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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  October 26, 2016 2:07am-2:37am CDT

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new at 10, grab the umbrellas, it'll be a soggy wednesday. the rain is getting clos august, it's win driven, cold and raw. >> has november come early? >> that's what it's like, and november is not that far away, but the rain, will be cold, windy, we've seen the showers right now in jefferson county, but light, across the rest of the area. this is where the big rain is, in eastern iowa and eastern
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morning, and wednesday morning, this big area of rain continuing on in the xourt model -- computer models, through noon tomorrow, and through thursday afternoon. but the rain will end late of wednesday, and the morning hours of thursday. we'll see at least 24 hours of rain, winds will already picking up, 27 mile per hour wind speeds in port washington, 50 miles per hour in kenosha, milwaukee. those will get up to 20 miles per hour tomorrow, and rain to greet you in the morning. 42 degrees, cold rain -- lots of rain and clouds. thank you. new at 10, a cab driver believes he picked up the two who were in the crash. >> they were in a suv that blew
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in, and the police are looking for the passenger. >> we talked with the cab driver. >> the crash happened about three blocks from here. this is where the cab driver says he picked up two men on the run. >> neither one had visible scratches on them, so i didn't think twice of taking them in my cab. >> he's getting ready to call amtrak station. >> they were running from the east. >> the cab driver asked what was wrong. >> and they told me they were out of breath, their car was hacked. >> he suggested they call the police. >> they said, no, they would call in the morning.
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the next morning. >> i realized these are the guys. it had to have been them. they came from the east, they were out of breath, and running. >> the driver was floored. >> i was driving when i heard it, i had to pull over, and collect myself. >> he called the police, and turned over video from inside the cab, from the two he thinks ran from the tragic accidents. a search warrant shows what police found inside the lexus, this rolling papers, and adderall pills. today's tmj4. >> thank you very much. milwaukee police investigating four homicide in 12 hours. mike patten was shot and killed inside his bar, mike's place, and derrick ball was found at 24th, and no one is in custody in either murder. and they arrested a suspect near
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the most recently was just before midnight. the police got a call to check on a woman, and found her body inside, and took two men in custody. >> the two young men remain here tonight in jail, in connection to the murder of 23-year-old cay labowski. her amazing heart. she was found dead inside this home in arlington place. the police calling it a homicide, but not yet saying how she died. only confirming it was not a shooting. the officers arrived just before might not a 24 -- midnight, a 24-year-old let them in. they found her dead, and arrested the man.
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22-year-old man who also lives in the home, and found him, but he's not charging with anything. the investigators are interviewing several other people. we don't know what kayla was doing in the home. the court records show she has a prior conviction for prostitution. her grandmother telling me, despite getting mixed up in the wrong crowd, she didn't deserve this. kayla was most on milwaukee's south side, but originally from west bend, where some of the family still live. they were not ready to go on camera tonight. live from the jail, today's tmj4. sad story, thank you. shocking new details of the sexual assault trial of former madison student, alec cooke. he was charged last week of sexually assaulting a student.
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center come forward. >> how many people have felt uncomfortable in mr. cooke's presence. it's been disturbing. >> police say they found a troubling piece of evidence in his apartment, a journal with disturbing details describing sexual assault. some wells fargo homeowners panicked over letters saying they were past due on property taxes. >> now more than 3,000 homeowners are all a mistake. the letters were sent in homes in franklin, and an apology is going out for the confusion. the owners of the [inaudible]. center voluntarily given up their license. it has a history of problems. and it's time to start thinking to have flu.
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clinic. >> if you're healthy, you can still spread the flu, and we want to make sure that people understand, even if -- do nothing of yourself, think about other people, you don't want to spread the germs. >> anyone healthy or not, can be stricken with flu. this is a chance to protect milwaukee, and wisconsin and the entire -- 6 months and older to get a flu shot. hilary clinton has a 5 percentage point lead nationally. she's polling at 46% to donald trump's 41% in a four way match up. defend donald trump or run as far away from him as possible. >> they can't make that choice,
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on the candidate. >> we have an exclusive energy. >> prieves is no stranger to politics. this is his home state. but one can argue, this is a strange year. >> i think that donald trump is doing well. >> he's hoping the news of obamacare, and the health care premiums, will help with the >> if there's an issue to boil over, we would love to boil it and put a referendum on the ballot is obamacare. >> the polls show that trump is losing big with women voters, and other voting blocks that republicans hope to improve on. >> which voter block you think he's been able to capture? >> it's people that are
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he's been energizing the votes. >> and he brushed off criticism that trump and speaker ryan are for the on the same page and the party is divided going into the final days. and while hilary clinton was campaigning in florida, her daughter chelsea was here in wisconsin. urging people to vote early. right on her heels is eric trump, campaigning for his dad on wednesday, making a stop in bay side and waukesha. for complete political coverage had head to our website 73 new construction, leading to parking problems downtown. >> the options to avoid the problems, but first -- >> i'll kill you.
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welcome back a college student in texas says he was beaten and robbed at gunpoint by three men. >> the whole time, his girlfriend watched it on face time. three guys barged in, and when it happened, he was face timing with his girlfriend in dallas, and she watched it all. >> i was watching an armed robbery, of someone i cared >> she grabbed a screen shot and called her dad and 911. the robbers stole thousands of dollars of music equipment. and the bucks opener is one day away, but the construction for the new arena, could create some parking problems. uber will have a drop off location on state street i again the home opener tomorrow night
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is at 7:00. new questions of how an agency that bringing jobs to wisconsin is spending your money. >> they discovered the economic company is wasted money they're trying to get back. >> we found $4 million was wasted after they gave money to more than a half dozen businesses that either left the state or went bankrupt and closed. in 2011 the governor created the economic development corporation. the agency gives money to companies, promising to give jobs to the state. but the program director, has serious concerns of how they operate. >> they say they're doing all these things, and the numbers of where and when and how they're
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where are the jobs? >> about 70 million in funding each year. 95% of the founding comes from taxpayer, and the other 5% is interest earned on loans. with the government watchdog group, after the unrest and protest in the sherman park in august, how jobs it created in that area. >> to have impacted 483 there, and principlely in three companies. >> they're own website, show they gave $1.6 million to three companies, initially located in the heart of sherman park. turns out, none of the businesses are located there. one is based out of johnson creek, the other in hart land, and the last one left wisconsin. when we contacted them of the
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error. then it admitted they were never given a street address for the three businesses. >> you would think if you're claiming hundreds of jobs, you would know where the jobs are located. >> and they awarded millions to companies that failed. in 2013, the wedc gave north american finishing, $1 million, but the next year, the business shut its and gave more than $1 million, to the new company, green box and a, and now the federal officials are investigating whether it was legitimate. he already owed millions in legal expenses, the team confirmed that the wedc is suing the companies to get their money back. >> it's important to take that
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public level and use it accountably. >> they denied our requests for introduce, but did say, they invested to revitalize the tower plant, and to provide support for the wisconsin women's business initiative corporation. >> i am sure there's a lot of viewers going, good grief, they able to get any of the money back? >> yes, but we're talking pennies on the dollar. for instance, one business was sued for $360,000, they ultimately settled for $125,000, through the court records, it filed lawsuits, some have settled, other cases are still
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updated. >> a bad return on money, thank you. we have a special treat, before we get to your wet forecast. >> days before halloween, our birthday boy, dan got us this shot of the bay view zombie house. why do we love them? >> they call me meteorologist, maybe that's it. >> that's not fair to you. >> after calling me that. i tell you what, i mean trying to figure a positive outlook, we need the rain. we're a third of an inch below normal for the month of october, and almost 6 inches of rain below normal for the year. high temperatures today, average is 56, already cool, 55 the average high. look at the low of 37 degrees. temperatures right now in the
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temperatures in the mid to upper 50's, depending on your location. warmer near the lake, and tonight's lows are in the low 40's, right on the lake shore on the east, southeast winds at 10 to 15. and they're starting to pick up. this rain in this area is not falling, but it is falling in jefferson county, all the way to walworth county, but watch as i pull out, look at the rain fig bend, and there's thunderstorms there. overnight tonight, i put in the clouds to show you it'll stay cloudy through the period. warm front is trying to get in here, it won't make it but the rain will. the first batch is coming in, and then we see the showers, and isolated thunderstorms pushing through, right through the evening hours, and by thursday morning, we'll see the rain
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pick out our town, could see close to an inch and a half, to 2 inches. so for tonight, clouds are here, winds picking up, and rain develops off a 1 or 2 in the morning. could see half an inch by morning. and tomorrow, windy, wet, cold, strong southeast winds and an inch to inch and a half of rains. and dry thursday with partly cloudy skies. but breezy and cool with a high of 61. but better temperatures friday, partly cloudy, 62, 63 on saturday, to start the weekend, so not bad start to the upcoming weekend. could see an isolated shower on saturday. 56 on sunday, and holiday and tuesday of both, could see a shower on monday, halloween.
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stay home and read a book. >> we'll do that, thank you. >> you tell the boss.
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green bay packers will hit the road and head to atlanta. that means the defense needs the get ready for one of the best
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the last time they played there, the defense had no answer for jones. he had the biggest receiving day ever, with 11 catches, for 259 yards and a touchdown. he was so good that sam shields got bentley because he couldn't stay with him. >> he's a great athlete. i've never seen anybody like him. period. he's big, he's fast, and runs great routes. just the total package, but a guy like him, there's not one guy to put on him and shut him down, it'll be a team team game to stop him, because he's a great player. >> he sure is. and a couple of heisman trophy winners were selected to be in the hall of fame.
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hard it was for him to be released by the packers. >> i didn't want to leave. that says it all. in every guy's career, comes to an end. it'll end, but how do you feel of that particular situation when it does end? and when i was released, i was hurt. you know, i understood, why it happened. but, in' >> he's one of the all time
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the huskers. >> it's been a fun [inaudible]. stretching back to 2014, my first memory with it, playing here in camp randall, [inaudible]. all time rushing record per game, and last year being a game winning kick, by rafael, it's been a fun two games, and it'll be exciting for them, being highly ranked a night game here, the setting couldn't be more fitting for the situation.
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your winning megamillion numbers.
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noon, 49, rain at 6: >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live f studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. all right, everybody. welcome. it's booze day tuesday. october 25th, and spanky tuesday, but -- >> oh, no! >> hoda doesn't cooperate. can't make any promises. >> that's -- >> little mix. >> shout-out to my ex. >> if you've broken up with someone and want to get all of your tension out, listen to this song and watch the video. a good one. >> really? >> yeah. a good one. >> a great show today. guess who's in the kitchen


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