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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  October 14, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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next at 5-30: plus... why plus... why top g-o-p leaders won't be standing next to donald trump when he returns to wisconsin next week.. and hillary clinton answering more questions about emails. and... how two men reported missing last week are connected.. and now one is
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you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... much of southeastern wisconsin is waking up to some frost this morning with temperatures in the 30s. frost wi sun rises above. an abundance of sunshine and a south wind will help bump temperatures back above 60 degrees by this
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incident freedry roads light trafficspeeds at or above posted a milwaukee alderman is hoping to get feedback from people about what the city can do better... by taking city hall
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zervakis is live at city hall this morning-- to explain how to get get involved. alderman russell stamper is hosting what he calls "meetings on the block" over the next several fridays. that means a block of residential street is blocked off... so that stamper and departments can meet with anyone who wants to attend. the first meeting was last friday at 48th and center. stamper says he can answer questions about city services... and the current process of deliberating the city budget. stamper hopes the meetings on the block attract people that otherwise wouldn't be able to make it to city hall... and even some who might see what's going on and wander over. today's meeting is at 5:30 this evening at 50th and clark. live...pz... decision 20-16.. melania trump
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the magazine retract part of a story that accuses her husband donald trump of sexually assaulting a reporter. before the story was published, the trump campaign told people the alleged incident never happened. people says it's standing by the story donald trump will be in green bay monday before making a stop at state fair park in west allis. none of wisconsin's top republicans will be there. senator ron johnson cited "prior engagements" while paul ryan and governor walker will be out of answering questions regarding her emails. the questions came from conservative group "judicial watch" as part of an ongoing lawsuit. clinton says she used a private server for "convenience" and she believe her state department emails were being archived. the filing also notes clinton doesn't remember being warned about possible email or server a man accused of murdering his boss and then hiding his body at the young urban jazz cafe is formally charged.jason small is charged with
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felon. he's accused of shooting donald lewis four times. both the victim and the suspect were reported missing friday. police need your help this morning to get a man off the street.they say a robber is targeting senior citizens in a place where those seniors should feel safe -- their parking garages.ann sterling is live at the greenfield police department-- with information to keep you safe. this guy has targeted elderly people three times in the past 2 weeks.according to te surveillance picture shows a man using stolen credit cards belonging to the victims.come to your tv and take a look at this man. police say in all three cases, the victims are in their 70s and 80s and they were robbed as they were pulling into their parking garages.police say.. the gunman followed a woman into her parking garage
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help her with her groceries -- instead he took off with her wallet.not far away -- the robber hit again --- this time police say he followed an 85-year-old man and his wife into a garage on layton ave. according to police, he told the victim he had a gun and to hand over his wallet or he would kill his wife.the man hit the gunman with his cane and the robber then threw the man to the ground.the next assault -- happened at an assisted living facility on south prairie hill lane. the man approached the woman in the garage and asked her for help. he then put a gun to her back and according to investigators threatened to "blow her detetectives are hoping someone will reconize this guy. police are hoping tips will lead to arrest in string of robberies new this morning: police looking for two women accused of beating another woman inside the walmart on brown
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the women got upset when the victim and her husband walked too close to the suspect's brother.the suspects sped off in a stolen vehicle.the victim was treated at the hospital as hurricane nicole continues to surge northword... it's impact could cause dangerous swells along the northeast coast of the u-s. the hurricane which was once a category four... has been downgraded to a category two after it made a direct hit it on bermuda yesterday. the hurricane brought upto winds.... we're talking winds strong enought to snap trees in half... and tear roofs off of houses. as clean up continues on the resort island.... bermuda's airport is expected to open back up this morning. this morning crews are working to restore power to more than 27-thosaund people on the island. schools are scheduled open back up monday. a final trip home for a wisconsin soldier... killed in the korean war.the remains of army corporal donald hendricks arrived at mitchell international airport more
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missing in action. his remains were discovered in 2001 and identified earlier this month through d-n-a testing. hendricks will be buried in his home town of janesville, with military honors tomorrow. still ahead.. how you can find out when your neighborhood is holding trick-or-treat the plus.. the new jersey bombing suspect makes his first appearance in court.. and an update on his condition after being shot by police.
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milwaukee recreation department kicks off its 23rd annual halloween event at hawthorn glen nature center. halloween glen encourages a fun and interactive program. the program runs every half hour starting at 5:45 p-m all the way until eight. saturday night... 4:30 p-m to 7:15. cost is six dollars per person. kids two and under are free. and if you're wondering when trick-or-treat is in your community.. we've got you covered. head on over to tmj-4 dot com for a comprehensive trick-or-treat guide filled with dates and times based on location. that's available at tmj-4 dot com slash fall.
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battling cancer while watching a bucks game. the bucks host the chicago bulls tomorrow at the bradley center.tip off is at 7:30.our own george mallet will emcee the pregame and halftime programs.part of the proceeds will go to the macc fund which fights childhood cancer and blood coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:the first musician to ever win a nobel prize for literature because of song lyrics.. why the honor is so significant.then -- why experts say you should expect p heating bill this winter. but first here's a look at this morning's winning lottery numbers.
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accused of setting off bombs in new york and new jersey last month has pleaded not guilty.ahmad rahimi is charged with five counts of attempted murder of a police officer and other weapon offenses. the bombings injured more than 30 people. he's been in the hospital with a gunshot wound. police have yet to update his condition. emergency officials in haiti still struggling to find a balance between urgent need and long-term priorities for victims of hurrican matthew. every morning since the
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experts has met in each affected community to plan relief activities. one-point- four million haitians are still in need of aid. more than 40 people are recovering this morning after a deadly crash involving a tour bus and a tractor trailer in georgia. investigators believe the truck was making a left turn and the bus driver crashed into the back of it. that bus driver died. georgia state patrol says all of the injuries are considered non-life threatening. legendary singer- bob dylan is the winner of the 2016 nobel prize for literature.dylan is known for his poetic folk songs.. including this 1963 hit "blowin in the wind." the swedish academy awarded dylan the coveted prize for, "having created new poetic expressions within the great american song tradition." he's also the first winner to be cited specifically for lyrics.
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look at your weather and traffic together... much of southeastern wisconsin is waking up to some frost this morning with temperatures in the 30s. frost will quickly melt away as the sun rises
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help bump temperatures back above 60 degrees by this afternoon. all in all, it looks like it will be a fantastic fall day. with a warm front passing through, tonight won't be nearly as chilly. lows will be ar under mainly clear skies.the warming trend continues right into the weekend. we'll see quite a bit of cloud cover on saturday but we should stay dry during the day and temperatures will climb near
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showers and thunderstorms saturday night and into sunday morning. most of sunday should be dry as well with partly cloudy skies and highs around 70 degrees. we continue to warm on monday with highs
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incident freedry roadstraffic building on the roads speeds at or above posted for most of the interstate
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a live shot from a houston highway where at least 1 person is dead and a child pulled his toddler brother from a tractor trailer that went up in flames.according to reports: the 5-year old boy and his 2-year-old brother suffered burns and other injuries.the boys' father was killed in the wreck.deputies say the family was on their way to galveston, texas where they were moving to a new home. we'll continue to follow this morning as we learn more about what today's money.. you can expect to pay more to heat your home this winter than you spent last year.the energy department says household bills from october through march are likely to be higher for all four main heating fuels... natural gas, electricity, heating oil and propane. this winter, government meteorologists are expecting a colder season in the northeast, midwest and south. samsungs says it's expecting a big loss of over three billion
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the galaxy note seven. the problems began in september, when samsung recalled two- and-a-half million phones due to overheating batteries that could cause the devices to catch fire. trending today: president obama takes the reigns of a spacecraft simulator. scientists at the university of pittsburgh also showed the president some cutting edge technology.. incluidng a capsule designed to take humans into space. the white house also announced a 300-million dollwa researchers to helpe push the boundaries of innovation. new 20-17 cars are hitting the lots... and they're packed with technology. and you don't have to be rich to get the benefits. next generation cruise control adjusts to traffic and speed changes... while lane departure technology knows when you're's pacifica also features a parent- friendly built in vacuum. back- up cameras will be standard in vehicles by 20-18. still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:a little girl in kansas is
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among adults.. and she's impressing coaches.also-- a father shares why he's thankful for his daughter's out-of-the-box thinking to
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a 4-year-old girl in kansas is making waves.. by taking up boxing. coaches say ayanna is a well-trained machine and keeps up with kids more than triple her age. ayanna has plenty of time to practice before her first official match. the rules state she has to be at least eight-years-old to compete. when a man's daughter found
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dad to get a life-saving kidney transplant... she jumped into charters turned to facebook.. and started a page called "find jeff charters a kidney". she received over 30 messages from people who wanted to donate their kidney to her dad. jeff was able to find a match and received his new kidney in just six weeks. much more is happening at six-- on live at daybreak. including... after two calls in the same week.. the kenosha county sheriff's office is asking for your help to catch the people responsible for placin bombs in two separate places. also... what police want you to know so you don't end up short-handed the next time you buy packers tickets. new clients? let's go meet them soon. in person, we could read the room. on the phone, you're just a voice. yeah, i'm good. for fast rewards, let's book on choice. this trip could really help us grow.
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exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. now at six-- the startling new report out this morning on how often a child is killed by accidental gunfire. then -- search for armed robbery suspect.the local community with the thief on the loose and the group of people that the suspect is targeting. and taking a live look
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welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your weather and traffic together with meteorologist brian gotter. much of southeastern wisconsin is waking up to this morning with temperatures in the 30s. frost will quickly melt away as the sun rises above. an abundance of sunshine and a south wind will help bump temperatures back above 60 degrees by this


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