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tv   Today  NBC  October 4, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CDT

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this morning on "today's take," new details of kim kardashian held at gunpoint. and megan boone about to reveal a big secret. plus, it's taco tuesday. we are celebrating national taco day. l now. in are from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, october 4th. billy bush with al and tamron. we are on the second floor of a two-story complex. something very creepy is moving
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was just behind your head. social media is commenting on this, tamron. what in the world? >> i don't know. it is a yeti, i think. one of our viewers tweeted out, all these other people like what is that behind you? i had no idea and i still don't know an hour and a half later. >> maybe it was carson. >> carson was in the studio. >> isn't that weird? you think it is an illusion or is that really something? there was a guy. we saw him. >> in a hazmat suit? >> in a yeti. >> something. what was he selling? >> he was just out there. yetis are allowed to make a living, too? >> that's what happened to me this morning. >> your outfit today is particularly lovely but also the purple has a deeper meaning. >> yes. we're still rock being the purple, domestic violence
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"people" magazine featured,, i launched a fund in honor of my sister. the tamronheartrenata fund. we're raising money for counseling for services and family members and friends. if you believe a friend or loved one is the victim of domestic abuse, a lot of times you don't know what to say. my story was my sister. you can go online to see that was a part of our struggle, i didn't know what to do. we are horizon to provide this video to show you, hey, what do i say to her. each case is individual but it is something that came to me in a dream one night and i said i want to do it. my nephews, my sister's children, adult children, joined forces with me and my family. i get good bumps. thank you, guys.
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>> it is. we've done the purple. we did black this week with a lavender. i kind of copied dave navarro. he's on campaign with me and he's rocking the same. i saw dave's look. and i just dropped this kitchen knife. what did you do this weekend? >> the giants play? >>pl it is not over. >> you know, i'm a cowboys fan. >> the season just started. >> at least we beat the cowboys. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> updates on kim kardashian. >> kim kardashian's back in the u.s. with kanye and members of her family after she was robbed at gunpoint. millions of dollars in jewelry taken over the weekend in paris. she's back now. 15-car motorcade getting back into the city. kanye was waiting. >> the white house has 12.
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attackers dressed as police, five of them, bound her hands and feet. that's all true. then handcuffed her. she begged for them to let her live saying i've got babies at home. all of that true. the apartment was in this unmarked hotel. it is kind of popular with celebrities. everybody knows where she is in paris. all the fans. >> it is her personal apartment. it is in a hotel. but it is their apartment. it is their home. >> they only have one overnight watch man in the hotel. >> isn't that by the way, she had her one security guard who went out of course with kourtney and kendall. >> which was online. >> she's adamantly saying they don't blame the security guard at all. >> you think about if it is your home and they have a lot of high-rises here where celebrities live, have you a doorman. usually one overnight. then if you are really someone whose security is a concern you might have an additional security. you wouldn't have an arsenal of people at 2:00 a.m. you would have the doorman.
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and maybe another security guy. s we know famous people. they don't have ten people sitting outside their door. >> actually, i don't know anybody who's got security. but -- >> i know a couple people. i've never met anybody who has ten people. >> i'm not sure ten people but it does seem odd. i feel -- i'm just glad she's safe. >> the big narrative today is the sort of social commentary that came with this because kim is so famous andhe life until the public eye that somehow people got real nasty and sort of believe that she -- saying, hey, you brought this on yourself, who travels with all that kind of jewels like that. celebrities like chrissy teigen and james cordon have kind of shared their support for kim on social media. because she lives her life that way i think she feels like public domain. in the end of the day, this is a woman who's got children, she's
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a wife and she's a person. she's bound and gagged in a room, that's frightening. >> they'll probably rethink their security. >> well, any have to do that. you said people online like criticize, listen, she's a celebrity, that's what she does, she wears beautiful clothes, as we pointed out, most of it not even hers. the ring i think was a gift from kanye. nevertheless, that's what she does and she shouldn't have to feel and fear for her safety because she happens to be a celebrity wea and shows it online. lupita luongo's dress was stolen. other celebrities' homes have been broken into, security breached many times. no one blames them for it so why blame her? this is horrible. >> but i also feel like twitter -- i told you, i got on twitter weeks ago. it is a very negative place. people i think look at her life and say how did she get that. i think there is an anger there.
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the narrative today is that people are being mean to kim, so largely people kind of follow and say, this is terrible, it is a horrible thing and they kind of follow where the narrative is going. that's it today. >> you see on social media, people will pile on one way or the other. but anyway, she is safe, it is under investigation. five guys. according to some reports, it may have been an inside job, meaningom building. >> or someone connected. let me ask you this. this is very important. it is also happening across the pond here. do you believe that we need a spice girls reunion? al? >> i'm leaning in. >> someone told me that you did. >> no. listen -- i understand they keep -- i understand they keep talking about doing a reunion. what? victoria doesn't want? >> she doesn't want to do it. she said if you do it, this is a
10:08 am
for gerry, emma and mel. sporty is out, victoria is out. victoria says, please, if you sing new songs. >> what's the big deal? they want to sing spice girls songs, let them sing spice girls songs. you don't want to go out on tour? then don't go >> what do you really, really want? >> what do i really, really want? i really, really don't care. >> you got to let it go. before we reunited in south africa years ago we made $20 million ago. >> if they want to go out and sing the songs, let them do it. it is a free country. >> i think they are holding on to the past and it is hard to let go. how many times did michael jordan retire? sometimes it is hard to say good-bye. but mel b is smokin'.
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today and i'm wondering if she keeps the date. >> but you're married. >> that's right. is to so just last week -- let me explain. last week i'm walking across like i do every tuesday and thursday to work out. i work out close to here. i've got my sneakers in my hand and this woman stops me for a selfie. we get talking. she's with her mom. she says i'm starting to work out, too. she felt she was out of shape. she says i'm turning 30 next tuesday and i'moi burpees on my 30th birthday. i said, i tell you what, meet me at 10:05 outside we'll do 30 burpees in front of 30 rock together on your 30th birthday. so i wonder if she shows up. if she shows up, we're going to do 30 burpees. >> what's her name? >> i don't know. can't remember. hopefully she shows up. if she does, i'll show you
10:13 am
>> okay. so 10:05 outside 30 rock. >> want to join? >> no, because i'm getting red -- ready for my msnbc show. >> al? >> no. i've got an interview. >> that's my day with a stranger. george had a date with his wife. this one went pretty well. their second anniversary. for those who said they wouldn't make it. he cd >> that's sweet. i like that. look how beautiful they look. goodness, gracious! >> spaghetti and meatballs. >> i like that. the second anniversary is cotton, they say. that's what you give, right? something made of cotton. >> you have a theory. >> i don't have a theory. i have a question. okay. so look at a picture of them when amal was in that beautiful
10:14 am
something like that. they look just like kerry grant and the most beautiful liz taylor, whatever. beautiful. stunning. since they've been married, george i've noticed has changed a lot. he wears like his tequila company t-shirts. he wears these jeans. >> dad jeans. >> like he got married, did he change? and you said to me, this is what happens. >> he got relaxed. he chilled out a little bit. >> by the way, he doesn't have to be dressed to the nines all the time. he wants to chill he is like us now. he is kind of like us. >> as long as he's not doing it on date night. >> but there are date night pictures of them and she is like dripping in glamour and he has on the t-shirt and the jeans. which if she's cool with it. i just wonder has he changed. >> george clooney is now a sitcom dad. he's just like us. >> y'all are sitcom dads?
10:15 am
for example. ed o'neill and sophia vergara from "modern family." here's another one. in real life he'd never get her! >> al, come on! >> i love kevin james. boom! he's got erin hayes. fred and wilma. would fred have ever gotten wilma in real life? no! i'm telling wilma was. >> actually, betty was hotter. >> really? >> yes. she had that laugh. >> oh, my gosh. okay. i feel like i just walked into a bar that i never knew existed. >> these are the conversations we have. who's faster? super man or the flash.
10:16 am
wife says what did you all talk about? i don't really want to share with her. >> because y'all are talking about betty and wilma. now i know why. listen, quickly on the dating front here, when is the right time to follow someone on social media that you're dating? a journal of cyber psychology and behavioral -- never mind the study. >> journal of what? >> who cares? they came up with this. >> that's not a thing! >> 1,400 people were asked. they said we follow someone. ifou date, the relationship works out between like one to six months. if you follow them right after the date, the relationship basically works out less than a month. if you follow them a month or two later, over a year it worked out. >> i went on a date with someone yesterday. i can't follow them today. >> you follow adam richmond? >> oh, bam. >> okay, let's show you what's going on weather wise. we've got hurricane matthew to talk about.
10:17 am
boom. we are talking about 145-mile-per-hour winds, moving north at 9 miles per hour. it is already made landfall in haiti, it will make landfall then in eastern cuba, some time overnight tonight. then continue on into the bahamas tomorrow. a category 3 storm. look how close it is on friday morning to the florida coastline. it's been since 2008 when we've had a hurricane watch along the florida coastline. sunday morning, it is along the south carolina the border sunday morning. we will be watching this very closely. rainfall amounts anywhere from five to eight inches or more. storm surges up and down the coast. this is really a powerful storm
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>> and that is your latest weather. someone say taco tuesday? >> yes! >> somebody said taco tuesday! >> it's taco tuesday.
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? ? this morning, an extra special taco tuesday edition of "today food." we're celebrating national taco day with two great options for the whole family. >> here to show us is chef and author and host of patty's mexican table on pbs. good to see you. so fish tacos, very popular. >> it is national taco day. it is also taco tuesday.
10:22 am
night in my house. we are triple celebrating. we are starting with a fish taco. any white flaky fish will do. what you need to do is just whisk a couple of egg whites until they're nice and stiff. then here we have some flour and cumin and salt. i'm going to add some beer. >> oh! >> this is going to make for a super fluffy, puffy, pillowy batter. after we mix them very gently, not to deflate the egg whites that you worked so lard on making stiff. then this is the batter. it ends up looking like this. then we have the fish that we season with salt and pepper. you're going to dredge them in the flour. >> it is a dredge first? >> a dredge first. shake it a little. and then you are going to sink
10:23 am
now, it is very important. look at the oil. you want the oil to be hot enough so that you have really happy bubbles. not very angry bubbles or it will burn. happy bubbles. then you have the fish. then we have two things we're going to garnish the tacos with. one is a creamy slaw, very easy to make. and then we have a salsa that's has fried chipotle nuts, little bit of oil and vinegar. these will keep in the fridge. you add the salsa. >> these tacos here are a variation of it. >> these are layered tacos. this is dinner in 15 minutes. you have the bacon that you fry. then you are going to add the
10:24 am
you can use sirloin tips. you can use tenderloin tips. any kind of cubed meat that you find. then you let it brown for a little. then we add some onion, some jalapenos, some garlic. and the secret here is, fire-roasted tomatoes that you can get in the can or you roast them at home. add them in here. cook it for five minutes. then you have these delicious meat. then salsa. it is like a mix between guacamole and salsa verde. >> patty, thank you so much. you can always get more, go to for the recipe. we catch up with "the blacklist" megan boone after
10:25 am
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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battleground wisconsin...our state about to get more visits as donald trump and hillary clinton campaign for the presidency. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders -- who won wisconsin's primary... will campaign for clinton in madison and green bay tomorrow. and donald trump's oldest son, donald junior -- will be in brookfield for a rountable discussion. his father donald this saturday. and hillary clinton's daughter chelsea -- who was also here last week -- will return on monday. details on those visits have not been released. hillary clinton herself has not returned to ?happy music? [bus honks] released. hillary clinton herself has not returned to wisconsin since the primary. mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy.
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and it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while. ?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] than a sandwich mom avo: on soccer saturday, i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat. lunchmeat keeps her going and our little moments together keep me going.
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for the past three years, megan boone has kept us on our toes as fbi agent liz keene an nbc's hit show "the blacklist." >> fair warning, we've got some spoilers ahead so you better mute your tv if caught up because we don't want to hear from you that we ruined it for you! but tensions are running higher than ever this season. >> we found out liz faked her own death at the end of last season to get away from red. but now liz's daughter has been kidnapped by a man that claims to be liz's father. are you with me on this? the only man who can find her, of course, is red. >> alexander kirk says he's my father. >> i'm doing everything in my power to find agnes and bring
10:31 am
>> do you have any leads? >> yes. >> what? who? >> i'll be handling it on my own. >> i know you feel betrayed. everyone feels betrayed. but my daughter is missing. and if you have any idea how to find her, you've got to tell me. >> no, i don't. >> no, i don't. that is thursday night's episode right there. wow. so you fake order to save your child from red but once again, red will never leave your life, is the good guy, and your real father is the bad guy. can we confirm that this guy, kirk, really is your father? will we know that this year? >> we will know the parental situation this year. yeah. yeah. >> james was on the show last week and he said that for every question that is answered, they must raise -- you guys must
10:32 am
more. >> yeah. new questions. for every door closed, another window opens. >> how did you keep your fake death on the show a secret? >> it was the longest i've ever lied to people i love. every day you read in the script she dies. i had to make it seem like, okay, guys, i'll miss you. i'll land on my feet. don't worry about me. >> you curry all this sympathy. it's beautiful. >> i did tell one person though. i did. i did. i told ryan. ryan eggles. >> i always thought you were alive because you can't have a blacklist without liz keene.
10:33 am
>> well, obviously it is not. >> you need to be there. >> yeah. it was surprising. the creator of our show called me and he said, megan, you know, when the episode airs where you die, don't look at the internet. whatever you do, stay off the internet. people are going to be saying terrible things about you with be how happy they are that you're dead. >> did you look? did you look? >> no -- yes. >> of course you did. of course you did. didn't say anything -- they were all just like -- what? you can't kill liz. >> it was re-affirming. >> it was. it was the opposite of what we were afraid it was going to be. >> like in a sign that this show is intertwined with your life, you delivered your own child six months ago at the same time liz keene was in labor. were you watching yourself in
10:34 am
while laboring my child. but -- i was in the hospital having my baby at the same time america was watching liz deliver. >> you knew that because you knew the episode was airing? >> i'm telling you -- that's what happened. i know it's hard to -- that's what happened. i started laboring my daughter on wednesday, the 13th. i had her on of friday the 15th, and the episode aired the evening of thursday, the 14th. >> wow! >> that's crazy! >> so she waited for all the time zones until she came. she was like, i'm going to wait for australia to see it. >> she wanted to see what social media would say. >> if i'm going to be "the blacklist" baby, i'm going to do it right. >> own it. >> megan, thank you so much. "the blacklist" airs thursdays at 10:00, 9:00 central, right here on nbc.
10:35 am
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which is why moments lost to headaches are moments gained with excedrin. [heartbeat] he is one of hollywood's funniest comedians. we know him from his role as officer franklin in "the hangover" and from his days as a correspondent on the with jon stewart. >> rigle is heading back to school, "middle school, the worst years of my life." for an adhd kid like myself -- >> me, too. i got the sweats. >> he plays an egotistical boyfriend who doesn't like his girlfriend's kids. >> ha-ha! i won it. >> i won it, and then you took
10:40 am
so technically it is mine. >> hey, look, it is a talking bear. >> why do you insist on calling me that? you know my name is carl. carl. >> okay. what is it about these types of characters that somehow you end up playing? >> i don't know. what does it say about me? i keep getting cast as -- actually, you shouldn't be a jerk in real life. when you get the chance to play a character that's a jerk, you jump all over it because you really get walk and have some fun with it. >> and get paid. you say to these kids something -- i don't like to play nice. if i'm playing a video game against a kid, i am trying to beat that kid in the video game. >> sorry. but that's how it is. i was running for my life most of middle school.
10:41 am
wave in high school. >> like a super model. he was awkward and gawky. >> did you grow into a beautiful swan in high school? >> i don't know if i'd say beautiful swan but i hit puberty. junior high was running for my life. i was little. when you are in a crowd of guys, they're all healthy, young men, it isn't long before they spot the runt in the litter. like, what you laughing? if i kept my mouth running, they weren't punching or tackling or giving -- wedgies were common place. >> oh, my gosh! >> they hung him up on door handle like that. >> wedgies were automatic. that was a good day. swirlies were a big thing. >> what are those? >> where they put your head in the toilet and -- >> oh, yeah.
10:42 am
billy was a victim of swirlies. >> i lived in fear of swirlies so i never went to the bathroom for three years in junior high. >> get a strong bladder out of it? >> really strong. probably did some damage. >> great things happened. you are colonel sanders. it was a little bit of a shakeup, i saw you, i saw norm. >> i'm lucky, they just called and asked me to do it. i was born in louisville, kentucky. means a lot. >> they don't have a lot of stick-to-itiveness. they are anticipate dropping sanders like crazy. >> the colonel is not going to be a rotaing colonel. i'll be the colonel through football season, then they're going to get a new one. i knew that going in. so relaxed. i didn't get fired. i walked away. >> there was no pressure playing the colonel because you're like it's not mine forever. >> no. this is a six-month gig.
10:43 am
get colonel number six. >> fox nfl sunday, riggle does all of his predictions. did anyone catch this? this is a major production a la hamilton. >> you want to know where my helmet is. ? here your helmet is ?? >> yeah, there it is. these together? >> that song will stick in your head for a long time. >> how long did it take to do that? >> i'm very lucky. i work with three guys. just me, chris feegy and bennett weber. we put these together every week. >> "middle school, the worst years of my life," hits theaters this friday. let's go to al for the weather. how was middle school for you, mr. roker? >> actually, i had a good time.
10:44 am
next colonel. as you can see we are looking at plenty of sunshine, eastern half of the country. today though we do have some thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms, possibility of tornadoes there. cool weather will continue in the plains with some mountain snows. wet weather in the pacific northwest. few scattered strong storms continue in the midsection of the country. of course, more rain down in florida. this is still ahead of hurricane matthew. we're going to continue to track
10:45 am
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how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much." cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando. we were so lucky, we had a blast this past summer at the olympic games. i got to see the wo polo team win the gold. >> when you threw in the towel, i decided to swim in. this is the first time this particular set of teammates have been together since clinching the gold. while i may not be as gifted as they are in the pool, i certainly had a blast learning what it takes to play water polo. >> the u.s. wins gold again.
10:50 am
defending olympic champions returned to the top of the podium after beating italy in the final. now, i'm going to be playing the part of the goalie. but first, let's get to know the players. >> i definitely felt part of a strong group of women. it is really cool to have had this experience and be in that kind of environment. >> reporter: goalie ashley johnson, thest u.s. olympic women's water polo team and win gold is not only known for her blocked shots, but the student is adjusting to a new normal after being newly minted. >> it is really cool to see how many people watched our games and noticed me being -- just playing the way i played. i'm proud to be a trail blazer.
10:51 am
would see that and think maybe i can do it too? >> as i moved along i realized i could make an impact for other black girls and for their moms looking and seeing me playing. >> why swimming in will you did you even get into it? >> my mom wanted me and my four siblings to do something in the summers. we had a pool in our backyard and she put is in a summer program that also had water polo included. >> reporter: the team m water polo team to win gold at consecutive summer olympics. >> you're constantly pushing, pulling, legging up on people and a lot of grabbing and kicking underwater. >> you have to be able to compete. >> i would say you to have been able to compete day in and day out. >> to be disciplined. >> to be intelligent. >> to be mentally tough. >> why do you love it. >> because we get to play with
10:52 am
combination of hockey, and basketball. >> your eggs are like an eggbeater. you want your shoulders back and like you are sitting in a chair. >> al roker, can i just say, you're not off the hook, buddy. >> oh! >> let's see that again. okay. so i feel like i've done my part. al? that was for you. okay, ladies. you can take it from here.
10:53 am
woo-hoo! >> so first of all, our thanks not gold medal women -- winning u.s. women's water polo team and to st. francis college in brooklyn where we filmed. they have a gift for you. they are all watching this morning. this is the first one. show your friends at home. there you go. if you are a little modest, you can wear this on top. >> oh, now that's more my speed! thank you, ladies. i will wear this with pride. >> thank you for letting me do this. this was fun. >> thank you.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
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10:57 am
possible. i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. milwaukee is closed today for a quick facelift. it's a two- block stretch of fourth street from clyborn up to wisconsin avenue. according to a traffic alert from the department of public works... the project will be wrapped up - and the street will be re-opened - by this evening's commute. but if you're going to be driving through this area to get to work... you might want to avoid fourth street - again, between wisconsin and clybourn. the intersections at michigan and clybourn will remain open during the
10:58 am
[bus honks] mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so, snack time is now us time. we pull out buddig original and get rolling. it's the quick and tasty protein pick-me-up we need before we're out the door again. and it gives us more time together. because they're only little for a little while. announcer it goes fast. savor every delicious moment.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from st hey, everybody! welcomeo booze day tuesday. also spanky tuesday. >> oh it is. >> if mine cooperate. >> never know. >> it's october 4th, if anybody cares. that's "body moves" by dnc. >> we are busting. we have olivia newton-john here with a new project she's going to talk to us about. >> four-time grammar winner. >> inspiring one, especially
11:01 am
>> look at her. oh -- beth chapman with her -- oh, gosh! ? calm again ? you cry and then live on ? >> live on! >> uh-huh. another lovely song. emily blunt sits down with us along with paula hawkins who wrote "the girl on the train." new thriller out this week. i'm telling you, it's just -- >> everybody -- >> an unbelievable movie. people that read the book go to see that movie? everyone will want to compare. you did both and you -- >> i liked the book so much. couldn't put it down, but i loved the movie. two reasons why. emily blunt. she's amazing. >> definitely a nominated -- >> probably win the oscar. >> can you believe what's happening here? all right. champion you. champion world skier lindsey vonn has a book out opening up about living through defeat, depression and divorce and a message very uplifting, no
11:02 am
can feel your best you. >> yeah. a beautiful girl. plus, if you've got limp locks, got everybody's attention. we've got -- [ laughter ] we've got the tools to get salon-like style. sometimes takes a little pause, sometimes. >> i do say. >> locks. >> you have impeccable timing i. try, hoda woman. >> yesterday, doing my radio show and every now and then you have -- >> a fabulous woman on every monday and wednesday on sirius >> okay. >> sheryl crow walked in you guys i fell in love with her all over again. first of all, she's 54. look at her. flawless. came to talk about her life. one of the most, eve be though she's quiet about her private life, especially with lance armstrong and all that stuff, that time. >> and breast cancer, right? >> talked what it was like going through breast cancer and the breakup of a -- an engagement at the same time, and you look at her and you see how purposeful
11:03 am
and i just got to tell you. i looked at her and thought to myself, wow. she's one of those women that figured how to have it all in her own way. >> it takes a lot sometimes. we often learn a lot from our defeats and disappointments, if we invite them and it's a natural thing to do. embrace defeat, disappointment, and then move on. >> right. and see the joy in it. >> if you can -- count it, your trials of joy, it's amazing what happens. >> yeah. >> anre night. you want to tell us about it? >> the last hair and makeup. >> last of the blind auditions. when everyone's filling up their teams. the teams were pretty full. now you have to be extra picky choosing people. first is a pair of sister, whitney and shannon from texas, blew the jumps away. take a look. ? inside brought me down ?
11:04 am
ah, ah ? ? oh, oh, oh ? well, time may make you older children get older and i'm getting older, too ? when you see my reflection in the ? snow coveredls well the landslide brought me down ? >> wow! >> okay. >> oh, my gosh. >> we have been choking on the set. >> i'm crying. gloriously beautiful. >> i want them to win and i don't even see the show. i want them to win. >> who do you think, i don't want to give it away, who do you think of the judges, the duo picked? and they started off by saying, they loved blake, because blake
11:05 am
brothers. remember those two young guys? and loved everybody. who do you think they chose? >> i think twhoe choose blake. seem to me. >> yeah. okay. take a look. >> come on! >> me! >> alicia. >> oh, my -- >> look at alicia. look at her. >> oh -- well that's a good choice, too, and later on, the 17-year-old names natasha >> are you nervous? >> let the tears come out. get it out and just go have a great time out there. okay? don't put any pressure on yourself. >> i just want to do well. >> you'll be great. just having a mom who's in the entertainment industry like i want to amount to everything that she's done. you know, i want to prove to everyone that i'm a completely different person from my parents. it's very nerve-racking for me, because there's a lot of pressure. >> yeah. she's got it. >> you're doing it, sasha.
11:06 am
>> smile! ? oh-ooh-ooh ? >> a lot of cool stuff in there. ? and why i can't help falling in love with you ? [ cheers ] >> how abo >> shut up! >> love it! >> her dad is larry bray played ten seasons in the national hockey league. a beautiful family. their own vineyard in california. >> beautiful. >> yes. >> the only one who turned, but she got -- adam got her. from the first moment. >> beautiful. >> telling you. >> speaking of awesome voices, how about miley and her dad, billy ray cyrus -- miley post add video of the two of them a
11:07 am
>> for session. >> that's what i says, sheesh. ? signs met you ? only if you knew that i care ? everything goes ? playing together. >> a song billy wrote to his best friend who passed away. nice to see them -- it's -- >> yes. >> night to see them together. both really good singers. >> some of the best times i've had in my life at home with my musician friends just jamming. >> isn't that fun? >> love that. >> that's my favorite thing. really is. you never know who's going to pick up -- play the piano, or put together, take their guitar
11:08 am
>> you're actually going to be do it with me next week. >> oh, yes. >> hoda is going to make her debut. >> yes. >> as a recording artist. >> yes. i'm practicing my line. singular. >> no, no. you have a big part. >> i can't wait. >> yes, you do. so, our favorite dolly parton on jimmy kimmel. just another reason -- let's just watch. >> set this up. it's >> all right. >> jimmy brought up the fact her hometown in tennessee put up a statue of her in front of the courthouse in florence. >> take a look. >> what doll hi to say about the statue. >> can i tell you a little story about this? >> sure, yeah. >> i loved my dad to death. he's gone now. my dad was a real country person. always drove a pickup truck. it a rifle in the back and always had a tag that said dolly parton for president. but, anyway, after my dad died, one of my brothers told me that
11:09 am
and were big oil drum of soapy water in the back of his truck and late at night go down to the, to the statue and scrub all the pigeon poop off that. isn't that the sweetest thing? >> that is very cute. >> my daddy -- i know. >> ah. >> so sweet! >> only she could make that story lovable. >> all right. are you supposed to make a toast at parties? i think everybody likes -- not don't like toast like you're having toast. you know? this kind. >> etiquette guide say it's time to stop that practice. >> why? >> that kind of thing, a break in a party, kills the vibe. >> you know who doesn't kill the vibe? look at the sunshine that just walked into our kitchen. >> my gosh. >> the best job in the world. we really -- >> hello, olivia. >> hello. >> how are you? >> lovely to see you, sweetie. >> lovely to see you. >> we're excited to talk to you about your new project. meantime, talking about, do you think it's okay to make toasts
11:10 am
because i'd like to make a toast. >> i like t. we would like to lift or glass right now to you. >> thank you. i don't vi wine. >> olive oil will do, and just say, we wish you, godspeed and blessings for this new project of yours to live on. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> see, i think that made people happy. >> you're right. >> apparently you're not supposed to do that. >> all right. [ laughter ] >> all right. we're going to perk up your morning when you see what we are giving away. >> whoa. >> miss hoda and olivia can stay if she would like to. olivia, likey. olivia, likey. >> devoted moms know their family's mouths often need a helping hand. olivia, likey. >> devoted after brushing, listerine? total care helps prevent cavities, strengthens teeth and restores tooth enamel. it's an easy way to give listerine? total care
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11:13 am
she's global entertainment icon with four grammys more than 100 million albums sold. ten number one its including this number one smash hit single
11:14 am
>> not at all. >> and remember from a little movie musical back in 1978 called "grease." could only be talking about the one and only olivia newton-john. hello, sweetheart. >> hello. >> we're so happy, a breath of sunshine, now the singer and actress is out with brand new music meant to inspire and heal. look here. ? you can see the rainbow in the rain ? live on ? >> love it, love it, love it! collaborating with two fellow singers and friends on the upcoming album "live on" a take off from your wonderful name o-live-on. sorry to hear about your sister
11:15 am
>> there she is. my beautiful sister. >> you two were extremely close. >> very close to your friend david, too. after she passed away a wrote a song, for me, healing comes through you my music so i wrote a song for her and called my friend amy sky who produced another album for me, canadian songwriter, would she help me produce this song and we were discussing this, this wasn't music for there's no time on it. then we thought of our friends, whom you love. amazing artist. >> songwriter, singer, right, and as well as hall of fame. >> oh, if you've never heard of her a crime, download her music. >> she's amazing. >> incredible. go ahead. >> so we called beth, because she'd written a wonderful song, if you've ever heard that song and asked her to join us as trio
11:16 am
been doing grief workshops we weren't aware of. >> she's a breast cancer survivor as well. >> breast cancer survivor. two of three of us in my new group. survivors we call ourselves. right? >> right. >> so we got together on two or three occasions when we could fit in our schedules and wrote new songs to help people through grief, healing, whatever time it takes you. but the songs are -- i'm very proud of >> you should be. it's gorgeous. >> and credit the global community of care for people around the world to share from my hospital. go to onj cancer center dot org they can share the song. >> and right in your backyard? >> malibu? >> we live outside of town. we live outside of l.a., but we have horses and chickens and dogs and cats. >> of course you do. we would be disappointed if she didn't. wouldn't we?
11:17 am
>> there was a little buzz going on on the internet last month about "grease." did you hear about this? >> i did. >> okay. did you hear about this? >> that she was -- >> it's hilarious. >> it wasn't funny at the time, but maybe it was to you. >> what was the theory? >> being batted about? >> some theory i really died in the beginning and at the end going back to heaven, something like that. something crazy and hilarious. i thought, kind of great t but i thought, that means we were the first movie ever -- and we looked pretty good for zombies. >> you are going to heaven. which hoda and i call poughkeepsie. but -- the nice girl turned to be the bad girl and the bad girl did go off to a different kind of heaven known as poughkeepsie. for our viewers. >> there's truth to that. another word for -- you can say sex.
11:18 am
>> what? hoda's -- what do you mean jie thought it was reg letter. >> the big o. even jerry goes -- "it's the big o." jerry knows and hoda doesn't. >> wait. real quick. vegas is still -- >> yes. i'm glad -- >> i wanted her 0 breathe. >> i mean, las vegas at the flamingo another month this year and maybe longer? >> i don't know what's going to happen, but i'm having great fun. >> meantime, everybody, got t new music. >> that's how it is. >> love you. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> good to see you. >> we love you. >> glad i'm here. >> yes. >> certainly. >> we're glad we're all here. never happy with your hair? we're go to liven up those locks
11:19 am
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11:22 am
my hair straight, a pound of gel and a hammer. >> sometimes we curl things up and go killer. >> and other than of new york's wonderland beauty parlor, michelangelo. >> ooh, michelangelo. >> what you did -- it was all my parents. >> talking about different types of girls. we have izzy here. what are we trying to do for izzy? >> for izzy use the beach weaver big, bouncy, sexy, just woke up like this. easiest tool in the world. >> it does it for you, right? >> does it for you. created it with an, she was an innovator, her dad a dentist. taught her the drills. and sparked her imagination. >> i remember this. >> now like, why are we twisting? >> yep. >> push the button. >> and push the button. >> and end up? >> a little more luxe.
11:23 am
looks a little more, i just woke up like this. >> izzy, you look great, girl. >> all right. >> let's move it on down to olivia. olivia wants that crimpy sigh. >> olivia found inspiration in kathie lee. >> yes, she did. >> a slightly modern take on the crimp. a nice, deep wave. a fun party hair. >> hold it and move it down. >> yes, just until you feel a little whi just from a little product on the hair. no fear. >> that's not damaging the hair? >> no. as long as you're using good heat protection underneath the section. >> spray it with something? >> right. alities light mayor spray, heat protector. >> let it set and later moosh it up? >> exactly. make sure to leave it on long enough that it cools off. >> now, how long does this last? >> oh, this will last until she wets her hair again. >> what? >> assuming that the right product is --
11:24 am
for days. >> thank you. >> for days. >> just freshen it up. >> is this ellie? ellie is here. hello, ellie. >> trying to create curl with a flat iron? it's crazy. >> yes, flat iron finger wave, a little more of a fashion-forward look. >> what do you do? >> holding it and twirling it? >> i'm just pushing the waves in and tapping the iron to set them. >> look what he's doing. >> getting a little -- >> we don't even -- >> it's a like vogue. >> someone has to do that for you, right? you can't do that on your own? >> i know plenty of girls who taught them do this themselves. it takes a little tie torial. >> tutorial. >> great job. ellie, you look ex-lengths. >> thank you. >> and you're welcome. >> make him finish you, you guys. >> don't have to go home looking crazy. >> and a blockbuster thriller,
11:25 am
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i'm...bridget shanahan alongside brian gotterlets get
11:28 am
battleground wisconsin...our state about to get more visits as donald trump and hillary clinton campaign for the presidency. former democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders -- who won wisconsin's primary... will campaign for clinton in madison and green bay tomorrow. and donald trump's oldest son, donald junior -- will be in brookfield for a rountable discussion. his father donald trump will be back in the badger state this saturday. and hillary clinton's daughter chelsea -- who was also here last week -- will return on monday. details on those visits have not been released. hillary clinton herself has not returned to wisconsin since the primary. a busy street in downtown milwaukee is closed today for a quick facelift. it's a two- block stretch of fourth street from clyborn up to wisconsin avenue. according to a traffic alert from the department of public works... the project will be wrapped up - and the street will be re-opened - by this evening's commute. but if you're going to be driving through this area to get to
11:29 am
avoid fourth street - again, between wisconsin and clybourn. the intersections at michigan and clybourn will remain open during the
11:30 am
just last year you couldn't sit on the beach, ride the train or relax ton a park bench pout seeing somebody reading "the girl on the train." >> a runaway best-seller, 15 million copies sold worldwide and now, i it's been turned into a movie. >> if you've been living under a rock. >> emily blunt stars as a deeply troubled woman whose life spirals out of control and down a very dangerous path. >> we tried everything and nothing worked, and it just absolutely -- just broke -- my -- my heart, and -- i got
11:31 am
then -- >> why are you really here, rachel? >> because i'm so afraid of myself. >> gosh. >> so, wow. >> what a movie. >> we can't take it! emily is here along with best-selling author paula hawkins. ladies, welcome. >> wow. y hit on your hands. >> this is major. >> i, my gosh. >> this is crazy. reviews, already crazy. >> a lot at stake, because the book, paula, you know, was just received so incredibly well and now, no yo. >> paula's like -- >> thank you. we heard that. >> i love that -- >> and -- >> why do you love? >> she's so authentic.
11:32 am
british people have of being complimented. think about it, baby. >> opening soon, and how are you feeling about the final product? you've seen the movie. >> very excited. >> yeah. >> really excited and proud of it, and, you know -- it's dark. it's that underbelly of domestic life and it's just -- people relate to it. >> and not easy to play, honestly. >> how did you prepare for that part of the role? >> i -- i researched it in various different ways from reading books. i have friends who are recovering and watched a lot of documentaries. the documentaries were the most helpful, physically and mentally to thaunds and capture is was more of the challenge. >> at the time, you were pregnant. right? >> i was. >> and -- >> freshly. >> no one knew. >> freshly. [ laughter ] >> did the emotions you were feeling help you when you were -- acting? >> no. i mean, maybe. >> yeah. >> maybe i was in more of a fragile state of mind. i don't know. >> yet you're playing a woman, most people know, the basic
11:33 am
world. >> yes. >> but cannot -- >> i've never done two films where i play somebody that cannot have a child and -- just a trait. >> paula, when -- this must have been a big thing. you're handing your baby over basically to the movie world. >> yes. >> were you anxious about it? >> i was quite relaxed about it actually at the beginning. when it was first optioned i thought nothing would happen. lots of when it was going to be a go ahead then i became your nervous, but i met with the director in london and we had a quick chat over a drink and he -- when he spoke about it, i could tell he embraced the darkness, the characterization, the trail and i thought, fine. i'm happy. >> they said emily would be the star. >> i was delighted. delighted, of course, yes. >> emily, we've soend the air, the meryl streep of our generation. >> no. >> yes, we said that.
11:34 am
>> yes. >> just freshly i said that. >> just freshly. >> you morphed into your character in a way that very few people -- you forget it's you. >> oh, thank you. >> a lot of people, there's so and so playing that. with you, it's different. >> i very much appreciate that and feel very uncomfortable with that. >> you're british. >> well, ladies, we're so excited. >> yes. it's extraordinary, and -- "the girl on the train" from our sister company universal opens >> definitely oscar nomination. >> see what's happening. >> sorry. i'm freshly saying it. and lindsey vonn starts a new chapter in her career and reveal what's she wants every woman i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me -- "put that down. that's expensive." of course i save people an average of nearly $600, but who's gonna save me?
11:35 am
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11:39 am
one of the top athletes in the world. olympic gold medal winning ridden ups and downs in personal and professional life. >> those highs and lows made lindsey vonn a stronger woman now than she ever was and now lindsey wants to help you find your inner strength with her new book called "strong is the if you beautiful: embrace your natural beauty. eat clean and harness your power" and whatever you do. >> don't call this a memoir because it's >> exacts on of that and so happy to you have with us today. >> thank you, guys. >> first of all -- can i have your voices, like -- >> yes. >> follow your -- say it over and over and over again. it is interesting because your life has gone up and down and in a very public way you were able to see that. and you felt like you've grown a lot through that pain? >> i have. yeah. i was married, divorced, dating
11:40 am
and throughout all of it, i always found my strength on the mountain but i wasn't really always confident in myself off the slopes. so i feel like especially in the last three, four years i've really found myself and you know, always experimenting with what i eat and how i work out and i finally feel like i'm confident and i -- am healthy and -- everything is just working out really well. i find of wanted to share with everyone my experiences and what's worked hasn't and hopefully everyone can enjoy working out and eating healthy like i do. >> would you say, each person is a completely unique individual. what works for you will work for everyone? >> no. that's the opposite of what i'm saying. i'm saying everyone should like going to the gym. i mean, it's hard for me to say that. >> how do you do that? >> yeah. not very many people like going to the gym. i feel that's because you haven't tried different things. so i pretty much give you a menu and you can pick and choose and
11:41 am
what keeps you coming back to the gym, because that will make you happier, make you stronger, that will make you more confident. >> results will, right? >> sure. we said about the physical thingsance feeling stronger, working out, eating right, that's part of your life. the other part of your life you were sorting out is more of the personal stuff. making choices that you right for you when it comes to somebody you're dating. what changes have you made in that arena of your life? >> i don't know. i'm still working on that part. but i just feel like i'm a confident person these days and that attracts -- different people. >> yes. >> and different energy, and i don't know. still a work in progress, but i feel like -- >> you say you attract what's in you. that's really true. you feel broken you attract broken people. you feel strong, you attract strong. is it time to start training again? what is happening? >> hello! >> yes. >> dating world or on the
11:42 am
[ laughter ] >> sometimes they seem like the same thing. okay? [ laughter ] >> no. of course, just come back from chile. >> yes, down with the u.s. men and norwegian men's team. it was fun. i had a great time. i like training with guys because they push me, to ski faster, be a better skier, and that's pretty fast. >> and the only woman up there with all of those hunks? >> only one. >> of course you were. >> tell us -- >> if y person and all of those things, what is someone going to take away from your book that might help average joes make, you know, themselves better? >> what i hope they do is just experiment. like i said. and hopefully find something in my book they enjoy doing, and that keeps them more active, and also you know, with all of the stuff i talk about with food. about knowing what you're eating, and what it feeds your body and i feel like that information will hopefully help you make a better choice. >> do you think you're ever
11:43 am
[ laughter ] >> i don't know. i mean, i love the dresses and i think -- i feel really confident when i'm all glammed up. i feel like it's my alter ego, but i feel like red carpets are not where i struggle with confidence. it's if i get off, get home, take my makeup off. >> like a regular person. >> you speak with great honesty and candor and it will help a lot of people. >> you're so lovable. >> thank you. >> you're the best. >> great to see you. >> buy the book. it's called beautiful." all right. we hope you're hungry.
11:44 am
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called in chef and author john. pronounce it right. >> you did. >> sharing straight from the pages of his new book called "big, bad breakfast: the most important book of the day", and selling like cupcakes, pardon the pun. >> it is. it is. >> good. let's say some more. >> going so great. i cannot tell you. so fantastic to be here. i love to be in new york, and this is a perfect sort of, right this part of the morning dish to do because i clearinghouse. you can really put anything in, what are we making? >> the one we're making today is called our low country skillet scramble. so it's basically all of the ingredients from a south carolina sort of low country shrimp boil. so you've got potatoes, green onions, corn. >> olive oil. >> sausage. >> peppers. >> scramble and egg. >> and some sort of sausage. >> yes.
11:50 am
talk about this a whole lot, use clarified butter, take out the butter solids, what burns first. makes your butter turn bitter and black. so you melt it slowly. and the butter solids drop to the bottom. and it will, butter will clear out and you skim the butter fat off the top. you can cook at a much higher temperature without the threat of burning. >> okay. >> then a couple things you can do for this particular dish to make a ahead. we do potatoes, turn into a hash. boil them at low temperature, nice and tender, get them out, put in ice water to stop cooking and take those, once they've cooled and drain them off with a, a little bit of onion and bacon fat. we love to make use of our -- >> yes. bacon fat, boy! >> making a hash brown there. >> exactly what it is. a little salt and pepper. >> hmm, so good. >> and the other thing you can
11:51 am
on the side let them sit at room temperature a couple hours because you're going to heat them back up again. >> look at you cooking corn. >> amazing. you're not taking my job. >> so, don't worry. >> take just a little bit of corn kernels and a little olive oil and you just want to coat those. >> okay. >> until, you know, they're -- >> okay. >> coated with oil. pop them in an oven at about -- >> those kernels? >> yep. >> this is them when done here. right? >> correct. >> now what? >> so that -- it's really putting the whole dish together. start with a little onion and garlic. in a pan. >> shrimp. >> going with the shrimp and ondoey. the thing i spend so much time talking to my chefs about cooking shrimp just perfectly. e really want shrimp to just turn pink on the outside. >> and then flip t. yeah. and get them -- >> chewy and then nasty otherwise. so want those cooked.
11:52 am
potato. >> okay. >> and then -- >> down here? >> correct. >> what you -- >> shall we taste it? is it time? >> we are. >> where are the eggs? just in there. >> the eggs go in at the very end. put in all your tomato. >> the corn. >> that's corn for hoda. >> correct. >> all right. get after it. >> i'm going for the drink. >> of course you are. >> we heard about you. >> uh-huh. >> so -- trying to get a bite of everything. that's the trouble. can't do it in the time -- >> oh, my gosh breakfast. don't you? >> uh-huh. took me there. >> right. >> in mississippi. >> that is delicious. >> thank you so much. >> that is so good. >> these recipes head to >> something else going for you in the morning. >> it will curie. >> we're going to give it away.
11:53 am
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
we hope today's your lucky time. it is time to -- >> all: give it away. >> how much? >> worth more than $400. >> everything you need prepare breakfast in a breeze with this digital countertop oven, fusion blade blender, and -- >> cafe select coffeemaker and grinder. give you that extra morning perk with the push of a button, find out who the winners >> so exciting. i love this one. >> okay. pick your name. >> let's go. >> nancy j. hart from orlando, florida. >> sure is, what's your name? stop it, hoda! >> nancy. >> all right. sam morgan from -- what is that? bosom -- >> bassam, new york. stop it, hoda. >> and samantha hokebury from las vegas, nevada.
11:57 am
here. >> i know. >> i'm trying to find -- >> you're making america mad, hoda woman. >> take your turn yet. denise from wellington, florida, you're welcome, denise. >> and becky grundman from corning, iowa. our winners. grate. >> have to tell everybody we shred the not winning entries. make sure you enter again and again. >> all right. cue the music, please! connect. all right. a little -- got to make up for last for your little ones, plus -- >> dancing, tell us. >> and elvis duran. people! look at people! show the people! yes! the people! are here! ?? >> now she's getting into it. oh, yeah.
11:58 am
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