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tv   Today  NBC  October 17, 2016 10:00am-11:26am CDT

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this morning on "today's take," harry cnick j is leer. grammy winning musician is our special co-host. then trunk or treat. a twist on a halloween adition. plus "the biggest bob harper. secrets for losing weight and staying in shape during the holidays. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome, ??every. thiss monday morning, wake up, wake up, wake up, if you're not rey up october 17th, 2016. i'm tamron, along with beautiful dylan. >> thankyou. >> al is recovering from knee surgery. i sent him a bitmoji every
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if you go on his ig page, you will see that he was making cauliflower. >> he was cooking last flight. >> he got a massage. >> i thought maybe he's hard up -- but he's surrounded by cooks in his family. >> he's doing the cooking so he is updating us on his recovery and his culinary skills. meanwhile, we've got a very special show for you today with a very special guest. a guest so special that we're going to need more time to talk. thanks to our friends over at american express, we're n submstions on twitter. we may or may not answer. we may sing. we may just stare at this camert we're going to become true friends. i believe this. >> that's like a full 15 minutes together? >> tt's longer than irobably talk to some family members. i kid because i love. anyw, the one andnly harry coic jr. is re.he
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hello! >> hey, tamron. >> hell greatness. how you doing? >>?u we're so good. we're going to get you a claire. model what you are wearing. who are you wearing? >> i d something custom for y'all today because i wanted to be special because i'm with two very special women. i decided to do something not off the rack. something jt for you all. >> oh, wow. >> then that?o just made every other man in here they all showed up in their regulars. how areou eling? >> i'm doing great. it is so nice toeey' l. >> you're so busy. you've got this new show. >> i do. working constantly on music. being a great husband. a great dad. and you found time for us. >> i was so excited when i heard that i was invited to the show because i am a big fan of the show. i watch the show every day. i'm fan of both of y'all's. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> that just madey day. >> i know. how do we finish out? so i understand that there is a
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called the back it up. >> back it up. >> what does that have to do with you withe harry? >> well, i like to back it up every once in awhile. like when i'm feeling down or i need a little inspiratn. sometimes you justave to back it up. so i started doing it -- y don't know it? >> i don't knowit. >> som you just bac ik up r no reason. you could back i , you know - >> is this a new orleans inspired thing or is this just light? t something i thought helpede get through theda >> that's mariska. >> she can back it up. there is no particular technique to it. everybody. we got people sending in. infants. we have the very first one we got was this incredible -- isn't that great. look atthat. >> this is a goodance move because you don't really have to ma eonta c with the peoe in t room. soyo shy --
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elevate your moves. >> you just need to look for the end of a stage, make sure no tvs or small children are behind you. are you going to show usow to ba it ? >> yeah. there are different ways. when i back it up, you can do it like real sule. like if you're in the check-out line at walmart. you can just do something like this. >> walmart l bac it up. >> or -- i need some room for this one. if you really need to back it up, it's like this. >> oh. oh. watch the ca me. i'm more of a walmart shopping kind of girl but i'm going to go major backing it up. >> oh, oh! >> little cowboy in there! >> okay, dylan. baby bump back it up. >> i feel like i need a beep epbe >> >> backed it up too much >> i came to theight place this morning.
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up videos. #todaystakeheartharry. >> that's the most exercise i've goen in weeks. >> y'all were really going after it. right now i'm backing it up and y'all don't really even kno it.g ive back it up while i'm sitting here. >> ooh! scandalous. >> you're backing it up in the chair. >> can you see me. i'm barely backing it up. from re, you can barely tell i'm bacng it up rht we look like we have to g to the bathroom. how was your weekd. >> it was great. i went to see "dangerous liaisons" on broadway. have you guys seen it? >> no. >> i can'tt in frch.speakingren >> we'll get a french lesson. >> it was one of the greatest performances on stage i've seen
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>>id you go saturday night? >> i went saturday night. yes. >> you werethere? >> i went, too. it was absolutely incredible. >> you didn't see harry connick jr.? >> i heard height be there so i was looki but i didn't see you. >> it's not that huge. you loved it, too? can believe how much dialogue there was and it was so witty and so quick. and everybody's around me laughing and i was like, shoot, i policed it. i wanted to jt rewind it and hear the line again. but it was so . >> i had to work, kind of. by "work," i mean i hung out with patti labelle. >> really slumming it. wait. what happened? >> it was at the new york wine and food festival. that's me, carla hall. patti labelle. it was at like 2:00 in the morning. it was a midnight jam that turned into a hip-hop party. >> how do you look like that at 2:00 in the morning?
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at that time in the morning. >> look how great patty looks. >> she is always a class act. then i woke up next morning, thought about dylan because i had to judge a barbecue contest, the bobby flay -- i've never see a human being ate a steak the size the one dylan ate last week. she has tomahawk steak, harry -- she's like the best part is the bone! >> you were getting after the bone. >> the bone's the best pa. >> that's where the flavor is. >> i eat the meat as big as possible so when i'm done with that >> al kepteckling her to see if she was going to finish. >> because al had the same steak. he could only eat half of it. >> i was thinking about you, barbecue -- who was i with? >> katie lee. >> i have some kind of brain issue going on today. >> who you good was the
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>> we judge. i had like 12 different contestants. there was one though that just melted my heart. katie lee loved another and we ended up going with hers. it was so delicious, as well. >> brisket? pulled pork? >> one guy played a meatloaf burger with brisket, bacon, cheese -- >> do you just take a bite of each one? >> that's all you can >> like the korean kim chi -- >> like a krispy kreme doughnut. >> i once ate 19 krispy kremes in one sitting. i'm not kidding. it was insane. travelin on my tour bus. messed up for three days. >> here is a better story. now this is a true story. when you ate those krispy kremes, here is a little factoid. it was with me, fox chicago, i was a local anchor. you don't remember this. i challenged you to a krispy
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then sent me -- i have the letter, a hand-written letter they said was from you. it was krispy kreme doughnuts from harry connick. you were on my local news show when i was 15. >> you were 15 working at local news? >> no. i'm kidding. my age. no. chicago. i was a local news anchor, fox chicago. we had krispy kremes sent to us. >> how my krispy kremes could you eat in a sitting? >> i ate the entire box. what's in a box? to and i ate the entire box. >> you don't realize until after the fact. >> terrible decision. >> there's a dozenn a box. you actually went and opened a second box zp. >> i busted open a second box. >> i busted open a second box. >> so this part of the show, harry, we go through these different topics that people are talking about all around the country. one of them is beyonce. since you are one of the greatest performers of all time -- >> oh, thank you.
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she was performing and her ponytail got hooked in her earring. blood started spilling down her ear. she never stopped performing. what's the craziest thing when you wanted to stop? >> i just remember being on stage when you have bronchitis or you have the flu. and the people who have paid mo care. you have to give them their money's rth. that's something i used to talk about on "american idol" a lot. the lot of the kids would come on and say i don't feel well. my theory is, well, i you're well enough to be here, then don't tell us. you have to go ahead and do it. if you're sick, you should stay home and take care of yourself. but beyonce i think is a tremendous performer so it is not a surprise at all that she just didn't make a big deal. >> does your ear hurt?
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still can't wear earrings. >> your ears are not pierced? >> yeah. but i've never had one rip out of my ear before. >> you mean it ripped through the lobe of her ear? >> mine was almost through the lobe and we had to get this guy to sew both of my ears up. i still can't wear earrings. >> how many earrings is too many? my daughters are old enough to ci they say i want a double piercing. i mean how many earrings -- >> i have one, two, three, four on this side. >> four. >> i have two on this side. but i want five. i don't think there is a limit. >> just whatever you're feeling. do you ever wear four on the air. >> >> i do. i let this one close up because every time i pick up the phone to answer, i hit it. it hurts. it hurts. >> do you sleep with those in? >> yeah. seems like a lot of work to take themll out. >> these i leave in.
10:12 am
>> you sleep with them and everything? >> i sleep with them. >> it doesn't hurt when your head's on pillow? >> sometimes. i got to cope with it. cope with it. >> we got a double take for you this morning. >> aren't you proud of me for trying to unrstand? >> you genuinely seemed interested in this conversation. >> i am. >> you are outnumbered in your house. >> jill is in the house. georgia, my old charlotte is my middle daughter. and kate my younger daughter is in school. three female dogs and a female cat. >> you don't have a choice. >> i don't have ahoice in the matter. i haven't had a choice since i met my wife. that was 26 years ago and i have been choiceless since. i got y'all, brothers. >> you're interested in earrings.
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thanks to our friends at american express, we have additional time to take an extra look. usually we go to commercial, harry. we usually go to break. but not today. we're talking through the commercial. >> i can do a commercial behind y'all. give me a product. >> american express. >> let's d . >> sill's do the american express commercial while y'all read that. i'll kick it off. your cue is american express. ready? hi, i'm harry connick jr. for american express. >> this is scott wo dressed in costume for a charity event this weekend. he does remind you of anyone. does he look like someone? that's him. scott eastwood, that's his dad clint. >> when you seone with a voice like harry connick jr. in your ear. >> i thought you were going to sing it. >> you'd have to pay me then. >> outstanding. look at the picture.
10:14 am
>> oh, my gosh. that's pretty strong. >> because clint eastwood was so young when he shot that movie. >> how old was he? >> i'm assuming he was in his 20s. if that's what scott is now. >> it is his dad. >> and they look identical. >> do you like that look on a guy? >> i'm going to raid your home look? >> like if a guy showed up on a date -- >> with that outfit? >> yeah. >> even if you believed that. like if that was him. >> i like the cowboy hat but i only like white or light i don't like black cowboy hats. i'm from texas! >> come on. if i showed up on a date with you and i was wearing white cowboy hat that's a deal breaker? >> no. i like a white cowboy hat. >> a black cowboy hat. >> i'd be like who you trying to channel here. >> you wouldn't say somethingfy showed up in a white ten-gallon hat? >> i don't know, harry. i like cowboy hats, i like cowboy boots. but black cowboy hats freak me out? >> because i think you are spooky. like this.
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dracula's castle. a new promotion may allow you to have the ultimate halloween sleep over. it is at drula's cast you. you and harry. because i'm not going. it is called the vampiric home. they put you in some kind of coffin. the winning pair will be fwn to romania, taken into the castle. it is set dramatically in the mountains. the guests wile dined, then left alone in your red velvet coffin. the winning pair will tour the castle, then be treated to candlelight dinner, chicken, paprika, no garlic, and you wake up with two holes in the side of your neck. >> wow! that sounds like a night on bourbon street. >> i remember that once. it's october 26th to try. would you do it? after the baby. >> yeah.
10:16 am
definitely go for the prize. >> i'd go in a second. i'd be all ove that. >> why? >> sexy. it's different. it's something -- you know, living on the edge. it's like wearing -- like a black cowboy hat. >> going wild. >> i feel like the person who used to have the angel and the devil? i've got two little devils on each side of me. we have a little experiment to do. we did this earlier in the hour, to sign your signature. we have wte boards. a lot abo you. there is a new study -- >> i usually charge $10 for this. >> do you? >> yeah. >> i knew you were one of those. >> that's why they can erase it. >> i have two different signatures. >> do them both. >> i have one when people ask for autographs. >> then the one that you do on your checks. >> i use the same one. >> you only have one? >> yeah. >> all right. let's see harry's. >> oh, that's night.
10:17 am
signature. it still looks like it says harry connick. >> though i think my career would have taken a different turn just because that's got a nice ring to it. horry can. >> wait. what is that on the bottom? >> that's like what i sign the check with. that's why i do the top one, so people signed. >> mine is the same. the study says men and women with large signatures are more likely to enjoy being center of attention. scoring highly -- >> so this is for attention. >> this is regular tamron and that's work tamron. >> do you enjoy being center of attention, rry? >> i couldn't even fit it on the board. >> there you have it. >> at's going on here. you were so good until you went to the double "ls."
10:18 am
with. i left with great stability in who i am as a >> announcer: more today is sponsored by the blue cash every day card from american express. it's more tnt?ash backed by th
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up next, the holidays are coming and so is the holiday weight gain. so the biggest loser's bob harper is here. i lover this one, harry and dylan. we'll get the three secrets to keep you from packing on the pounds. plus, this 50-30-20 rule. apparently thi is the thinnest you are going to be until the end of the year. except for dylan. except for dylan. i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie anone snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie. can pick the genre? yes, but it has to ba comedy. with the blue cash everyday card from americ expss, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back.
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secrets for staying in shape. >> look how good you look. >> but this research is sad. >> it is so sad, so true. we just came out of summer looking the best. now we start into the holidays. that's when people are like, i got my sweater on. i can hide it. >> but y>> i don't wanteopleo do that. >> so bod. >> i created this workout called body by bob. d angeles. first "b" is about boosting your workout. whatever workout you do. bo if you are a runner, try making your speed a little bit faster. if you are doing cross fit, try to get your times faster. i take one movement like a push-up. i'm going to show you something. >> i'll do it. >> with those big heels? >> that's fine. >> you bend over, take your lands on the ground. walk all the way out, give me one pushup.
10:24 am
your hands back. >> how many of these do we do? >> i would tell you, like how many can you do in then the next minute, tryo beat wter you did. >> what's the "o" stand for?>> " you need an objective when you are worki outs. find a goal. i'm gl ieed i j wt work out. i want you to ,decide y kno what? i want toeoner abs, i want to have a bey butt. i don't know what it is but you decide. >> then once we get our objective? >> that' when you put it into play. if i want to get a really good fat burner, i'll use my larst muscle group. my legs. i would have you lunge forward. make sure that knee, then go to the side, just like a clock. >> how many do we knock out? >> don't hurt ur >> to. >> again, i'm all about every
10:25 am
diet. it doesn't have to be something we hate. >> diet does not need to be a bad word. i follow this 50-30-30 rule. 50% protein, 30% carbs, 20% fat. every single time you eat, i want to make sure that you hit all those things. >> boom. >> eggs on breads, littlo. thanku! thanku! going to get hot before next oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream thanku! going to get hot before next in no hurry to make anything happen. epair works...?$we. with the... fastest retinol formula available. 'sni ity oven fine s d... k? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena. "see what's possible." since the launch of the new dannonhole milk yogu,
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i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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state senator rick gudex will be laid to rest later today in eden.gudex died of an apparent self-inflicted gunst wound last week. his family says he suffered from depression. governor scott walker has also ordered flags be flown at half-staff today. gudex was just 48-years-old. tomorrow night is the second and final u-s senate debate between republican senator ron johnson and democrat russ feingold in milwaukee. the two green bay and talked about several issues here in milwaukee. that's tomorrow night at 8 p-m. and here's a live look outside. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme
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seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. not even $7.25 an hour for us. senator ron johnson. for big corporate interests,
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we are counting down to halloween. last week we asked you to send in pictures of your best trunk or treating designs. here we have some. so cool. >> we're doing gr trunk or treating, it is basically trick-or-treating meets dale gating. everybody gathers in a field or parking lot and you deck out the trunk of your car into a halloween scene. instead of going door to door, you trunk or treat from car to car. >> if you don't know how to do that, here to help you deck out your ride is lifestyle expert
10:31 am
alejondra. i love these ideas. it is not just people opening their trunk and giving out candy. >> they are getting super creative. it is like tailgating, even more fun. we have some fun ideas here starting off with this kind of cozy traditional halloween scene. it is like your harvest scene. this is great because you can go to the grocery store or the garden store, get natural elements, get apples and pumpkins and some burlap. keep it nice a so easy and doesn't have to be expensive. >> do you recommend the kids dress up. >> yeah. i thk the parents shoul be, houte these. >>o you put something over the trunk so when you open it -- >> yeah. you nsio dime you open up your trunk, you wants things hanging. i'll shou how. drape fabric on the ground which extends the area. make is a whole big production. >> thanks, guys.
10:32 am
>> that's what they've been waiting for. >> this is a fun mix of a different theme you wouldn't associate with halloween. >> we are basically combining themes here. your summer party or whatever , a a little haunted element. our haunted tiki beach party. we have some awesome kids here. you can really have fun. >> there is a shark in the cemetery. i don't know how that happened. >> i get it. pet cemetery! i get >> there you go. this is really fun. the kids with can play in it. you can put toys, put your skeletons and stuff. it is a whole mix of that. then we have our skeleton man over here. we just decked him out. >> you can do this in a pickup truck, too. >> i think so. >> i think that would be cool. >> i want to see your pick-up. >> i would put sand in the back of my pick-up. i would do that. that's cool.
10:33 am
>> you got it. >> now we've got our traditional spooky kind of haunted scene. we've got all those -- ooh! this is the hanging thing i told you about. yeah, you can open it up, use lights to just make it a little bit more dramatic. you can put on some music. i've got little zombie guy down here. >> that's creepy. >> what's really fun, too, because there are a lot of allergies and diet restrictio give out. >> that's a smart idea. >> you can give kids some fun things to play around with. so you have alternatives. it is not just candy and sugar. you can have a lot of fun stuff. >> why do you think this is the new trend? >> i think definitely it is safer. i think it is just a really cool way to bring communities together. everyone -- you can all take turns, show off your creative ideas. it is a fun event for the whole family. >> would you rather get candy or like a football if you were trick-or-treating?
10:34 am
see, i'd go for the candy. what do you think? that's a great idea. food allergies and stuff. >> why don't you walk over. isn't this the coolest thing? >> that's a great costume. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. >> i don't have a card. >> you can check out more trunk or treat pictures at coming up next, want to know how to get the perfect a chef shares the secrets to making one of the best chicken dishes you will ever eat.
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10:39 am
we'll start with chicken breast. we're going to get the skin really crispy. >> that's hard to do. >> i'll start with a breast that has the bone and the skin. it is hard to buy boneless skin-on breasts. we're going to take it off which is a really simple technique. a sharp paring knife, cut down along the ribs here. >> is this just a simple one-two kind of thing? >> yeah. basically just follow the curvature of the ribs. >> that's intimidating, to be honest. >> you are intimidated right little bit. >> it's rllsimple. >> you cook a lot, taon? >> i do cook like four times a n gotten comfortable ning >>ou c't b a breast, boneless with the skin? >> . come over and poke it 30r 40 times in the skin. is i ka step. you haveot oat here and you haveo render out the
10:40 am
want the salt toood place to go. osilefar. the next thing is we want really the pan.tactit that's how we get it crispy and wee a round chicken breast. >> right. >> that's no good. pound it out. harry, i'm sure you have really bad days. come home, take it out on the chickenbreast. >> that sounds appropri write at or you can pound a chicken. >> i already did. don't worry, that's what i do. >> y it out. >>ye then we're going on to this rack over here. we all know that chicken breasts can dry out pretty easily. >> yeah. >> which is a big compint. there is nng when the chicken is dry. >> first we're going to season it ahead of time with some salt on both sides. >> the pounding it out is the best tip for me because it is rounded and it is that one piece
10:41 am
>> i'm going to ask harry connick jr. to put this in the fridge for me. >> that's a once in a lifetime thing. >> there is one in there that's been in there for about an hour. >> keep it in mind when you make this recipe, it does require one hour refrigeration. plan ahead. >> up to eight hours. do it ahead if you want. >> got it. >> i cook on cast iron almost all my meals. >> cast iron is great. we're actually going to use the classic 12-inch skillet which is super versatile. we're going to get some good sticking. are going to go into a sauce. you can use olive oil or veg oil as well. >> you want this chicken to come back to room temperature? >> no. start with the chicken cold. put the chicken in cold. cold pan, cold chicken. >> cold pan, too? >> cold pan, cold chicken. >> which is all news to me. i would have gotten the oil hot. >> which is what you normally do. what's great about this method,
10:42 am
classic french technique. >> harry, you should know that. you speak french, you told me. [ speaking foreign language ]. >> you heard that in my earpiece. >> you get it hot. >> we're going to put over medium hot. we're going to take this cast iron skillet and put it on top. >> way out of my league. >> you're going to g nine minutes over here. flip it over. that's basically going to be done. >> the heat is high-medium? >> medium heat. these guys go over here. we'll use this great pan. drippings right here to make the sauce. >> what do we do with that? >> this looks like a roux. >> it does look like a roux. for dan's recipe, go to looks like a roux. as harry pointed out. >> yep.
10:43 am
there. then we're going to build our sauce which is a little bit of the brought. we've got the brine from the pickled cherry peppers that we're using. >> harry, dig in. tell us what you think. we also have sauteed mushrooms. >> man. >> delish? >> yeah. >> really re-inventing chicken breasts. >> thank you, dan. dylan, i was wondering where you are. to be found. >> i'm all the way downstairs. it looks delicious though. let's take a look at what's going on for the week ahead. we are still going to see some scattered showers in the pacific northwest, itormte through wisc today. then as we get to the middle of theek, the midwest gets most of the scattered showers a storms. by the end of the week it is going to make its way into the northeast. temperature wise, it is going to be a warm week. we are looking at much above average temperatures. about 20 to 30 degrees. most likely breaking some early.
10:44 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thank you, dylan. is he is he no-nonsense fixer on the hit show "ray donovan." as he gears up for the season, i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was going to clean better than a manual...
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i had frequent heartburn, doctor recommended prilosec otc 7 years ago, 5 years ago, last week. e number 1 doctor recommended brand for 10 raht y
10:49 am
power here this morning. liev schreiber is a tony award winning actor who plays the ultimate fixer for l.a.'sop whi po broadway revi revivals. h orleans. we found a of u, o dierent i don' wh are you doing to me? >> can you pronounce ith that v? had. >> we know it is beautiful.
10:50 am
talking about it. how proud, janet, are you of this revival? >> we're still in the early sdall kind of going, oh, okay, here we go. a bit nervous and we're still rehearsing during the day. but i think it is going really well. people seem to be enjoying it, don't they. weine s oureet with it and really starting to have serious fun. be naughty and dangerous and all the things they're spose to be. >>at's good fun. were you guys ever overwhelmed during the rehearsal what i understand is that y'all didn't have a whole lot of time to prepare for this and the amount is dialogue is immense. >> i have never called line in my professional life once. calling line is when you can't come up with a line and you call line and someone hopefully reads the line to you. on our first preview, i broke "line" about halfway through the show. i must hav taken like aeven or ten-second pause which on
10:51 am
>> sure. what's the limit? like ten seconds, i'm out, i need the li? >> it's pride. m nevoi too dit. after ten seconds i just went, line? i didn't say it loud enough so the girl didn't hear me so i had to do it wasaying.ndeta w llyalled"line" three ti>> i t??ri to i >> his first line was something he missed was maybe belle rush can do it. >> how about the rush? >> that's terrible. >> rrible. >> liev, i read that -- or i think you heard you say at one point that you were aching to act this play withnet. where did that come from? was itust from seeing her? >> from watching work.
10:52 am
i watched her work a number of times. but then something sent me a video of the production that she did in london when she originated this production, and i don't know how to describe that. you just see somebody think the best metapho is like sports. i think peoplehtunderstand that. you see ano athlete doing meing and you go, i wto ay wan to workiththem. i want to do somethingit them. w kind of athleticism about acting. we have a kind of tenacity and a kindfneynd a wit and it's- jt we're really wemahed. i'ing t tim of fe. >> janet,r turn. she's like let me soak it in. e . obviously in his film and tv stuff. he just a brilliant, briiant actor and i thought that would
10:53 am
itas so incredible. >> being able to finallye li level e contact with a woman.yeah >> you're very tall. >> you did first walk out and i thought am sitting low or are youustery tall. >> . i'm ry tall fol mnle womeno this all the time. they lookt they always d ,it >>ee the things you learn on this show? thank yoo we can keep talking.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
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10:57 am
west bend man is facing attemptetried to shoot officers nday morning. neighbors called 9-1-1gafr hearing at least six gunsho. when officers arri. m the 24-ye pointed his handgun at officers and pulled the trigger.. but itisfired. it took fbefore nobody hurt.lly surrendered. a guy accuseof torching a
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
a in rkefeller.a kotb live from >> hi, everybody. hope had you a wonderful weekend. it's a fun day m arod here, october 17.that's "don't maroon 5. >> and my sister tued, whater, today. >> is she watingm dubai-bye. >> may's. heavy birthday. >> happy.? birthday >> lrn ev.
11:01 am
yo n. timegoth thanks to theolkst exprrican >> guess what's going thappen? >> they don't wt toak als.mmci >> what we dourg commercia secretive. don'ant to let y knowtoday we'l through commercials. going to wah, when do a set change and w quickly we have to do it. >> and how crazy our prop guys especially. go running thrgh with -- sometimes it's chickens. >> you never >> we're calls this ore us" today and a few others this week maining anything can ll see what goes on, and she says, around, behind the sc >> whenever you g more of us, you get -- >>ap ose you gossip. meghan trainor admitted.
11:02 am
winner, tony winner ben vereen, starring in "rocky horror picture show" along ano wither know if it lives up to the s original. >> not a remake. you could never remake it, it's a -- >> yeah. >> and then if you dread having to clean up around the house. >> oh. >> do not miss our lazy guide to housework that will cut your cleaning time in half, and you may lose a few pounds. >> does it involve dancing? >> is that alex? >> probably. >> they're the adoable come go by one name. john swim. >> and bricking theirnd of folkoc and soul right who to our stage. going to be really beautiful coming up. >> i'm looking forward to it. her mom one of the greatest singers of all-time. donna -- donna summer's daughter. >> just finished up were music called "the little giant about
11:03 am
the final, the [ speaking in foreign language ] was regis on friday. >> of course he is. what did he do? jessing, father of all the strapping sons. ? a shepherd boy young david by name ? >> he did great. you n't -- come on.dorable. ? shepherd boy young david by name ? >> he did great. i love you, >> he's the best. >> you and i have the exact same -- nature in that the minute you walk through the door, people smile. >> hmm. >> people love you. people are so happy to see you. >> he -- when we worked on the musical i noticed every time he walked in here everyone was like, oh, my god! reege. >> he usually announces himself. regis is here -- >> but, anyway. >> uh-huh. >>ime for a little more weend news. [ applause ]ike it.
11:04 am
didn't -- i knew movers worked hard but i never knewuite h they did so i took a picture with the guys from moisas's. let me tell you about these guys. they killed themselves in my hous pshgs worked from 9:00 until 6:00. wouldn't take a break. >> didn't stop for luh? ease have a hamburger. t ow hamburgers, french fries, good going, hoda. >> you'll love this. all stat down at the table and i knew they were starving. starving. they sat down. they all dropped their heads and prayed. i seriously almost started crying, because -- you know, when you just sort of think, i kn're famished. all of them, witho looking at one another, did it, and i stood back, and it literally took my breath away, because i thought, these are the hardest working
11:05 am
but polite, awesome and amazing, and that moment crystallized everything. it made me -- like, you know -- it makes you grateful. you think to course, like, wow. >> they're going to the soce >> yes, indeed. >> that's awesome. awesome. i'm going to call them next time. did you t the painting of storage? >> not -- not -- not yet. [ laughter ] >> hoda, would you le me to send, at my own expense, the guys over to get it out of storage? i will raffle it off for charity. if you don't like it, it's a gorgeous painting of new orleans? >> to be honest, i don't remember what it looks like. i don't. >> it's about 10 feet by 8 feet. it's huge and -- >> i remember it's colorful. >> it's a waterfront. >> i will happily take it off your hands. >> why don't we hang it up here.
11:06 am
could find a place. i bet jerry could find a ple. >> gosh. do you know how much money you spent storing that thing? >> i know. i think i bought it -- no i did not. [ laughter ] >> no, you didn't. all right. we both miss this. i was, would go, you we, and >> but, however, can?r we just y it's a hats off to bruno mars, that song 4k magic" "snl" on "snl." can we check so good. ? go, go ? move ? >> that was my, remember, my -- ? >> yeah, i remember. ?? ah ? >> god, i wish i was there. ? in the air ? >> yeah. so talented. ? so ? >> oh, my .gosh that is out. if you want -- >> all: more -- >> bruno mars music.
11:07 am
"chunky." i wanted to play it but couldn't. basically that tells you what it's all about. >> it's not about woman's weight, i hope. >> no. i doubt it. no, no. no! i think bruno likes girls like -- who are like, us, you know -- >> excuse me? >> okay. me. not us. me. >> a little junk in the trunk. randy travis, great friend of our show for many, many years. >> yep. >> just inducted into the country music hall of fame yesterday. three years since he suffered a debilitating stroke. escorted onstage by brad paisley and barth brooks. >> and something amazing happened. he shocked the crowd by singing "amazing grace." take a look. ? amaing grace ? how sweet the sound ?
11:08 am
i once was lost but now ? ? i'm found ? was blind but now i see ? [ applause ] >> thank you. >> okay. that -- i got chills on -- my hair's standing up. >> that's his wife next to him. and -- you know, when -- >> wow. >> the -- i don't know. just amazing. >> beautiful. >> another gem and everybody said it would take three more years for him to walk. within a year up performing. wonderful. >> amazing. >> you know what? i'm sure, this is a new life for him. >> yes, yes. >> and i'm sure the love and support of her, a huge part of the healing. >> absolutely. >> the healing process. so the queen, a new portrait of the queen is out, you guys. we have more to talk about. [ applause ] >> okay. so here it was.
11:09 am
castle this weekend. >> yes, painted by henry ward. celebrates the queen's six decades as the patron of the british red cross. okay. so -- getting mixed reviews. ooh. >> yeah. >> ooh. >> oh. >> a little more zoom? all right. okay. zoom in a little closer. oh that's it? >> looks like she had something that didn't set well with her at lunch. i don't know. >> is that her on the left? >> uh-huh. >> looks quite -- more beautiful in person. >> art critic roy collin strong, director of the portrait and museum was stunned by the work and not in a good way. yeah. everybody's heard of the queen, nobody's heard of him. i don't know his opinion matters what matters what does she
11:10 am
hi to monica standing back there. >> yes. >> hi, monica. my friend, happens to be my manicurist, a nice person and every time i go in she makes my day more better. >> oh, lots more better! >> more better! yes. l right. >> thanks, monica. >> normally at this moment would throw to commercial. thanks to our american express every day blue card we're not going to break. the cameras are going to roll and you'll see what goes on around here behind the scenes. >> are you ready? start the clock! ll right. what's happening? okay. do we get to take our wine. no wine? >> put the painting in storage. >> she's going to put it in moisha's. >> you are so funny with the -- >> what do we have here. what? >> the topic. >> what? >> oh, yeah. ike going to do that with stackable. with stackable? >> yeah. >> put it with -- >> add it to --
11:11 am
excuse us. pardon me. >> breaking news. to you want more sex and the city. >> wait! >> this doesn't happen during commercial. >> yes, it does. >> say hi to stackable. >> don't make me spanky, hoda! >> come here. >> like an action movie! >> careful. >> ah -- tim. >> hi, hello, yes. >> we're adding sex and the city to your segment. all right? >> sure. should i have cutouts on my shoulders? what's going on? >> wow. >> two minutes? tim, go down. set up lighting. we have to go back here. >> let the guys do their thing. >> we're very busy. excuse us, what's your excuse? >> peel a cantaloupe. >> what happens here? can you explain? >> this camera up on the ceiling. see it? >> which one? >> for the kitchen, all that stuff. >> do a close-up. >> mine's got vaseline on it. right? >> yes, it does. >>has yrxcuse today? again --
11:12 am
yes, >> thank you, gentlemen. >> do have time to snack? les see what's in the kitchen. >> oh, chicken left over from re. >> who's fork? this one not mushoms. hmm-hmm-hmm. >> i tried it here. >> chicken. >> is it? what kind is it? >> it's got a little kick, hoda. >> uh-huh. good. mushrooms are good, too. >> would you like some -- more? >> >> cheers. >> cheers. >> oh, my god. >> uh-huh. >> one minute. >> one minute. that's an eternity. >> oh, here. i have your cards here, kath. don't i? oh, no. wait. no. i don't think so. who's gotkathie's card? kathie does have cards. kathie les got no cards. >> and no shoulder -- no shoulder -- ah -- >> okay. >> w whdavi >> , i lovedhoulde
11:13 am
it's likeqh?&0 york. >>our precious mama? >>he's good probably >> , her thinkend, tuly beachou in ki ah. >> that' rated every single year as the single best place in america. >> where is it? >> south carolina. outside charlesen. >> ten, nine, eight, sen. >> what do you r liklly about it? goes there a >> exchange" scity. >> we are ready for "today's buzz"p-upgingund, here with the juicy celebrity scoop, t stack. hello. eus to o ex a"s the city" topic. buzz it's going to be a movie, always buzz i going to come back, but sarah jessica
11:14 am
etnow when? >> crank it up, on can't wait too long. >> right. we were talking how wtld be nice to watch them grow older? like -- >> de girls" style. >> yes. >> but to deal with those things. escially in a modern world, where so much can be done to deal with these days. >> exactly. >> one >> there's a good chance. people want to see it. ithink. >> and a lot of money to be made. >> a lot of money. >> be happy. shall we? baby news with olivia wilde and jason sudeikis? >> gave birth to girl daisy joebutin her on instagram. gorgeous. her -- on that giant pillow. the theneighborhood. and she was born on internationath gi, which is so kraerz. >>crazy.
11:15 am
pregnanc onsgram. otis alexander other son. ho herelly and so is he. sound likem e,ro "dukes of hazzard" in a cool way. >> s excited for trainor. >> one thing she was missing in her life, right? >> missing a spy kid. no. rainonfied datin?) instagram. >> did bunch. d instagramed friday she loves madrid and this y. kids" w 2ears 50 ngs. they're holding hands. at m. heis,ike in a crazy
11:16 am
>> all about m pung >> so faith hill -- >> like a gas situation? >> no. no, no, no, no >> tim mcgraw, 20th anniversary the 6th. ee tim showed, teased what faith did for him on a of coursery and shod on instram, wte 20 years in on hi w ago. roposed >> hoda, sold, and on "the voice." >> the ken and barbie of the country world. >> not aging either. hot stuff. yeah. so they -- obviously are just going strong and going back on
11:17 am
>> "accountant" assassin/accountant. all dealt with that. all been there. all been there with that kind of fella. but that, the box office, $24.7 million, really big for ben and got an ace on the score. usually means it's got great word of mouth. think it will continue to also pretty cheap. only cost $44 million. definitely recoup. >> "girl on the train" number three. still performing? >> holding well. it dropped less than people thought it would, just because reviews have not been great, but made >> what was number two? >> kevin hart's new movie "what now?" very close with "girl on the train". >> thought that would do bigger. >> it's a concert film. weird to pay money to go money to see a concert. $12 million. still so bankable. >> yes. adorable. >> so funny. so small. i like when small people are successful. >> makes you feel -- >> you're adorable, too, stackable. >> hope for myself.
11:18 am
that comes out. >> opens big in europe. >> opened huge in europe. >> the tom hanks one. >> yes. >> and leather pants. i love those. >> she's a very kinky girl. our favorite things are still to come. >> and moments away from surprising our fan of the week. >> then tony winner ben vereen from the new "rocky horror picture show." >> first these messages. >> announcer: more "today" is sponsored by -- the blue cash everyday card from american express. it's more than it's backed by the service and it's backed by the service and se i'll have that goat cheese garden salad. that gentleman got the last one. sir, you give me that salad and i will pay for your movie and one snack box. can i keep the walnuts? sold. but i get to pick your movie. can i pick the genre? yes, but it has to be a comedy. a little cash back on the side. with the blue cash everyday card from american express, you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. throw. it's more than cash back.
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11:21 am
?? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? ?? ? and off you go, ? for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy
11:22 am
it is time to surprise our "fan of the week." >> drum roll please while we spin the globe. today it has landed in -- >> all: chatham, massachusetts. >> where our friend karen murdoch watches us on whdh. hopefully karen are you there via skype? hi! >> hi, you guys. >> who is with you? >> yes, well -- >> this is reagan. >> hi, reagan. >> we'll let everybody know why you were chosen, okay? karen's a stay at home working mom to her daughter reagan and they enjoy effort toing to our show together. reagan, of course, always has her -- what's that? >> president of the women of fishing families. helps families of fishermen financially. >> let everybody know reagan is toasting with a little fruit
11:23 am
fisherman in cape cod. >> watching our show since it began and being our "fan of the week" would be a dream come true. we're so happy for you and she and her husband dave just celebrated their ten-year anniversary. >> how nice. >> darling. a surprise trip? >> maybe so. karen, ready to put you to the test. 15 seconds and one guess. are you ready? all right. so every week, kathie lee and i share one of our favorite things. what day of the week does that happen on? thursday? >> today. >> yes! you've got it! >> you made me nervous. >> yes, she said today. >> she said today. that's right, sweetie. answer is monday and you and your husband dave head to san antonio, texas. we love it there. >> awesome. >> courtesy of tpc san antonio for quite the adventure. four days three nights at the jw
11:24 am
the at&t oaks course. massages for two at the lantana spa and unlimited ax to the river bluff water experience, round trip airfare included. yes. >> so is dave going to be excited, do you think? >> he'll be -- he doors it there. we adore you. we love you. >> we love you, honey. >> thank you, god bless you. have a wonderful trip. >> bye, reagan! >> a >> full of singing, dancing, acting. >> who better to show than the man who can do it all. ben vereen. >> i hear him. >> playing. the pied pieper! >> all after your local news. i had that dream again -- that i was on the icelandic game show. and everyone knows me for discounts, like safe driver and paperless billing. but nobody knows the box behind the discounts. oh, it's like my father always told me --
11:25 am
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11:27 am
i'm...bridget shanahan alongside brian gotterlets get
11:28 am
?0 this week this week will be the second and final u-s senate debate between republican natoron johnn and democrat russ feingold in milwaukee. the two squared at 8-k?stend man facing bay. w attempted micide cesunday calle hearing at least six .ts icers arrid.they claim the 24-year-d pointed his handgun at officers and pulled the trigger.. but it misfired. it took nearly five hours before thman lly ?@ nobo ht. a guy accused of torching a
11:29 am
police believe 19-year-old dale folley set the fire in the parking lot of pick n' save. investigators claim the parking lot of pick n' save. investigators claim folley i'm russ feiand d apis mesge. you know, seven hundred thousand dollars in the scheme the parking lot of pick n' save. investigators claim folley of things... is a pretty reasonable comatlevel. jo?i seven hundred thousand dollars a year. all told, he took a ten million dollar corporate payout then moved to washington. where he fights against even the existence of any federal minimum wage. millions for him. senator ron johnson. fobig orate inrests,
11:30 am
it's jt a j t o e left. >> yeah. wait. it's -- >> i don't hear it. >> put your hands on your hips. >> it's fun day monday. wondering why we're doing -- ?t>> this crazy dance. what is it? we can't hear it. >> it's the time warp. >> just a >> show them. >> to the left. and then to the right. put your hands on your hips an -- put your knees in tight, hmm, hmm and -- ? say, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> i kd o l ?:it. anyway, "the time warp" 1975 classic, "the rocky horror show." ? yea ?? 'm>> doing the time warp.
11:31 am
cent up susanver o 40 yearsers tv o cle"t roy horror pictureshow". >> let'sime warp ain. >> and again and ain. langhe same peocharaceoing it a re-invention? it's tributeto. oh. ? it's a tribute to the original. you can -inven you cannot touch theorigin. so a payinomage to those laverne cox did an amazing job. i good to play dr. sct. dr. scott, von scott, at that, you know? we had a ball. >> and confined sadly to a wheelchair and can't do the time warp? >> i can sort of -- >> go to the left. ian slide to theright. >> you'll find a way. >> find a way. >> a ooh,oh- you know? >> had you seen the original, ben? >> i had never seen the origina until the lt day. >> oh, ally?
11:32 am
tim curry. >> ye azintas like d i want tnk lou aer and, y gman for keeping theisio ale. iove her. awesome. >> amazg. also,ur, kitty ortega havinhe -- >> great director. >> letting me >> a ynjoying this time yo life? >> aabuls?ntime studio 54 below on two shows. i'm on --"makin hior on the f cndel acr o b amazon. i'ot of things. youare. >> sling my hats, on ben >>s mon. >> beautif eens. going tar thearts as y trt cutc out from o schools.
11:33 am
arts. >> so importt. >> you are just a happy,ib om p our tengh?c just cebted70th hday bi >> happy birthday. >> on october 10th. it was columbus day. iad tpportu a privilege to denounce columb it is no longer calledumbusan yc discer a place where pe ehen aday. the indigenous people. it's their day. so happy day. >> you pretty much covered everything there is to cover today. >> yes, i have. >> all right. great to see you, ben vereen. >> okay, my queens. thank you. >> catch "the rocky picture show" let's do the time warp again. >> this thursday night on fox. >>s hband wife duo, take usome withouul sound. >> plus the lazy person's guide
11:34 am
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11:38 am
it's a pretty sure bet most people dread doing housework, but get this. the average american spends 58 minutes a day cleaning up around the house. that's more like seconds for some people. >> funny. >> but we are going to help you get back some of that precious free time with lazy shortcuts to
11:39 am
here to whip through is erin is a franer? >> yes. >> erin fran sir here. >> buzz feed's creative home brand nifty. >> all ways to cut down time and starting with the blinds. yes? >> so blinds are probably one of the trickiest things to clean. why we never do it. >> yes. >> take an old t-shirt cut it into squares and wrap it around a pair of tongs using a rubber band. stick it between the blinds and go back and forth. >> cleaning time in half, which is amazing. >> good idea. >> amazing. >> then clean them? >> or pop them in the wash like you would any other t-shirt. >> the schmootz in the couch. >> alex. >> right on cue. >> we love this at buzz feed. laziest thing in the world. wrap your hand with tape, stick it in couch cushions, car seats, anything with crumbs.
11:40 am
everything. what kind of a slob lives at your house? >> a great way to get the little things you don't want to pick up or pull out the vacuum pap really, really easy one. >> oh, please. >> sound effects. >> a lego and everything. >> that's the couch. anyway, it's okay, alex. >> so it is time for dessert. everyone loves cupcakes but who likes the you're going toover you bakingis wh alumioi befo you stick your on. ick these in, butter in the n and any splattersaught by the aluminum foil. and going to throw it all away. >> hoda can have a bite of that. u know you >> yes, i do >> that went really well. >> cleaning floors. >> yes. >> alex is coming back. >> oh, lord. g back. >> modin our laziest hack of all. turning your slippers into dusters. >> how? >> stick velcro on the bottom, answers then you have these microfiber -- we cut these out of a bath mat found at the
11:41 am
stick. >> stick right on. >> velcro it on. clean the floor. when walking around, any edges, and then you pull it off. and you throw it in the wash. >> you're so -- >> with alex. >> with alex. >> by the way, smart. turn on the music, dance. >> crank it, clean and crank it. >> and any little corner. perfect for it and you barely feel like you're cleaning. >> off to the shower. >> this is a great trick. take a handled dish washing sponge. >> okay. >> and half white vinegar. >> while in there? >> just hangs out on your cubby and everything is clean while you're soaking in it. >> clean while showering? >> good idea. >> interesting. >> chances are you won't go back and do it. do it in the shower while the conditioner's in. >> have to wait a minute anyway. says wait 60 seconds. >> that's it? >> that's all you need. >> thank you for all you do. >> of course, yes. on wednesday, we'll show you how to get through your routine,
11:42 am
quick tips to cut down on time the. >> all righty. they're a little folk, a little blues and ahole lot of soul. >> so excited. johnnyswim. they'll sing their late effort song for us coming up right after this. bill assumed it was a costume party. bill assumed his mayo was the best choice. assume nothing. unlike hellmann's regular mayo, kraft olive oil mayo has half the fat and still has great flavor. no wonder it tastes so good.
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>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" iproud do you by citi. >> they met in nil ngit made a great creative connection, theye 4? >> talking about abner ramirez d? mirez. >> bayack tith ara new album, new tour a new bundle of boy joy to tell us abt. >>hi! >> congratulations.
11:48 am
yeah. >> l joaquin? >>xactly ght.ri >> 20 months today. >> 20 months today. >> what's he like? gives a synopsis? >> so boy. so full of energy. loves people. which i think he gets from his dad. i'm a little shy and he's like -- kissing anybody. open-mouth kiss anybody. >> leads with tongue, which ink he gets from me, too. >> beware. >> now, you guys are on tour, just in portland. where's your tour taking you? >> started in going through l.a. basically all doing tas and atlanta. we'll be up here again. in boston. >> through the end of the year? through christmas? >> through thanksgivi. >> all rit. good. >> what will you singor today? >> a new song called "let it matter" that's kind of like our permission to her. a season oflost. lost my mom, he lost his dad within 10 mont. a lot ofadvice the best dy tt said, it's oy that. hurts healthy it hurts. itns m itso?!meth
11:49 am
hope and grace in tt tim and we kind of -- >> let people know who your mom is. >> we said it earlier. the wondfully talente and wheautat a b h being she was. >> oh, m gosh, shewas. >> donna summer. >> you look souch like her. >> that's what i hear. >> your dad's a cutie, too. >> new bum, out now, right, hoda? >> yes it is! ?? ? i don't want to feeler i don' woant teel good ? i want to feel itiklo someone, too ? gon let my hear i'm gonna l iturn b ? i'm gonna stake my claim with e ame, i know it ?
11:50 am
you, you know ty is through ? so if it matters lettte? if your hebreaking let it ache ? esece p they scatter know your ht is notn vain ? te youelf from the horror ? oh, hurt today and tomorrow ? it's let it matter let it matter ? ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ? ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ? they said you know it ain't easy i wouldn't want to be ? ? 'cause easy's for thehallow
11:51 am
dot wanto distractions day ? to pl?ease me for 'cause you were worth the joy, my love, and you were worth the pain ? run, baby, runon't you know tried butscaps a way ain't no u in hiding ? you, you know, the best way over ghis thr? so i it matters let i ?r it ache ? ho a ty atr thoug'reurou it'sot in vain ? don't hide yourself from the horror, oh, hurt today and tomorrow ? if it'sragile and it shaers tt matter oh, it matters ?
11:52 am
it oh, it matters, whoa-oh, oh ? if it matters let it matter if your heart's breaking let it he ? catch those pieces as they scatter ? ? oh, your hurt, it's not in in? n't hid yourself from the horror, hurt today and tomorrow ? it's fragile and it s let it matte? if it' it shatt ? ? let it tter, oh it matters ? ? oh, it matters ? ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-o-ooh ? ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh ? ? ooh-ooh, yeah, yeah ?? >> yes!
11:53 am
>> awesome. >> see them on the road, everybody. our favorite things are next, hoda woman. >> first, this is "today" on
11:56 am
all right. it's time for our favorite things. a lumbar pillow. smells like lavender. makes them all different. th one of one of our belived stage managers, frank.ndedhis c together. eso nice. >> if you wa want to givesome a people." pictures are historical. a doug r, talking about all
11:57 am
smiling in a md gnd in addition, you get a -- dog toy for your dog! is that the craziest? ord ter from winner!free dog toy. okay. >> allgh tomorring around actor andrew reynolds is here, hitting a high note withis latest role >> plus the woman behind many of your favoriteongs osc and grammy and golden gbe singer, carol written. juice.
11:58 am
next ove at noon-- shattered. the damage left behind as vanls rg a milwaue su... homany people were targed... and the possib connection t similar crimes in the city. numbers out on the ew presidential race. the group of voters tipping the scales dramatically for democrat hillary clinton. and drea temperatures.otr lets us know when this summer-like weather comes to an end. he's got the storm team forecast. i'm vince
12:00 pm
now at noon -- ion.devas milwaukee suburb smashing out car windows... and leaving shattered glass in their wake. a string of weekend car break-in's have neighbors in one milwaukee suburb on edge. they woke up to vehicles -- 8 total -- with broken windows on sunday morning... reminiscent of several recent vandalism incidents in milwaukee. pete zervakis reports. there weren't many items taken from inside the cars but several vehicles were left badly damaged i looked out the window d noticed the window had been shatteredthis woman -


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