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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CDT

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this morning on "today's take" kevin hart is here rg proving once again why he's the raping king of comedy. then we'll rock out with onerepublic taking our stage with a new song. plu places on earth. coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. it is october 12th, 2016, a lovely crowd of people hanging out there. i'm tamron along with carson and dylan. al -- >> how is al? >> he's doing great. so al is in recovery from his
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many things from a surgery. >> the first thing i did when i got up this morning. i went on instagram and he posted a video of him doing fine. >> he wanted to stay awake through it so he could put it live on facebook. >> he even also wanted to inspect it. can we show that now? of al and he's got -- they're getting -- he's got the gown on and he basically is like i need to check out t what room is this before i go under. >> listen to al. >> how are you feeling? >> i'm a little nervous. >> yeah? >> yeah. >> they just offered you some sedation. >> i wanted to see what the room looks like first. >> yeah? >> then they can knock me out. >> i think i want to do it this way. >> no, go back.
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>> he wanted to see the o.r. do you want to check it out, see if there's any trap doors? >> when i had my wrist surgery, they sedated me in the o.r. they strapped me down and it was like put a thing on this arm and a thing on this arm. oh, my gosh. before i can even panic about what's happening next, i'm out. >> my mom just had shoulder surgery similar to the one al had a couple of years ago. she's sitting there and the anesthesiologist isik don't feel any -- then out. completely out. i was sitting there when she came to. how you feeling, lady? what happened? what did he do to me? >> my dad at thanksgiving, he did the same thing. >> my favorite guy, your favorite guy is doing okay. we'll have more updates for you on that. meanwhile, what have you been up to? >> so we've been -- do you know what ghosting is? >> on the internet? >> on the internet it's a thing if you're dating and you're dating somebody and they just disappear from your life without
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but in neighborhoods, and we didn't have this in california, but here on the east coast they have a thing called ghosting where your kids get a bag like this, a brown bag, and you fill it with candy and then you take it to your friend's house and you -- when i was growing up we called it ding dong ditch and we did it every friday night. now it's relegated to october. you give candy. >> ring the bell. >> and then you run. >> this is not >> so there's candy in here, not something else. >> there's like this little ghosted poem that says late last night we left you a treat. the tradition is fun, we hope you'll repeat. take the ghost and pin it on your door to let others know you need ghosting no more. now it's your time to pass along the surprise, two more families. gather some treats and deliver them soon under two nights under the moon. >> do you leave this note?
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neighbors, i leave this on the door. >> ring the bell and leave. they don't know it was you. and then they have to go within 48 hours and ghost more people. >> is there good candy in here? >> yeah, it's good stuff. >> i'm going to ghost you guys. >> see, i grew up in the middle of the woods. nobody ever even came trick-or-treating or anything. >> it's fun because it's infectious and now the kids are like who are we going to ghost tonight. then they get involved and they're watching the door to try to catch somebody ghosting. >> it's taken over our family. >> chocolate cake because have you heard, this may be the new sensation. a study that chocolate cake is better for you for brunch. chocolate may be the new staple. the new study says eating sweets in the morning is better than night because your metabolism rate is higher. so cocoa, dark chocolate, associated with health benefits, your cognitive memory.
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saw your instagram last night. >> so i'm sitting there on the couch, boscoe is like what in tarnation is going on. you can see i was slouched. i was holding my plate kind of like this ready to eat and then -- oh, my gosh. i can't do it because i was a little more slouched there and my dress is slippery. but there it is. >> so yeah. that moment hit me, i could just eat. >> you know what that moment is called? being a dude. being a guy. you were just a guy in that moment. >> the other day we were in the studio and dylan was doing weather. i looked over and saw her and your face, you had this look on your face. what's going on? this baby was really -- the baby was jumping around. >> and it's different from the kicks i had in the beginning. any first-time moms we're kind
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december you'll notice the same thing. instead of these kicks it's rolls and elbows. >> have you seen it? >> i could see it. she was across the room. >> you could watch it go from over here? >> did it freak you out? it freaks brian out like crazy. >> when you see an elbow make a move like that, trying to keep everybody out. >> he thinks it's going to bust through. >> it's a reminder that you're >> you're almost in your tenth month. >> thank you for clarifying it for us. >> thank you for letting us know how mother nature works. from mother nature to technology, there is a device that will help moms like dylan even more trying to learn to balance the plate on the belly. it's a device that will let you check, listen to this, check your cell phone and feed your baby at the same time. so i think this is a gag. our team says it's real.
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kickstarter for it. so -- do you think this is for real? >> yeah, it looks real. it looks like it could be a real thing. >> is that just to kill time while the baby is eating? >> kids don't walk anymore in this country, they're on hoverboards. >> it's called swipe and feed and it solves one of the biggest problems, of course, checking your e-mails and trying to feed the baby. it's a kickstarter device. we hope to get our hands on it. if it's real, we want to see it in person. >> baby gift for dylan. >> i just wanto phone for a little bit in the beginning. >> you have to, right? >> use your phone at night and then put the noise machine on using your phone too. >> you mean turn it off like connecticut to the world. >> just disconnect. >> you're going to lose your phone. my phones have it for pokemon go. your phone is no longer yours once you have kids. >> what is the kelly clarkson dance challenge? >> i don't know exactly. somebody said that she put down this gauntlet and she was
10:08 am
you can raise money, it's a challenge. people dance for 23 seconds, i guess. so she and her daughter did it and posed the challenge. take a look. >> all right, here we go. are you ready? are you ready to dance? okay. whoo! yeah. here we go. it's coming >> so i guess you have to -- shake it, kelly. >> oh, look at river. 23 seconds is the dance challenge. i guess you have to dance to the song "push it." oh, you can do any song. >> these charitable things are getting better. it started with the ice bucket challenge and then the pushup challenge and now all we're doing is dancing. i think it's headed in a good direction. >> are we ready to dance?
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>> you're probably the only one who can actually dance here. >> come on, come on. 23 seconds of dance. are you ready? come on. kevin hart is here. please, kevin hart, help us. come on. >> i thought i was doing a tease? >> come on, come on. come on. >> what about my tease? >> it doesn't matter. kevin hart is here. you're the only way carsonil dance. >> it's going to get real dirty. >> come on. >> okay, here we go. up next, halloween is around the corner. so guess what ben affleck's son is going to dress as. and the one and only kevin hart. >> raising money for diabetes. look at it, he's doing good. >> get that baby bump away from me. >> the it's the little things in life that make me smile. spending the day with my niece.
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back now, more of "today's take." all of the women on our team just gave pause for this big moment involving the character from -- what's the guy's name? >> oh, dylan mckay. >> you've never seen it? >> i've never seen it. >> it's funny because people think i was named after dylan mckay. >> was that luke perry? >> yeah. >> luke perry who just turned
10:13 am
>> where did you go for like 15 minutes? >> i was told kevin hart. i just love the guy. >> so ben affleck, halloween coming up. you might think his kids would be set up to want to do his batman, right? most popular costume. according to ben, that is not the case. take a look at what he told our sister network about his son's costume. >> my son told a friend of his who's your favorite superhero and he said his favorite rh they said what about batman? batman is just my kid. >> how cool to say that, it's just my dad. >> we're going to check in with al. >> al is alive. >> i'm alive, yeah. >> how are you feeling? >> i just had my first pt session and i'm done for the next couple of hours.
10:14 am
i took my first step. so actually i wanted to do it last night, but we got done a little too late. but so far so good. >> does this recovery so far feel better, al? do you feel better now than you did the last time on the other knee? >> well, you know, it's hard to compare the two, because there is no comparison with childbirth. but i think the reason women get pregnant again is because they forget about the first time. any time there's a traumatic experience, i think you tend to forget some of it, at least i do. but we're having a great time and my daughter, lela, this was her first teddy bear. this is sammy. she brought sammy to me so that was kind of fun. >> that's what made it all easier, right? >> so sweet. >> yeah.
10:15 am
>> are you taking visitors? >> i am taking visitors, yes. >> we'll come by. >> come on by. >> are you taking pain killers? >> you betcha, yeah. anything i can get. although the interesting thing, the technology they use, i didn't go under a general anesthesia. i went -- i had a sedative and then a nerve blocker that was injected into my knee that local anesthetic so you come out -- i was awake like five minutes after they were done. >> wow. >> will you do the weather on nightly from the hospital room? >> yes, i can do that now, so it's fantastic. i don't think that's going to happen. >> did the room live up to your standards? we saw you saw the room.
10:16 am
>> yes. look, i got a room and that's -- and it's a lovely room. i'm very happy. hoda sent some lovely flowers, so it's a nice thing, it's a good thing. >> we love you so much and everybody is looking for the next update on social media so get some rest. >> we're doing a piece on this whole thing, and i forgot to tell deborah that a crew was going to be meeting us. so she was dressed down a bit. >> might. might want to mention that. >> luckily i was going in for surgery or i would have ended up in the hospital anyway. >> feel better, al. >> bye. >> thanks, gang. >> love you. >> bye, uncle al.
10:17 am
today. all the women said when your crush turns 50, what do you psychologically go through. >> and i realized when i had a crush on him, i must have been a lot younger than him. >> i remember when my dad turned 50, oh, my dad's older. but look at that, he looks great. >> and the weather? >> we are talking about the weather in the southeast where we do have still that significant threat of flooding, especially down near lumberton, north carolina, where the lumber river is going flood stage through monday. and then finally it will drop below major flooding but we're still going to see residual flooding after that. same goes for the neuse river. it will take possibly through the weekend before we start to see improvements with flooding in that area. we have category 2 nicole, a hurricane that is now approaching bermuda. we'll see conditions deteriorate there. we could see 4 to 8 inches of rain and possibly 4 to 6-inch
10:18 am
and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you, dylan. up next, he's a newlywed, he's got a new movie, a new show. now we want to know will kevin hart host the oscars?
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shhh! gasp! you going to shut it down? this is totally going viral. i wanna go viral. going viral? get scrubbing bubbles, clean and disinfect. 20,000 views! what? oh, it looks so clean in here. since the launch of the new dannon whole milk yogurt, an unprecedented natural outburst seems to have taken over the country. everything's all right in there? all natural, non gmo ingredients with vitamin d and whole milk. new dannon, natural is back. it is an understatement to say that kevin hart is on fire. everything this man touches turns to gold. there you go. including the brand-new movie "kevin hart, what now." >> he had a show in front of a record 50,000 people. no topic is off limits. even a game of hide-and-seek with his daughter. >> my daughter's favorite game
10:22 am
to hide from people. then jump out and scare you. i've seen my daughter go hide and then i forgot that she went to go hide. like five, six hours go by. i finally walk by, she jumps out but she's too weak to scare me. what took you so long, daddy. i haven't eaten anything all day, i'm so hungry. >> that might be your fault. kevin hart, welcome back, man. >> what's going on, man. >> the show is great. iphone once. >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> tell us what happened. >> well, my dad is older, of course, stuck in his own ways and technology doesn't go well with old people. siri is a feature on the iphone. i've never seen my dad use the feature. one day he comes downstairs and he's telling me he wants to take the kids to go somewhere to eat. he says where do you want to take them. he says pizza.
10:23 am
phone. my dad thought somebody actually lived in the phone. she was trying to wake him up. apple, because they heard about it and they heard about me including siri in my jokes, right now if you say cyrus in your phone, it's going to say what do you want, henry. it's going to say my father's name. right now -- >> try it out, carson. >> if you go, hey, cyrus. >> hey, cyrus. >> i don't recall cyrus. >> do it right. co goodness gracious, carson. >> hey, cyrus. >> carson, you don't ever talk to siri. >> my wife's name is siri. >> no, he didn't do it right. you guys are bad. >> your kids are hendrix and heaven. >> yes. >> do they say, dad, some things are just off limits. you cannot keep including us in your show. >> no.
10:24 am
being my kids. you have no choice. if you do something, i'm going to call you out on it and i'm going to stay it on the stage. those are the consequences. >> how do you justify the success to your kids. do they think it's their success? >> no. i tell my kids daddy is the only big thing in this house. >> your kids seem like they have your personality. >> my daughter, she's older. she has it. she wants to be in the entertaining business. i'm holding her off until she's old enough and done w but he's getting crazy. my son is the type of kid, right now if he was in here he's just lick that wall. i'd say, son, don't lick that wall. he gets mad at me, why can't i lick the wall? i ain't doing nothing wrong, i ain't messing with nobody. >> you're on the short list for the oscars. is that of interest to you? >> listen, it's going to happen when it's supposed to. i'm not rushing it. i think when it does happen, i would be great at it. it's something else to say that
10:25 am
when that time comes, i'll be ready, but there's no rush. >> al is in the hospital, he loves watching your workout on instagram. there it is. >> check out the movie, it opens up next friday. kevin, good sweet sun ripened strawberries. no artificial flavors. philadelphia? strawberry. rich..., creamy...
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lets get a check of the weather..
10:28 am
the fond du lac county sheriff's department is investigating the death of a wisconsin state senator this morning. rick gudex of fond du lac reported dead. the republican was not seeking reelection to the seat he's held since 20-13. in a brief news release... the sheriff's department only said it was investigating the death... but that foul play is not suspected. this morning a federal judge in di officials for not better training workers at the dmv. workers at the dmv. this at a aring reviewing wisconsin's voter i-d law. the hearing follows media reports of dmv
10:29 am
10:30 am
brand new winning singer songwriter ryan tedder with his band onerepublic has been doing this for the past decade, ten years. >> he is also behind the music with tons of writing and producing smash hits for everyone from beyonce to adele. >> first, take a look at his incredibly remarkable career. ? it's too late to apologize ? >> singer-songwriter ryan tedder had nothing to be sorry for after his band, onerepublic, burst onto the air waves with their debut single nine years ago. onerepublic followed their debut
10:31 am
as the band exploded with hits like "love runs out" and "counting stars" off their third album "native" racking up over 1.5 billion views on youtube. but it's ryan's impressive song writing and producing for the biggest names in music that has billboards calling him the undercover king of pop. with his song writing credits includg ? keep bleeding ? ? i really want to love somebody ? >> leading to grammy wins with his work with adele. as well as with taylor swift. ? back when we were kids ? >> now ryan is rocking out once again with the band's newest album "oh my my."
10:32 am
ten years, we've established that by all the incredible work you've done. you did most of the tracks on the road? >> yeah. it does have an influence. we recorded one song in soapaola. some were done in london with a british feel, some were done in california with a sunny kind of feel to it. it influences it for sure. artist that you worked with? >> we had santa gold, we had cassius. peter gabriel. i met him last summer in london. we started talking, had tea and dinner and that turned into collaboration. i sent him a couple songs and said if you like any of these, please -- i didn't expect to hear back and he said i love the song a.i. >> what does he do? >> he wrote the second verse. he wrote this entire gorgeous
10:33 am
atro and sings the whole second verse. >> ten years together, onerepublic, what makes the magic here? what makes it work? >> i think we're still having fun. this album "oh my my" is us having fun. if you're not having fun, if you're doing something creative, it's time to hang it up. >> we've all seen where bands start to fight. and after the break the drugs broke them up. you never had those >> drugs, always a bad idea, kids. bad idea. >> you guys have done such a good job. >> don't date each other's significant others. >> that never works out. >> seems like a good idea at the time. it always back fires. >> you work obviously, as we saw in that piece, with so many other artists. give us a little bit on some of them and we'll start with taylor swift. >> taylor is -- taylor brings more overall skill sets to writing sessions than anyone
10:34 am
possible. she walks in, she has an idea of the song she wants to do the night before. you walk in, sit down, hey, how ds it going, let's go. she's not sitting around thinking is this a hit, is it not. it's in her dna. i don't know any writers that really think that way. i don't sit down and go, okay, counting stars will be an hit. we don't think in algorithms. whatever i took in over decades of listening to music is what i put out. and taylor is the same way, but she walks in and just a song top down. you walk out with a finished record. >> and adele would be similar? >> they're actually quite different. beyonce is super lyrics, so you can tell by her last couple of records, if the lyric isn't her life, she's off it. adele same way. but adele also, if she wasn't adele the singer, she'd be adele the songwriter, one of the best writers in the world.
10:35 am
>> i went and the screened this movie. i'm not a big cryer. i cried the better part of two hours, both joy and sadness. will smith, ed norton, on and on. one of the greatest casts. >> so a small indie film. >> it comes out christmas day. i saw the movie. they said do you have an idea of what you could do, adapt one of your songs for this. we did an adaptation, a bunch of back and forth with the director d l it's my favorite song. >> i saw -- you are going to sing the song? >> i saw your shot with willie geist and you cooked lunch for everybody? he's raving about how good your cooking skills are. >> i used wagu. >> he's joking. >> i want to thank ryan very much. he has a new song coming up in a few minutes. first we'll meet a couple of people who perform some of the most daring rescues in the world at some of the most dangerous
10:36 am
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imagine having to perform rescue missions in one of the most treacherous terrains in the entire world, the horn. a new unprecedented access to the most elite team of first responders. they're pilots, climbers, medics and doctors and responsible for saving injured and stranded visitors to switzerland's matterhorn mountain. >> they brave extreme altitudes, freezing temperatures, all kinds of situations just to save lives. we have two of them with us, simon and sam. good to have you here. >> good morning. >> how did this show start, by the way?
10:41 am
it's a docu series, but this footage puts us at home right into your world of rescue. >> it's actually a reality d documentation, 45 minutes each. >> but i'm watching it like i'm watching it's real life for you guys. what is it like to be out there rescuing those people? >> for us, it's the job we do and this is real. what you see, we something that wasn't -- >> sam, you're the pilot, you're at these extreme altitudes. first of all, it's it like to fly a helicopter in those conditions? >> it makes it just a little bit more difficult than in a flat, level area. in the high altitudes, the performance of the chopper gets less. you have more wind, icy conditions, you have different conditions, that makes it difficult.
10:42 am
taxi flights and then you continue. >> simon, the first episode starts off with you descending nine stories down into a crevice to rescue someone who was trapped down there. what is going through your mind? are you even processing what you're doing? are you nervous at that point? >> just the thing, the tripod that lowers you, there's no guarantee it's even going to hold you. >> i mean, this is there is always a little bit of risk that we take for sure. what you see in the show is more dangerous, but we still manage and do a lot of managing the risk and like making it the most possible secure way. >> and you actually got to meet the man you rescued at the end
10:43 am
happened. what's it like when you meet the people you rescue? >> i mean for us it is the best outcome we can have, somebody comes back, and many times people, they die. and for this specific rescue, for us, this is a big, big plus that somebody comes back. >> the footage is absolutely thrilling. if anybody out there is a thrill seeker, you're lucky to have these guys in the air around you if god congratulations. >> thank you so much for being here. you can catch them in "the horn" when it remeres on red bull tv on october 17th. and i'll do weather now. that's my other job. >> if anything goes wrong, we'll send the boys over. >> if i trip and fall, i know i'm in good hands. let's take a look at what's going on across the country today where we are looking at beautiful weather across the northeast. really a delightful day, temperatures in the mid-60s. we've got this cold front moving
10:44 am
scattered showers and storms but minneapolis/st. paul drops about 25 degrees from yesterday and that cool air extends and that's your latest forecast. coming up next, the band behind "counting stars" and countless number one hits, onerepublic sings one of their onerepublic sings one of their if you suffer from a dry mouth, then you'll know how uncomfortable it can be. onerepublic sings one of their
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cash card. double means double. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> grammy nominated brand onerepublic is ready to rock our studio with a song straight off the brand new album singing "let's hurt tonight." here is onerepublic. ? when, when we came home ? ? worn to the bones ? ? i told myself this could get rough ?
10:50 am
? you came to me and said that's enough ? ? oh i know that this love is pain ? ? but we can't cut it from out these veins, no ? ? so i'll hit the lights and you lock the doors ? ? we ain't till we broke the mold ? ? don't walk away, don't roll your eyes ? ? they say love is pain ? ? well darling let's hurt tonight ? ? ah ooh ooh ?
10:51 am
? when, when i came home ? ? worn to the bones ? ? i told myself this could be rough ? ? oh i know you're feeling insane ? ? tell me something that i can explain ? ? oh i'll hit the lights and you lock ? tell me all of the things that you couldn't before ? ? don't walk away, don't roll your eyes ? ? they say love is pain ? ? well darling, let's hurt tonight ? ? if this love is pain ?
10:52 am
? ooh ooh ? ? you hit the lights and i'll lock the doors ? ? tell me all of the things that you couldn't before ? ? i won't walk away, won't roll my ? well darling let's hurt tonight ? ? if this love is pain ? ? then honey let's love tonight ?? >> our thanks to onerepublic. they have got another performance coming up with kathie lee and hoda. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
10:54 am
10:55 am
kathie lee -- >> look at the ladies. >> guess who we have? laura dern -- >> john overly we love. >> joy's diet sos. >> and onerepublic will sing a song for us. >> you guys are dieting? >> what are you going to do. >> i'm taking care of dylan right here.
10:56 am
10:57 am
vitrano alongside brian gotter...check of the weather.. wisconsin manufacturers complain that high electricity prices are driving up their costs. data from the wisconsin public service commission shows the state's electricity rates are highest in the midwest and higher than the national average. donald trump is still getting support from one of wisconsin's top republicans. majority leader scott fitzgerald says he's standing by trump even after a recording of trump making predatory and lewd comments
10:58 am
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. this is wisconsin. and this. and this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off to china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals that export jobs, and billion dollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small businesses in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... raising a family...
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from io ? we were ? hello, everybody. it is wines day wednesday, october 12th. also yom kippur. holiest day in the jewish calendar and we want to wish all our jewish family and friends a holy, holy holiday today. and that's kenny chesney and pink's "setting the world on fire." >> i love collaborations. kenny chesney and pink. a good one. >> a pretty good show. >> who's here?
11:01 am
talented young ladies. young actress from all the "twilight" movies, kristen stewart. gorgeous. >> and went blonde, too. >> starring alongside laura dern. they play a -- an interesting movie. it's very interesting. they play small-town lawyers in a new film called "certain women," and they're going to tell us all about it. >> yes. a very -- unfolds slowly and gradually. that kind of a -- >> quirky. >> and the "counting stars" and secrets." now onerepublic is out with new music and will perform a little later. such fun. >> you'll hear me say something, hoda i never say as any modern music. i adore these guys. i think they're brilliant. >> i went to school with ryan's dad, gary teter. >> ryan is the lead singer. >> and his dad used to write great songs. i've recorded some of his songs
11:02 am
by the way, you're connected to everybody. in some crazy kay, kath always says, oh, my gosh, i know that person. >> i think if you live long enough and keep your nose clean, know what i mean and then you marry frank gifford, you do meet, peek. >> everybody. okay? >> also talking about girls behaing badly. yelling at soccer coaches and how it can effect the kids >> ready? since you like to read a quote for you. i divide all readers into two classes. those who read to remember, and those who read to forget. >> hmm. >> like it? >> who is that? >> william lyon phelps. >> i don't know him, but i wish i did, because he sounds wise. >> breaking news. >> breaking news. >> i've started a movement. can we talk -- >> this is huge. >> breaking news. this is big. notes, very important.
11:03 am
yesterday that kathie lee never had a wax figure. >> why would i? >> because tv icons get a wax figure. okay? >> they did. regis got it. >> so i made a plea yesterday, because i was -- shocked and appalled -- >> shocked and horrified! >> you're not going to believe it. there is a huge outpouring on social media. >> three people. >> and -- no more than three. we heard back from madame tussaud herself. >> if there is such a person. madame tussauds new york tweeted this -- never say never. okay? >> which is not exactly the -- we booked you for friday. make sure you lose a few pounds before you one in to get measured. right? no. hoda, stop! >> i think we've changed -- i think it's happening, and i cannot wait until we get to see the kathie lee wax figure. >> let's get our energy behind something else. let me figure out something on my bucket list, something i want --
11:04 am
agree. >> four people! >> so does madame tussaud. >> the beginning of a movement. you know how much i love musical theater. went to the holy lands what is your stone based on david and goliath. ended up writing a children's musical about it called "the little giant" and started recording it yesterday. you'll be a sheep in it. >> i can't wait. >> it's an all-male story, in the old so i needed women's roles, right? girls' roles? we don't have -- a greek chorus we needed. we have a sheep chorus with flatulent problemses. do you know greg edelman, four-time tony nominee.
11:05 am
roles in it, and, boy, these people, the broadway -- they just bring it. >> can we see a little? >> i don't know which we're using. >> who cares. >> no. they won't get their way! ? king saul is here to stay ? >> oh, yes! [ laughter ] >> he plays two very different characters. he plays king saul, a little different than theay >> no kidding. >> and goliath. ? give me a man ? yes. it's going to be fun. >> are you having so much fun? >> i am. the guy playing david, just with kara lee carmelo starring in "finding neverland." so fun to meet these young kids doing amazing work. hopefully a little of that, and then my sheepies come in one of these days. >> i can't wait. speaking of smart, music theater, brilliant people and
11:06 am
>> it is hump day -- hunk day. >> and also hugh jackman's birthday. >> yeah. >> so let's look at hugh jackman in all of his glory. hugh, clean-shaven look which is i think our favorite. >> like it the best. sometimes scruffy. >> see the shirtless look. >> i do like that. >> shirtless. >> oh, i don't like the fingernails. needs a manicure. >> and the lamb chops could go. >> you know me with manicures. he'sua sweetest people on the planet too. we wish him a very happy birthday. what happened on "the voice" yesterday? >> going toe to toe. an interesting battle from team alicia, dave moizen and michael sanchez and they battled it out singing amy winehouse's song, each a turn at the piano. it was beautiful. take a look. ? did i think of all the things, what you're doing, in my head i
11:07 am
ooh-ooh-ooh ? since i've come on home ? where my body's ? and i miss your ginger hair and the way you like to ? won't you come on over stop making a fool out of me ? why don't you come on over valerie smoed ? >> oh, my gosh! >> how do you pick? >> tell me. >> the first one opened his moung, i said, van morrison. sounds like a really young van morrison. i want that guy. then the other guy started to sangd i said, but that guy's awesome. >> who did he pick? do you think she picked the first guy? >> michael. >> or the other one? >> michael is the one in the glasses. okay. so who do you think? i know, because i saw it. >> i would go, personally, with
11:08 am
>> but the second guy was good. >> make your choice. so you chose the first one. she shows the first guy. who did alicia pick. >> who is the winner of this battle. >> the winner of this battle -- is michael. >> michael's going to move on representing team alicia keys, in the knockout rounds. >> and got saved. >> he got saved. i hope somebody saved him! >> >> adam saved him. >> they're so talented. >> i bet they're the top two. >> and then go on the road together. >> how beautiful is that music? adam said to him, we were meant to be together from the beginning. i'm glad you're home. he said that to him when he stole it. >> i really should start watching this show. i was recording to late-30 last night and then you're exhausted. you know? >> i know. so awesome. >> then we have to talk about this -- >> okay. talking about the bachelor. now, in case you --
11:09 am
>> in case you don't remember, last season of the bachelor, ben torn between jo jo and lauren. ben gave the final rose to lauren. they are now engaged. then jo jo went on the batch lohrette. >> my head hurtsants and became engaged to jordan. so last night was the premiere of ben and lauren's new show called "ben & lauren: happily ever after" question mark? making plan bes, he and lauren 0 to havech jordan, a happy foursome. check out lauren's reaction. >> why wouldn't they do that? >> if anything, i do believe it's important we go to lunch with them. at least give it a shot. >> obviously ben and jo jo have a history. the last few words spoken to each other, i love you and good-bye. that makes me uncomfortable. we've spent so much time trying to distance ourselves and do us that -- seems like we're, like, putting ourselves in the middle
11:10 am
i don't want to resent ben and i think that's my biggest fear is i don't know if meeting up and having lunch will bring back those memories from months ago. >> a million things could go wrong at lunch today, and i am worried about every single one of those things. >> oh -- my -- god. oh my god. [ laughter ] why did they what was the whole point? hey, do you want to go to lunch with the girl you just made out with? let's go to lunch together. like, who would want that? >> just for old time's sake. >> oh -- my -- god. [ talking like a valley girl ] >> apparently khloe kardashian went on the "ellen" show yesterday. you know, thieves got into kim's hotel room in paris last week. we haven't heard directly from
11:11 am
went on the "ellen" show and shared with ellen and kevin hart -- who's everywhere right now" how she's doing. take a look at that. >> she's not doing so well. it's incredibly traumatic what happened to her but our family a super close and great and we'll get through it together. for us, all a wake-up call for all of us but definitely to make sure our sister's okay. >> and not share so much? maybe >> that and make sure we're protected as well as possible. like i said, we're a family, we'll do this together, and it is important to make those adjustments and pull back a little bit i think, is always smart. >> yep, yep. >> what's interesting about that. of course, you know about the relationship i have, had for 35 years, with certain members of the family, and i was stunned when my mom said to me at one point, i love that show. >> uh-huh.
11:12 am
the show, they're a family. >> uh-huh. yeah. >> that's -- the appeal, apparently. i would have bet of all the people in the world that my mother would find the show horrifying in many respects. she loves seeing the family stick together. >> yeah. sisters always there for one another and good to hear khloe or someone from the family speak up. >> but other families in the world that are very, very dysfunctional, hoda. >> and weird. by the way, just saw kevin hart, one thing. working 0 ut in the gym on the st you know who walked into the gym? -- >> all: kevin hart! >> like a little mini tank. he was flanked the by two really big guys that made him look smaller. he runs -- say he runs 15 miles. works out he was totally ripped. >> 5:00 in the morning, cool. >> he was there. >> by the way, i had to quit my run or my -- 54 days had to stop. >> why? >> because i'm working every day this week. >> you're very busy. >> i know.
11:13 am
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11:16 am
they are two of the most acclaimed and accomplished actresses in hollywood. kristen stewart and laura dern. >> a movie called "certain women." kristen stewart teaches night school that unexpectedly bonds >> mom works in a school cafeteria. my sister in a hospital laundry, so -- the nicest girl from my family is supposed to get. >> laura plays a lawyer whose client has become more of a thorn than her side. that's for sure. >> now, you're going to have to get out. >> all right. i -- >> out. you can't say those things to me.
11:17 am
>> okay. >> well, they both stopped by our studio to talk about the film which opened friday. we started by asking them what drew them to this project. >> it's three different women's stories. somehow linked. i don't want to give everything away. what was the -- the thing about the script that made you all want to be a part of is because it's also michelle williams, another great actress. what appealed to you? >> i mean, i think we were all in love with kelly rreichardt's work as a filmmaker. great to work with someone who creates their vision and make as film she wants to protect and protects it fiercely. to be a part of that journey was interesting. >> you liked the writer? >> yeah, i do.
11:18 am
different. i think they definitely retain, like, the spirit, but kelly made them very much her own. yeah. i mean, you know, it's about three women that you wouldn't necessarily draw an immediate connection between all three necessarily, but there is a sort of -- i don't know. like a spiritual through line. it's easy to say, oh, it's a movie about strong women. you know? but i think it's really more about -- the unresolved and the sort of, like reced yourself. i don't know. that's kind of what i see with all three of them. you see very, very, very clee versions of these women that are kind of just beneath the surface and you're like, come on out. come on out! >> your character, seems you are living in your own kind of pain, and playing opposite another woman who is living in her world, and it's so fun toy watch you two interact and not connect at all. it's like you sit there together, and you're each living in your own worlds. >> they're having conversations,
11:19 am
conversations. they're just on totally different pages. >> and you see them in different ways, too. >> an interesting subliminal theme we're starting to talk about just getting to do press and having now seen the finished film. >> sometimes you learn a lot in these -- >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> that's what you were thinking. >> it's a bit in the air with our current political climate, and this concept of female first. this idea of three women who perhaps have receded also because they've lived so completely in what's considered a >> yes. thank you for mentioning that. >> they've self-protected. >> yes. >> in order to get through some of the sexism they've dealt with, in very subtle and not overt ways but interesting to consider. >> you like these kinds of films, talking about your oscar nominations and big films. what is it about these kinds of movies that appeal to you? >> you know, i was very lucky to be raised by two actors who when they were first taking me to
11:20 am
watching films made about women. >> yeah. >> they were complicated. they were fierce. they were messy. >> uh-huh. >> and there was zero judgment about it. suddenly now, like, wow! women in movies who are complicated? this is so cutting edge. >> authenticity. >> just getting back to bake stuff. >> circle back to something. >> imagine that? uh-huh. >> that should be the norm. that people are complicated and people have flaws, and we can honor that. >> and a reason for it. >> there really is takes a lot of time with the bleakness, this director and a foot fetish, all i'm going to see. >> see lots of feet. lots of feet. >> interesting. >> thank you so much. >> how much seats did i just sell for you? [ laughter ] >> you know, it's bleak and a lot of feet. like -- >> guys paying attention. all of a sudden, the guys are going to watch! >> three women connect through
11:21 am
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11:24 am
oh. it's that time. heading to the orange room, nutritionist joy bauer about to answer the "question of the week." >> where does today's question come from, joy? >> hey, ladies. we have a great question. a question asked all the time. i'm excited to answer it. it comes from kristy in long island and she writes, i have a bottomless pit. are there any tricks to suppress my appetite? and the good news is, i actually have two effective tricks i'm going to share a little late other than in the show. so kristy -- >> we have to wait? >> gotta wait. kristy, stay tuned. >> i want to know! >> they're good ones. >> all right. >> okay. a lot of people have that problem. >> coming up later, grammy winner ryan tedder, from onerepublic singing one of their biggest hits. >> and celebrating all the great
11:25 am
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workers: he campaigned as a job creator but senator johnson helps companies ship jobs overseas. good manufacturing jobs just disappeared. ceos and giant corporations get richer guys with families... guys like me? just gets harder and harder to get ahead. we need an economy that works for people like me. for people like me. for people like me. people like me. russ: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message
11:28 am
gotterlets get a check of the weather.. a federal a federal judge in madison will hear an additional challenge to wisconsin's voter id law today. the hearing follows media reports of workers providing inaccurate information to people seeking id's to vote. the attorney general has since sent undercover state troopers to dmv's around the state to request information... and says they ?did receive correct instructions. donald trump is still getting support from one of wisconsin's top republicans. majority leader scott fitzgerald says he's standing by trump even after a recording of trump making predatory and lewd comments about women. governor scott walker and house speaker paul ryan shunned the nominee... uninviting him to a rally last
11:29 am
11:30 am
we're back on this wines day wednesday, ready for our weekly trivia game "who knew?" and today's national bosses day, we're going to test you and hoda is got to love her enthusiasm. ready to hand out $100 to anyone who gets the questions right and for those who don't, they get something better. one of our wonderful signed books. here with me is john o'hurley, who played the boss jay peterman on "seinfeld." take a look. >> will return to her original position at her original salary and i, of course, will rush to
11:31 am
>> memorable, and still holds up. these days john can be found on stage here in new york at 54 below, feinstein's 53 below starring in a one-man show calmed "a man with standards" and you are. >> there saturday and sunday night. the great american songbook. stories of my life, along with the music that affected me at the time. i also call it, because i grew up in a time when men had standards. >> yes. yes. >> and grew up in the shadow of gentlemen. indistinguishable at the time. >> great. hoda with our first question. >> hi, sweetie. your name. >> cali. >> where are you from? >> kentucky. >> here we go. how did bruce springsteen get his name? a., b. or c.? >> c. >> own the a guitar shop.
11:32 am
>> nobody wants the money. all want hoda's book. >> that's right. the boss was actually the guy that ran around, did a lot of small gigs. a working band. run around, collect all the money. pay all the gang in the east street. how he got the name the boss and hated the name boss because he hated bosses. something more interesting about him, talk about what a good boss he was. when the e street band broke up, he gave each one of them a severancf how about that? i mean, that's unheard of in the days of, you know, this rock bands that disband and they're angry and never get back together. >> he shared it. good for him. >> whoa. back to hoda. >> how terrific. your name? >> janel. >> where you from? >> albany. >> janel what famous tv boss character started out on a sitcom that ran for seven seasons and transitioned into a drama series that lasted five? a., sam malone, b., murphy brown
11:33 am
yes! ? $100 ? $100 ? >> oh, i want to be hoda in my next life. >> i had to go back and think about lou grant. one of those series, everybody remembers "the mary tyler moore show" and lou grant followed it. interesting to go from a comedy to a drama. >> and choose that character over so many that would hav you know? >> absolutely. >> cast perfectly. >> a perfectly cast sitcom. the drama afterwards. nancy marshawn there. >> all in the writing and casting. hoda woman? >> your name? >> alexis. >> from. >> lake placid and salt lake, utah. >> doesn't know where she's from. all right. >> i go back and forth. >> teasing. finish the lyrics to this famous work anthem. all right.
11:34 am
can be self-employed ? and love to work at nothing all day ? and i'll be taking care of business ? ? every day ?? >> she got it! ? taking care of business it's all right ? >> oh -- [ laughter ] ? and work wering overtime ? >> all right, ladies. give somebody else a chance to play. >> it's a lovefest over there. >> who is that? >> bachman and turner overdrive. >> oh, my gosh. >> and where they're from, winnipeg, canada. interesting about them, you don't think about them. there's a group that disbanded and i don't think e they shared $2 million, but they sold 30 million albums. i never think about that. >> you are a wealth of information. much of it that really doesn't matter, but it does. >> it does. listen, i'm great for talk. invite me to any cocktail party. you know i know it. >> one more.
11:35 am
>> you go, girl. play, denise. which company had the highest paid ceo in 2015? was it apple, expedia or starbucks? >> expedia? >> expedia -- oh. >> i'm stunned. stunned. >> i can't believe that. congratulations. >> that's unbelievable. that would have been my third choice. >> i am stunned she would know that. maybe because it's an unusual choice and he had a salary of based on performance, but you've got to perform pretty well. >> yeah. darn well. >> i'm sure he -- >> great to see you. be at feinstein's -- 54 below. >> there, and we're going to announce later today but doing a special six-week run of the fantastics from thanksgiving until new year's on broadway at the -- ? i remember the ? >> all righty. catch john in "a man with standards" put that in your show.
11:36 am
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i would switch to crest hd over what i was using before. crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. they say a child's good behavior is learned from their parents. guess what, folks? so is the bad behavior. >> gossiping about other moms, bragging about your kids' grades, talking about the coach because he sidelined your little athlete. shining parenting moments. >> face it, may have done it yourself. tips to make parents become better role models. author of "unselfie" succeeding in our all about me world. >> narcissism gone up 58%. maybe not blame it all on the kids. maybe some come from the parents. >> we do say good kids because
11:41 am
see a bully on the playground, meet the parent. oh, that might be why. >> that explains it. >> exactly. kids come with video cameras and playing out of most unopportune moments. >> yeah, and the kids are all going to write books later, and you know, you think you're doing something good for your kid by fighting for them, but you're really damaging them. aren't you? >> you are. there's certain behaviors that we are very concerned about. >> let's go through them. bragging? >> bragging, number one. every moment, of course we love our childre talking about one-sided bragging that is more -- >> like what? an example? >> always about my kid is so special, but, because he's doing this and he's potty trained at 2 months. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> -- makes the other mom feel inadequate and often the kid begins to think all mom is talking about my accomplishments. not that i'm a caring, human being. yes, give him, mom, a big hug if
11:42 am
joy. always one-sided. flip it around. good job, but here's what my child is doing, if the parents continue. feel free to stand up and say, you know what? i'm really concerned you're always talking about your child. makes me feel you're not concerned about my family. >> you haven't even mentioned them. >> or move on and get a new friend. >> new friend. >> what about talking about this. the bad sports. ed dad or mom who yells at the coach or referee from the stands? >> talking 60% of parents who are saying that they are seeing other parents not? nuft bad sportsmanship, physical or verbal abuse of officials and refs. >> unbelievable. >> sitting next to somebody who is demonstrating that behavior, better off to move to another seat. >> yeah. i would. >> and confront the person when they're a little more cooled down. but 163 counties are so concerned they're now forcing parents to sign pledges of civility. >> unbelievable. >> that you are allowed to attend your kids' game which means, if you see that kind of
11:43 am
it, because the official will then call up the parent and say, you're going to be banished from the game unless you get your act together. >> embarrassing your kid, too. >> horrible! >> 75% of our kids are quitting sports at age 13. when we asked why? embarrassed by the parent or it's no longer fun. >> wow. >> all supposed to be about fun. >> it's about the kids. >> 10 seconds on gossip. teasing it. >> mean girls up to now mean moms. >> mean moms. >> don't get into it. the gossip mill bec extremely contagious. the big thing also start sticking up to other moms. she's not here to defend herself. >> yeah. >> don't tolerate. >> you send a message to your child. what we really need to do is model good character so our kids pick it up. >> don't you love her? >> just speaks truth to power. >> does. >> for more of michelle's advice on how parents bat behavior affectses think kids go to our website. spent the last two years traveling the world and it's led them right to our stage.
11:44 am
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. you're killing me. >> the grammy nominated band with some of your favorite songs like this one, 2007 smash "apologize." >> now the number one song, out with a brand new "oh my my." >> today saying one of their biggest hits more than 1.5 billion hits on youtube, here is onerepublic singing "counting stars." ? lately i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be ? and, baby, i've been, i've been
11:50 am
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11:52 am
i, i-i feel something so wrong ? doing the right thing ? ? yeah ? could have lied, couldn't lie ? everything that kills me makes me feel alive ? baby, i've been, i've been losing sleep ? dreaming about the things that we could be ? baby, i've been, i've been praying hard ? ? said no more counting we'll be counting stars ? listen, baby, i've been losing, i've been losing sleep dreaming about what we could be ? lately i've been, i've been praying hard, instead of counting dollars we'll be counting stars ? ? watch it burn, take that money watch it burn ?
11:53 am
burn ? ? the lessons i've learned ?? >> we're just going to be -- yeah! >> yes. love those guys. onerepublic new album a e oh my my" out now. >> a question. big appetite and feel you're never ever getting full? >> maybe. >> what happened? >> kristy from long island sent joy an s.o.s. ready to help.
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
oh, my god. it's happening. >> answer to our s.o.s. question of the week. >> crist fri long island, tricks to suppressing hunger. has a big appetite and is hungry. >> kristy, two amazing, effective tricks. the first trick is you're going to drink 16 ounces of water, 30 minutes prior to eating.
11:57 am
before lunch and before dinner. do it before breakfast, home run. the reason, water, we know this through research, helps to promote feeling of fullness. if you guzzle this down beforehand, flat or carbonated, it's going to help take the edge off your hunger and likely you'll eat less at the main meal. the second trick, eat before you eat. sound crazy, but this works. have one to two cups of these, one of these four vegetables. cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes or celery. becausey water and fiber. those things help to fill you up. >> now you'll be bloated. >> no. eat less. sustains your hunger. it work works. drink water, east veggies, it will work. >> and tomorrow ally sheedy stops by. >> plus a performance from the great. >> what?
11:58 am
next on live at noon-- emails exposed. diving further into leaked emails of the hillary clinton campaign. the statement clinton made in a private speech that appears at odd with her public stance... and the false stance... and the false claim donald trump is pounding on. then - wrigley north? the cubs move on in their quest for a wold series title. the fans celebrating the victory of the brewers rival. and today gets colder and cloudier as we enter the afternoon. meteorologist brian gotter tells us when to keep the umbrella handy... and which areas need to be on alert for frost. i'm vince
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