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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at Daybreak Early Edition II  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am CDT

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new from overnight: a crash closes part of i-43 near brown deer road.who police found inside the car, and why they may have been trying to get away. plus.. with less than a week until the presidential election.. high profile candidates have settled in the badger state. plus: pete zervakis is in milwaukee for the time old tradition of cutting down the city's christmas tree with a big change this year. and storm team 4 meterologist brian niznansky is in the storm chaser this morning--
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predicting-- the presidential race in wisconsin. ann sterling is live-- to explain why wisconsin's getting so many candidate visits-- ahead of election day. you're watching live at daybreak on today's tmj4. i'm susan kim.and i'm vince vitrano. let's start with a check of weather and traffic together... yesterday' s highs were near 70, typical for november 1st, plus it was sunny with a light breezeerfection. clouds increased overnight with the next storm system that has brought scattered t'showers already this morning with lows in the 50s. clouds and showers are likely on wednesday with highs in the upper 50s, but that is the only "bad" day this week. most of us will see 0.25" to 0.7" of rain by this evening. the sky clears out tonight with lows dropping
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drive times are at or near current timesincident free speeds are at or above posted posted or above speeds are at
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new this morning-all lanes along i-43 near brown deer road are back open - following a late night police pursuit and crash involving two juveniles.milwaukee police tell us: officers pursued a car taken in an armed robbery. the suspects -- one man and two juvenile females -- lost control and crashed into a
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nobody was injured, and no other cars were involved in the crash a bank robbery suspect is behind bars this morning -- accused of leading police on a high speed chase through three counties. the chase ended at a b-p gas station in washington county.police say the guy wanted to buy a pack of cigerettes before being tackled by officers. if recent history holds... we will find out today which presidential candidate will carry wisconsin. marquette university law school poll has been deadly accurate in the last four years... and today the final look at wisconsin ahead of the election is due out in just a few hours. ann sterling joins us live with a look ahead at marquette university. that new poll will be released today.but just a few weeks ago -- marquette released it latest poll and it showed hillary clinton leading trump by 7 points. here's a look at the numbers:
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wisconsin say they will likely support democratic candidate hillary clinton for president. and 37 percent support republican donald trump. -- with libertarian gary johnson at 9 percent and green party candidate jill stein at 3 percent. six percent did not express a preference, saying they will vote for neither candidate --- will not vote or don't know how they will vote. the poll was conducted oct. 6-9 and was completed before the second presidential debate the poll of 878 likely voters has a marg o percentage points. this last poll shows clinton widening the gap... both sides --- have really been stumping in wisonsin in the past few weeks... so well see what the latest poll shows. still no indication this morning that democratic presidential candidate hillary
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her vice presidential pick, tim kaine was welcomed on u-w madison's campus yesterday. clinton supporters who attended his rally say they're more energized than ever by the clinton-kaine ticket. but many have been hoping to hear directly from clinton before election day. clinton has not made a stop in wisconsin since before april's primary election, which she lost to bernie sanders. wisconsin hasn't gone red since 19-84.. but donald trump h week.the republican presidential candidate was in eau claire tuesday with governor scott walker and senator ron johnson. uw-eau claire police estimate a crowd of five thousand people showed up to see him speak. more democratic surrogates expected in wisconsin this week.chelsea clinton will campaign on behalf of her mother today in oshkosh and eau claire -- and again tomorrow morning in milwaukee. vermont senator bernie sanders will be at turner hall in milwaukee tonight. for complete political
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website -- tmj4 dot com slash decision 2016. it's not cold enough to be thinking about christmas yet... but milwaukee is starting the process this morning of decorating city hall for the holidays. pete zervakis is live at 52nd and washington with more on the annual christmas tree harvest and a big change that's happening this year. for 103 years milwaukee has harvested an official, city tree and held a christmas tree celebration. that's the second oldest country... behind only new york city. this morning at 6:30... the mayor will be here to harvest the city's 2016 christmas tree. it's a 38 foot, colorado blue spruce is being donated. the department of public works will start setting up the necessary equipment to cut it down in about half an hour. after its harvested... the
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new this year. department of public works staff will decorate the tree. a lighting ceremony is scheduled for november 17th. live...pz... tmj4 believe it or not, baseball's world series distance. you're taking a live look from progressive field.. where the chicago cubs sweeped the indians last night. right when cubs fans were ready to say.. there's always next year.. the team posted another impressive win.the chicago cubs took control early via the long ball.kris bryant's solo home run put chicago up 1-nothing in the first inning.then in the 3rd inning, addison russell connects for a grand-slam putting the cubs on top 7- nothing.the cubs win 9-3..
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tonight.. at 7 in cleveland. more live at daybreak.. let's make a deal. the special offer for for people with outstanding warrants in milwaukee.then... safety drill. a wisconsin high school wanted to teach students about the dangers of distracted driving... the lie morning announcements... and
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if you have an outstanding warrant on your record -- this month -- you can get them lifted for free...anth listen..on the first three wednesdays of the month anyone with a city of milwaukee municipal court warrant -- drivers license suspension or car registration suspension can have those warrants and suspensions lifted milwaukee municipal court judges, derek mosley, valarie hill and phillip chavez -- say it's all to help people get on the right track.. the pilot
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website -- tmj4-dot-com. a wisconsin high school is under fire for the way it handled a safe driving campaign. during monday's morning announcements, students were told some of their fellow students had died in car crashes.but that wasn't true... then a second announcement came on minutes later telling them this was all part of an exercise to warn them about dangerous driving. "a lot of our fellow crying because they thought these people were actually dead and so i think a lot of them actually called their parents in school too." a statement from the superintendent said that while some students may have been caught off guard, they only intended to improve awareness of student teen driving. coming up on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:the holidays are in the air. we're taking a look at another christmas tree
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she's a slob. she ate like a pig. a person who's flat chested is very hard to be a 10. does she have a good body? no. does she have a fat [expletive]? absolutely. do you treat women with respect? i can't say that either. this morning we're getting a look at the video of the shootout that killed oklahoma double murder suspect michael
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killing two family members and shooting two police officers on october 23-rd.officials say they released this video because of the significant interest in the case.sunday, police followed-up on a tip and began a pursuit that ended with a shootout that killed vance. a texas woman allegedly injured by an airbag has filed suit against honda and takata her attorneys say the ammonium nitrate in the airbag exploded, causing shrapnel to rip through the airbag and severely cut her in the chest and arm.the n a 2002 honda accord when the accident occurred. christmas is still nearly two months away, and while it might be a little early to start decking the halls, the u- s capitol christmas tree is about to begin its journey to the nation's capitol. hundreds of spectators are expected to be on-hand at idaho's little ski hill ski resort today to watch as crews cut down the tree. during the 3-thousand mile cross-country journey to washington, d.c., the tree will make stops in seven
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them. today's the day many taco bell fans have been waiting for.the fast food chain will be offering up a free doritos locos taco to each customer from two-to-six at participating's part of its "steal a base, steal a taco promotion" tied to this year's world series. tatiana and brian have another look at your weather and traffic together... yesterday' s highs were near 70, typical for june 1st, not november 1st, plus it was sunny with a light breezeerfection. clouds increased overnight with the next storm system that has brought scattered t'showers already this morning with lows in the 50s. clouds and showers are likely on wednesday with highs in the upper 50s, but that is the only "bad" day this week. most of us will see 0.25" to 0.7" of rain by this
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tonight with lows dropping into the mid 40s.the beautiful weather returns for thursday with sunshine, a northerly breeze, and highs in the upper 50s. the sunshine and nice weather continues on friday with highs near 60. the amazing stretch of fall weather lingers into highs in the lower 60s with morning lows in the lower 40s. now let's get a look at your
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crash on 94 west at 124th street in the zipper merge heading towards the zoo interchange only one lane is open and traffic is crawling by an environmental group is an environmental group is blasting samsung for not giving details on how it will dispose of millions of recalled galaxy note sevens.
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phones would create enough toxic waste to fill about 28 shipping containers.after selling upwards of three million note sevens worldwide.. samsung halted sales after reports that the devices burst into flames. green peace is urging samsung to recycle as much of the smart-phone parts as possible. trending today: apple i-phone 7 was just released and people are already buzzing about features the next phone may have.speculation is running rampant that the i-phone 8 could come charging and a new display. both features were rumored for this year's model but never came to year is the 10-th anniversary of apple's i-phone. still ahead on live at daybreak on today's tmj4:the u-s postal service is looking ahead .. the new holiday stamp you can stick on your mail
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we're in november, that means the holidays are fast approaching.the u-s postal service is now offering this 'hanukkah forever' stamp featuring a menorah in the window of a home.hanukkah begins at sundown december 24th this year. much more is happening at
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including... breaking news out of iowa where two police officers were killed in an apparent ambush style attack. the suspect is on the loose.we will have the very latest on this tragedy. i'm tatiana cash.traffic building out on the roadsdrive times are at speeds are are at mother in-law with a keen sense of smell... glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash.
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happening now-- and breaking overnight in iowa -- clear and present danger. the ambush
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officers dead. what police are calling the attack..... and what we're learning about the suspect this morning. welcome to live at daybreak. it's i'm vince vitrano.and - i'm susan kim.we want to start with a check of your he antrfic together with meteorologist brian gotter. yesterday' s highs were near 70, typical for june 1st, not november 1st, plus it was sunny with a light breezeerfection. clouds increased overnight with the


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