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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 600  NBC  November 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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whether the department is looking at its own spending before asking taxpayers to bail them out. >> let's just say the wheel tax doesn't pass and that's no longer on the table. as parks director, how do you get the department out of the budget crisis? >> that's a good question. >> to understand the question, you first have to understand what could happen when you're up against a $2.5 million budget shortfall. the majority of the $44 million operating budget is spent on facilities, maintenance and employees. >> two and a half million dollars can mean closing facilities. it could be raising fees by 10% to generate an additional million dollars. it could be eliminating staff. >> to prevent that, the parks director supports charging all milwaukee county drivers a new wheel tax fee. first it was $60. now it's down to 30. the proposal is currently in the hands of the county executive
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alternatives we have that can come close to enough revenue to keep us sustainable. sales tax aren't legal by state law. property tax, we're capped on how much we can raise property taxes. >> living right here, i benefit from so many wonderful parks and i wouldn't want to see them go away. >> however, can something else be done without asking taxpayers for help? >> certainly see how money is currently being spent, it should be the first avenue before looking for more mey initial question about how he plans to get the parks department out of a financial mess. >> two-thirds of our capital projects are relying on that vehicle registration fee. we've got trails, parkways, bridges that are relying on that vehicle registration fee. >> the department waits for a bailout, the i team requested credit card expense reports from january of 2015 to august 2016 when the wheel tax fee was first proposed. in those reports, we found the
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$36,000 combined at various retailers, like menards, office depot, and best buy. >> it could be a good deal that we're being able to get by going for a best buy for tvs at our club houses. >> which does explain the $1700 the department spent at the electronics store. the parks department also pays for those tvs to be equipped with direct tv service. we also found the department spent close to $2,000 for table covers at a golf show and nearly 10 grand onot the dells and vegas. the department told us they were business-related conferences. >> is there anything on that list that stands out to you that may be a questionable expense? >> no. >> he reiterated the expenses we inquired about are 100% justified, even if the department didn't attend these conferences and stopped making retail purchases, we're only talking about saving tens of thousands of dollars, which adds
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$2.5 million. that's why he says they are so dependent upon the w tax fee to pass. >> the county finance committee will vote on that $30 wheel tax proposal tomorrow morning. >> shannon: if approved, it will be part of the county project. the full board will don't want it next week. >> it is almost over, just one more week until election day. >> shannon: donald trump expected to continue attacks on hillary clinton, on the latest fbi tonight, even in eau claire. the clinton campaign is playing defense, questioning the fbi's timing. >> today clinton's running mate called wisconsin absolutely key to a hillary clinton victory next tuesday. kaine speaking go live at a rally right now. let's listen in. >> we have no state can top us with tammy baldwin and russ feingold. do everything you can to elect russ. i was very, very glad to visit
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is a superstar, a rock star, to quote tammy. we are have high on mark. and very glad he's here. give him a round of applause. [ applause ] >> and then you also heard from mya garcia, our regional organizing directors. these campaigns, they're sort of about the candidates but they're really about the voters, and if you don't have good organizing directors -- >> tim kaine do the introductions of al t dig dig any fridays at his event. meanwhile, a little further to the west, donald trump's rally in eau claire, set to get underway shortly. >> shannon: charles benson joins us live from there. >> i can tell you, there seem to be more people outside the trump rally outside than inside. i have not been able to get an official crowd estimate. i've asked police and they cannot come up with a number.
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more. they're trying to get inside this building over here. you can see the line still going inside the arena. let me take you inside the arena right now. governor scott walker has just started to speak here. we have not heard from donald trump yet. that could happen at any moment. and i'm told, it holds about 3500 people inside the arena, and they are still letting people in. >> the trump supporters out number clinton both waited outside the arena for trump's return visit to battleground wisconsin. for joe, it's worth the wait. >> i went to the first rally and i didn't make it in. and i really wanted to see him. >> how long have you been waiting? >> about an hour now. which ain't a problem. >> why do you want to see him? >> because he's going to be our next president. >> and it's not just wisconsin voters here; some have traveled from nearby minnesota, knowing
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>> driving two hours from a minneapolis suburb to see trump. >> he's not afraid to say what needs to be said and to take back the things that have been taken from us. stick to the constitution. >> she compares this year's presidential race to the election in england, and efforts to stop globalization and the brexit vote. once again, you're looking inside the arena in eau claire, where governor walker is now speaking. we were expecting mik donald trump's running mate. we're told that he's not here, but donald trump will take the stage at any moment. for now, we're live in eau claire, charles benson, today's tmj4. >> shannon: thank you for that. >> we will get one more look at where wisconsin stands before election day. marquette university law school will release its final preelection poll tomorrow. you can look for updates on the results of that poll both on air and online. do not forget early voting runs
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milwaukee. find a link to your polling place and check out what's on your ballot in the special decision 2016 section of welcomes. >> shannon: the dam is one step closer to demolition. we learn the move paving the way to tear it down and when that could finally happen. >> and what a beautiful night we have. look at this, 65 degrees right now. 57 the dewpoint. the winds are southeast at three. temperatures will remain in the 60s. today. 68 at 8:00 away from the lake. 9:00, 66, 63 at 10:00. and mostly clear to partly cloudy skies. i've got a nice forecast, although a few rain showers to start, and then it's just going to be beautiful.
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>> announcer: you're watching today's tmj4. >> shannon: the dam demolition is closer to reality. >> this after the common council voted to rezone that land, paving the way for the dam's are you mofl. >> shannon: rikki mitchell explains what's next. >> reporter: that's right, the county executive said today he is confident that within two years time, your view at the park will no longer include the dam. >> i was really excited when the initiative passed today. >> reporter: he road his bike to the dam after attending the
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support of the dam's removal. >> it's unhealthy for the river and also it saves the taxpayers a lot of money. >> reporter: the dam was installed in the 1930s and has deteriorated over the years. the county executive and the county board of supervisors have disputed over the dam for years, the board supporting repairs. removal will cost an estimated $1.7 million, while repairs could reach more than $4 million. >> i'm thrilled and grateful for the leadership of the mayor and this step through and i look forward to continuing the partnership and protecting the park, restoring the natural flow of the beautiful river. >> reporter: but a group of more than 160 glendale residents oppose the dam's removal, citing concerns over flood risk and their property values. a statement from the lawyer representing that group reads in part, the scheme being executed by the county executive fails to be in the best interest of milwaukee county residents. the removal of the dam will
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levels, there-in causing unreversable damage. and today's vote means county executive can now transfer the land temporarily to the milwaukee metropolitan sewerage district. they would be the ones to remove the dam. the group opposed to the removal says that it plans to pursue additional legal action to keep that from happening. >> we had a summer- november today. we had record-tying heat. >> let's look outside from discovery world. clear skies. find out when rain clouds could return in your storm team johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme.
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risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson supports trade deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator n johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families.
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put some distance between you and temptation with meta appetite control. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand >> donald trump speaking on the campus of uw eau claire, the western side of wisconsin. let's listen for a momt. >> we just got one, we're 7-upin northain. north carolina. seven up. way ahead in florida. way ahead in ohio, wow. we're doing great. ohio and florida, we're doing great. iowa, way up in iowa. we're getting tremendous help
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we're sort of way up everywhere. they were saying texas is going to be close. it looks like texas is in play. guess what? total blowout. we love texas. we love texas. we're way up in georgia. that was another one, they said it looks like georgia might be in play. guess what? we're way up. so that's the way it is. i also want to thank some of our great people that were here tonight, mayor juliani, who is incredible and loyal, and how about coach bobby knight? he did ptty well against you folks but we still respect -- we want winners, right? we're on the cusp of something incredible. historic change that transfers power from a failed political establishment and returns that power to our families, communities, and citizens. it's gonna happen. real change that begins with immediately repealing and
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disaster. >> donald trump launching into his stump speech in eau claire after he pointed out a couple of polls that he liked that show him ahead. we'll get the nation's poll one week from today as everybody goes to vote. more news now. former kenosha sheriff's captain accused of assaulting a woman at an assisted living facility owned by his family. according to a criminal complaint, he assaulted a 50-year-old woman twice in september. this all happening in pleasant prairie. a nurse's aideol been going on for years. he told her to keep it a secret. >> shannon: new surveillance images show the man who killed a jewelry store owner during a violent robbery on milwaukee's police say that he was shot and killed yesterday inside the jewelry store near seventh and greeield. plea call milwaukee police:.
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>> george: never does in november. john malan shows us when we get back to reality. >> john: 30-day outlook, above normal temperatures, warm for the whole month. it might be warm in spots for the whole month, and i hope it doeste clima predictors say all of the country a mild pattern during the month of november. probably not as mild as what we had today. the old record for this state, 1957 we tied it today. 77 degrees. so we not only tied today's date, we also tied the record for the whole month of november. and it's only happened three times where we've been 77 degrees. there it is, cooler air to the north. 63 in the twin cities today. 63 in -- the air starting to push in behind a cold front. our high temperature in between -- 77. waukesha, the sun is going down, 61 degrees with partly cloudy skies. dewpoint at 50.
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temperatures around the rest of the area, 65 milwaukee, 66 in kenosha. 64 whitewater. lake geneva, waukesha, 61, 63 in beaver dam. the winds are light now and they're starting to turn more to the northeast behind a front that just slipped through, north to northeast winds by the morning hours. very light, also. we'll stay with that northeast wind tomorrow anywhere between about 6:00 and 10:00 miles per hour. not much on the satellite and rar a few sprinkles to the south in northern illinois. we'll watch rain developing around this are omaha, nebraska, sioux falls, that's going to start to roll in our direction towards the morning hours. there's the front sliding through. notice right around 6:00, 6:30 in the morning, showers across southwestern wisconsin starting to push in, and then in the afternoon, another band of showers rolls through. and in the evening, could even see a lingering shower. look what happens during the day on thursday. lots of sunshine and dry air settling in.
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skies. mostly clear right now. showers developing well after 4:00, maybe after even 6:00. northeast winds and 52. for tomorrow, not as warm as today by a long shot. patchy fog is possible in the morning hours. scattered rain showers developing through the day. 58 degrees. those winds staying to the north and east, and then right on into thursday, 57 degrees, mostly sunny skies, mild, dry air. here's your storm team seven-day forecast. it looks pretty good. friday, 60. saturday, sunshine, 60 depress. can we complete the weekend with 60s? we can. sunday, sunny skies. don't forget to turn your clocks back sunday morning. 61 degrees and upper 50s for monday and tuesday.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'd look her right in that fat ugly face of hers. she's a slob. she ate like a pig. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect?
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>> packers live doing something different for tonight's show
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time, on stage together. here they are on their close friendship. >> could you introduce us to your new guest? >> i would. if he would sit still. this is my son. >> all right. >> he's been wanting to come up here. i think dave bugs me every day. >> i think dave just kind of, you know, every day it's something new for dave and me. i particular moment. but every day with dave is a new adventure. let's put it that way. >> david, you guys actually locker right next door to each other. >> yes. >> how does that work out? >> it's good. i like to make sure brian's having fun at work or ripping his hair out, and it helps me get through my day.
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if it's a lose win, one of us is winning. >> you can watch packers live tonight at 6:30 following this newscast. you don't want to miss it. the cleveland indians can wrap up the world series title if they win game six in cleveland. the cubs will be trying to force a game seven, with a win today. here's indians manager. >> i think we go about it like we've done every game. and that's try to win the game tonight realizing there could be a game tomorrow, but i think the best way to go about it is, if you have a chance to win, try to win, because sometimes you worry about it -- if you worry about tomorrow, you don't have a lead, anyway. >> former milwaukee bucks star ray allen is retiring from basketball after 18 seasons in the nba. he played seven years in milwaukee, helping the team make it to the eastern conference finals back in 2001.
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championships during his career, one in boston and the other one in miami. he's the league's all-time leader in three-pointers made. and the bucks are in new orleans, taking on the pelicans.
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an economy rigged for the wealthy. and ron johnson's made it worse. johnson took a shady $10 million corporate payout, then went to washington and voted to protect corporate tax loopholes for companies shipping wisconsin jobs overseas, supported privatizing social security,
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senator johnson works for wall street, not us. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> coming up next, shaking up the ballots. two ways to change the outcome of the election. on facebook live or through .c it's going to be a mild night if you're going out tonight, 63 degrees at 8:00. dropping to 60 at 10:00. mostly clear skies for now. clouds will be rolling in by the morning hours, along with a few showers. >> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> see you on facebook live.
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our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. live from the lambeau field atrium inside the legends club it's larry mccarren's packers live. this week's packers special guest, david bakhtiari and brian bulaga. ladies and gentlemen, the rock himself, larry mccarren. >> thank you very much. thank you. hello and welcome. tonight we make history on packers live. ( applause ).


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