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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  October 18, 2016 2:07am-2:29am CDT

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this has been a paid presentation for derm exclusive instant anti-aging, brought to
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10:00." >> new at 10:00,aypl damageorhird time in two days on the campus univ university, damaged. >> that display put up by a pro life group. >> rebecca klopf is live with more. >> katie and george, for at as a hf yea den aro life group says ey heut a display to commemorate those lost to abortion. they say for the first time ever that display was dispce
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it includes 1200 blue and pink flagand signs. this was how it looked. this was thursday. >> there were coat hangars scattered aroundor unsafe tionrand few urs later it was hit again. >> thursday night, all t flags, 1200 flags were all reved from the ground and taken down and more signs were put over it. >> annaay night walking the lawn putting the flags back but boy by friy morning it had been defaced a third time. people want to stir up. >> people need to -- >> the university's vice words saying in a t affairs had stement "defacement is not dialogue. best done face to face".
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are disappointed that someone with a differing opinion decided to ruin their display. >> all our mission was to create dialogue and mature at a collegiate level, which we didn't see. >> reporter: now, the inde rsity is calling this they sa it c7gost ou $3 damage. fo now reporting live on the marquette campus, klopf democt 4. >> jesse nat son and jason daring used reasonable force when they shothnn. he hld up an o'reilly auto parts store and opened fire. he shot anfficer but a bullet proof vest saved his life. >> matthew mcmillan was accused
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one of two men from milwaue arrest north dakota texas forllegly supporting isis was in court today. this is video of him going into the federal court house inabile. he and jason will youed caludke were taken into custody. both men wer in contact with an undercover agent and apparently pledged allegnc t i to join the organization. decision 2016 coverage. charles bson was there as trump defended his reputation ??and went after hillary clinto. >> we're going to win wisconsin. >> donald trump not giving up?v? wisconsin. and sharpening his attacks on ary clinfo her deleted emails and now leaked emails. >> this is wse gait, what's going on.
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presidency of the united states. exain at. >> trump clainghe eleio is rigged because of all the recent sexual assault allegations against him and he blamed the media. >> just so you understand, just to be very clear, events that never happened. >> trump some supporters say forgive and move on. >> he's not a perfect man, but he's better than hillary. >> heck letters interrupted his speech several times. he did not bring up his name on stage. that doesn't mean ryan's name didn't come up. efore thepeech some of the crowd startedhanting their disappointment with speaker ryan. voters seem split over the rcubrivet. >> paul ryan will never get my teinn to be a >> that's a sad thing to see
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nc said a host divid - >> this was trump's fourth campai stopin wisconsin, second in green bay. in green bay, charles benson, today's tmj o the famous trump sgate ins t relevance of billy bush's hot mic buuick b up the hillary clinton's hbands dating much earlie >> it's not some donald trump saidomething 11 years ago. s about the expits of mrs. bill clton's husband. imety. wrote the book o prop >> meantime, 8th congressional ndat nelson said in his statement it is time for all leaders to reject donald trump once and for all and to denounce
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abusive behavior. >> comments of a rd system have raised questions over our stat s integrity to assure our vote counties. we askedlectn$ ?r?< oia w say it would be impossible to hack into ousystem because our votes are counted into a closed system meaning ourotinchines ar the internet. >> there is internet be ae to get into the election results or election results. >> this is not an election that we want to take anyhaeson. >> they add that even if hackers somehow figured out how to get in, each vote is audited by hand. >> melania trump is standing by herman. the wife of the presidential candidate says her husband was
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recording leaked two weeks ago. he outlid his aggressive behavior toward women. >> as you c see from the tape, the cameras were not on -- it was only an mic. and i wonder if they even knew that the mic wason, because they were kind of boy talk and he was led on like -- egged on bad stuff. >> you feel the host, billy bush, was sort of egg >> yes, yes. >> well, nbc fired billy bush today. suspended after the tape wasleas. he can be heard laughing in the tape. nt 15 years at access e holld before moving to the
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trail while she prepares for the debate. >> meanwhile her campaign is dealing with hacked emails and transcripts. but she is leading trump by 8 points in the latest cnn poll. >> the final de will? take place wednesday night, it will take pla university of evidence nevada at las vegas. >> head to our 2016. election day three weeks from) tomorrow. >> debate over gun law getting the attention from moms in others say it'otguns harder t??e coreen zell joins us now. george, in the state of onsi a backgroundheck is on required if u buy a fiarm from a licensed al,
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with a p. i'mired of seeing all gun viol . >> th gup demonsttors in downtakaukesh a u backgrod ecks forll arm sales. >> for lesley adams, it's about -- >> the washington county mom is >> them safe, secured, ion. locked up. >> in the midst of e congressional candidate who an >> i wisnsin more than 77% of gun deaths are gun suicides, like my mom. >> background checks aren't a ro gun movement e drirector of say it doesn't affect sas, so it's time and money. >> weig'd have to leave here, g
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could he make a background check onot m and you. >> he doesn't believe another gun law will help put a stop to violence. >> the criminals wouldn't pay any attention to it at all, would have no affect on them. >> moms demand action has another education program called be smart about reducing child gun deaths. you can find more information on our website, george and katie. thanks. >> more local news now, brok intoeral cars over the weekend. some were parked on stole avenue north of capital drive, others were on srewoodboulevd. police say spects through the vehicles, stealing property from one of them. >> turning our attention to the weather, went home to walk the dog, my car thermometer said 77, my dog said darn right it is. >> not that are john, how warm did it get.
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you? you. he sure did. >> darn right. >> we almost broke a recd today. we were one degree away from the record. 80 degrees, right around 5:00 this afternoon. 81 kenosha, 79 in racine, watertown, 77. in west bend, beautiful summer-like day, dew points up also, humid day. winds have been strong much of the afternoon and thing on into the evening, wind speeds in the upper toss #, milwaukee through ci kenosha and lake again egeneva. >> 62re degn the morning hours, partly cloudy skies. it will be nice again tomorrow, but we have colder temperatures in the forecast, i'll be back with that in a couple of minu s. another milwaukee business closing its doors. >> coming is calling it a quick. >> plus a meningitis outbreak
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're watching today tmj4 with george mallet, carole meekens, storm team 4 meteorologist john malan and lance allen, spos. welcome back.
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and teachers saying that he shouldn't go to school where they'll get what they deserve. students were able to tell haened.before anything b >> the student was identified, tauston intos he arrived at school this morning. he didn't have any weapons on him. there waal plans drawn out or written down that we are he indicated it was meant to be a prank. >> there was an additional police presence at that school today teachers of their safety. >> a recent outbreak of meningitis at university of wisconsin atadison has taking prections. ukee also >> in terms of mention goits there's a couple of vaccines out there. meningitis. >> what we're focused on right
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>> now, while there have been no cases reported there have beena cases reported at uw madison. shining a light on the issue of rape culture. that was the group ultra vie lath as they lit up -- >> this is not about politics, this is not about who to vote for. this is about the fact that what he's doing and whate's you talking right now is, is this rape culture. >> read it and think about it. because we're going to have to talk about it. it doesn't just happen to women, either. and with october being domestic assault awareness month today's tmj4 has partnered with various organizations for a domestic violence resource phone bank. milwaukee's downtown dueling
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next weekend will be their last in business. they'll have a closing party this friday night. ceo presidentf o o?ne of wisconsin's most popular fast food restaurants has died. fill kizer died over the weekend for natural cause. he worked for culvers20 years. toda birthday. >> city workers were outputting up tree of lights in mccarter uare this afternoon. they were singing christmas carols even though we were breaking records. >> they could be doing that, we have had warm days before. it's a little early, especially when our high temperature, the warmest day so far of this our normal is dropping to 59. there' the record, 81 degrees
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so only one degree away from that recorair,nsb icag, 70 as f r rhine lander. >> that gets through here thursday morning, bringing our temperatures back down into the 50s. ok at these curnt temperatures, 78 in milwaukee, 78 racine, 77 kenosha, 75 out in west bend a dew points,, 67 racine, out, waukesha, west bend and port washington. we missed the rain, that went to our north. couple of clouds hanging around. we've had high clouds filtering through the area. most ofherain, showers and storms in the northern pf?the s. that's where all the energy is with this low preur system
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hours, you could see a sprinkle, we clear out in the afternoon. wednesday, few clouds, we'll call it partly cloudy skies and high pressure rolling in with colder air for thursday, friday and into the beginning of the weekend. so for tonight, decreasing clouds, windy. those winds have been strong, southwest 15 to 20 miles per hour, 66. very mild overnight low. for tomorrow, partly cloudy, breezy, still warm, 68 west/northwest wind, air is coming in more from the northwest, west, northwest wednesday, high of 65, win creasing clouds. storm team 474, 7-day forecast partly cloudy, weekend not too bad, starts out in the upper 50s with sunshine, 58 saturday, sunday, sunny to partly cloudy, 60 degrees. partly cloudy and seasonal on
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october is running five degrees above normal. >> i wouldn't mind if that trend sticks around. >> the warm trend has been here for about six months in a row. so it could. >> we'll take . >> coming up in sports, how the packers defense is looking to
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just a few days to get ready to host the chicago bears on thursday night at lambeau field, the defense ready to -- i'm sure it was tough for the packers defense to?> it's tough, any time you lose,j? period, the competitiv nature of everybody in this locker room, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. but at the same time you've got to give your team credit, when they did things -- they made more plays than we did. we've got a quick turn around going into thursday, we can't mope around and hold our headsc.
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mistakes and move on. bounce back, it's a quick turn around, we've got to getn here and make our corrections, see what we can do to get better. >> the packers suffered more injuries yesterday. offensive lineman brian left game with a back injury, devonte adamef concussion after taking a big hit. >> dope n't have all the information on him. i would tink he's going to play, knowing bryan andis injury. football gamef a e abig, big k don't know.
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>> thanks, mike.
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>> the bucks on the road tonight taking on the pistons preseason action in detroit. how aut this, the bucks got off to a great start. he led milwaukee with 21 points. checkhi matthewshr up a circus shot over the head and it counts for the bucket. then alley-oop throw down by bucks at the eight, second half. hard for the slam.
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made it official today, they
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>> here are your winning super cash nuers. there is no doubler. john. >> no doubler on my numbers also. partly cloudy skies, still on the warm side. degrees, so all of those are steamy temperatures, but not like today, 80 degrees, can you believe it! >>es been an amazing october. >> again, like all the previous months we're running way above normal. it's been amazing across the country and of course wisconsin. >> the crowd is not complaining.


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