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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 430  NBC  October 12, 2016 4:30pm-4:48pm CDT

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no4:30.... that time is some of us. time to ott your flowerfromthe dangers of ?t?. thouin sea ealliat win.d they're going to keep dropping through the nighttime hours. meteorogist brian niznansky joins us with the very latest on our forecast. most of the day was mild with thunderstorms, but we have a
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temperatures tonight. there is still a chance of a stray shower /nis eveng, but ies will gradually clear out. lows tonight should range from around 40 along the lakeshore to arininland. there is a frost soissuorr inland and counties .
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direct hit fr icane nicole. s schog s and governmen offices in the british rrit thcate2 storm is pected to strengthen a bit before stking the tomorrow. being ordered to evacuate loing of carolina ahead of floodwaters offialmewa?r coiecould be cut off by washed-out roads or bridge closures. north carolina's deh toll federal w say a plane crh in connecticut tuesday was an intentional act. rthey nbc's s anof terrorism(natsound)auoriti tudain east hart have rul out forcpe
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plane... slammed into a avily latearea...just baly missing cars as ty re(sot / frank crandall / witness : 24- :32) "i heardhe engine sputter a little bit and i saw the whole thing coming in and i just stopped in my car and the whole car just shook."(sot/ keishla rivera / witness :33 - intervshn - wieast d?" the t .. hafopoli :43 - :52 )"he di toinvestigators e was some kind of argu or ru do nwhy it happed. bei ea an the n-t-s-b has rn chs
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stagram are tting-of access to a coy that's been t policethe american civil liberties union says police used social media information from a company called "geo- feedia" to track activists during recent protests. geo-feedia provides searchable data from public posts. facebook's policy states companies can't sell, license, or purchase, transfer or funnel data engine. the a-c-l-u says geofeedia claims there are "over 500 law enforcement and public safety agencies" that use its services. october is national domestic violence awareness month. to help raise awareness, today's tmj4 has partnered with the sojourner family peace center fophone bank.volunteers from sojourner will be taking calls to help victims of domestic violence or anyone who knows someone who needs
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seven p- milwaukee faces a major construction workers..coming ew indury is recruiting high school studts to help shrink gap. tonight.. where your helild a bright new onlive a6. e. th officer is being aised officer is beinonoc lpg a struggling teenager call to a ?t?gas stn foberger y steang crackers. the was struggng and didn't have a lot of money for food. officer trimberger bought the young man a bag of groceries and delivered them to his apartment. "he's a student, he holds a part time job, and if you've ever been a student before you know it's hard to make money working on it at the same time so i just thought i could hopefully ke a difference in his life, him lewas obvious to
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warning foreil theft. co- coupound passed out ia car baand what's being lus a erfouno
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feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve th message. this is wisconsin. d this. d is. d this. and this. full of good people who work hard. why let washington take our jobs and send them off china and mexico? my opponent backs bad trade deals at exporjobs, and billiodollar tax loopholes for big corporations. i'm going to close those loopholes and help small business in wisconsin grow and create jobs. for the folks who work hard... for the middle class raising a family... finally a hand for you. a florida uple is facing hargetelice sthey found passed in at ar th twog chile back seat. miami police say their car was blocking traffic-- as the driver and
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asleep. it sn't until paramedicsarrived that the couple woke up. police say the initial call came in as a possible drug overdose t it's unclear if that's exactly d. a disburbing discovery after two moths find worms theichforma.dia wall reports on thsp the mothers ceedrom the companies who make the formula. "you guys are not going to believe this. i found worms! lots of worms!"n helems the formula e us to feed dauger up t le and hold it in the ght and s like ining ."she opped..."it was a and nebottle. it was inin the cupboardut i still cleaned it t anr."iamsonrecoed video as a wa other moms.taylor seyler had similar experience with a
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down i noticed the worms and i s like othat's great."she snapped ese pictures -- now shared more than 43-thousand times.the company that produces similac told us a d-party entomologist looked at the photos and determined,photos and determined,"based on the life cycle, and the and size of waremoveryats somethin, theyent bottle's wasn't their fault, maybe explain that. have a disclaimer, make a post about it."weeached amen,
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one of e mother's to complete a full vestigation: a 9-1-1 operator facing criminal charges for hanging up on thousands of callers. that's just ahead.but first, here's a live look from downtown milwaukee. meteorologist brian niznansky is back with the latest on our
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most of the day was mild with thunderstorms,ut w bhave a cold front passing through, and we're in for some chilly temperatures tot. ill chance of a ray will grually vening, t skie tonight ould range om around 40 ang the lakeshore to near freezing inland. there is a frost advisory issued for our inland and northern counties . if you're trying to get some good lifout of any remaining sensitive flowers or plants, it might be a good idea to cover them up or bring them in before bed.thursday
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fall day. we'll have sunshine and highs in the 50s. friday looks very nice as we climb back into the 60s. a warming trend continues into the weekend as we might hit 70 again by saturday afternoon. we'll have a few more clouds saturday during the day and a chance for saturday night. sunday should
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a former 9-1-1 operator in houston, texas admits to hanging-up on callers .. because she didn't feel like talking. it came to ligh??t after ?supervisors learned crenshanda williams was involved in thousands of, so-called "short calls" - emergency calls that last less than 20 seconds - in a span of six months. in one case, she allegedly hung-up on a man who called to report a robbery in
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eventually killed. in a separate incident, williams hung-up on a security guard who was calling to report a reckless driver and can be heard saying, "ain't nobody got time for this. for real." ( a reference to a tv interview with sweet brown that went viral) williams now faces criminal charges. a new t-v g for former packers great, donald driver, just ahead. here's your prime time lineup on 6:30 it's the mike mccarthy show.followed by "blindspot" and order svu" at eight-- and "chicago p-d" at nine.then
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a new t-v gig for former packers wide receiver, donald driver.he'll be the co-host of, what's billed as, an inspirational new docu-series called "the hero effect." the show wil oprah winfrey network in november. ago re movin' on the baseball playoffs... afr rallying ih inning to beat the san franscisgian 6o-la thgeles dodgers on to p ornationals starting this saturday at wrigley field. at m iverarquetty, ro chrc udr with most from the
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of cubs apparel visible on campus today: // cubs fan 80328 my family's been ing reve now here i a- 19ears old - and my parents have been waiting all their lives for this 34 but not everyone is celebrating. shane kealy is a giants fan... and lost a bet with friends in his dorm: shane kealy // giants fan 81449 i have to shave a chicago cubs c into the side of my head and none of us are barbers and i don't have any
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thanks for joining ust 4-30. the news continues with live
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over, at least right now.. what the school must do to prevent that from happening in the future. live at 5 starts now. htowthreat of ke h?rpassed for lwaukee publ schools... at leasr now. mps scs e dog better which means no schools will and placed in the ter progracasey geraldo joins us live to explain what it means for the how it movesforward. cheers rang out in this building when the superintendent announced the district won't be part of the ospp program... but dr. darienne driver says it's just the start of the hard work. "i'm fling proud" "just the sense of relief." it en a fit for more t against the county di executive... if the distri underperformed on this year's department of public instruction tests, chris abele wod be able to use the pp
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school but,s rom the state superiendent changed that...announcing "there are no dicts eligible for the ospp in ?) 16"know we can't lebrate long but i do wa theall milwaukee, the people in the state, even people nationally who have been working to support the ildr omps to feel proud about th moment" driver credits community partnerships wi povertrates, and student s ff acfrom yeato year. county executive chris abele responded in a statement today saying "based on this information, wework with our partners at s, dpi and in the gislature to rmine what this ans r ospp and what rolehe county
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of the lowest performance category for two years in ordeto avoid the possibility of a takeover under the law. "it just created a sense of urgency focyopescontue at six... we went inside one of the scuscommunparshipsto hel performance gaps for whheand how they know it's in li in lw?jaue, y geraldo, today's tmj4. t'sroviry for part of our area.
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state senator gudex shot years old,mad en. the fond du c confirms gudex died of a self- chest. the dertme is still investigating.


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