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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  October 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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grateful. helped search for andrew. the superintendnt sent out a note that said in part... "this kind of education does not show up on... report cards, but we know it is every bit as important." the search for andrew was truly a community effort -- volunteers coming out in droves... to help the boy's family...coreen zell joins us live in waukesha with that story... those 130 students came from waukesha west high school. this was also a place for
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volunteers spent hours searching for the 10 year old. as we reported earlier, it was two students who ended up finding andrew. most of the students who volunteered this morning didn't even know the child....they just wanted to do their part, something the wauksesha west principal says speaks volumes. - i think it says what i expect from them all the time and who they are it just affirms their character the character of our community the character of our school building that our kids want to reach out and help and support it wasn't just students who were helping in the search. community members who didn't even know this family were out here. we'll have more on this massive search party, tonight on the news at 10. almost half of children with autism have a tendency to wander...a wisconsin lawmaker hopes to pass a bill that would alert people sooner if a child with autism goes missing..casey geraldo learned
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while adults with dementia or alzheimer's disease have silver alerts...right now those children don't have any notification system. a missing child may be the scariest moment a parent can dream up. "like nothing i've ever, ever felt before"julie quigley's son has autism spectrum disorder- which creates challenges in language and brain's the same disorder effecting ten year old andrew ounkham, who went missing in waukesha sunday.emily levine says children with autism wander more often than he and it can be even more dangerous."they don't always recognize when they're getting into a dangerous situation and might get into traffic or might get into water and that's when you have the tragic outcomes.she's joined national groups pushing for legislation to get word out faster when a child with a disability wanders."time is important in these searches." wisconsin congressman jim senenbrenner wrote the amber alert bill years ago-now he wants to expand it."autistic
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law inforcement and the public in general that the child has wandered away."it's a 2 million dollar effort... to hopefully save money on long searches- and find children faster."it's a heightened that gets everybody involved immediately"sensenbrenner is confident house members on both sides of the aisle will support it.'it's the right thing to do."which levine says leads to more good outcomes... like andrew's story. the congressman hopes this passes in the lame duck session, but if it doesn't, he says he'll get it on the schedule quickly in the new year. we'll have continuing coverage coming up at six -- you can also find updates, on our website tmj4-dot-com. a sad update on a four year old, who died friday. milwaukee police think the toddler, accidentally shot himself.the boy's name jordon
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for leaving a firearm within easy reach of a child. she'll meet with the district attorney next week, to review the case. if you've seen this man, milwaukee police want to hear from you. he robbed the pick n save on milwaukee's east side last week. he walked into the store, pulled out a gun, and demanded money from the clerk. he's wearing a hard hat, neon green shirt, and black pants. the john doe investigation into governor scott walker's campaign is officially kaput. the u-s supreme court an appeal of a lower court's decision that had shut down the probe. the decision effectively renders the protracted john doe investigation over. the order comes on the heels of leaked documents that purportedly indicated walker and his aides worked closely with an outside group on recall elections. shortly after the high court's decision... state attorney general brad schimel issued the following statement. said schimel: "the u-s supreme court's denial of the john doe prosecutor's appeal officially ends this case. the people of
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allowed to put this unfortunate chapter behind them. the solution to cutting crime in milwaukee may not be adding crime fighters. organizations including the naacp... and black health coalition of wisconsin... told aldermen the city doesn't need more cops to stop violence.pete zervakis reports on what these groups do want -- new at five. one major theme we heard: the desire for stronger trust between police officers and civilians.speakers from different local organizations safety committee. we need more than just additional police to address the issues some took issue with part of the committee's proposed action plan to reduce crime in milwuakee... which was drafted after meetings with the police chief... the sheriff... and the d-a. it calls for 280 more officers...and an extra 150 deputies. we have grave concerns about the increase in police positions included in this proposal without the same level of funding addressing the needs of the central city of milwaukee others want more
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between police and civilians in the neighborhoods they patrol. there's no person more committed to reducing crime than an individual who lives there all day and that has children i try not to let dark catch me out at all theresa granderson-hunter lives near 13th and atkinson... where a man was found shot dead early yesterday morning. is that something that surprised you? no she thinks young people are behind the bulk of the crime in her neighborhood... and wants parents to the streets after dark. you have to supervise your children at all times because at the end of the day they're your responsibility committee members will now hold a series of special meetings around the city to take input from the general public. the first one is this saturday - 9:30 - at marshall high school at city hall, pz, tmj4 if you weren't able to attend today -- there are four more meetings scheduled for this
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a.m. thousands are bracing as hurricane matthew getts ready to take aimwhere it could strike- and what people on the coast of florida are doing right now--john malan is tracking the storm we finally got to see some sunshine today despite a few more clouds rolling in this afternoon, it still feels nice after a dreary weekend. some clouds will hang out tonight and as temperatures drop close to our dewpoints in the mid- 50s, we may see some patchy fog form with the light winds.
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hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. because we need to export wisconsin products, not wisconsin jobs.
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more news now.a category 4 storm.. hurricane matthew is making its way across the atlantic.. matthew is already causing issues in the islands.. and later this week the major hurricane could impact our east coast. it is a monster storm.. "matthew is certainly he strongest hurricane of this atlantic hurricane season." raging in the atlantic.. winds peaking at more than 150 miles an hour..taking aim at the caribbean..the water is already knee-deep in jamaica -- and more is on the way.. are feeling the effects of matthew as well..and eastern cuba is likely next..more than half-a-million there are bracing for the storm.."the threat from the heavy rainfall that could induce flashfloods and mudslides is an extremely grave concern."concern that shifts to the u-s east coast later this week.. millions, from florida -- up
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the potential path of the storm.john malan has also been tracking the storm... can you give us a closer look at the
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police police shootings sparking questions about the use of deadly force.. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and get a better understanding of what happens in those split second decisions, i train with police.. see how i reacted under the stress of a similar situation.. new on live at 6. still ahead, wisconsin gets more attention from the presidential candidatesand if you own a ford listen up- safety concerns involving two models and hundreds of
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we have a consumer alert for you -- the government is investigating the safety issues of two popular ford models--the problems involve door latches that can open while the vehicle is moving. the sudden loss of power steering is issue number o. models affected are the edge suvs and from 2011 -2013 and fusion ?sedans? from 2010. 643 thousand vehicles are affected. decision 20-16 coverage now... presidential nominees senator tim kaine and governor mike pence will square off in their first and only debate.governor pence -- did some of his prepping for the debate -- right here in wisconsin with governor scott walker... the debate is being held at longwood university in virginia. you can watch it right here on today's tmj4 starting at 8 p-m. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders will campaign for hillary clinton in madison and green bay wednesday. donald trump's oldest son..
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brookfield wednesday morning. the republican party says he'll attend an eight a-m roundtable discussion at embassy suites. more local news now. milwaukee county executive chris abele laid out his budget proposal this afternoon. not surprisingly, his proposed hike in the county property tax levy and a sixty dollar wheel tax are getting a lot of attention... and criticism. but, revenue is critical as the county must figure out a way to pay for a one- point- eighteen billion dollar spending plan. day te and sun splashed. gradually, though, we've had some cloud cover roll in.feels like october. john malan is here to tell us what's next. john? tuesday will be nice with partly cloudy skies and warmer temperatures climbing to 70 degrees in milwaukee thanks to a se wind at 5-15mph. that wind kicks up a bit on wednesday with a warm front that will increase the cloud
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chances by the afternoon hours. the humidity will be increasing wednesday and into thursday when we will see off and on rain and storm chances with highs staying in the 70s. a cold front passes through on friday, bringing more scattered showers and storms but mainly dropping the temperature into the 60s. the weekend is looking even colder: after any lingering shower exits morning temperatures will be
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coming up in sports, a look at the injured packers who returned to the practice field today. rod burks and sports ?happy music? [bus honks] returned to the practice field today. rod burks and sports are next. mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so, snack time is now us time. we pull out buddig original and get rolling. it's the quick and tasty protein pick-me-up we need before we're out the door again. and it gives us more time together. because they're only little for a little while. announcer it goes fast. savor every delicious moment. buddig. make more than a sandwich. illinois' calling.
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packers got back on the practice fieldtoday after enjoying a week off thanks to their bye.starting cornerback sam shieldsand tight end jarred cook did not practice with the team today the bye week really helped the packers get healthy as a football team.linebacker clay matthews, saftey morgan burnett, defense lineman
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today from injuries.they pack getting ready this weekto host the ny giants, on sunday night at lambeau's our lance allan who's in green bay ((lance says)) apparently the early bye was good for some of the packers someof the defenders that we did not see at lambeau field in the last game against the lions clay matthews and company all expected to be back against the giantsmeanwhile there's jarred cook wherethere is a little bit more of a concern his ankle injury is not responding as well but same shields is improvingwith that concussion(( mike says)) sam shields that break was good for himhe was able to go home, he won't practicetoday that's all i have for you i think our medical staff has done a great job sam has a excellent support group not only his family and a numberof people not stone has been we havea excellent handle on the why and howand really the process for him to comeback.(( ((((lance says)) and what to the coaches do during the bye week allot of allot of individual self scouting to let the playersknow what they need to improve on the rest of the season at lambeau field lance allan today's tmj4
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season ended with a win last night in colorodoover the rockies..the team finished in fourth placein the division, with a 73 and 89 record last night's win wasn't easy, with the brewers down a run in the 8th inning, "da-mingo santana"hit this 2- run shot, a 4 to 3 lead..and then in the 10th inning, with the game tied at "4" andrew "sue-sack" hit his first homerun of the season which was a game winning 2-run bomb that gave the brewers 6 to 4 winyesterday .the brewers will pick ninth in the first round, of the baseballdraft next year and the bucks will kickoff their first preseason tonight in chicagoagainst dwayne wade and the bullsat the united center.that's sports for now
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the estimated jackpot for tonight's badger five drawing is here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup -- at 6:30 it's the now milwaukee. at 7 it's "the voice", followed by "timeless" at 9. then more
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tonight, monster hurricane. matthew blasts the caribbean. the deadly category 4 storm bringing historical rain, flash floods, and potentially krat strofic wind. tonight, the growing threat it will strike the u.s. earthquake fear, a swarm of 200 small quakes triggering an unprecedented warning. new worries that the big one may be coming. trump's taxes. trump boasts he's used taxes to his benefit, after a bombshell report alleges he may not have paid anything for two decades. mystery illness. growing concerns that a virus which may cause paralysis in children is making a comeback. and $10 million


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