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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1200PM  NBC  October 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm CDT

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now at noon -- beer buyout.. a change millercoors but what does that mean for the beer company and milwaukee. short answer... not much. today, molson-coors is now taking over operations. the transaction makes the company the largest brewer in america. it was made possible by the merger between anheuser-busch inbev and sabmiller. molson coors now becomes a separate company... overseeing millercoors operations. millercoors company... separate now becomes a molson coors sabmiller. molson coors now becomes a separate company... overseeing millercoors operations. a
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unnoticed to your average beer drinking wisconsinite. molson-coors does not forsee any immediate change at the brewery in miller valley... which employs about 15-hundred people. people in mount pleasant will have the chance to speak with experts about the bluff erosion threatening their homes. some homeowners in the area have reported they're losing 30 or 40 feet of their property a year. experts from wisconsin emergency managment... the d-n-r... and the army corps of engineers... will discuss the problem. tonight's meeting runs from 5:30 to 7:30 at mt. pleasant state officials say wisconsin desperately needs more manufacturing workers... and the need will continue to grow in the coming years.pete zervakis explains how companies hope to get local kids interested in one day filling those jobs. as hs students decide on future careers today's tour was meant to get them considering manufacturing tight shot of welding these high schooler's are trying out welding. they're on a tour of
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you're hands on, you get to see the machinery, the work they're doing it's called schools 2 skills... organized by the waukesha county business alliance... to show high school kids what it's like inside a manufacturing facility. worker ladder up there's a need for manufacturing workers in this area. manufacturing reps about 1 in 5 jobs in waukesha co. so we realize there's a huge demand the state's deputy secretary of workforce development says the demand will only grow as baby boomers continue to retire. she hopes this tour... kids manufactutring jobs don't have to be dirty... dangerous... or low-paying. these are high tech lucrative careers the average welder in wi starts at 50k a year brandon czebotar started the day already interested in welding... welding and says he's now thinking about it seriously as a career. this has really sparked interest more in it for meschools to
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than 2,000 students parents and teachers through companies like this one in waukesha pz tmj4 as part of today's program... kids also toured a second manufacturing company... and waukesha county technical college. another day of warmer temperatures but the cooler weather just around the corner. meteorologist jesse ritka joins us now with the forecast. a few isolated showers and sprinkles are possible this morning but those chances will be diminishing as the day wears on with partly cloudy skies expected. high temperatures will be warmer with several spots reaching the 70 degree mark this afternoon thanks to a slightly breezy southerly wind at 5- 15mph. tonight will be partly cloudy and mild with lows
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another twist another twist in the slenderman case -- attorneys are asking that the teens upcoming trials be held separately...morgan geyser and anissa weier are accused of stabbing their classmate
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fictional character. the victim barely survived. both girls are facing attempted homicide charges and are being tried as adults... geyser and weier offered what was once called the insanity plea... pleading not guilty due to a mental disease or defect. a trial date has not been set. health insurance could cost you more starting next year. the state insurance commission says premium costs will rise an average of about 15 percent next year for wisconsinites on the affordable care act exchange.the comissioner ted nickel is encouraging coverage options. fewer people are lighting up in wisconsin. a new c-d-c report show the stat'es smoking rate dropped from almost 19 percent in 2013... to about 17 percent in 2014. the report also found use of cigarettes or chewing tobacco was higher among men than women... and about a third of the state's african-americans smoke or use smokeless tobacco. a federal investigation will begin this week into the wisconsin department of
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of enforcing water pollution laws... and not complying with the clean water act. the u-s environmental protection agency will look into these claims. green bay police say a 13-year-old is suspected of making a threatening facebook post on a "phony clown profile".the post listed 10 schools as possible targets in brown county. the investigation revealed the post was nothing more than a hoax. that teen faces possible charges. juvenile intake the person will be held accountable their actions um the exact charges are unknown at this time but there are charges out there that may be applicable to this that will be referred to juvenile intake police encourage parents to talk to their children about the seriousness of posting these types of messages on social media. milwaukee police need your help finding the vandals who stole from a peace garden family members tell us theives targeted the garden planted in memory of za'layia jenkins. she's the little girl killed
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decorations were reported stolen. a wisconsin man faces charges - after police say he stabbed a vikings fan seven times during a confrontation over a yard all started when the victim put up this inflatable vikings display. dave moschel of stoughton says he confronted the susepct after he heard someone "slicing up" his property. that's when he says the guy attacked him with a razor knife. "luckily i didn't have my concealed carry on me at the time. normally, 99 percent of never leave without it and this is the one time i did. i'm kind of glad i did, because he would have been dead, and i would have had to live with that."dave said he will fix the display with duct tape, and keep it in his front yard tonight, representatives from the d-n-r and milwaukee county parks department are holding a meeting on living with coyotes. the meeting will address the efforts being made by both organizations and the steps
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at the greenfield park pavilion in west allis at 6 p-m. the second class of milwaukee police department ambassadors will celebrate their completion of the program today.the 15 young men and women have been working along side m-p-d officers at community events across the city since they were sworn in back in may.a ceremony will be held tonight at the milwaukee police new license plates are helping pay for the bucks new arena. the specialty plates are now on sale.eighty revenue will be used to fund the arena.the remainder will go to the milwaukee bucks foundation still ahead... withdrawing their bid.the city that has decided not to host the olympic games and reason behind their decision. then... "its very intemidating, its frighting and we are trying to keep the kids safe." the wisconsin city that's having major problems with drivers speeding in crosswalks and what's being done to help keep pedestrians and crossing
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italy's olympic committee has officially withdrawn its bid to host the 2024 games in rome. this after the city council voted to oppose the project. the mayor announced in september that she would not back the plan-- saying that staging the games would bury the italian capital in debt. now only paris, los angeles and budapest are left in the running to stage the 2024 summer games. a week after hurricane matthew, more than a 100 schools to get back to in haiti. nearly 300 schools have either been damaged or converted into one town-- 30-thousand families have been affected by the storm, 66-thousand houses have been destroyed . the death toll now stands at 372. four days after hurricane matthew and much of eastern north carolina remains under water today.this drone video is from the town of smithfield. heavy rain and massive water
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downtown area.many businesses remain submerged in water and without electricity. meteorologist jesse ritka joins us now with a look at your forecast... tonight will be partly cloudy and mild with lows again in the 50s.wednesday will have more clouds streaming in of a cold front that will bring the best chance for accumulating rain showers in the afternoon and evening hours. because of the clouds and rain showers that will develop after 1pm, temps will be cooler, back into the mid- 60s and the wind will be stronger as well. even with the return of the sunshine, it gets colder for thursday behind the cold front with highs expected to be in the
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record streak of days with high temps of 60 degrees or higher.friday will be mostly sunny and still seasonally cool with a high of 58 degrees in milwaukee. the clouds and temperatures increase heading into the weekend with mid to upper 60s expected and the chance for some showers on
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madison intersection is raising safety concerns-- with more and more drivers speeding past pedestrians and crossing guards.its not a new problem but one that is continuing to get worse.velena jones explains what the city is doing to solve the problem. "they should drive through a school zone like their children are crossing there." after almost getting hit more than once, crossing guard andria caldacourt says she is at a loss :"people they will just drive right by me if im still in the middle of the street. they will see that ive crossed the student will just go and its like "im still standing here, hello!!"on average she sees 15-20 drivers everyday not wait for people to cross the street."i dont think e public realizes how
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a vehical drive by you, its very intemidating, its frighting and we are trying to keep the kids safe."its such a big problem the city installed a signal in august and has temporarly added a second crossing guard in the area for extra enforcement., " it just takes a second of not paying attention, a delayed response time to break or going too fast that it takes longer to slow your vehical down that you can cause a serious accident to yourself or somebodyelse"still, despite the cones, school zone signs and those new flashing lights. some drivers are slow to break or stop at all"these things should be obvious to people who are paying attention so we need to have people participate in keeping our community safe. being a safe more careful driver is one of those things" its important to remember by law you have to stop 10 feet
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guard is in the street-- you must remain stopped until a crossing guard is back on the sidewalk. coming up... updating guidelines. what the f-a-a is now requiring travelers with the galaxy note 7 phones to do after continued problems with the device. and -- a page for businesses.the new facebook service that focuses on companies and what it offers
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the middle class raising a family...
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for your moneyjust shut it down! that's what samsung is
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even replacements are catching fire. the c-e-o of verizon telling cnbc this is the worst cell phone crisis he's ever seen.but he says it's likely samsung will recover from it. meanwhile apple's stock is soaring to its highest this year in anticipation many samsung users will swap to the iphone. the federal aviation administration has updated their guidance on how to travel with the phones.the f-a-a is urging passengers to power down, and not use, charge, or stow in baggage, all samsung galaxy note 7 devices...that includes recalled and replacement devices.the consumer product safety commission has reported at least 92 incidents in the u-s when the phone's battery has caught fire or even exploded. today-- the nation's highest court takes up a long-running patent dispute between apple and 2012-- a jury trial found samsung had infringed on six different apple patents... and awarded apple one billion dollars in appeals court
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548-million dollars in 2015. apple is asking the supreme court to uphold the jury's award for damages against samsung. facebook has launched a new service aimed at businesses. it's called "workplace" and, at first glance, it looks like a regular facebook page.but "workplace" is focused specifically on the company you work for.employees can use it as an online bulletin board-- as well as organize facebook groups within the company or watch live streaming events with company executives. a politically- grader from california has decided to use a presidential candidate's ambitious promise to aid his own chase for a seat on the student body government bench.shane harris declared that, if elected, he will erect a wall to divide the schoolyard playground: one section for the fourth and fifth graders and the other for the third graders. as for who is going to pay for it, that's up to the third graders. build a wall...""they were just screaming build a wall,
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shane is now the school's treasurer after beating out 61 other students. he actually has no plans to build that wall to leave third graders out because his brother is in third grade. coming up... delaying medical care.the two big reasons many people are not going to the doctor's office. and -- sports related injuries. the age group that are five times more likely to be diagnosed with a concussion.
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for your healthconcussions have been on the rise for the youth since 2010.there was a 71-percent increase in rough-sports-related concussions for patients ages 10 to 19. fall season, when football, rugby and soccer are traditionally played, is the peak time for these injuries. overall, patients ages 10 to 19, are five times more likely to be diagnosed with a
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groups combined. one in four registered voters say their medical conditions got worse-- after the fear of high costs caused them to delay needed treatment.a new poll from morning consult also found 30-percent of voters feel their health insurance coverage has gotten worse in the past year compared to 15-percent who feel it's improved.55-percent say they are paying more for their coverage. when it comes to medication, what's better... brand name or generic?experts say there's really no difference.ey but the active ingredients will also be the same.the generic version is also usually at least 25-percent cheaper.bottom line, according to the pharmacist, generics are just fine unless your doctor is specific about the need of a brand name drug. many americans have their own personal opinions when it comes to being vaccinated against the flu.some of which are not exactly accurate. erika edwards breaks down flu myths. just under half of all americans got the flu vaccine
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say common --myths-- about the vaccine may be one reason why many choose --not-- to get a flu of the most common ones: "you can catch the flu from the vaccine" scientists say -- absolutely false!"it will never give you the flu, it doesn't work that way. you can get muscle aches and a little bit of fever after the flu shot but that just means it's working, that doesn't mean it's giving you the flu."if you do get sick after a shot... doctors say likely a different virus .. not true influenza.another myth: "i've already had the flu, i don't need the shot this year."year." "the flu virus mutates every year so it's not the circulating in the community this year that was there last year. so you need a new shot every year in order to get protection."last but not least: "my child is too young to get the flu shot"."we recommend that everyone over the age of 6 months get a flu shot this year and every year." last year's vaccine proved to be about 50 percent effective. although flu is unpredictable.
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for the upcoming flu season. erika edwards, nbc news. this year the c-d-c is recommending against using the flumist saying the spray has not shown to be effective in protecting people from the flu virus. live at 12:30 is up next-- on the edge. what donald trump tweeted this morning on house speaker paul ryan's decision not to defend him anymore. also... strike averted.the agreement made with chicago
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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. miller-coors is now part of the largest made possible by the merger between anheuser-busch inbev and sabmiller. molson coors now becomes a separate company... overseeing millercoors operations. molson-coors does not forsee any immediate change at the brewery in miller valley... which employs about 15-hundred people. people in mount pleasant will have the chance to speak with experts about the bluff erosion threatening their homes. some homeowners in the area have reported they're losing 30 or 40 feet of their property a year. tonight's meeting runs from 5:30 to 7:30


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