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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  October 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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next at 5-30: plus...bluff erosion concerns: how ?homeowners-- can learn more about what they can do-- if their homes are at risk-- of slipping into lake michigan. and...presidential poll. new numbers out this morning-- that show one presidential candidate opening up a double digit lead. you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... storm team 4 meteorologist jesse ritka is in for brian gotter. a few isolated showers and sprinkles are possible this morning but those chances will
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wears on with partly cloudy skies expected. high temperatures will be warmer with several spots reaching the 70 degree mark this afternoon thanks to a slightly breezy southerly wind at 5-
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a 33 year old driver is recovering this morning, after he was shot in an incident of road rage. it happened at about 8:30 last night at 15th and dakota on the city's south side. after two vehicles nearly crashed into each other, the drivers got into some sort of confrontation. that's when the suspect shot the victim. a friend drove him to a hospital. he's expected to be ok. still looking for the shooter. if you have ever skipped out on overdue book fine at a library in milwaukee -- all is forgiven.milwaukee mayor tom barrett now announcing the fine forgiveness program will be extended for an additional week.ann sterling is live with more. the goal is to get more people back into their neighborhood if you have been blocked from using the library -- because of fines or fees
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this campaign started last month but now the mayor says it's working so well it will now end on sunday, october 16th.according to a statement from mayor barrett's office -- since the campaign launched on september 26th, more than 78 hundred individuals have reactivated their library cards, approximately 900 items have been returned and about $287 thousand dollars has been forgiven in library fines. . those interested in participating in the "welcome back" campaign one of the 13 milwaukee public library locations -- where they may return any overdue books -- videos -- music -- or other library materials.any cardholder with fines may come in and ask for fine forgiveness for themselves or for their children, even without the book or video.. library staff will work with patrons to re-activate library accounts, in addition to waiving all fines and fees. children under the age of 15 are eligible, but will need a parent or guardian to sign
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in a four way contest... hillary clinton now leads donald trump by double digits. a new n-b-c-wall street journal poll has the democrat leading her republican opponent 46-percent to 35- percent.that's an 11-point lead among likely voters. in a two-way race... clinton's lead widens to 14-points... taking 52-percent over trump's 38- percent. as for the third party candidates -- libertarian gary johnson polled nine-percent -- while green party candidate jill stein received two-percent. say a huge drop in numbers.... reaching only 66 and a half million people. it's about 20 percent fewer people who watched the record setting first debate. many blame the packers.... who played at the same time of the debate. more fall out for donald trump.... house speaker paul ryan says he will no longer defend his party's nominee. ryan's spokesman said in a statement that ryan plans to use the next 29 days to focus
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call, a spokesperson said ryan will work to make sure hillary clinton doesn't get a blank check with a democratically -controlled implied acknowledgment that trump no longer appears able to capture the white house. trump was quick to fire back ... tweeting "paul ryan should spend more time on balancing the budget, jobs and illegal immigration and not waste his time on fighting the republican nominee." vandals are targeting political signs across southeast wisconsin. in hales corner, this donald trump sign was covered in spray paint. a dentist owns the lot, and allows patients to put up signs near the ?road?. he says he found it defaced when he came back from church.a neighbor says she also had her sign stolen-- police warn it's llegal to take and or damage signs on properties. as bluff erosion continues to threaten homes in mount pleasant... those homeowners will have the chance to learn what options they have to
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.pete zervakis is live along the lakefront with a look ahead. at 5:30 tonight representative s from the dnr... the army corps of engineers... and the wisconsin coastal management program will speak to homeowners about the erosion of the bluff we're standing on. this is in mt. pleasant's lake park neighborhood. the village us property owners in this area are reporting losing 30 or 40 feet of their property a year... because the level of lake michigan is higher than normal and accelerating the erosion of this bluff. so tonight homrowners can learn more about the problem of erosion from experts.... as well as speak to them about what options they have to try and save their homes. the u-s army corps of engineers has said this month would be the earliest it could help mt.
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try and battle the bluff erosion. however - that funding would only be to protect public buildings - or public infrastructutr like nearby roads. tonight's meeting runs from 5:30 to 7:30 at mt. pleasant village hall. live...pz... tmj4 new life is historic building in the third ward. the building... at the corner of 5th and saint paul was once a warehouse for boston store in the 1920's... is now a self-storage facility run by the company "life storage".its the ?second? life storage location in the city. a sigh of relief for one florida family as their search for their daughter comes to an end. where police found her... and who she was with. and
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that dominated headlines for weeks is now making it's way to the midwest. more live at daybreak-- on today's tmj4 is
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year old girl comes to an end. rebecca lewis disappeared from her florida home over the weekend... after being kidnapped by a family friend. they were missing for almost two days... and were spotted in georgia and tennessee... an alert nurse saw the two leaving a hospital in tennesse yesterday and called the police.police ended up stopping the girl and her kidnapper shortly after. investigators say there's no sign that lewis was hurt. the creepy clown phenomena has dominated headlines for weeks, and now it has made its way to det. creepy cell phone video of someone in a clown costume hanging off the back of a city bus. resdients say the video is no laughing matter... and are worried about their safety. that video has been seen more than half a million times on facebook. here in our own area.... franklin police arrested two people over the weekend for clown related incidents: a 15-year-old wearing a scary clown mask ran onto the field during a high school football
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stood on a median and waved at cars. both received citations for disorderly conduct. and in west bend -- an 18- year- old reported seeing a bloody shirt in regner park -- and there was a person wearing a clown mask near a wooded area. police responded finding the blood on the shirt was fake. three men -- two 19- year- olds and an 18- year old were tracked down using snap chat. they all face disorderly conduct charges. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:where a late night deal-- stopped teachers from walking out-- at one of the biggest school districts-- in the country. then -- fire hazard-- what ?you should do ?right now-- if you own a galaxy note 7 -- and what samsung is doing right now-- get dangerous smartphones--
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oh, here comes nancy. wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach. and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. another twist in the slenderman case -- the attorneys are asking that the teens upcoming trials be held separately...morgan geyser and anissa weier are accused of stabbing their friend nineteen times to please, the fictional
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both girls are facing attempted homicide charges and are being tried as adults... geyser and weier plead not guilty due to a mental defect. a trial date has not been set. teachers in the nation's third largest school district will be in class today. the chicago teachers union says there will be no strike.the union and school board reached a tentative agreement minutes before a midnight strike deadline.union leaders have outlined a 200 million dollar wish list to offset cuts to pay and benefits. an incredible find in south carolina, in the wake of hurricane matthew. the storm's fury unleashed massive flooding. the erosion that resulted unearthed these civil war ?cannon balls? on a beach near charleston. explosive teams were called in to safely dispose of them. tatiana and brian have another look at your weather and
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tonight will be partly cloudy and mild with lows again in the 50s. more clouds streaming in ahead of a cold front that will bring the best chance for accumulating rain showers in the afternoon and evening
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and rain showers that will develop after 1pm, temps will be cooler, back into the mid- 60s and the wind will be stronger as well. even with the returnth gets colder for thursday behind the cold front with highs expected to be in the low 50s, which would bring an end to the 145 day (so far)
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high temps of 60 degrees or higher.friday will be mostly sunny and still seasonally cool with a high of 58 milwaukee. the clouds and temperatures increase heading into the weekend with mid to upper 60s expected and for
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incident freelight traffic issue free speeds are at or above posted roads drying out from overnight showers 2am till 4:30 am traffic 894 northbound completely closes at national ave a recall alert this morning for nestle drumstick ice cream cones. the drumsticks may be contaminated with listeria. the recall includes the
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illnesses have been reported at this time. nestle says if you have these ice cream return them to the store you bought them from. "turn it off "immediately." that's what samsung is telling its customers about the galaxy note 7the alert comes after samsung halted production of the galaxy note 7 after reports of the phone spontaneously catching a corporate statement, samsung said it will also "ask all carrier and retail partners globally to stop sales and exchanges ofhe while it investigates the cause of the fires. hurricane matthew is gone..but a state of emergency is still in effect across the the last couple of days more than 15 hundred have been pulled from rooftops.. and car tops.. thousands are still out of their homes.. and the water in many areas is still rising.. the water in rivers and creeks in many areas are already well past their banks - many won't crest until late this week.. a wisconsin man faces charges
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a vikings fan seven times during a confrontation over a yard all started when the victim put up this inflatable vikings display. dave moschel of stoughton says he confronted the susepct after he heard someone "slicing up" his property. that's when he says the guy attacked him with a razor knife.dave said he will fix the display with duct tape, and keep it in his front yard still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:the two new features making the admirals feel more at home in their new arena.also-- nike raffling off 89 pairs of these "futuristic" sneakers.where the money will go ... and how long you have to enter the
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the milwaukee admirals... making uw-milwaukee panther arena feel more like home.the new ice is going in.the process takes 3 days to complete.the team also showed off its new locker-room yesterday.a small part of the 6- point- 3 million dollars in improvemenma this summer.the admirals home opener is october 29th. if you want to have ?style like ?marty mc fly?... you're running out of time! nike is raffling off 89-pairs of the self-lacing "back to the future" sneakers-- and you've got until "10-59 tonight" to enter! tickets for the online lottery are just 10 bucks. if you won, you'll find out sometime next week. all proceeds go to the "michael j fox foundation". it's an organization working to find a
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much more is happening at six-- on live at daybreak. including... contaminated state health officials are working to make sure produce grown in flooded areas of wisconsin -- is safe to eat. also... the milwaukee program credited with saving the lives of children from deadly house
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now at six-- a fire on milwaukee's north side leaves close to 20 people out of a home and a firefighter in the hospital.what's being done to help the victims and the firefighter's condition this morning. then -- progress on the new bucks arena continues everyday. the steps taking place today and what we're learning about
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and taking a live look outside-- welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. a few isolated showers and sprinkles are possible this morning but those chances will be diminishing as the day wears on with partly cloudy


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