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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2016 10:00am-12:00pm CDT

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this morning on today's take comedy legend jay leno gets us revved up for a super charged hour of fun. then how to turn your leftover halloween candy into delicious new desserts. plus taye diggs our celebrity guest co-host. can yo d yes, you can. coming up right now. fro nbc news, this is today's take, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to the "today" show on a tuesday morning, 1st day of november, 2016. it's hard to believe it is november 1st. >> it is. >> crazy stuff. >> thanksgiving will be here then christmas and then new year's -- >> then it's arbor day.
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our special guest co-host taye diggs. >> you look excellent. >> you look stunning. >> it's a chocolate "today." >> that's it. >> it's actually taye day tuesday. >> i like that. >> use the hashtag #taye day tuesday and we will read your messages to taye on r.twitte you follow a lot of people on twitter. >> i do. >> and someone said if taye is not following you on twitter then you have not arrived. >> exactly. >> how many people do you follow? >> you have to ask somebody. i don't even >> that many people. >> uh-huh. >> all right. >> it's like a speedometer. >> exactly. >> you could be in the taye world, taye day tuesday. >> join taye today on tuesday. >> taye's empire. speaking of empire -- >> smooth. >> smooth transition. >> you are a potential love interest for cookie. >> that i am. >> that's a hard job. >> let's take a look. >> why are you going to so much trouble to announce you are
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i say call a couple reporters, do the damn thing and keep it moving. >> i want to be prepared for any questions they might throw at me. >> oh, yeah, questions like why you trying to date an ex-con. >> yes, they may ask that. look, i will just say i haven't been to third base yet, so -- unless we're planning on changing that tonight. >> no, taye, i have to see my po. >> you still have a parole officer. >> yes, it's called supervisor. >> excuse me, ms. lion, you need to come with us. >> i don't even know who the hell you are. >> that's going to put a tamper on a date. >> how does your character maneuver these waters with cookie? >> that's the type of character that they wrote, you know, i think it's one of the benefits of being on such a show like that, the writing is really, really great and i'm having a good time. >> wow. >> in real life if you met cookie would you go out on a date with her? >> i don't know if i would be brave enough. >> she is a tough cookie.
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this -- this character is not going to shy away from a challenge. >> the phenomenon that is "empire" were you prepared for it? it's like a cult-like following for this show. >> it is. >> blew up and it continues. a lot of celebrities like being on this show. were you prepared for this? >> i have been in this business a while and i know a lot of the actors, so it was -- it was fun to just play with them, but it is the biggest show i have ever been on. >> is it? >> oh, yeah, are recognizing me from "empire". >> in other words that prepared you for cost hosting "today." >> right. >> exactly. >> good segue. you are smooth as silk, al roker. >> nothing prepared me for what i'm doing today, but i was happy to get a little experience. >> being a father prepared you for the other thing that you do which is you write children's books. >> i do. >> you're getting ready to do your third book. >> the first book chocolate me,
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one is called i love you more than which is kind of a father's love letter to his son. >> and these are all based on your relationship with your son. >> yes, influenced strongly by my own experiences. uenced stron experiences. >> how does it feel to read a book to your child that you wrote in dedication to him? >> so awesome. he's right here. >> walker. >> walker. >> if we talk about him too much longer, i can start crying. he's here, my little dude. his little smile. >> hold on, hold on. hold on. >> walker's walking over here. >> his mom might have an issue. >> let's wait. let's wait. >> walker, stay over there. don't come closer. >> if it happens on accident, if he just runs over here, i didn't do it. you and walker are like batman and robin. he's running over here. >> i know it.
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about that or not. true inspiration. >> we can see how proud you are. of course we then have to temper that with trying to embarrass you. by digging up one of your first on-screen appearances for giant eagle supermarkets. check it out. how did you find this? ? it is a famous deli and i can really tell she loves it so ?? >> three pounds sliced paper thin. provolone sliced this thick. eagle valley potato salad. make it two pounds! ? we'll make it delicious ? ? giant eagle ? ? giant eagle ?? >> what year was that? >> i don't even know. i was hyped, though. >> that's got to be such a thrill. the first time you see that commercial. >> i never saw it. i never saw it. >> you never saw it? >> no.
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>> wait a minute. you got paid for it though, right? >> shoot. i got paid for it. but then you get busy doing other things. it is a commercial. so that was local as well. so wherever i was, they weren't showing that commercial. i need to get that. that made my day. >> we'll get you a copy of that. >> that would be great. >> so how do you make a provolone with pastrami? what's your technique? >> i have no idea. >> that's why he's such a great >> your enthusiasm. you were so excited about making a three pounds of -- she's excited and you are just as excited. >> you're like, i got you, lady. i got you until this thing says cut. i got you. how was your halloween, taye? >> it was awesome. i haven't been to new york in a bit. so walker came to hang out with
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so we went and trick-or-treated with walker and it was excellent. >> that's a scary crew you got there. >> he's the cat on the right. swamp zombie. >> is he looks just like you! >> did walker pick that out himself? >> yes, he did. yeah. it was either that or "spider-man" for him. he went the scary route. >> this is his buddy with him? >> yeah. oliver. >> here's what i love. we understand that one of your woman." just so happened tamron hall -- >> that's what i heard. >> -- pretty woman. look at that. >> yeah. i mean this is jill martin being the snootiest lady. then the man -- she had richard gere. but i had -- >> this is a morning show,
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easy. >> she ends up with a legit job. okay? but al roker was richard gere. al was my richard gere as steve urkel. he saw me falling down the street with my money. this is all wrong. but i was saved by steve urkel. thank you. it was a fun time. my nieces, i'm so happy to pay this of my little niece layla the right costume. she wanted to be teen titan. d.c. comics sent us one. >> must be nice to have those connections. >> yes! then her older sister was a rebel unicorn. but the kid who stole the neighborhood -- my home is in texas. i live here in new york but my home is also in texas. i wasn't able to be there for
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our little neighbor, she shut it down. literally. that's how she rolled up trick-or-treat. >> wow! and that's not a real horse. that's amaze ig! those are two people in a suit! >> it was like four other people! rolled up to our home on horses for trick-or-treat. >> what kind of neighborhood is that? >> rural. it's rural, man. it's very rural. i could not stop laughing at your lela, your child. >> little david s. pumpkins. >> take a look at al's moment last night. >> it's pepper as pumpkins and david s. pumpkins. >> and beyonce. >> any questions? >> the bat really made it. >> she wore that to school. they actually confiscated the bat because they said, oh, wait a minute, do you have a weapon?
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more of "today's take." our guest co-host is taye diggs. >> are you a dancer? a natural dancer? >> i am. i dance naturally. >> as opposed to artificially. >> some people stand in the mirror and they practice so they can look like -- you no toe you've been practicing all morning long. >> no, i haven't stood in the mirror around practiced in a while. i just enjoy it. >> you just bust a move. what's your go-to dance? he has one. the kevin james stay in your -- >> the will smith -- >> hitch. it's where you live. >> so you just don't take over the whole floor. >> well, i got to warm up. >> then eventually. >> sure. sure. >> but you don't want to do that if you've got a dad bod because people might -- >> what's a dad bod? >> good news is, for those of us who are not, say, ripped -- >> like taye diggs.
10:14 am
a book out there that says there are actually health benefits for those with a dad bod. men with slow metabolism are around 50% less likely to die in any given year than their skinnier, more ripped counterparts. so we end up looking more attractive, too, because there are fewer guys who look like him. so it is fantastic. it is a great thing. >> that's good news. >> i prefer a bigger guy. i don't like really -- like my is not -- like adam richmon, he has the perfect body. >> adam richmon, the chef, it is an ongoing thing that he's asked tamron out. >> no, that's not -- >> -- several times. tamron -- >> no. >> -- there's kind after cat and mouse game. >> i have a big appetite. >> when are you going out with him in. >> he just texted.
10:15 am
costume. that's him halloween. he was some kind of creature there. so yes, soon. very soon. our audience keeps up with this. this is the only disclosure of my personal life that i'm willing to give. but let's change subjects. i may have given you too much information. >> adam will probably be preparing a thanksgiving dinner. >> he is an amazing cook. and that's the way to my heart. >> do you like to cook? >> i don't know how to cook at all. >> then this is perfect for you. >> i know. you would think. i'm so talented. wouldn't i be able well? >> when you and walker are broing it together, dad and son, what do you eat? >> peanut butter and jelly. >> you got to kick this game up. thanksgiving you got turkey coming. just in time. butterball turkey is adding -- they he this turkey hotline for years they've had it. decades where you could call. you talk to a live turkey tester. >> they walk you through it? >> they had them live on the show, their phone number blows up. >> do they have many people online?
10:16 am
>> arsenal. >> like a magical santa claus? >> no. these are real people. you can now go digital and text them 24 hours. if you are so inclined, you and walker, to make a turkey this thanksgiving, butterball's got you covered. >> all right. big up for butterball. >> like my first thanksgiving dinner i made, i was hosting the show, i cooked that night. i forgot -- i didn't forgot. i searched the turkey a i shook it. >> what did you do inside the turkey? >> i searched it for the little bag. there is a bag of thinks. of goodies. >> how big a turkey did you have? >> my arm was up to here. then i cooked the turkey. i went to cut the turkey. and the bag was still in there. i did not tell my guests. i politely took it out. my guests survived. butterball turkey would have a tip on that. >> if you'd just gone in a
10:17 am
let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. we have a big area of high pressure pumping up that jet stream. so as it does, it is bringing up warm air from the south, pulsing north and as it does, look at these temperatures we're talking about. so far, birmingham, montgomery, four days in a row of records. atlanta, new orleans, three days in a row of records and the hits just keep coming. new orleans, mobile, montgomery, atlanta, birmingham, allay break records today. as we move up north, cincinnati, louisville, nashville, memphis, u going as far west as amarillo, roswell, little rock and wichita, 81 degrees. not hot enough to cook a turkey outside, but it's still pretty
10:18 am
>> that's your latest weather. send us your best recipe featuring ritz crackers. we may feature on an upcoming show. this is not a workout for me. our studio is like 99 degrees. taye is going all hershey's kiss in the sun. >> huh? any questions? up next, we're going to get to know taye a little bit better. can you go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows.
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with fabulous taye diggs as our co-host today. to get to know him better, we've devised a little game called "can you diggs >> while you sip on your lemonade. >> what's the premise? we push it in when we get the answer? >> yes. one of my most famous roles is harper stewart in the "best man" films. in both jobs my job gets me into some trouble. what is that trouble? >> what is the trouble? >> what is the job? >> oh. you are an author. >> yes.
10:23 am
>> correct. digg it. question two. how did stella get her groove back? well, by meeting me. >> that's good. >> i was playing winston shakespeare. what country does stella take her vacation to -- >> jamaica. >> you better catch up, brother. >> jamaica. >> question three, one of my favorite and first major tv roles came as lawyer jackson duper. it was on a legal >> oh. >> yes? >> ali mcbeale. >> yes. >> question four. one of my most famous roles is one of my favorite originating the role of benny in the pulitzer prize winning musical "rent." with that in mind, how many minutes make up a year? >> 524,604. >> 525,604. >> what's your final answer?
10:24 am
>> i'm scared now. al got it. >> al got it. my man. >> what is it? >> 525,000. >> stick to this job. question five. for six reasons i play -- for six seasons i play dr. sam bennett, better known as dr. feel-good, in the series "private practice." that is a spinoff from what? >> "gray's anatomy." >> my man! he wins. that's it for me. >> al won! >> >> what does he get? >> i get this whole big thing of dirt. >> congratulations, mr. roker. . up next, comedy legend stops by. we'll catch up with jay and taye is sticking around. is sticking around. after your local news. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream is sticking around. after your local news.
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russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for everyone. i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable.
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clear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a
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drive times approaching the zoo interchange from the south this morning have been spectacular... dot crews removed the zipper merge... opening an additional lane of traffic. that's on 894 northbound at greenfield. there are new traffic patterns on that stretch... so if that's on your commute... you will want to pay closer attention as you get closer to the zoo. that zipper merge on eastbound 94... just past moorland road... that's few weeks. crews expected to remove that restriction on thanksgiving weekend.
10:30 am
he is a comedy legend, an emmy award winning tv host. we like to call him a friend. his hit series "jay leno's garage" is in full gear this season from vintage vehicles to super charged cars, jay gets in the drivers seat passion for four wheels. >> in the newest episode jay sets up a once in a lifetime corvette drag race between vice president joe biden and general colin powell. take a look. >> the only bad thing about driving an older corvette is there's always some showoff in a new corvette trying to blow your doors off. >> the question is, can he drive? >> he's got better brakes than you.
10:31 am
than i do. >> look who it is. >> where were you? is i kept looking in the mirror. >> they really started trash talking each other to the point the secret service -- they both go -- they almost hit each other. secret service are going "settle down, settle down. get biden out of that car." >> how did you pull it off? how did you get the two of them >> colin powell likes to restore old cars. that's what he does in his spare time. joe biden has had that corvette. we did a thing on love affairs with cars. like original owner cars. he got it new in '67. only two payments left. no. he got a new one in '67. he's had itll thi time. his son surprised him a couple years ago and restored it. but being vice president he couldn't drive it. we went to the secret service training facility where there
10:32 am
you want. it was great fan. colin powell showed up with his car. >> you've been collecting cars for years. for people who want to get into this, you don't have to spend millions of dollars. >> no. you know, i like the story. sometimes you buy the story. one of my favorite stories, i already owned a hudson hornet. this 94-year-old lady calls me, we bought a hudson hornet new '51. we drove it from new jersey. my husband died in '96. i want it to go to a new home. i go look at it. it's totally worn out. she says will you give me $5,000 for it? i said okay. i bought it. we took it back to the garage, fixed it up, painted it. about 16 months later, it's done. let me see if she's still alive. hello. she's 96. i said you want to go for a ride in my car? oh, no, i got to get my hair
10:33 am
she says can the kids come? i said sure. the kids are 70 and 72. i go out to the house. they've got her blindfoldedblin. they bring her out blindfolded. she sees the car, gets very emotional. she says let's go for a drive, pretend we're driving cross-country in new jersey. now the 70 and 72-year-old are in the back. they start going like this to each other. she turns around and starts slapping the crap out of them. i'll pull this car over! the three of them were laughing. it was so much fun. i go well, that's what it is. it is not a really valuable car. but it is a fun car. it brought back such memories for this woman. then the kids told me when they were teenagers they were ashamed that their dad had this, by that time, 16-year-old car. the dad would drop them off down the block from high school. they would walk to school so the kids wouldn't see their dad had an old car.
10:34 am
so now it is cool. so that's -- you buy the story. you know? >> that's great, plan. that is great. >> it's a lot of fun. >> jimmy fallon last night, a tag team? can we show what happened? >> this is something jimmy and i do all the time. i jump in on the monologue. we pick a topic. it was the economy. >> forbes came out with its annual list of the 400 richest americans and 200 of them haved of mo back in with their parents. that's how tanning using the sun! that never happens! the economy is so bad that the "today" show, kathie lee and hoda were splitting a 40! i've never seen that! >> that's a good one. man, we missed you. >> given this political season, do you miss the nightly monologue? >> actually, i don't. because it is so ugly. i grew up in the era when
10:35 am
it was easy. you weren't questioning people's patriotism or their basic decency. i mean this one, i have to admit, i just thought back to -- anti-muslim, anti-women, it's all anti. it is not pro. everyone, just who do you hate more? everybody hates the other guy more. >> but you are touring. what's your sweet spot? >> you can get a lot of fun jokes. >> what's your sweet spot outside politics right now? >> well,it good. >> bill clinton's been out campaigning with hillary. it is not helping. like at one point during the campaign bill stopped to kiss a baby which is normally okay, except the kiss was breastfeeding at the time. >> whoa! jay leno, ladies and gentlemen! >> made it awkward. made it awkward. >> jay leno!
10:36 am
next wednesday, november 9th, 10:00 p.m., on cnbc. just like it is a little awkward right now! up next, halloween's over so you know what that means? it is almost christmas! that's the new holiday movie starring these two guys, we love them. j.b. and omar. back right after these messages. ? ? with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! we offered women a mystery beauty treatment.
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after 40 years of making chicken soup at progresso,
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and so our majesty is now 100% antibiotic and hormone free white breast meat chicken. and it's in all our chicken soups! because majestic chicken soup starts with majestic chicken. long live chicken! well, at least until it's in the soup. this is an incredible moment here. holidays are here and so are the holiday movies. the newest one out next week stars these two talented actors, j.b. smooth is best known for that infectious laugh he has in his hilarious role as leon black who moves in with larry's david
10:41 am
>> omar and j.b. star in a new film that will make you cry, and of course, laugh. >> that's not good. >> good morning! >> we are so excited to be here this morning. we got a great movie coming out. we're ready to go. >> this is a great cast. not just you guys. you got danny glover. mo'nique. gabrielle union. >> we had an amazing time. the energy you feel spilling off the screen is exactly how it was on the set. it is a film full of heart. a film full of joy.
10:42 am
christmas after the passing of the matriarch. you know how the holidays are. everybody has their personal issues. but they all work through their problems and it comes back together in love. >> was there a lot of improv, improvisation? because it is a really talented cast. >> man. j.b. smoove and mo'nique in the same my thing is when i'm doing a film and the director like david talbert gives you the leeway to have fun with the character, i love -- i love -- something i do on "curb your enthusiasm." i'll do it one day, and throw it up again. mo'nique is brilliant. if you love mo'nique and love to laugh, you're going to have a great time.
10:43 am
was just being on set in scenes that i'm not even in just watching j.b. and mo'nique going at it. we had a great time. it has a real family feel to it. from hanging out with each other so much, we became a real family. our text feed is crazy. we just throw it back and forth all day. it is crazy. we real family now. >> of course, you've got -- it is a good lookingca where is the romance here? >> the romance between you two? >> that would be a different movie now, wouldn't it. well, basically my character is a family friend, grew up next door to the family. he's also there visiting his mom for the holiday. back in the days, him and gabrielle's character had a little thing in high school. he finds out she's recently divorced. he's going to take a shot. >> it has everything. it is a perfect post-election film.
10:44 am
>> go let your mind free. >> i know people love larry david and "curb your enthusiasm," i am obsessed with your show, "four courses." i've never been on the show. is is my personal plea. this is the best show. i love the show. it is brilliant. you have just a good time with this? >> i love the show. we love it. get a few cats around the table, some ladies around the tab about love, life, where we going, where we plan on being at. it is great. i'm going to do an all-ladies table. and i will put a wig on just to make y'all feel comfortable. >> suddenly i don't want that invite. it took a real dark turn. >> all ladies table. >> took a turn.
10:45 am
>> and that's your latest weather. up next, if your house is littered with candy and miniature candy bars, we'll show you how to transform those halloween treats into delicious can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up.
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10:50 am
halloween has come and gone. but the candy is still lingering thankfully in our homes right now. >> yes, it is. we are going to show you today how to turn those treats into incredible desserts. >> with us now, associate food editor. >> this whole idea was to your halloween haul to the next level. start with skillet cookie. what we have here is butter and sugar that we want to cream together. we want to add the eggs. vanilla. >> is that the first time you've put an egg in batter? >> listen, this is a family show. let's keep it clean. >> that is clean! >> we'll try to add this
10:51 am
we got it all. once that's all mixed together, the dough will look something like this. then i think that you can handle that. you want to dump those in there, mix them together. mix that all up. >> what is the oil that you use? >> it is just a non-stick spray. you can also coat it with butter. move that cookie dough in there. then you're going to spread it in an even layer. >> we're almost out of time. >> spread it in there. put more m & ms. the finished product --
10:52 am
25 minutes covered, another five to ten minutes. >> these are twixed brownies. the brownie batter mix you put in. >> start out with the batter. >> you start out with the batter. >> then you use the candy afterwards? >> then you are going to stuff the twix cut in half. you can use boxed brownie mix. you can make it from scratch. bake then, this, drizzle some sauce. >> tell us what this one is. >> that's a chocolate coconut cream pie. >> go to our website for the recipes. melissa, this is delicious. thank you. we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. good things happen the day of a
10:55 am
we want to thank taye diggs for co-hosting with us today. . >> it was a wonderful chocolate tuesday today. >> i'm going to head out now. i got to go to cleveland. game six of the world series. >> you are doing like facebook live -- >> streaming on facebook live before the game. cleveland is up 3-2. they could win their first world could take it to seven.
10:56 am
johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families.
10:57 am
i'm...vince vitrano alongside brian gotter...lets get a check of the weather.. so... how about a 30 dollar wheel tax? that's the recomendation from the milwaukee county board finance committee. the milwaukee journal sentinel reports the committee rejected chris abele's proposed 60 dollar per vehicle wheel tax. according to the paper... the amendment... allowing for a wheel tax half that rate... passed unanimously. it appears certain to pass the entire county board. supervisors will consider the full budget next week.
10:58 am
11:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody! it's booze day tuesday. firstay of november. we're calling it movember around here. a new guest watching, knpg. >> what? they're here. >> yes, holeda! the new nbc affiliate. we're happy to you have. >> what is that? >> "kiss the sky".
11:01 am
love i. went home yesterday after four hours of being regis. it takes so much energy to be -- >> you were exhausted because you were screaming. >> i know! all day! >> moving on to thanksgiving. >> this was our opening from yesterday, in case you missed it. we walked out -- >> see it again. >> it was oprah and regis together again. >> oprah and regis. [ laughter ] >> come on. >> how come you won't do that for me on spanky tuesdays, regis as gelman! [ laughter ] >> oh -- who was i? does anyone know? >> who are we? >> who are we? >> and why do they keep us on the air? >> can we just point out our handsome -- >> the scotts.
11:02 am
>> gravy, turkey, show you how. >> you are so cute. >> you actually are. >> thank you. >> and get rid of grime and grit before your guests arrive, keep it clean. >> a good idea. and nothing says it best like santa claus, and a neiman marcus book. you can actually get great, great deals. a special discount. also under $100. it's not the crazy -- >> $100,000 ones. didn't realize how much they needed each other, until a god-winch most of divine intervention. we love those stories. >> so good to see them again. >> again, yesterday -- by the way, when you came out of your dressing room dressed lke reege, you have a thing, you literally mork into the character. when you were lucille ball, you
11:03 am
when you are regis morphed into him. regis, for instance, when he wednesday gelman looked like somebody else. he looked like jim carrey. >> or leonard nimoy. >> either way, not a good look. >> while we were out on the plaza it was really cold. >> really cold. >> and regis -- and regis -- got into a little get-down session. >> a four-minute commercial break, andor tried to get -- he was hanging out with everybody and i got literally -- >> that kept going. >> and he never moved. >> never even -- she's like -- >> no wonder i'm exhausted you. >> have your own funky dance party. >> he used to do the funky chicken. i was trying to get him to do the funky chicken. he used to do it all the time. >> it was so fun having regis here. >> thank you, reege.
11:04 am
monologue and decided to surprise everybody and have leno come up and take over. we hear something came up in one of the jokes. >> i can bet. >> let's take a's listen. >> the economy is so bad the "today" show kathie lee and hoda were separating a 40! i've never seen that. >> a 40? >> a bottle containing 40 fluid ounces of beer. it's cheap to beer. >> we don't drink >> that's just ridicio. >> and says couples getting engaged between now and february. >> the most popular date to get engaged is -- >> here they are. >> christmas, new year's and valentine's day. >> and sometimes lots of things happen on valentine's day, huh hoda? >> thanks for the memories!
11:05 am
from the cit of a qantas airline pilot. the pilot surprised his girlfriend who happened to be a passenger on the flight. >> we also have a very special passenger onboard today, folks. her name is anna. she's going to south america to visit her family and i want to make sure she comes back to me in australia. so now that i have her complete [ speaking in foreign language ] will you marry me? >> my god! oh -- gosh that is the sweetest -- >> oh. oh. >> i love that! i love that. >> jerry -- >> jer --
11:06 am
>> that was beautiful. can we -- sometimes when we do these proposals on-air, oh, it's a proposal. that was so beautiful. >> and once again that australian accent. and he wants to make sure she comes back to him. >> stop it. >> oh. >> huh. so adele is on the cover of "vanity fair." >> she says she rerd but would be fine if she never heard the applause again. we knew adele when she was just starting, on our show a couple of times. she actually seems like that type of person. the way she describes herself. some people you think that's what they feed off of. she doesn't seem -- does she -- the type? what do you think? >> i think you can be both. when i left the show for regis, everybod thought i had something lined up, no.
11:07 am
me come back to work. >> thank god. >> well, thank god i found my hoda. somebody like regis could never retire. no. he could never. there are different -- there are different types of people, yeah. >> she said she decided to tour this time just because she wanted to simply see everyone who's been so supportive and says she doesn't care about money. >> now that she's worth a gazillion, gazillion, doesn't have to worry about it. >> did you looked on "vanity fair." >> and her skin. her eyes, her whole -- >> beautiful, beautiful. >> gorgeous. >> uh-huh. she's happy. in a great place in her life. loves this guy she's had this know of the applause is nothat, the only thingn the world, in fact, not even the greatest thing. >> yeah. >> i love that. >> whatever. >> so ryan lochte, speaking of applause, he said -- well, they said good-bye to him last night. i don't think he wanted to go,
11:08 am
they call it? booting off? i hate that word. he was eliminated. a nicer word. >> i mean, the question is, a lot of times people go on "dancing with the stars" to repair an image and people who were big fans of the show were saying, lots of applause for ryan, a standing o after being voted off, and you wonder if it does -- if it really does do the repairing? what do you think? >> i think it depends on the person. >> yeah. >> and how well people get to know you as a process. >> yes. >> and if he shows humility, if he shows sense of humor. people will forgive an awful lot. >> yeah. >> an awful lot. >> one of the stars of "dancing with the stars" who actually has been stealing the show is lori hernandez, the olympian, the gy jusmnt, amazing. the performance that got her perfect tens. ? we will defy ?
11:09 am
>> wow. you think you're looking at a professional dancer. >> she's only like 16 years old. in addition to being an incredible dancer, an incredible human being. like the nicest kid. the most self-less kid, and -- got a new book out, too? >> book out. yeah. doing it all. >> good for her. >> we're going to reveal a secret. okay? >> yes. >> wait. is that -- christmas music? ? have yourself a merry little christmas ? >> who's oh, no! ? make the yuletide gay ? >> oh, i love that. >> all right. it's that time of year. we get to exclusively reveal the hess corporation's new toy truck for 2016. >> drum rolling, please. >> we need a -- >> avery's going to help us with this reveal. here we go! >> it's called -- the hess.
11:10 am
what makes it neat, the dragster had a pull back engine and pull-back design to pop a wheelie. since kathie lee and i didn't want to get on our knees and amanda wanted to -- sort of. >> it's in her contract. >> $31.99, the hess toy truck company. >> you go like this. >> it's supposed to pop a wheelie. we hear. >> let's see? >> yes! >> ooh! it pops a wheelie. a they're really beautifully de. beautifully made. >> they are. can you do it one more time? >> yes. >> it's kind of cool. >> amanda's from new orleans. >> what's that have to do with it. >> nothing, but i just love it. >> here we go. >> yeah! >> no. that's going to be a hit. amanda, thank you. >> all righty. >> you rock! >> the hess family, really, really beautiful philanthropic people. >> free shipping and five batteries included.
11:11 am
>> they go together. >> they go together. >> for all you friendsgiving hosts, >> they go together. >> invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. is make it your own. happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. i recommend nature made fish oil. because i trust their quality.
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11:14 am
weak, dry, dull, rough and split ends 5 problems, 1 solution. l'or?al total repair 5. expert care for demanding hair. take down the ghosts and goblins, thank goodness, that hung up the harvest decor. next up, thanksgiving. my favorite holiday. >> uh-huh. >> yep. all this month our "today" show team will help you prepare a >> kicking it off with turkey and gravy from two fantastic chefs. we have the chef and proprietor at -- >> tore tulia. >> here in new york city. >> and -- >> ryan scott a chef at fintown in san francisco. >> and ---ants brand new cookbook, too. >> splitty duties, right? >> get started on the turkey. >> all right. seamus, don't leave us too long. >> we have turkey breast. the legs, go online and check
11:15 am
a slow cooker. oranges limes, onion powder, garlic powder. sugar, stalk and olive oil and a little water. you have all heard brine is the word to brine or not to brine. i brine. do you brine? >> i don't brine, nope. >> do you brine? >> i don't know. i'm not sure, what i did here, my brine. this is apple cider vinegar, water, salt and sugar. bring to a boil with tepid water. let it plastic ziploc bag. doesn't look pretty but -- >> no. >> thank you. but you let it marinate 24 hours. take it out. pat it dry. kathie lee, grab all the great spices on the plate. you have a blender? >> yes. >> never uses it, but she has one. >> salt, paprika, onion and garlic powder, orange concentrate goes inside there. hodi, grab this and start brushing the outside of the
11:16 am
go ahead. kathie lee, turnsy, pulsy and turn it on there. >> and -- actually. >> we finally got it. take a little bit of olive oil. in there, too. >> you don't put the -- i see. you don't put the turkey breast right on the pan? >> no, i don't. all of it goes in there. >> okay. >> if you don't have a rack at home, what you need to do, go there, roast it, finish it, it's dub and needs gravy. about 325 for 20 minutes. >> come on, . seamus? >> three different gravies, my favorite, awesome. simple. like everything i do, very healthy. we have apples, a little shallots, a little cider. add that cider. >> sure. cider in. >> put the cider in, reduce it until it's done by a half. what we're looking at here. >> beautiful. >> go ahead and kathie at that in. turkey stalk or use stricken stalk, reduced, and golden raidsens and pine nuts.
11:17 am
nice. >> and sorry. golden rainses and cinnamon. >> exactly. >> no pine nuts. >> no pine nuts. we'll gelt to the pine nuts. >> these guys, mushrooms. this is dried mushrooms and fresh mushrooms. shal shallots and a dry sherry. reduce that by one-half and what we're looking at here and add in our turkey >> that goes in and this is what we've got. leave all the mushrooms in there and beautiful pine nuts at the end. >> what you do, right? >> isn't that good? >> last thing, tons of herbs. >> one more taste tester. >> why don't we bring in one more taste tester. >> this is ryan's wife. >> hi, sweetie. >> brand new wife. what's your name? >> leslie. >> leslie, hi. >> seamus -- we met. >> yes.
11:18 am
>> and hodi. hi, sweetie. >> yum! >> put the gravy on it. >> put the gravy -- >> there's a ladle. >> will you ladle it all over? >> sure. >> what kind? >> there. only one. >> perfect. >> too much gravy. >> no. i like -- never have too much. >> okay. so it's a soup. it's turkey soup. >> seamus -- >> oh my gosh, that's good! hmm! try the other one. >> delicious? >> for all of these recipes go to november 23rd seamus and ryan will join nearly 30 other ef shs on our plaza for a pre-thanksgiving celebration. >> was it a coincidence or was it a god-wink? sharing the story of two moms brought together by destiny,
11:19 am
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11:20 am
hey honey, ear. you're washing that baked-on alfredo by hand, right? yes, dear. dish issues? cascade platinum powers through your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. this turned out great. cascade.
11:21 am
with pit's a love thing. superior preference by l'or?al. with up to 12 tones in each luminous shade. preference is uniquely blended to be dimensional and fade defying up to 8 weeks. superior preference from l'or?al hair colorist/paris now for a remarkable story that turned out to be such a divine convince den can only be described as a the god-winks book series and here to share another incredible true story. >> oh, yes. the story of trisha seaman, a nurse in pennsylvania told by the doctors that due to pregnancy complications she couldn't have a fifth child. she was very disappointed, but because they had wanted to have a very large family. >> right. >> but they had no way of knowing that that was just the
11:22 am
uplifting god-winks. >> hmm. >> dan and i were sad and strangely unsettled about not being able to conceive again. i so wanted another son. we decided to adopt and commence the demanding certification process. we waited and waited. the agency finally sent a profile picture of a darling 18-month-old boy. my heart flipped thinking, this was it. we sent the paperwork and waited again as days turned with never a peep from the agency. a while later at the hospital i was assigned to a patient named trisha. we both had the same name. i joked about the god-wink. even the same initials. t.s. trish and i had an immediate bond. she poured out her fears and emotions as she told me about her 8-year-old son wesley who was her entire world. she was a single mom, no parents or close relatives, and she'd
11:23 am
while i was never reassigned to trish during her 10 days at the hospital, i would often pop in to see how she was doing. on the day of her discharge i stopped to give her a hug. i saw by the look on her face that she had been given terrible news. she said, the cancer has spread. i only have a short time to live. then the most astonishing words came from her lips. will you and your husband raise my child? her request was immense, for her and for us. it took my breath away. i said i was honored, but urged her to think and pray about it. a few days later, we invited trish and wesley to come to our home and meet our kids. our children embraced wesley right away and this time when trish asked if we would raise her child, we said, yes. but she was deteriorating
11:24 am
let her go to a nursing home. she needed to stay with us. so for the next five months, wesley assimilated into our family and trish enjoyed what she said was the best five months of her life. as i think back, i'll always remember the wonderful god-winks that fulfilled the needs of two mothers. trish needed a mother for her son. i longed for one more son to feel settled. trish taught me that family is often more than b but also those whom you are divinely aligned to meet. we miss her, but every holiday, trish has a special place in our hearts. >> oh, wow. that was -- >> wesley is now 10 years old. it's such a wonderful story. trisha has written a story about trish honoring her in a book called "god gave me you" and what this shows is that god wakes, in every one of our
11:25 am
encouragement. >> the most beautiful story. >> thank you. >> beautiful. >> thank you. >> and a biggest secret to success, after your local news. >> that was when the twins arrived, it changed everything, starting with the sleeping arrangements. fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. now you can. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you.
11:26 am
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11:27 am
russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy
11:28 am
of the weather.. drive times approaching the zoo interchange from the south this morning have been spectacular... dot crews removed the zipper merge... opening an additional lane of traffic. that's on 894 northbound at greenfield. there are new traffic patterns on that stretch... so if that's on your commute... you will want to pay closer attention as you get closer to the zoo. that zipper merge on eastbound 94... just past moorland road... that's sticking around for another few weeks. crews expected to remove that restriction on thanksgiving weekend. so... how about a 30 dollar wheel tax? that's the recomendation from the milwaukee county board finance committee. the milwaukee journal sentinel reports the committee rejected chris abele's proposed 60 dollar per vehicle wheel tax. according to the paper... the amendment... allowing for a
11:29 am
passed unanimously. it appears certain to pass the entire county board. supervisors will consider the full budget next
11:30 am
>> no, it isn't. >> hoda can't wait. >> no, it isn't. >> what it really is that makes someone successful you've come to the right place. >> according to one successful author the most successful women are often or experienced. instead just the best communicators. hello! >> how can you do this? author of the new book -- >> all: "successful women speak differently." >> always good to see you. >> so interesting. you are right. will is something to be said for sounding like a success. having the right tone. right? >> absolutely. your vocal essence is really what people hear when you talk,
11:31 am
attention to how you sound. and over the last 30 years or so there's habits that some of us developed. one is up speak. >> yes. >> someone makes a statement, sounds like i'm asking a question. >> yes. >> yes. >> you don't do that. >> right. a lot more confident when you make statements as statements not questions. when you let go of vocal fry, that's the -- >> should you -- slow -- down. >> and lower a little? there's something about a lowered tone -- >> breathing is >> deep breathing. >> you sound better. all right. there's something called -- what is this? anxiety? >> i love this one. when you are feeling nervous, a lot of times, oh, i'm so nervous, i'm so nervous. a higher razzled state and we try to calm ourselves down. rather than tell yourself, try to calm down say, i'm excited. replace i'm nervous with i'm excited. both of those are higher razzle states, easier to jump from i'm nervous to i'm excited than i'm
11:32 am
>> oh. just a -- >> the word that you're using. >> before you walk into is a meeting, a little freaked out, you should say i'm just excited to be here. that's why i'm so spastic. okay. see if that works. >> don't just speak positively. speak accurately. some people like to blue sky things. >> i'm a very positive person, but we can overdo the positivity. >> give me an example. >> something difficult to say. rather than glossing over it, tiptoein you speak difficult things but be truthful so you can move forward. >> how would that help you? >> a person always trying to be positive doesn't get their point across very well. serious issues, tiptoeing around not telling the truth. be courageous enough to be able to say what needs to be said. >> you do that, kath. >> i'm trying. the power of liking.
11:33 am
>> i like you guys, too. >> so often we don't think about the fact that when people like you, you're far more likely to be able to influence them. simple things like caring about people. >> remembering their names. >> remembering their names. things about their children. able to acknowledge when they do something well. looking at their strengths and actually speaking about their strengths. >> there are people that do that and they don't mean it but people like kath who mean it. don't you think people can tleed? people trying to >> you can't. that's the power of being authentic. everyone has strengths, something you can complement. being able to see what you have in common with people, find that thing and acknowledge it. it's really powerful. >> and moving on, valerie. >> ask powerful questions. >> yeah. >> powerful questions. so often we jump to conclusions, we don't get clarity or ask for what we want. >> yes. >> usually it's out of our own fear. how is the person going respond? will we be rejected? >> might not like the answer so
11:34 am
ask? >> ask. >> i want the raise? >> i want the raise. >> no! >> but you're okay. right? >> but you'll live. >> that's questionable. >> ask for what we want. be really clear. >> valerie, you are awesome. e were love you ? it's beginning to look a lot like christmas ? >> already. find out how to get exclusive discounts on amazing gifts. >> plus -- >> that's not the kathie lee cd? >> we don't want to overdo it. >> plus, how to clean
11:35 am
there's a story behind my skin. my only makeup? true match. only true match has l'or?al's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. it's my skin. my story. my true match. from l'or?al. coming up on "look! famous people!" we catch flo, the progressive girl, at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man.
11:36 am
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> we totally realized you're still digging into all the halloween candy, but christmas will be here before you know it. >> and every year you can look forward to the neiman marcus christmas book celebrating its 90th anniversary. amazing. >> looking forward to this. here to kick off the season with fantasy books and affordable ones is ginger >> so glad to be here. >> glad to have you here. >> thank you. >> one for the optimist and one for the pessimist. >> optimist, paper beads with a glass bead as well, it's $25, and that $25 goes right back to support the community in uganda that makes the beads. for the optimist. >> if you have a pessimist in your family, or friend.
11:40 am
a built-in lock box. you need to find the lock box, because there's a precious treasure in there. >> here we go. >> let me know if you need help. >> no, we don't! we can find it ourselves! [ laughter ] >> hold on. maybe it's in here. wait. is it in here? >> oh, my -- takes forever! >> you don't need any help. [ laughter ] >> are you sure you don't want any help. >> we don't! where is it? >> wait. >> you want me to help you? >> yeah. try there. >> oh. it's -- oh, wait. look -- >> oh! there's a lock box on here. come here, kath. >> i can't get over there! [ laughter ] >> wait, wait, wait! [ laughter ] >> where? >> here, here. >> oh.
11:41 am
that was exhausting! >> all right. be sure that you get it opened, because you can find that precious treasure. >> there now! >> you do care. it's very precious. [ laughter ] >> is it open? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh! >> it's regis! >> hey, you win the prize, keep is for yourself, kathie lee and hoda, don't -- hoda and kathie lee d my best, regis philbin. >> thank you for that. >> oh, my gosh. precious treasure. >> affordable gifts. >> we do. affordable gifts everything from $24 to $100. >> exhausted. >> and a special 20% discount on these gifts and more for "today" show visitors. >> okay. start with this. >> go to
11:42 am
you can send messages to the child. a lot of fun. this is a little drone. so -- you know -- >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> the world -- >> whatever you can do with that. always fun. a jump rope that's great. really good. >> this is -- >> socks. >> yes, socks. >> looks good. headphones, if kids play it. >> this one does, and this is a keyboard. >> so cute. >> i like it. >> we've got glasses here. >> yes. >> and okay, this looks so cozy, these are great. these are fur imasks for $35, just great. pick your color. >> oh. hoda wants those. >> i like this book end. >> yes. a great book end, and these are -- hats and dolls for kids. >> tell you what it's going to be a hit, he's emojis. >> a whole emoji thing. >> emoji coasters. >> and also the emoji napkins. cocktail napkins for $48. >> why are you out of breath? >> i know!
11:43 am
>> and put liquor in them, ice cream. they're great. set of six for $24. >> fun! >> and these. >> and always one of my favorite. >> i know. right. it's a good gift for anybody. >> wait a minute. >> the cookies are really good. >> they are good. they're all good. >> and popcorn. all righty. thanks, ginger. merry christmas a little early. all right? >> yes, thank you. >> these under $100 gifts and many more go to hoda's getting excited because it's almost spanky tuesday. >> and tricks to cleaning up tough spots, right a ? ? i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare.
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11:48 am
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. the filthiest spots in the house. >> every nook and crook or
11:49 am
things, tricks to get yore kitchen clean from "real simple's" ed ker. >> hello. >> thank you. >> a lot of people don't feel like cleaning the dishwasher because you feel it's washing every day. >> simple. come up with places you might actually forget. when loading a dishwasher you're spilling dirty water and food particles on the seam right. clean that off, take a cotton swab, dip it in distilled vinegar, wipe it getting rid of water deposits or anything else. >> is that the only place that needs cleaning? >> everything else, when the cycle run, it will clean itself. >> it cleans. okay. go to the stove. >> let's go to the stove. >> especially with the holidays coming up we're going to use the stove more than ever. instead of spending all your time subbing and soaking, just spray the stovetop grateses with this degreaser. a miracle worker. it's crazy. let it sit a few minutes.
11:50 am
and wipe it all off. after five minutes of sitting it will come off, clean and smooth. >> you don't have to scrub, scrub? >> what's it called? >> mean green. >> super strength. >> okay. i'll remember. >> so the toaster oven is one thing that "real simple" readers wrote to us a lot. a small appliance that can really greasy and grimy. all you need to do, make a paste of two tablespoons of cream of tartar, one tablespoon of lemon juice. mix it up. apply it to the whole inside, outside. shelves and everything. >> what do you mean, apply? >> take a sponge, just like this. and. >> oh. what does that do? >> so the acidity in the lemon juice cuts through the grease, especially inside and cream of tartar revives the shine. >> i never knew what cream are tartar was for. >> well, for cleaning your toasters. >> and all the crumbs in there. really the big problem. always shaking them out. >> shake them out and line the bottom with tinfoil or an oven
11:51 am
>> you're so smart. >> and then, the utensil drawer is not one that gets necessarily germy but gets crumbs, right? >> never been cleaned. >> or cleaned. ever. >> does it? >> the silverware does, not the actual drawer. >> exactly. crumbs from the countertop collect like we have here. take at the utensil caddie, put that in the dishwasher to give it a clean as well. >> true. >> while this is empty, take a lint roller. >> a lint roller! right? >> sorry. >> do that. and then also you can get into those corners by tearing off a piece of the paper, taking a butter knife, wrapping it around here. >> you know you will. >> taking notes on this whole segment. so happy! >> no way. >> okay. >> that will get into your corners. >> in the refrigerator, shelves that often you just kind of wipe them down every now and then. >> then the germiest, grossest part happens in the seam where
11:52 am
>> take a baking soda/hot water paste. equal parts. excuse me. i don't want to get you dirty. take a toothbrush, once you've mixed it all together get the paste and agitate it on the shelf seams. >> agitate it, hoda. >> how you get all the grime out. >> then -- >> nicely done. >> uh-huh. and then you can wipe it up with a damp sponge. >> that's your part. >> and then there might be sfuf stuff tha a little chiszaller. >> where do you get that? >> on little >> looks like a credit card, gets into all the grooves. >> a couple seconds. what's this at the end? >> refrigerator door gasket. >> my stuff! >> dirty. >> she loves the fridge. >> whisk out any of the crumbs that collected here and then dip a towel in distilled white vinegar and water and give it a a wipe. that will --
tv-commercial tv-commercial
11:53 am
>> everything. >> thanks, stephanie. >> eck intoing of the kitchen, really getting cooking now. >> five lucky viewers are about to win big when we give it away. our donna -- our donna -- >> first, adorable an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security, and wants to eliminate the federal minimum wage. senator johnson works for wall street, not us. senate majority pac is responsible
11:54 am
russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos.
11:55 am
for exporting our jobs. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we need an economy
11:56 am
we're all grateful. >> and because it is time to -- >> give it away. this week, five lucky fans will win an food processor work $550. >> wow. power technology, 1200 watt turbo boost motor. 17 cup capacity tilt bowl as well as a smaller bowl. >> here's the small one. nine cup tilt bowl. >> and retractable blades for shredding, chopping and more. plus a storage to put your blades in a special place. >> awesome! get ready for spanky tuesday.
11:57 am
first winner is. >> who do you got? >> i got priscilla bethel from deltona, florida. >> and over here, get these people in, too. mine is -- sharon johnson from -- hoopston, illinois. >> all righty. the next one robert wrecker from howell, new jersey. come on, hoda. >> getting a good one. hold on. back over here. vanea >> and is this our last one? or one more? >> this is the last one. >> cindy dumass from trussville, alabama. >> and congratulations to the winners. we shred all the entries. make sure you send nem for next week. >> tomorrow stop the chirping in your house, lou manfredini is back with tulles that change
11:58 am
tamela man and singer and actress -- >> i love that. next on live at noon-- battle plan. milwaukee city leaders crafting a strategy to combat violence. why they say it's more than just another meeting. then - ryan votes. publicly feuding with his party's nominee... the speaker of the house cast his ballot this morning. what he ultimately decided... and the reason behind it. and we had colder days in june! november off to a warm start. how quickly that will change in meteorologist brian gotter's storm team forecast. i'm vince at noon
11:59 am
12:00 pm
now at noon -- a new plan. nearing 120 murders in milwaukee... officials claim they're taking a new approach to make the city safer. officials tout today's effort as more than just a meeting... ...something unlike any before - putting together a comprehensive plan to reduce violence in milwaukee. as pete zervakis reports... it's centered around community input. the more than 100 people gathered here at discovery world will try and craft a plan to prevent violence in milwaukee. they came from churches... the police


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