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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  October 10, 2016 4:30pm-4:55pm CDT

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now at 4:30 - a live look from
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we've had a record streak of warm temperatures going here in milwaukee.meteorologist scott steele is here to tell us when that streak could come to an end. after a wonderful finish to our autumn weekend, we continue enying more nt sunshine courtesy of high pressure slowly traveling farther to our northeast. a return utherly flow will build ushering in warmer temperatures today through wednesday when the next storm system crosses our area. readings today are reaching the mid to upp 60s and we degrees tomorrow. the warmer air will contain more moisture leading to growing cloud cover tonight into the first part of tuesday. there's a slight risk of a stray shower tomorrow, but with such dry air in place, it should be tough for any significant precipitation to reach the ground before the afternn. a cold front ring approaches by midweek with a growing risk of rain, particularly wednesday
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thursday. significantly, much cooler temperatures will also distinct fall air mass overspreading midwest. the mercury may be limited to the mid 50s for thursday a seven by 10 foot jail cell may not be your first choice for a new home. but a florida developer sees gold behind those old, iron bars... nicole sommavilla explains. millni are struggling to pay their one man plans to lock em up... turning a jail into apartments.(sot: bernard croghan, developer)"here we have a chance to provide apartments to young people within walking distance of work."bernard croghan is leading the project's development.he says the former jail is right in the middle of downtown bradenton, and left empty, does nothing for the economy.(sot: bernard croghan, developer)"if we can put it to economic use, then the tax payers come out a hit."for those who think it's a creepy idea....(sot: bernard croghan, developer)"i'm not worried
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sure they're going to be using it."floor plans are designed and ready to go if county commissioners give croghan the okn january.(reporter stand up: nicole sommavilla)"if all goes as planned, this window thont door, welcoming l become homeowners into their new apartment complex every day." the inside will be gutted and re-built.(sot: bernard croghan, developer)"there is a great structured roof up there that has a nice view and we will have a grill and an outdoor area and relaxation area."croghan expects it will take six months to demolish and one year to fu transform the building.he hopes affordable housing will be enough to bring llennials me.(sot: bernard croghan, developer)"my daughters came back, i want people's children to come back to bradenton after they finish college." five people are dead after a horrific crash on a vermont interstate.police say a driver of a truck was going the wrong way.. when he struck a car.. which burst into flames. an officer's vehicle was also
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crash. second crash total of that were hit. the original car that was left, the pickup truck that was left in the interstate breakdown lane, excuse me, the passing lane, and then seven additional vehicles were struck." the person who stole the police car has been arrested. a vigil in california for two officers shot and killed over the weekend.residents listened to stories from family members and friends of the officers. the officers were killed disturbance call saturday. a third officer was injured in the incident, but is expected to recover. police arrested the suspect. political signs bearing the brunt of the presidential race in southeast wisconsin.. coming up new on live at 6. it may be one of the most polarizing elections we've ever seen.. vandals attacking signs.. tonight.. is it frustration boiling over, or just acts of mischief?..
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airstrikes pound a town near syria's hom province today.. the syrian observatory for human rights says warplanes launched raids this morning, killing one person and injuring several others. the observatory said the airstrikes were followed by gunfire in the area by forces loyal to the syrian government. hundreds of u-s and philippine troops take part in a live fire exercise..this was the final day of the annual military drills. phillipine's president says the large-scale combat drills will be the in his six-year presidency. he says that's largely because he upset china. a man accused of planning a major bomb attack in germany appeared in court today. police arrested the man during a raid over the weekend. investigators say they fod several ndred grams of an apent. a spokesperson for e thgerman goverment says the country was lucky the man was arrested before damage could be done. still ahead.. we introduce you to a not-so-average teenager who's pulling double duty in
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breakthrough treatment option is helping a little girl with
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a 14-year-old kansas student isn't your average teenager. ntiagoahn introduces us to the boy whma??lua haard.before he graduates high school. (sot: braxton moral, 14- year-old harvard student)ou know the first thing anyone is going to say about me is 'oh he's tt d thatoes to harvard."but braxton moral's story starts... in the first
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gre... he was bored and unchleng schl,julimoth"he got very prd. he basically haat most of us have when we'r4 depressi. a it wastime in our a he was only ni... the local comm him ke classesso braxton decided the next pla to natural. yearld harvard student)"you know, everyone wants their niche, and so i figured harvard would be atepping stone. hopefully not a stumbling block."if braxton stays on track... he'll graduate from college a week ?before he graduates from high school(sot: braxn moral, 14- year-old harvard student)"i was thinking about the other day how surreal that actual day will be, but it'll be a impres o public figures...(sot: braxtofaerheca got usand tooks justice sotomayos ivat chambers, and he's sitting
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heabout john locke!"like many students, the biggest drawback is paying for college (julie)"painful. it costs a lot. heas some scholarships, but they can't pay for everything. and because of his vee, he isnlod to y federal help."he'll be 17 when he graduates from harvard and has big plans for himself after that.(sot: braxton moral, 14-year-oldharvd udent)"you know, i know every kid nts to sathey want to be the president, but i think it'd be cool to be any position of power in polics, just to say yo you know, make difference." braxton will have plenty of meo make tt differce. he'll be igible to run for president in 2040 braxton says his harvard classmates don't judge him about his age... he says he is treated as an equal. still ahead.. we breakdown the high cost people fighting breast cancer have to pay for
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live look from port washington. meteorologist scott eele is back wi the latest on r forecast, next. workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i apove is message because wisconsin's femiddle class
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after a wonderful fini to our autumnweekend, we continue enjoying more abdant sunshine courte of
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return southerly flow will build ushering in warmer temperatures today through wednesday when the next storm system crosses our area. readings today are reachi could be even closer to 70 degrees tomorrow. the warmer air will contain more moisture leading to growing cloud cover tonight into the first part of da of a stray shower tomorrow, but with such dry air in place, shoit tough for any significant precipitation to reach the ground before more sun breaks through during the afternoon. a cold front approaches by midweek with a growing risk of rain, particularly wednesy afternoon. bright blue skies
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significantly, much cooler temperatures will also arrive with a distinct fall air mass overspreadg the upper midwest. the mercury may be limited to the mid 50s for
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for your health.. a young girl with a serious medical condition is making progress after receiving what some call a breakthrough treatment
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from a treatment center that's using a strain of medical marijuana as a last hope to try and save her life. it's agonizing as a parent to watch this, but this video of little charlotte figi is credited for revolutionizing the way the world views the cannabis plant. traditional treatments for her uncontrollable seizures almost killed the child - until her mother turned to medical marijuana as a last resort... (sot: paige figi, mother)"her seizures were instantly abated so her instantly were instantly abated so her 300 weekly seizures are down to zero her first first dose."in 2014 the family came all the way to florida to help push for the legalization of charlotte's web a noneuphoric strain of marijuana. now, year's later it's available at the very first family medical cannabis clinic in tampa.(sot: dr. david berger, pediatrician)"in particular the cbd that's found inhe low thc medil cannabis that's now for people with seizures and people with muscle spasms and people with cancers helping people across
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help people out."pediatrician, dr. david berger heads up the clinic d says many parents are seeking out safer alternatives to traditional drugs...and turning to medical marijuana(sot: dr. dad berger, pediatrician"it's an incredibly safe profile you can't get high from taking a product that just has the cbd in it - and that's really an important thing because a lot of the patients that i've talked to so far especially those with chronic muscle spasms who are on pain mediations those people who are really concerned about getting addicted to those types of medications." the treatment has received pushback because both recreational and medical use of marijuana is illegal in florida. the same drug that treated former president jimmy carter's melanoma.. is now being used to treat lung cancer.the drug was able to lengthen the time it took for the cancer to start growing again... and improved survival rates.. when compared to chemotherapy. the drug works by unmasking tumor cells so they can't hide from the immune system. another melanoma drug has been
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patients with advanced disease. following surgery.. doctors say the drug lead to a five year survival rate of 65- percent.. compared with 54-percent in a group of patients who received a placebo. the costs of breast cancer treatments can vary significantly ... regardless of how ?effective they are. researchers oked at insurance cliams of over 14- thousand patients. they found the average out of pocket cost for chemo without a certain drug was 27-hundred dollars. however.. 25- 47-hundred for treatments with similar fitness experts say we absorb four times our weight when running.. so it's important to have the right shoes.mileage range for a pair of shoes depends on the amount of cushion and how much people work out. experts warn that choosing shoes just because of their look could end up costing you. "they kind of just go and pick shoes off the wall but really that's not--- the way you
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break it down.. the average life of shoes is about 350 miles. so.. if you run six miles per week.. you should buy new shoes still ahead.. we'll show you a unique dance performance that will have you mesmerized with glow in the dark lights.. but as we head to break.. here's a look at tonight's the now milwaukee. then at 7 is "the voice." at nine is "timeless", then more local
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more news american glow-in-the-dark dance act wows an audience in saudi arabia. artists from a group called "illuminate" took the thousand people on a musical journey of wireless technology and dance. it was a rare public spectacle in a country where movie a country where movie theaters are olympic swimmer ryan lochte is now engaged. lochte and fiance kayla rareid made the mentnounceby posting this photo on instagralochte says reid provided emotional support for him during his headline rio robbery scandal this past summer. mount aso in japan has stayed quiet since erupting over the
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initial explosion damad the roof of a cable car station about one-thousand feet from the crater. officials continue to keep the alert level for the area at three. the 72nd annual columbus day parade is held in new york city. the parade celebrates italian-american culture and featured over 40-thousand marchers. this year's grand marshal is businessman robert lapenta and honorees include chef mario batali. take a look at this... a portland spent her morning playing in a pool of ice cubes. officials at the zoo say if all goes as planned.. she could make her public
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joining us at 4-30.the news continues with live at five. next. paul ryan will not campaign for trump anymore.. what the speaker of the house says he will focus on instead.. live at 5 starts
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right now at five: the nation's highest ranking republican told fellow republans today he won't house speaker paul ryan did nowithdraw his endorsement donald trump.but ryan said he will ?not? campaign with trump. andthat he will focus on helping republicans maintain their majori in the house.trump lashed out at ryan this afternoon. is re with the story. trump hitting back at speaker ryan on twitter saying... quote paul ryan should time o budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting republican nominee. is speaker ryan waving the white flag in the race for the white house? his office says no.but ryan told republican lawmakers in a conference call that he will spend "his entire energy making sure that hillary clinton does not get a blank check with a democrat-
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zack roday says quote - "the speaker is going to spend the next month focused entirely on protecting our congressional majorities" what about the rest of the wisconsin republican congressional delegation. congressman jim sensenbrenner issued statement: "mr. trump is an imperfect nominee, but hillary clinton is a bet america cannot afford to make." republican glenn grothman tells me - "leaving the ballot blank or voting for a third party is a vote for open borders, exploding roles and out of control spending. that is not acceptable." i also talked republican sean duffy - he calls trump's lewd comments disgusting but says - "i've never supported trump for his family values. i've supported him for his policies on defeating isis - securing the border and growing the economy." republican senator ron johnson still supports trump
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governor scott walker hasn't said if he'll continue ?his? support of trump. george and carole? ron johnson's opponent in the election, democrat russ feingold criticized joso for sticking with trump. " the fact senator johnson is playing a game, at least other republican senators have said i'm not going along with this, they've had the integrity to do this, his own collegues senator johnson won't say he endorses him, won't endorse politician who's affraid of his reelection so it's time for all americans to put aside their own political ambitions and say what is clear. donald trump shouldn't be president.: hillary clinton's daughter, chelsea campaigned in racine this afternoon. she says a lot is at stake in this election, and urged people to take advantage of wisconsin's early voting. "i'm just so thrilled to be in racine where early voting


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