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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  October 5, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CDT

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good morning medicare enrollment starts in ten days. what you need to do today to prepare. how four people all with type 2 diabetes got off their medication completely. it's not your average meatloaf. >> why this popular dish is a customer favorite next on the morning blend ? ? [ music ] ? ? ? ? i'm liking the old school. >> that's like all the rain
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>> no it's like flipping a water bottle. there was a post about how annoying it is to parents. it's a new trend you probably have seen it. >> i have not. >> if you have tweens or teens they do it everywhere. in restaurants at school. for me they were doing it at church driving people nuts. it's basically like throwing a bottle up in the air and seeing if you can get it to land right side up. >> did this for a high school talent show ended up flipping it right side up the first time that's where the obsession came from. correct? >> yes he is from charlotte, north carolina, michael. he brought down the house at school by bottle flipping. we decided to ask our floor director joe to demonstrate. >> it is it hard? there i think it's hard. parents if you haven't seen this you're lucky.
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>> i'm not in any way an authority or expert. i was just asked joe do you know what bottle flipping is? >> do you? >> i do. that's about it. >> he is away from his duties behind the camera. >> i hear the amount of water makes a difference. >> usually i do it right below the label. if you have a label on top. >> usually i thought you weren't an authority on it. >> i'm not an authority on it. >> really quick before you do it, this is funny the deerk because of the way the water bottle is shaped. >> i think this one would be -- >> go ahead and try it. >> woe. >> there is a skill. >> there's a lot of pressure right now. >> all right. there oh. >> okay can i true is that what you do? >> yes. >> i didn't realize you did it that high. >> you got to make it like flip. >> all right ready? >> oh. >> let me try it. >> i feel like it's easier than
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not. >> oh. >> almost. >> why is it, thank you joe. >> okay. all right joe thank you. >> woe! [laughter] >> that's the way to go. >> on live tv! [laughter] >> okay. bam. there it is. you saw it right here on this show. joe is feeling good. [laughter] >> why is it so annoying i think it's awesome. >> it's the sound. it's the sound that it drives people absolutely nuts. >> what? >> it's the sound of it. especially if you have a room full of kids doing it. glit's banned at schools right? >> many activities involved with school and kids it is banned. >> it makes me feel young again. >> feeling old. there is a specific age people
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at this specific age most people are younger than you. do you know what that age is? >> most people are younger than you if you are -- 50. >> 37 to 38. >> oh. there is the magic number. >> that's def -- depressing. >> when you notice everyone else is a lot younger than you, that all of the sudden you start feeling younger. okay so i don't identify with your age. this is the age the specific age when people start thinking they are younger than they are. i always like growing up i always felt older. i always felt like i was an 85-year-old in like a 5th grade sense of humor you know. >> you know when i really started feeling old? i bet you know the answer to that. >> when you started working with me? [laughter] >> that was good. no it's when i started to have to wear readers to read stuff. >> didn't you say it was like a snap it happened right at 40.
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years younger. 65 to 70-years-olds feel 10 to 19 years younger and only 6 of 75-year-olds feel 20 years younger. they feel that 75-years-old age is that moment when you start to think oh, maybe i'm hitting that older age. maybe i'm 75. kind of interesting from new york times. >> is there a tip to feeling younger? >> no. the tip is act like a kid. play you know whether it is twister, taking a hay ride, going pumpkin picking. fun activities will lengthen your life making you feel younger. once you do feel younger than your biological age you're nor resilient to stress. >> i like that. act young. act immature. that's what i always do. it works. [laughter] all right go to our facebook page we want to know how old do you feel? is it older or younger than your real age is the real question. >> i feel 28 how old do you feel?
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40 like 35, 37, something like that. i wish. >> i like it. >> i wish. >> okay so let us know on face bike. -- facebook. >> first up we've got to take a look at this. oh, i absolutely adore this picture. i bet he feels young. this is today's art's cameras plus picture of the day. >> viewer james sent us this adorable photo of his daughter lauren giving her grandpa edwin a smooch. i >> that is fantastic. i love his face. that's the best part of this. >> he is like plant it l lay it on. amanda is holding this month's winner, see the question mark. she is truly young. >> you can tell by her waist look how small it is. [laughter] >> wait i can't see your waist amanda there it is. thank you. [laughter] >> it's so cute. all right so once a month we
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framed and matted by our agains at the great frame up of whitefish bay. we're going to share it with you later. great job amanda. >> i love it. first up, we're in the kitchen cooking with thunder bay. it is one of my all time favorites meatloaf. >> yum. >> some people say it is boring i say it is delicious. and the one we're making today is anything, but base sick. >> that's right executive chef mike stigler is here from thunder bay to teach us how to make a bison smoked meatloaf. >> >> good morning ladies. how are you today? >> good morning. we're good. >> what do you have? >> we have the bison smoked meatloaf as you said. we grind it up with a little bit of onions and peppers and other secret ingredients i can't get into. we smoke it over hickory chips for 3 and a half hours until it is all the way cooked through and we finish it off in a pan to give it a little texture on the outside. >> what do you put in your meatloaf.
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depending on how mom made it that's how they made meatloaf. >> what you want to keep in mind you want a little fat contest to keep it moist. bison is a lean meat so we cut it with a little beef. beef naturally has a little bit of fat in it. sometimes people will think bison is a little dry because it is so lean so if you add a little beef it adds a little moisture inside. what we haveng have the meatloaf in the pan already here. i have cut a couple slices off of there. we put it in the pan so it starts to get nice and brown on both sides. you're going to add a little text tour it give it -- texture to give it a little different feel. we have roasted mushrooms.
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oven then finish them in the pan along with the meatloaf. we have roasted potatoes. we are going to add peppers and onions to that. >> fancy. >> peppers and onions are very fancy. they are. then we're going to add fresh rosemary to that as well. >> along with fancy salt get that going in there too. get those all tossing around really nice. and the rosemary acts as a the flavor? >> it is. texturally it tends to be more pine needlish. >> do you eat it i always pick it out. >> can you eat it, but it is probably something you will push to the side. we have our green beans over here. we have blanched them a little bit in cold water. one good tip for blanching green beans is to put a little baking soda in the water it will help them retain the nice green
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>> cooking partially in boiling water. you get them so they aren't quite so hard and cool them down in an ice water bath and finish them off in the pan as needed. it also helps to set the color so you have that going as well. >> is this true you have it on the lunch and dinner menu right now? it is absolutely true. this is on lunch menu, on the dinner menu and it's something that is really, kind of popular right now a into cooler weather because it is one of those stick to your rib kind of dishes. we have our meet loaf going on the plate there. >> is there not ketchup in this? >> you keep coming back into what is not in the dish. more important to think about what is in the dish. >> no ketchup? >> what we have in this dish is bison delicious and a little bit of a barbeque glaze on the top which you may or may not have noticed which is a close cousin to ketchup. as a matter of fact.
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>> what you can do is take ketchup and turn it into barbecue sauce by adding brown sugar a little liquid smoke. >> i just wanted you to know that there is a lot of grandparents out there getting upset about not using ketchup. >> what we have here is bison meatloaf i don't know if i mentioned that. it's one step above meatloaf. >> how about that award of excellence you have won a second year in a row that's fantastic. >> that's due to our exceptional wine list. we have a huge variety of wines. tonight from 5:00 to 8:00 we're having a appreciation dinner party out at thunder bay for that. >> i was hoping you would mention that it is tonight from 5:00 to 8:00.
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appetizers, live music to celebrate this award for excellence. if you don't have plans stop by with coworkers stop in for free wine tasting get the meatloaf. >> that's the best meatloaf i have ever had. >> even despite the lack of ketchup? >> i might ask for a side. >> that would not surprise me in the least. >> it's on the lunch and dinner menu. thank you so much. be sure to ask for the meatloaf this is just one serving. >> that's one serving. >> do you feel older or after you do this with us? >> i feel younger because i have to be on my t toes constantly i can't afford to sit back in the rocking chair i got to be on my a game. >> yummy meatloaf. you got to try to. go tonight from 5:00 to 8:00 they have this celebration for their award of excellence from wine spectator magazine. have wine, complimentary tastings and appetizers and live
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94 and highway 164 in pewaukee. call (262)523-4244 they've got a great new renovated bar that is beautiful. great place to visit and hang out with friends and family. thunder bay is the website. >> best meatloaf i have ever had. >> thanks ladies. still ahead we're going to go over some of the big changes in the financial aid process for college. we're also going to reveal some of the common mistakes families make when applying for college. also ahead did you october is the best month to book a cruise? also a great month to win a free cruise. that's right we have the details of a special contest in a bit. these four people have two things in common, one they all have type 2 diabetes, 2 they all participated in the same program that helped them lose weight and get off their medication. after the break the program that got them healthy and how it could work for you.
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welcome back. our next guest is here with an approach to weight loss that helps many people not only shed the pounds, but get them off of their medication as well. >> the plan we're talking about is nutrimost. a lot of people refer to jen
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with the people you coach. they really rely on you for information and support all of that great stuff. let's talk about this 21st century approach to weight loss. we're going to show you amazing results. >> we're able to use the nutrimost technology with 855-burn-fat and we're able to actually individualize programs for each person. we don't all react the same way to a medicine. we don't we act the same way to a perfume. to react the same way to a weight loss program. we're not. this is about learning to eat properly for you and be able to mmaintain your weight long-term by learning how your body reacts to different foods. >> what does it do to help you lose weight? >> we use technology to identify what is happening with the things that are controlling your metabolism. we're able to identify what is off with your system. what we can do to help support
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minerals things like that and we're able to identify what foods work best with your body. we're able to give you a individualized plan on how to get the weight off and reset the metabolism and teach you to identify trigger foods. foods you may think are fine to eat, but when you eat it your body doesn't respond to it well. >> then you put on weight. obviously losing weight is huge for how people lose they feel, their energy level. some things we want to talk about are diabetes. i know you work closely and consult peoples doctors too. let's talk about hawk, we have four great people struggling with diabetes and medication. he is a military vet right? >> yes and he was struggling with high blood pressure, diabetes. most of these things if we make lifestyle changes we can get around those diagnosis.
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helping you identify the issues and work with your physician to get you off of medications. we will not be removing you from medications, but we'll be working with your physician. hawk was able to lose 52 pounds, stopped taking his diabetes medications, blood pressure mede medications and lost a huge amount of weight. >> allan another person, same thing for him. he was on diabetes medication for 20 years. >> >> 20 years. a lot of times you take diabetes medicine and you add another medicine because it is not working enough. if you just learn how to eat for your body you can have good blood sugar control. he was able to lose over 40 pounds, stop taking the medication and stopped the battle of having diabetes and having to take medications every day. >> connie was healthy all of her life. this is our next example.
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had type 2 diabetes and for the first time felt not just frustrated, but bad about herself. >> absolutely. when somebody goes into the doctor and don't feel bad or realize they feel bad they just feel sluggish we all make excuses, once somebody finds out they have type 2 diabetes and have to go on a daily medicine they are like how did this happen? she came in she's like i am ready to take control of my life. i want to manage this. i don't want to just live it it. she was able to lose 30 pounds and be off of medicines. >> same with lisa. she's a successful real estate agent who couldn't believe it when her doctor put her on medication. she was like how could i have diabetes she did two rounds. >> she lost 30 pounds the first round then decided i'm not ready to stop i want to keep going. she's lost 45 pounds total at this point and still losing. >> and she's off her medication? >> she off her medications.
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out. >> look at that young vivacious look, energy. skin tone. the person on the left is not that person. we have to learn how to work with our bodies and need to take control. if we all can have that knowledge to get to prevent being diabetic or on medication, these are four stories, but i have had how many other people come on and physically talk about it here in thetu if you learn how to do it. >> one of the things you encourage people to do is get on the scale every day. we have read studies that show people that get on the scale every day are more likely to lose weight and keep it off. >> it's accountable. accountability. how many times do we go to that pair of pants that is a little loose and now maybe we put 5 or 7 pounds on. if you keep avoiding that or
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or my big thing was scrubs you could put 20 pounds on with the same pair of scrubs. everybody is in leggings and things now. so if you stay going on the scale it gives you accountability and makes you go all of the sudden you can't wake up in a month and say where did ten pounds come from, you know it. >> i know you want to say something about the holidays specifically. people can get started the same day. you are encouraging people we know the holidays are coming up it's a good time to start. >> it is a great t you could be through the weight loss portion of the program in 40 days that's before thanksgiving, that's before christmas, the other holidays you want to celebrate and trust me, city the program started on thanksgiving day two years ago and i did it, but, i can tell you if you do it right now you're going to be happy. you're going into the holidays going to love your christmas pictures your family pictures you are taking and you're going to be very happy you did that.
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15 pounds during the holidays this will prevent you from doing that. >> you can call 855-burn-fat at (414)269-5683 or visit online at thanks jen. >> thank you. >> great to see you jen thank you so much. coming up paying for your kid's college education. we'll help you avoid the most common mistakes parents make. next an important date on the calendar if you're on ?happy music? [bus honks] the calendar if you're on medicare or soon will be. mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original is the perfect protein pick-me-up and it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while.
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?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] mom avo: on soccer saturday, i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat. the surprisingly- affordable, deli-quality lunchmeat keeps her going and our little moments together keep me going.
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welcome back to the morning blend. the open enrollment period for medicare is next week so today, it is time for insurance 101 with sovereign select. today's lesson is focused on what you need to do right now so you can shop for the best, and least expensive plan available. tom qualley is the ceo of sovereign select, and independent insurance agency, so if you have questions you want the truth is it doesn't cost you anything. which probably surprises people. is that true or false? >> you would be surprised how many people try to pay us at the end of the meeting we just say no. like i'm going to tear this up. >> because you're paid by the insurance companies, but the wonderful thing is how many products you represent. it's not just one size fits all. >> exactly. so there is like 30 plus companies that we represent and, you know it's really nice to be able to offer products like that
9:27 am
makes us very unbias as far as what we're offering and just being able to shop around every year. again they pay us so when a person or when we fit a product to a person's needs then that's company is the one that pays us. >> it's all about getting the right coverage at best price. let's talk about this important date, october 15 it's medicare's annual open enrollment period. if you are on medicare, or if you are quickly approaching that age this is an important date >> october 15 is really for people that are currently on medicare, so, this year is probably and i said this last year and i thought about it when i was thinking about coming on today was that i said last year that this year is the most important year to get proactive. this year is really the most important year to get proactive. >> even more p important huh? >> the plans over the last five years have been pretty stable and steady where there hasn't been a lot of changes. not a lot of companies have
9:28 am
this year all of the sudden, there is other plans that are being introduced into the southeastern wisconsin market, and that are very competitive. and very really worth looking at so. so for anybody on medicare, they really should be calling sovereign select and saying hey, what are these plans? >> and how do you help people? >> so basically what we're going to do is really going to breakdown each person's situation. if they are going to, when they give us a call or send us an email say have, and i'm just kind of looking to save money or whatever their situation is, we're going to ask them kind of what their needs are as far as health prescription drugs, financial needs et cetera, and also, compare what they have currently to what we can offer them. >> so often you save people money. there all the time. that's the goal you know. >> hundreds in a year right? >> or thousands. >> at the end of the day the idea is to give a person the most quality product at the best possible price. >> and it's no cost to the
9:29 am
i know you follow-up each year with the people that work with you so each year you can be doing this evaluation of their plan and their coverage. you explain part a, b, c and the prescription part d plan. and you will do a free part d comparison for people right? >> yeah anybody that is on like a stand alone prescription drug plan or medicare advantage plan we will compare. if they just send us the list of medications and what plan they are currently on, we'll take those medications and plug them into each pla market and compare it side by side with the current plan they are on just to see if there is any way we can save some money for them. >> and this is a big money saving opportunity. >> it's a free service. we don't charge for that at all. >> free service you can do that by email. you also have free meetings coming up. there is two we want to talk about. first are the group events this is medicare 101. >> medicare 101 is for people
9:30 am
usually you have a 24 month waiting period if you are disabled in order to get medicare. >> these are every friday. >> every single friday at 10:00 a.m. they are right in our office and they are all educational. we're not showing any specific plans or products, but what we are doing is breaking down part a, part b, part c, and part d of medicare, and really showing people how those programs work. you know from the federal and from private insurance companies and how they all kind of fit in their situation. >> it's wonderful. then your group medicare advantage meetings, the dates are october 18, 19, 25 and 26 at both 10:00 a.m. as well as 2:00 p.m. and this is for people who are already on medicare? >> yes. this is really for people that are shopping around during open enrollment looking at other medicare advantage options. we're going to be showing specific medicare advantage plan
9:31 am
southeastern wisconsin in these meetings. anybody is welcome to come. it doesn't matter what plan they are on or if they are already on one of the plans we'll be showing it doesn't matter. we're just going to be these are informational, but also focused on really getting the word out to the general public of what is available to you and what are your options? >> that's wonderful. recapping again. the educational meetings. medicare 101 every friday, at 10:00 a.m. again this is educational. en medicare advantage meetings are october 18, 19, 25, and 26 at both 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. you can find more dates and times by going to the website sovereign select ins for insurance,.com. you should call to reserve your seat. seating is limited. there is no cost for the event and a licensed agent will be present to talk at those meetings. call them now.
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meetings. i'm doing all of the meetings myself i will personally be doing the meetings. >> busy time for you coming up. >> oh, yeah. >> thank you so much. still ahead a better way to get whiter teeth from the comfort of your own home and up next a college education isn't chief right? we'll tell you the most common mistakes most parents make and
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if you want your kids to go to college you probably started saving something as soon as they were born. >> many parents make common mistakes that make the savings less valuable. to help us understand how to protect your wealth are jw hyndman and chad harbeck from integrated college place. hey guys. >> great time for you guy theres are big changes as it relates to >> right. as of october 1 people can start filing their fafsa forms. >> that is the federal free application for financial -- >> for federal student aid. >> federal student aid. >> everybody fills out that form who has a kid going to college? >> everybody should fill out that form. some people say well i think i earned too much income and just are not going to fill it out because we won't qualify for anything. >> is that smart?
9:36 am
>> do you think most people are surprised when they get it back that they do qualify? >> i think most people have a completely don't understand how the system works and they are thinking they are going to get money from the federal government, which, most majority of people don't get the federal government grants. >> yeah. >> true or false, the application process for this federal aid is complicated? >> true. for most people it is pretty complicated. but it's like doing your however, one of the things we notice is that families do make mistakes from time to time. and they can be very costly in the tune of 10, $20,000 grants. >> what kinds of mistakes are people making? >> putting things in the wrong area, including assets that shouldn't be included. and really not applying for information aid. >> are there other things in federal money they get when
9:37 am
>> the colleges determine how much of their money they are going to give you by what your efc number is. the academic performance of your student, so, they will actually you can get them to compete for your student. >> so the fafsa can also determine some of the college funding that you are getting? >> it's determining a host the college funding you are getting from the colleges. >> so everyone really should be filling that out. >> correct? >> absolutely the the biggest mistake is we wish we would have come to one of your workshops before. we didn't know that expensive private college was affordable for us. we have seen mistake where is people have gotten huge financial aid awards and had no idea that their child, son or daughter could have gone to that great college they ended up going to. >> they just ruled it out based on the sticker price. >> absolutely. >> in the past the fafsa the time you could start summiting was january so people had a couple months after the school year started you got seniors,
9:38 am
we're already past that first day that people can send it in. >> what they did was aligned everything so they aligned the application you can fill out your application and financial aid forms at the same time right now. >> is it a good idea to do that right now? >> yes. i mean the thing is somebody came in yesterday, and said, but the college has an application deadline of february 15, so we're just going to hold off and file by february 15. >> why is that a >> well because, financial aid is given out on a first come first serve basis. if you get your forms in in october or november you will get your financial aid award sooner and there is going to be more grant money on there than if you wait until february 15 to turn that in. >> you're getting the scraps. [laughter] >> right. >> what do you guys do? how do you help families who are looking at this sticker shock? >> somebody said last week that we're like the guidance
9:39 am
>> i like that too. >> it's like we just help them walk them through the whole process. this is what you can expect, this is what the steps are, and it takes a way that mystery and anguish of laying in bed saying am i doing everything i can to get the most money for free for college. there is nothing more frustrating than in march or april to get a financial aid award and say what happened? i >> would also say we educate get a lot of that where families would be like there is no way i would have sent my son or daughter to that school, but i didn't know what i didn't know. it's that education process of the workshop and the consultation. >> it's one thing you have said many times on the show before just you know you know which schools tend to give out more. you are very good at guiding people and opening their eyes to opportunities that they didn't know existed. so people can attend your free workshop, there is coming up next thursday the 13th and
9:40 am
mukwonago. it's free. to learn how to plan with integrated college place. you can make an appointment on your own if you can't attend one of those. integrated college still ahead the details how to win a free cruise. sounds good to me. >> throw out the messy get a brighter smile without
9:41 am
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welcome back. if your teeth are yellowing from coffee, tea or even smoking we may have the solution for you. lifestyle consultant tia leslie is here today with an easy way to whiten your teeth and take years off your appearance. good to have you back. >> thank you so much for having me. >> thanks for being here. let's talk about yellow teeth to start. a lot of us have yellow teeth it is lifestyle, blueberries, coffee tea, whatever it is we eat or drink. oftentimes you say that makes us look older. >> absolutely. again have you to remember your smile is the first thing people see. so if you have yellow or stained teeth, you know, you really need to put your best foot forward and that's what somebody sees right off the bat. power swabs can definitely whiten and brighten.
9:44 am
whiten your teeth on an average two shades in five minutes, six shades in 7 day which is is unheard of. >> i love that. it really does make you look years younger what is the stack statistic there? >> the more you use it the whiter it gets. two shades in five minutes. six shades in seven days it's a seven day kit it's going to really last about six months. i can show you how to work it. >> absolutely i love that. >> when you look at this it is digitally altered for the after, but she really does look so much younger. >> she does. clinical studies have shown that whiter teeth can give you the appearance of looking up to 13 years younger and healthier. she looks more vibrant, more youthful and years younger with the whiter teeth. >> i think she looks about 20 years younger she looks about 60 in one and 40 in the other. >> it is amazing. >> here's the deal i can't go in the morning without my coffee. >>i can't either.
9:45 am
but both really hurt the color of my teeth. >> absolutely. you are eating and drinking every day, hi my coffee this morning so i get it. so it's a two system system, it's a two swab system. this is what you're going to do. the first swab is called stain out. >> it really is a swab like a q tip. >> yeah. you swab it on. what this does two things it helps lift the stain first which is a game changing, lift the stain before you whiten and also helps you to rehydrate that enamel. it helps with sensitivity. a lot of people have trouble with that. >> especially with whitening strips or trays. >> absolutely. leave that on for about 2 minutes then you follow-up with the whitener and you swab it on. you can really get into the nooks and crannies. >> you're not covering anything up. just leaving it exposed. >> let it do its job and you're out the door five minutes you're done. with every power swabs kit you get we have something called the stainout. it's a quick stick it's like
9:46 am
[laughter] >> i love it. so instead of get ago stain on your shirt you get a stain on your teeth and you know where that is. >> pop it in your purse, your briefcase i used it this morning when i had coffee before the show it's an mazing way to whiten and brighten your smile on the road. >> you have such night white teeth. >> thank you. >> i have a veneer a fake tooth on here so i wonder oftentimes when i use trays or things everything gets white except for that truth. >> >> power swabs can help whiten and brighten your teeth, but also if you have somebody in your household that has caps, crowns or veneers it will help restore them to their natural color. it's an amazing revolutionary new teeth whitening kit i swear by it. >> i love it. i told you our cameraman he has used it twice. he noticed a difference after two uses do you see changes right asnare >> right away on average, two shades in five minutes.
9:47 am
it's a seven day kit it really should last you about six months. you don't have to run to the dentist for the expensive trays or time-consuming strips. >> i love you don't have to use it every single day. peoples routines are so busy you just use it for that one period of time. >> five minutes use it as part of your beauty ritual in the morning. you will get used to it and you will really see a the strip and trays so many people can buy? >> it is. here are the game changes effects with power swabs. you're going to lift the stain first, not a lot of teeth whitening kits on the market do that they just cover up the stain. lift the stain first, rehydrate the enamel so it really helps with that teeth sensitivity and works in about five minutes. it can work into your schedule in the morning in the evening works for men and women and you are really going to see a whiter
9:48 am
right at home. looking at that chart i feel like everybody can identify with their tooth is on that chart. >> absolutely i know. you know. >> you know everybody wants to be that six. it changes the look of your appearance. people judge you on your smile. >> and it makes you look younger so why not put your best foot forward if you have something like this, in your beauty arsenal use it. it's amazing way for five minutes a day to really whiten, brighten yr best foot forward. >> dave i think you look younger. >> thanks. [laughter] >> it's great. have you a huge special as well we want to share with morning blend viewer. here's how you can get power swabs (800)663-6401 to take advantage of the morning blend. mention the morning blend you can get two get one free. buy two get one free, those three free quick sticks you use right after you have coffee or what not to get the stains out
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house. power is the website to learn more. or again that toll free number on the screen to take advantage of the special. thanks for being here tia. >> love to be here so glad to bring this to you. >> absolutely we appreciate it. up next, bon voyage the easy step to take to win a free
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welcome back. october is plan a cruise month. you know what the best type of cruise is i? a free one. >> this may be your lucky month. >> you can enjoy the ultimate vacation take a look at this on board one of the largest most innovative cruise ships around. sail o caribbean with your family of four on board the royal caribbean's oasis of the seas or, allure of the seas for seven nights, while staying in spacious accommodations with your own private balcony, you're going to experience signature adventures on board including ice skating woe, rock climbing, and surviving on the flow rider simulator. you are also going to enjoy dining in 20 different restaurants along with broadway.
9:53 am
broadwayentaintment. >> go to cruise smile .org. upload a photo of your best cruise smile. you can enter via social media, twitter and instagram. you must include the hash tag cruise smile and hash tag sweepstakes. you can enter once a day. can you get more entries if you share the contest details with your friends. >> don't forget to use that hash tag. after the break we'll announce the next month winner. >> can you get which one of these photos it will be?
9:54 am
?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] mom avo: soccer saturdays can seem like they go on forever. but i know they won't last forever. so i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat and we make the most of our time off the field.
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keeps her going for the next game. and our little moments together keep me going long past that. now try buddig premium deli
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once a month we take one of the picture of the day winners from that month and have it professionally framed and matted by our friends at the great frame up of whitefish bay. >> so really this photo wins twice. this comes from derek and heather. the kids went to the end of the driveway to see the rainbow. he asked them to hold hands because he wanted to take a a picture. instead he got something much
9:57 am
look at the rainbow and the framing i don't know what you would call that. >> it's like ire defensent. >> it is gorgeous. the great frame up of whitefish bay does an amazing job of picking out colors and themes from the photos and just doing a great job of framing. thank you so much. >> cool shot. >> if you would like to have your photo proudly framed and hanging on the wall be sure to email it to us at earlier it was hilarious we were talking about bottle flipping. oh, you all right had it. and our floor almost had it joe you have to look at this video first. just real quick take another look at the top of the shower. >> woe! [laughter] >> oh, yeah! >> the excitement. [laughter] >> that was so great. and he was so excited he was like oh, my gosh. we got a cute response from laurie she said the teacher bottle flipping drives her
9:58 am
but laugh out loud. >> we asked you on facebook other things too. gave got it during the commercial break. there you go. oh. i tell you. >> okay we also asked how old do you feel? younger or older than your actual age? emily says at 53 most of the time she feels as though she did in her 30s. >> bill said he will be 63, but has a positive a attitude every day it's what keeps him young.
9:59 am
10:00 am
this morning, cynthia nixon back on the small screen with an exciting new role. also check out all the hot new gadgets we have ponied up for fall and we'll take you inside all that coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall and billy bush. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, october 5th, 2016. al is at paisley park in minnesota. tamron is here. she is freezing.


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