make a somebody smile today."in kck- ali hoxie. many other clown spottings across the country have sparked similar fear. police have yet to make any arrests. still ahead.. a new study looks at how children deal with being angry.. but first, here's a live look from waukesha. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our sunny forecast and if
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tuesday will be nice with partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures climbing to 70 degrees in milwaukee thanks to a se wind at 5-15mph. that wind kicks up a bit on wednesday with a warm front that will increase the cloud
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chances by the afternoon hours. the humidity will be increasing wednesday and into thursday when we will see off and on rain and storm chances with highs staying in the 70s. a cold front passes through on friday, bringing more scattered showers and storms but mainly dropping the temperature into the 60s.
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for your health now.. peridontal disease affects millions here in the u-s.. and if it's not addressed.. it can lead to tooth loss and illness. janet zappala shows us a new f-d-a approved laser treatment that can help treat the disease. "laser is revolutionizing our medicine our dentistry"this laser in particular-- says periodontist ellie love -- is so effective, because it penetrates deep into the affected area.(sot: ellie love, periodontist)"the rays and the energy go beyond where the light is... disinfecting and removing the bacteria" periodontal disease is caused by a very specific bacteria... and that's what this laser targets.... it's so selective that it kills only the bad
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periodontist)it doesn't destroy the healthy tissue and it wouldn't destroy the root surface only goes to where the bacteria is.because there's no cutting with laser... patients on blood thinning medications who couldn't have the surgery, are usually candidates for this procedure. (sot: ellie love, periodontist)"now we're cleaning..."roxanne reed came to dr. love with discomfort and discovered that her dental implant was infected...(sot: ellie love, periodontist)"use the laser to go deeper into the pocket selectively kill the bacteria..."if left untreated an infection can not only tooth loss but other health issues as well. good dental hygiene can help keep periodontal disease at bay... but it's also the silent disease, with many people not even aware they have it... which is why regular dental visits are so important...and now with a much less invasive option, patients have a much easier experience.(sot: patient)"that felt like
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research has shown that bacteria in dental plaque is a major cause of peridontal disease. doctor's say it's important for parents to remember that anger is a common emotion, especially in younger kids who often don't get what they want. they say young children are not able to put their wants and needs into the big picture -- so it's important to be patient with them. parents often warn kids about touching hot stoves.. but now treadmills are attributing to burn injuries. doctors say children can get their hands stuck inside the treadmill.... and the running belt can cause severe friction burns. more than 12-thousand kids are treated in emergency rooms each year for an injury related to exercise equipment. health experts say babies born with the zika virus ... may
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abnormalities. a follow up of 11 infants with zika shows microcephaly -- or small head size -- was only one sign of neurological damage from the disease. testing for other causes of these deformities was negative. still ahead.. kim kardashian back home after a scary situation in could these roadways be the way of the future? how they work, next. here's a look at tonight's primetime 6:30 it's the now "the voice", followed by "timeless" at 9. then more
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more news kardashian is back home after being robbed at gunpoint in paris. police say she wasn't hurt were dressed as police.. got away with more than 10-million dollars in jewelry. a close call for spectators at the monthly coffee and cars show in houston, texas. the driver of this mustang hit the gas.. spinning out.. just missing a crowd of people along the curb. witnesses say if it wasn't for the curb.. the incident could have been much a former president is caught locking lips on the kiss cam. jimmy carter was at the final
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field.. the team is moving to a new stadium next season. during the game.. he and his wife rosalynn shared a smooch on the jumbotron. scientists are preparing to launch a new "super-satellite" to collects images and data for weather forecasting. an atlas v rocket will launch the satellite into orbit more than 22,000 miles above us. it's scheduled to launch next the first ever solar panels have been unveiled in idaho. officials say the panels have l-e-d lights used to create lines and signage without paint and heating elements to prevent snow and ice build up. the panels will be tested on sidewalks before
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( toss to weather ) a cold front passes through on friday, bringing more scattered showers and storms but mainly dropping the temperature into the 60s. the weekend is looking even colder: after any lingering shower exits on saturday morning temperatures will be
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next. a child with autism found after missing for 20 hours. what one lawmaker is doing to help solve situations like this, much faster.. live
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the big story at five, a 10- year-old boy with autisim has been reunited with his family after being missing for nearly 18-hours.. of course -- it's been an harrowing 18-hours for the family...andrew oonk-um ran off around four yesterday afternoon...police searched through the night... hundreds of members from the community joined in the efforts this morning... finding success... veronica macias was there for that joyful reunion.. his family says andrew has gone missing before - only just relieved he home safe and sound. yay clapping 101519andrew oonk-um's family huddles together for a group hug and they fight back tears as news that andrew has been found comes in. 131019 i'm mean it's just unbelievable and over whelming and amazing how many people showed up right away. 131028thousands of people helped in the search late into the night on sunday and returned this morning to look in the cornfields where andrew went missing. authorities used k-9 units, drones and thermal imaging to search the area.
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before 10 a couple of teens who like many others had skipped school to help find the autistic child spotted him. (?nats?) 911"what's the address of the emergency. um, we think we found the child that is missing."at green country and saylesville (sales-ville) roads, andrew playfully walked towards them. we just kind of like turn around and we were like andrew .and he turns around and looks at us 101622(use pic of boy on officers lap used at 12131407 i told a picture. whoever found him can you take a picture. so i know for sure you found him 131413close to one' o'clock he returned home after a quick trip to the hospital.other than having a few scratches and mosquito bites his mother says he is just fine. while andrew doesn't comprehend the scare he caused his family... his parents now have a new perspective on their waukesha community. 131541 i am just overwhelmed you know, this just brings humanity - perseverance - of all these volunteers that came and want to help out and be very
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grateful. helped search for andrew. the superintendnt sent out a note that said in part... "this kind of education does not show up on... report cards, but we know it is every bit as important." the search for andrew was truly a community effort -- volunteers coming out in droves... to help the boy's family...coreen zell joins us live in waukesha with that story... those 130 students came from waukesha west high school. this was also a place for


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