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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  October 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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>> clown sightings may be seen as a funny hoax to some. >> they say they're waiting to see the clowns. >> just two days ago, students received a facebook message about a person wearing a similar costume with a serious threat. >> they say they was going to kill me. >> a fictional facebook account threatening shootings at five different milwaukee schools, one each day of this week. >> i was li little. >> i thought they was going to come up here, though. >> milwaukee police got involved, tracking the profile to a 15-year-old girl in kewaskum. after speaking with the teen, kewaskum police chief bishop said the threats were deemed not incredible. she was arrested for making terrorististic threats. >> you don't know if they're going to be carried out or not.
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girl was arrested making clown threats. a phenomenal over recent week, several threats have happened over social media, many local communities have also reported copycat clown sightings crossing the line into nuisance activity. >> it is scary. >> parents at south division are thankful the shooting threat never materialized. they say the creepy clowns need to stop. >> we got kidsro >> the kewaskum police chief tells me his suggested charges await the decision of the d.a.'s office, they said they will not comment because it involves a minor. live in milwaukee, ben jordan, today's tmj4. >> shannon: ben, thank you. police put out warnings about clown threats in at least five southeastern wisconsin communities, along with milwaukee, and west bend, threats have been reported in south milwaukee, sheboygan, and oak creek. police want to remind people that sending threatening
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even an arrest. while he didn't do it, but he spent two decades in prison. today, daryl dwayne holloway is a free man, new dna evidence freed the milwaukee man from a 1993 sexual assault conviction. rikki mitchell has more on the man who just arrived home in milwaukee. rikki? >> charles, we were here when he got home for the first time in 24 years. obviously he's very happy to be here. he's actually staying with his older brother for the time being. t to start focussing on his future. >> how are you doing, baby? >> daryl holloway said the first thing he wanted to do when he left prison was breathe free air. >> i'm ready to come home, you know, because it's just been a long journey. >> holloway always maintained his innocence, and with help from the wisconsin innocence project, new dna testing showed that he did not commit the sexual assault that landed him in prison more than 24 years
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and hopefully somewhere along the line, they'll find out who actually done this to them. >> he calls his team of lawyers his gladiators, and is so grateful for their work. >> they helped me get home where i should be. i lost a lot. so, now is time to go forward positive. >> the first stop he made, a trip to target to buy new clothes, and he says he's ready for his new start. >> i got to put it behind me. i can't stay in one place, that's what i i was stuck back in the 90s of what happened back then, why my life has just stopped. it's time to go forward now. >> reporter: we know his brother plans to throw a celebration for him so he can reconnect with all of his friends from milwaukee, and his family, as well. and, right after we got done talking with him, his lawyers actually took him to go set up a bank account. reporting live on the north
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students worked on holloway's case, each student saying this is the most rewarding experience of their life. >> i had this whole plan in my head of what i was going to say. i got emotional, you're getting out, it's going to be in the next couple of days. we talked about what today would be like, a little bit. and it was one of the most moving experiences i've had the opportunity to have. >> now, this is a second ex exxonation for his attorneys. we'll look tonight on live at 10:00. december 2016 now, republican donald trump getting help in wisconsin from someone who knows him pretty well. i talked with donald trump, jr., about his dad's tax records, and his chances of winning wisconsin. >> they share the same name, but this trump likes to be called don. he was at a women for trump event this morning in brookfield. >> hillary's biggest knock on my father was he doesn't have
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>> his father's tax records got a lot of scrutiny. the billionaire businessman took a $916 million loss as a tax write-off in 1995. suggesting he could have avoided paying federal income taxes for years. >> do you think it's misleading when they say your father doesn't pay -- >> of course they're misleading. >> he is the first in 40 years to not release his tax re nothing wrong, by taking the massive tax deduction. >> my father used the tax code to be able to save his company, to be able to keep the people that he employs, to keep them employed. >> trump lost big here in the april primary. no republican presidential candidate has won wisconsin in november. since ronald reagan in 1984. >>...your father need to close the deal with wisconsin voters,
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him the first time around. >> they have to think about the long-term ramifications. if you lose the supreme court you're going to have liberal justices legislating from the bench for the next 30 or 40 years. >> the wisconsin republican party sending out this mailer, telling voters, the balance of the supreme court is in their hands. there is one vacancy after the death of justice scalia. bernie sanders was back in wisconsin for the first time since winning the he said bigotry is the cornerstone of donald trump's campaign. >> in this room, there are people who have come from whose ancestors came from probably every country on this planet. and we have come together to work together. and we are not going to let donald trump divide us up. >> sanders continued his stumping in green bay, as well
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campaign calendar, donald trump will be back here in the wisconsin state saturday. then monday, chelsea clinton will also be campaigning on her mother's behalf. neither location has been announced. the second presidential debate is the same night the packers take on the new york giants. today's tmj4 is deciding to air the packers game. if you would like to watch the presidential debate, we will stream it online as well as on our app. us headed for higher ground as hurricane matthew moves towards the -- southeast of the u.s. here's a live look from the key west, florida, mandatory evacuations are under way, already along the coast. the hurricane is blamed for nearly a dozen deaths in the caribbean. we met two evacuees at mitch the international. kelley armstrong and her daughter parker, just moved to west palm beach recently. kelley decided i'm going to hop
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>> this storm path kept changing, and we weren't sure what was going to happen. but we had a flight out thursday morning. and we said we had to get out, and so we went ahead and switched our flight to this morning. it was very last-minute. >> also, this morning, the red cross of wisconsin sent four volunteers to florida, and north carolina to help with evacuation efforts. "storm team 4" now, chief meteorologist john malan tracking hurricane matthew as it moves towards florida. >> john: yesty moving towards florida like it is today. as you get closer to landfall, these maps get mucor accurate. so right now, matthew is a category 3 hurricane, down to 120 mile-per-hour winds. in the bahamas, moving northwest at 12 miles per hour. overnight tonight, through tomorrow, by thursday, it regains strength. there's a lot of very warm water in here. up to about 130 mile-per-hour winds on thursday. and then thursday night, into
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makes landfall now. somewhere from daytona to west palm beach. that's where most of the damage could happen to florida. we've had historical tracks like this that have been devastating for eastern florida. and then it turns back out to sea sunday and drops to category one. the folks in eastern florida, coastal folks, this is a very dangerous storm for those folks. i'll be back with our perfect weather coming up in just a few minutes. >> all right, john. thanks. the milwaukee brewers are doing some diamond, as well. pete zervakis shows us the major makeover coming to miller park. >> reporter: the brewers say this is the biggest upgrade to miller park since it was built in 2001. this old concession stand will come down even if the hammer away at it today is just ceremonial. these renderings show the future, 11 new concession stands and two bars. the brewers are calling these
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first base ward and third base ward. they'll feature local vendors. >> we believe milwaukeeans embrace the homegrown, they embrace the local business. >> there's a local beer bar slated for the right field side of the...level. >> so many people come for so many reasons. >> the chief operating officer said development in downtown milwaukee, including a growing selection of restaurants means the brewers mus than ever to draw fans to miller park. >> to invest more in the product, both on the field and off the field. >> the brewers say the concessions upgrades will be ready for april 3. that's opening day, 2017. at miller park, pete zervakis, today's tmj4. in case you were asking, the upgrades will be paid for entirely by the brewers. and the team's food vendor. there's a new tool keeping
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exxonation. something new at the milwaukee county zoo, yes, there are three new siberian tiger cubs, they were born september 14th. the zoo says it will be a few more weeks until visitors will be able to see them. they are still nursing, and learning to walk. check out this, the brewers' newest outfielder, its name is winston. the team statue to keep birds from the field. local world war ii veterans are asking for your help. >> yes, how you can help ease
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green bay's international airport has a new tool to ease minds of anxious travellers. you can see who it is there. that's fritz a4-year-old german sheppard. he hangs around comforting people passing through. they served our country, now wisconsin vets are asking for your help. >> sergeant bob shoe the remaining members are reuniting, and what local vets are asking for donations because it cost upwards of $600 to go. >> for myself now, my wife is in the care home, and shelton. and just alone keeping her there takes most of my monthly money
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last chance that i will get to go to one of these. >> well, the deadline to donate is october 10th. to get the veterans to missouri in time for the event on the 19th. we have a listen to their gofundme page on our web site at >> let's hope we can help make that happen. the battle between ron johnson and russ feingold ticking up a notch. politifact wisconsin puts two new claims through the truth-o-meter. >> republican ron johnson bringing back the white board to drive home a made in his 2010 campaign against democrat russ feingold. johnson claims he's the only manufacturer in the senate. >> today, there are 54 lawyers, one manufacturer, that would be me, still way too many career politicians, now senator feingold wants to add another one...himself. >> checked the roster, 100 u.s. senators and rated johnson's claim mostly true. >> his statement is accurate in the sense that he is at least
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manufacturer in the senate. although arguably one other colleague of his has quite a background in manufacturing. >> feingold is running a new campaign commercial that makes this claim against johnson... >> senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. >> feingold's camp cited three trade deals by johnson and signed by president obama. but, economists tell the milwaukee journal sentinal, if the deals caused any loss of jobs in the u.s., there's no way to show they were shipped overseas. >> what feingold alleges is that by voting for these free trade deals, johnson helped ship jobs overseas. we did not find evidence of that. >> politifact related feingold's statement false. let's talk about this beautiful sunset from mitchell international airport. >> showers on the way, i want to
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longer. >> john: i'm going to throw in one little small comment on that. it's 6:19 and the sun's going down. >> yes, i know. >> john: even though it felt like summer, that's not a summer-like sunset. it is a hey folks, the sun's going down earlier. look at this trend sunday, 65?, all the way up to 77 today. going to have another warm one tomorrow with 73? for our projected high. but l saturday. generally this time of year we call it roller coaster weather. we're having that. there's 77, chicago 80. mid 70s to the west. one more day in the 70s. look out to the very far west. 58 in fargo. 47 minot. that is cold air. 75? in milwaukee. you see that right here. 70 in waukesha. 71 burlington, 74 racine and
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north and west. and we had a little line of showers that rolled through earlier. they have pushed out of the area. skies have cleared out very, very nicely. however, out to the west, we're going to see generations of showers and thunderstorms developing across iowa, northern illinois overnight tonight. and some of those showers couldn't get in because a warm front is rolling this way. one or two isolated showers, very late overnight tonight. and more humidity to and west. there's scattered showers possible during the day tomorrow. not an all-day rain. tomorrow night, here comes another band of showers, maybe isolated thunderstorms. through friday morning, then the front is through. and cooler air settles in for the rest of friday into the upcoming weekend. so, for tonight, clear skies early, partly cloudy later on, could see a shower after 2:00 in the morning, 55 inland. 60 degrees, closer to lake michigan.
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showers, especially early and late, could see an isolated thundershower, warm humid air. high back up to 73? on southeast winds. and then friday we start out early with a southwest wind, then it shifts with a front. northwest, 10 to 20 miles per hour. morning showers, and temperatures dropping to 64. we should see afternoon sunshine. here's "storm team 4" 7-day forecast, saturday, colder, lots of sunshine. breezy, 58?, sunny and 60 on sunday. so much pleasant. and then next week, starting on columbus day, we're talking 65?, with sunshine, 66 tuesday, and 66 with sunshine on wednesday. next week looking very pleasant
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cil band it's the #1 brand. can beat it for regularity. it's also my... secret weapon. because metamucil gives you more health benefits than the competition. no wonder it's the #1 doctor recommended fiber brand. he broke his hand during camp. rod burks is in green bay, fitting in with the packers
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jans who got that club off his right hand. he wants to make an impact on offense. >> what's it like getting this thing off? >> it feels good. obviously trying to catch with the club is hard. i know -- it is going well. >> his quarterback wants to see him catch the ball with his hand, not his body. >> still catching with his body a lot. which is great. but it's out there in the receiver role. it's been great for him to get that off and use his hand again. >> the offense is probably in the back of your mind, something you want to get into. >> yeah, everybody wants to get in and their their position. we have a lot of talent in the room. if they want to use me, i'm ready for whatever. >> he has made big time plays for the offense in the back. let's see if he gets that opportunity now that his club is off. here with the pack in green bay,
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rod, thanks. as we all watched the start of baseball's post season, we sit and hope that one day it's the brewers. where do they stand in the rebuilding ride? >> it's not something i spend a lot of time thinking b to be honest with you, we didn't put timetables on this at the beginning. we're not going to put timetables on this now. we set incremental goals, and we try to meet those goals. we try to approach every decision with a systemic effort. and make but i don't know if it's necessarily productive for us internally to spend a whole lot of effort trying to figure out
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russ: i've travelled over 50,000 miles all across wisconsin - listening to people, hearing their stories. a lot of folks are business owners and entrepreneurs. they tell me how hard it is to grow a business in today's economy. so together, we came up with the badger innovation plan. a plan to help wisconsin businesses grow through expanded access to high-speed broadband, better job training and fair trade. , not wisconsin jobs.
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if you're going out
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with the straight scoop on the packers from the man who knows them best, it's the mike mccarthy show with larry mccarren and the coach of the green bay packers, mike mccarthy. >> hello and welcome to the mike mccarthy show where the bye week is history and the new york football giants are now and, mike, the giants have won a couple and lost a couple. what kind of a team do you expect to see come to lambeau field sunday night? >> well, any time you play a team that's coming off a loss, you're obviously gonna get their best shot so obviously there's some familiarity with their coaching staff and our coaching staff so we'll work through that in the game, you know, the game plan process but this will be an excellent game sunday night.


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