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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:30pm-5:51pm CDT

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tonight, money trail. a hacked memo raises new questions about how the clintons struck it rich as hillary clinton hits the trail with her not so secret weapon. >> the trump campaign's plan to win by making voters want to stay home. e protecting the candidates willing to take a bullet. so why aren't they gting paid for the extra hours? calls for congress to fix it. dramatic standoff. armed soldiers and police in riot gear clash with protesters at a tense tonight,ord of arrests. scammers busted. cara cture the r authorities move in on ave mas ime ng. callers posing as irswoers, ing americans
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nightly news begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in newyork, this is "nbc nightly news" with lest holt. good eving. 12 days to go until election day. th latest drip, drip of stolen e-mails produce aid fresh stain on the clinton campaign tonight. this one written by a top aide to bill clinton that reveals the former president personally earned millions of dollars from the clinton charitable foundation. while the e-mail doesn't suggest anything illegal or name hillary clinton quickly seized on by donald trump. the clinton campaign however continues to resist engaging on the e-mail hacks instead mak this a day about a joint appearance with h advocate. we have it all coved with andrea mitchell. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester, the long awaited joint
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hillary clinton. yet at the same time the clinton campaign having to shake off questions about one of the most damaging e-mails stolen e-mails leaked by wikileaks to date. an unprecedented moment two first ladies, current and former campin together for the first time. seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than michelle obama? and putting to rest any echos of past rivalries. >> if people wonder, yes, hillary clinton is my commander-in-chief on day one. and yes, she happens to be a woman. first ladies, we rock. >> reporter: reaching out to women, young people, minorities, with an emotional appeal for them to vote against donald trump. >> when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy, and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are
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they are trying to convince you that your vote doesn't matter. are you with me? i can't hear you? are we going to do this? but their joint appearance competing for headlines with the latest stolen e-mail leaked by wikileaks, not verified by nbc news. describing how bill clinton personally profited, receiving millions of dollars in speaking and consulting fees from clinton foundation donors. former bill clinton aide doug bannri it bill clinton, inc. we have dedicated ourselves to helping the president secure and engage in for profit activities including speeches, books and advisory service engagements. in all, he says he secured more than 0 million for the former president. but no indication hillary clinton ever did anything for those donors when she was secretary of state. still, reinforing suspicions long held about the clintons >> i think they should have disassociated themselves from
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state. don't think it is a smoking gun or evidence of pay to play. >> clinton campaign hope, not the hacked memo but michelle obama's message that will drive people to the polls. andrea mitchell, nbc news, north carolina. i'm halley jackson in ohio where donald trump is pouncing on new stolen e-mails released by wikileaks. >> mr. band called the arrangement, unorthodox. the rest of us call it corrupt. >> the hits on the clintons. >> just cancel the election, and just give it to trump, right? what are we even having it for? what are we having it for? her policies are so bad. >> reporter: part of trump's final stretch strategy includes trying to tamp downturnout. sources in and around the campaign describe discouragement tactics to demotivate specific groups who might otherwise vote for clinton like hav riff can
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younger white progressives. >> the trump campaign has given of on winning over these people, they're betting that they can turn people off from voting altogether. we don't have any evidence that that works. >> sasha eisenberg says the strategy includes using targeted fa?dcebook attack ads, pointing out recognition trump's movent isn't big enough to win a majority. publicly trump's campaign insists there is no voter suppression, pointing to urban renewal plan adding we wa neeveryo show up. privately, gop sources familiar with the strategy acknowledge if they can keep the other side from a strong showing itives them a shot. but it won't work if their own base doesn't turn out. that's partly why trump is getting his wife more involved with her soundg surised t hear. >> she is actually going to make two or three speeches. >> oh. >> it is. she is amazing. when she speaks. >> clinton still has the the
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trump within the margin of error in key battle grounds. but no room for error. >> there is no room for error here. there are not multiple paths. if there is a path it is a very messy one. and in a very narrow one. >> reporter: trump late tonight in ohio called inner cities ghettos before seeming to catch and correct himself. bernie sanders caught heat for something similar in the primaries. for trump another potential misstep in messaging to african-americans. lester. >> thank you. now to the unfolding this evening in north dakota on the ground and in the air. armed soldiers and police in riot gear and military humvees clashing with protesters refusing to clear private land. and determined to stop the construction of a pipeline. it has been a tense day. fires set, tires slashed, highways blocked, and now there is word off rests. we get late details from nbc's
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>> reporter: tonight near cannonball, north dakota, a tense face-off between army of police, and native american protesters blocking highway 1806 trying to shut down construction of a controversial oil pipeline on private land. officers in armored vehicles wearing riot gear are pouring in with air support. battle lines drawn, now making arrests. >> w are trying tovo the confrontation. they dw the line in the sand today. >> reporter: after setting fires and blocking the bridge in the tension have escalated. some promise a fight to the end. >> there is no fear here. we know we have the moral high ground. and that we are doing what's right. >> reporter: the nearly complete dakota access oil pipeline will cross four states. connecting north dakota and illinois, with some 1,200 miles of pipe. a 3.8 billion project capable of transporting 570,000 barrels of
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stand. we are staying here. >> reporter: the pipeline runs adjacent to the standing rock sioux reservation where native americans say the project is destroying sacred sites and could pollute the missouri river, a clean water source for millions. >> this its about protecting water. that's a good thing. and it needs to be protected. >> reporter: with nearly 300 arrests since august, the protest has become a movement. said to be the largest gathering uh native americans i history. tonight, no comment from the oil company. as celebrities and activists arrive in north dakota, vowing to fight on while facing arrests and a growing army of police. miguel almaguer, nbc news. now to the sexual assault allegations rocking one of the top colleges. filed more charges against a student at the university of wisconsin. we are hearing from his attorney for the first time about what
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nbc's gabe gutierrez has details for us from madison. 20-year-old alec cook walked into a wisconsin courtroom facing new charges. now 15 counts involving five women including sexual assault, strangulation, and false imprisonment. his attorney denies them all and says the encounters were consensual. >> our client has been essentially slaughtered by the social media, image of him, op page from the black book police found at cook's apartment with names of women he met. the search warrant said it included disturbing statements of kill and sexual desire. but vanwagner argues that is a stretch and the scribbled word is no proof his client stalked any one. >> you tell me what it means? doesn't apare to mean anything. >> reporter: the allegations date back to march of last year. the first woman who went to police said cook choked and
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hours at his apartment on october 12th. as news of his arrest spread around the university of wisconsin, more women came forward, one claiming cook inappropriately touched her repeatedly in a ballroom dance class. >> what is most disturbing about this case? >> i think it is probably the sheer number of victims. >> reporter: this woman runs dane county rape crisis center which is counseling at least one of the women. >> he individually got to know the women for the purpose of sexually assaulting them. >> reporter: minnesota cook played the guitar and voted class clown. he had no criminal record other than an arrest for underaged drinking. >> he has been painted as the face of evil in madison and now across the entire nation, across the globe. that's wrong. >> reporter: the judge here today set cook's bail at $200,000. he remains band from campus. lester. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you. an unusually taxing year for the u.s. secret service.
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so much provocative speech. adding to the strain on the agents is this. many of them are not getting paid for all of the overtime they're putting in. there are calls for congress to fix it. we get the story from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: it is not a 9:00 to 5:00 job safe guarding presidential candidates on the road. and keeping alert for potential trouble in boisterous crowds. not to mention the core mission of protecting a sitting president. unlike most federal secret service agents do get overtime. but a third of them maxed out months ago at about $160,000. because of salary caps, they have been putting in brutally long hours with no extra pay. >> there is no reward to the family. you are not seeing any income of coming in out of it. all of the thing that are broken in the house aren't getting fixed. so there is a major morale issue for that. >> reporter: the numbers are staggering. agents are now protecting 26 people, the current president, the candidates and their
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u.s. officials. and they have provided security at more than 7,000 events here and overse this year, screening more than 8 million people. thisyear's been especially taxing, the poe lit cal conventions, the u.n. general assembly and year of unusually harsh rhetoric with threatening images displayed openly, some seeming to advocate violence. and hiring freeze limiting the number of agents. >> as many of them have told me they will take a bullet for the president. if they will take a bullet for able to properly compensate them. >> some in congress now working on a fix so secret service agents won't have to work overtime for nothing. pete williams, nbc news, washington. still ahead here this evening -- caught on camera. the takedown on a massive phone scam. thousands of americans ripped off to the tune of $300 million. how you can avoid the same kind of fate. also it has long been considered an easy way to treat a common illness. but some conventional wisdom about women's health has the just
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ederalrs today charged 61 pple in this couny andithve nning a scamt t featured ller pretending to berom irs da. authies say it was wildly successful, tricking more than 15,000 peo out o hdreds of millions of dollars. we gethe storom nbc'shani >> hi.
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reers t ll. asaing swed mon ng action. >> in that moment it is pretty scnvesorgators say hers was of millions like this e. >> this call is officially a otice from s, internal revenue service. the rean ohislalot irs is ling aawsuit again you. >> reporter: this southern california woman who didn't want
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cranberries are not effective for o tat preventing researcher came to that concsion after exaning the ebo. of cranberriesers a nmeca in l campaign is banging on strong supp f voters. vote among black millenials is far from assured. abc's kristen >> there ismony in the home . but not when itomes c to politics. rae yr hands if you are enthusiastically voting for clinton. your danes an undergrad at temple university, james junior in grad school, he supported bernie sanders and is blunt in his appraisal of clinton now. >> i think there is a lack of authenticity when it comes to hillary clinton.
5:52 pm
willmer, it is an easy choice. >> i honestly believe that he would work for everybody. every race. >> but just how many african-american millenials will show up to vote could have an impact even with clinton's dominance with black voters. over 25% of african-americans are between 18 and 34. >> i'm hoping that, that some where we can spark enthusiasm in that gap. >> reporter: the clinton campaign struggled to connect with voters under 30 and h been t rea spiked with election of barack obama in 2008 but dipped in 2012. >> our votes are valuable. step up for them. >> clinton any use of the label super predators when she was first lady in 1996. >> they are o the kin of kids that are called super predators. still stings though she tracted it. t will be critilly important that we hold her
5:53 pm
really ending that cycle. >> reporter: you are not going to go third party why? >> honestly out of fear that donald trump would gain, gain the seat. >> reporter: they have settled on clinton largely out of opposition to donald trump. and acknowledge the history that will be made if she wins. kristen welker, nbc news. more intesting changes from apple tonight after tt gthe new iphone would not have a headphone jack. w the new mac book is losing the row o a top of the keyboard will be replaced by a touch bar that adapts to wcher app you are using. speeding up certain tasks. there is even an emoji tool bar for when sending messages. for some, a sight they have been waiting for. for others it is too early. parts of the northeast saw they first snow of the season today. the cold snap brought flakes to parts of connecticut, massachusetts and new york today. though most didn't see much accumulation. still it isn't even halloween yet.
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we come back, how the spooky holiday and the race for president are colliding in neighborhoods around the nation. >> announcer: red, white and you i got this my second month here. you should have quit while you were ahead. 32 years at this place and i've got 9 days left before retirement. look jim, we've been planning for this for a long time. and we'll keep evolving things. knowing what's on your mind and acting accordingly. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors. it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. folks out there whose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered
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finally tonight, with both halloween and the election just around the corner, many neighbors are decorating their homes this year to make a political statement. and it is giving a whole new meaning to election scare tactics. here is kevin tibbles. >> reporter: watch out kids. halloween is going to be very scary. while you trick-or-treat, politicians have their hands out for votes. from montana the bone yard at nina horowitz's los angeles home is filled with her political poltergeist. >> trump is scary. it is halloween. >> reporter: in ohio, hillry is the spooky one-on-one front lawn. the trump train derails the clinton platform. in connecticut there is the wall. >> my big goal in this is to get people to think. >> reporter: matt worshire is doing that.
5:58 pm
history is so fed up his annual display is a monument to the ghouls and goblins of politics. so in order to get to the candy -- >> you got to have a passport. do you have your passport, kevin? >> reporter: to get the candy. bernie behind bars. hillary riding a donkey. and his nemesis, donald trump, blowing smoke. is this the scariest halloween house you have ever seen? >> he is the ever seen. >> what's scarier for you, halloween or politics? >> politics. >> reporter: for fright night this year, carving up pumpkins and politicians. kevin tibbles, nbc news, west hartford, connecticut. that's going to do it for us on a thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news. thank you for watching and good
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>> announcer: from milwaukee, this is today's tmj4 "live at 6". >> charles: adjusting to a new life as a free man. a milwaukee man is making the transition after spending two decade aids in press on for a crime he did not commit. >> i don't take nothing for granted no m weeks sense darrell holloway was released from prison the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: it's definitely been a difficult transition for him, but the best part he says is being able to call his family and see them anytime he wants. after spending half his life in prison for a crime he didn't commit, darrell holloway says pp
6:00 pm
comes to usingis cell pho. >> tt thing is so d. i be?aing to work it out, i don't know what i'm d. >>orr:loway, who goes came involved prove tdn't have e crimes. >> i knew i wasn't going to give up anyway, either die in there or get out. >> reporter: he thinks about the victims justice. >> what i went through probably wasn't half of what they went through but they got to relive it again, you know, and that's because i got out, which now they say this person was never caught. >> reporter: in the three weeks since hs been out holloway has a new part-time job as a cook and exploring a cy that has completely changed.


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