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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  October 30, 2016 1:04am-1:34am CDT

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fresh new viral videos "right this minute." ?? >> a driver singing his way down the road until he isn't. >> oh! >> now a miracle crash survivor
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one scary video. >> for a while, it made me like really sick to my stomach to watch it. a yorkie is rescued from a puppy mill. >> this dog had matted, long hair. >> the amazing transformation to help cesar get his groove back. a skier finds himself -- >> at the right place, at the right time. >> how he drew one very lucky line in the snow. and two little ladies telling mom they've -- >> had it up >> so what if you get hungry? >> why there's a family snack shortage and dad's getting the blame. >> does he go to the grocery store with us? >> no. >> after a long day of work, this is what i got to deal with. >> a lot of us like to sing in the car, like our buddy travis here. ?? he's on his way from indianapolis, indiana, to white
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frisbee practice. then he'll go and watch it back and see how he did. on this day, travis was singing in the rain. ?? >> oh, god. [ screaming ] >> oh, what happened? what hit him, or did he slide off the road? >> oh, my gosh. >> was that scream part of the stunt? >> it was not part of th travis hydroplaned. in this juking video, you can see him spin around, but we all see travis at the end. he's like, whew, i'm good. >> oh, my goodness. >> it shows how quickly things can change on the road. >> let's find out a little bit more about this incident, maybe even what his parents thought. travis is joining us via skype. how are you doing, travis? >> doing good. how are you guys? >> we're great, man. there had to be some injuries after this. you rolled your car.
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zero injuries, not even as muches a scratch on my arm. >> you car rolled. we didn't see air bags. nothing went off. >> since it was a roll, all the damage happened to the sides and the top of the car. air bags only deploy if you hit the front end of the car. >> when you watch it back, how does it make you feel in. >> for a while, it made me sick to my stomach. but now watching it so many times, it's funny. >> what are you singing? >> i was singing a casting ?? >> when your friends and family saw this video, what was their reaction? >> well, my mom and my two sisters wouldn't even watch it the first day. my dad was the only one willing to watch it. he laughed instantly. typical dad reaction. it's been about a month now, and my older sister still is not willing to watch it. >> what are people saying about your video online now that you've shared it? >> a lot of people seem to be angry with me for driving that fast in the rain, which is fair.
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fast in the rain again. i've seen a lot of comments about the scream, of course. >> that scream, i want to make a reaction gif of that scream. >> what's the condition of your car? >> there was zero mechanical damage done to the car. the only thing that wouldn't allow me to drive was the fact there was dirt and like really long grass like jammed in between the tire and the rim. got it cleaned out for free and just started driving it the next day. >> great, man. great story, travis. thank you so much for sharing it with us. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. no problem. >> this poor little creature is cesar. he is a yorkie, and he has been rescued from a puppy mill where he was used to breed over and over. and this poor creature is now getting a new leash on life because he's been rescued by let's adopt international. now, let's adopt international relies on donations so they are able to take these dogs in and clean them up.
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to be groomed immediately. the first thing they do is start cutting that extra hair off cesar's body. >> this is a great example. look at the lack of respect, the way puppy mills treat these animals to keep making their dollar. >> as they get around the eyes, look how long that is. how could that dog see anything? >> that's painful. that hair like that, and they're trying to shave it down. >> they finally decide we've got enough hair off, let's givis so light. >> it's got to just feel good more than anything, just to get that weight off of him and just to have the human touch, affection. >> a caring touch. >> now, you hope in any kind of rescue that they have a forever home. he's got one already. cesar is going to live merrily ever after with lots of belly rubs. if you want to help let's adopt international, go to our website. click on tv show.
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app where we have a link for you to donate. the videos of the gorgeous snow-covered slopes are starting to hit the web. this skier is cutting into that perfect, pristine powder. that skier is also at the right place at the right time. as soon as he creates that line there -- >> ay-ay-ay. >> follow that line. the snow just starts down the slope. >> he was right off the line of that. >> yes, it's incredible. in fact, i think if we pay attention to his body as he notices the avalanche starting, i think he's trying to hike up quickly to get away from it. >> he is. something tells me a guy who skis in an area like this probably understands snow conditions a lot more than us just watching from here. i wouldn't doubt if he skis across that just to see if it would give way.
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p.s.a. for people, before you go out on the powder, just cut along the top, see what happens. then give it a couple of minutes. >> he looked like he knew where to stop. i'm wondering if he could sense it under the skis. >> either way, this is a really great video. nobody was injured, but it's still really beautiful to see the mountains covered in snow. let me be clea gentlemen. the five finger discount does not apply to the police. >> or anyone. >> but specifically the police. these people got a shop that had got a call that had been burglarized. they got there. the thieves weren't there, neither were the owners. this was captured on footage. one of the officers sticks his hand in there, grabs the piece of electronics. >> oh, my god.
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don't you know there's cameras. you are a dirt bag. i'm glad this happened. get this guy off the streets. >> goes back in for more. >> oh, that was bad, you have been burgled. >> there's bad enough that there's one officer involved in this. >> this just ruins all trust. who do you turn to if this is the level of corruption in the police force? >> but they didn't get away with this. the case is under investigation. the officers involved have been fired. they're probably going to have to go face a judge in court. the original burglars just bad news all around. >> jewelry store. woman walking in. right behind are three masked men carrying a baseball bat, a gun and a machete. one walks to the back and tries to force the employee to open up the safe. when the manager jumps into action, the other employee pushes him to safety. it's a manager that has worked at this business for 20 years. he's like, no, get out.
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the car, and take off. they did get away. they stole hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise but the owners say they won't get far trying to sell it because folks in the area will recognize it and it will go downhill from there. this 67-year-old will inspire you. >> he's yoked. >> hear his touching story next. and you know it's halloween time when a ghost goes through the amazing prank that just goes poof. >> that is a great effect. >> i'm watching, i'm like -- for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs
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>> i'm 64 years olds. >> yeah, and he's yoked. >> he has been pumping the iron as you would say. >> however, recently in january this year, his story took a bit of a turn. >> january 23rd of this year, i got diagnosed with colon cancer, started chemo treatments february the 3rd. >> when diagnosed with colon cancer, quickly on it. as you can see in the pictures, he's not really letting it get to him. and it went well, but not perfectly. >> it's cleared up in two places. i still got it around my colon area. i'll probably be on chemo until they come up with a cure. >> usually when people gets this news, it's like it brings them down. >> robert isn't letting him stop him. his schedule is not stopping for chemo. >> feeling good right now. i've worked out every day but
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hospital. >> there he is in his hospital gown, connected to his machine, just busting out. >> it feels like it's time for a training montage. >> come on. >> yeah, right? >> dude! >> pretty inspirational, right? >> the kind of thing you see and makes you want to >> my name is wayne. i am 87 years old. >> wayne, no spring chicken himself, 87. but so inspired by what he's seeing, now his training buddy. look at this guy go. >> it's never too late to start working out. >> such an inspiring story. if you want to continue following the story, on instagram, 13,000 followers and sharing all of these training montages. if you're sitting at home on
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for inspiration, it's there. drive-through employees. >> look at everybody. >> oh, my gosh, yeah, because that's a very convincing costume. >> he's dressed in a sheet. he pulls up to the the employee, and then poof. >> oh, wait a minute. >> na is a great effect. >> every time it happens, you're like that is amazing. >> how is it going? >> wow! >> every time it happens. >> this one does not have time for it. see, look. look at that. it's brilliant. >> this man isn't a
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help. >> i just want to call triple-a. >> where did you go? >> that's called ghost busters. that's it right there. >> what's going on? [ screaming ] >> he gots to go. i told you that sheet don't fly over there. favorites. >> i want to know how he does it. i want to do it here. >> i have no idea how he does it, but he pulls it off brilliantly. this guy is ready to feast. >> i could watch this over and over. >> how a frog fails big at feeding time. plus dad took a brilliant wonder woman costume and turned it into
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pro-professional -- promotional consideratio ro-pro promotional considerations provided by -- o-professionalro o s we're here on the wonder woman photo shoot, and you can see our main model back here. >> oh, wonder woman. gal gadot, right? no. it's 3-year-old nellie. >> nellie, look. >> she's adorable. >> she is completely in character. some $1,500 into getting this incredible, custom-made leather armor specifically for this
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it's 10:30 a.m. her nap time is at noon. >> we better work quick. >> you got to make sure you fit this stuff in. so they've got to make it quick. once you see how they do it, it's awesome. >> she's just holding it, getting into the right poses. >> they should have warned people to take their kids out of the room because when they see that, thell >> taking all the instructions. holding up the cord or the shield. >> that's mom there, pregnant with the next one. in last one takes a whole team of people. >> i'm asking, though, for what? >> he's a commercial photographer and a digital artist, and that's where it really comes into play because check out the result.
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have already come out for the new wonder woman film, and he's basically copied them. they are spot-on incredible. >> you can see some of the before and after effects that he's put in with his digital artistry showing how he layers different things, and the final results are just incredible. >> that's a lot of work. >> so worth it. i got a couple of fail videos for you. i don't really anything more than that. that is somebody's pet frog. let's see what happens next as it goes for its meal. >> um, you missed it. >> does the poor frog need glasses? >> i could watch this over and over. >> if you notice, the frog was able to stay attached to its owner and not completely fall down. >> meanwhile the insect is like, nah nah.
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eaten. >> we're all sitting here laughing like we've never made a mistake. >> this poor frog can't cut a break. in another video posted by the owner, you see that frog trying to go for that fish, but as you can see, there's two panes of glass between them. there's no way he's going to get that fish. >> but it doesn't stop him from trying. >> he's focused on it too, like i'm going to git you. >> that's a little unfair and sad and kind >> you see right there? in this viral video, uk video, those are insects common in south area, and they're known to be some of the best camouflaged animals in the kingdom. >> why do they call them leaf insects? strange. >> they live in asia in areas where it's mostly green.
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that tree? a leaf falls on you and you would -- >> you would make like a tree and leave. these cuties have had it with dad. >> dad ate all of your goldfish. >> the goldfish? >> all of them, yes. >> that's not nice. >> i know. >> wait until you hear their
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that extent to make sure their animals are healthy.
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>> dad ate all of your goldfish. >> the goldfish? >> all of them, yes. >> all of them? >> da da has got into a lot of the snacks, not just the goldfish. >> i get hungry. >> so what if you get hungry, then what? >> trouble here, man. dad is going to come home and walk into a storm and not know why. >> dad is currently under the bus. >> and mom continues driving the bus. >> was he supposed to eat? >> dad's supposed to eat salad. >> what are you going to do? >> i'll put him in the guest room. >> you'll put him in the guest room? >> yes.
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snacks. squirrel them away in the pantry so you can't find them. i got burned a couple of times. >> who buys the food? >> mama. >> uh-oh. >> so is dad supposed to eat the food that i buy? >> no. >> does he go to the grocery store with us? >> no. >> does da da ever go to the grocery store? >> no. >> dad is not even around to defend >> i bring home a check and this is what i get? all i want is a damn handful of goldfish. it's been a long day of work and this is what i've got to deal with. thank you very much. >> the girls have a plan of attack. >> ignore him. >> ignore him. >> you're going to give him the silent treatment? >> yeah.
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dad because, trust me, being ignored and everyone just being quiet is exactly what he wants. >> according to these pictures, da da is going to pay for all of the snacks that they have bought. that's a look at today's top viral videos. if you're lookingor has them. we'll see you guys on the next
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