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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 500  NBC  October 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:22pm CDT

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tonight intrepid meterologist scott steele is riding "shotgun" in our "storm chaser."where are you and what
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if ever a rainfall defined gully washer this was it. whipping winds combined with what seemed like unending steady showers to make midweek miserable for anyone caught outside in it} it's kind of hard, slippery. you've just got to be safe. it's horrible, absolutely horrible. it's my worst weat i rainy weather. and you have to be out in it. yes, yes on my way to work but i'm managing. meantime those big along with the weight of llg co force a fresh layer of autumn leaves -- enough to cause clogs in curbside grates -- and ponding problemsnasty, ugly i mean, it's a little better now than this morning but the wind is not any better. hanging on to the umbrella. oh yeah, barely. conditions were so uncomfortable and potentially even dangerous -- organizers of the annual whitefish bay great pumpkin festival -- set to start
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a one-day delay.we were going to start the food today and the whole festival, but the weather has just got the best of us and we're just gonna call it and start it tomorrow. the weather forced the cancellation of tonight's "china lights lantern festival" at the boerner botanical garden. go to today's t- m- j four dot com
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interactive maps, and any other weather information you may be seeking. more local news now. for the first time--we are seeing the brown deer officer charged with shooting a civilian while duty. this comes seven months after officer devon kraemer old manuel burnley in the back as burnley resisted arrest. julia fello ivoutside the public safety building with walking into court, you can hear how intense this moment is for 27-year-old officer devon kraemer. walking into court, you can hear howintense this moment is for 27-year-old officer devon kraemer.: "just keep a straight face.""okay."21and she di just steps before she walked past our camera.officer kraemer is there anything you wanna say? she only let her voice be heard in court. do
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penalts if your convicted of this offense? "yes m'am." kraemer is the first milwaukee- area officer in a decade, to be charged for intentionally shooti a citen.?5?5the march 14th incident started on a milwaukee county bus, when 26-year-old manuel burnley junior became upset over the fare. when kraemer and another brown deer officer arrived on scene, the verbal altercation ended outside the bus on the ground."...she was unable to gain control of burnley's left arm, and she drew her firearm, and pressed it against burnley's back...""...drew it back a short distance... and fired once..." kraemer claims she:"feared for her safety and that of her partner."attorney jonathan safran is this case was disappointed she was only given a $5000 personal recognizance bond. many would feel that is special treatment i think most people being charged with a crime like this certainly wouldn't take 7 months and they would normally be
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the family of jay anderson rece sotage of the shooting death of their loved one and tonight they are ?begging? for its release. a wauwatosa police officer shot and killed anderson when he was in his car in madison park in june. anderson had a gun, which his family says he legally owned. coreen zell is live at 11th and ?atkinson? with the latest. family and friends of jay anderson just had a news tired of waiting. they're demanding transparency in this case. friends and family are asking the name of the officer who shot jay be released and they want the public to see the dash cam video from that night in madison park, when an officer shot and killed jay anderson. the family recently saw additional video and enhanced video from the scene. jay's mom says the unanswered questions have made th
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wed all of this information to ce ou because we believe fromday 1 it's been a cover up in this come t, theofficer needs toy son. seen e deo and y dicaus r to sht d kill like d out to wauw po ace ask if and whe e'. rikki mitchell is ve wi the storhis is a y area withh house whe lice y tw
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ve of a 24-year-old man shot and killedhis morning gathered outside the homes police began their investigation. seeing somebody else hurt so bad that's what hurt the most even if i was his sister or something just watching my mom hurt just hurt so bad according to milwaukee police -- the shooting happened just after 11:30 this morni in a home on 51 boul evard. witness sasche ye--old man was shot multiple times but did say that a 27-ye old woman was also shot ann keto the hospital with the victims were tindhad young chiltother. she said the fath was a kind person who always e can't imagine ne wh hes st can't searching for suspects and olic
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teonia and west cornellthis p a rth de.wereat's on e far involved. crews had to cut two people out of their car. police are investigating the cause of the crash. the milwaukee cktiof their regular season toni lance allan has sports live from the bmo-harrisbrley center in just a few also in sports: why's? game could be the biggest challenge of the season so far.
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radawhen d turn. cision s the campaign trail today. trump was in washington, d-c to preside over the "grand opening" of his new hotel. trump called the event a metaphor for his campaign. "we turned a property that had been neglected for decades, and which was losing huge sums of money for the federal government into a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country and this
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everything our government touches is broken or they break it. it's always over budget, behind schedule, and simply nothing works." hillary clinton talked about trump and his new hotel while she campaigned in the "must win" state of florida. "while the hotel may be new, it's the same old story because once again and i is really important. he relied on undocumented workers to make his project cheaper, and most of the products in the rooms were made overseas, and he even sued to get his taxes lowered." today is clinton's 69th birthday. vice-presidential candidate tim kaine will be in appleton and madison on
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keep up with all of the light and knowledge revealed on the campaign by checking out our website, tmj 4 dot com slash decision 2016. a one-two punch of rain ?and? wind? today. this is a live picture from our waukesha towercam. john malan tells us when it will be dry enough to rake all the leaves... his forecast is next. russ feingold: i'm russ feingold and i approve this message. vo: keep them working... that's senator ron johnson's plan for seniors. he supports privatizing social security and wants to raise the retirement age so seniors have to keep working until they're seventy.
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ram and add means testing -- so seniors pay more out of pocket or are left without coverage altogether. but wisconsin seniors know that in washington, ron johnson isn't working...
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expect more rain, and strong wind tonight. john malan i know it isn't cold--- but it sure feels like it when your wet and standing in that wind. thursday will start out cloudy but it will be drier with some spots of sun eventually working through the clouds by the end of the day. the wind will not be as strong but temperatures will remain cool, staying near 50 degrees in milwaukee.a warm front moves in on friday to bring a warmer into the 60s again on a strong southwesterly wind at 10- 20mph. skies will be partly cloudy and there is a slim chance that an isolated shower may develop along the front but most of us stay dry. saturday will be partly cloudy and mild again with highs in the low 60s and a bit lighter wind, again there is a slight chance for an isolated shower in the afternoon. sunday will be slightly cooler under partly cloudy skies with seasonal upper-50s for highs. halloween itself will start out mild and dry with highs in
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through in the late afternoon and evening hours to bring rain chances back to southeastern wisconsin so get the umbrella all spooked out
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second straight season... the bucks open up on their home court.tonight they'r eup against the charlotte hornets. here's what jabari parker has to say about opening night. ((jabari parker says ((steve novak says )) ((ad lib))roll cue:the packers are back on the road in atlanta sunday taking on the four and three falcons.our rod burks tells us which falcon the depleted packers have an eye on.
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says ))((micah hyde says he is a complete receiver.)) ((datone jones says he is big, hast and strong. he is going to contest every pass. )) ((kentrell brice says "he is going to get his catches. you just need to limit those catches.")) ((rod burks says let's see if ))
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and game one of the world series didnot go athe cubs d ho chicago from thstart, d ver let in a six zip opening two moved up tonight to a 6-05 first pitch
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the best part of the turkey is the giblets. cook the turkey upside down and it will baste itself. i like my turkey carved thick! everyone's got an opinion when it comes to turkey. even subway. our new thick-cut autumn carved turkey sandwich has all-white-meat, no artificial preservatives or flavors, and is topped with sliced cheddar and sweet cranberry mustard sauce only at subway. now th is how turkey should taste...
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johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand financee thhe just doesn't get it. - : rker: hes he's jobs, buron so
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d prove saged: i'm russ feingold business day - 13 to do mp camprail t promote his new hotel. and personay congratat rrogate newt rich on this final exchange. >> you areascited th sex pocy >> a newttack megyn kelly as hillary clinton barnstorms florida where a new poll shows trump edging ahead. toonk tofly? pilot arrested at the airport after tsas agentound the alarm. nbc news exclusive, the pentagon chief shares plans for the next u.s. mission against isis. and campus shock at one of the nation's topuniverti, a


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