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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Extra Early Edition  NBC  October 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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good morning. i'm susan kim. i'm vince vitrano.let's start off a brian gotter. saturday night's downpours lead to a mostly cloudy, warm and very humid sunday with patchy dense fog forming last evening. there is still some patchy fog near the lake this morning, otherwise it is warm and humid with temps in the
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with highs near 80 and just an isolated t'shower after 3pm. tonight is very windy and warm with lows in the lower 60s and a sw wind gusting to 30 mph. a west bend man is facing attempted homicide charges after police say he tried to shoot it all started early sunday morning. police report neighbors called 9-1-1 after hearing at least six gunshots. when officers arrived.. they claim the 24-year-old man pointed his handgun at officers and pulled the trigger.. but it misfired. it took nearly five hours before the man finally surrendered.
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were telling him we will use gas you need to come out you are under arrest and they were calling him by name 12:58 no one was injured during the milwaukee police are waiting on an autopsy report that will shed light on the death of a three-month-old child.police arrived to an apartment at 28th and wells on sunday.. but despite c-p-r efforts the child, deshelya, did not survive.deshelya's parents have been taken in for questioning.. no arrests have been something besides this110945 its my own, and it's just horrible. if you couldn't handle the baby the baby should have been brought back to where she was at or something. something besides this. 110957the baby's grandmother says the child's parents had a tumultuous relationship. she ?hopes? an autopsy will show the baby died as a result of a milwaukee father is in court this morning.. charged with drowning his three-month old son. this story shocked the
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drowned his son after an argument with the boy's mother. flowers faces life in prison if also in court today, a 19- year-old accused of starting a vehicle fire in sherman park. dale folley set the fire in the parking lot of pick n' save. police say folley admitted to lighting a napkin on fire and throwing it successful efforts by law enforcement in brown county have led to the arrest of 15 people in a nationwide child sex trafficking sting.the operation began last agencies.. including the f-b-i based out of milwaukee.the arrests range from child trafficking, child enticement and "more local news":on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner. this equates to more than 10 million men and women a october is national domestic violence awareness month. to help raise awareness, today's tmj4 has partnered with the sojourner family peace center for a phone bank.volunteers
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domestic violence or anyone who knows someone who needs help.the phone bank is today from four to seven p-m. the capital improvements committee will discuss milwaukee mayor tom barrett's 20-17 budget proposal later this morning. one of the things mayor barrett is proposing is spending more on milwaukee's police department.. but not enough to hire more officers. that meeting will be held at city hall at 9 a-m. gov. scott walker has ordered all fl half-staff today in honor of the late state senator rick gudex.gudex died wednesday of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. in a statement, gudex's family says he suffered from "an overwhelming depression".his funeral is this afternoon in eden. decision 2016 now.donald trump returns to the green bay area today... determined to win over wisconsinites. the campagin stop is scheduled for six p-m at the k-i convention center. if you're interested
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trump's police are looking for the people responsible for vandalizing a republican officer in north carolina. authorities say someone threw a bottle filled with flammable liquid through the window of the building.. the substance ignited and damaged furniture before burning out.vandals also spray painted graffiti including a swastika and the words "nazi republicans leave town or else". "it is meant to scare and intimidate people from volunteering, from working this office and from working at other offices across the both donald trump and hillary clinton took to twitter condemning clinton called the attack horrific and unacceptable... while trump pointed the finger at clinton supporters. saying the firbomb was a result of the trump campaign "winning". clinton and trump will square off wednesday night in the final presidential debate before the november election. it's being held at the u-n-l-v
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the debate live on today's tmj4 starting at 8 p-m. but before that.. senator ron johnson and his opponent russ feingold are set to hold their second and final debate tomorrow in milwaukee.the two squared off friday night in green bay and answered questions about the presidential race, terrorism and police relations with the african-american community. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--four police officers in the hospital this morning.. what led to the why a man is thanking several people this morning after his car catches fire in a crash. and taking a live look
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saturday night's downpours lead to a mostly cloudy, warm and very humid sunday with patchy dense fog forming last evening. there is still some patchy fog near the lake this morning, otherwise it is warm and humid with temps in the 60s. today will be mostly cloudy, windy, warm and humid with highs near 80 and just an isolated t'shower after 3pm. tonight is very windy and warm with lows in the lower 60s and
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breaking news now: the battle to liberate iraq's second- largest city from isis... has just gotten under way.way. mosul, in northern iraq, is where isis declared its caliphate... isis's last major stronghold in the country.the offensive could be one of the biggest military operations in iraq since the 2003 u-s-iraq since operations in iraq since the 2003 u-s-led invasion that toppled saddam four alabama police officers are hurt after a standoff turned violent. police say demetrea griffin was walking along the side of the road and when they approached him, he became aggressive.. and punched them. officers chased griffin until he ran and locked himself in a squad car where he stayed in a for more
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say griffin may have a mental health condition and was likely high on drugs. now, check this out.about a dozen good samaritans rescued a man who was trapped in a burning s-u-v in florida.the driver was in an embankment, so they formed a human chain to pull him out.the driver is okay.. and the rescuers suffered only minor scrapes and in the wake of hurricane matthew, dogs from overcrowded shelters in the south are being sent north.. to stay in temporary housing until they are reunited with their owners. but most of the animals will have to find homes in their new cities. up next on live at daybreak on today's tmj4--turnover trouble.. elise menaker has highlights from yesterday's packers the milwaukee bucks set for another preseason game as the countdown to opening night dwindles down. and taking a live look
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((good morning i'm elise menaker and this is your one minute drill.the packers heard fans frustrations loud and clear when they were booed on theime against the cowboys.they started the scoring when dak prescott tosses a short pass to cole beasley for the touchdown.with james starks out having had knee surgery... eddie lacy trying to get this offense going... he hurdles the defender.the drive leads to a field goal... which would be the packers only way of scoring until the fourth when they'd get their lone touchdown.rodgers with more turnovers than touchdowns.he fumbles twice and throws a pick as they lose cowboys 30- 16.the bright spot in the
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favre was honored for his recent induction into the pro football hall of fame.favre's ceremony included a ring presentation and the unveiling of his name on the lambeau field facade.and in non packer news... reports swirling that the bucks and bulls are in trade talks.reports saying sometime today a swap could be official sending michael carter williams to the windy city for the bulls tony snell. that's your one minute drill. menaker.)) the packers face the bears this thursday at lambeau. kick off is at 7:25. coming up in our six o-clock hour... we sit down with the voice of the packers wayne larrivee to talk about one of the n-f-l's most storied rivalries. wayne breaks down where the packers went wrong against the dallas cowboys for us.. live in studio. just eights days now before
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the bucks are in michigan for more preseason action. they face off against the detroit pistons at auburn hills.. two days after beating the bulls at home. game starts at 6:30. the dodgers have a chance to clinch a world series berth at home... after escape the windy city with a split in the first two games of the n-l-c-s. it was a one-zero win in a pitcher's duel over the cubs in game two. the first and only run of the game comes in the second inning off the bat of adrian gonzalez. dogers tc up just two hits.the series
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saturday night's downpours lead to a mostly cloudy, warm and very humid sunday with patchy evening. there is still some patchy fog near the lake this morning, otherwise it is warm and humid with temps in the
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with highs near 80 and just an isolated t'shower after 3pm. tonight is very windy and warm with lows in the lower 60s and a sw wind gusting to 30 the rest of the week is sunny, and we finally get into a dry stretch of weather. tuesday is mostly sunny, breezy, cooler and less humid behind the cold
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70. wednesday is the pick day of the week with highs in the mid 60s, lots of sun and a light breeze. cooler air moves into the area on thursday with highs in the brisk nw wind. friday morning will see lows near 40, and highs into the low the weekend pleasant with highs near
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soldier is finally laid to rest in his wisconsin hometown 65 years after he was killed in the korean the korean war.cpl. donald hendrickson was buried saturday in janesville.for decades, hendrickson's remains lay in an unmarked grave in north korea. they were identified nearly three-quarters of americans will be traveling this holiday season.. and if you want cheaper airfares.. book now.the end of october offers the most desirable flights.. and orbitz advises booking ig and six a-m because they're typically less expensive and more on-time. today's health now: flu activity generally peaks in the colder months - particularly in december - but flu numbers are already on the rise.younger people, seniors and those with health issues tend to be the most vulnerable. doctors suggest the flu shot is the best prevention and the earlier you get it, the earlier you are uw-madison is urging all their undergraduates to get a new meningitis vaccine this, after
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with the rare and potentially deadly disease.a special clinic will be set up thursday to offer the expensive vaccine at no charge.few students are vaccinated against the "b" strain because the two-dose vaccine is relatively new.the school says the students who got sick are expected to make full a defamation trial against "rolling stone" magazine gets underway today.a university of virginia administrator is suing over her portrayal in an article detailing a gang rape at a fraternity. the article was later debunked, and the magazine pulled it. also going to trial.. a former penn state football coach's whistleblower lawsuit. mike mcqueary's testimony helped send jerry sandusky to prison for child sexual abuse. mcqueary lost his job after the accusations against sandusky came to light.he claims school leaders punished him for helping prosecutors and defamed him.
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support of san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. other people chanted "no justice, no peace." this was the first game kaepernick has started since making headlines for kneeling during the national anthem each week in protest of racial beyond wisconsin.. a family in new york is mourning the loss of their child after he was run over by a lawnmower.police say a family member was riding the lawnmower at the time of the accident. authorities e was just an accident. the boy was just three- china launched its latest space mission, sending two astronauts into orbit where they will spend a month aboard an experimental space laboratory. the mission is part of a broader chinese plan to have a permanent space station in service around 20-22. swiming with a great white shark... seemed like a good idea at the time. until the shark leaps out of the water and breaks through your protective cage. look at this
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cage at the time... and thankfully was able to escape unharmed.. here's what he had to say about the ordeal. before he broke the cage, his nose had been locked in the small window of that so i just tell myself that-i say "hey, come on, you don't want to go into my cage okay?" but, maybe less than a second after, he broke the daybreak on today's tmj4--how veterans want to show their support for local law enforcement.. and.. pumpkin launch.. how far the winning gourd traveled and why teachers say this is great for students. let's take a look at tonight's prime time 6-30 is the now:milaukee.. followed by the voice at 7.the hit new show timeless starts at 9.. and then joins us for live at
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taking a live look outside.. check this out.. a group of high school students launch pumpkins into the air with catapults.. all in the name of learning. teams distance and accuracy competitions in buffalo. teachers say students learn valuable math and science skills.. as well as learning to work together as a group. the winning launch sent a pumpkin 483 feet. a group of veterans in west milwaukee are showing support for local law enforcement by handing out cupcakes to thank them for their service. the group will deliver the cupcakes to officers at the police station on beloit road
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today's tmj4--one mother's journey of keeping her daughter's memory alive.. plus.. harsh words for the cast of saturday night live from donald trump.. what he says the show should do after its latest political skit.
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now at 5:00... a mother's quest to keep her daughter's memory alive.. what she wants to do to leave a lasting impact.. plus... as donald trump prepares for his stop in green defending herself after another round of emails was released by wikileaks. let's take a live look outside this morning... welcome to live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm vince vitrano.and i'm susan kim. let's get a check of your weather and traffic together...


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