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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  October 10, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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help block out some of the fall chill, lows will be mild, in the mid-50s. incident freelight traffic dry roads speeds are at or above
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the second presidential debate is in the books. donald trump and hillary clinton shared the stage at washington university in saint louis. c-n-n's anderson cooper and a-b-c's tense debate.trump and clinton had several heated exchanges... including trump saying clinton would "be in jail" if he were president over her private email server scandal.clinton called trump "unfit" to be president in response to the tapes released in which trump makes sexual comments about women.other issues covered in the debate included energy, taxes, and job creation. n-b-c confirms it will keep anchor billy bush ?off?
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the move comes as the network deals with fallout from the accehollywood videotape... in which bush is heard laughing and egging trump on, as he makes sexually-charged remarks about women. no word on when bush might return to "today." it's been five years since protests erupted at the state capital over act 10... commonly called the collective bargaining law.hundreds of thousands of union members, in particular teachers took over the state captiol for months in protest.journal sentinel investigative reporter dave umhoefer spent a year se this bill.umhoefer collaborated with three marquette students and also professors there.through hours of research... they found act 10 made the teaching industry more competitive... as teachers look for districts with more money. - we did a survey of school superintendents, we looked at old teacher contracts in a hundred school districts and compared them to the new rules for teachers
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digs into the school districts financial situation today, and how they're competing to get the best teachers and keep them. we have a link to today's story on our website, police have a person of interest in custody this morning in connection to a milwaukee musician who was found dead over the weekend. donald lewis was found dead yesterday... hidden inside the club he owned....the "young urban jazz cafe" near 24th and fond du lac we spoke to his son who says... the still in disbelief on how this could happen. he offered opportunity to anyone - i'd never seen him turn anyone down. he always was open to giving everybody a chance he was reported missing on friday. students and staff at plymouth middle school are remembering one of their own this jeff petrie was diagnosed with lymphoma a year ago. he lost his battle with the disease over the weekend. just two days ago, students
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their homecoming festivities to his house. jeff's wife lorie tells us her husband left a legacy.. and that's what he was here to do. governor scott walker like most wisconsinites appeared to be more interested in the packers game then in the second presidential debate. walker has not pulled his endorsement from donald trump at this point, but was not tweeting during the debate.he did however tweet, "touchdown @packers!" with a picture of the game score. the governor recently helped trump's running mate mike pence prepare for the vice presidential this week the packers will be looking to get their offense back on track before the dallas cowboys come to lambeau. the o-line doing a great job of giving aaron rodgers plenty of time to throw, but it still wasn't the typical rodgers fans are used to seeing.only throwing for two touchdowns and also throwing two interceptions. green bay would still beat the giants 23 to 16. wayne larrivee will be in later this morning to break
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some comfort for victims caught in hurricane matthew. what president obama is promising them as they rebuild their communities. new details this morning about a deadly accident in mount pleasant. what police are saying about their investigation. more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4
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the clouds will increase overnight tonight to help block out some of the fall chill, lows will be mild, in the mid-50s.tuesday will warm to 70 degrees in milwaukee but there will be a few more clouds and a slight chance to
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president obama is back in washington this morning after spending this weekend in chicago stumping for senate candidate tammy duckworth... but before the campaigning, he gave some assuring words for people in the path of we got your back." "for the folks in florida, north carolina, south carolina, georgia the american people are with you in this time of need and we're just going to keep on working to make sure that as the waters recede you're able to rebuild and we're going to everything that we have to do to make sure that we got your back." at least 16 deaths have been attributed to hurricane
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in just a few hours -- former first daughter chelsea clinton will be in racine. she is stumping for her mother, democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton.ann sterling is live with more. chelsea will speak at "the living light community center" in racine just before 2 this we're told chelsea clinton will encourage supporters to vote early in wisconsinshe will lay november's election and urge voters to support hillary clinton and tim kaine's vision. bill clinton was also in wisconsin over the weekend. he was in milwaukee on saturday to encourage early voting . the former president spoke at "the international brotherhood of electrical workers union hall" saturday. doors open at 1 p.m for today's event and those
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police need your help this morning with finding two men in connection with a deadly shooting near 52nd and hampton. take a look this surveillance image of the suspects a man was shot at "comments lounge"... and later died at the hospital.police hope releasing the image will yield some tips from the police tell us a racine woman who struck and killed a racine man is cooperating with their investigation. the victim was walking across highway 32 in morning. police say the driver... stayed at the scene until police coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:the fallout continues for samsung.the two cell phone retailers saying they'll no longer carry the galaxy note 7. then -- the right pair of running shoes. after how many miles fitness experts say it's time to get a new pair of running shoes. but first here's a look at this morning's winning lottery
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the state of wisconsin has until novemeber 11th to appeal a judge's ruling that says state health officials went too far when they asked a group of nurses to return medicaid payments.nurses say
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aggressive asking them to pay back anywhere from 7 thousand dollars to 142 thosuand because of paperwork mistakes the nurses made. the state maintains auditors conducted proper reviews of the independent nurses, who bill medicaid directly for their wisconsin democrats will try to chip away at republicans' legislative majorities in the november election, but they may not make much headway. republicans go into election day with a 63-36 advantage in the assembly. things are a little edge. eight seats are in play, including five held by republicans and three by democrats. the democrats must win six of those eight seats to flip control. tatiana and brian have another look at your weather and traffic together... tuesday will warm to 70 degrees in milwaukee but there will be a few more clouds and a slight chance to see a few
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wind will be stronger from the ssw at 5-15mph, with higher gusts at times. clouds will be rolling in tuesday night and into wednesday morning ahead of a cold front that will bring showers by the afternoon as the front swings through. many locations will pick up a tenth to a quarter of an inch. it will be much colder behind the front on sunny skies the high temps will only be in the mid-50s. friday will have blue skies and light winds thanks to high pressure but again temperatures will be in the 50s. 60s return for the
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in by sunday. incident free tuesday will warm to 70 degrees in milwaukee but there will be a few more a slight chance to see a few isolated showers midday. the wind will be stronger from the ssw at15mph, with higher gusts at times. clouds will be rolling in tuesday night and into wednesday morning ahead of a cold front that will bring showers by the afternoon as the front swings through. many locations will pick up a
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it will be much colder incident freelight traffic dry roads speeds are at or above posted two full closures from 94 east at 10 till 5 am samsung's galaxy note 7 nightmare keeps getting worse
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electronics has temporarily suspended its production.on sunday, two major carriers -- at&t and t-mobile -- said they would stop offering replacement note 7s. soon after the galaxy note 7 hit stores in august, some users reported that their phones were catching fire. samsung officially recalled the phones last month, blaming faulty batteries. the world's chocolate craving is down...according to a recent report, chocolate demand is down due to china's economic slowdown. it seems chinese customers have lost their appetite for paying high the report predicts even further decline this year. if you're looking to buy new running shoes you may want to consder things other than the brand or color. experts say your feet absorb four times your weight when running so it's important to consider what kind of arch your foot has... and even how your feet land when you run. an average running shoe lasts about 3- hundred-50 miles. so if you run 3 miles twice a week, that's new shoes about in this mornings entertainment news a legendary momemnt for
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performed her one-thousandth las vegas concert. dion began her first vegas residency in 2003, and yes, her latest show "will go on" -- performances have been extended through next june. "finding dory" has also hit a milestone -- the disney/pixar sequel has joined the one-billion-dollar club in worldwide box office sales! it's the 27th movie to reach that mark. at the domestic box office, "dory" has racked up making it the biggest movie of the year, and number seven all- time. hey! it's a restricted area!" "uh, guys?""there's something in there.""dude, what are you doing?" (nat-music/fx)"guys!" "what is it?" (nat) and here's your first look at the new "power rangers" movie!
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super-powers, which they'll need to -- you guessed it -- save the world. the first teaser trailer just dropped... "power rangers" hits theaters next march. still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:a ceremony they'll never forget. how more than one thousand love birds made history this weekend. also-- one determined teenager makes history in canada. why he's not letting his limitations stop him from his dreams. and let's at tonight's prime time 6-30 it's "the now: milwaukee."that's followed by "the voice" at seven.then "timeless" at nine. and finally "live at ten." let's take a live look outside
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for any teenager, getting behind the wheel is a big deal. but for 18 year old extra special.shaan who lives in canada has duchenne muscular dystrophy - a condition that causes his muscles to become weaker as he ages. he uses a wheelchair and has limited mobility.shaan recently became the first person in canada to be licensed to drive using the joysteer electronic driving system.however owning this technology can cost people close to 70 thousand it looks like one for the record books at western
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1-thousand couples helped set a world record this weekend for the most vow renewals made in one place at the same time. it broke wthe previous record made at at miami university in ohio in 2009. much more is happening at six-- on live at daybreak. including... what to do in a fire. the ceremony kicking off fire prevention week here in milwaukee... the valuable lesson you could learn. also... separating fact from fiction. we debunk some of the claims made at last night's presidential debate. i'm tatiana cash.incident free traffic building dry roads speeds are at or above posted another crisp start to the day but we've got warmer air on the way... find out when we'll see 70s in the storm team
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i
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should come first. now at six-- new overnight... an armed robbery at a popular restaurant near uw-milwaukee's much police say the thief made off then -- keeping ?your family safe. the ?most important thing you can do ?right now-- to protect your family-- from house and taking a live look outside-- welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. after a cool, fall weekend and a crisp start to the day, we
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week as the sunshine and sse wind warms us up to 67 degrees in milwaukee. the clouds will increase overnight tonight to help block out some of the fall chill, lows will be mild, in the mid-50s. incident freetraffic building dry roads speeds are at or


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