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tv   Today  NBC  October 8, 2016 7:00am-8:40am CDT

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i was wrong and i apologize. breaking overnight. trump's apology. good morning. breaking overnight. trump's apology. >> i said it. i was wrong and i apologize. >> the republican presidential candidate forced to say sorry for making crude comments about women more than ten years ago when he did not realize he was being recorded. >> i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. >> this morning, the trump campaign is reeling. some republicans blasting the nominee and saying they will no longer support the candidate. others even calling on him to drop out of the race. with exactly one month to go until election day, how will this bombshell affect the presidential race? we're live with the latest.
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a weakened but dangerous category 2 hurricane hammering south carolina with winds of 105 miles per hour and heavy rain people in historic low-lying charleston bracing for the worst. meanwhile, folks in florida assess the damage from what tthew left behind. >> now i've thegot holes roof and it's leaking in my kitchen. >> dylan's tracking it all 2016. from nbc news, today this "today," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this very busy saturday morning. i'm craig melvin alongside sheinelle jones and stephanie ruhle is here. dylan dreyer is standing by. charleston hammered right now. >> so much to talk about. >> hilton head being hammered right now by matthew. >> let's get to it.
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carolina after leaving a path of destruction in florida. we will go live to our team of correspondents in the south. dylan is tracking the storm's path. we'll get to all of that in just a few minutes. overnight, political news with the election 31 days away. donald trump apologizing for lewd comments he made about women back in 2005. this after the tape catching trump in an unguarded moment. he was campaign event today but he's been disinvited. paul ryan saying he was sickened by what he heard on the tape. there is so much to get to this morning. let's start with nbc's katy tur who has been following the trump campaign from the beginning and has latest from the fallout. >> good morning, sheinelle. 16 months in and donald trump has refused to apologize for anything, be it an attack on a federal judge, a gold star
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this morning that changed. trump finally saying he is sorry he could grope a woman because he is famous. is the damage already done? >> when you start it, they let you do it. grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: after those outrageous remarks, finally a contrite trump. >> i said it. i'm sorry. i apologize. >> reporter: and then this. >> bill clinton has abused women and hillary has shamed his victims. >> reporter: the nominee's brief apology believed to be unprecedented in his public life came off a 2005 tape surfaced revealing a conversation between trump and then "access hollywood" host billy bush. trump brags about groping women, laughing off an effort to seduce "access hollywood's" nancy o'dell. >> i moved on her heavily. i took her out furniture shopping. she wanted to get furniture.
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i moved on her like a [ bleep ]. i couldn't debt there. she was married. all of a sudden, i see her, she has the big phony [ bleep ]. she's totally changed her look. >> the comments were caught on a hot mike during a publicity tour, eight months after he maried his third wife melania, who was already pregnant. trump had no other choice but to repunt. one campaign staffer calling it thei v reince priebus saying no woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner, ever. paul ryan disinviting trump from a scheduled appearance in wisconsin today. saying he is sickened. utah's former's sitting republican governor is along with republican congressman jason chaffetz and senator mike lee revoking their support. >> i can no longer endorse donald trump for president. just can't do it. >> reporter: swing state operatives are calling this the
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but trump isn't leaving. >> he with will discuss this more in coming days. see you at the debate on sunday. >> reporter: this morning, new talks to see how the republican party can go forward and whether they can take trump off the ticket. pressure to do so mounting from big dollar gop donors, but it's a move that is highly unlikely because of ballot issues. remember, early voting has started in a number of states, meanwhile, billy bush apologizing saying he's embarrassed and ashamed t younger and less mature. guys? >> trump has done countless interviews like this before with "access hollywood" and others like it. what are the chance there could be more tapes out there. >> there has been grumbling about that. we could see more of these tapes. i was talking to someone who had known donald trump for a long time and said he's said much
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"meet the press," chuck todd. >> good morning. >> trump says something crazy or trump does something ridiculous and it doesn't stick to him. does this feel different to you? >> it does. i think, look, you had a campaign that was reeling. and sort of in some for conventional reasons. now, this. i think it's unrecoverable. i think the question now break away from him? is it done by the leadership first? is it mcconnell, it is ryan? is it the chairman of the party? it's unrecoverable. the question now is what does -- do people -- what does the rest 6 the party do? >> that apology, that half apology, half threat, that promise to continue the conversation, likely during the
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tomorrow? >> if -- if this debate is what donald trump threatens, i don't think -- i mean, it is unchartered territory, craig. i'm trying to envision what this might look like. disaster doesn't begin to describe it, if this is the road that trump goes down. if this is what it turns into, i don't think he has much of a mistake this would be, how poorly this would play to attack -- to attack a woman for the infidelities of her husband. it would be of epic proportions of a political miscalculation. >> these defections, chuck, we've started to see them, jason chaffetz we showed in the piece there, senator mike lee as well, saying that trump should get out of this thing. paul ryan uninviting him to that event in wisconsin today.
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that over the next few days? >> i think we will. i will be stunned if we don't. so far, the first people to break have been two groups of republicans. one have been mormons. and obviously, this has been an issue for many utah republicans, rank and file for months, let alone leaders. you've had the next set of condemn nations have come from republicans in very, very competitive races in a month. i think today and tomorrow and e panic among potentially house republicans. remember, craig, let's talk about winning and losing here. this is about can republicans hold the senate? but if this is mishandled, if donald trump truly goes into tomorrow as a political ied, then the house could be in play and suddenly the entire party could collapse on itself over the next few weeks before this election. >> chuck, it sounds like -- >> i think it's a total -- i
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people will start running for the hills. >> it sounds like you're saying donald trump could bring down the entire gop. >> i think he could. >> come november. but to be clear, 31 days out, they're stuck with it. >> they're stuck. look, i had a conversation with some high-level republicans in early august, craig. during the khan episode when he was attacking the gold star family and the khan family. there was chr, could con vince him to quit, you know, how much time would they have? when would they have to do it, when would he have to get out? it was essentially determined they had until approximately the first week of september. now it's too late. the ballot deadlines, all of that is too late. maybe there's a weird electoral college thing where they could somehow get all of the electors that have promised to elect trump to sign some other pledge. fundamentally, it's too late to replace him.
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look for much, much more tomorrow morning. >> you got it. >> on "meet the press." >> yes. >> hard to believe. that's not all that happened in politics yesterday. at about the same time that donald trump tape was made public, wikileaks released more e-mails they claim are from clinton campaign chairman john podesta's personal e-mail account, they appear to contain cone tents of private wall street speeches. many people wanted to know what was in those. casey hunt is in st. louis, the site of tomorrow's debate with more on that. >> good morning. so much news at all once here. we're finally getting a glimpse into those speeches that you mentioned that clinton gave to wall street and other private groups that bernie sanders demanded she release during the primary. she never did. these are from wikileaks. we haven't confirmed the authenticity of them and the campaign hasn't either. john podesta tweeting i'm not
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russians in their quest to throw the election to donald trump. but these documents do give a glimpse of a hillary clinton that's different in private than in public. she even went so far as to say as much, saying politicians need to have one public position and one private position as they try to get things done in washington. and, of course, on the issue of trade that was so important to sanders, she actually went so far as to say she would call for an open border policy, quote, my dream is a mark wet open trade and open borders. potentially causing her some trouble. now, the clinton campaign out with a statement, again, focused on the rugs saying, quote, the u.s. government removed any reasonable doubt that the kremlin weaponized wickly leaks to meddle in our election and benefit donald trump's candidacy. he says that they're not going to confirm the authenticity of stolen documents released by julian assange who has made no secret of his desire to damage hillary clinton.
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there are no major bombshells in these documents. if they are authentic, that really stands up to the magnitude of that story about donald trump. many democrats i've auctioned to in the last 12 hours privately saying they think this race might already be over. >> casey hunt in st. louis. i'll see you there tomorrow. we have to open up this conversation. there is too much to cover. let's bring in a republican strategist who is a deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina and harold ford former u.s. congressman from the state of tennessee and msnbc political analyst. >> good morning. >> good morning to both of you. we have to start with donald trump. these comments, any other person could make them, it would torpedo their campaign. this is a conversation we've been having over and over. he's had a problem with women already. 64% of women polled have a negative view of him. will this have an impact? is this going to change votes? >> we're heading into an election where we are going to have the largest gender gap in
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won't be able to measure this outside of the debate on sunday. what this does in a debate he needed to win, be on offense for, he's heading in on his heels at best. they have no now be sending all of today and tomorrow preparing for how to hannel this. i don't think last night's apology video does anything, anything to help that. and so i think that this will all be tied into a debate that he couldn't lose. >> go back to the video that he put out around midnight. half apology, half to be going after bill clinton. the debate tomorrow in st. louis, how ugly could this thing get? >> it's really all on him. i agree with sara's comments. a lot of ways it shows inside in his mind about what his wealth really provides. he talked about the advantages of celebrity and wealth. they allow you to treat women a certain way. you have to wonder what it was like dealing with his daughter who defended him vigorously and i thought convincingly at the convention.
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and three, the gender gap. no doubt it was going to be large. republicans alike, i don't think we'll hear -- we'll hear from more republicans today about him stepping down. he has a daughter, a sister, it's hard to look your family in the eye and say i'm going to actively support and be for donald trump. not only can the debate be interesting, the next 24 hours will be interesting, how he handles women and his own family. >> it's going extraordinary. thank you so much. so much news this morning. we know this topic and a lot more will come up tomorrow night during the second presidential debate. you can see hillary clinton and donald trump's face-off on msnbc and we will be streaming it live on coverage begins at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific, that's tomorrow night. i'm pretty sure we'll get a huge audience for that. >> i would imagine so. other big story, hurricane matthew, that storm is a
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about 105 miles per hour. it is battering south carolina. but on friday, heavy damage and destruction was left behind in parts of florida. at least four people were killed in that state. more than 1.2 million people are without power this morning. through georgia, through florida and the carolinas as well. we have team coverage this morning. we start with nbc's chris jansing in charleston, south carolina. chris, how is charleston doing? >> yes, i mean, this is what hurricane conditions look like, craig. and this wind and rain has been steadily worsening over the last hour or so. they say it's going to continue for several hours more. in fact, the hurricane conditions for at least another hour and take a look at the flooding. you can see how deep my boots are. this isn't even the worst of it. we're pretty far away from the worst of it. having said that, officials believe that the combination of wind and rain and flooding could
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and that's why governor nikki haley has called out the national guard. has said that she's upping the number of national guard to 35,000 people. we saw some of them out actually braving some of the earlier conditions and some of the flooding yesterday. in addition to that, you have waves that are cresting at 20 feet, measured off buoys off the coast. 90,000 people now without power. that number expected to rise. they have per crews that are here from a problem, downed power liens causing burglar alarms and fire alarms going off that has been keeping the emergency crews busy. now, the one thing that officials are happy about is they told people to evacuate 335,000 did, many of those in shelters and those who didn't, heeded the warnings overnight. they have no problems, kept off the streets. the only thing we saw when we came in about 8:00 or 9:00 last
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that curfew seemed to hold. i just talked to a city official who said they didn't have major problems overnight. having said that, when you look at this combination of factors, the wind, the rain, the flooding, perhaps the third highest surge that they've ever had in history. they're going to have a mess on their hands here in what is clearly as you know, craig, because you spent so much time here, not one just one of the most historic but one of the most beautiful cities in the south. >> thewn carolina. chris jansing, thank you for the update. >> scary scene out there, dylan. what's the latest on hurricane matthew's track. >> the track is supposed to make landfall near charleston shortly. it is a category 2 hurricane. winds are down to 105 miles per hour. that is still very strong. take a look at the rain bands swirling into most of south carolina, even up into north carolina right now. and since we are very close to possible landfall, you can see
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are also making their way onshore with the eyewall. hilton head island reporting gusts of 87 miles per hour. you go up to charleston, inland just a bit, 37 mile per hour wind gusts. tybee island, georgia, 93 miles an hour and also the highest storm surge they have ever experienced. speaking of the storm surge, we're looking at 5 to 7 feet from hilton head, farther north. cape fear up to kitty hawk, we could see 2 to 4-foot storm surge. that's the push of water tha flooding we see compared to a regular high tide. here's the latest track although we get an update later this morning. it is expected to continue its weakening trend and then eventually to a tropical depression before it loops back around, possibly into the bahamas as we get into the end of next week. in the meantime, we are looking at heavy rain, torrential downpours. that 5 to 9-foot storm surge, totals of up near 15 inches of rain possible. look at how far north it spreads now. we have an approaching cold
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rain across eastern long island and southeastern massachusetts, not really because of the storm itself but adding extra moisture. so we'll even see the effects across the northeast as well. guys? >> tough time, dylan, thank you. we'll get much more from you throughout the morning. we want to get back to charleston, south carolina and see how the city is doing. john techlenbery is the mayor of what have you seen as far as the damage is concerned? >> well, first let me say how proud i am of our emergency operations personnel, both in the city and the county and the state. i was riding around downtown charleston last night and despite the fact that we always welcome people to our vibrant and lively city, it was
7:20 am
we really did a great job in evacuating folks and getting them safe and secure in their homes before the storm came. what we're concerned about today is the high winds that are about to unleash on this city as the eyewall of this storm actually hits the city of charleston. so we're expecting over 100 mile-an-hour winds. and the triple threat of flooding, which includes that storm surge, the high tide that will be here midday today and receiving as the day goes on. >> i was just about to ask you that. let's talk about flooding for a moment. charleston is low lying, downtown floods easily. how much flooding are you expecting? >> a good bit. we've already closed about 80 streets, local streets, due to flooding and due to some trees already coming down. the trees and the power outages, frankly, will increase as the
7:21 am
wind. but the flooding midday should be the worst. because as that storm surge pushes water in, and the high tide comes in, and the rain has nowhere to go out, we're going to have continued and increased flooding throughout the day. >> and finally -- >> hopefully, god bless, it will have no loss of life. that's the most important thing. >> amen to that. finally, my colleague mentioned about 90,000 people are wit when can they expect that to be back on? >> well, just to let you know, our city personnel, both public safety and public service, are stationed throughout the city in fire stations everywhere. so that as soon as the storm is over, we'll begin our response and recovery. the utility companies have pre-positioned crews not only their own crews but they've
7:22 am
we have many resources and assets ready to go for response and recovery. and we hope in just a day or two we'll be happy to welcome folks back to charleston and come down to join us. >> all the best to the communities affected there. mayor tecklenburg, thank you. >> dylan is back with a check of the rest of the country. >> going on across the rest of the country, there's not a lot to talk about. main focus is the cold f combine with the rain. all eyes are on south carolina
7:23 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan. still to come, more of our coverage of hurricane matthew's wrath. first, this is "today" on nbc. ?happy music? [bus honks] mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original is the perfect protein pick-me-up and it gives us more time together
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?happy music? [whistle blows, ball bounces] mom avo: on soccer saturday, i bring a cooler full of delicious and wholesome buddig premium deli meat. the surprisingly- affordable, deli-quality lunchmeat keeps her going and our little moments together keep me going. to make more than a sandwich. still to come here, we are live in south carol a damage from hurricane matthew. this is a live look at the beach. and one month to go until
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milwaukee police are investigating after a man is murdered. police were called around 9:30 last 19th and capitol. they found a 24-year-old man who had been shot and was lying near a back walkway to a home. circumstances surrounding the shooting -- are unclear. also new this morning.. police investigating after a man is shot near 24th and auer. police say it happened just after two this morning. the man suffered a serious injury and is being treated at a local hospital.
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we are back on this saturday morning, october 8th, 20126. check out that great crowd on the plaza this morning. we'll head out there in just a few to say hello. here's a look at what else is making headl t a rare apology overnight from donald trump for vial comments he made about women back in 2005 when he didn't realize he was being recorded. the comments released on friday are from a taped conversation trump was having with former "access hollywood" host billy bush. trump talks about groping and kissing women. trump said he was sorry on a video released friday night. >> i've said and done things i
7:31 am
of them. i said it, i was wrong and i apologize. >> trump was supposed to pear at a campaign event today in wisconsin. he was disinvited with many fellow republicans slamming his comments. this morning, moscow is responding to the obama administration's accusation that ard 0ed hackers to interfere with the presidential race. a statement from the secretary of homeland security and the director of national intelligence charged that senior russian officials were the only attacks on u.s. political groups. the kremlin dismissed the statement as nonsense. and the u.s. military is moving in and sending a ship full of aid and supplies to haiti to help that country after hurricane matthew's destruction. hundreds of people have already died and hundreds of thousands have been displaced. some relief supplies have already started pouring into that country in great need. let's go back to our coverage of hurricane matthew
7:32 am
nbc's rehema ellis is in savannah for us this morning. what's the sce now? >> i can tell you, craig, so many people are waking up this morning to massive power outages, according to the georgia power company, some 260,000 people throughout the county without power. here in chatham county, 143,000. take a look down the street. you see some of the streetlights are on. that's a good thing. there were no lights in our hotel when we morning. also consider what you see. you don't see anyone. in this particular county, according to officials, about 75% of the residents did heed the order to evacuate. that's something like 200,000 people. the good news is, that while the wind is still surging, gusting at about 46 miles per hour right now, that storm that we got that hit the area overnight did not force the wind and the rain i should say up into the streets here.
7:33 am
streets are pretty dry. but there have, i said, been power outages. there are downed trees, downed power lines. people are going to be dealing with that this morning. on the islands, a lot to deal with. tybee island got a record storm surge of 12 1/2 feet overnight. what they say in order to really assess the damage they're going to wait for all of this wind to calm down before authorities send their emergency crews and their assessment crews out to figure out exactly what -- how this area. craig? >> rehema ellis in savannah, stay safe. >> you can see she's blowing around in the word. stay safe. >> dylan, what's the latest on matthew? >> tybee eye lapped was hit hard. we saw the high tide occur when the strongest storm surge occurred. so want to show you exactly what a storm surge is and it's basically a rise of water in addition to the regular high tide. so you have your normal tide
7:34 am
high tide levels. if you add water on top of that, it's a huge push of water that comes onshore. obviously this is a little bit exaggerated. in tybee eyeisland we saw a sur of more than 12 feet. i'm 5'3". so if you take your average high tide levels and add perhaps up to 4 to 6 feet on top of that, this is basically just a wall of water that's coming sh the water has nowhere to go. it tens to push inland. even though savannah, say, is farther inland, it's still close enough that that water ends up flooding places like savannah. we're going to see the same type of situation in charleston as well. it's not just the coastal flooding because of the storm surge. it's also the rain itself. you can see that all of this is just pushing onshore as the whole system wraps around. we're also looking at flash flooding. that's still a major concern.
7:35 am
12. >>s of rain possible in what we're going to see today. it's the combination of that storm surge pushing the water onshore, causing coastal flooding and inland flooding and the additional flash flooding we can see from another foot of rain possible. some areas have picked up more than a foot of rain as it is that's your latest forecast. >> all right. >> thank you, dylan. still to come, following in her father's footsteps.
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i have cervical cancer. from an infection. human papillomavirus. who knew hpv could lead to certain cancers and diseases? who knew my risk for hpv would increase as i got older? who knew that there was a vaccine that could have helped protect me from hpv when i was 11 or 12, way before i would even be exposed to it? did you know, mom? dad? what will you say? don't wait. talk to your child's doctor today. learn more at we are back on a saturday morning with our look at the week's biggest stories that has everyone talking. >> hurricane matthew tore a path
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over. the vice president candidates held their debate and kim kardashian was robbed in a paris hotel. those are a few of the stories. >> hurricane matthew leaving a trail of destruction slamming into the caribbean. >> packing winds of 140 miles an hour after slamming into haiti. the poorest count from the massive earthquake and now another disaster. and douglas mcarthur mccain and mike pence faced off in the first vice presidential debate. >> trying to keep up with the insult-driven campaign. >> i'm just saying facts about your running mate. >> i'm happy to defend him.
7:40 am
>> you whipped out that mexican thing again. >> pence hitting hillary clinton's e-mail and answered questions about his running mate's $1 billion loss. >> he used the tax code the way it is supposed to be used. yahoo! after a data breach. now accused of snooping on customers' e-mails. >> three years ago, edward snowden's leaks revealed that the nsa tapped into the e-mail traffic so computers could search terms to investigate potential terrorists. last year, yahoo! encrypted e-mails. reuters says yahoo! was doing the searching last year in real-time on millions of messages looking for a term supplied by the government. creeping clowns are popping up coast to coast. some are hoaxes and some criminal. >> michigan police reveal that a
7:41 am
and photos of an armed clown which was a teenager holding a bb gun. >> a big scare for kim kardashian. >> a source close to the investigation tells nbc news that monday at 2:30 a.m., five masked robbers dressed in police clothing burst in. the kardashian suite and they bound and gagged her. the thieves stole over $10 million in jewelry. all of it left out in the room. amazing half-court shot and a celebration for the fans at university of kansas basketball team. went in to shoot on behalf of a student winning her $10,000. she knew what to do with the money almost immediately.
7:42 am
winnings to her grandmother roxanne edwards. who raised her and her siblings. and emmy winning actress sarah paulsen stopped by jimmy fallon. ? give me some of that chocolate chip ? ? baby take a ride ? ? hoop, hoop ?? >> that's what i'm talking t. >> i feel like car pool karaoke has completely changed everything. >> it is okay. i used to do it at home with the hair brush. now it is fun. >> feel free to sing. >> we have seen dylan sing here. i like it. >> we have not seen you. >> not yet. maybe i'll bring out a different talent. >> don't make promises.
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we are back on a saturday morning with "today's take away." important information for everyone planning to vote on election day. with one month to go, if you have not registered, the deadline is approaching. a battle is racing in florida for the deadline. we have jesse moore with the rock the vote. >> good morning. >> let's talk about registering know this morning. >> the first thing is you are not too late, but you are getting close. it is time to register to vote right now. if you are in mississippi, for instance, today is your deadline. >> i was about to ask. how many states have deadlines this week? >> 28 this week. >> 28? >> yes. better safe than sorry. you can go to figure out if you are coming up on the deadline.
7:47 am
>> requirements, you want to be a u.s. citizen and 18 years old. check your status is important. a lot of people move. you have to update your status when you move. it's best not to assume. go online and make sure you are registered at the right place. >> come on down with me. once you are registered, let's talk about what you need to know. especially if you want to vote early. >> i will tell you this, vote the president of the united states voted early this week. he is busy. that's what busy people do. we have jobs. we have kids. we have things to worry about. it gives you weekend options and night options and several days. >> i don't think a lot of people considered this. unless they are out of town. >> early voting is the way to do it. >> that's the way to do it. >> absentee ballots. if you are traveling.
7:48 am
to vote absentee because they are on the road. military and overseas, check with your chain of command and go to voter tools. this is important. too much technology not to take advantage of it these days. we have bells and whistles on our phones telling us what to do. sign up with rockthevote and sign up for the bells and whistles. >> there is so much out twitter and facebook and everything else. it is hard to separate fact from fiction. if you want to do the prep work, you have to know what you are doing. >> i will say twitter is one of our partners at rock the vote. believe what you hear. they will turn you out. vivo is doing a lot of work to push messaging up to voting day. >> we are registered. here is what we need to know prior to election day. come on down with me here. let's talk about the big day. one month away.
7:49 am
the polling places and identification? >> whether you are voting early or on election day, make a plan. that's what most people forget or what people don't think of. >> what do you mean? >> you are breaking your routine. you get up and have cheerios. you have to have a plan. add it to the calendar. who are you car pooling with? do something to make you remember this is the da you want to go to the right spot. you can't just vote anywhere. that is part of signing up for the reminders. identification. you will want to have a government issued photo i.d. for almost all states. >> that's a hot button issue. >> you want to look online to see what is needed. >> i want to jump down here. beating the rush. i used to vote in the middle of
7:50 am
when should you go to beat the rush? >> early vote. if you don't early vote to beat the rush, shoot the gaps. a lot of people vote in the morning. a lot of people vote in the evening. some late morning. early afternoon. i will say on accessibility, if you do have special needs and need hearing impaired or mobility, check with your polling place in advance. >> we got a lot in. high five.
7:51 am
7:52 am
still to come on "today." the latest on hurricane matthew. we will head back to south carolina where matthew is making its mark on charleston. and tiger woods taking up the game.
7:53 am
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milwaukee police are investigating after a man is murdered. police were called around 9:30 last 19th and capitol. they found a 24-year-old man who had been shot and was lying near a back walkway to a home. rcumances surrounding the shting are unclear. donald trump ??apologizing for comments he made about women -- eleven years ago.?hours after a recording surfaced.. house speaker paul ryan un- invited trump to an event in elk-horn. that event was scheduled for this morning.
7:58 am
i'm...ann sterling alongside brian niznansky...lets get a check of the weather.. ? ? ? jon batiste has mastered new ways to play old classics. with chase atms, he can master new ways to deposit checks too. easy to use chase technology
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> good morning. breaking overnight, trump's apology. >> i was wrong and i apologize. >> the republican candidate for president admitting he made crude remarks about women after a tape from 2005 surfaced when he didn't know he was being recorded. >> i see her, she has the big phony [ bleep ]. she totally changed her look. >> the trump campaign reeling as prominent republicans condemn the candidate and others call for him to step down. how will this affect the election and tomorrow night's debate? we're live. hurricane matthew's fury. the storm now a weakened category 2 but still packing a powerful punch as it makes its
8:01 am
105 mile-per-hour winds and a heavy storm surge causing problems overnight, dylan's tracking the storm's path, today, saturday, october 8th, 2016. good morning and welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. we'll go live to south carolina which is currently taking the just a few minutes. first, we have got to start with the breaking political news that took place overnight. a very rare apology from donald trump. >> the candidate forced to say he's sorry after a tape from 2005 surfaced where he said vulgar comments about women. a lot of backlash this morning. nbc's katy tur is here with the latest. katy, good morning. >> donald trump is facing mounting pressure overnight and
8:02 am
apologizing for the first time in his political life. >> you can do anything. >> whatever you want. >> grab them by the [ bleep ]. >> reporter: that conversation happening eight months after trump married his third wife melania. she was already pregnant at the time. in it he also describes trying and failing to have sex with a married woman. overnight a deluge of condemnation, high-profile names demanding he drop out. others like house speaker paul ryan continuing to support him but saying he is sickened. that forced trump to do what he's never done before, apologize. >> anyone who knows me knows these words don't reflect who i am. i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> reporter: the apology video was only 90 seconds long and he wasted no time attacking bill
8:03 am
trying to deflect the blame. >> bill clinton has actually abused women and hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. we will discuss this more in the coming days. >> the debate is sunday. we will see how aggressive trump gets in trying to defend himself. it seems like the clinton marriage for now is fair game once again. one thing is for certain here, though, there is a lot of soul searching going on among republicans over continue to stand by their nominee. sheinelle? >> katy tur, thank you. donald trump was supposed to be in wisconsin for a campaign event. after those comments were made public last night he was disinvited by speaker of the house paul ryan. jacob rascon is in wisconsin with more on that. jacob, good morning. >> good morning. paul ryan was supposed to be on stage, the stage in fact that you see behind me with trump for the first time campaigning
8:04 am
you mentioned he was uninvited and now paul ryan has come out with a statement condemning trump saying he was sickened. that was followed by other republican leaders with very strongly worded statements, including mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader saying they were repugnant and unacceptable. kevin mccarthy saying there's no place for the language. senator john mccain says there are no excuses. rubio says it's impossible to justify. reince priebus says no woman should ever be talked about that way. none of these top republicans unendorsed trump. later in the night as has been mentioned, other republican leaders did begin to rescind their support, including many republicans from utah seeming to lead the way. the governor, the former governor and congressman jason chaffetz, others saying it's over, i can no longer support trump. many of them and others calling
8:05 am
some suggesting mike pence. mike pence will be on stage with paul ryan later today. >> jacob rascon, thank you. no doubt all of this will be coming up during the second presidential debate tomorrow night in st. louis. hillary clinton and donald trump face off on msnbc. we'll be streaming it live on coverage begins at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific tomorrow night. let's go to our other big story of the morning. a hurricane matthew. it has now been downgraded to a category 2 but it is still packing a powerful punch and currently hammering south carolina. let's head back to charleston where chris jansing has the latest. chris, good morning. downgrading to a category 2 does not mean charleston is out of the woods. how bad is it? >> as a matter of fact, officials say the worst is yet to come. we've already seen some pretty widespread damage.
8:06 am
we've already felt the winds whipping up. the rain is coming down and here's the problem. take a look down here. we already have flooding. there have been dozens of streets, this a very rare car that's about to come by. dozens of streets that are flooded. i-95 in both directions is impassable. having said that, over at the water front, it's low tide and yet the water is six feet above normal. this afternoon, when it reaches high tide, it's just about t time that the eyewall is expected to pass here in charleston. that's the real concern. that's why governor nikki haley said she upped the number of national guards that they're deploying here as the rain starts to come down heavily to 3500. they were evacuating people, going door to door. about 335,000 people took advantage of it and in fact, a number of the shelters have seen a significant number of people there. but what they're telling people who have hunkered down in their
8:07 am
people were mostly adhering to a curfew overnight. we saw almost no one out except for police officers. there are some areas where they haven't really figured out how people are doing, particularly those barrier islands. at least 90,000 people without power that number expected to rise. a lot power crews are here from as far away as texas. they are in place for when this all ends. again, they're looking at noon, 1:00 for the worst of the flooding, downed power lines. has been coming in waves, right now, the wind and rain is coming down pretty significantly. they'reng t waiti see exactly what happens in the next three or four hours. stephanie? >> thanks, chris. we did just learn it's been downgraded to a category 1 with winds up to 85 miles an hour. let's head to georgia, that state getting pounded overnight. rehema ellis is in savannah with more on that. good morning. >> good morning. take a look down the street. we talked about the widespread power outages.
8:08 am
traffic lights but you see no light with the exception of a police cruiser that is down possibly assessing the damages. we're going to see a lot of that throughout t area in the morning. let's turn here. these power outages and downed trees, it's spotty. over in this section, you can see some of the trees have come down. look down the street. we have power, at least to the traffic light. in the building next to it which was our hotel, there's no power. according to the georgia power company, it is widespread 260,000 people along the coastline without power. here in this county alone, we are told that about 134,000 people have no power. many people did heed the order to evacuate. authorities tell us here in savannah about 134,000 people, something like 75% of the county did decide to leave the area in order to get to safer ground. if we just turn a little bit over here, you can see that one
8:09 am
through the streets but the trees, there's still movement in terms of the wind and just on the other side of that is the savannah river. the river is moving at a fast pace. that's because of these gusting winds that we get from time to time. we're told they're going up to 46, maybe 50 miles per hour. a lot of assessment will be going on in this community today exactly how widespread the damage is and when they can tell people it's time for them to go back home. >> rehema, thank you. be safe. >> rehema ellis in savannah. let's get to d dryer, nationalurcane center put out new coordinates. are we seeing now? >> it has been downgraded to a category 1, winds up to 85 miles per hour. it is very, very close to charleston, though we have not gotten reports that making official landfall just yet. it's sitting 20 miles to the
8:10 am
much rain is falling. the torrential downpours in charleston right now and you can see all across northeastern parts of south carolina, the rain is coming down very, very heavily. we also now have a tornado watch in effect until 4:00 p.m. because with some of thesen bads of rain, you could get enough energy to produce and spin up those tornadoes. right now we're still getting gusts up near 87 miles per hour in hilton head, charleston seeing win gusts up near 52 miles per hour. some of the been hurricane force. tybee island, georgia, 96 mile per hour wind gusts. that's the gust coming off the water, pushing the water onshore and high tide at the same time of those gusts came at just the right time to produce that significant flooding with more than a 12-foot storm surge. as you go through the day today. we're still looking at tropica storm force winds with higher gusts. this will conti to ride along the coast of uth entually north carolina. cape hatteras will beattered
8:11 am
rfolk, virginia, we could s gusts up to 40, 50 miles per hour. it's all abo the storm surge. it the pus of wat that comes onshore. th next high tide in charleston is 1:55 this afternoon. the good thing is, the storm should be moving on at that point. it's not going to hit at the worst time like it did in tybee island, georgia. here's the latest from the national hurricane center, maintaining it as here on out a past the carolina coastline. it should eventually downgrade to a tropical storm by sunday afternoon as it loops back around and turns into a tropical depression as it approaches the bahamas once again. we are watching the rain throughout the rest of the afternoon, flash flooding is possible as well. it's eventually going to combine with the cold front. that will help push it out to a. meaning that it's going to draw in some of the tropical moture. north as new jersey, eastern long island and up into southeastern massachusetts
8:12 am
on sunday. dylan, we'll be back in a bit. thank you for the update. hurricaneatthew tore thugh muchf east coast on friday. this morning, those residents are starting the tough job of cleaning up the damage that matthew left behind. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in st. augustine, florida with more. good moing, gabe. cleanup time. >> this is kwn as the nation's oldest city. today it is a ghost town. thankfully the waters have receded. there are uprooted trees and power nes. authorities are assessing the damage after that violent storm surge. >> reporter: this morning, hurricane matthew was taking aim at georgia and the carolinas after scraping the last of the florida coast. communities from st. augustine to jacksonville beach pummeled by devastating storm surge, brutal winds toppling this church steeple. >> take a look at the power of this storm. it uprooted this massive tree and slammed it on to this house. it's now taking on water.
8:13 am
it's leaking in my kitchen. i'm hoping it doesn't start leaking in the rest of the house. >> reporter: near orlando, mark corey's wife narrowly escaped another tree that collapsed through a roof on to her bed while she slept. >> we do believe god was watching over us through the whole thing. it was amazing that it missed her. >> reporter: north of daytona beach, parts of this coastal highway washed out. at one point, more than 1 million customers were without power and at least 5,000 flights canceled aer the caribbean, hundreds dead in haiti as a massive international relief effort ramps up. when it veered slightly east, the storm spared heavily populated south florida. with a catastrophic blow some feared. for others, there was no escape. the water overwhelming. florida's governor is asking for fema assistance. in florida, the death toll is at least four. at one point, 23,000 people were
8:14 am
guys, back to you. >> my goodness. >> thanks, gabe. >> that tree, to see the sheer power of that storm. i was down in florida yesterday for hurricane coverage. i didn't see anything like that but the limbs, the branchs, the power lines. >> brutal. >> they'll be cleaning up for a long time. >> lucky so many people evacuated. >> yes. officials have been pleaing with them for days. dylan dreyer out on the plaza with the rest of the country's forecast. >> we're out here onhe in new york city, a sweet 16. where are you from? >> texas. >> it's nice to have you celebrating here in new york. we are going to see showers here as we go into tonight and tomorrow morning. but of course, we're focusing on all of the heavy rain and possible flooding we could see today down through the carolinas as matthew continues to make its way very, very close to landfall. and then that cold front will
8:15 am
and that's your latest guys. >> all right. dylan dreyer, thank you so much. still to come, tiger woods back at it. why the golfer is choosing now to make his reentry into the profes i'm here in bristol, virginia. and now...i'm in bristol, tennessee. on this side of the road is virginia... and on this side it's tennessee. no matter which state in the country you live in, you could save hundreds on car insurance by switching to geico. look, i'm in virginia...
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in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way. lucky you. i feel like a quilt. we are back on aurday morning with big news from the golf world this morning. after more than a year long hiatus, tiger woods will play in a professional week. nbc's steve patterson has more. >> reporter: the former number one golfer in the world wasn't playing. he served as vice captain to the winning u.s. team. >> i'm trying to do my role. to help the team. >> reporte all that while planning perhaps the biggest comeback of his career. >> i'm dying to see him come back. >> reporter: after speculation,
8:19 am
woods sd on his web site depends on continued progress and recovery. the 40-year-old has been out of the game for more than a year with injury. requiring a recovery after surgery on his spine. in his hayday, woods was unstoppable. he is second on the pga all-time win list with 79 victories. including 14 majors with british and u.s. open and masters. then the steep fall from grace. >> my life changed upside down. >> reporter: in late 2009, the world learned about his infidelities. >> i hurt so many people by my reckless attitude and behavior. >> reporter: a firestorm of controversy, woods suspended his career in golf and lost millions in endorsement deals. in the years that followed, his play suffered.
8:20 am
is taking another swing. >> will he be as dominant as in the past? no. he is capable of winning. >> reporter: the possible final chapters of one of the greatest athletic careers of all time. for "today," steve patterson, nbc news. thank you. >> still to come, you would not believe there mom avo: as a working mom, i need after-school snacks to be easy. so a quick snack with buddig original is the perfect protein pick-me-up and it gives us more time together because they're only little for a little while.
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mes thecoled yr tnow deliri morning -- after police say to yfiour home o. they crashed their boatinto 'a break wall' near t mckinleyit happe ess were able to rescue the men. and waititthem until ergency personell
8:28 am
and i apovsaiseseiold
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on ke our job ansenmy oppent cks trade deals thatt bs, to china andexo?
8:30 am
morning, october 8 2016. as hrine matthew the w for c surroundld breas c yet the wtherchannes mia larosa is in follyeah more. >> reporr: foll beachs st feeling the brunt of the eyewall ofcane hurrimahew. aategory1. ant you t pier
8:31 am
ll lose power. tht.hone serce is??t stchy at with t daylight, youet the first chance to get out and look about fm the sy point to wha dame has b done onehing isure, we ha hiater on t stre s.@ high tide coming, of the water levelthance he ?-$ afterno the goodews isit matthew llg ? teoon. stephanie, back to you. >> tha you,maria. wh is the st?late close to char cana it iowraded t categor i want to int out t tna wan effe until ty.
8:32 am
we haveorrential downpours as the storm connues to skir ong the coasof south calina. it will wrap out to sea. it is still going to weaken to a tropical depression, but could reimpact parts of the bahamas for next week. the storm surge is important to talk about. the energy associated with the hurricane is pushing the ocean onshore. that is why we flooding up to 5 to 7 feet in charleston and from cape fear to 2 to 4 feet on top of high tide. the good news in charleston, the high tide is not until 1:55 this afternoon. if you get the storm surge, it will come actually at the time between low and high tide. it will not be as bad as it geuld get like tybee island, gia. the storm sys?tem will continue
8:33 am
and delaware and new jerndsey parts of new england for sunday. the cold front will push it away. elsewhere across the country, heavy rain making its way next. the big breakfast debate is tre aetayeat re ihe morning?
8:34 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
bed,athtrue. haveextion >> there is nothing worse than being at the register and everyone else has a coupon except you. you a negotiating. i forgot ne. >> te yrco. >> tre yougo. tell them sheinelle sen u. all right. movi ?bon. th onestory. check meet the 2-montolabith the internet going crazy. he is giving me mor hair envy. you have to at theuffant this ba. so much ntioatteis mother takes an extra 80es toet throughhe grocere sto because everyone stops to lk theair baby. here's brt most newborns, their hair f
8:40 am
are born. that hair falls out. my kid's did. the baby, that hair is stay. >> will you fur out whaou will do with your boy's hair? >> i don't kn spike it? >> oh, i have not given that any thought at al its yr responsibility. with it? what think,u okay stop, collaboratend listen. competitionthe in teorology dertment from? vanilla ice. he live tweed. his forecast is different. riders on the stor i don't knowha w that means. i'm on the ocean in pach looking evil dars
8:41 am
for day torm ?? >> is that why? that a song? >> he's channelling the ors. i didn't know.ond. >> i was distracte byhe ice, ice baby. i?? forgot about the great news for fans of the rolling stones. mick jagger and you have to wait until decbe r t full al a clip of their single. ? can't help myself? ? iove you ? ? and no one else ?? >> i love it. the album is the cover of songs by classic blues. and john legend relead the
8:42 am
swooning. ?? >> their 2-year-oldaughter familyus rs in the >> luna legend. >> beautiful. >> still t ,ou c eat your ceal. a tailgating pty othe plaza. you get to come with .
8:43 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
hot dogs.if itsmb or you want food for every diet restriction as ll >>s easy to ovdo it sometimes with the drinks. especially if you are some o my iends. what's some guidance? >> what a niceay to put it. easy to overdo it. that would never happen to me?. most option. portapotty. >> diet soda. >> for starters, you want a designateddriver. one person steering clear of all alcohol. well have limits. you know what your limits are ondrink? o?
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d.?e guqu ? ing eove. uransa wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. all right. we are wrapping up this saturday morning with today's food loves football. sunday night is the big game with the giants and packers. what better way to get ready than a tailgating feast. the perfect person to do that is none other than sunny anderson. >> i love a tailgate.
8:51 am
us a chance to check out of the real world for a second. >> and throw on some blue lip sticks. >> i went to lambeau last year. as a person that moved around growing up, i love all teams, but i am for odell and my team. a pulled pork barbecue and pulled pork mac and cheese. >> you are shameless. >> pork butt here. creamy onion, garlic, tomatoes, nice spice blend. really, the cola. >> is that straight up? >> yes. straight up root beer i use for this. a dark cola. i have a pork butt here. you know, they are usually about 5 to 6 pounds. >> leave the fat on? >> it will give us the flavor.
8:52 am
nice pinch of salt. >> that's what is good about the slow cooker. throw it in whole. >> salt. we have paprika and cumin. and you can do cola or beer or brown sugar. if you don't want to go to the grocery store for everything, pork butt and cola will do it. eight hours. cover it up. you will pull pork in eight hours. we have a dish that's been buttered. pulled pork here. shred it up. put it into the bottom. over the top of that layer, i
8:53 am
jalepeno. >> you ready? >> a tailgate party is crazy like mac and cheese on top of pulled pork. >> you are dumping the mac and cheese in. >> yes. the holidays are coming. you know people have green bean casserole. french fried onions. put it in the oven for 350. >> you can without buffalo chicken something. >> you have rotisserie chicken and whipped cream cheese. it is smooth. we have buffalo wing sauce. bleu cheese dressing. you can sub the bleu cheese for ranch dressing. get it in here. >> throw it in. >> shred it up.
8:54 am
that on top of the mac and cheese. >> get that bleu cheese dressing in. >> you combine it and i bake it? >> yes. stir it up. in the oven 350 degrees. i'm not using carrots. i use pita chips. there is one at the party. >> you put hot chocolate and >> it is the perfect time of year to warm something up. it is steeped with peppers. >> you are incredible. we have this recipe at the green bay packers host the giants tomorrow night at 7:00 eastern. >> go, odell!
8:55 am
8:56 am
donald trump ??apologizing for comments he made about women -- eleven years ago.hours after a recording house speaker paul ryan un- invited trump from attending an event in elk-horn. that event was scheduled for this
8:59 am
. josh: today on the voyager, i bust a move on the dance floor moving the jarana. man: uno, dos, tres, cuatro. josh: echale! cochinita pibil. so this dish has really kind of evolved over tim it has a story that seems to endure centuries. and meet an incredible hammock weaver in a mayan village. so you can t really tell but there s like 4 or 5 steps going on with every pull of her fingers. my name is josh garcia. ever since i was a kid i dreamt about traveling the


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