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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  October 6, 2016 4:30pm-4:59pm CDT

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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. now's the time for a better moment of proof. ask your doctor about victoza?. keeping an eye on hurricane juno, floridayou can see the winds whipping around there ... the impact of matthew could be catastrophic. gray skies gray skies are back. and those clouds may bring more rain..meteorologist jesse ritka joins us with the the gloomy gray skies are back and scattered showers are
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and tonight we could even hear a few rumbles of thunder. low temps will be mild, in the low 60s with the clouds. rain totals will be close to a quarter of an inch up to a half an inch by the time the cold fronit
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the so-called 'creepy clown' craze has come to wisconsin. two local girls have been arrested -- for allegedly making clown-related threats. milwaukee police say one teen in kewaskum threatened shootings at threatened shootings at five local high schools by a person wearing a clown maskalso, a 12-year-old girl in west bend was arrested for making threats via text joke to people who clown for a living. it's a sad commentary that we have to protect ourselves as professional clowns against a few people who are really doing something that's negative and we're trying to portray something positive the clowns we spoke to hope the clowns we spoke to hope the clowns we spoke to hope the bizare trend, will run
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prosecutors are asking a court to keep brendan dassey in prison while they appeal a decision to set him free state prosecutors say dassey is a threat to the public,dassey -- and his uncle steven avery - were convicted of killing teresa halbach in 2005.the case got renewed attention with the release of the netflix film "making a murderer" decision 20-16it's three days until what could be the most significant event so far in the race for the white campaigns figure this will be decided by suburban voters in swing states. so the candidates want to be seen focusing on familes.steve handelsman reports the running mates are campaigning. in battleground pennsylvania. mike pence at gettysburg. tim kaine in philadelphiahillary clinton is fundraising and practicing for
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trump says: this time he will prepare.((sot: donald trump / r-presidential nominee:19 - :22))"are you prepping, doing the fake debate? trump: sure i prep, i'll do what i have to do."aides say trump is studying the first debate tonight he holds a town hall like this one last month ... to take audience questions like he will on sunday night. ((natsot weather channel)) distracting voters ... clinton delayed her new ad in florida but it airs in other states. a shot at trump:((sot: clinton campaign ad))"how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers. the size of our bank no." it's familes, says kaine. ((sot: tim kaine / d-vice presidential nominee:52 - 1:00))"if you can really focus on the path to success for families and kids than so much else in society manages to work out he right way."trump's new ad aims at families...with specifics((sot: trump campaign ad))"families making 60 thousand a year? you get a 20% tax rate reduction. working moms? you get paid maternity leave." ((sot: mike pence / r- vice presidential nominee1:12 - 1:17))"we're going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small
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trump's taxes are sure to be an issue sunday. (insert ends) (two second pause)audio outcue: i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. trump is looking for ways to stage a comeback in battleground states where he's trailing in new polls. we now know where donald trump will stop this weekend.the republican presidential nominee will speak at the walworth county fairgrounds in elkhorn.he will be joined by house speaker paul ryan, governor scott walker and senator ron johnson//on monday... chelsea clinwi mother. that location has not be announced. the nation's largest shopping mall will be closed on thanksgiving day this year. mall of america in bloomington, minnesota has been open on turkey day since 2012.but this year, it says it wants to offer workers time with their families.the mall says some tenants may choose to be open, so it will have security and other key personnel on site.some shoppers applauded the move.
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used to work on thanksgiving and it is hard." mall of america will re-open its doors at five a-m the day after thanksgiving .. just in time for relief is in sight for homes at risk of lead exposure. coming up new the city is rolling out a new plan to help families who are at the greatest risk.. tonight.. the big effort from milwaukee, to drinking water.. that's new on live at 6. coming up:a couple -- married for over 60 years -- is splitting up .. but not because they don't love each other. up next: how the federal government had a hand in breaking these two apart, and why their family says they
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after 63 years of marriage... one indiana couple had to separate.the family says it's medicaid system. krista henery has the details. (wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 63 years) "wedding highlights - paul and wilma jean. november the 7th, 1953."it's a love story that started 63 years ago.(wilma clauss; forced to live apart from husband of 63 years) "oh, he was handsome." it didn't take long for wilma to fall in love with paul .. and find herself walking down the aisle in this white dress. (karen hood/ daughter) "you know what this is, right?" (wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 63
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find that?"(karen hood/ daughter) "i have it, i kept it."but wilma and paul clauss's love story recently had an unexpected chapter. (wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 63 years) "well, we've just been together for a long time and i just really miss him."the couple, now in their late 80s, were living together in an assisted living facility in lafayette.but after paul had some unexpected health issues, the couple was separated. medicaid has now placed paul at a different assisted living facility.(krista/reporting) "how much do you miss him?" (wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 6 couple's daughters, karen and cyndy, call the situation a nightmare.(cyndy clauss/ daughter) "having to move them been the hardest thing."(karen hood/ daughter) "it's been extremely hard for the change for my dad. it's a he has dementia. severe dementia." (cyndy clauss/ daughter) "together they could remember
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could do a better conversation."but now they only get to see each other during scheduled, weekly visits between the two facilities. (krista/reporting) "what is it like when you do get to see him?"(wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 63 years) "it's nice, it's nice."and the daughters say they don't want to see their parents' story end like this.and they want to see them continue writing their love story, side by (cyndy clauss/ daughter) "it's not what they wanted. it's hood/ daughter) "they've paid into the system. they've paid their medicare and their medicaid and i want them to be able to spend their last days together."(wilma clauss/ forced to live apart from husband of 63 years) "i love him. i just miss having him
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still ahead.. the rare 'centuries-old' ?find? discovered by a college student but first, here's a live look from_. meteorologist jesse ritka is back with the latest on our
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skies will be clearing throughout the day on friday behind the cold front but the front brings stronger winds from the northwest which will bring in cooler air so highs will be in the low 60s early in the morning and will fall into the 50s by the afternoon. saturday will look nice with mostly sunny skies but the temps the upper 50s thanks to a slightly breezy northwest wind. sunday will be less windy and not as cold with the mercury rising into the low
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columbus day will be mostly sunny with warmer temps back
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an oregon college student stumbled upon a rare book... a bible that's more than 400 years old!christine pit- awa-nich shares the story of this special discovery. you might not look twice if you saw this bible on the shelf... but take the time to open it up... and you'll see... it's special.(sot: sam bussan, found rare bible)"it's an exciting feeling"sam bussan is a junior who works in the lewis & clark library as an archival assistant. he ?found this more than 400 year old bible last week... by chance.(sot: sam bussan, found rare bible)"i was about to
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caught his eye. he opened it up and found a number of bibles... one of them... this one... printed in 1599. for bussan, even ?holding? the centuries-old piece of history -- is a powerful feeling.(sot: sam bussan, found rare bible) "it's strange to say about a book but it's almost a religious experience or maybe the closest thing to a religious experience that i have as a not very religious person"bibles like this one... remarkable for many reasons... (sot: sam bussan, found rare bible)"as far as iknow it was the first bible that was really widely used by ordinary peop heavy...tattered... but the ?beauty is in the details... the smudges... the browned pages... and the carefully drawn maps.(sot: sam bussan, found rare bible)"it's just beautiful"the head of special collections says it's possible ?this? is the ?only copy in the pacific northwest. they don't know who ?first? owned this book. but they've traced ownership back to a man named francis fry... a bible collector in 19th century england. from there the book was sold to a pastor in yachats. it was then nated to the college... after
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found rare bible)"the quality of printing is really amazing" as for bussan... he's glad ?he? decided to make a pitstop before heading home last week. and he says he's learned a lesson from all this.(sot: sam bussan, found rare bible)"i would say keep looking just a little bit further"because you just might -- find special. coming up... a costume recall? we'll show you the that's sparking outrage.but first .. a rare look at a powerful volcanic eruption... where this molton lava is ing shup right feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard.
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my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family...
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more news now....take a look at this video of a volcano in hawaiiit's a rare look at a volcano on the big island. the summit eruption has been going on since 2008, but because of inflation and deflation, it is not always visible. check this out -- police found this italian mafia boss... hiding behind the kitchen cupboards in his southern itlaly home!antonio pelle spent five years on the run -- now he could spend 20 years in prison for drug trafficking.
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toilet paper and a portable fan. two retail giants say they will stop selling a controversial halloween and amazon are vowing to remove this outfit -- called "tranny granny" from their websites.the costume sparked some outrage online... with many saying it's offensive to the transgender community. the rolling stones return to blues with their first studio album in more than a celebrate...the british rock band is releasing short teasers of the album album "blue and lonesome" will be available december second. remember those self-lacing shoes marty mcfly wore in "back to the future two?"nike is offering you a chance to win a pair .the company is raffling 89 fully functioning, self-lacing 20-16 limited- edition nike mag shoes in an online lottery.customers can donate $10 per entry with all proceeds going to the michael j. fox foundation for
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we have been keeping an eye on hurricane matthew all afternoon. this is a live look at "launderdale- by - the- sea" can see the winds picking up... columbus day will be mostly sunny with warmer temps back in the upper 60s. there is the chance for some spotty showers on tuesday with highs in the
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thanks for joining us at 4-30. the news continues with live at five. next. bracing for hurricane matthew.. one local company is increasing production on a key
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response to the massive storm.. live at 5 starts now. right now at five: hurricane matthew grows into a potentially- devastating "category 4" storm... as it roars toward the u-s coast. tonight florida is already feeling the effects of hurricane matthew.the first bands of rain now falling on florida with officials warning people to evacuate before it's too late.this is a live pict beach, florida. matthew is expected to storm along most of florida's atlantic coast starting tonight. nbc's jay gray is in daytona beach for us now: nats prepsin florida.. and up the east coast..last minute preparations..nats pop more prepsand prayers..(sot / no id) "if it's this rough right now.. god help us."hurricane matthew -- a category four storm -- is gaining intensity and momentum as it closes-in on the coast --- with
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an hour.. gusts even stronger.. flooding rains - and a potential storm surge of 6-to-9 feet..(sot / gov. rick scott - (r) florida) quick!!! no super"this is life and death."evidence of that - the storm ravaged caribbean islands where matthew has been blamed for more than 100 deaths - a majority of those after haiti took a direct hit.. nats pop traffic evacuation orders are in effect from florida through the carolinas.. and hundreds-of-thousands have moved to higher ground..(sot / kalina mcdaniel / west palm beach, florida :43 - :49) "category four, haven't been through one in about 10 years, a major hurricane, so it's pretty sc for those who plan to ride it and fuel.. are running out. ..and so is time.. (sot / gov. rick scott - (r) florida :57 - 1:01)"conditions will arrive in just a few hours. this is game day, this is going to hit>"the current track shows matthew just off the shore line this evening.. and continuing it's violent run up the eastern seaboard through the (sot / gov. nikki haley - (r) south carolina 1:09 - 1:12)"it is going to hug the coastline but it is going to go further in." the reach of this massive storm.. and potential scope of
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moves-in..(--- gray standup tag ---)???recap of current conditions???and there is growing concern the storm could loop after clearing the carolinas.. another visit early next jay gray, nbc news, daytona beach, florida. jay will be back with a live udpate for us, later in this newscast.right now, we want to go to chief meterologist john malan... for the latest on the track and timing of matthew, john: the gloomy gray skies are back and scattered showers are sticking around this evening and tonight we could even hear a few rumbles of thunder. low temps will be mild, in the low 60s with the clouds. rain totals will be close to a quarter of an inch up to a half an inch by the time the cold front exits on friday


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