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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  October 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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moves-in..(--- gray standup tag ---)???recap of current conditions???and there is growing concern the storm could loop after clearing the carolinas.. another visit early next jay gray, nbc news, daytona beach, florida. jay will be back with a live udpate for us, later in this newscast.right now, we want to go to chief meterologist john malan... for the latest on the track and timing of matthew, john: the gloomy gray skies are back and scattered showers are sticking around this evening and tonight we could even hear a few rumbles of thunder. low temps will be mild, in the low 60s with the clouds. rain totals will be close to a quarter of an inch up to a half an inch by the time the cold front exits on friday
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here in wisconsin -- people are mobilizing resources to help those affected by hurricane matthew. rikki mitchell is live at the salvation army in wauwatosa
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here. this is one of many organizations and companies in the area helping or preparing to help -- the local salvation army has been put on alert just in case. we also spoke to a wisconsin based company that's ramping up production of generators to send to those coastal states. nats generators employees at this generac facility in whitewater will be overtime this weekend -- as the company prepares for hurricane matthew. aaron jagdfeld/ generac ceo and president 26:23 right now we're sending a lot of product down to the southeast region of the us so florida the carolinas, we have a lot of trucks that are headed down to that part of the world right now 26:30 ceo and president aaron jagdfeld says when large storms like this hit -- his company has to be ready for an increased demand. and in some cases -- he says these generators become life saving devices. 28:05 you'll find people that have home medical equipment oxygenation machines a sick child that needs contact medical attention so these devices become as you
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28:17 at the salvation army of milwaukee county -- they're watching the storm closely. tom thuecks/salvation army milwaukee county 4:32 we've got some ideas already of what equipment we could send if we need to and personnel if we need to do that 4:41 the florida chapters already have 40 mobile feeding units in place -- and all other chapters have to stay on alert. 57 until it actually makes landfall and the damage is done that will determine what needs there are 3:06 3:06 there are 3:06 we also spoke to the red cross -- they've already sent 24 people from wisconsin to florida to set up evacuation centers. because so many blood drives in those areas have been cancelled -- they're asking people here in wisconsin to consider donating blood. reporting live rm today's tmj4. thanks, rikki. we will bring you the very latest on hurricane matthew throughout our newscasts. right now... we have breaking news from waukesha. coreen zell is live with the search
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more breaking news now. ben jordan is live in st. francis with details on a massive drug bust in southeast wisconsin, ben: a years worth of investigations led to dozens of arrests targeting one gang. if you live in kenosha, racine, and parts of northern illinois you might have seen hundreds of f-b-i agents and local police sweeping through neighborhoods all targeting leadership in a gang called maniac latin major cause was drug trafficking in the area - specifically marijuana, meth and cocaine mainly coming from across the border. police netted 26 arrests while seizing drugs, firearms, ammunition and around 85 thousand dollars in cash. justin tolomeo - fbi special agent 21:34 (("it's unfortunate, but in this particular area of wisconsin we've seen a spike in violent crime and a lot of that is attributed to gangs like this and as the fbi we are
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put fbi number at bottom of screen) a majority of those arrested face charges of conspiracy to distribute narcotics however after this sweep, two leaders in this gang have yet to be found. these two men are considered armed and dangerous. 33 year old erik ynnocencio and 30 year old fabian melendez. if you have seen them you're asked to call the f-b-i at 414-276-4684. overall police say both racine and kenosha are now safer places to call home. reporting live, ben jordan, today's tmj4. racine police have charged a suspect in connection with the discovery of a body near a grocery store on wednesday. investigators allege 49- year-old harry furnich of racine killed a woman and left her body in a dumpster behind the "sunshine supermarket" at 16th and taylor. decision 2016 now:republican presidential candidate donald trump ?will? be back in southeast wisconsin on
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paul ryan, governor scott walker and senator ron johnson at an event in elkhorn. it will be held at the walworth county fairgrounds starting at 1:30. doors open at 11. tickets are required. chelsea clinton is scheduled to campaign in wisconsin on monday. today, the former first daughter is in minneapolis on behalf of her mother, encouraging voters to register and vote early. early voting started two weeks ago in minnesota. the second presidential debate is this sunday. the same night the ck giants. today's tmj-4 is airing the packers game. if you would like to watch the presidential debate, we will be streaming it on our website, our app and on facebook live. new revelations following the deadly crash of a commuter train in hoboken, new jersey. coming up... just how fast that train was going, when it slammed into a waiting area. and this is a live look at lauderdale-by-the-sea in florida--- as a massive storm named matthew nears landfall and two million people are
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more news now.students returned to class today at townville elementary in south carolina, two weeks after a shooting that left one student dead and another student and a teacher injured. the children tribute to six year-old jacob hall, hall was killed in that attack--he was known to love superheroes. the f-b-i says a stabbing spree at a minnesota shopping mall last month may have been premeditated. agents say there are signs the 20- year- old man who stabbed 10 people became radicalized shortly before the attack. he was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer. the train that crashed into a new jersey waiting terminal last week was going twice the speed limit at the moment of
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train's engineer hit the emergency brake less than a second before the crash. one person was killed. more than a- hundred injured. relief is in sight for homeowners at risk for lead exposure. shannon sims is in the newsroom with a story new at six. thanks george and carole.the city is rolling out a new plan to help families who are at the greatest risk.. tonight.. the big effort from milwaukee, to prevent lead in drinking water.. that's coming up new on there's growing concern about the safety of food being grown in wisconsin.mainly produce in ?flooded? fields. flood water contains chemicals that can contaminate ?produce?-- consumer protection officials say produce touched by flood water flood should niether be sold nor eaten. our coverage of hurricane matthew's the most powerful storm to threaten the atlantic coast in more than a decade. up next, we'll go ?live? to florida, where a state of emergency has
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me.
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me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because wisconsin's middle class and working families should come first. we continue to track the path and intensity of hurricane matthew this afternoon. president obama has declared an emergency in florida and has ordered federal aid sent to the state.the category 4 hurricane is closing in on the sunshine state with top winds of 140 miles-an-hour. nbc's jay gray is ?live? in da story earlier in this newscast. what's it like out
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thanks, jay gray... in daytona beach.time for ?our? forecast now. storm team 4 chief meteorologist john malan joins us: rain totals will be close to a quarter of an inch up to a half an inch by the time the cold front exits on friday morning. skies will be clearing throughout friday behind the cold front but the front brings stronger winds from the northwest which will bring in cooler air so highs will be in the low 60s early in the morning and will fall into the 50s by the
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but the temps will be crisp, only in the upper 50s thanks to a slightly breezy northwest wind. sunday will be less windy and not as cold with the mercury rising into the low 60s columbus day will be mostly sunny with warmer temps back in the upper 60s. there is the chance for some spotty showers on tuesday with highs in the mid-60s for the rest of the
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coming up, lance allan shows us how the giants could be short timers at lambeau field
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if you're playing well, you want to keep the momentum rolling. and even though the packers are 2-1, they went into the bye not hitting on all cylinders.are they catching the giants at the right time? rod burks is in green bay. ((rod burks says the green bay packers roll into sunday's showdown the more rested team comin' off their bye.while the giants have a short week, coming off a loss on monday night ((jordy i'm sure a little bit. i mean, they're on the road on a monday night game so but, at the end of the day it's going to come down to execution. i mean, we've been in that situation before and came out and won games so... i mean there might be a slight thing because they have to travel back to back weeks, but i don't think that will be the major key to the game.)) ((bryan bulaga says think about that, if we play on a sunday night, then we gotta
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different from a sunday to a thursday game then it is from a monday night to a sunday night. i think they'll be fresh and ready to go. i mean i don't really look at it as an advantage or a disadvantage. they are going to be ready to go.))((rod burks says right now the oddsmakers like the packers. they are 7 1/2 point favorites, going into sunday. here at lambeau, i'm rod burks, for today's tmj4.)) plenty of drama for your mama in the giants-mets wild card game last night. in the sixth, curtis granderson sacrifices life and limb by catching and crashing into the centerfield the top of the 9th, the clutch genes of the giants come through again. conor gillaspie with a 3 run shot, the only runs of the game.and madison bumgarner goes all van hagar, c'mon baby finish what you started. the san fran ace has never allowed a run in 3 winner-take-all playoff appearances. tomorrow night, the giants
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against, the cubs who want to make their cinderella story come true. meanwhile toronto leading texas 7-zip in the
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breaking news tonight, life-threatening danger here on the florida coast. millions are bracing for disaster. a category 4 monster closing in. >> this storm will kill you. time is running out. pleas for residents who are refusing to leave, get out, evacua before it's too late. tonight forecasters warning of widespread devastation. an unprecedented system threatening to wreak havoc for 60 straight hours up the eastern seaboard. states of emergency and mass evacuations all the way to the carolinas. tonight we're with families who are ignoring warnings to evacuate, with those who have fled. our team is in place. we have extensive


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