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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1230PM  NBC  October 14, 2016 12:30pm-12:46pm CDT

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thanks for joining us this afternoon. i'm vince vitrano. if you're just joining us-- here's a look at your top stories today. senatorojohnson d rmerfofeingoli right now fiengold leads by just two points heading into november..owever jon who was down 5 polast month is closing the gap.the hour long debate is set r 7 you the action right today's tmj- a warning packers fake tickets.several fans were stuck outside laeau after buying phony tickets for sunday night's game against e police are remindg fans.. to be sure
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public safety committee is cori e is tomorrow morning at mmon c ashanti hamilton will host the hearing at obama gh hool, near sherman an
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veteransaffairs is launching a progra help relatives and otrs understand and identify the signs of possible suicide. according to the u-s department of veterans affairs, an average of 20 veterans died by suicide each day in that same year, te acted for 18 percent of all deaths by suicide in the united greenfield police say this man is using stolen credit cards snatched from senior citizens.
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three tacks in the past 2 weeks. in all three cases -- the victims are in their 70s and 80s and they were robbed as they were pulling into their parking gaassisted living facilites.the first attack happened on near 92nd and howa.?ne second -- on 92nd and layton.third on prairie hill lane. i [dwas not awarof this happening in our neighborhood. i'm a retired policeman and i usally have a heads up of what is happening. security cameras at the assist livi facilites are also key in this investigation. decision 2016 nownone of wisconsin's top republicans will be appearing thonal trumen he campaigns in the state on monday. umwill be in green bay an allis on monday. both house speaker paul ryan and governor scott walker will be out of state. ryan is campaigning for house republicans in texas and walker is the keynote speaker at a previously scheduled g-o- p candidate training event in new
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answering questions regarding her emails. the questions came from conservative group "judicial watch" as part of an ongoing lawsuit. clinton says she used a private server for "convenience" d she believed her state department emails were being archived. the filing also notes clinton claimed not to remember being warned about possib?email or server more news now you can now bring home all the cuban cigars and rum that you want. today, the obama administration announced it's lifting decades old 100- brought into the u-s.the new rules ?(will also make ieasier for cubans to buy u-s made goods can't however order cuban cigars or rum online and have them shipped to your home here in the a state of emergency remains in place in north carolina. the threat of more massive flooding will peak over the next 24 hours.scott mclean reports. one week after hurricane matthew battered the east
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least 30 people have been killed in the u.s., 22 now confirmed dead in the hardest hit state, north carolina. historic flooding has slowly swamped the eastern part of the state, washing out towns and putting communs on alert as flood waters move eastin lumberton, one of the hardest hit communities, luck is hard to come by... but when firefighters took joseph fredrick to check on his house, he found some -- his home -- built nearly 5 feet off the ground -- was dry."i feel bad for the rest of the people though because some of their stuff is under water... i'm a little bit heartbroken, okay for my house but heartbroken for them because they pretty much lost their homesmeanwhile, this man didn't wait for a ride to go to his house. he went to put ice in his freezer and feed his ducks -- confident he will rebuild." "to me it's sad that it happened, but whatever the good lord and mother nature summons we gotta kind of take it...and anyway try to deal with it because it happened."
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other communities along the neuse river are bracing for more flooding, with the river expected to crest overnight. evacuations have been ordered in towns like greenville and kinston,where the governor toured thursday. he's encouragg people not only to leave,o th b lpe who have no where to go."t people being impactedmost of tpoor and when they are displaced they he nothing. our nggoal is to get them out of the the governor said recovery will take time, but aid is on its way for people affected by a video showing a close encounter with a great white shark off the coast of mexico has gone shows a shark breaching an underwater diving cage near guadalupe island.the shark is seen leaping out of the water to eat a large chunk of tuna bait tied to a rope, then breaching the side of cage.a diver who was inside managed to escape through the bottom of the cage. he is later seen emerging
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taking a look at the market right now...dow:nasdaq:s and p: the latest weapon in the arsenal to identify breast cancer at an earlr stage is nore ailablin clinics glaser ow3-d ey mammography is bng uto gea more accurate view of the breast, particularly in women with dense breast tissue. "there's a fairly white area here that could potentially hide a cancer."radiologist charles brdlik studies mammograms like this every day. in 2d, there is an area of ncer.. but not so on the
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on the 3-d as i roll through it, all of those tissues, those individual planes kind of get rolled through and basically what you can see is there's no real mass in that area"doctor brdlik says 2d has been the standard of care until recently, with the upgrade of technology adding a third dimension, changing the way breast tissue is imaged. "in the past, if you consider the breast a deck of cards, we were taking a picture of the whole deck of cards antrying to find let's say an ace. wi is essentially we're able to look at each individual card to see which one is the ace that we're looking for."the process for the patient is no different than before.we followed along with debbie link for her annual mammogram, where she picked the 3d option over 2d."it takes about five minutes and you go in and they do the test. it is a little painful, but it's not horrible and it's worth it.""the earlier detection of breast cancer is definitely the
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that, dr. brdlick says it is reducing the amount of acalproblematic men who do not screenings.""any time we call a woman back for an additional view, it causes anxiety, that's just natural. by not having to do that, i think we're offering a lot of relief to the women in the sense that they don't have to worry about those things any more." some insurance companies will cover 3d mammography, but it's not the norm yet. he niznansky is back with the storm team forest right
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mu of southeasternwisconsin is woke up to some frost this
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the 30s. frost quickly melted away rose above. an south wind will help band a mperatur back above 60 degrees is afternoon. ks le it a fantastic fall day. with a
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tonight won't be nearly as chilly. lows will be around 50 undemainlyclear skies. trend right saturday but we should stay y during the day and
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70. therischance of thunderstor saturday ghinunda morning. most of sunday should be dry as wl wi partly cloudy skies and hi 70 degrees. continue to warm on monday with highs approaching 75! here's melinda myers with your garden moment
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they fun to grow, but they're great to eat - that is - if you can beat the birds and squirrels to the seeds. protect your harvest from these critters by covering the flowers with a paper bag, cheesecloth or season extending fabric as the seeds begin to form. the seeds are ripe and ready to harvest when the back of the ower head is banana yellow or brown and most of thyellow petals are dry. this is also when you can easily rub the fluffy covering off the plump seeds that off the plump seeds that have developed thei gray stripes. you can eat them fresh or hang theharvested flower heads upside down in a warm dry place to dry. remove the seeds by rubbing your ha over the face of the flower. plac shelled sunflower seeds can last several months or longer if placed in an aiightcontainer in the fridge or freezer. i'm melinda myers, check out our website
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i'm ss feiold ani approvthis msage. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme of things... is a pretty reasonable compensation level. ron johnson paid himself seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he tk a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. agtevenerstce of aed mier mum wage. millions for him.
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'souime tineupmeli e w mie at 30.followedthe u-eb at'sn sand feingol- "datine nbeight.then more locanews on live at n. ligator. inexas he everrapphe state.e nearly 14-foot, 900-poun s coered by trappersafter they recieved it w g up a oat ramp.the gator is noe test
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me f of southeaste wisconsin mog temperurin the 30s. frost quicy lted as the sun aan abundance of sund a utwind will help bump temperatures back above 60 degrees this afternoon. alin all, it wilbe a fall? day. fronws aund 50 s.r .our next
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ka >> steve: kayla. god. >> kayla: my god, you're all right. are you okay? i'm okay. >> steve: i'm fine. how are you? >> kayla: i'm okaym okay i'm good. how many explosions have there been out there? >> steve: i have no idea. >> kayla: [exhales sharply] oh, my god, i've got my mom nkered down in her bedroom up the where's marlena? she went to look for john. they're gonna go where they're eded. i'm--i'm--i'm just about to go to the hospital. >> steve: okay. >> kayla: you know, sonothing edenph euteve: well, john and i showed up. he obviously never intended to. >> kayla: yeah, becaushe had already placed bombs all over town. >> steve: that son of a bitch. >> kayla: where's joey? >> steve: joe's at the hospital. he promised he would stay there with the kids and keep 'em safe. >> kayla: yeah, safe. i hope so. >> steve: come on. we gotta go, honey. >> kayla: i hope so. >> joey: god, this sucks.


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