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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 25, 2016 5:30pm-5:44pm CDT

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deny coverage to cancer patients. senator johnson - hurting wisconsin families. tonight, two weeks go trump and clinton in florida. the frenzied[@?. final sprint trump trying to take o ai obamacare. clinton trying to put the map out of reach. growing out reach over american service members promised and serve at war, now being told to give the money back. the white house and the pentagon now weighing in. caught on camera, the dramatic moment as three cousins are ambush in a hail of gunfire. tonight a manhunt for a shooter on the run. mid-air emeency a trantisatlan flight. kru memberstruck with a mystery iless. the pilot forced to divert. and swipes online.
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fraud is soaring and how to prevent it. "nightly news" begins right now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nitly news" with lester hoflt. good eving. exactly two weeks from election day, the center of gravity in this contest tonight rests in florida, where both hillary clinton and donald trump battled for votes today. for trump, behind in virtually every poll the path to victory starts and ends in florida. he hselfal a must-win. the latest florida poll released over the weekend has clinton ah d by three points today clinton tried to force her advantage by targeting early voters there, while trump tried to pounce on a potential new clinton vulnerability. le s begin wh nbc's taahassee. hali, good eng. >> reporter: hi there, lester. this is donald trump's fourth rally in this state in less than 48 hours, as he turns
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on fundraising, now a time in campaigns to focus on mobilization and messaging. trump hitting obamacare in an attempt to sharpen th message, but today still stepping on it. today donald trump's g political reality. >> i believe florida is a mustin. >> reporter: s to win florida like he says he hto, he's goi after hillary clinton hardn the aorbl care ac un onews t emms rise double digits on some consumers. are having a tremendousblem with obamacare. >> reporter: but even yi message, he went off-coseuring photo op at d brandeoperty. >> reporter: with just two weeks until election day, it another misstep a aan with h ?for own aer political reity. >> we're g flida. >>eporter: the mostecent polli shows,s not a h thi. whiltrump's now hitting clinton on her sya policy, arguing
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wa iii and hammering her as corrupt, that's not what heaid eight years ag >>he i t ae nder d. >> repor trums world view different nowhan it to audio >> i don't like to analyze myself becau i might not l what i see. i don't to like analyze myself. >> reporter: the tape recorded b a trump biographer in 2014, who now opposes his candidacy, paints a whom embarrassment is anathema. >> reporter: for him, failure is not an option. so how does he avoid it in two weeks? first, keep hitting the affordable care act. second, trump will have to prove he can defend himself from increasingly tough attacks like this one. a democratic super pac in ohio out with this new ad, arguing trump's todangerous.
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right now iseally daunting. >> reporter: his path to the white house, t non-existent, just narrow, with battleground florida make or break. hallie jackson, nbc news,tallahassee. >> reporter: i'm andrea mitchell in florida, where hillary clinton is spending two precious days on donald trump's turf out of the final 14 days. >> hello! it is so great tbe back in florida. >> reporter: because thout florida, her campaign says, trump has no path to the him today for saying he won't necessarily concede if he loses. >> americans are coming together. at the very moment when donald trump is making an unprecedented attack on our >>eporteinn's biggest challenge. concy.mplace aides fearinger narread in most florida polls, just a fewoi ahead, could mean people stay home. his >> ts bigger than me, it's bigger than any of us.
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>> reporter: so in these final days she's going to states where rly votg is starting don't forge to vote. >>eporter: so far, nearly twice as many have voted early in florida than four years ago. >> why did you vote rly? >> because it's my rst time, so i wanted to get it out of the way. >> i made up my mind a long time ag decisionasmade. it s, whywait? i relieved axedor first time in months. >> voters are seeing iffethe dnce between in the clinton camp. >> reporter: but two nagging problems for clinton tonight. another stolen e-mail from clinton's campaign chairman, released by wikileaks about when president obama first learned about her private e-mails. when the story first broke, he said he had just learned about it. >> the same time everybody else learned it through news reports. >> reporter: but in the e-mail released tonighills writes, we need to
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they do notay clinton telling a miami radio show tonight -- the costs h gone xtg up too much. so we'oing to really tacklthat. >> reporter: and clinton did get a endorsement from a puan, general colin powell who served under rgan and both bues. he had in ax?] hacked sgrace tonight sing that hillary clinton is fully qualified to serve as president. lester? >> andrea mitchell in yo we have a closer look at that new criticism over obam? ache insurance program ant for people w do notet insurance through their employers. the new announcement of a 25% increase in iuprh oices has many wondering what it will mean for them. we get details from nbc's tom costello.
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sh in e's cgh middle. she needs the obacar offered, but her insureisg money in the state and pulling out. now she has to choose a new plan and her premiums are sure to rise above her $340 monthly payment. it's called the affordable care act, however, it's not indi suc as either premiu going to have to come down, or i'm not going to have health inra >> reporter: it's omders w one inser o ering coverage. and premiums are sing fast. average, up 25 wn dodia, but up 11n ariza. to00 mn some cases. th reons? monmericans will be on obamacare in januy, most are sicker thanexpected. younger healthier adtsrehog to
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despite predent efrt >> andhat that means is that theur pool is smaller and it gets percentage of older an seoe who are signing up. >> reporter: the white hous says nearly all obamacare customers credits to offset the higher premiums, and most could even find plans for less than a hundred dollars per month. >> in faostct, mf the people who have enrolled are low income people who are benefitting from significant >> reporter: those insurance premiums also projected to rise 3 to 7%. tom costello, nbc news, washington. now to a mystery illness tt struck a cabin crew in the air. dozens falling ill on a transatlghtc fli that left san francisco. divert and get the o planen the ound, crew members rushed to hospitals. now the question tonight, what caused the ergency? let's get the latest from nbc's morgan ?p
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>> reporter: a medical emergency. ambulances rushing t the tarmac a illne this pla emergenc nd 22 cab creemrs an three pilot beming sick mid-air. isz=? airways flight 286 left sanrancisco th 400 passengers on bod, headed for london. whenuddenly the pilot diverted the airbus a-380 to vancouver. crew members buffed to checked out and release. while passengers were largely kept in the dark. >> what irritated us, part one, is, if you've got a ship,ou make sure your people get off, you passengers. not the crew first. >> britishirys apologized to passengers, offering hote a alternative flights nbc ne, the are investigating the incident. the illness, still a mystery. morgan radford, nbc news, los angeles. police are on the hunt this evening for a woman caught on
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thdramatic surveillance video shows her opening fire on three cousins right on a miami street. incredly a thr survived. nowhey're telling thr harrowing story to nbc's gabe gutierrez. >> gunshot, multiple patients. >> reporter: the gun shots rang out near a miami park. surveillance video showing three people scrambling for cover after a brazen robbery. 20-year-old heidi martinez leg. walkin with her 17 and 12-year-old cousins a woman ru up behind ?-them, demanding martinez hand over her purse and phone. she does, but the woman fires o shot anyway. her cousins then toss their phones and she fires at least seven more shots. all happening in less than a minute. bystanders were in the chaotic termath. the three??a cousins, all immigrants, were
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tonight the 12-year-old is still there in stable condition after being shot in the stomach. no arrests so far, but investigators hope this video will bring new leads. >> we don'telieve they were targeted. >> reporter: as she watched it for the first time, marti to us she believes shoote hopped in aget-away a gang, but she says e has no idea why what staed a robbery tned so viento quickly. be gutierrez, nbc news, miami. now let's turn to overhousands of ldiersrom california, ordered to repausesy from the iraq and afghanistan wars. ngress is launching an investigation amid bipartisan ou. the government is also examining when this happened in other states. and for the first time, we're hearing from both the white house and the secretary of defense eakingut on the controversy. nbc's anne thompson has more. >> reporter: the demand california national guard mem
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online. it's a disgrace the way we treat our heroes. iraq and afghanistan veterans of america starting a petition, calling on the defen department to forgive this error, building support with the hash tag, pay them back. >>f our government can bail out banks and so many other folks that have done wrong, it seems mind-boggling that they can't bail out some service members who put their life on the line in defense of this country. >> they needed my skls. >> rro enticed by the bonuses for a second tour in iraq. >> we did our duty, and now they're slapping us in the face for it. >> reporter: the california national guard improperly paid bonuses as it tried to boost its ranks during the height of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. that led to a fraud investigation resulting in seven convictions. today, president obama requested an expedited appeals process for soldiers. the white house says while not supporting blanket forgiveness,
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be held responsible for someone else's fraud. in paris, the secretary of defense promised action. >> we are going to look into it and resolve it. >> reporter: even in this caustic campaign season, democrats and republicans united in calls to stop collection efforts. now robert is fighting again, appealing to keep his $20,000 bonus. >> i upheld my end of the bargain. >> reporter: having already paid with his service. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. turniow to large-scale etin targis in iraq. on the march to mo iraqroopsreed whatas theargestha trms cont in that or christian militiaen who fled t cy two years ago. ourichard engel in iraq s us the destruction they found when they?h?c tued >> reporter: this wasteland is what's left of tn ohe tow cara kosh. once home to 50,000 iraqi christians.
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along with everyone elsetwo and a half years ago, when isis started closing in. now he's back for a brief andangerous visit. >> we want to see the city, and we want to be suret the people can return back. >> reporter: the possible,ut father i see his church. or what's left of it. >> what was here. >> reporter: this church was the largest in all of iraq where christians have lived for as long as there have been christians. iraqi fighters used the pews for fuel to spread the flames. and the courtyard for target practice. >> i want to hurt them, but to pray of course.
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members ofhe christian defense unit, volunteers who have taken up arms, like jamil, a poet. this is one of the proudest moments of my life, he said. proud, because jamil and his men were among th first to arrive, drg in nday, initially celebrating. then battling isis snipers. christians have survived previous so-called caphes. now they're coming back to rebuild their churches and because nobody d.ul chard engel, nbc news, cara kosh, ira still ahead, new consumer warning, how those credit card chips may actualle leading to more fraud
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credit c a t dramatic rise in despite new technoloesigne to better protect u. using the credit cards with the specialized chips, making them more secure, when you use them in face-to-face transactions. but the increased securitys giving way to a rise in:z online fraud. as nbc's miguel almaguer shows us. >> reporter: like millions of cassie sefier does her shopping online. once a victim o credit card fraud, protected whener replacement card cam with secity chip.
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she fell victim again. >> if they're going to make theuarants that technology is going to protect me and keep my information safe, i would expect better. >> reporter: experts say it's part of a troubling and costly new trend. these specialize youeera card tougher for thieves to use iide brick and mortar stores. so crooks are turning to the internet where security chips don't protect you. >> they're a physical element. and oine is a virtualviroent. so it only works when you have a terminal to use the >> reporter: the -cd card not pren fraud will rise to $4 billion this year. the cost is often funneled down to consumers. >> i feel kind of helpless, but there's not a whole lot i can do. >> reporter: there are ways to protect yourself when shopping online now. don't save your credit card numbers on store websites.
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a federal judge has approved the es settlement for an autondal sca in u.s. history. admitted that 475,000 vws and audis with certain diesel engines were programmed to cheat on emission tests. the settlement totals about $15 billion, nearly a half million volkswagen owners and lease holders will be given the choice to sell their cars back or have them repaired. and news from the vatican tonight. new guidelines for catholics who want to be cremated.
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a look fromhe third base line at progressive field ere tonight the clevand ndians taking on e chicago cubs in game one of an already historic world series. e t teams haven't ha een them in a combined 176 years. so no matr dy some drought is t t en here's r mott. >> reporter: call i the cleveland trifecta. an nba championship, the republican tion, and now the world series. >> yeah! >> rorter: w?khat few months it'sbeen. how do you top all this? >> i think the world is seeing cleveland in a different light. i think clevelanders
5:58 pm
chicago cubs, baseball's cherished, shall we say, perennial c students, are csinghistory, and it just may be athe docr orred f a nation going battie or divided politics. at 104, nana has always appreciated her city and her beloved indians. which team is tter, ?r the '48 teamr this year? >> this year. >> reporter: the country might find picking sides toh, but potential >> doesn't matter who rooyou'refo neither team, it's just fun. >> reporter: fro fans of previous ies disappointments, though someone's guaranteed t go home happy this year. >> i'm ready. i've b >> we're here to make sure we keep the curse alive. >> reporter: f nana, two years older than wrigley
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>> reporter: ain any cost, . ron mott, nbc news, cleveland. and that's going to do it for us on a ? >> annnc: rit now, from milwau is today's t4, livet 6:00. >> storms on the way, m dp?gwre out drains in an eff streetoding when falls out. excted from a e h sweerg severaltate rightow n >> chief meorologist johhosheitl ou see one toinches of raial l.not whaon't need i around >> october, a little below normal, about a third of an inch. almost six inches below normal for th yea the rain is starting to inch over the last couple of hours this is not moving east vy
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front.eveloping along the warm everything's mainly movgrom northwes to southeast as we pull out for you, there's the big of aaevoping rain. and this is going to develop to the southeast. you see how t showers are starng tuild here? is will i aouple lightning bolhere, also. weld see isolated thunderstorm also.t co inhe morning start bringing that rain in from thees ?rok theecondth rain ou g toon, heavy be out of the picture b aut 10:00 tomorr so if you're goi out tonht,i dot umbrella. just cloudsnd 48 at 8:00. clouds and 45 10:. i'll giveou more daia? ? in f& minutes. your milwaee back. the as ts off tomorrow night downtown. >> i'm sorry but construction


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