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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CDT

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here at 6. nbc nightly news is next. on this saturday night. 17 days as the candidates hit key battle ground states. donald trump vows to sue his accusers. another one comes forward with a claim of sexual misconduct. insidhe lead, hundreds of u.s. troops are not far behind. tonight new insights on the campaign against isis. digital danger. they make our lives easier, it turns out household devices linked to the internet are easy targets for the hackers that want to bring down top websites. and the chicago cubs are one win away from reaching the
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surreptitious surreptitiouses. "nightly news" begins now >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york. this is "nbc nightly news" with jose diaz balart. good evening. donald trump and hillary clinton zeroed in on pennsylvania and other battle ground states today laying out their visions for the country. just 17 days before the election. for trump, that meant a sign of promises of in his first 100 days in office, should he be elected. he vowed to sue the women who accused him of sexual misconduct. others later, another woman, an adult film actress emerged with new claims about trump. we begin our coverage with nbc's jacob rascon. >> reporter: tonight donald trump is campaigning in ohio. earlier today he spoke in gettysburg, pennsylvania. he laid out his vision of a future of trump
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re-litigating old grievances and promising retribution. it began with donald trump casting doubt on election results and arguing that hillary clinton should have been barred for running for president. >> the system is totally rigged and broken. first, the issue of voter fraud. >> reporter: then a promise of retribution for the 11 women who have publicly accused um misconduct. >> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. [ applause ] the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: the 11th woman, adult film actress jessica drake represented by gloria
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>> then donald called. he asked me to return to his suite and have dinner with him. he also invited me to a party. i declined. donald then asked me "what do you want? how much?" >> reporter: all of this overshadowing what was trump's most policy-heavy speech of the election. 28 proposals and actions he would take in the first 100 days of his presid cancelling president obama's executive orders, two years in prison for those reentering. five years if they have a criminal record. >> they come back in they go to prison for awhile. >> reporter: trump's polling averages have never been worse from leading in many critical swing states one month ago to mind in all but one. ohio. new polling shows the race in a dead heat. >> one of my biggest
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trump is the change agent. >> reporter: trump's closing argument a hail mary promising an unprecedented political come back. jacob rascon nbc news cleveland, ohio. i'm casey hunt with the clinton campaign in pennsylvania. hillary clinton is trying to build a win that is convincing that donald trump can't argue with it. >> no matter how much negativity is out there, something right now. people are coming together, democrats, republicans, independents all to reject hate and division. >> reporter: campaigning with running mate tim kaine for the first time since the convention. her husband in florida making the same case. >> reach out to everybody. reach out to everybody. >> reporter: even including miley cyrus. trying to win over millennial's in virginia. she might be ahead but it's not over yet.
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aggressive in her campaign schedule. not arriving in north carolina tonight until midnight. also, in the final weeks a more intense pitch for the candidates who could win back the senate for democrats. >> that's why i hope you'll do everything you can to elect katie mcginnty your next senator. >> reporter: but clinton has her work cut out for her. right now just 40% of americans have a positive view of her. that's far lower than barack obama in 2008 or even george w. bush >> i think the challenge for secretary clinton in terms of if she's president, it's bring the country together and not assuming that you've won that is the end of it. >> reporter: clinton's team hoping a decisive victory will help the country recover from a bitter campaign. in another sign of confidence, tim kaine, her running mate, is hiring staff for the transition. what we don't know is what we might learn from campaign aids
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nbc hasn't authenticated him. the u.s. government said the russians are behind it. wikileaks is releasing new every day. more on "meet the press". chuck todd will have an exclusive interview with tim kaine. we've seen some disturbing incidents in recent days. a powdery substance yesterday that turned out not to be harmful arrived at hillary clinton's campaign office in new york. searching for a suspect in the bombing of a local republican campaign headquarters there last weekend. we get more on this tonight from sara dallof. >> reporter: an early start for a full day of campaigning in orange county, north carolina where early voting has begun. gop volunteers hanging banners up as yard signs go out. some cinched and streaked with soot from the fire bombing one week ago.
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window. and a neighboring building tagged with graffiti. >> when you see a swastica on the building and those kind of words to leave town or else. you know that's hate. >> reporter: acts meant to intimidate instead further energizing volunteers and building bridges across party lines. >> all right. thank you. >> reporter: how quickly was the office back up and running? >> it really didn't stop. >> reporter: voters and candidates were quick to speak out against the attack. democrats even started a god help their opposition rebuild. >> why do you think people were so willing to go across party lines to condemn this attack? >> because i believe ultimately it's an attack on all of us. >> reporter: and not just here. last night at clinton headquarters in brooklyn, a white powder scare. in another corner of north carolina a man arrested for allegedly making a bomb threat. investigators are
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reward. this office, however, not waiting for an arrest but charging forward to november 8th in a hotly contested swing state. nbc news orange county, north carolina. overseas u.s. backed iraqi forces pushed closer to mosul and the big offensive to retake the city from isis militants. hundred of people have been treated for breathing problems caused by toxic smoke after isis torched a lf richard engel is in iraq. >> reporter: the mission to drive isis out of mosul may sound straightforward, but in reality, there are now at least a dozen front lines. kurds fighting north of mosul. iraqi soldiers in the east and south in this dangerous mix where multiple scattered villages have become war zones are hundreds of forward-deployed american troops. they try to avoid the
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a french television crew was filming with kurdish forces. they came under attack. two americans moved in to help. battle field rescues. u.s. defense secretary ash carter made an unannounced visit to baghdad today to meet with iraqi officials and top u.s. commanders. >> we've got tough fighting ahead, and the u.s. will continue to play its part. >> reporter: the u.s. military today said outside the wire and 5,000 more are mostly on fortified bases, but even they aren't far from the fighting. isis torched a sulfur plant two days ago. doctors say civilians have been treated for breathing problems because of the toxic fumes. the wind also carried the fumes toward american troops on a base south of mosul. some troops on the base donned their chemical protection gear. air samples were taken
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there were no reports of any hospitalzation among the troops. iraqi officials say they've put out the fire. jose? >> richard engel, thank you very much. in the united states a massive fire at a recycling plant in ontario, california prompted a smoke adviory for the region. it sent a huge plume of black smoke into the air. the fire was fuelled by card board. no word on the cause. no serious injuries reported. heavy rain in to blame for a ruptured pipeline threatening the drinking water supply of thousands. an estimated 55,000 gallons of gas spilled into a nearby creek. there's no indication that the water supply has been affected but they're monitoring the break to make sure that the water remains safe. huge corporate merger appears set to take place. at&t agreed to buy time warner for more than $80 billion. a merger joining two media and
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wireless broadband and cable assets. the companies are expected to announce the deal as early as tonight. and there are great expectations tonight in chicago where fans of the cubs have two chances this weekend to see their team make it to the world series. for the first time in seven decades! all they have to do, all they have to do is beat the l.a. dodgers tonight or tomorrow night and get beyond what some consider a curse. ron mott tonight on a city suspense. >> reporter: on a chilly fall morning, a mad dash for the hottest ticket in town. >> we're in it to win it! >> reporter: the cubs are on a cusp of a feat that eluded them since harry truman was in the white house. a trip to the world series. >> it's no doubt the year. we've waited a long time. >> reporter: >> there's going to be a big celebration at wrigley. >> reporter: a
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cubs fans are restless this year. the lucky number 108, the number of years since they last won a world series. a.j. spalding created the game's official balls exactly 108 stitches. the tower broadcasting cubs games, you guessed it, 108 stories tall. the omaha family that bought the team headquartered on 108th avenue. sure, there have been a few close calls but legend has it a billy goat deniednt wrigley field in the last world series in 1945 cursed the team. a black cat in '69 didn't help matters. neither did a fan who interfered with a fly ball turning the tide against the cubs in '03. >> the curse is over. >> reporter: they are out in force safe guarding the crowd and braing for a long overdue celebration. >> go cubbies! >> reporter: tonight it's all on the cubs. >> i love the cubs because i love my
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series! >> reporter: to bear down and win just one more. if the cubs win tonight or tomorrow night, if there's a game seven, the wrigleyville neighborhood will become the biggest party on the planet. they say they've earned it. still ahead the massive hack of popular websites and how everyday devices tied to the internet may have been the way in.
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we are back with a follow up on the huge attack on the internet that disrupted service yesterday to some of the most popular websites. it went on throughout the day from coast to coast and exposed the weakness of all kinds of internet devices that make our lives easier, but became an easy target for the hackers. we get more on this
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schwartz. >> reporter: this home in los angeles like others around the country, a welcome retreat safe and secure, but thanks to a high-tech push to connect almost everything to the internet, our homes have become potential frontlines in a cyber war. ten years ago in most of our homes only our computers were connected to the web. but in this house. >> thermostat, apple billion of these devices are expected to be online. all the devices given an ip addressed if hacked can be used to create massive traffic jams. hackers flooded a company called dyn with tens of millions of bogus requests. the affects rippled across the web impacting a long list of companies.
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topple amazon or twitter. that's happening. >> reporter: it could be the beginning. experts say cheap devices are usually the most susceptible because their generic passwords can't be changed. >> it's important you understand the device, update the device, have encryption on the device. >> reporter: with millions of vulnerable devices already online, companies are bracing for more attacks. gadi schwartz. >> why many people who live in one of the
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housing markets. the only way to build is up. the high demand and premium prices attracted one developer to build a gleaming residential tower in the heart of the city. some residents are suing because it turns out their building is sinking. >> reporter: millennium tower was supposed to be the pinnacle of luxury real estate. a 627-foot high-rise in the heart of san francisco where condos sold for millions of dollars. >> it's gorgeous. >> reporter: paula condo in 2010 but found out five months ago the building is sinking in the middle of an earthquake zone. the tower spunk 16 inches and started tilting. the top of the building has drifted more than 7 inches. jo ann lives on the tower's 29th floor. >> they assured me it was state the art. brand new. >> reporter: engineers say it's common for
5:52 pm
commissioned by the building's developer shows that the building has slunk more than it has. >> reporter: how is it spunk 16 inches? we're in the process of what went wrong. clearly in 2009 before the city issued the final certificate of occupancy. we knew it sunk 8.3 inches. >> reporter: the company there was no city requirement to build into bedrock. are we ready structurally for a major earthquake? >> no. totally unprepared, in my opinion. >> reporter: residents say they see evidence of damage all around. >> we noticed water was coming in the walls in the garage. they said not to worry. >> reporter: millennial partners is facing lawsuits from more than a dozen
5:53 pm
disclose a potentially dangerous situation. the company disputes it. they feel their safety is at risk every day. what do you say to that? >> the building is 100% safe. that the settlement that occurred so far had zero impact on the safety of the building. >> reporter: the company says millennium tower is fixable and says that the construction of a new transportation center next door may be the cause of their tower's problems. the region nam transit authority disagrees saying the majority of the leaning and sinking occurred construction began. >> i don't know if we can sit around and wait to be told what is going to happen next. >> reporter: those who called the tower home worrying about their expensive investment as the sinking is expected to continue. nbc news san francisco. and up next inspiring america. a story about football and the importance of family. look, the wolf was huffing and puffing.
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?? then sit back and enjoy the savings. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. we end tonight with a real life story that sounds like the movie "blind side" a teen who had a tough start is turning his life around with the help of his football coach in washington state. that's just the ann thompson has tonight's inspiring america report. >> reporter: on autumn friday nights -- >> what time is it? >> game time! >> reporter: the talented east valley high roderick jackson shines. the speed and agility encased in a tough outer shell. hiding the spokane's turbulent childhood. which is tougher life or football? >> life, definitely. >> reporter: what he
5:57 pm
situation. he left home at 15 and dropped out of school and football for a year. >> i had no place to live and not having people to talk to when you needed them like parents. everything. i hit rock bottom. >> reporter: he returned to school trying to turn his life around but struggled. he sought out football coach adam fisher. >> he completely broke down. he goes, coach, i have nowhere to go. i have nobody and i need help. >> dear father, thank jolene fisher offered roderick his home and love. >> he was so receptive to love and craving of it. we took him in and gave him 100%. >> reporter: it was an adjustment for alley and sydney. their parent's attention divided by three. with lines drawn on the field -- >> when we walk outside my office door, we're father son. >> reporter: and rules at home. roderick is thriving.
5:58 pm
attention of college football coaches with his new family in the stands. [ cheers and applause ] >> i feel comfortable calling him my dad. he's the whole package. it's the same with my mom. she's just the most loving, caring woman. >> reporter: his impact on the family heard in this letter from his new sister allie. >> you have put my life in perspective and you have taught me many wonderful things. the question came up who is your hero >> reporter: on his 18th birthday in december, adam and jolene plan to adopt him. he'll change his last name to fisher. a family expanding the definition of love. ann thompson nbc news spokane, washington. and that's "nbc nightly news" for this saturday. i'm jose diaz balart reporting from new york. thank you for the privilege of your
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right now at 6:00, a milwaukee marina left cleaning up the mess after vandals do major damage to several boats. good evening.
6:00 pm
boats were targeted along the milwaukee river ben jordan is live on the south side with a look at that damage. as you said, they were all sitting right here right along the river here on the milwaukee river on wednesday morning. take a look at this, police believe someone threw a flare into the boat that went up in flames. it's now a total loss. others whose s marina have broken windows and stolen property. all together the damage is expected to be over $100,000. >> what sense does this make? it just doesn't -- it gains nothing, it proves nothing, and all it is is destruction. >> and i spoke with one of the victims earlier today. he tells me police actually found what's believed to be one of the suspect's cell phones on his bus.


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